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Saturday, 25 August


NSW Rural Fire Service Current Incidents: Mt Powapar, Deep Creek "bellingen IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

LOCATION: 7750 Clarence Way, Deep Creek, NSW 2460
COUNCIL AREA: Clarence Valley
STATUS: Being controlled
TYPE: Bush Fire
SIZE: 3739 ha
UPDATED: 25 Aug 2018 00:01

NSW Rural Fire Service Current Incidents: Walters Creek, Glenreagh "bellingen IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

LOCATION: 11 Stoney Ridge Rd, Kremnos, NSW 2460
COUNCIL AREA: Clarence Valley
STATUS: Being controlled
TYPE: Bush Fire
SIZE: 3936 ha
UPDATED: 25 Aug 2018 00:04

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IndyWatch North Coast NSW News Feed Today.

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Friday, 24 August


Who do we blame as matters go from bad to worse over the next eight months in Australia? "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The country is being crippled by the effects of drought and basic food prices will soon begin to rise, while at the same time wages growth remains stagnant. Cost cutting by successive Coalition federal governments is impacting service delivery on everything from health and welfare through to national broadband connectivity.

The federal government is still a policy-free zone with regard to energy and climate change due to toxic infighting between members of the Liberal Party of Australia which, along with its coalition partner the National Party, has an ideological inability to drag itself into the 21st century to face the consequences of ongoing land degradation and water insecurity.

Australia now has a new prime minister, but this situation is unlikely to change as the hard right remains holding the reins of government.

The next federal election is still over eight months away. 

So who do we blame for the situation the country finds itself in between now and the election?

Take your pick.......

According to this is the list of federal parliamentary members of the Liberal Party of Australia who voted to bring on the leadership spill of 24 August 2018:



Australian gay politicians. Part one. Former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating. "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"


And then I recalled all the gossip about all the prime ministers since Ive been a journalistPaul Keating he and Annita would divorce because he was secretly gay.

Sydney Morning Herald article below

In 1993 I received my Australian citizenship from then Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating at the Sydney Town Hall in front of thousands of people at a special commemoration citizenship ceremony.

I was chosen because I was a New Zealand emigrant businessman whod done well in Australia. I was the only Anglo-Saxon and the other candidates for citizenship came from all over the world. The Australian government was illustrating the multiculturalism of Australia.

Paul Keating arrived with a large entourage and fanfare. Assistants and media, the whole shebang. He was quite something in those days and knew how to play the game, maintain the invincibility and aura.

Paul Keating made a total mess of the Australian economy.

When Paul Keating was Australian Federal Treasurer in the late 1980s, under his economic governance, and as a direct result of him dismantling Australian tariffs on imports carte blanche, the Australian economy went into a major recession. It was all Pauls fault and yet to this day Paul sees himself as an economic hero.

Paul Keatings gayness

I really dont give a toss about whether Paul Keating is gay or not.

Paul lives with his boyfriend in Potts Point so he must be gay....


NSW Rural Fire Service Current Incidents: Sherwood Creek Rd, Sherwood "bellingen IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

LOCATION: Sherwood Creek Rd, Sherwood, NSW 2450
COUNCIL AREA: Clarence Valley
STATUS: Under control
TYPE: Bush Fire
SIZE: 277 ha
UPDATED: 24 Aug 2018 15:39


Sadly the Joke of the Decade was on the Australian people "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

"I will not lead a party that is not as committed to effective action on climate change as I am."  [Liberal Party leader Malcolm Bligh Turnbull, October 2009]


Tweet of the Week "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"


Not welcoming Donald Trump to Australia "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Malcolm Turnbull may just have been replaced as Australian Prime Minister by Scott Morrison a man with blood on his hands over his disgraceful treatment of refugees many years ago but this publicly-released letter that Ive signed still stands:

An alliance of organisations and individuals have formed the Unite Against Trump Alliance to begin coordinating a protest against US President Donald Trump when he visits Australia in November. The following statement, initiated by outgoing NSW Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon, is being circulated for sign-ons in the lead up to the protests that are being organised across the country including in Cairns, Canberra and Brisbane.

To sign on to the statement, visit the Unite Against Trump Sydney page.


Disgracefully, Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull has invited US President Donald Trump to visit Australia. This is likely to occur after the APEC summit in PNG in November.

Donald Trump is a racist, misogynist, lying billionaire who is trying to drag global politics to the far right. His brand of extreme nationalism, Islamophobia, greed, anti-refugee, anti-immigrant, anti-women, anti-LGBTI, anti-union and anti-environment rhetoric and policies are abhorrent to the majority of the Australian public.

The Turnbull government has aligned with Trumps bigoted and militaristic global agenda at every opportunity. We want to see Australia distanced from Trumps values. His values do not represent the interests of most people on the planet or the planet itself.

More than ever we need to join together in Australia and across borders to struggle for a world that respects the equal rights and wonderful diversity of humanity, protects our fragile environment and equitably shares the enormous wealth all around us.

We call on Malcolm Turnbull to rescind Trumps invitation to Australia and for the parliament to prohibit him from speaking if his visit goes ahead.

We pledge that if Trump does visit we will meet him with mass demonstrations to show our opposition to everything his Presidency stands for.


Lee Rhiannon Greens Sena...


NSW Rural Fire Service Current Incidents: Pacific Hwy, Tyndale "bellingen IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

LOCATION: Pacific Hwy, Tyndale, NSW 2460
COUNCIL AREA: Clarence Valley
STATUS: Under control
TYPE: Grass Fire
SIZE: 0 ha
UPDATED: 24 Aug 2018 20:33


Scott Morrison the new Australian Prime Minister and former NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione attend Hillsong Church regularly and are friends of the pedophile protector Brian Houston head pastor of Hillsong "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Andrew Scipione at a Hillsong meeting. Andrew attends hillsong regularly, goes to Hillsong prayer and fellowship meetings with Australian Federal Trasurer Scott Morrison and they hang out with Brian Houston private. Andrew Scipione and Brain Houston are good friends.

Then NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione in 2015 at the annual Hillsong Conference in Sydney. Andrew Scipione attends Hillsong regularly, goes to Hillsong prayer and fellowship meetings with Australian Federal Trasurer Scott Morrison and they hang out with Hillsong head pastor Brian Houston privately. Andrew Scipione and Brian Houston are good friends.


Hillsong Insider speaks:

Dear Donald

Ive seen Andrew Scipione in Hillsong churches many times.

Ive seen Andrew chatting to head pastor Brian Houston.

Ive seen Andrew Scipione in the Hillsong City Church and Hillsong headquarters church in Baulkham Hills.

Ive seen  Andrew in the pastors lounges of these two Hillsong churches.

Andrew has been at Hillsong on many occasions.

I have had coffee with him and chatted to Andrew privately.

I gave the training manual for Hillsongs security to detectives and told them if there...


Phil Pringle head pastor of C3 Church: If you drive a bomb of a car then dont put a I love C3 Churchsticker on the back window because its a bad witness for C3 Church and a bad witness for Jesus "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Phil Pringle head pastor of C3 Global Church based in affluent Northern Beaches, Sydney, Australia: No bomb of a cars are allowed in my congregation

A friend of mine went to C3 Church headquarters in Oxford Falls, Northern Beaches, Sydney, Australia for seven years.

He shared how at one Sunday morning service, C3 head pastor Phil Pringle said to the congregation, I just saw a bomb of a car in the car park outside with a I love C3 Church sticker on the back window. If you drive a bomb of a car, dont put a I love C3 Church sticker on the back window- its a bad witness for C3 Church and a bad witness for Jesus. Buy a new car and put a I love C3 sticker on it- or remove the C3 sticker off your bomb car.

My friend is an affluent man but he drove a $4,000 bomb of a Honda to church and left his vintage Porche and other smart car at home.

After Phil Pringles tell-off to the congregation about bomb cars, C3 stickers and Jesus, my friend made sure he always drove his bomb of a car to church. He went to accompany his wife to church, who likes C3 Church. My friend, a wealthy lawyer, thinks Phil Pringle is a fake and con-man and stopped going there and attends an Anglican Church where he feels it is less lively but more down to earth and since...


NSW Rural Fire Service Current Incidents: Centenary Dr, Bom Bom "bellingen IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

LOCATION: Centenary Dr, Bom Bom, NSW 2460
COUNCIL AREA: Clarence Valley
STATUS: Under control
TYPE: Bush Fire
SIZE: 7 ha
UPDATED: 24 Aug 2018 14:58


The Weekend Quiz August 25-26, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Welcome to The Weekend Quiz. The quiz tests whether you have been paying attention or not to the blog posts that I post. See how you go with the following questions. Your results are only known to you and no records are retained.

1. For the US private domestic sector to reduce its overall overall debt levels, the government must run a fiscal deficit.

2. Larger fiscal deficits as a percentage of GDP reduce the local productive resources that are available to the private domestic sector.

3. Assume the government increases spending by $100 billion from now and maintains that injection each year for three years. Economists estimate the spending multiplier to be 1.6 and the impact is immediate and exhausted in each year. They also estimate that the import propensity is 0.2 (meaning that imports rise by 20 cents for every dollar generated in the economy) and the current tax rate is equal to 20 per cent. They also estimate that the tax multiplier (impact of tax changes on income) to be equal to 1. The cumulative impact of this fiscal expansion on nominal GDP is:



Indigenous Literacy Day 5 Sept "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"
We can hardly wait to celebrate Indigenous Literacy Day for the 12th year running!

This year, our national celebration will be held on Wednesday 5 September, with events across the entire country. And were hoping to raise more than $300,000 to provide over 30,000 books to remote Indigenous communities nation-wide.

Two of our biggest events will be at Federation Square in the heart of Melbourne and at the Sydney Opera House.

In Melbourne, students from Victorian schools will be joined by our Lifetime Ambassadors and ever-popular authors Andy Griffiths and Anita Heiss, ILF Ambassador Shelley Ware (from the Marngrook Footy Show on NITV), artist/storyteller Gregg Dreise and Aunty Joy Murphy.

The celebrations will feature performances by a group of students from Worawa College, who have just published a new book, Deadly Sisters of Worowa. Anita and Shelley worked with these talented young women to develop their pieces of fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

Meanwhile, at Sydney Opera House, two more Lifetime Ambassadors, the renowned childrens author Alison Lester and musician Josh Pyke, along with Justine Clarke (of Playschool fame) and Natalie Ahmat (from NITV) will be performing alongside a group of remarkable women from the Binjari community near Katherine in the NT to celebrate their new books.

At the end of each of these celebrations, therell be a GREAT BOOK SWAP, where the students attending, swap a favourite book and make a gold coin donation to help boost the funds that support our literacy programs.

You can help close the literacy gap too! Find out how you can partcipate on Indigenous Literacy Day.


Nationals MP for Page Kevin Hogan tries to straddle the Coalition fence by becoming a Faux Independent after the new Morrison Government is sworn-in "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The political situation in Australia thus far this week..............

Thinking to hedge his bets in a toxic political environment and remain in the federal parliament beyond the forthcoming federal election, Kevin Hogan sent out this media release on 23 August 2018: 


This constant rotation of Prime Ministers by both the Labor Party and the Liberal party, I cannot condone.

 I am announcing today, that if there is another leadership spill for the position of Prime Minister prior to the next federal election, I will remove myself from the government benches and sit on the cross benches.

 I have made this decision because my community is fed up. What we have been seeing in Canberra with leadership changes over the last 10 years, is letting our great country down.


Museum forced to make way for health facility "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Map shows alternative Healthone site as proposed by members of the Evans Head Living Museum. Image supplied

Richmond Valley Council has given the Evans Head Living Museum & Community Technology Centre three months to vacate its premises on the old Evans Head School site to make way for a new HealthOne facility proposed by the health department.

Museum volunteers say the demand to vacate was given just one week before a meeting at which council is expected to vote to sell the site to the health department.

The museum, a registered charity run entirely by volunteers has been operating successfully for more than 15 years.

Pre-emptory strike

Museum president Dr Richard Gates said that immediately following the meeting with Council last Tuesday, the department issued a media release stating that the site was its preferred location with no mention of the consequences for the Museum.

It was as if we didnt exist. That the media release should happen immediately after our meeting was no coincidence.

It was a pre-emptory strike before the museum could say anything publicly and begs questions about the independence of the processes associated with site selection. It is our view that this was not an arms length process as you might expect from a publicly-funded organisation.

Health failed to provide any information about other potential sites. We dont actually know if taxpayers are getting a good deal or whether this is just a pork barrel exercise at any cost,

Alternative locations

Dr Gates said he is aware of three other locations proposed by the community which clearly met the criteria for selection.

He said that he had proposed a site on the state-controlled Reflections Holiday Park, on an area rarely used, but said he had had a call from a senior health department bureaucrat who told him that the site was not appropriate as it would have meant a complicated change to a Plan of Management for the park.

He added he believed the site selection process was subject to a political timetable which implied timing for the NSW State election.

Dr Gates said that it was becoming more and more clear as he learned about other pr...


RMS finally set to install koala signage around Bangalow "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Koala signage is set to be installed on roads around Bangalow. File photo

The Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) looks set to finally install koala warning signs at two hotspots near Bangalow after more than 12 months of promises and a number of koala deaths in the area.

Bangalow Koalas convenor Linda Sparrow told Echonetdaily she had received a letter from roads minister Melinda Pavey saying that signage would be placed on a stretch Lismore Road lined with koala food trees in September.

Four deaths in two years

Ms Sparrow said that in the 100-metre section of road between Dudgeons Lane and Slatterys Lane some four koalas have been killed by car-strike in the past two years.

The section of road is adjacent to the site of the proposed food precinct, which was withdrawn after protests including that it would have been in an area of prime koala habitat.

Ms Pavey wrote that, With regard to Lismore Road, two koala warning signs have been ordered and are scheduled to be installed by mid-September.

An independent ecological contractor has started a monitoring program that will be in place for up to 15 years. This will help measure the effectiveness of the mitigation measures, she added.

Ms Sparrow says the agreement to erect signage is the result of some 12 months of campaigning by Bangalow Koalas.

Way back in August last year, after I had to pick up a dead male just down from Slatterys Lane, I sent out an email to everyone and Simon Richardson said he would get onto it.

The RMS said in October it would be up before Christmas and that never happened so I kept chasing.

In March, council chased it again. Last Friday I emailed them again to say there was still nothing.

Then on Sunday I picked up another road kill, which actually happened Friday night.

Ms Paveys letter promising the signage arrived yesterday (Thursday, August 23).

Ms Sparrow said the exact location of the signs had now been modified to take into account the groups recent plantings of koala feed trees.

RMS dropped ball

Although not specifically mentioned in the letter, Echonetdaily understands the RMS have also agreed for signage in another Bangalow koala hotspot on Hinterland Way, between the old Sunn...



Roots music legend Jeff Lang will set the Australias counter culture capital alight when this years Nimbin Roots Festival bursts into life on from September 14-16.

The annual celebration of peace, love and roots music is delighted to welcome Lang onto the stage for the first time, along with dozens of other incredible musicians from across the country.

Jeff is such an extraordinary singer-songwriter and a seminal figure in the world of roots and blues music, we are thrilled to have him on board, Festival Director Lou Bradley said.

A unique town deserves a unique talent, and thats what theyre going to get.

In just three short years Nimbin Roots has emerged as one of the few affordable, sustainable festivals that is truly for the people and by the people.

Making use of Nimbins beautiful halls and outdoor stages, it welcomes musicians from all corners and gives them all equal billing.

A colourful array of talent will join Jeff Lang in the line up including explosive Northern Rivers quartet Wild Marmalade, award-winning country/roots artist Paul Greene, consummate songstress Hussy Hicks, and American banjo virtuoso Cameron DeWhitt.

The Festival will incorporate solar powered venues and stages this year and for the first time bus services running to and from Lismore, Byron Bay and the gateway to Mullumbimby.

There will also be a colourful array of stalls and great camping options fo those keen to have the full Nimbin experience.

For Ticket info head to

The post JEFF LANG TO LIGHT UP 2018 NIMBIN ROOTS FESTIVAL! appeared first on Byron Bay Blog.


Richmond Valley fire still out of control "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The fire at Ellangowan, near Casino, is now under control. Photo NBN news

One of two major bushfires burning in the Richmond Valley has now burnt out more than 3,290 hectares and remains out of control.

More than 20 firefighters will continue to work across the day in an effort to contain the fire near Kippenduff, which is burning in the Brewers Road area.

The Rural Fire service (RFS) reports that crews continued to identify and strengthen containment lines around the fire overnight.

Cooler and less windy weather has given firefighters some respite, although rain predicted for the weekend is not expected to be sufficient to extinguish the fire.

Old Tenterfield Rd is currently closed and further rural roads in the vicinity of the fire may be closed at short notice.

The Mothersoles Road, Ellangowan, fire has now been brought under control after having burnt out 3,159 hectares.

A third major fire at Coal Ridge, Smiths Creek, approximately 30km north-west of Grafton, is burning into the Wombat Creek Conservation Area. The fire, which has burnt 1,400 hectares, is being controlled.

The post Richmond Valley fire still out of control appeared first on Echonetdaily.


Hogan looking after own interests in sitting on crossbench: Greens "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Daniel Reid, Greens candidate for the seat of Page at the next federal election. Photo supplied

The Greens candidate for the federal electorate of Page, Daniel Reid, has welcomed sitting National Party MP Kevin Hogans announcement that he will move to the crossbench if there is a leadership spill.

All Australians are sick and tired of leadership changes there have been five changes since John Howard was voted out in 2007. This situation is very destabilising.

But he said the act is too little, too late from the MP and added Mr Hogan would still toe the line on critical issues such as climate change.

Would it have changed his position when he voted down penalty rates for workers? Will he still accept money for his campaign from coal executives and media barons, becoming complicit in supporting their interests? And will he still support the NEG and the fossil fuel industry despite strong support in this electorate for using renewables? he asked.

Kevins move is a pragmatic one, protecting his interests in Page, but it is case of too little too late. If Kevin wanted to be a real advocate and representative for Page then he would stand as an independent at the next election and turn back the money from The Nationals corporate donors.

Im looking forward to having a stable government too, and campaigning on the real issues that affect the people in Page, Mr Reid said.



The post Hogan looking after own interests in sitting on crossbench: Greens appeared first on Echonetdaily.


Samples scraps to feed farm animals as festival watches its waste line "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Food scraps from the Sample food festival will be given to local farmers as part of the events plan to halve the amount of waste it produces this year.

Festival organisers have brought in local company Greenfest Solutions to ensure that every opportunity to reuse and recycle is taken.

This includes sorting through the rubbish to extract organic waste that will then be used to feed local farm animals.

In general we all need to take more responsibility for how we enjoy life and what we eat and this is a way to do it with a good conscience, festival organiser Rose Taylor said.

I think events in general they attract so many people. Its a great opportunity to help people make the right choices and to get the message out there.

Sample is also partnering with local packaging company Greenpack, which will provide compostable packaging for all cooking demonstrations and food tasting sessions.

Youve got to be pretty careful with packaging to make sure you get something thats actually going to break down, Ms Taylor said.

Some of the biodegradable products can take a very long time to break down, whereas compostable packaging will basically break down in your garden.

The festivals drinks provider Stone&Wood will be running a keep cup system again this year, with patrons able to put down a $1 deposit for their own reusable cup.

I think its just about minimising waste wherever possible, Ms Taylor says.

Youve just got to do whatever you can, do your bit as much as possible. Theres such an amazing group of people out there in the local community doing this, all we need to do is to tap into that.

Sample Food Festival will be held on September 1 from 8am to 4pm at Bangalow Showgrounds.

The post Samples scraps to feed farm animals as festival watches its waste line appeared first on Echonetdaily.


Famous childrens author drops in on Byron school "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

L to R: Byron Bay Public School principal Linda Trigg, Ballina MP Tamara Smith and acclaimed local childrens author Jesse Blackadder with the StoryBoard bus. Photo supplied

Byron Bay Public School students yesterday had a visit from author Jesse Blackadder, as part of the Byron Writers Festivals mobile creative writing program, to talk about how she writes books for children.

Year 5 children at the school heard about Stay, a guide dog-shaped donation box taken to Antarctica, 12 Kimberley brumbies taken to Dubai to become racehorses for a sheik and about koalas near Byron Bay. This final story later became the book Dexter the Courageous Koala.

Local MP Tamara Smith (Greens) who also popped in for a visit said it was a great experience and a tribute to Byron Writers Festival.

All of these were experiences that Jesse has had or researched. She then talked about how she developed these ideas and events into stories for children.

The students at Byron Bay Public School were engaged throughout and learnt about how writers work, how stories are told and how books are written, said Ms Smith.

It was a wonderful event, courtesy of the Bryon Writers Festival and my thanks go to Gabby Le Brun, the Project Manager of StoryBoard, Byron Bay Public School Principal Linda Trigg and author Jesse Blackadder.

More information about StoryBoard can be found online at


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IndyWatch North Coast NSW News Feed Today.

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Thursday, 23 August


Federal Labor promises to pursue return of dodgy grant to Great Barrier Reef Foundation "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Excerpt from email sent out over Labor Senator Kristine Keneally's signature on 17 August 2017:

On April 29 Mr Turnbull announced the largest donation of taxpayers money to a private foundation in Australian history.

That's why we're calling on Mr Turnbull to return the reef money. Here's what we know so far:
  • There was no tender process for the donation and the foundation never applied for the money.
  • The Prime Minister was present at the meeting with the foundation and he personally told the chair, Dr John Schubert about the donation. It appears no public servants were present.
  • Before receiving the donation the budget for the foundation was only&...


Australian Attorney-General releases a draft bill which will allow the gaoling of Australian citizens for 10 years if they refuse to reveal passwords or encryption codes "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

According to on 15 August 2018:

In addition to its village idiot approach to undermining end-to-end encryption in new surveillance laws, the government is also seeking a blunt-force trauma approach: it wants to jail people for a decade if they refuse to give up the password to their devices.

Under the draft Assistance and Access Bill 2018 unveiled yesterday, the government is giving police, spy agencies and regulators like the ATO the power to demand that tech companies help them plant malware on computers and phones to help it defeat end-to-end encryption.


Isentia speculators packing "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Isentia broke

Isentia Group (ASX: ISD) has built up a hard-earned reputation for underwhelming the market.

And this reporting season certainly didn't disappoint as management monstered another 45 per cent of shareholder value during today's trade. 

It's interesting to reflect upon how this stock was regularly being touted as the 'highest quality business on the ASX' even after a massive 60 per cent drawdown. 

If memory serves there was talk of substantial shareholders doubling down, too. 

As it turned out, Mr. Market was right all along, with another desperate results announcement and Annual Report released in today's episode of confession season. 

Unfortunately this marks only the latest in a long line of disastrous market conniptions for ISD, with the share price nudging just 44 cents, down from above $4.60 in 2015. 

Speculators exposed as tide goes out

The Isentia story is a worthwile case study in how the lines between speculation and investment are so easily blurred with deliberately opaque semantic debate. 

Of course it's easy for stock promoters to push the 'quality investment' angle if a business reports a small profit or net cash inflows for any given financial year. 

Yet if a group with a small market cap is sitting on a truckload of debt and the cashflow (or statutory profit) can so easily flip to negative, is that investment or speculation?


Woman charged with stealing firefighting equipment "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A woman in Lismore has been charged with stealing valuable firefighting equipment from a truck that had been at fires in Casino earlier in the day. Photo RFS

It seems inconceivable that in the middle of a bushfire emergency someone would break into a fire truck and steal valuable firefighting equipment. But thats exactly what happened earlier yesterday (Thursday, August 23) in Lismore.

Police have now arrested a woman who they say was dressed in a stolen RFS uniform at the time.

About 6.30am, a Rural Fire Service truck was parked at a motel carpark on Molesworth Street, Lismore.

As volunteers recuperated at the motel after fighting fires in Casino, their fire truck was broken into and fire jackets, pants, gloves, jumpers and a ration pack of food was stolen.

Upon discovering the theft from the RFS truck, police were called and an investigation was commenced.

Police located a 44-year-old woman who they allege was dressed in the stolen clothing about 100m from the motel. She was arrested and taken to Lismore Police Station where she was charged with goods in custody.

She was given conditional bail and will appear in Lismore Local Court on September 3.

The equipment was returned to the Rural Fire Service as they required it for operational duties.

Police continue their investigations into the recent bushfires around the Richmond Police District and are appealing for anyone who may have information concerning the fires to come forward.

The post Woman charged with stealing firefighting equipment appeared first on Echonetdaily.


Armidale Urban Rivercare Sunday Sessions "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

[ Sunday, 9 Sep; 9:00 am; Sunday, 14 Oct; 9:00 am; Sunday, 11 Nov; 9:00 am; Sunday, 9 Dec; 9:00 am; ] Commencing Sunday 9 September Armidale Urban Rivercare Sunday Sessions will be held on the second Sunday of each month. Join the AURG mailing list for further details closer to each date. full article 


Rest-of-World jubilant on advice Julie Bishop will run for leadership "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

BREAKING AND EXCLUSIVE from @Riley7News - Julie Bishop will run for the Liberal leadership @7NewsSydney #auspol Olivia Leeming (@olivialeeming) August 23, 2018


FixedIt: Sexual assault of elderly women and sexual abuse of children is not sex "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The EchonetDaily, a regional news service for the northern rivers area of NSW, reported that 42 year old man has been charged with more than 210 offences,  including aggravated sexual assault, aggravated break, enter and steal, produce child abuse material, bestiality, stalking, and larceny. None of these offences are about sex. Sex is not a criminal offence. Sexual assault and producing child exploitation material is, however, a crime. They are not the same thing.

It will be up to the court to determine whether or not he is guilty of the crimes with which he is charged. This commentary is not about his guilt or innocence, it is about how the charges against him are described in the media.

Children cannot have sex. Sex requires consent, children cannot legally or morally give consent so allegations of sexually abusing children cannot be described as sex. The charges of sexually assaulting elderly women equally cannot be described as sex and more than the charges of breaking and entering would be described as visiting. Rape, sexual abuse and sex are not the same thing and they can not be used interchangeably in headlines.

Filming sexual abuse of children is not making child porn. Pornography can certainly be problematic but it is legal and it assumes everyone involved is consenting to the activities being filmed (where that is not the case, it is rape or sexual assault and should be the subject of criminal charges). Calling this material porn implies it is a genre of legal, normal activity. It isnt.  Accessing and watching child exploitation material is not a victimless crime. It is colluding with and encouraging the continued sexual abuse of children. (For a more detailed explanation of why child exploitation material should never be referred to as child porn, see this article on The Conversation by Anastasia Powell and Marg Liddell

Here are the reasons this matters, in every case, with every headline.

The victim impact statements from child abuse trials are harrowing, a testament to the lifelong injuries suffered by people who were sexually abused as children. They are the litany of drug addition, alcohol dependence, gambling problems, depression, crippling anxiety, relationship breakdowns, suicidal thoughts, shame, self-hatred, mistrust of others and long term emotional damage so common in survivors of child sexual abuse. Children who have been abused are also significantly more likely...


Labour market is tightening, gradually "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Gradual tightening

The labour market is tightening, gradually.

Something I've been prattling on about for a while is the prospect of full employment for Melbourne, forged on the back of a mammoth construction boom.

And the Victorian capital took another huge leap closer to that dynamic in July as its unemployment rate fell to just 4.9 per cent in the month. 

A year earlier the unemployment rate across Greater Melbourne was above 6 per cent as the rate of population growth surged to the highest level since the gold rush.

This takes the annual average unemployment rate for Melbourne down to 5.6 per cent, from 6.1 per cent a year earlier. 

If it feels as though the recovery has been slower than those we've experienced in the past, then there would be an element of truth in that.

That said, the population is growth at a quicker pace these days, so the decline in the total number of unemployed persons may be expected to be more gradual.

Whatever, it's happening. 

Sydney's annual average unemployment rate continues to decline to fresh multi-year lows, now at well under 4 per cent, while Adelaide has really turned a corner since 2016 (in a good way). 

Perth is still drifting. 



NSW Rural Fire Service Current Incidents: Coramba Rd, Coramba "bellingen IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

LOCATION: 1356 Coramba Rd, Coramba, NSW 2450
COUNCIL AREA: Coffs Harbour
STATUS: Being controlled
TYPE: Grass Fire
SIZE: 0 ha
UPDATED: 23 Aug 2018 11:23


New report reveals extent of local rental affordability crisis "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

That the local rental market is tighter than a bees proverbial isnt exactly a startling revelation.

But a new report shows that the North Coast is the least affordable in regional NSW when average weekly incomes are taken into account, leading to soaring levels of housing stress.

The Affordable Housing Income Gap Report, released this week by Compass Housing, found that Byron, Ballina and Tweed make up three of the four least affordable local government areas in the state when it comes to renting.

The report takes a new approach to the measurement of rental affordability, establishing the amount of additional income a typical renting household needs to avoid housing stress on various types of dwellings.

Byron Shire tops the list, with households needing 48 per cent of the median income to afford the median rent.

The median weekly income earned by households in the Shire is $1,218 but the median rent is $590 per week $60 per week more than the Sydney median of $530.

With housing stress kicking in when rents reach 30 per cent of income, Byron households need an extra $749 a week in their pay packets to avoid housing stress.

The five local government areas on the North Coast fill the top six positions on the list, with only the South Coast LGA of Shoalhaven coming in at number five, above Coffs Harbour.

Compass Housing spokesperson Martin Kennedy said the findings demonstrated that it wasnt just those on the bottom rung of the income ladder who were affected.

Working people are struggling to afford suitable rental properties, Mr Kennedy said.

This can have a real impact on living standards because people in housing stress are less able to pay for other essentials like food, utilities, insurance, healthcare, childcare, and debt repayments.

The report recommends a series of initiatives to be introduced across the country, including the construction of 500,000 social and affordable housing dwellings in the next 10 years, reviewing the tax system to provide more equal support for investors, first home buyers and renters, and changing tenancy laws so that renters have greater security of tenure.

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An evening with Sisonke Msimang "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

* Tickets $10 or FREE for members: Sisonke Msimang was born in exile, the daughter of South African freedom fighters. Her book Always Another Country: A Memoir of Exile and Home is the story of a young girls path to womanhooda journey that took her from Africa to America and back again, then on to a new home in Australia.

Join her in conversation with Russell Eldridge

Thursday 6 September, 2018
SAE Theatre, Byron Bay
Tickets $10 or Free for Members.

Praise for Sisonke Msimang and Always Another Country

Few of us have felt the grinding force of history as consciously or as constantly as Sisonke Msimang. Her story is a timely insight into a life in which the gap between the great world and the private realm is vanishingly narrow and it bears hard lessons about how fragile our hopes and dreams can be.

Msimang pours herself into these pages with a voice that is molten steel; her radiant warmth and humour sit alongside her fearlessness in naming and refusing injustice. Msimang is a masterful memoirist, a gifted writer, and she comes bearing a message that is as urgent and timely as it is eternal.

More details here.

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Hidden Tweed lookout set to remain a secret "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The spectacular view from Long Mountain Way Lookout. A shame its so difficult to find. Photo Meggan Jack

If you can find it, Long Mountain Way has one of the most outstanding lookout views in the district, which could be signposted and included on tourist maps.

Why isnt it?

Thats a question Tyalgum resident Meggan Jack has been asking for some time about the site on Boxsell Road, off Limpinwood Road, between the village of Tyalgum and Limpinwood Valley Road.

But she says that Tweed Shire Council has been short on answers.

Ms Jack told Echonetdaily it is over three years since my mother and I got the Tweed Council, to finally close the grossly under-utilised waste transfer station, (WTS), and began talking about replacing it with a lookout for all to enjoy.

She questions why there is still no signage.

Why has there been no official opening and recognition of this most wonderful and easily accessed visitor lookout?

Why is it a hidden secret?

Ms Jack, who runs the Viridian Art Gallery in Tyalgum, which she describes as the unofficial visitor information centre, said she is constantly being asked by tourists where it is and why it isnt better signposted.

She says she was cut out of the decision-making process on how to spend the funds saved by the closure of the Waste Transfer station, despite being instrumental in agitating for its removal.

The Working Group had lots of projects within the village done first, despite the WTS/lookout being a shire asset. The lookout has had the bare minimum and has still not been properly finished.

Four years ago I gave the council a detailed plan of the site that I had drawn up as a lookout, which would create a user-friendly picnic spot for probably a great deal less than has already been spent.

Views restricted

The council dismissed this amateur design, and contracted out the work to a fencing contractor, who put up a fence, right across the top of the ridge, making access to the views off either side of the ridge, restricted, she said.

She said a council contractor also tore down an open sided shed left over from the WTS, which she added, could have provided visitors with a wonderful wet-weather viewing shelter and ...


Shooting War with China More Likely Than You Think "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The mainstream media narrative about the US-China trade war implies that Trump is on a highly damaging ego trip and China holds all the cards.

The exact opposite is true.

Trump has ample financial warfare weapons including tariffs, penalties, bans on direct investment, improved cybersecurity, forced divestiture and freezing of assets.

Meanwhile, China has almost run out of room to impose tariffs. Further, they will invite retribution if they try to devalue their currency further.

Chinas vulnerabilities run deeper than that.

The US-China trade war comes in the aftermath of a Chinese Communist Party conference that made Xi Jinping dictator for life and enshrined his doctrines on the same level as Mao Zedong.

Once Xi got these powers, he proceeded on a disastrous policy course that has resulted in a slowdown of the Chinese economy, higher debt defaults, lost investment opportunities in the US and declining hard currency reserves.

The knives are now out in Beijing.

Reports are circulating that Xis opponents are questioning his judgment and the wisdom of expanding his powers at such a critical time. Many are starting to blame Xi for the trade war almost as much as they blame Trump.

Xi still has torture, firing squads and concentration camps at his disposal, but the notion of a unified, coherent leadership structure in Beijing is now seen to be a myth.

Trump will keep up the pressure; he never backs off and always doubles down. It will be up to Xi to blink and submit to US demands.

The US will win this trade war because Xi doesnt want to lose his throne.

Yet there will still be material damage to the global economy and lasting animosity between Xi and Trump.

Trespassing in international waters

Yet theres more to the US-China dispute than trade.

Yes, headlines and TV interviews are dominated by talk of the trade war.

That escalating confrontation is a big deal, but its not the only flashpoint in US-China relations and not even the most important.

China is as much concerned about a military confrontation in the South China Sea as it is about the economic confrontation in the trade wars.

China dredged sand surrounding useless rocks and atolls in the South China Sea and converted them into artificial islands and then built out the islands to include naval ports, air force landing strips, anti-aircraft weapons and other defensive and offensive weapons systems.

Not only are the Chinese militarising rocks, they are trampling on competing claims by the Philippines, Vietn...


6 of the best (Jonathan Giles) "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Aussie money habits

In this mini-series I ask some well known Aussies some personal stuff about their money habits. 

This week, I give 6 of the best to AFL ruckman Jonathan Giles, who's football career over the past decade and more has taken in its fair share of interstate and coast-to-coast travel, from Port Adelaide to Essendon, and from GWS Giants in Sydney to the West Coast Eagles. 

'Joffa' has built a property portfolio in Australia on his travels, and, as we'll discover, some crypto!


6 of the best: Jonathan Giles

1. What did you learn about money during your formative years (positive or negative)?

I didn't learn a great deal about money growing up.

My parents were careful savers and probably taught me to save money and not waste it.

To value it.  

2. What career and/or money advice would you give to your younger self?


I would've told myself to get educated about finance and investing from a younger age.


Stop Adani Planning Session with Josh Creaser "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

[ Monday, 27 Aug 6:30 pm to Tuesday, 28 Aug 3:00 pm. ] Many of you are probably aware that coal company giant Adani have secured funding to go ahead building their dangerous mine in QLD, on the doorstep of the Great Barrier Reef... We simply can't let this go ahead for many reasons but here's a few pretty obvious ones: The mine would cook the climate, wreck the [...] full article 


AURG Maintenance Mondays "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

[ Monday, 27 Aug; 3:00 pm; Monday, 3 Sep; 3:00 pm; ] We plan at this stage for the next two Mondays (27 August and 3 September) to continue working at this same site, just upstream from Site 12 (River Oak). The work will be mainly removing woody weeds and picking up debris in preparation for our new planting planned for Sunday 9 September. Access will be off [...] full article 


#RiseForClimate Saturday 8th September "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

[ Saturday, 8 Sep; 10:00 am; ] There is a simple measure for real climate leadership: no new fossil fuel projects, a fast & just transition to 100% renewable energy, and not a dollar more to dirty energy. But whether its Australian universities continuing to invest in the very companies that are accelerating dangerous global warming, or Malcolm Turnbull refusing to #StopAdani and [...] full article 


Armidale Bike Week 1623 Sept "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

[ Sunday, 16 Sep; 10:30 am to 12:00 pm. ] Family Fun Creek Ride is on 10:30am Sunday Sept 16th at Curtis Park Farmers' Market. How much can you ride during Bike Week? Commute Challenge is on again Sept 17th-23rd Be in the riding to Win Prizes! full article 


Ballina MP wants action on deadly intersection "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Ballina Greens MP Tamara Smith. Photo Tree Faerie.

Ballina MP Tamara Smith (Greens) has expressed her deep sympathy for the family of the motorcyclist killed at the Alstonville intersection with the Bruxner Highway.

The 39-year-old man died when his motorbike collided with a van at the intersection.

Ms Smith has also called a meeting to discuss what can be done to rectify the notorious blackspot.

Despite changes to the intersection, it has seen two fatal accidents in the past three years.

My heart goes out to the partner and family of the motorcyclist at this distressing time, she said.

I have called for an urgent meeting of representatives from Ballina Shire Council, RMS and the police to discuss what needs to be done to prevent another fatal accident, because clearly the recent merge lane extension has not improved the safety of the whole intersection.

Ms Smith, who lives in Alstonville, told ABC radio this morning that she feared using the intersection herself, particularly at sunset.

I live in Alstonville and Im always incredibly cautious when I cross there, just because you cant see. Theres something really fundamentally wrong, she said.

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How (and Why) to Detoxify Your Body and Mind "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

This article was written just after the Blood Moon eclipse began in Australia on July 28, 2018

For some people it is just an astronomical event when the moon is imprinted with the earths shadow from the sun, and for others there is astrological symbolism and energetic meaning to it too.

From the latter point of view, lunar eclipses in general symbolise facing thyself. They reflect ushering out the old and bringing in the new, on both personal and collective levels. This can be a painful process at times, because serious change is usually a challenge for most people. However, this blood moon represents reflection, healing and change, particularly regarding the ageing fracture between the masculine and feminine. This isnt just on an external level, but also internally too. After all, we all have both energies inside us, which unfortunately most of us havent integrated.

Now regardless if you personally believe in the philosophy of as above, so below, this lunar eclipse was nearly the longest of what is theoretically possible (it went for one hour and forty three minutes of a maximum one hour and forty seven minutes). Therefore, it gave us almost all it could for us to see it (and feel it). In that essence it represents deep reflection, which should encourage us to look deep into our own lives. As noted in this article: This is a time for us to purge, cleanse, and detoxify.

And how many of us need to take greater care of ourselves? How many of us need to detoxify our bodies and minds? The answer is essentially all of us. Whether it be physical health, mental health, or even just how we prioritise our time, we all have ways in which were not just reaching our ideals now and again, but were nowhere near them.

Many people have heard of Dry July, where we put down the beer and wine for a month to cleanse our bodies of alcohol. Although we probably havent done it exactly this way, the basic concept would have been applied in many manners, including implementing various alcohol-free, dieting, detoxification, fitness and fasting rituals for different lengths over our lives.

However, sometimes a grand reboot is required and if we dont choose to do this consciously our natural growth cycle...


Garden Design with Native Plants "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

[ Sunday, 16 Sep; 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. ] Australian Plant Society Armidale and District Group invite you to a free, interesting weekend on 15-16th September Ben Walcott, Leader of the Garden Design Study Group for the Australian Plant Society will be talking on Garden Design with Native Plants Date: Saturday 15th September Time: 2.00-5.00 pm Venue: Armidale City Bowling Club Auditorium Afternoon tea [...] full article 


Hogan will quit government if Dutton becomes PM "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Nationals member for Page Kevin Hogan has announced he will sit on the crossbench if Peter Dutton becomes prime minister. Photo AAP Mick Tsikas

Page federal MP Kevin Hogan (Nationals) says he will quit the government and sit on the crossbench if Peter Dutton becomes prime minister.

Mr Hogan said in a statement released this morning he cannot condonethis constant rotation of Prime Ministers by both the Labor Party and the Liberal party.

I am announcing today, that if there is another leadership spill for the position of prime minister prior to the next federal election, I will remove myself from the government benches and sit on the cross benches, he said.

I have made this decision because my community is fed up. What we have been seeing in Canberra with leadership changes over the last 10 years, is letting our great country down.

This is not about Peter Dutton, Malcolm Turnbull or Kevin Hogan, it is about the office of prime minister.

I remain 100 per cent committed to delivering for my community. I remain committed to the National Party.

If this occurs, I will still attend National Party meetings if invited. I will not attend Coalition Party Room meetings.

I will support the government in no confidence motions and supply. Any other legislation I will take on a case by case basis.

The model I intend to follow is similar to what the Western Australian National, Tony Crook did.

I will continue to focus on what my community has sent me here to do. I thank them for their overwhelming support, Mr Hogan said.


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Wednesday, 22 August


Byron Council wont take legal action over holiday-let complaints "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Last week The Echo received a complaint from residents affected by a holiday-let property in Brunswick Heads.

The Echo asked Council if they were aware of the issue and if they will commence inquiries. Staff replied that there are registered complaints on the property.

Lack of detail

Council is not commencing any new legal actions with respect to short-term holiday letting until the NSW government finalises its reforms in this area, staff said.

Presently, there have only been changes passed to the NSW Fair Trading and Strata Act and no changes to planning legislation.

There remains a lack of detail about the content of the new code of conduct, and how the new supporting planning laws will work in with this code.

Council believes by default the enforcement of the code will fall to Council with no additional resources and with a community that is concerned about the impact of short-term holiday letting, Council will not be able to meet community expectations.

Deferral request

Byron Shire Council is asking the NSW government to either grant a deferral to the new planning laws, or at least local provisions to protect our local community from the impacts of short-term holiday let. The Echo contacted the property owner via the Airbnb platform but they declined to comment.

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Massive new Victorian government solar policy "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The Victorian government has announced it will provide 50% of funding for solar PV systems up to 4kW, for 650,000 Victorian homes over the next 10 years. This is a $1.24 billion program. The program will save the typical Victorian household $2,225 for an average 4kW solar system. If re-elected, the current Victorian Government will also provide a four-year [...] full article 


Meet 'supersharer' Jordan Fleming in Sydney, Australia "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

In this new Shareable series, we'll be highlighting people around the world who are "supersharers." These are individuals who are deeply involved in makerspaces, coworking hubs, art collectives, worker cooperatives, community gardens basically initiatives in which people can freely share knowledge, skills, resources, and more, with each other.


Wednesday assorted links "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

1. MIE: Travel to the summit of Africas highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro, where Three Twins Ice Creams founder will hand-churn a batch of ice cream with glacial ice from the mountains summit. The mountains glaciers are predicted to disappear within the next 10-15 years due to climate change and your purchase helps raise awareness of this fact with a five-figure contribution to an African environmental non-profit. The sundaes price also includes first class airfare to Tanzania, five-star accommodations, a guided climb, as much ice cream as you can eat and a souvenir t-shirt made from organic cotton.

2. New South Wales town mobbed by thirsty emus.

3. Cowens Second Law there is a literature on everything including autistic zebrafish (110 papers).

4. It matters how seriously students take PISA testing.

5. Superb Samuel Hammond piece on codetermination.

6. Annie Lowrey on is pot too strong?

7. My Farnham Street podcast, mostly about how to reason, came out very well I thought.  And you can buy a transcript at the link.

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Victoria's everything boom "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Victoria construction surges

Brisbane's once-rampant apartment construction has now righted itself, and indeed median unit prices were up a fraction over the past year in the Queensland capital. 

Victoria's apartment construction on the other hand has exploded to a record high (as expected from leading indicators), with the value of work done an astronomical 416 per cent higher than a decade earlier in chain volume measures terms. 

Sydney doesn't build so many houses, so a lot of activity is expected, but for Melbourne this is a boom-and-a-half!

Or in a picture...AWOOGA!

It's an everything boom for Victorian construction, as flagged here previously, with public and engineering works also going on a tear. 

Queensland engineering construction is also finally on the rise again after the state's multi-year downturn. 

Adding in detached housing...


Time to bring Queenslands abortion laws into the 21st Century "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The Queensland Parliament should demonstrate its commitment to womens health and equality by passing a bill to modernise the states woefully outdated abortion laws.

The Termination of Pregnancy Bill 2018, tabled today in Parliament, would decriminalise abortion, respect a womans right to choose up to 22 weeks of pregnancy and create safe access zones around abortion clinics.

Daile Kelleher, Manager at Children by Choice urged the Queensland Parliament to seize the opportunity to enact laws that would promote womens equality.

Today is a historic day for our state this is the first bill ever introduced by a Queensland Government to decriminalise abortion. It is now time for Queensland MPs to do their jobs and be the voice for their local constituents by voting in favour of abortion law reform, said Ms Kelleher.

Abortion currently sits in Queenslands 1899 criminal code, making the states abortion laws the most archaic in Australia, closely followed by NSW.

Adrianne Walters, Senior Lawyer at the Human Rights Law Centre said that it was essential that the laws be brought into line with modern community values and medical practice.

The values of 1899 should not limit a womans right to access the healthcare they need in 2018. Now is the time for MPs to demonstrate the value they place on womens health and lives and ensure that every Queenslander has the right to decide what is right for their body, said Walters.

The bill follows a comprehensive review and community consultation process by the Queensland Law Reform Commission.

The current laws disadvantage the most vulnerable women, creating barriers for regional and remote Queenslanders as well as those experiencing domestic violence or control in their relationships. The proposed bill will break down some of those barriers and help to create more equality in healthcare, said Ms Kelleher

Multiple polls in Queensland over the last few years have shown high levels of support for decriminalising abortion and giving women the right to decide to terminate a pregnancy in consultation with their doctor. New polling, released today, indicates that 71.9% of Queensland voters would support changing the law so that abortion is no longer a crime.

"Its absolutely shameful that women in Queensland in 2018 still fear being imprisoned for a safe medical procedure. The law should support all people to make the best possible decision for their own health," said Ms Walters.

Children by Choices s...


Holiday letting legislation passes NSW parliament "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Hans Lovejoy

As expected, a new law passed in NSW parliament last week that aims to regulate the holiday letting industry.

Yet it comes incomplete, with major elements such as proposed changes to the SEPP (state environment planning policy) and a code of conduct still to be finalised. 

The Fair Trading Amendment (Short-term Rental Accommodation) Bill 2018 was voted in by the coalition  and had bipartisan Labor support, along with minor parties except the Greens.

Those who have council approvals, for example  bed and breakfasts and motels, claim they have been ignored throughout the process. Part of the reforms would allow regional councils to limit letting to a minimum of 180 days.

Greens Ballina MP Tamara Smith said, The Liberal/National governments one-size-fits-all attempt at addressing short-term rental accommodation will not ease the pressure on Byron Bay and cities that are at risk of becoming overrun by de facto hotels, she said.

A boom in short-term, make-a-quick-buck rental accommodation is already changing the character of Byron Bay and making it harder to maintain and build community on the north coast. 

Powers to police

During parliamentary debate, local MLC Ben Franklin (Nationals) spruiked the law and told the chamber, NSW Fair Trading will be given powers to police online platforms and letting agents.

While there was no explanation of how that would work, there was also no explanation by Franklin as to how an exclusion register would work, whereby hosts or guests who commit two serious breaches of the code within a two-year period will be banned for five years.

Yet he did say those who have sought council approval for holiday letting had very valid and reasonable concerns.

What people dont realise is that the commercial rates that we pay are $10,000 whereas the residential rates of the property next door on Airbnb and on other booking platforms are only $2,000$4,000. Approved operators are angry and once we start refusing to pay these commercial rates and other fees, all councils will....

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Wednesday, 18 April


we bought a caravan "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Our new home is sitting out the front of our (current) house, patiently waiting for adventures.

We did it! And I know it was the plan all along but after months (and months!) of research we decided on a make and model and found the right one at the right price. Then we took the leap and spend a big chunk of our savings on it.

It feels really good. And right so right!

I promised that I would share this journey in its entirety but I admit that the past few months have been fairly uneventful. Its been a slow process; literally sifting through the many caravans on the market to find a size and layout that works for us.

Thankfully there arent many caravans fit for six people so we didnt have to search too far. But when it came to the layout, we were adamant that we didnt want the main bed at the front of the van (next to the door) and interestingly, this layout is one of the more popular ones.

We wanted our bed to be at the far end of the van so we felt like we had our own space, albeit small. Practically speaking we also knew it would be a blessing for Marigolds day naps. And for my sanity.

Eventually we discovered the Jayco Stirling and on Saturday evening our new home arrived. Its a 2009 model and all 24ft of it is fantastic (yes, its huge). Its not going to win any pinterest awards but it has everything we want for comfortable, practical living on the road.

Originally it had 3 bunk beds but the previous owners took two out. Were going to transform it into a double bunk so theres enough room for Che to sit up in bed (and for him to feel like hes got his own space; essential for a tween). Thankfully the mattresses are quite long so Poet and Percy will top-and-tail on the bottom bunk. As for Marigold, shell be tucked into bed with Daniel and I for the year-long journey.

It comes with a full bathroom including a washing machine and the kitchen has a stovetop, oven and decent-sized fridge and freezer. These were all non-negotiables for me; I wanted a big fridge so I didnt have to go to the supermarket every day and an oven will make baking and cooking so much easier and cost effective (store bought banana bread is expensive!).

The plan for now? Buy a Land Cruiser, sell our cars, pack up the house and hopefully be on the road by mid-late June. Its all sorts of overwhelming but on the flipside its thoroughly enjoyable. The possibilities!

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Tuesday, 17 April


Compare the pair 1 month at Elfin Crossing "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"


Elfin Crossing Northern Pool taken 23.3.2018

Elfin Crossing Northern Pool taken 16.4.2018


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