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Friday, 19 October


NSW Rural Fire Service Current Incidents: Lockwood Rd, Erskine Park "sydney IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

ALERT LEVEL: Not Applicable
LOCATION: 57 - 87 Lockwood Rd, Erskine Park, 2759
STATUS: Out of control
TYPE: Fire Alarm
SIZE: 0 ha
UPDATED: 19 Oct 2018 10:08

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Thursday, 18 October


Real-time plantation map aims to throttle deforestation in Papua "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Real-time plantation map aims to throttle deforestation in Papua
by Hans Nicholas Jong on 18 October 2018

  • The Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) plans to roll out an interactive map showing the spread of plantations and roads in Indonesias Papua region.
  • The region is home to some of the last expanses of pristine tropical forest left in the world, but now faces an influx of plantation companies that have already deforested much of Sumatra and Borneo.
  • The Papua Atlas is designed to monitor the spread of plantations and road networks in the region, and builds on CIFORs earlier Borneo Atlas.
  • Crucially this time,...


What is the importance of the Wentworth by-election? "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Editorial comment

The Wentworth by-election has been dominating the news for weeks, as if its the be all and end all of everything. In truth, it is far from this. It has attracted unusual attention, because this was the seat of recently deposed prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, and it may even be lost to the Liberal Party.

There is a certain importance in that the Morrison government may lose its one seat majority, and this will add to the considerable factional warfare and instability already existing.

From this point of view, the loss of the seat to the Liberal Party would be the best outcome for Australia. It will help pave the way for the downfall of the government, and this is something Australia seriously needs at this juncture.

Even this, is a short-term need. More important is where we are heading to.  In a way, all the attention over Wentworth, has mostly turned away from this and set within boundaries around personalities and relative trivialities. A vision to where Australia should be heading is missing.

The field of 16 candidates is a statement on the state of Australian politics today. Disillusionment with political institutions traditional parties and politicians in general continues to grow.

Australia needs an alternative answer to the neoliberal economics, the lack of compassion for others and erosion of democratic rights that have been the hallmarks of government for far too long. In this, there is a desire for something different.

A big part of the reason for the limitation of the coverage, is the narrow scope for debate provided by the highly monopolised media in Australia. In Murdoch land there is little scope for new progressive ideas. This is something that really needs to be sorted out.

Far too many politicians have been sucked into the game and are too afraid to stray from the script. When sticking to the script promises personal rewards, it provides little comfort for everyone else. This is not an environment that easily generates leadership with the courage to forge a new direction.

Australia needs to build a vision, which is of a society that strives to build equality and empowers people.

This means building democracy. Not merely in terms of everyone being allowed to cast a ballot every few years. But a society where everyone has a voice in every aspect of life.  It means an effective voice in the workplaces and  neighbourhoods in which we live and an inclusive media. The decisions are no longer left in the boardrooms of big corporations. This is a society where everyone is properly rewarded for their contribution and all have freedom from poverty, adequate housing, equal, affordable and first rate health and education, which are the means for a decent life and to participate in mee...


JBs World: All roads lead to Eastwood "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

ALL ROADS lead to Eastwood this Saturday for the 33rd annualGranny Smith Festival which this year celebrates the 150th anniversary of thecreation of the famous green apple named after Maria Ann Granny Smith andgrown on her Eastwood farm by a fluke of nature. Promises to be a great day.Hope to see you there.

The post JBs World: All roads lead to Eastwood appeared first on The Weekly Times.


Morrison is nowhere near Government 101 "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

This is just Government 101: carefully consider the issues in front of you and make the best possible judgments about the way forward, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said about the reason for the Government withholding the Ruddock report on religious freedom. It presumes basic university-level learning. Alas, this Governments behaviour belongs in primary school.

The reference to 101 is to the way universities label their subjects. Government 101 would be the subject Government in first semester of first year.

I daresay no university course in good government, as distinct from base politics, would say it was good government to withhold for five months a report paid for by the public into a matter of great public interest.

Nor would such a course advocate members of parliament voting unquestioningly according to party instructions. That all Coalition senators did so this week to support a blatantly racist motion without any of them raising the alarm bell is not Government 101. It is primary school stuff: Do it because I say so.

Holding 90 children in indefinite detention in hellish concentration-camp conditions as an example to people smugglers is not Government 101, rather it is Totalitarianism 101.

Changing significant foreign policy (on Iran and the location of the Australian Embassy in Israel) against the national interest for dubious short-term gain at a by-election is not Government 101. Rather it is Expediency 101.

Morrisons statement about carefully considering the Ruddock Report does not sit easily with the perfunctory way in which he dropped the National Energy Guarantee without even a party-room or Cabinet meeting and a dozen other off-the-cuff dismissals of policy proposals. This is not Government 101. Rather it is Hypocrisy 101.

The whole ideological Coalition cocktail of policies since Tony Abbott as the newly installed climate-change-denying leader of the Liberal Party began to verbally abuse Prime Minister Julia Gillard in unacceptably sexist ways well before Trump verbally abused Hilary Clinton is now unravelling: on religious freedom; freedom of speech; refugees; climate-change inaction; subsidising futureless energy sources while cutting those with a future; undermining academic freedom in universities; undermining public broadcasting; polluting the pubic space of the iconic Sydney Opera House; over-funding of religious schools; tax breaks for the wealthy despite growing inequality; slashing foreig...


Australia and its Israel Embassy: What are they Thinking? "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

James ONeill According to recent media reports, the Liberal candidate in the Wentworth (Sydney) by-election, former diplomat David Sharma said he was open to the idea that Australias embassy in Israel could be shifted from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. In a separate tweet he went further and said Australia should consider recognising Jerusalem as Israels capital. The ostensible reason is that it would be following the lead of the United States. In separate reports, Prime Minister Scott Morrison is said to be making an announcement in Canberra on 16 October also suggesting that Australia should follow the US lead. Sharma did qualify his suggestion that Australias embassy shift to Jerusalem should be looked at in the context of a two-state solution (to Israel-Palestine). It is possible that both Sharma and Morrison have timed their statements to coincide with the by-election by making a pitch for the Jewish vote in that electorate. According to census data, Wentworth has 12.5 percent of its population professing the Jewish faith, a significant figure in electoral terms. That is the


New amenities block "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

toilet signBAIRD Park in Stanwell Park is to have a brand new amenities block in time for the busy summer season.

This week work will begin on the installation of a new amenities block in the park. The work is expected to be finished before Christmas, weather permitting.

While the upgrade is underway, the existing toilet will remain open. Its to be demolished, and the area where its located turfed once the new facilities are operational.

These improvements are part of Councils commitment to improve and maintain key infrastructure and facilities to better meet the needs of the community.


Tarrawanna sexual assault charge "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

police 8A FAIRY Meadow man has been charged with aggravated sexual assault after allegedly following a woman home from a Towradgi pub.

The man, 39, allegedly got into the same taxi as the 56-year-old woman outside the Pioneer Road pub about 2.40am on Sunday, October 14.

The woman asked the cab driver to take her to her home on Bellambi Street, Tarrawanna. Its alleged the man got out of the taxi with the woman and followed her into her home where its further alleged he sexually assaulted her before leaving.

The woman called police who, following investigations, arrested the man at his home on The Grand Court at Fairy Meadow.

The man was charged with aggravated sexual assault and inflicting actual bodily harm with intent to have sexual intercourse. He was refused bail and will appear in Wollongong Local Court next week.


Meet & Greet Our new TWT Festival Queen at Saturdays Granny Smith Festival "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

DIVYA AHLAWAT was named and crowned 2018 TWT Miss Eastwood Granny Smith Festival Queen at last Saturdays Gala Presentation ceremony in Eastwood Shopping Centre.

The post Meet & Greet Our new TWT Festival Queen at Saturdays Granny Smith Festival appeared first on The Weekly Times.


Visitors "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

James and Chris on the couch 


Fake gold frame with grapes "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

A blackboard frame at Nev and Belle's new bar RedBar, who used to be at the Record Crate, where Grace and I painted the Rock n Roll Garden of Earthly Delights last year


Former Royal Headache frontman Shogun has launched a new band "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Shogun, the former frontman of Sydney rockers Royal Headache, has announced a new band and has shared a pair of new songs.

Earlier this year, Aussie music fans were undoubtedly devastated to learn that Sydney garage-punkers Royal Headache had called it quits after nine years.

Announcing the news via a Facebook post that simply read 2008-2017, the groups breakup came almost a year after they had played their last show in July of 2017.

While the news came as a surprise to some, others would have undoubtedly recalled how the groups frontman Shogun had revealed the group almost broke up back in 2014.

Now though, fans are able to see the Royal Headache spirit live on in some capacity, with Shogun announcing the arrival of his new band, Shogun And The Sheets.

Releasing two new songs today, Hold On Kid and Pissing Blood, these tracks form a new 7 single that will be released early November.

Consisting of teenage friends and musicians musicians, Shogun And The Sheets have played just a couple of shows so far, with another gig booked for this Sunday at Sydneys Lansdowne Hotel.

Theres no real message in these songs, Shogun explained of the new tracks. I think I keep my lyrics ambivalent deliberately. I like it when you can feel a meaning or presence in a song but you cant pinpoint what it is. That way the listener can create their own meaning.

Check out the new songs below, and keep on reading for details about the bands third-ever show this weekend.

Check out Shogun And The Sheets Hold On Kid & Pissing Blood:

Shogun And The Sheets Tour Dates

Sunday, October 21st
The Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney, NSW


Operation Noetic AFP Arrests Patrick ODea and Dr Pridgeon for Child-stealing. Really? "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

AFP arrests, Pat ODea is in the red shirt

by Dee McLachlan

My introduction to the Family Court was in Adelaide in mid-September. I met Darlene (a protective parent) and was horrified by her story.

After we published a few articles detailing some of the failings in the Family Court system I was inundated with calls from desperate parents, grandparents and a few legal people. The accounts only got worse.

One of these calls was from a South African/Australian, Patrick ODea. He seems to have dedicated his life to helping keep children safe, so we chatted for some 30 minutes and I offered to write, in the future, about any miscarriages of justice (understanding the restrictions of section 121).  Thats what we do at Gumshoe: write about the wrongs being done to the people of Australia or anywhere else for that matter.

Then yesterday, in Grafton, NSW, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) officers arrested Patrick ODea, and William Russell Massingham Pridgeon, a physician.

As far as...


New Work with Communities Interested in JR "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Just Reinvest NSW has received a $250,000 grant from the Department of Justices Community Safety Fund to support a Community Engagement Project. Jenny Lovric, previously from Legal Aid NSW, will be working alongside Just Reinvest NSW Coordinators Nicole Mekler and Joanna Lunzer on this project .

Through this project, Just Reinvest will work with a number of communities across NSW to help them determine whether a community-led justice reinvestment approach is suitable for them, and how they may go about doing this kind of work.

The need for this project arose through calls to Just Reinvest NSW from various communities across NSW for more information on Justice Reinvestment, based on the good stories from the Maranguka Justice Reinvestment project in Bourke.

Our soon-to-be released Justice Reinvestment Toolkit will be used through the project. The Toolkit is a guide and community resource that includes insights and learnings from Maranguka.

Part of the project involves working closely with 2 or 3 communities to assist them with initial data collection and facilitate data-driven community decision-making on priority areas and goals for reducing crime, as well as quick-impact initiatives to help reduce young peoples contact with the criminal justice system.

The post New Work with Communities Interested in JR appeared first on Just Reinvest NSW Inc.


Fungal control of Giant Parramatta Grass chemical-free "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Beechwood NSW farmers Cathy Eggert and Jeremy Bradley have established a chemical-free solution to Giant Parramatta Grass.  A widespread native soil fungus, Nigrospora oryzae, causes crown rot disease in these species and has been spread by transplanting diseased plants without off-target impacts for nearly 20 years.  An innovative farm-based enterprise has now cultivated the fungus so it can be applied more safely and effectively.  The organism has not been modified and is sold as Parra Trooper.  Read more at the Beechwood Biological Solutions website.

However, access to this product is now in doubt. An article in The Australian on October 11th illustrates how, the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has blocked and delayed the sale of this non-toxic biological controls for some of Australias worst weeds.
The APVMAs product registration system is tailored to chemicals and its staff lack experience in assessing biological alternatives, critics say.

The post Fungal control of Giant Parramatta Grass chemical-free appeared first on Byron Shire Chemical Free Landcare .


Hellions have announced a slew of in-store signings for their new record Rue "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Hellions are set to rock up to your local record store over the next week to celebrate the release of their fourth album Rue.

Things are kicking tomorrow at Sydneys alternative music hub Utopia Records, from 4:30pm-6pm. The quartet will then be kicking it at Brisbanes Phase 4 Records on October 20th from 3pm-4:30pm. Finally theyll be hitting up Melbournes 24Hundred HQ on October 24th from 5pm-6:30pm.

Watch: Hellions Smile

In conjunction with the signings, the band will be playing a bunch of intimate east coast party shows. Tour dates below.

Rue is out tomorrow through UNFD.

Hellions 2018 Rue
Album Launch Shows

Tickets on sale now

Saturday, 20th October
Crowbar, Brisbane
Tickets: Official Website
*Colombus DJ set

Wednesday, 24th October
Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
Tickets: Official Website
*Pagan DJ set

Thursday, 25th October
The Lair (at Metro Theatre), Sydney
Tickets: Official Website
*Tonight Alive DJ set


NSW Rural Fire Service Current Incidents: Lenore Dr, Erskine Park "sydney IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

ALERT LEVEL: Not Applicable
LOCATION: Unit A/133 Lenore Dr, Erskine Park, NSW 2759
STATUS: Out of control
TYPE: MVA/Transport
SIZE: 0 ha
UPDATED: 18 Oct 2018 14:58


Renew Estate wins approval for 120MW solar farm and battery near Wagga Wagga RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Renew Estate wins development approval for a 120MW solar farm near Wagga Wagga, with plans to add 40MWh of battery storage, The post Renew Estate wins approval for 120MW solar farm and battery near Wagga Wagga appeared first on RenewEconomy.

via Renew Estate wins approval for 120MW solar farm and battery near Wagga Wagga RenewEconomy


First Nation Economic Independence: An Interview With the Treaty Councils Alex Wymarra "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Australia is the only settler colonial nation not to have entered into treaties with the First Nations of the continent. Indeed, it wasnt until the 1992 High Court of Australia Mabo decision that the nation actually recognised Indigenous peoples prior claim to the land. The Mabo decision led the Keating government to pass the Native Title Act

The post First Nation Economic Independence: An Interview With the Treaty Councils Alex Wymarra appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


MODERN MASTERS "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Arts Thursday 4th October 2018


Masters of Modern Art from the Hermitage opened at The Art Gallery of NSW last week and this week Maisy Stapleton spoke to Peter Raisis, Senior Curator of Historical European Art about the exhibition.

The exhibition is a stunning showcase of the modern movement, capturing the ebullience, idealism and confidence of the European modern masters in the late 19th century and early years of the 20th century and includes work by French painters Picasso, Matisse, Gaugin, Monet, Cezanne and the Russian painters Kandinsky and Malevich.

The story behind these paintings is also fascinating.

Over two thirds of the paintings in this exhibition were originally collected by two prominent and wealthy Russian art connoisseurs Sergey Shchukin and Ivan Morozov who used their vast mercantile fortunes to buy contemporary art.

It was said that Shchukins and Morozovs purchases of so many works by Matisse and Picasso, gave both artists the financial support they needed to fully launch their careers.

In the second part of Arts Thursday we explore another modern masterpiece The Horizon Apartments in Darlinghurst designed by the late architect Harry Seidler on the site of the former ABC studios and offices. The building has just celebrated its 20th anniversary.

Two of the Horizon residents, Peter Morton (who once worked in the ABC studios) and architect Mark Broadley (Chairman of the Horizon Owners Corporation) jo...


NSW Rural Fire Service Current Incidents: Warrah Ridge Rd, Quirindi "sydney IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

ALERT LEVEL: Not Applicable
LOCATION: Warrah Ridge Rd, Quirindi, NSW 2343
COUNCIL AREA: Liverpool Plains
STATUS: Under control
TYPE: Bush Fire
SIZE: 0 ha
UPDATED: 18 Oct 2018 08:33


Blockchain Technology Adopted for Land Registry and Sea Trade "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Blockchain technology is rapidly being adopted for public purposes. New South Wales plan to fully digitize property transactions and Abu Dhabi Ports test to improve cargo visibility and streamline trade flows are two new examples of the disruption taking place today.

New South Wales Partners with ChromaWay to Digitize Property Transactions by July 2019

As the Australian state of New South Wales prepares to digitize property transactions by July 2019, the recently privatized Land Registry Services has announced a blockchain-based proof of concept (PoC) for electronic property conveyancing in partnership with Stockholm-based startup ChromaWay.

The firm will leverage proven approaches from implementations in Sweden and India.

Under blockchain models, the data in a registry will remain secure and immutable, while also being accessible and searchable. It will provide an incontrovertible chain of ownership. It also has potential to transform land planning and development processes with a simplified, more efficient approach that removes burdensome paper-based processes and duplicated work that is currently the norm.

When the Australian state finally moves to eConveyancing in July 2019, all paper certificates of title will be canceled. All land registry will be lodged electronically with a comprehensive view of rights, restrictions, and responsibilities, according to Adam Bennett, CEO of the land registry service.

Rapid and far-reaching technology change is impacting traditional approaches to land dealings registration and general business operations around the globe. NSW LRS is embracing this new world by conducting a series of targeted experiments with globally-recognised technology companies.

Other land sector actors, including Property Exchange Australia, may benefit from the increased transparency and reduction of data duplication as the business settles property transactions online. Pending regulatory approval, the changes to NSW LRS core systems, and core and non-core services are expected to smooth functioning of local and national property markets.

Ports in UAE and Belgium Test Blockchain Pilot to Streamlin...


Coal seam gas needs tighter controls in NSW "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The Greens have condemned the paltry fine given to gas company Santos for not having appropriate approval for using treated coal seam gas water and called for an increase in penalties for breaches of licences or misconduct.

NSW Greens MLC and Resources spokesperson Jeremy Buckingham said, Santos has today received an inadequate fine for using treated water from its Narrabri coal seam gas operations for irrigation at Leewood without the appropriate approval.

In practice, a $1,500 fine is a slap-on-the-wrist for a big gas company like Santos who see the weak penalties for breaches as merely another cost of doing business.

AGLs attempts to irrigator saline treated coal seam gas water at Gloucester ended in failure. The Santos attempts, even if legalised, will also end in failure.

In the United States, they call irrigating land with coal seam gas water land farming. They basically contaminate the land and let salt tolerant weeds grow.

There are serious questions that remain unanswered about the use of coal seam gas in NSW. The safe disposal of the large amounts of salt and wastewater generated by coal seam gas operations is a massive issue and one companies like Santos have yet to be resolved.

The regulation of coal seam gas is not up to scratch in NSW, with this breach at Narrabri the latest in a long line of breaches and pollution incidents involving various coal seam gas projects.

The Greens call on the Government not to grant any approval for the use of treated coal seam gas water until it can be proven safe and for an increase in penalties for breaches of licences or lack of appropriate approvals, he said.

The post Coal seam gas needs tighter controls in NSW appeared first on Echonetdaily.


Death Count Soars as Epidemic of Violence Against Women Continues "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Since the beginning of this month a total of eight women have been killed violently in Australia. In at least seven of the cases, the victims knew the men who murdered them. And yet, no national outcry has occurred, and no politicians have called for action to be taken on this national epidemic. On 2

The post Death Count Soars as Epidemic of Violence Against Women Continues appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


Greens Takedown Their Own MP Jeremy Buckingham Over Multiple Defamation Threats "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Greens NSW has issued a rare public rebuke to one of its own elected members amid revelations the MP has directed multiple legal threats against party members, despite publicly calling for defamation laws to be reformed so that politicians cant abuse them.

In 2015, Greens MLC Jeremy Buckingham and radio shock-jock Alan Jones were sued by then Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner for comments they made in the course of anti-coal seam gas campaigning.

The lawsuit was eventually dropped, prompting Mr Buckingham to publicly call for sweeping changes to defamation laws.

Australia is a robust democracy and criticism of public representatives is an important part of our democratic system. There should be a much higher bar set for politicians to sue for defamation, such as what exists in the United States, he said at the time.

Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham, pictured with Sydney shock-jock Alan Jones. Both were the subject of a defamation action launched by Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner in 2014.

But since then, Mr Buckingham has issued legal threats against at least four current or former members of his own party, three of which are centred around recent allegations that Mr Buckingham sexually assaulted a former Greens staffer, Ella Buckland in 2011.

Mr Buckingham strongly denies the allegations, although Ms Buckland is standing by her claims.

One of those being sued is Tom Raue, the Greens NSW candidate for the seat of Summer Hill. It appears to be unprecedented in NSW political history for a member of a political party to be suing colleagues in the shadow of an upcoming state election.

The fourth legal threat issued by Mr Buckingham just over a year after his public criticisms of defamation laws was against a teenager who described Mr Buckingham as a massive fucking hypocrite in a closed Facebook forum...


Beer with boiled sweets "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Thought I'd keep track of my experiments making beer by posting about them here

Today I've bottled a mint, wormwood and rosemary brew and it's an experiment in a couple of ways.

It's the first beer I've made that uses an existing beer, as I added a few bottles of a rosemary beer that has a flavour I found a bit strong.

(Other drinkers have enjoyed it but tellingly they were mostly women who weren't beer drinkers.)

And, as shown, it's an experiment with using boiled sweets as carbonation drops.

I'm curious whether the flavour of the sweets can be discerned, so I've put the wrappers on the bottle to indicate what went in.


NEW MUSIC: The Gracious Losers  I Can Never Read The Signs "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

UK nine-piece The Gracious Losers recently released their debut LP The Last Of The Gracious Losers and it features I Can Never Read The Signs, the closing track on the rich and set of Americana music that draws from gospel, country and soul music. From Glasgow to Woodstock the line is drawn and followed with Continue reading


PREMIERE: Body Types self-titled debut EP is here "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Photo by Dakota Gordon 

With their electric self-titled debut EP, the 2017 SMAC Award winners for Next Big Thing are proving our point. Body Type is out tomorrow, but you can hear it here first!

Body Types debut EP is dream-pop impressionism at its best. Lashings of reverb, catchy guitars climbing all over each other, rumbling bass and drums all sprayed across the canvas, and done in three and a bit minutes.

Yep, the inescapable truth about Body Type the EP is that its fun as fuck, but thats not to diminish its emotional depth and sophistication. This EP is a masterclass in marrying a kinetic, deliberation-lite aesthetic with finely-tuned arrangements and lyrics, giving it that elusive quality of being captivating from the get-go but rewarding on repeat listen.

Its also a document which both charts, and draws a line under the bands first act. Early singles Silver and Ludlow (which was re-recorded for this EP) crackle with the excitement of a band discovering their voice, while Arrow breaks into a confident stride with its all-in chug, self-assured sing-speak delivery and weaponised woops. This new gait is developed on super-catchy Teeth and perfected on...


NEW MUSIC PREMIERE: Kyle Jenkins Vultures "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Kyle Jenkins of Suicide Swans continues his golden streak of songwriting and prolific releases with this second single from his debut solo LP Meltdown. The track hits a bass-led groove and never lets up. Clever sonic details like a ride cymbal doubling down on the reference to smashing on the keys of typewriters and the Continue reading


Royal Flush: Rain Soaks Drought Tour As Dubbo Cops Try To Shield Prince From Embarrassment Of Our Cruel Immigration Policies "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

He may be a direct descendant of the family that created the first wave of boat people to Australia, but according to Dubbo Police, Prince Harry shouldnt have to read about Australias cruel and inhumane immigration policies. At least not in the form of a protest banner in the main street of a country town. Chris Graham reports.

Dubbo is perhaps best known internationally for its world class open plains zoo. But yesterday, the eyes of the globe were on the iconic Australian country town for an entirely different reason the arrival of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (also known as Harry and Meghan) as part of their Royal Tour of Australia to support the Invictus Games (helpfully sponsored by major weapons manufacturers).

The newly wedded couple were in Dubbo to see first-hand the effects of the drought gripping large parts of NSW. That was somewhat spoilt by an untimely downpour, although in a few weeks time Dubbo and surrounds will likely be back where they started before the Brits brought the rain.

Even so, the wet didnt dampen the spirits of Dubbo residents (from an official population of 39,000, an estimated 30,000 turned out for a community barbecue). That job, at least in the minds of Dubbo Police, was left to local resident Laura Volkofsky, who decided to mark the visit by reminding local residents the Royal Tour probably wasnt going to extend to other parts of the Pacific namely Manus Island and Nauru. You know, where we jail men, women and children seeking asylum. Indefinitely.

A screen cap of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, pictured in Dubbo yesterday as part of their Royal Tour.

And thats how Ms Volkofsky came to hang a protest banner from her apartment window in the main street of Dubbo, only to have local police arrive and ask her to take it down. Because, while it may still be legal in Australia to express a political opinion, the Royals shouldnt have to read about it. Right?

Ms Volkofsky who lives above a florists shop in Talbragar Street in the CBD hung the offending sign up on Tuesday night. It read, ARE MANUS AND NAURU ON THE ROYAL ITINERARY? BLOOD ON OUR HANDS. By Wednesday morning, local police were on the case.


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Wednesday, 17 October


The criminalisation of women seeking abortion to end in Queensland, but still a reality in NSW "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Queensland women will finally have the freedom to decide what is right for their bodies with the passing of the Termination of Pregnancy Bill in the Queensland Parliament last night.

The new law decriminalises abortion and respects the right of every person to decide what is right for them in consultation with their doctor up to 22 weeks of pregnancy. Thereafter, two doctors will need to consider an abortion appropriate. Safe access zones around abortion clinics will also become law and protect the dignity, privacy and safety of women seeking reproductive healthcare. 

Adrianne Walters, senior lawyer at the Human Rights Law Centre commended the MPs who voted in support of equality, dignity and reproductive freedom.

Every single one of us should have the freedom to decide what is right for our bodies and lives. Its fantastic to see the Queensland Parliament make that a reality in law for women across the state. We congratulate the Queensland Government for driving this critical reform, said Walters

New South Wales now remains the only state that has not reformed its abortion laws in over 100 years. Abortion sits in criminal laws written in 1900.

NSW now stands shamefully alone in failing to reform its abortion laws. Every day, women in NSW are treated as second class citizens when it comes to accessing healthcare by the criminalisation of abortion, said Walters. 

Politicians across the divide should take notice  abortion laws in NSW defy community values, undermine modern medical practice and are hopelessly out of step with common sense. They must be modernised, said Walters. 

For interviews call:

Michelle Bennett, Director of Communications, Human Rights Law Centre, 0419 100 519


Hail storm kills 400 kangaroos and 150 goats in New South Wales, Australia "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

A flash storm that ripped through parts of drought ravaged Far West New South Wales has left a trail of death and destruction for two grazier families. Up to 400 kangaroos were found dead on Avondale station near Broken Hill, with the neighbouring property left to clean up over $20,000 worth of dead stock. Tegan Langford said what began as joy and elation over the much-needed rain, later turned into utter disbelief. "It was very eerie down there. It looked like something out of a movie where they say the world is going to end. Everything was just dead."


1) Reconstruction is necessary to track the implementation of Special Autonomy in Papua "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

2) Indonesia targets closure of Freeport deal in December -official 

1) Reconstruction is necessary to track the implementation of Special Autonomy in Papua
Published 16 hours ago on 17 October 2018 By pr9c6tr3_juben

Papua Civil Servants held protest in 2016 t...


Festival Queens will star in Grand Parade "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

TWT Festival Queens will star in this Saturdays Granny Smith Festival Grand Parade through Eastwood to the official opening on stage in Rowe Street Eastwood.

The post Festival Queens will star in Grand Parade appeared first on The Weekly Times.


Israeli effort to punish BDS activists for Lorde cancellation is backfiring "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Last year the New Zealand pop star Lorde cancelled her performance in Israel due to the persuasion of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions activists (BDS), sparked by a letter written by New Zealand activists Justine Sachs and Nadia Abu-Shanab, who are respectively of Israeli-Jewish and Palestinian background. Sachs was offered the full kapo (Nazi-traitor) treatment in the Israeli press .

Meantime, Israeli lawfare organization Shurat Hadin, an NGO, carried out a legal crusade to sue the activists, even though they were not in Israel when they penned the letter, and even though Lorde made up her own mind and was neither forced to perform nor to cancel. Shurat Hadin represented three teenage girls, demanding damages be paid by the activists for bringing about the cancellation.

Lorde at the 2014 St Jeromes Laneway Festival in Sydney, Australia (Photo: Annette Geneva/ Wikimedia)

Last week an Israeli court ruled that Sachs and Abu-Shanab must pay damages to Israeli teenagers Shoshana Steinbach, Ayelet Wertzel and Ahuva Frogel totaling more than NZ $18,000 ($11,700). The court found the two New Zealand women damaged the artistic welfare of the three Israeli teenagers, and perpetrated damage to their good name as Israelis and Jews.

Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, president of Shurat HaDin, who filed the suit called the ruling precedent-setting:

This decision makes it clear that anyone who calls for a boycott against the state of Israel could find themselves liable for damages and need to pay compensation to those hurt by the boycott call, if theyre in Israel or outside it. 

But Shoshana, Ayelet and Ahuva, whose artistic welfare and good name are now damaged beyond recognition, can apparently go and cry themselves a river because Justine and Nadia are...


Devils & Details: Live and Unleashed! "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Devils unplugged

Next month you will have the opportunity to see a handful of Australia's brightest financial and economic minds speaking at a live event at The Ivy in Sydney's financial district. 

I'll also be presenting, lol.

Click on the back of Colgo's head below for details!

Alongside Colgo and Scutty, here's some of the panel...

Awesome panellists - as well as Koukie, Whelan, and Michalakis - so it'll be a great event.

Come for the canaps and adult beverages, stay for the bantz.

Tickets $50 - look forward to seeing you there!


NSW Rural Fire Service Current Incidents: End Of Lockwood Rd, Erskine Park "sydney IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

ALERT LEVEL: Not Applicable
LOCATION: End Of Lockwood Rd, Erskine Park, NSW 2759
STATUS: Out of control
TYPE: Fire Alarm
SIZE: 0 ha
UPDATED: 17 Oct 2018 17:54


White Rock Wind Farm Public Open Day "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

[ Sunday, 21 Oct; 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. ] Local community members are invited to take a bus tour to visit White Rock Wind Farm on Sunday 21st October. Buses will depart from the Old Railway Station Lambeth Street Glen Innes. Buses are scheduled to leave every 20 minutes between 9am and 3pm and the tour will take approximately one hour. The event will align with the [...] full article 


Migration Amendment (Prohibiting Items in Immigration Detention Facilities) Bill 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Summary and recommendation The purpose of the Migration Amendment (Prohibiting Items in Immigration Detention Facilities) Bill 2017 (the Bill) is to amend the Migration Act to: 1. allow the Minister to determine that an item is a prohibited thing in relation to immigration detention facilities, 2 allow existing screening, search and seizure powers to be used in relation to prohibited things, 3 provide a power to search all areas of immigration detention facilities without a warrant, and 4 enable the use of detector dogs to search facilities and to screen detainees and other persons entering the facilities. This post goes into the details of the Bill, the responses of the main parties and the Government's respond to these comments.


A Bastard Like Me: Paul Kelly on the release of album #24 "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

  • Paul Kelly :: Interview and Performance on Arvos

Bona fide songwriting royalty Paul Kelly dropped in on Arvos to talk with Grace (who was totally keeping it together btw) about 19th Century poetry, putting words first and his new album Nature.

Over four decades and across 24 albums, a little known artist by the name of Paul Kelly, toiling in obscurity, has penned tunes on topics ranging from interstate bus trips to recipes for gravy. His most recent offering Nature truly takes the Australian legend back to his roots breathing fresh air into the words of 19th century poets whilst also finding new inspiration in the world around him.

A lot of songs for Nature were written around the same time as the songs for the last record, over the last three or four years When I went to look at the titles of some of the songs, there was Little Wolf and Seagulls Of Seattle and Morning Storm and so I thought, well maybe I should just call the record Nature.

Hear the full interview up top, where Kelly chats about the one poet he was afraid to put music to and hear the story behind and a stunning live rendition of A Bastard Like Me from Nature.


WHO: Paul Kelly
WHAT: Making Gravy Tour
WHERE: The Domain, Sydney
WHEN: Sat 15 Dec, tickets here.

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Authorising the Unlawful: The Powers of Undercover Police in NSW "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

By Paul Gregoire and Ugur Nedim An unidentified man was sentenced to more than 10 years in prison last February for his part in the robbery of an Armaguard truck outside a Sydney shopping centre back in March 2013. However, police were initially concerned they didnt have enough evidence to see him convicted. When the man

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PERTH Barry Urban: Former MP almost arrested again after late court appearance "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

snip .

Barry Urban: Former MP almost arrested again after late court appearance .

October 16, 2018 at 02:35AM .

Im here, guys, Urban told the waiting media pack outside Perth Magistrates Court on Tuesday, but refused to answer questions before going inside. .



Light Rye Loaf "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Em, can you please send me a new copy of your book? Mine is covered in oil My friend just laughed at me she knows I already have both the paper and digital versions of her magnum opus. If youre a sourdough baker and you havent already bought a copy of Emilie Raffas Artisan []


Unionising democracy "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Last week, people gathered around the Opera House in Sydney, disgusted by how politicians had allowed a World Heritage public space to be sold off to the destructive and predatory gambling industry. As the protest swelled, it was reported how the whole kitchen staff from the Bennelong restaurant gathered at their windows and gave the protesters a standing ovation. While a worker takeover of the Opera House seems unlikely, it also seems instinctively no less fair to give them a say in how their workplace is run.


1919 Lanzhou Beef Noodle ~ Chinese, Ashfield "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Lanzhou beef noodle is one of most treasured of all Chinese noodle soups. It's a magic mix of gentle, subtle, soothing broth, and chumpy noodles handmade just minutes ago. Seems we're not alone, there's a monster queue on opening day. (We wish the awesome Lanzhou beef noodle joint in Dixon House received such deserved attention, it might still be open). It's super casual order at

Tuesday, 16 October


Which Cases Are Heard in the Childrens Court? "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

The Children (Criminal Proceedings) Act 1987 (the Act) sets out many of the rules relating to criminal and traffic law proceedings involving those under the age of 18 years in New South Wales. Section 5 of the Act provides that no child under the age of 10 can be guilty of an offence. This is

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Australian State of New South Wales Mandates Land Registry Shift to Blockchain by 2019 "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The Australian state of New South Wales is set to complete a proof-of-concept for a blockchain-based land registry system by summer 2019


Australia mulls moving embassy to Jerusalem "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

General news

Australia considers recognizing Jerusalem as Israels capital
SYDNEY/JERUSALEM (Reuters) Australia will consider recognising Jerusalem as Israels capital and shifting its embassy there from Tel Aviv, Australias Prime Minister said on Tuesday. The status of Jerusalem is one of the thorniest obstacles to a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians. Israel regards all of the city, including the eastern sector that it annexed after the 1967 Middle East war, as its capital. Last December, U.S. President Donald Trump reversed decades of U.S. policy by recognising Jerusalem, enraging the Palestinians and upsetting the Arab world and Western allies. Australia was firm in its refusal to follow suit at the time, however Prime Minister Scott Morrison told reporters in parliament he was now open-minded about doing so, while not changing Australias policy of support for a Palestinian state. The orthodoxy thats driven this debate which says issues like considering the question of the capital are taboo. I think we have to challenge that, Morrison said.   The whole point of a two-state solution is two nations recognised living side by side, he added, saying he was open to the suggestion from Dave Sharma, Australias former ambassador to Israel, that Australia support West Jerusalem as Israels capital and East Jerusalem as Palestines.

Mayor of Bethlehem: PM Netanyahus statement on Bethlehem and Palestinian Christians is another attempt at distorting the reality of Israeli occupation
IMEMC/Agencies 16 Oct Mayor of Bethlehem, advocate Anton Salman , said, in response to Sundays statements by Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Bethlehem and the situation of Palestinian Christians, that such a statement is another Israeli attempt at distorting the reality of the Israeli occupation and particularly the effects that Israeli policies have had on the Palestinian Christian community since 1948. If Mr. Netanyahu was concerned about the situation of Palestinian Christians, particularly in the Bethlehem area, he would return the 22,000 dunams of Bethlehem land illegally annexed to Israel for expansion of colonial settlements. He would dismantle the annexation wall that divides Bethlehem from Jerusalem, for the first time in 2000 years of Christianity, and would stop imposing restrictions to Palestinian movement, including the thousand of Palestinian Christians living in exile and whose return is impossible due to th...


Will Scott Morrison Move Australias Embassy to Jerusalem? "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Like the United States, Australias Prime Minister announced today that his country is considering the possibility of transferring its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The announcement has been said to be geared towards internal elections in Canberra, an attempt to win the votes of Jewish voters in the district.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said in a press conference that he was open to proposals to formally recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move his countrys embassy there, just as the United States did in May. Hours after announcing the idea, Morrison said he wanted to poll the views of the regions leaders on the resolution before the government took a specific stance on the issue.
Although the prime minister said his country was committed to a two-state solution, his move was seen as a breach of the policies pursued by successive Australian governments for decades.

Following the announcement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu chirped through his Twitter account:

Morrison said: Frankly, things are not going well (with the two-state solution), there has not been much progress, and we should not continue to do the same thing and expect different results. His controversial move, as he himself stated, was sparked accusations by some of his opponents  who accused him of using the announcement at this time to win votes in sub-legislative elections in a circle dominated by Jews in Sydney. Opinion polls indicate that Morrison, the Liberal Party candidate, has lost popularity and, if defeated, will lose the majority seat in parliament.

Against this background, the spokesperson of the opposition Workers Party, accused Morrison of announcing his decision to entice more voters.

Scott Morrison is so desperate to stay in office that he is willing to say anything...


Australian State Eyes Blockchain Upgrade for Property Transactions "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The New South Wales state government is trialing blockchain tech from ChromaWay as part of a bid to digitize property conveyance by next summer.


Why Pauline Hanson is Wrong and Its Not Okay to Celebrate Being White "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Like a redneck cockroach in a white hood, Pauline Hanson has well and truly crawled out of the woodwork, and continues to spout bile about how threatened she, as a white person, is by anyone who doesnt share her lack of melanin. In case you missed it, yesterday, she moved a motion in Parliament claiming the Senate acknowledge the deplorable rise of anti-white racism and attacks on Western civilisation and that it is okay to be white.

The latter phrase is deeply rooted in neo-Nazi and other white supremacist organisations: in fact, Klan groups have used the hashtag #IOKTBW on Twitter since 2012. Numerous Liberal, National and One Nation Senators backed Paulines motion in fact, it was only narrowly defeated by 31 votes to 28. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called it regrettable that his Senators showed their support for her, and the Coalitions Finance Minister says the motion was backed by mistake (but we call bullshit). Channel 7 News is in the midst of conducting a poll at the time of writing, nearly 65,000 people had voted, and 62 per cent of them had done so in favour of the One Nation Senator.

Whilst some voters may hold these views due to deep-seated notions of white supremacy and a sense of entitlement to what has been well-established to be stolen land (Im actually from the First Fleet), we at Global Hobo like to believe that others are just misinformed. Accordingly, we reckon if everyone was just better informed, they too would be shaking their heads at Pauline and telling her to return to her fish and chip shop (provided a migrant hasnt taken her job).

So here you have it a quick and easy guide to what the hell is the go with reve...............

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