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Tuesday, 13 March


NSW Rural Fire Service Current Incidents: 2379 Waterfall Way Thora "bellingen IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

LOCATION: 2379 Waterfall Way Thora
STATUS: Under control
TYPE: Hazard Reduction
SIZE: 0 ha
UPDATED: 12 Mar 2018 13:46


Native timber showcase and design competition launches "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Regenerating native rainforest is key to the Quality Timber Traders ethos. Photo supplied.

A deep rich valley clothed with magnificent trees in all my travels, I have never seen anything to equal the beauty of the vegetation.

These were the words by botanist William Guilfoyle in 1869 to describe travelling up the Tweed River with Mount Warning, or Wollumbin, in the background.

Today, the Big Scrub has all but been demolished, but there are a number of environmentalists and farmers who have come together to prove that there are ways to re-introduce rainforest trees and revegetate the countryside while also being able to selectively take out trees to help fund the reforestation and increase carbon sequestration.

Quality Timber Traders are asking local woodworkers, builders, architects, interior designers and cabinet makers in the northern rivers and southeast Queensland region to get involved in the inaugural Sustainable Native Timber Showcase and Design Competition. Photo supplied.

Design competition

In an ambitious project, these environmentalists and farmers have come together to create a market for native timbers. As part of the initiative, they have created the inaugural Sustainable Native Timber Showcase and Design Competition, and they are asking local woodworkers, builders, architects, interior designers and cabinet makers in the northern rivers and southeast Queensland region to get involved.

Imagine decorating your house with fur...


How do you want Byron to look in 10 years? "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The Byron Community Strategic Plan is now on exhibition. Image Byron Shire Council

Byron Shire Council says nearly 3000 people have shared ideas, provided feedback and had their say to help shape its draft Community Strategic Plan, which has been released for public comment until the end of March, .

Its still not too late to have your say but you will need to act quickly.

Byron Shire Councils Acting General Manager, Mark Arnold, said he was pleased with the level of involvement with nearly ten per cent of the population having their say but not surprised given how passionate and active the Byron Shire community is.

We heard overwhelmingly that your priorities include improving infrastructure, managing growth and change and balancing benefits and impacts of tourism, Mr Arnold said.

We also heard that we should focus on embracing community-led decision making, continuing to protect the natural environment, addressing housing affordability, supporting arts and cultural programs, improving transport and connecting the community.

The council has recently announced it will implement so-called citizen juries (groups of randomly selected community members) to help deal with the impression councillors are too remote from their constituents.

The mass engagement of residents has followed with a series of face-to-face meetings.

Over six weeks we did 76 hours of face-to-face engagement to understand what people liked about the Byron Shire and where the community collectively wanted to be in ten years, Mr Arnold said.

We visited towns, villages, markets and schools across the shire, held community and stakeholder workshops, asked for input online and surveyed local businesses.

Some 2,769 people shared their thoughts and ideas with us and these have been used to inform our new Community Strategic Plan, Our Byron, Our Future,  which sets an overarching vision for this Shire for the next ten years and what strategies can be implemented to achieve this, Mr Arnold said.

We also partnered with Mullumbimby and District Neigh...


Tweed youth council shines light on homelessness and mental health "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The 2018 Tweed Shire Youth Council. Photo supplied.Youth council

Tackling youth homelessness and mental health issues in the community are key concerns for this years Tweed Shire Youth Council members who have just had their first meeting.

Now in its third year, the Youth Council, is made up of representatives from public and private high schools in Tweed Shire who meet on a monthly basis to express views on youth oriented matters, while also providing opportunities for the development of communication, confidence and leadership skills. 

Jazmine Cook of Tweed River High School was elected as chair at the meeting and said she is looking forward to the experience. 

I decided to join the youth council to gain more knowledge and experience of how a council works and also to hopefully make a difference in our community, Jazmine said.  

I feel the group we have this year is very strong and I think we may be able to make a difference in youth homelessness and mental illness in the youth community.

Jaime Coetzee of Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School was elected deputy chair and also spoke about her desire to have a positive impact.

I am hoping to assist with the prevalent issue of homelessness in the tweed, Jaime said. 

I am also excited to understand how the Tweed Council operates and makes their decisions.

Council General Manager Troy Green was on hand to welcome the group and asked each member directly what youth-oriented services they would like to see established or improved in the local area. 

Council Youth Development Officer Sylvia Roylance said the groups answers, which ranged from transport to mental health and homeless services, showed them to be engaged members of the community. 

On first impression they are all very insightful as to what...

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Monday, 12 March


Flow Hive is back with a hive of improvements "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Australian father-son inventing team Stuart and Cedar Anderson who invented the Flow Hive. Photo supplied.

Annabelle Hill

Back in 2015, Australian father and son team Stuart and Cedar Anderson came up with a revolutionary honey-harvesting invention they named Flow Hive. They are now launching Flow Hive 2 on the North Coast, which is a redesign of the Flow Hive Classic, with 14 new innovations, all designed to improve the beekeeping experience and make the Flow honey harvesting system even easier on both the bees and the beekeeper alike.

Flow Frames, the award-winning component which distinguishes a Flow Hive from a conventional Langstroth hive, provides bees with a partially fabricated honeycomb matrix which they complete with their own natural wax. When the honey cells are capped, the honey is ready.

Conventional honey harvesting involves opening the hive super (the top box where the honey is), levering out the frames and carrying them to a honey shed or kitchen. Then the caps must be cut off with a hot knife and the honey squeezed or spun out using a centrifugal extractor. Its a hot, sticky, messy business involving lots of heavy lifting and plenty of bee stings.

But with a Flow Hive, the beekeeper can, from outside the hive, simply insert a tool into the frame and turn, activating the mechanism. The honey cells split vertically and the hexagons form channels, allowing the honey to flow down into the trough an...


Is this rat a friend or foe? "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A native baby rodent that was recently rescued. Photo WIRES Northern Rivers.

Annabelle Hill

Please dont be fooled, what might appear to be a rat or mouse may in actual fact be a native rodent and quite possibly an endangered species. A friend rather than a foe.

Melomys, sometimes known as mosaic-tailed rats, are Australian native rodents. There are a number of species in the Northern Rivers, including the Grasslands and the Fawn-footed melomys.

The native Bush rat lives in eucalypt and rain forests and eats insects, fungi, seeds roots and plant stems. In the Northern Rivers we also have the Swamp rat and the Water rat. These shy creatures rarely move in to human houses, but are sometimes found around sheds and rural properties. The New Holland mouse (listed as vulnerable) is similar to the introduced House mouse but does not have a pungent odour.

A native baby rodent that was recently rescued. Photo WIRES Northern Rivers.

There are also a number of species of Antechinus in Northern NSW; the Brown, Dusky and Yellow-footed as well as the Black-tailed antechinus that was first discovered in the Border Ranges in 2014. Together with Planigales (which are listed as vulnerable to extinction), these small marsupials are often mistaken for mice. Being carnivores, they eat insects such as cockroaches, so are great inhabitants around your house.

It can be difficult to identify these species of small mammals, particularly when they are young. Please be careful when dealing with mice and rats around your home as you could be accidentally killing protected native wildlife, who might be eating less desirable insect pests and who help maintain the fragile balance of biodiversity in our environment.

It can be difficult to tell the difference between a normal (feral) rat or mice and a native as when they are babies they all look the same. Adult feral rats tend to have a long tail, toes of different lengths and large ears. There are various websites which contain photos and descripti...


Bellingen Seed Savers at the 2018 Autumn Plant Fair in Bellingen "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Gillian coordinated an excellent stall at the Bellingen Autumn Plant Fair. Members turned up in droves to help our customers choose appropriate seeds and plants and to offer gardening advice. Many of our customers are new to our climatic conditions and welcome tips for gardening in a subtropical/warm temperate climate.

David and Michelle with Sweet Leaf cuttings,.

Seeds packed by our Seed savers, potted plants and cuttings were on sale for a tiny price because our main aim is to spread the cultivation of useful plants within our local area, not to make a profit.



Anti-coal activists set to face court "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Two of the anti-coal activists on one of the Aurion trains they stopped back in January. Photo supplied

Fourteen activists will appear in Bowen Magistrates Court today to face charges relating to the ongoing Stop Adani campaign.

The charges arise from four actions during the month of January, two of which shut down operations at Adani-owned Abbot Point Port for extended periods. Two further actions took place on the Aurizon-owned railway, which connects existing mines to the port. Trains were prevented from delivering coal for several hours each time.

The 14 collectively face charges of trespass, interference with a railway, interference with a port, and contravening a direction or requirement.

The accused range in age and background from Cairns local, 74-year-old ex-serviceman Jeff Cantor, to 23-year-old youth worker Nathan Bernfield from Sydney. The 14 are united in their reasons for taking direct action to stop the controversial Adani project.

Nicholas Avery, accused of locking onto a conveyor belt at the port, said We are at a crisis point when it comes to the climate and Australias relationship with coal. We have exhausted every other avenue of protest and it is our governments inaction which has pushed us to this point. This is not something we take lightly, but the Galilee Basin simply cannot be mined.

Coal mining is not the answer to regional Australias problems said Lilli Barto, who allegedly blocked the railway by locking onto a concrete barrel.

We know that renewables create more jobs per dollar invested, so if this were about jobs and looking after the regions the government would be encouraging solar and wind, creating safer jobs in an industry that is growing, and not creating more communities vulnerable to the violent swings of commodity prices on global markets. We did this for the climate, for the reef, for the future, for everyone, she said.


The post Anti-coal activists set to face court appeared first on Echonetdaily.


Heroic river rescue off Ballina RSL "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

LR Brave rescuers Mark Gray, Jared Arundell, Steve Smith. Photo supplied

Quick thinking by Ballina RSL staff and a heroic dive into the dark waters of a river at night saved a woman from drowning last Monday (March 5).

Around 9.30pm, staff heard the screams and calls for help from the river and, running to the end of the wharf, discovered that a woman had fallen in.

Jared Arundell dived straight into the water, fully clothed, to help her, and with help from Mark Gray and Steve Smith, managed to pull her out of the water and provide first aid assistance until the ambulance arrived.

Ballina RSL CEO Bill Coulter was full of praise for the staff. It was about 9.30 at night, so if she hadnt screamed out she could have been swept downriver with the tide and out to sea, he said.

It was a very courageous effort. Although the area is lit up, once you are in the water its pretty dark. It says a lot about the character of the young blokes that they just dived in boots and all to save her.

We later discovered that in the past she had been Jareds schoolteacher, but at the time he heard the screams, he didnt know that.

She was an older woman, and it had been pretty cold in the water. Thankfully we were able to help the lady and save her from the water, and then keep her warm inside the club until the ambulance arrived.

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Fukushima disaster not over, rally hears "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Supporters of a full evacuation of Fukushima at The Channon market on Sunday, March 11. Photo: Kim Maree

Harsha Prabhu

The Fukushima nuclear disaster is not over, were the chilling words of warning uttered by Toshiko Okada, anti-nuclear activist from Japan, speaking at a gathering to mark the seventh anniversary of Fukushima, at the Channon Market on Sunday.

Scores of people including members of the regions Japanese community attended the gathering, despite the wet weather and the chance of the market being cancelled.

Okada is a member of Ctitzens Network for Evacuation from Radiation, which has been promoting the cause of Fukushima children and families affected by radiation.

She said, We are having serious radioactive contamination problems not only in Fukushima but also in Eastern Japan, because life threatening radioactive substances are still discharging from the Fukushima nuclear power plant every day.

Lethal levels of radiation had been detected at Fukushimas power plant seven years after the tsunami.  Apart from the release of volatile, gaseous radionuclides,  a recent Manchester University study also noted the presence of micro particles containing uranium, caesium and technetium,  several kilometres from Fukushima.

Plus thousands of gallons of radioactive water and waste are being stored above ground with no safe means of disposal.

Govt forced relocation

While experts were warning of a global disaster in the making, the Japanese government was busy normalising the situation by marketing food from Fukushima and stopping subsidies for Fukushima evacuees, thus forcing people to relocate to Fukushima. The government had also unilaterally raised the maximum limit of radiation exposure from 1mSv per year to 20 mSv.

She said, Such law must be applied to all victims of radiation around the world.

Okada and her citizens group hold protest actions at Shinjuku railway station and the Japanese PMs residence in Tokyo every month. The banner used for this pr...


March 13 On This Day in Australian History "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

1810 - In court evidence, botanist George Caley (Kaley) says he saw Tedbury remove a lead bullet from his mouth. Luttrell, who claims he thought Tedbury had speared his sister, is acquitted. Writing in later years, John Macarthur Junior thinks Tedbury died a year or two afterwards from the effects of his wounds.

1827 - Sydney's general street lighting was turned on for the first time....and the populace said,
"Oh, goody, I can see the rabid kangaroos coming for me this time,".

1828 - Charles Connor was Hanged at Sydney for burglary from the house of James Mackenzie at Windsor.

1829 - There was a report of Bushrangers at Illawarra.

1852 - Edward Bulwer Lytton Dickens was pupped. Youngest and favourite son of author Charles Dickens, Eddie upped sticks and parked himself on Aussie soil with another brother Alfred. Edward became well-known in the Aussie wool industry and a politician.

1856 - You can stop dressing up like dear old Ned when casting your vote - the Victorian Electoral Bill was passed with the breakfast prunes to allow for a secret ballot!

1860 - The first hotelkeeper's licence for the Overland Corner Hotel, South Oz, was granted to William Brand on this day.

1865 - On the steep and narrow road from Araluen to Majors Creek Ben Hall and Johnny Gilbert, with the assistance of Tom Clarke, attempted to hold up the Araluen Gold Escort.They shot at the guards, Constable Kelly, who was shot in the shoulder and Constable Byrne , who was shot in the foot but they were outflanked by the remaining two troopers and were forced to flee from the scene.

1866 -  Female reported that she had been with  bushranger Thunderbolt for ten months engaged to assist Mary Ann Bugg during her confinement and that Thunderbolt had kept her with them since then, tied up, that she had escaped  from their camp near the headwaters of the Little Manning River on this day.

1877 - The railway line from Winchelsea to Birregurra (Vic) was opened.

1884 - Don't start throwing the rice and confetti just yet - Daisy Bates got hitched to Breaker Morant but she soon kicked him to the kerb after he "forgot" to pay for the wedding and nicked some oinkers and a saddle.

1885 - The first Employers' Union was established in Melbourne.

1892 - Constable Arthur William Brown, Victoria Police; Constable Brown was walking in Williamson Street, Bendigo when he was unexpectedly struck in the mouth by a man called David Storey. Such was the violence of the blow, that Brown fell and struck his head on the stone water channel. His skull was fractured and he died as a result of the injury.

1958 - The last ever Aussie-built steam train went to work on the Brisvegas network.



Standard and Poor's accused of falsely rating debt products prior to 2008 financial crisis "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

American ratings agency Standard and Poor's (S&P) has been accused of deliberately weakening its risk assessment criteria to prop up the ratings of some debt products ahead of the 2008 economic crisis. S&P is being sued for at least $150 million by two local governments and two pension funds in Australia, Reuters reports. The claimants say they lost money on synthetic collateralized debt obligations (SCDOs) in the aftermath of the financial crisis, triggered by bad mortgage loans in the United States. They accuse the ratings agency of "flawed" assessments of these instruments. "As a result of these various flaws the ratings assigned were false, misleading and the applicants suffered large losses when the claimed SCDOs defaulted," Noel Hutley, barrister representing the councils told the Federal Court in Sydney, as quoted by Reuters. If the agency is found guilty of weakening its criteria, it is likely to face lawsuits from other investors.


FAIR GO 101: It's Time To Change The Rules "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"


Only a handful of NSW landowners to face court over Murray-Darling Basin water theft allegations? "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

ABC News, 8 March 2018:

The NSW Government will prosecute several people over alleged water theft on the Barwon-Darling, eight months after Four Corners investigated the issue.

WaterNSW has named the people it is taking to the Land and Environment Court over alleged breaches of water management rules.

They are prominent irrigator Peter Harris and his wife Jane Harris, who own a major cotton farm near Brewarrina in the state's north-west and were named in the Four Corners story.

The couple have been accused of taking water when the flow conditions did not permit it, and breaching licence and approval conditions.


Conservatism in Crisis "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

In a fractured society, writes The Australians Paul Kelly, the Liberals are losing by choosing the wrong battles. In his article, republlshed below, Kelly reveals the void in the heart and soul of a rudderless, directionless, dysfunctional government, and the loss of an ethos that once bound together the many mansions of the Liberal-National Coalitions  broad but perennially fractious church.

He writes: The upshot is that the conservative movement in this country has no organisational structure, no agreed agenda or strategic mission.It features rival leadership contenders, crisscrosses the Coalition, pulls in a few celebrities, falls for the false mantra from its media champions and seizes up any grassroots eruptions of support from the suburbs and regions. This is not a winning formula. Conservatives suffer from serious tactical ineptitude and misread public opinion.

But behind all of this, challenging the Coalition, and haunting the long dark night of Mr Kellys  tortured conservative soul, is a social and cultural revolution that challenges all mainstream parties, and indeed, mainstream media (if the recent angst-ridden moralizing of the News Corp opinionistas is anything to go by) exemplified in the growth of social media and a new ethos of individual independence and self-actualization, accompanied by a decline in the status of and respect for the institutional political, commercial and cultural pillars of the past generations government, church, family, and business.

Out there on battler, dinky-di, aspirational and struggle streets, the prevailing attitude is that of a plague on all their self-interested, opportunistic and hypocritical houses!

Kelly quotes the American conservative writer Yuval Levin:  Our culture has been moved by an increasingly individualistic ideal and so by a drive for greater distinction, more customization and the elevation of personal choice and identity. To conservatives, this has meant the erosion of a once-unifying moral and cultural consensus, and the loss of comfortable and reassuring certainties.

Many of these old certainties, and the values, perceptions and assumptions that sustained them were actually quite regressive, and indeed, entrenched prejudice, oppression and discrimination, and it was good to see the back of them.

Turnbull Liberals doomed while conservatism in crisis

Paul Kelly, The Australian 10th March 2018

Featured picture: Australian Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull with ousted PM Tony Abbott after the Coalitions...


The Australian Working Holiday Visa: A Memoir "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

I am currently on a one-year Working Holiday Visa that allows me to work for up to six months with a single employer in Australia. I will accept any and all positions.

The Italian Restaurant July 10 July 11

When a restaurant has a banner across their storefront that reads Best thin crust pizza in South Yarra Dave, you bloody well know it must be good. Unfortunately, when the chef demanded I tell the woman who received raw chicken in her meal he would not be giving her a refund, and she could either eat it or he would make her another one, I knew it was time to get out.

The Company that Sold Major Appliances for Campervans July 20 July 31

Didnt realise this was even a thing until I stepped into this office.

The Staffing Agency Aug 20 Nov 30

One of my longer positions. I actually got the opportunity to make some friends and I almost made it to the holiday party.

My list of duties included creating a resume for the Directors son, who seemed to be somewhat of an underachiever, and giving the Directors shirt and pants a weekly size check, so presumably he could order more? Still not quite sure of the reason.

The Modern Office in the City Centre (No Idea What They Did) Dec 12 Dec 12

I was left entirely alone in the office and was asked to answer the phones while everyone attended the holiday party but not before someone had the opportunity to complain about the odour of my lunch. I genuinely didnt realise parmesan cheese smelled so bad when it was put in a microwave.

 The Hearing-Aid Office Jan 15 Jan 16

My instructions were simple. Answer the phone and book people in for appointments. Make sure to get their personal details if they arent already in the system. What I thought would be an easy days work went something like this:

Me: Hi, thank you for calling []. How may I help you?
Patient: Yes, I would like to make an appointment for next week to get a new hearing aid.
Me: ...


Daruk Training School: Alleged sex abuse of young boys nothing short of horrific, police say "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

ABC News Australia

Daruk Training School: Alleged sex abuse of young boys nothing short of horrific, police say

12 March 2018

The experiences allegedly inflicted upon young boys at a former Sydney boys home were nothing short of horrific, police said while revealing the first arrest of their investigation.

Police say 80 alleged victims have come forward about historical child sex abuse at the Daruk Training School in Penrith in the late 1970s.

Most of the men were aged between 10 and 14 at the time of the alleged abuse.

Daruk boys school

Police today announced the arrest of a 67-year-old man in Jindalee, Queensland, who has been extradited and charged with 19 offences.

Detective Sergeant Ben Hallam said the evidence already gathered showed the extent of the alleged abuse.

The briefings I have been provided over the past 18 months shows experiences that these young boys had at the time was nothing short of horrific, he said.

Some of these victims have been dealing with their experiences for many years, they havent ever found a way to tell even family or friends what they have experienced.

Police are now asking more victims to come forward and speak up.

This is the time, Detective Sergeant Hallam said.

We understand your experience may have been traumatic, you may have had a chequered past or you may have had ad...


Arts Wednesday 14 March 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

This week sees the start of a new series of Sydney By Design with Ed Lippmann and he has called this series Loved and Unloved, where we will address heritage issues. Part 1 at 10:40 is an introduction to the series, defining what the heritage issues are: do we pull down, do we keep, what parts do we keep and how do we keep them?

My special guest at 11:00 am is Ilana Chaffey, who is a researcher at Nobles, which specialises in coins and stamps. Currently, if you look in their window, youll see a number of obviously historic helmets, to be sold in a militaria auction. Ilana was the researcher for the helmets and she recorded a conversation with me about the background and history of some of the headgear. One example is the picture here. It is 17th (Duke of Cambridges Own) Lancers officers czapka, pre 1902. They are dress hats; specifically used by lancer regiments (cavalry officers), who had high status within the army hierarchy. The 17th Lancers have a storied history, notably during the 1800s (when this hat was likely to have been worn) they were involved in the Indian rebellion and the Anglo-Zulu war, and the Second Boer War.

Music today is all about hats.

Do keep me company!

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The Price Of Protest: Choosing Between Forests Or Freedom "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

In the 1980s and 1990s, a vibrant environmental movement took the fight to the government to save some of NSWs most iconic forests. The price for that fight is the same today, but with logging growing, the stakes are even higher. Mick Daley looks back on almost four decades of activism, and whats needed today.

25 years ago, early on 18 November 1992 a group of some 30 activists invaded the NSW Forestry Commissions head office in Pennant Hills, Sydney. A film crew documented the five-hour drama that followed.

Calling themselves the Peoples Commission for Forests, they barricaded themselves into the building while spokesman John Corkill briefed journalists on the Commissioners phone.

This is a political action against an agency that cannot comply with law, that is running at multi-million dollar losses. We are taking this action to throw a stark spotlight on what has been going on for far too long.

While police, media and emergency services surrounded the building, from the rooftop activists strung a banner that read Under New Management. Sipping liberated coffee, other protestors faxed a new Forestry Charter with seven directives for sustainable forest management to regional Forestry offices on the Commissioners letterhead.

These feral activists had come directly from blockades in northern NSW, where old-growth logging and industrial erosion was annihilating ancient forests.

Their occupation was a pivotal point in a 14-year environmental campaign which (eventually) brought down a State government and saved countless endangered species as well as massive swathes of NSW forest by 2003.

It earned the activists fines ranging up to $1,000 and condemnation as terrorists in Parliament. If theyd attempted such a feat today it could have seen them charged under terrorism laws and thrown in jail.

Things have changed in the political landscape, as well as in the forest. In NSW, successive governments have rolled back environmental protections, new laws prevent activists from intervening in suspect logging operations and regulatory systems appear to be failing.

Yet while protests against the Adani mine, coal seam gas and other movements indicate growing public consternation over global warming, the importance of healthy forests in mitigating against climate change has, it seems, been overlooked.

New land clearing and logging laws are once again destroying NSW forests at an alarming rate. And this time around it seems that breaking the law is the only way to stop them.


A KEY scene from the 1992 occupation video shows activist/police liaison Aidan Ricketts inviting Inspector Collings into the building, to ask the two remaining Forestry staffers if theyd had been...


Grass Fed Dairy Study Shows How Much Better It Really Is "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

By Dr. Mercola

If you've heard about omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, you may be aware that while they're essential human nutrients, consuming too much omega-6s and not enough omega-3s can raise your risk of developing heart disease, obesity and diabetes. The trouble is, the majority of Americans eat 10 to 15 times the amount of omega-6s compared to what they eat in omega-3s.

According to a recent study1 published in Food Science & Nutrition, cows fed a diet based on 100 percent organic grass and legumes produce milk with more omega-3 and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA, another extraordinarily heart-healthy fatty acid), which provides a substantially healthier balance of fatty acids. The improved fatty acid profile in grass fed organic milk and dairy products brings the omega-6 to omega-3 ratio to a near 1-to-1, compared to 5.7-to-1 in conventional whole milk.

Studies have previously determined that eating organic beef or dairy lowers omega-6 intakes and at the same time increases omega-3 intakes as well as CLA, another extraordinarily heart-healthy fatty acid. Collaborative clinical studies conducted in four countries, including the U.S., have concluded that cows on a 100 percent organic grass- and legume-based diet produce milk with higher omega-3 and CLA levels, which makes for more balanced levels of fatty acids.

Undertaken at Newcastle University in England, Southern Cross University in Linsmore, NSW Australia, the University of Minnesota and Johns Hopkins University, the studies further indicated that the superior fatty acid profile in grass fed organic milk and dairy products, which the researchers refer to as "grassmilk," is far preferable to the ratio of fatty acids found in conventional whole milk. Science Daily noted other benefits:

"Daily consumption of grassmilk dairy products could potentially improve U.S. health trends. In addition to the well-established metabolic and cardiovascular benefits of omega-3 fatty acids and CLA, there are additional benefits for pregnant and lactating women, infants, and children.

Various forms of omega-3 fatty acids play critical roles in the development of eyes, the brain, and the nervous system. Adequate omega-3 intakes can also slow the loss of cognitive function among the elderly."2



Woman dies in hospital after crash "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A woman has died in hospital eight days after a single vehicle crash on the North Coast on Sunday, March4.

About 1.45pm on , the 24-year-old woman was driving a 2004 silver Subaru Forrester west on Cudgen Road, Cudgen, when the vehicle left the road and hit a number of trees.

Emergency services attended and rendered first aid before she was flown to Gold Coast University Hospital.

About 8.30am today (Monday, March12), police were advised that the woman had died of her injuries.

A report will be prepared for the Coroner.

Police are urging anyone with information in relation to this incident to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page.

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71 fence jumpers were caught at Sydneys Jumanji Festival this weekend "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The lead up to the inaugural Jumanji Festival hasnt exactly been smooth, with organizers garnering a fair amount of criticism for its all-male lineup. Now, as reported by Music Feeds, the festival has faced a number of arrests for fence jumping and drug-related offenses.

Headlined by hip hop superstars Lil Wayne, Tyga and more, the festival took place in Sydneys Parramatta Park on Saturday, March 10, attracting just over 6000 punters.

NSW Police have confirmed that 71 people were caught fence-jumping, with 44 refused entry. Nine people were also removed from the festival grounds for aggressive or antisocial behaviour.

Medics took care of 99 medical issues, with two punters being transported to hospital, while 20 people were charged with drug offenses within the festival.

The Victorian leg also faced a number of drug offenses, with a 19-year-old man being charged with  the possession and trafficking of drugs, possessing the proceeds of crime, handling stolen goods and resisting police.

Two police officers were also injured while making arrests, including a  27-year-old man was also arrested and charged with possessing drugs and resisting arrest.


Looking for love (or a wife, at least) "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Wife Wanted. AH KOW, Chinese Gardener, Binalong, got a nice house, and doing good trade. I want a nice, clean, quiet young womanany countryfor A WIFE. Any young woman that wants a good husband, please come and speak to me, or send answer to Post Office, Binalong. AH KOW. This interesting advertisement by Ah Kow


Bill Shorten Waffles About Adani Because Labor Is In The Pocket Of Big Coal "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The ALPs on-again off-again position on the Carmichael mega-mine is entirely consistent with the partys recent history, writes Michael Brull*.

Lately, there has been increasing media coverage about Bill Shortens changing positions on the proposed Adani megamine in Queensland. The Liberals have spun this position as a total flip-flop, supporting the mine, then opposing it.

In fact, Shorten is so unprincipled, his supposed flip-flop has seen him going from saying that if the Adani mine stacks up hell support it, to now saying that if the mine doesnt stack up he wont support it. And he thinks it doesnt at this moment. But in both cases, hes not committing either way. When he supposedly supported Adani, he said hed welcome the jobs it would bring (if the project stacked up). Now that he supposedly opposes Adani, he promises he wont tear up contracts, and otherwise do what he can to actually stop Adani.

Adani has welcomed Labors commitment.

Other ALP members have shown a similar unwillingness to just oppose Adani. Labor heavyweight and possible future leader Anthony Albanese got out to criticise calls for a Labor government to kill the project. He has previously responded to activists by saying when will you people fuck off?

Labors Anthony Albanese.

Stop Adani Sydney is presently on week four of picketing his office on Monday mornings. They note he voted against stopping Adanis mine in August last year, and voted for changes to native title in June that helped Adani defeat challenges from traditional owners.

Tanya Plibersek, the...



Staying true to this years theme of We Are The Mandala, Byron Spirit Festival expands its weekend-long programming to include even more teachers and nurturers to assist in your journey of self-discovery and development. Heres a look at the Yoga Program.

Tymi Howard is an International Yoga Teacher, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Owner of Guruv Yoga Studios in the United States. Pioneering the Vinyasa Yoga movement in Central Florida, Tymi is dedicated to inspiring people to discover their lifes purpose through the art of yoga and is known in the yoga community as a Teacher of Teachers and a skilful graceful practitioner, students fall in love with her dynamic, playful style of teaching, artistic sequencing and music! She is a self-proclaimed travel junky, blogger, animal rights advocate, lover of God, Life and Yoga. Forever a student and grateful to all of her teachers, students and family who continue to inspire!

Clinical Psychologist, Yoga Teacher and certified iRest Teacher, Dr Lauren Tober is a Mullumbimby local, with a passion for health, healing, happiness and awakening Lauren integrates the best of western psychology with ancient yogic wisdom, both on and off the mat.

Discovering yoga and meditation at the age of 19 as a suggested preventative for back problems, Rachel Zinman has been practising yoga for 30 years and has taught for over 20. Beginning her studies in Sydney before later moving to Byron, her training continued in the Iyengar and Astanga methods, with one of her first teaching engagements taking place at the Northern Rivers Conservatorium in Lismore as the Head of Dance. Also, a published author and writer for many online and print magazines about lifestyle and yoga, she has recently released a book, Yoga for Diabetes which references her own journey with the co...


Cyclists brave the wet for World Naked Bike Ride "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Despite the wet weather, three World Naked Bike rides took off around the Northern Rivers over the weekend without a hitch and without a stitch albeit with somewhat fewer participants than in more clement years.

It was very much an event for the hardy and the hardened this year.


NSW under attack over pokie reform package "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

NSW Government reforms could lead to more poker machines, not less.

The NSW government is defending its proposed changes to gambling laws after the Greens said the reforms could actually boost pokies profits by $80 million a year.

Greens MP Justin Field says the coalitions legislation would essentially stop pokies being forfeited and instead see them leased meaning thered be a slowdown in the reduction of machines.

He argues allowing pokies to be leased would also see them moved from country to metropolitan areas resulting in more cash flowing to the industry.

Mr Field says profits will increase by at least $80 million a year and possibly double that.

(Under the changes) thered be absolutely no reason for venues that were thinking of getting out of the machines to use the current forfeiture arrangement, the Greens MP said on Monday.

They would lease them.

Mr Field expects thered be almost 1200 more machines in NSW by 2020 than would be the case if the forfeiture system remained in place.

Already the Northern Rivers region is stripped of hundreds of millions each year by poker machines.

The total pokies take by pubs and clubs in Ballina Shire is $25,248, 313. Clubs account for 424 poker machines and pubs have 165 machines.

In Lismore, the clubs have 302 machines and the pubs have 157 machines, which combined have a net profit of $17,252,252.

Byron Shire, according to the report, had 271 machines in clubs, and 158 in hotels. They have a combined net profit of $12,728 126.

Richmond Valley Council area has 266 machines in clubs, and 94 in hotels, and they rake in $13,020, 825.

But Tweed Shire Council is the standout for poker machine profits, with 1,847 machines in clubs, and 209 machines in pubs. They have a combined net profit of $97,146,107.

But NSW Racing Minister Paul Toole says the Greens are wrong.

The minister insists the total number of machines in the highest risk areas of the state cant rise.

About 20 per cent of the state will now become a no go zone for additional machines, Mr Toole said in a statement.

The total number of machines in these areas cant increase through either trading or the leasing scheme we announced last week....


What's on this week "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Whats On in Nimbin
Mon 12 Sun 18 March

Nimbin street drummersevery Friday night from 7.30pm
Nimbin Hotel...Wed 14 Trivia Night/ Thurs 15 Ben Purnell /
Fri 16 Thorazoo & friends/Sat 17 TBA

Blue Moon Cabaret...Sat 17...School of Arts...featuring Shelly Brown &
Justin Bannistaer, Mrs Miyagi,The Runner Up, Deryn Evans, Paul
McMahon, Nicole Brophy, Khan; Kiara, Trombone Kellie, Christine
Strelan, Slavka and more. Bookings essential at Perceptio (ph 66891766)
tickets $35/$30 conc
Bush Theatre...Fri 16...Dinner Under the Stars with Tailor Birds 7pm
...Sat 17...Tommy Castles 1pm
...Sun 18...Sonic Bliss 10am/Jolanda Moyle 1pm
Blue Knob Hall Gallery; Caf (66897449)
Exhibition The Artists Choicegallery open Thurs-Sun

Weekly Markets:
Wednesday Farmers Market Wed 14 from 3pmThe Green Bank
Farmers MarketSat 17 from 8amBlue Knob Hall

Coming events:



Govt must deliver Koala Strategy: Opposition "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Surveys show people in Lismore and Ballina want greater protection for koalas.

The Ballina upgrade of the Pacific Highway through core koala habitat has been listed as one of many reasons the iconic species appears doomed if the NSW Government fails to deliver its long-awaited Koala Strategy.

The NSW opposition has called on the government to release the strategy, saying the state had been without a strategy for five years.

Scientists have warned that on current trends the iconic koala is on track for extinction in NSW by 2055. The previous plan, the NSW Koala Recovery Plan that was developed under the previous Labor government, lapsed in 2013, and last week marked one year since consultation closed for a proposed replacement strategy.

The Governments own 2016 report from the NSW Chief Scientist found that the states koala population has dropped by a quarter over the last 20 years, down from a population of millions at the time of European settlement. The state is now home to fewer than ten percent of the nations koalas, with just 36,000 remaining in the wild.

Similarly, last year WWF-Australia reported that koala numbers in the Pilliga have dropped by a staggering 80 per cent since the 1990s; in the south-east, there are thought to be fewer than 60 koalas left; while west of the Great Dividing Range, 90 per cent of known populations are in decline.

Since 2011 the NSW Government has done more to harm koalas than save them, including:

* Introducing land clearing laws that could see eight million hectares of core koala habitat destroyed;
* Signing off on clearing codes that will only protect one per cent of koala habitat from land clearing;
* Selling off core koala habitat to developers for $250,000 at the Mambo Wetlands in Port Stephens;
* Directing the route of the Pacific Highway Upgrade at Ballina through core koala habitat;
* Refusing to support the Great Koala National Park, instead calling it a political gimmick;
* Allowing housing development in core koala habitat in the Macarthur region and including the upgrade of Picton Road without protections for the only chlamydia-free koala population in NSW;
* Carting off koalas in sacks from the Liverpool Plains to make way for the Shenhua coal mine; and
* Allowing logging operations that do not prop...


Can you spare a mo(hawk) for charity? "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Byron-based author and adventurer Matt Towner his shaving his head into a mohawk for charity. Photo supplied

Local adventurer and author Matt Towner has found a sharp new way to raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation and launch his latest book at the same time.

Matts 80-year-old mum is a long-term leukaemia survivor so hes chosen to make the launch of his new book Crazy Shi*t in Asia a fundraiser for the charity.

But heres the hook hes launching the book as part of The Worlds Greatest Shave at The Blade barbers shop under La La Land in Byron Bay on Friday, March 16, from 5pm as he goes the Full Mo.

You can choose to join him at fundraise yourself, or donate to Matts fundraising page.

Matt, who is very lucky to be alive after a motorcycle accident in the middle of nowhere deep in the dark jungles of Thailand after smuggling gemstones all over the world for a living, has turned his taste for adventure into a series of books.

New Holland Publishers have commissioned the series and aim to have them in every airport bookshop globally as well as all good book stores and both books are available online already and selling very quickly now.

If you would like more of a taste of Matts crazy stores visit his Travellers Tales website.

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North Lismore Plateau DA re-advertised "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A view of the North Lismore Plateau. (Darren Coyne)

A development application to create 433 residential allotments on the North Lismore Plateau is being re-advertised with further information.

Opponents of the development have been contacted by the Lismore City Council to inform them that the DA was going back on public display.

According to the subdivision DA, the proposed development would take place in three precincts.

If approved, the first precinct would deliver 95 residential allotments, a local centre allotment, open space and provision for environmental management.

Precinct two would create 295 residential allotments with open space and environmental management.

Precinct three would be a staged development of 43 residential allotments.

The council said the third precinct would be subject to a further development application.

In conjunction with the development application for subdivision, the council also has two Draft Voluntary Planning Agreements (VPAs) relating to the application on display.

The VPAs are on public exhibition from 28 February 2018 until 28 March 2018.

The VPAs, additional information and any accompanying documents or plans can be inspected during business hours at the Councils Corporate Centre or at any time via Councils DA Online tracking facility accessible on Councils website using reference no. 2017 /270 until the closing date 14 April 2018.


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Sunday, 11 March


Will 2018 be the year for Airbnb certainty in strata? Guest post by Stephen Thornton "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Anyone living in an apartment block has probably noticed the increasing numbers of strangers with rolling suitcases who are obviously staying in Airbnb accommodation. Living in a Toowong apartment tower, I am frequently having to help short-term visitors find their way to Toowong Village. Hence I am delighted to publish this guest post from my friend and colleague Dr Stephen Thornton, Principal of BG Economics, on the increasingly important issue of Airbnb in strata. Views expressed are Stephens and should not necessarily be attributed to me. GT 

Will 2018 be the year for Airbnb certainty in strata?

by Dr Stephen Thornton

Queensland should finally be getting some significant changes to strata law this year, 4.5 years after the former Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie announced that the QUT Commercial and Property Law Research Centre would undertake a property law review. To be fair, it is a big job. QUT have conducted the review in stages with a number of final recommendations reports having been completed and handed to the government.

However, one of the major contemporary policy issues in strata, how to respond to peer-to-peer short-term rental disruptors like Airbnb, was not part of the review. Having only been in operation for five years, the Californian company did not appear on the policy radar when the review was being considered.

I wrote about the benefits of providing a legislative green light to strata owners in this space last year (here) citing the Deloitte Access Economics report Economic Effects of Airbnb in Australia: Queensland in which they estimated that Airbnb guest expenditure is associated with $217.4 million in value add to the Queensland economy, and supports 2,115 FTE jobs across the state.

Just recently, MadeComfy, a short-term rental management company, used data from a commissioned 2017 study by economics and policy consultancy ACIL Allen and combined it with its own data. MadeComfy reportedly found short-term rental (STR) average weekly revenue outperformed the long-term rental (LTR) average in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, with the Queensland capital registering an LTR average of $370 for apartments and....


Former Trade Union Royal Commission CEO and Labor Party royalty Jane Fitzgerald is on QandA tonight "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Jane Fitzgerald Jane Fitzgerald is Executive Director of the New South Wales Division of the Property Council of Australia, leading the advocacy agenda at a time of enormous investment and change in the sector. Prior to her appointment, Jane was a senior executive with the Commonwealth Attorney-Generals Department and, amongst...


Man dies after Broadwater crash "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A man has died after a two-vehicle crash near on the Pacific Highway at Broadwater on Friday (March 9).

Shortly before 7pm, a white Toyota sedan and a white Volvo prime mover, travelling in opposite directions, collided on the highway.

The driver of the Toyota and sole occupant, an 88-year-old man died at the scene.

The driver of the prime mover, a 51-year-old man, was not injured and was taken to hospital for mandatory drug and alcohol testing.

As part of their inquiries, police will examine the 88-year-old mans medical history and a report will be prepared for the Coroner.

Police are urging anyone with information in relation to this incident to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page:

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March 12 On This Day in Australian History "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

1773 - Tobias Furneaux, second in command on Cook's second jaunt to the Pacific, was so impressed with Adventure Bay in Tassie that he parked his boat there for 5 days where he explored the bright lights and big city had the rigging overhauled, and wood and water collected .

1827 - William Leddington was Hanged at Sydney for piracy on the brig Wellington at Norfolk Island.

1827 - James Smith was Hanged at Sydney for piracy on the brig Wellington at Norfolk Island.

1827 - John Edwards was Hanged at Sydney for piracy on the brig Wellington at Norfolk Island.

1827 -Richard Johnson  wasHanged at Sydney for piracy on the brig Wellington at Norfolk Island.

1827 - Edward Coulthurst wasHanged at Sydney for piracy on the brig Wellington at Norfolk Island.

1842 - First issue of Launceston Examiner.

1853 - William Wright was Hanged outside Adelaide Gaol for a murder committed at East Wellington.

1868 - We know what Henry James O'Farrell was up to on this day as he so thoughtfully made his mark in history for future historians by attempting to assassinate the 2nd male pup of Queen Vicky, Prince Alfred, as he swanned about a picnic at Clontarf in Sydney.
The prince fully recovered from the shooting but, alas, the deemed insane O'Farrell failed to recover from the hangman's noose.

1877 - The Main South Railway Line (NSW) was opened in all its glory.

1883 - Murrumgunarriman, known as Twopenny, who was a member of the famous Aboriginal Cricket Team of 1868, passed away.

1885 - Const 1/C John Mitchell, NSW Police,  was shot by an escaping prisoner.

1903 - Constable John Hamley, WA Police, drowned at Roebourne.

1904 - Australia's first car race was held near current-day Sandown Park, Victoria, with Harley Tarrant rocketing across the line to the chequered flag in a twin cylinder car he built himself with the top engine pulling power of 8hp.

1906 - John Kelly (King) brother of Ned Kelly, regimental number 880, became a probationary constable in the WA Police Force.

1913 - Canberra was christened before it was actually built, with Mrs. Governor- General Lady Denman unveiling the foundation stones and the secretly-held moniker for our nations capital.

1916 - A Model T Ford left Glenelg, with five adults, three children and a pile of luggage, bound for Birdsville. The driver was Joseph Kelly, an employee of Ford agents Duncan and Fraser, who undertook to drive the owner, Jack Gaffney, licensee of the Birdsville hotel, and his family, in the new vehicle up the notorious Birdsville track.
After 1200 tortuous kilometres, they reached Birdsville.
The only problem with the car was one puncture...


Independent Artist Of The Week: SOOK "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Photo by Jack Thepsourinthone

Fierce Woollongong three-piece SOOK have had it with the modern female experience.

I wish youd choke me harder so I could die and get away from you sings the belligerent vocals of front woman Macayla Schwartz. Its her stage presence and unapologetic prose, drawn from late night jams, combined with the familiar punk guitar and bass arrangements from Cheyne Howard and Sarah Stuart that brings this trio together on their debut single, Im Not Your Woman.

These women dont care to be your fantasy, sex toy or lover. No doubt inspired by some of their favourite feminist figures and their guitar lines, Sonic Youth and Bikini Kill, their brazen lyrics and honesty pokes fun at the idea of being soft, timid or easily upset (a sook). Instead they call out the presumptuous and chauvinistic men of their past. Its this attitude that have seen the band at the front for support slots with Good Boy, Scumdrops and Horror My Friend.

But what makes SOOK so much more than a punk feminist anthem, to one of leading voices behind the reinvented Australian DIY punk scene, is how hard they go for both their local and female communities. Howard, Stuart and Schwartz spearheaded their own boutique festival SOOKFEST and have curated an upcoming all female talent showcase, GIRLS IN GONG. Combine this with a recent signing to indie Sydney label White Lodge Records and an upcoming EP, SOOK are full of promise.


Get acquaintanced with the band who arent your wet wild women below.

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 track=3458182149 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]


WHO: SOOK, Letters to Lions, The Moving Stills, TEX, Darcy Gervaise
WHERE: Finbox Boardstore, Thirroul
WHEN: Friday March 30
HOW MUCH: $15.29 Tickets available here.
Listen back to SOOK on Arvos for FBi Radios International Womens Day takeover.
Tune into Up For It every Monday morning to meet your new indepe...


Employer groups put pressure on Turnbull Government to stifle union mergers "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

In 2017 members of the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU), The Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) and the Textile, Clothing and Footwear Union of Australia (TCFUA) considered a proposal to amalgamate into one union or alternatively to amalgamate only the CFMEU and the MUA.

The ballot was conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) and results declared on 28 November 2017. There appears to have been no irregularities affecting the ballot outcome.

The Fair Work Commission handed down a decision giving effect to the CFMEU and MUA amalgamation on 27 March 2018.

Employer groups Australian Mines and Metals Association (AMMA) and Master Builders Australia (MBA) are now appealing the Commissions decision.

The Australian, 9 March 2018, p.2.

Employers have taken legal action to try to overturn the Fair Work Commission decision approving the merger of the construction and maritime unions.

The Australian Mines and Metals Association and Master Builders A...


Is there really a full moon permanently hovering over The Australian or are headlines like this just for the clickbait? "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

This was the headline to the error-ridden article below, Chilling fact is most climate change theories are wrong.

Once again there is a deliberate misunderstanding about the term climate change  actually means and what it leads to.

It was Maurice Newmann at his mad hatter finest.

The Australian, 8 March 2018:

Recent research suggests a mini ice age may be a greater threat to the planet
You have to hand it to Peter Hannam, TheSydney Morning Heralds climate change alarmist-in-chief, for his report last month, Really extreme global weather event leaves scientists aghast.

Hannam is often the canary in the coalmine (er, wind farm) when there is a sense that public belief in man-made global...


SIZZLE and THE LEBS Arts Monday "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Jason Noble image credit:Heidrun Lohr

SIZZLE 2018 presents art music to pop music and everything in between featuring the virtuosic musicians from Ensemble Offspring who are champions of adventurous new music. Based in Sydney, these acclaimed eclectic musicians present music from seminal chamber work to free improvisation, alongside the creation of striking interdisciplinary productions which embrace open-minded music making of all forms. Ensemble Offspring is committed to exploring new ways of making music, engaging audiences and pushing the boundaries of what music can be. This years SIZZLE event features a core-lineup of Sydneys most well-regarded musicians-  Artistic Director, Claire Edwardes (percussion); Jason Noble (clarinet); Lamorna Nightingale (flute); Blair Harris (cello); Veronique Serret (violin); Bree van Reyk (drum kit & percussion); and Zubin Kanga (piano). As well as two driving forces in Sydneys music scene -Satsuki Odamuras Koto Ensemble and Alice Chance with her new work, The Audience Choir, where the line between audience member and performer is not just blurred but erased completely. Also performing at SIZZLE this year is Elizabeth Jigalin with Sound Parcels; Georgina Oakes, Hatched Academy Associate Artist (clarinet); James Wannan (viola); Brodie McAllister (trombone); and Sonya Lifschitz (keyboard).

Clarinettist, Jason Noble, is my guest today.

Ensemble Offspring SIZZLE

Sunday 29 April 2018 at 3.00PM

Petersham Bowling Club, 77 Brighton St, Petersham

More Info: ensembl...


Resilience "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Look at trees in the Riverina and you see history in the landscape

I've posted about scarred trees (click on the "scar tree" tag at the bottom of this post) but here I'd like to look at the trunks ringbarked by Europeans in the late Nineteenth Century.

There are many examples to be found of trees that have overcome this practice.

Looking around a Brucedale property this morning and I spotted a Grey Box and a Yellow Box that had both lived after being ringbarked.

They both sprouted new trunks and both had gone on to grow for over a century and are now forming hollows that will be used as habitat for birds of increasing size and then possibly possums.

Another example was this Blakelyi Red Gum that lost its trunk and formed new ones. It may have been felled more recently, possibly the 1930s.

I really like these trees as symbols of resilience.

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Saturday, 10 March


March 11 On This Day in Australian History "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

1813 - The first cattle fair was held, no doubt starring someone's mother in law, at Parramatta NSW.

1843 - Scratching about in the dirt during a brief 5 min break, tin was discovered near Beechworth in Victoria.

1845 - The first Maori War took place, with British troops sent from Australia over to NZ's North Island to suppress an uprising by the Maori's against European settlers breaches of the Waitangi Treaty.

1848 - The Savings Bank of South Australia opened its doors in rented premises in Gawler Place on this day.

1857 - William Twigham (or Twiggem, alias Lexton) was Hanged at Melbourne Gaol for the murder of Sergeant Bernard McNally at the Cathcart Diggings, near Ararat.

1862 - John Seaver was Hanged at Adelaide Gaol for the murder of Richard Pettinger at Adelaide.

1871 - WA's first ever railway which tottled from Busselton to Yonganup was opened by a private timber company (it was dobbin-powered until August of that year).

1871 - The Overland Telegraph Party, having grown tired of square dancing their way across the desert, tripped over a spot now known as Alice Springs.

1873 - Samuel Wright was Hanged at Castlemaine for the attempted murder of a man Named Hagan (or Hogan) at Dead Horse Flat, near Eaglehawk.

1892 - Nasty piece of work Frederick Deeming was arrested at Southern Cross - the Westralian town, not the Melbourne train station - for murder most foul. Google the creature as his deeds are not fit for decent folk.

1914 - Joseph Belbin was Hanged at Campbell Street Gaol for the murder of Margaret Ledwell at Deloraine.

1940 - Coalminers spat the dummy and went on strike for higher wages and shorter working hours; as it was during a war this brewed not a little resentment and ill-will. The strike wasn't sorted out until May.

1942 - Everyone over the age of 16 excitingly got to be registered and to carry ID cards.

1957 - The Aleutian Islands sent forth a tsunami that was felt along the coastline of NSW.

1961 - Monash Uni, in Melbourne and named after soldier and engineer Sir John Monash, was officially opened with a red ribbon, scissors and a bottle of champers flung against its side by Vic Premier Sir Henry Bolte.

1969 - Division 4, a cop drama set in Melbourne, arrested the viewing audience when it debuted on the idiot box today.

1972 - The Womenss Right March in Sydney, with support from the Sydney Gay Liberation.

1980 - A Summer Offensive event, a forum Gays in our schools was held at Federation House. The booklet Young, Gay and Proud was discussed.

1983 - Bob Hawke tried on the crown as the 23rd Prime Minister of Oz.


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Wednesday, 07 March


Premiere: SCK CHX drop their dream-punk anthem Feel The Same "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

SCK CHX are a Sydney dream-punk trio who have slowly been making a name for themselves thanks to plenty of touring and a tendency to brew up some pretty slick tunes. Now, the group are excited to be premiering their brand new single, Feel The Same.

Already scoring airplay on stations such as triple j, FBi Radio, and various other community broadcasters based on the strength of Spinning Around, SCK CHX are about to continue their journey to becoming one of Sydneys best-known punk acts with their unique style which also blends elements of psychedelia and new wave.

Having scored a sneak peek on triple js Home & Hosed on Monday night, Feel The Same is the newest taste of SCK CHXs debut EP, Downward Dog, and shows off the bands ability to make powerful tunes that manage to make the listener feel pumped up, while taking them on a rather introspective journey at the same time.

Feel The Same is a song of contrast, says Andy of SCK CHX. With bright verses that draw you in with their warm harmonies, bouncy beats and sharp chords and a chorus that rips you out of your seat and sends you flying through a blender of sound and emotion.

Recorded and mixed by Josh Dives (SCK CHX/Dives/King Colour) and Phan Sjarif at Parliament Studios in Leichhardt, Sydney, the groups Downward Dog EP is set to be released through Yeah Nah Yeah Records on April 6th.

Feel The Same is officially released on Friday, but if you point your peepers downwards, youll be able to give this track a cheeky listen today. SCK CHX are also set to launch their EP in just over a month at Newtowns Botany View Hotel, so if youre in the area, be sure to head along to see this awesome trio do their thing.

Check out SCK CHXs Feel The Same:

SCK CHX EP Launch:

(With SOOK and Bland)

Friday, April 13th
Botany View Hotel, Sydney, NSW

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Tuesday, 27 February


Polyamory "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Recent months have revealed a new emotional terrain in my romantic relationship of the last 16 years

I've written previously about living in an open relationship with my partner Jo.

Jo was the first subject I thought to reflect on in writing about gratitude this month and now I want to share my gratitude for the growth spurned on by sleeping with another woman.

At Burning Seed last year I met a fun and thoughtful woman who interested me and seemed interested in me and one thing led to another.

Physical intimacy led to exchanging letters and it felt like I rediscovered the joys of writing and reading, particularly the pleasure in restraining from opening the envelope until the moment seems right to savour the contents without interruption.

It stirred me in a different way to how my primary partner stirs and we've spent many months trying to reconcile our feelings.

She would grow jealous at times, even times when I would be on Facebook and she'd observe my posture and know I was engaging with this other woman.

We've both agreed it has opened new aspects of ourselves, prompted by differing emotions and the dormant memories of infidelities.

During those months I was interested to read on Facebook the experiences of another friend who'd entered into a relationship with a couple.

She distinguished polyamory from polygamy, seperating the love of many from that of lovers who have entered into an exclusive relationship with each other.

It's led my partner to decide she'd prefer we agreed on sharing ourselves with someone, rather than watch each other find another person.

Now it feels like we're about to turn another corner in our relationship and I'm faced with finding a way to share this development with my onetime lover turned penpal.

I am grateful for the way she has enriched my primary relationship during times when she was seen as a threat to it.

She has opened new insights and prompted conversations that might not have happened otherwise.

It hasn't always been easy but it has been revealing and, like making up after arguing, reinforced our desire to be together.


In which the pond refuses to pay the Price ... "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The pond always hesitates to do a third reptile leg in a day, but received an indignant communication from a reader angry that the pond ignores Fairfax these days

But really what's the point? With the magic water man long gone, the magic has gone from Fairfax.

The correspondent attached a screen grab of a story which will need to be clicked on to enlarge

The foolish correspondent seems to have entirely missed the point.

Mendacity and trolling of the Danny Price "If you're against Adani's mine, you're against fighting poverty" kind is all in a day's work for the lizards of Oz

If the pond wants to chant "dinkum Ozzie clean coal, oi, oi, oi," and marvel at expert climate scientists explaining how climate science is a gigantic Chinese hoax (and/or an attempt by the UN to establish a world government by Xmas), why would it go to Fairfax for such naked and blatantly conflicted nonsense as that being peddled by Danny Price?

The Fairfaxians are so inept at this sort of nonsense they can't even dig up someone worth a decent price let alone a full piece of mockery ...

The same correspondent provided a link to Buzzfeed, outraged that Malware now has the NBN's 100 mbps speed,, a plan he claimed no one would have a need for and the humble taxpayer is paying for Malware's pleasure

"But the question is do households need to have will they value, will they have any use for very high speeds of 100 megabits per second and higher and its difficult to identify the applications that would need that," he said on ABC's 7.30 program in 2013. "Remember, to stream a high definition video, a high definition video requires six megabits per second so youve got to have a lot of them going simultaneously to get to 100[Mbps]" 

Uh huh. Suddenly Malware's a mega movie buff ...

Opposition leader Bill Shorten told the Labor caucus that whole suburbs of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane were having....


OnlyMelbourne Newsletter #583 "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Read Online Newsletter | #583 | What's On this WeekWelcome to Newsletter | #583 What's On this Week in marvellous Melbourne Tuesday 27th February 2018 to Monday 5th March 2018 Sydney Road Street Party The famous (and free) opening event of the Brunswick Music Festival returns on Sunday 4 March 2018. Sydney Road Street Party 2018 Seddon Festival .nobrtable br { display: none } Seddon Festival will transform Charles and Victoria Streets into a lively community fiesta for the whole family, including the dog. Seddon Festival 2018 Knox Festival .nobrtable br { display: none } Knox Festival invites everyone to a festival that promises to be a feast for your senses. Knox Festival 2018 The Black Sorrows .nobrtable br { display: none } Friday 2nd March 2018 | Jo Camilleri , gospel and country at Hysteria Lounge in Lilydale. Tickets selling fast. The Black Sorrows | Buy Tickets Online Gourmet Cinema .nobrtable br { display: none } Enjoy a classic movie while feasting on some of Melbournes best restaurants under the moonlight at Caulfield Racecourse. 1-11 March | Gourmet Cinema 2018 | Caulfield Racecourse | Tickets Marvel's Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N .nobrtable br { display: none } The Immersive Experience integrates modern technology and movie based props for the ultimate immersive experience Marvel's Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N | Federation Square Virtual Reality Experiences .nobrtable br { display: none } The Viri Experience will engage your senses through an 80 minute virtual reality immersion with your friends. Virtual Reality Immersion | Melbourne | Book Online Big Melbourne Escape .nobrtable br { display: none } Melbourne has been keeping its secrets for many years. There is only one opportunity to solve all the riddles and escape the city maze. Big Melbourne Escape - Insomnia Race | Book Now (Limited Numbers) Festivals This Weekend .nobrtable br { display: none } Wurstfest 2018 Port Melbourne Community Carnival 2018 Melbourne Fashion Festival 2018 Lantern Festival | Yun Xio Ji F1 Grid Festival 2018 Brunswick Music Festival 2018 Boolarra Folk Festival 2018 Wyndham Holi - Festival of Colors 2018 View Festivals This Week: 27 February - 5 March 2018 .nobrtable br { display: none } F1 Grid Festival, Gourmet Cinema, NAB AFL Auskick Launch, Neon Run, One Fine Day | Wedding Fair, Park Cinema Docklands, Reptile and Amphibian Expo, Walk for Monash Children's Hospital, Warragul Show View These Events Markets & Sales .nobrtable br { display: none } This week Blak Dot Artists Market, Moonee Ponds Primary School Fete, Crate Digger Record Fair | Preston, Point Cook Market, Yarra Glen Racecourse Craft Market, Bairnsdale Makers Market, Longwarry Fire Brigade Market, Hawthorn Craft Market, Werribee Undercover Market, The Arts Centre Sunday Market, Koonung Heights Uniting...


Lack of MYGOV notifications are my fault, apparently "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Debt amount: 
Date debt issued: 
Friday, 9 February 2018
Period debt occurred: 
February 2018
Has your case been referred to a collection agency?: 
Payment Type: 
Youth Allowance
Appealing Debt?: 
Tell us about your debt and how has this affected you? e.g. anxiety levels, financial and accommodation stress: 

The debt has affected me by lowering my "faith" in an already corrupt system that appears to be based on guilty until proven innocent.

Financial stress has just become part of the picture when a conversation with Dun & Bradstreet (where I expressed my co-operation to pay back $30 per week) was quickly escalated to $50 per week. These people do not understand how expensive it is to live in Sydney. $50 is a lot of money with the cost of rent and food and will most certainly make my life harder.

What's more, despite an agreement to fixed repayments, Centrelink AT ANY TIME can enforce the "consequences" of outstanding debt, such as not...


The Buyer's Eye "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Check out our free property market research reports for Sydney, Brisbane, London, & Manchester.


Cairns Tropical Pride Float To Debut In Sydney Mardi Gras Parade "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Forty volunteers from Cairns Tropical Pride will represent north Queensland atop the festivals first ever float in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade. Organiser Kevin Scott said the float was a last minute decision for the festivals organisers but they were overwhelmed with interest. We decided around a table prior to Christmas that ...

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The Summer Hill Folk Festival Announces Lineup for 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Image Courtesy of Summer Hill Filk Festival For the past couple of years a simply delightful folk festival has sprung up in the sleepy Sydney suburb of Summer Hill and its quickly flourished to become one of our favourite events of the year. The Summer Hill Folk Festival is centered around the historic Summer Hill []


Australia Gets a New Leader for Life "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Its the country that defied the global downturn. The one that drove the 2010-13 once in a century mining boom for Australia. The same country trying to create a capitalist culture without losing its communist regime.

Make no mistake the Chinese economy is an experiment. Authorities are desperately trying to mimic free Western markets and maintain their strong hold on the people simultaneously.

On Sunday evening, Chinas President Xi Jinping took one step away from Western ideals by laying out his grand plan: Xi wants to put an end to a two-term presidency.

In other words, the leader in power gets the chance to be a leader for life.

And being that Xi is in top spot, the new regime will start with him.

Of course, its an easy sell to the people of China.

Xi implies its better the devil you know in his speeches, pointing to the fractured political systems of America and Australia as proof.

Back in October last year, Jim Rickards told our publisher this would happen. Jim said it was not a matter of if, but when.

Jim then followed this up by emailing me late last night. I awoke on Monday to a personal email from Jim, with the brief note, Xi is working towards becoming the new Mao.

Jim has explained in the past how Australia has hitched its wagon to the Chinese economy. What the middle kingdom does ultimately defines what happens here. This power play from Xi will have an incredible effect on Aussies. Over the coming months, Jim and I will explore this new supreme power, and what it means for Aussies.

Today, Jim explains how an old friend of his has taken up a post at the Federal Reserve Bank. The timing couldnt be better. Now, thanks to Jims connections, we have a greater understanding of what the US central bank gets up to.

Kind regards,

Shae Russell,
Co-editor, The Daily Reckoning Australia

An Insiders Insider to
Advise the Fed

By Jim Rickards, Strategist

We had an event like that last week. The most important financial story I have read in a long time went completely unnoticed. It was not reported in the mainstream media. You will not hear it discussed anywhere, and you will not see it reported anywhere.Sometimes the most important news is buried so deep its not even news. A certain story may be the most important market development by far, but if no one notices or understands the significance, it hardly qualifies as news.

Im talking about the news....


Culture Guide February 26 March 4: Mama Alto, Soft Topologies, All About Women & more "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

+-Tune in to Arvos at 4:30pm every weekday for more Culture Guide.
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Ruby Fields has announced her debut EP, Your Dads Opinion For Dinner "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Not many artists can claim having established a highly sophisticated take on their sound and style with only two tracks to their name. Sydneys own Ruby Fields unleashed her powerfully honest, hook-laden take on grunge-pop last year, storming to the heights of Aussie music stardom.

Now, the guitar-wielding songwriting force has announced the release of her upcoming debut EP,  Your Dads Opinion For Dinner, unveiling the incredible lead single Ritalin, premiered on triple j last night. The blistering rock track is drenched in the nostalgia and sentiment of the 90s, recounting her time working in a chemist as a check out chick.

It basically follows my first job working as a chemist check-out chick and the people I encountered, how I hated clubbing bar one Shire staple spot and loved going to the pub with my old man, says Ruby.

Your Dads Opinion For Dinner is out this Thursday, March 1st.

Photo by Jess Gleeson 


Jack River has released a stunning new track Ballroom ahead of her Aussie tour "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Jack River has fast garnered a rep for making waves both behind the scenes and at the forefront of alt-pop perfection in Australias music industry. Aside from spearheading the incredible Electric Lady Festival, celebrating female talent in Australia, shes taken over the festival and live music circuit with her hazy take on folk.

Premiering on triple js Good Nights last night, the trailblazer has now released a stunning new track, Ballroom with an accompanying, dizzyingly beautiful technicolour music video.

The track showcases Rivers penchant for eclectic pop music and hauntingly beautiful lyricism, which she said was written by imagining in an arena in my head and built in a beating, constant heartbeat throughout that felt like my own. The song is built of that untouchable determination that drives through your blood when you want something so bad, nothing can stop you.

Jack River will be bringing her epic live show to worshipers around the country this March on her Fault Line Tour, with the vast majority of shows already sold out. 

Check out the video for Ballroom below:


Friday 16 March

Mojos | Fremantle, WA 18+ | SOLD OUT!

Saturday 17 March

Rocket Bar | Adelaide, SA 18+

Thursday 22 March

Howler | Melbourne, VIC 18+ | SOLD OUT!

Friday 23 March

Oxford Art Factory | Sydney, NSW 18+ | SOLD OUT!

Saturday 24 March

Woolly Mammoth | Brisbane, QLD 18+


R U OK? to listen with love at Mardi Gras "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

R U OK? ambassador Casey Donovan will be joining the groups float at the Sydney Mardi Gras parade. File photo

For the second consecutive year, suicide prevention charity R U OK? will show its support for Australias LGBTQI community at the 2018 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, on March 3.

Around 80 choreographed dancers, R U OK? staff and ambassadors, will march behind the R U OK? float this year themed Listen with Love.

The theme refers to the charitys second step to starting a conversation with anyone youre worried about. The steps are; 1 Ask, 2 Listen, 3 Encourage action and 4 -Check in.

Celebrity ambassadors on the night will include singers Casey Donovan and Luke Antony, as well as actor/comedian Steven Oliver.

Nominated for a 2018 LGBTI Award in the Charity category, R U OK? is passionate about its ongoing commitment to a reduction in suicide rates within the LGBTQI community. Mardi Gras is one of the many ways the charity is attempting to impact above average statistics, via awareness and education.

CEO Brendan Maher said, This is an event that brings the community together to celebrate strength, unity and diversity things that make Australia great. What better platform to remind everyone of the importance to regularly check-in on your mates and loved ones?

We know LGBTQI youth suicide rates are up to five times higher than that of their peers. We want our presence at both Fair Day and Mardi Gras to be a visual reminder to look out for the signs that someone might be doing it tough,

We want people to learn the skills and have the confidence to know how to approach a mate or a loved one in a meaningful way he said.

The float will include 60 male and 20 female marchers from across Australia and as far away as Canada, some of whom will travel especially to be a part of the parade. Non-Sydney based marchers have been practicing their choreography from videos taken at the twice weekly rehearsals held in Hyde Park.

The 2017 volunteer R U OK? float committee (who have all been touched by suicide) have stepped up again in 2018 to do it all again, but bigger and better and with more glitter. The committee, consisting of young Sydney businessmen and women, have worked tirelessly to coordinate both the float and dancers, to remind the LGBTQI community to ask, Are you ok? not just on R U OK?Day, but all year round.

According to a 201...


Medicinal cannabis access in NSW thwarted "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Nabiximols, one of a range of proven cannabis-based treatments that are too difficult for most people to access in NSW, according to Labor. File photo

NSW Health data released today shows that between August 2016 and December 2017, only 61 NSW patients had their applications for medicinal cannabis approved apart from those on official clinical trials.

NSW Labor leader in the Upper House Adam Searle and Shadow Health Minister Walt Secord questioned whether the Berejiklian government was actually committed to supporting access to medicinal cannabis for the terminally ill.

Mr Searle and Mr Secord called on the government to remove the state governments obstacles and look for ways to expand access for those in need especially palliative care patients.

The opposition is introducing a new bill into the upper house that it hopes will help many more terminally ill patients to access new cannabis-based drugs without having to go on trials to get access to them.

Mr Searle said while in Canada and Israel, there are tens of thousands of patients getting lawful access to medicinal cannabis.

In Israel, there are 26,000 registered medicinal cannabis users and its total population is almost the same as NSW.

Cumbersome paperwork

Its deeply disappointing to see the lack of effective action by the NSW government in providing pain relief to those suffering terminal and serious medical conditions, Mr Searle said.

The opposition is being told that patients with terminal illnesses in NSW are suffering because the government is making doctors submit and re-submit applications, resulting in hours and hours of unnecessary and cumbersome paperwork. The requirement for people who are seriously ill to have to navigate complex bureaucratic processes is clearly not working simply or effectively.

Access to a safe and secure supply of medicinal cannabis is about compassion. That means we have to find a more responsive way forward, he said.

Shake-up needed

Mr Secord said the system is so needlessly bureaucratic that patients ha...

Monday, 26 February


Los Angeles Board of Public Utilities sceptical about viability of Small Modular Nuclear reactors (SMRs) "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

BPU has doubts about nuclear power project, By Tris DeRoma, February 26, 2018 


Australian Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce Quits As Private Affair Becomes Public Scandal "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

(GV) Colourful, unconventional and controversial Australian politician Barnaby Joyce has announced his resignation as leader of the National Party and Deputy Prime Minister of Australia effective on Monday, 26 February 2018. This follows a series of crises over recent months. The saga of both private and political scandal has dominated both mainstream and social media.

Dual Citizenship Debacle

In October 2017 the High Court ruled that his dual citizenship from Australia and New Zealand made his election to the House of Representatives in 2016 invalid. Nevertheless, he achieved a resounding victory in the subsequent by-election for his seat of New England and returned to his role as deputy PM.

Joyce has had a reputation as a larrikin [maverick] and self-promoter. Arts and science journalist Penny Durham was bemused by his newly-found modesty:

Public interest or private affair

The wheels on Barnaby s bandwagon started to wobble when it was revealed in the mainstream media that he was living with a former member of his staff and they were expecting a child.

One of Rupert Murdochs newspapers, Sydneys Daily Telegraph, claimed to have broken the story (although Online True Crime News Weekly is thought to have beaten them to the punch). The editor Christopher Dore posted their front page on Twitter:

There was considera...


February 27 On This Day in Australian History "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

1788 - Today was really not the best one for 17 yr old Thomas Barrett (profession - convict); he'd been sprung in the act of nicking stuff - presumably food - from the colony food store.
So, to make certain they deterred any other starving human from doing the same thing again, Thomas Barrett became the first bloke hung in The Land of Oz.

1818 - William Wallis was Hanged at Sydney for robbery in the house of John Harris.

1818 - Edward Haley was Hanged at Sydney for stealing a horse, cart and other sundries near Parramatta.

1818 - Samuel Pollock wasHanged at Sydney for stealing a horse, cart and other sundries near Parramatta.

1818 - James Fitzpatrick was Hanged at Sydney for burglary in the house of John Brown at Portland Head.

1819 - The schooner Young Lachlan was "borrowed" by some convicts from the Derwent who took it for a joy ride and "somehow, unbeknownst to them, officer" ended up in Java.

1830 - Freo's first fish and chip wrapping was published, The Fremantle Journal and General Advertiser, a manuscript newspaper written by hand.

1832 - Charles Smithwick was Hanged at Sydney for the murder of George Miller at Razorback.

1863 - Crow Eaters rejoice! The South Oz parliament opened for business.

1910 - A tram accident at Lake Wendouree saw two electric tram cars (as opposed to those running on coal) have a bingle at a crossing loop, leaving the trams more than a little battered but only one passenger wildly shaken.

1912 - Following a strike on the Brisvegas Tramways, which involved much name-calling, rough n tumble, fisticuffs and a mashed hat, the Arbitration Commission granted the rights to the Union to wear their badge at work. This was only a small win for the Union as the Company refused to accept back any of the employees who were involved in the strike. The men who were involved in the strike were only re-employed in 1924 after the Tramway System was taken over by the Government.

1925 - The Wallerawang Colliery Branch Railway Line (NSW) opened from Wallerawang Colliery Junction - Wallerawang North Junction and from Wallerawang North Junction - Weighbridge Loop.

1927 - The Empire Theatre in Sydney flung open its doors and made a grand entrance with the first production being the musical Sunny, debuting the ever wonderful late great Queenie Ashton.

1927 - The first Police (wage) Award was registered in Western Australia.

1928 - Bert Hinkler completed a solo flight from England to his home town of Bundaberg Qld, where he taxied the plane down the main street to his mum's house without a hint of road rage in sight.

1938 - Mrs Jess Sams (nee Millard) of Ulladulla overtook the field of Australian anglers with a 3...


This Graphene Filter Makes Dirty Saltwater Drinkable "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

One simple filter might be able to deliver clean water for a fraction of the cost and energy of our current purification and desalinization methods.

The water in Sydney Harborwhich is salty and polluted by sewage, toxic chemicals, and microplasticsisnt drinkable. But researchers in Australia recently tested a new type of water filter that purified and desalinated the water in a single step. The same process could potentially be used to help the 2 billion-plus people around the world who lack access to safe drinking water.

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People are leaving Sydney "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Mass exodus!

People are upping and leaving, so says the Sydney Morning Herald.

And they are right - in fact, people have always left Sydney!

Immigration into Sydney from overseas, on the other hand, is tracking at the highest level on record.

And then there's the natural growth of the population, as births exceed deaths. 

The population of Sydney is expected to rise from about 5 million to about 7.4 million by 2046


Australia - Residents share their thoughts on fluoride in the Brogo-Bermagui water supply "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

ON TAP: Tyge and Miller, both 12, of Bermagui drink water from the public bubbler when they hang out at the Bermagui skate park, which is set to be fluoridated following a recent decision by Bega Valley Shire Council. ON TAP: Tyge and Miller, both 12, of Bermagui drink water from the public bubbler when they hang out at the Bermagui skate park, which is set to be fluoridated following a recent decision by Bega Valley Shire Council.

There are mixed opinions from those hooked up to the Brogo-Bermagui town water supply regarding Bega Valley Shire Councils decision to add fluoride to the system. 
On Wednesday, February 21, council voted to seek approval from the NSW Department of Health to add fluoride to the Tantawangalo-Kiah and Brogo-Bermagui town water supplies.


the hardest part of babyhood "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"


Right now Im in the hard stage of babyhood. Its only taken me four babies to realise that for me, the 6-9month mark is the most challenging.

Marigold is expanding and exploring; gone are the slow, sleepy days when she would snooze in the bouncer or sling. Now, eyes wide and arms outstretched, shes woken and shes ready to go.

Im doing my best to guide her along, all the while keeping up with everyone and everything else. My daily workload has increased significantly over the past few weeks; Im preparing more food, subsequently washing more pumpkin-stained clothes, soothing sore gums with breastmilk and carrying her on my hip because frustrated squawks as she tries (and fails) to crawl is one of lifes more agitating soundtracks.

Sometimes I wonder what it must look like from the outside; its definitely loud and tiring, slightly chaotic and somewhat joyous, too. I think I most resemble one of the mums in a Shirley Hughes picture book. Or the slightly dishevelled family in the ramshackle house of Peepo.

A fortnight ago, at Marigolds most recent check-up, I was chatting to my GP about how full my days are. So full! I recalled a high-school friend telling me that her mum was often up at 1am mopping the floor. At the time I couldnt fathom why she would do that. But now? I wholeheartedly comprehend why she would mop the floor at 1am. Sometimes Im up at mi...


Help Send IPU to the Stolenwealth Games 2018! IPU: Indigenous Pacific Uprising "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Help Send IPU to the Stolenwealth Games 2018! IPU: Indigenous Pacific Uprising:

From the 4th to 15th of April, the British Crown and its Stolenwealth
Games will be re-invading the lands we know today as Australia. IPU: Indigenous Pacific Uprising
will be sending a delegation of indigenous peoples from other parts of
the Pacific to join our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander brothers
and sisters in their resistance against this demonstration of colonial
oppression. From Aotearoa, Rarotonga, Smoa, Guhan and Hawaii, this
group stands in solidarity and supports the Warriors of the Aboriginal
Resistance revisiting and reforging the ancient connections our
peoples have held across this great ocean.

Early this year, on January 26th, 60 000 people were mobilised to
resist and abolish Invasion Day. We have seen, we have heard the
struggles of our brothers and sisters at the hands of a foreign
monarchy, at the hands of an illegally occupying settler-colonial state,
with the unwavering support of settlers who seek to assimilate under
the genocidal government. We answer the call to rejoin our brothers and
sisters of these lands, the true first peoples of this ocean.

Please help us get there. You can donate to us via Paypal or online
banking. Any help would be greatly appreciated! We will post screenshots
of our account so people can track our progress

IPU: Indigenous Pacific Uprising



Journey to the Land Down Under "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Hello listeners of Eastside FM!

My name is Eva Herinkova and Im excited to be one of the new interns here. Im from Knoxville, Tennessee, a state that is known by many people Ive met here in Sydney as the land of Dolly Parton, Elvis Presley, and, most importantly, Jack Daniels whiskey.

Ive lived in the southeast United States my entire life and am currently in Sydney through a program with my school at home, the University of Tennessee, where I study journalism/media and Spanish. Unlike most of the journalism students I know, I have almost zero interest in hard news and have only stuck with the program because of the radio/broadcasting track.

At home, I work with my local college radio station, WUTK, as the co-host of the morning show. Our show, the Marble City Radio Company, specializes in playing weird, nerdy, and sometimes just plain bad songs. Weve played everything from bluegrass covers of Michael Jackson to Sixpence None the Richers Kiss Me in Klingon to a mashup of Green Days Wake Me Up When September Ends and Smash Mouths All Star.

When Im not working, you can catch me playing my Nintendo Switch, watching Star Wars, wandering around the city listening to Harry Styles solo album or The Ramoness Rocket to Russia (a little genre whiplash never hurt anybody), or, when Im back home in Tennessee, I can usually be found in a basement somewhere playing drums to a pop-punk album everybody else forgot about in 2011.

My main genre of preference used to be strictly punk, specifically stuff from New York in the 70s and California in the late 80s and 90s. Some of my favorite bands are, of course, the Ramones, Blondie, the Sex Pistols, Patti Smith, Operation Ivy, Green Day, Blink-182, Bouncing Souls, and the Descendants.

Lately, however, Ive been getting more into the indie/synth pop side of things too and Harry Styles, The Wombats, Betty Who, St. Vincent, The 1975, and Walk the Moon have been racking up the plays on my Spotify account as well.

Even though the three months Im spending here in Sydney is the longest time Ive been away from home, Im no stranger to traveling. My dad and his family are from the Czech Republic, so Ive spent a good chunk of my summers in Prague and Pilsen with my family, as well as making my way through a few other countries in Europe. Im excited to be here in Australia though and, like a majority of American tourists, I have already made multiple attempts to see kangaroos, wallabies, e...

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