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Tuesday, 20 February


NSW Rural Fire Service Current Incidents: Adams Crossing "bellingen IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

LOCATION: Old Glen Innes Rd, Buccarumbi, NSW 2460
COUNCIL AREA: Clarence Valley
STATUS: Under control
TYPE: Bush Fire
SIZE: 10 ha
UPDATED: 20 Feb 2018 10:23

NSW Rural Fire Service Current Incidents: Whiteman Gap "bellingen IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

LOCATION: 2634 Coaldale Rd, Coaldale, NSW 2460
COUNCIL AREA: Clarence Valley
STATUS: Under control
TYPE: Bush Fire
SIZE: 0 ha
UPDATED: 20 Feb 2018 11:12

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Monday, 19 February


Why retire when you could have an encore career? "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Older workers can be a significant asset in the workplace. Photo LinkedIn

Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when Im 64? wrote Paul McCartney all those years ago. Ironically, hes still working, well beyond that age.

And so will many Australians, either by choice, because pension ages have risen or because their superannuation doesnt match their needs in an area of rampant cost of living increases.

Were entering the era of the encore career.

Want to know how you can make the most of your later working years?

The IRT is holding a Career Check-Up Expo for Mature Workers in Ballina on 13 March.

The increase in minimum age eligibility for the pension, combined with increasing life expectancy, means mature age workforce participation is a growing issue for policymakers and people approaching retirement, said IRT Foundation Manager, Toby Dawson.

Many people will now need to continue working longer to survive financially, and the Career Check-Up Expo can help them plan their future careers, working into their 60s and beyond, Mr Dawson said.

The reality is that people who fail to plan for an encore career are more likely to end up jobless. Career planning is crucial, particularly for older workers.

This is where IRT Foundations Career Check-Up Expo for Mature Workers can help. The Expo is a one-stop-shop for people aged over 45 looking for advice on career planning, education and training, financial planning and job seeking services.

This new mature workforce is also creating opportunities for businesses, Mr Dawson said.

Older workers are creating new opportunities for training providers, increasing diversity in workplaces by sharing their experience with younger colleagues and the cohort is one of the strongest drivers of economic activity in the country.

IRT Foundation is putting the call out to businesses across the Northern Rivers region to promote their services to older workers, whether it be in financial planning, training, employment or HR related fields.

The Expo has received funding by the NSW Governments Liveable Communities Grants program in recognition of the importance of a thriving mature age workforce. Australias ageing population, and a declining number of people of traditional working age, mean we need to start thinking laterally about how best to use our e...


February 20 On This Day in Australian History "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

1804 - Charles Crump was Hanged in Sydney for the theft of 9 pieces of chintzes and printed calicoes from William Tough in Sydney Cove.

1809 - Poor old Billy Bligh boarded a boat after agreeing to go straight to England,not pop into any part of the colony for a cuppa or pass Go and collect $200.

1835 - Charles Norford was Hanged at Sydney for the attempted murder of Patrick Lynch. Norford was shaving Lynch when he suddenly cut his throat.

1863 - Hendrick Witnalder was Hanged at Campbell Street Gaolm Tassie, for sodomy.

1872 William Lygon, aka the 7th Earl Beachamp, popped into the world today. Willy-boy became Gov of NSW and was a patron to Henry Lawson for awhile. 
Shoved out of the closet by his brother-in-law in 1931, Willy quietly went into exile.

1879 - The Cape Bedford Massacre took place; Cooktown based Native Police Sub-inspector Stanhope O'Connor with his troopers, Barney, Jack, Corporal Hero, Johnny and Jimmy hunted down and "hemmed in" a group of Guugu-Yimidhirr Aborigines in "a narrow gorge", north of Cooktown on, "of which both outlets were secured by the troopers. There were twenty-eight men and thirteen gins thus enclosed, of whom none of the former escaped. Twenty-four were shot down on the beach, and four swam out to the sea" never to be seen again.

1880 - The Newcastle Morning Herald announced that a local Aboriginal woman known as Old Margaret , who was purported to be the last surviving Aboriginal people of Lake Macquarie (along with her children) would be formally offered a grant to the land on which they have resided for years.

1895 - The Timaru Herald declared that those on the Oz side of the ditch were claiming that sharing a treaty over a few bottles of plonk with those on the NZ side of the ditch would 'retard Federation".
How abouts we let those Kiwis piff a few of their apples at the silly Aussies in question...?
1900 - The Taranaki Herald reported that, while two men arguing over the war ended in the murder of one in Charters Towers on the other hand it wasn't Bubonic Plague like they'd suspected on a ship in port.
The Laboratory giveth and the war taketh away.....

1903 - The first design change to the original Australian national flags were made.
For civil use, the British Red ensign and six pointed federation star stayed, but the design of the Southern Cross was changed so that all but the smallest star had seven points, ostensibly to improve the ease of manufacture.
The exact date of this change is not known. The earliest known official use was from the belated Gazettal of the....


US Dept of Justice-FBI investigation of Russian links to Donald Trump's election campaign inexorably rolls on "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

On 17 May 2017 the probe into Russian influence on US political processes and collusion between the Russian Government and individuals associated with the election campaign of President Donald J Trump became an investigation which would inevitably lead to charges being laid.

To date both President Trump's former campaign manager and campaign deputy-director have been indicted, along with thirteen Russian nationals and three corporations.

Trump's former security adviser, along with a former member of his foreign policy advisory team and an individual who unlawfully supplied US bank accounts to Russians associated with the alleged political interference, have plead guilty to charges.

Current State of Play according to US Dept. of Justice

U.S. v. Internet Research Agency, et al (1:18-cr-32, District of Columbia)
A federal grand jury in the District of Columbia returned an indictment on Feb. 16, 2018, against 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities accused of violating U.S. criminal laws in order to interfere with U.S. elections and political processes. The indictment charges all of the defendants with conspiracy to defraud the United States, three defendants with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and bank fraud, and five defendants with aggravated identity theft.

U.S. v. Richard Pinedo, et al (1:18-cr-24, District of Columbia)


Why an Iraq War Inquiry is More Necessary Than Ever "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"


There has been a flurry of activity caused by the comments made by Greens parliamentarians Adam Bandt and Richard di Natale over recently installed Liberal Senator Jim Molan. The facts relate to the Australian situation, but the issue has wider ramifications.

The ostensible reason for the attack on Molan was his sharing of two videos originating from a Neo Nazi far right group in the United Kingdom.

Bandt, who later withdrew his remarks, called Molan a coward and said that Molan should be prosecuted for his service in the Iraq war. In the Senate di Natale accused Molan of overseeing a humanitarian catastrophe nearly 15 years ago during the assault on Fallujah, Iraq.

Di Natale said that there was a question that needs to be answered, and the only way with answer that is through an enquiry.

Liberal politicians, from the Prime Minister downward, came to Molans defence, claiming that he was a great Australian soldier who stood up for freedom.

Lost among all the expostulations and threats of legal action were two key issues behind the remarks of both Bandt and Di Natale: were there war crimes committed in Iraq by Australian forces; and whether or not there should be an enquiry (as has happened in Canada, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom) into the precise circumstances surrounding Australias involvement in that disastrous war.

Instead we have seen sustained attempts two divert from legitimate questions surrounding this issue. It has been variously suggested that Molan is not racist; that it is somehow scurrilous to question the conduct of Australias servicemen; and that Bandt and Di Natale had a view that anyone who goes to war is a war criminal. That simply does not address the real issues.

To answer the first of those questions one needs to go no further then the assaults on Fallujah, the first of which occurred in April 2004 and the second, codenamed Operation Phantom Fury, in October 2004.

Before the second attack began, citizens were instructed to leave, but that did not extend to men aged 15-45 who were prohibited from leaving. Once the bombing began, all exits from the city were sealed off. According to the Washington Post, electricity and water were also cut off. The Red Cross and....


I faced my Jewish racism an alumnuss call to Jewish students for Israeli Apartheid Week "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

A call to Jewish students for Israeli Apartheid Week 2018

We need to talk about Jewish racism.

I know what youre thinking. How dare I accuse us, a people whove suffered so greatly from prejudice, hatred and persecution, of holding racist attitudes ourselves?

But it turns out that our past experience provides no protection and our communal memories can hinder, not help us.

This particular conversation is about to become more urgent if youre a Jewish student on a campus in the U.K. or Western Europe, North America or Australia.

The 14th annual Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) takes place around the world from the end of February through mid-April. Therell be talks, film screenings, and mock West Bank security checkpoints and Separation Walls to highlight the daily indignities of Palestinian life in the Occupied Territories. Thirty years after I graduated, Ive been invited back to speak to students at Manchester University in the UK. It will be a homecoming of sorts. But Ive become a very different kind of Jew to the one who left there in 1988.

The intensity of this years IAW activities will be heightened by the 70th anniversaries this year of the Palestinian Nakba and the creation of the State of Israel. Once again, Jewish students will find themselves feeling distinctly uncomfortable as Zionism, and the Jewish State, are portrayed as racist endeavours.

But is it fair to brand you young Jews who support Israel of being promoters and defenders of racism?

Well, to be blunt, yes it is. But that simple answer doesnt quite capture why that is or how its happened.

I dont for one minute think young Jews who support Israel should be bunched together with members of the British National Party or White Supremacists. Thats lazy thinking. It makes no attempt to understand the origins of Zionism or the current place of Israel in individual or communal Jewish life.

Nonetheless, Jewish racism is a thing. I know it from my own experience, from my own past ways of thinking, from how I was as a student in Manchester in the mid 1980s. This Jewish strand of racism is an inevitable consequence of the success Zionism has had in shaping Jewish identity over the last 70 years. And if we dont face the racism that Zionism has created nothing will change when it comes to Israel/Palestine for another generation.

Less deserving

The truth is, all people are vulnerable to ways of thinking that leave others less deserving than themselves. That doesnt make all of us Adolf Hitler, it just makes us human. But that doesnt make it okay either. If any group should understand that...


So will the Turnbull Government come clean about ministers' VIP travel over the last eighteen months? "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

It would appear that Australian federal politicians have a long history of using RAAF VIP jets in an extravagant manner.

Take current Deputy Prime Minister and Nationals MP for New England  Barnaby Joyce as an example. 

News Mail, 28  December 2012:

One Coalition heavyweight, Queensland Senator Barnaby Joyce, racked up one of the highest percentages of ghost flights among non-government parliamentarians.
Senator Joyces travel bill totalled some $47,955 for 10 taxpayer-funded flights, primarily between Melbourne or Canberra and St George.
But he was only on board for three of those flights, with the remaining seven costing nearly twice as much as the flights he was on board for - racking up $31,395 worth of ghost flights.

BuzzFeed, 28 July 2017:...


NSW Rural Fire Service Current Incidents: Gresham Dr, Woolgoolga "bellingen IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

ALERT LEVEL: Not Applicable
LOCATION: 11 Gresham Dr, Woolgoolga, NSW 2456
COUNCIL AREA: Coffs Harbour
STATUS: Out of control
TYPE: Flood/Storm/Tree Down
SIZE: 0 ha
UPDATED: 19 Feb 2018 23:50



Byron Bay Surf Festival Artshow returns to Lone Goat Gallery for 2018 with a trio of highly influential artists with wildly individual histories spanning avant-garde surfing, DIY culture, activism, collaborative murals and hardcore & garage punk music.

OPENING 5.30 PM 7.30 PM Friday 23 February
Special Surf Festival Opening Hours:
Open 10 AM to 4 PM on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 February

Gumbaynggirr Bundjalung man Otis Carey is equally renowned for his unorthodox approach to high performance surfing as he is for visual art.

Otis infuses his own traditional indigenous culture with contemporary Australian surf. I paint contemporary indigenous art, Otis says. The way I can best explain it is, its a broken-down form of traditional symbols and stories that arent giving all of it away but just enough for people to understand.

Based in Austin Texas, Tim Kerr became involved musically and artistically with the early stages of the DIY (Do It Yourself) punk/hardcore/self-expression movement in the 1970s.

The idea that anyone could, and should participate in self-expression is key to Tims approach to music and visual art. He was a founding member of influential bands The Big Boys, Poison 13, Bad Mutha Goose, Lord High Fixers and Monkeywrench that have made recordings for record labels Touch & Go, Estrus, Sympathy for The Record Industry, In The Red, Sub Pop, and Kill Rock Stars. Tim has also produced and recorded bands for all the labels above, both in the US an...


A Question For Anthony Mundine: Am I Not Your People? "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Aboriginal boxing legend Anthony Mundine was recently reported as suggesting gay people should be put to death. Comedian Steven Oliver weighs in.

So, here I am writing an article which, again, finds me defending my sexuality. Im not sure how many times (this year alone) I have had to say or write something in response to a statement that is one of belief and not fact (and by belief I dont solely mean religion).

If being black and gay has taught me anything from the constantly repeated negative experiences underpinned by racism and homophobia, its that there are a lot of beliefs out there that are misguided, wrong or just fucked.

Some are from people who come to a conclusion after filling in the blanks they didnt have answers to. Some are from people who just believe anything theyre told and dont question the validity because its easier to just believe than understand. Some are from people who say they dont judge me but theyre instructed by an all-powerful being to say things that judge me and that, in the end, the all-powerful being will judge me (where Im sure my non-judgemental friend, will be saying I tried telling your gay black arse).

Some (this would be the fucked, well, more fucked kind) are simply made up because people have an agenda that usually comes from fear and/or a need to control.

Speaking of agenda, I suppose it only fair I outline mine. Basically, it comes from a need for the queer community to stop being treated like shit. Its a need to stop those constantly repeated negative experiences. Its a need to pay respect to all who stood proudly even when judgement turned to hate, and that hate turned to violence. To let them know the strength I recognised when they refused to turn hateful, as the ones they loved turned them away. That what is right, is the act of treating others right.

Anyway, Im guessing youre guessing that Im talking about Anthony Mundine. After all, I write this article not long after his death penalty comments. But in truth, it starts with a guy called Mick (though Ill get to Anthony, eventually). See, Mick is a nice guy. Met him a few years back through an organisation we both worked for. Wed chit chat and joke whenever he rang my office and always had a laugh.

Mick had property in Townsville that he said I could use whenever I was home, and though I never took him up on it, it was a gesture...


NSW Rural Fire Service Current Incidents: Pacific Hwy, Bonville "bellingen IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

ALERT LEVEL: Not Applicable
LOCATION: Pacific Hwy, Bonville, NSW 2450
COUNCIL AREA: Coffs Harbour
STATUS: Out of control
TYPE: Other
SIZE: 0 ha
UPDATED: 19 Feb 2018 17:20


Flood of road repairs in Tweed "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Manns Road at Rowlands Creek Road was closed owing to this massive landslip during the March 2017 flooding. Photo Will Matthews

Almost a year after the catastrophic March 2017 floods, Tweed Shire Council has finally awarded the first bundle of major-sized flood repair road packages and the last of its minor to medium-sized repair packages to the value of about $1.9 million.

Design and construction of repairs at major slips on Clothiers Creek Road, Nunderi; two sites on Kyogle Road, Kunghur; two sites on Urliup Road, Urliup; and one on on Numinbah Road, Numinbah, will be undertaken by Australian Marine and Civil Pty Ltd.

All works require slope stabilisation repairs using soil nail or other anchor technology and have been grouped based on type of work to maximise gearing-up efficiencies.

Works will also include repairs to damaged items such as guardrails, road surfaces and stormwater drainage.

Clothiers Creek Road is the priority site for this bundle but detailed design work will take about two months before on-the-ground repairs can start. So far, geotechnical investigations have been completed, options analysed, concepts prepared and Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangement (NDRRA) funds secured.

Medium size repairs

The fourth and final contract for minor to medium-sized repairs was awarded to Coastal Works.

This package of work has been mostly bundled according to location to maximise travel efficiencies. This package comprises repairs on 26 roads in Back Creek, Mebbin, Mount Burrell, Commissioners Creek, Doon Doon, Burringbar, Brays Creek, Kunghur Creek, Fernside, Tyalgum, Limpinwood, Rowlands Creek, Uki, Numinbah, Cudgera Creek and Upper Crystal Creek. It involves replacing more than 65 damaged items and is worth about $1.13 million.

Coastal Works is expected to mobilise within weeks to begin repairs.

More major road repair contracts are expected to be awarded at next months Tweed Shire Council meeting, including Cudgera Creek Road, Cudgera.

Tweed Valley Way nearly complete

Meanwhile, work to permanently repair the catastrophic failure of Tweed Valley Way at Blacks Drain, South Murwillumbah, is nearing completion.

The contractor, Skeen Constructions Pty Ltd, has advised Council to expect that...


$195 for "An evening with Hillary" Clinton in Sydney. Want more? Pay more..................... "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

$195 the cheapest seats for Hillary Clinton in Australia Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will visit Australia in May. AAP 12:43PM February 19, 2018 Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is coming to Australia to talk about her future plans after losing the 2016 US election to Donald Trump. Mrs...


NSW Rural Fire Service Current Incidents: Pacific Hwy, Ulmarra "bellingen IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

ALERT LEVEL: Not Applicable
LOCATION: Pacific Hwy, Ulmarra, NSW 2462
COUNCIL AREA: Clarence Valley
STATUS: Out of control
TYPE: Vehicle/Equipment Fire
SIZE: 0 ha
UPDATED: 19 Feb 2018 12:50


Doctors not convinced on medical cannabis "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Doctors have been warned against rushing to prescribe medical cannabis despite Australians acceptance of its use. To date, the evidence on the effectiveness of medical cannabis remains limited, write Jennifer Martin and Associate Professor Yvonne Bonomo in an editorial for the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP).

Published in the Medical Journal of Australia, they say the usual regulatory processes designed to protect patients from potential serious harms caused by medicinal cannabinoids must be adhered to.

The pace and scale of the introduction of medicinal cannabis are unprecedented and have raised challenges for health professionals, not so much because of its known addictive and psychoactive properties, but because its introduction has not followed the usual research-based safety and effectiveness processes, they wrote.

They argue there is a need for stronger and more streamlined guidelines in administering and supplying medical cannabis

.In Australia, medicinal cannabis is legal but patient access is still very difficult.

The Therapeutic Goods Administrations (TGA) Special Access Scheme (SAS) provides patient access to cannabis on compassionate grounds without the usual quality and safety data requirements.

This means approval is granted on a case-by-case basis provided the correct documentation is given by the prescribing doctor, says Dr John Lawson, a paediatric neurologist and conjoint senior lecturer at the University of New South Wales.

The prescribing medical practitioner has several responsibilities, including providing informed consent and a treatment plan and monitoring, and complying with reporting requirements including reporting any adverse event to the TGA, Dr Lawson said.

In the case of a child with epilepsy, this means that general practitioners or paediatricians can only successfully apply via the SAS scheme with supporting documentation from a paediatric neurologist.

He says there needs to be a balance between compassion and careful assessment for patients for whom cannabis products might be beneficial.

Already there is a body of evidence to support the use of medicinal cannabis for those suffering from chemotherapy-induced nausea, epilepsy, MS and Parkinsons disease.

A recent trial published in The New England Journal of Medicine, led by Australian neurologist Professor Ingrid Scheffer, found cannabidiol one of at least 113 compounds found in the cannabis plant significantly reduced the severity and frequency of seizures in children with a rare, yet devastating form of epilepsy known as Dravet syndrome.

Last year, the Medical Cannabis Council called for more robust research to be done to ensure patients greater acc...


Tweed Council gives rail trail go-ahead despite some concerns "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Murwillumbah Station will soon be the starting point for the North Coast Rail trail after Tweed Shire Council voted to go ahead with the project. Photo Flickr/RailWA

At its meeting last week, Tweed Shire Council resolved to accept the offer of $6.5 million in federal grant funding to construct the 24-kilometre long Murwillumbah to Crabbes Creek section of the rail trail project.

But a council spokesperson said a number of safeguards had been put in place to ensure the rail corridor remains.

The council will also explore whether it is economically viable to build the trail beside the existing track and whether additional opportunities such as driverless electric carts could be used to make the trail more palatable to staunch train enthusiasts, who have campaigned for more than a decade for the return of rail services.

Tweed Mayor Katie Milne said she was very pleased that we will be getting an opportunity to go to the market to also see if the trail could be built next to the track.

There would obviously be a greater range of opportunities for transport and tourism if we could utilise both the track and an adjacent trail, she said.

The council also resolved to seek an annual contribution from the state government to fund operations and maintenance of the regional tourism facility and is proposing a Trust be established to oversee governance and management of the trail, which could eventually extend all the way to Casino.

The resolution also included the following wording about safeguards:

To ensure that appropriate legislation is in place that would:

  1. Maintain the corridor in public ownership in perpetuity for exclusive use as a rail Ttrail, for the return of rail or public transport
  2. Allow under lease or license to the Trust uses complementary to the success of the rail trail (for example rail carriages used on parts of the disused line that would add character and services to the rail trail such as a coffee cart, art and craft, bike hire, accommodation, etc)  and that income derived from these be quarantined for maintenance of the rail trail, corridor and associated infrastructure (former stations).
  3. Require an Act of Parliament as oppose...


Golfers to take a swing at raising cash for cancer charity "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Jodie McRae, the founder of cancer charity Jodies Inspiration. (Facebook)

A Lismore cancer charity that has raised close to $160,000 since its inception will be kicking off its fundraising efforts this year with its third annual charity golf day next Sunday.

More than 200 golfers will drive Jodies Inspiration Ltd into its 2018 fundraising season at the Lismore Workers Club.

The charity was founded by Lismore woman Jodie McRae, who passed away from breast cancer in 2016.

It has continued to raise funds for the cancer care centre at the Lismore Base Hospital, and last year secured $84,000.00 worth of scalp cooling machines for the centre.

The annual golf day event will see over 200 players take to the pristine Lismore course as they compete in a four-player ambrose. The two shotgun starts will occur at 7.00am and 12.30pm.

Players will be treated to a complementary BBQ and will be able to participate in various on-course fundraisers, such as a hole in one competition on the par three 8th hole, a longest drive for both male and female players on the 9th hole, plus a buy a birdie putting competition on the 13th hole.

Organisers have thanked the generous support of sponsors, particularly major sponsor the Lismore Workers Club.

Players on the day will walk away with over $5,000.00 worth of prizes, ranging from new golf bags, shoes, complementary rounds of golf at some of the best courses on the Gold Coast and much more.

Holes on the course have been sponsored by generous local businesses, with money donated going directly towards supporting the work of Jodies Inspiration in the area of local palliative care services.

Charity chairman Jess Smith said the golf day was shaping up to be another wonderful community fundraising event.

We will be launching our 2018 Major Raffle at this weekends golf event and yet again we have some wonderful prizes to give away this year.

First prize is an Australian built 7 x 4 on road camper trailer suitable for four persons, donated by WOW Campers & Trailers Superstore. The second prize is a 4 Night P&O Cruise on the Pacific Aria departing Brisbane on 17 May 2019, visiting Hamilton Island.

The lucky winner of our third prize will take home a CHiQ 70 LED HD U70G8 Smart Television. Collectively over $12,000.00 worth of prizes will be won in this years Major Raffle.



Byron lookout reclaimed by community activists "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The sign proclaiming the lookout reclaimed for the community. Photo supplied

Iconic Scarrabelottis Lookout on Coolamon Scenic Drive has been reclaimed by community activists after Byron Shire Council placed a number of boulders at the site recently.

The boulders placed at the Scarrabelottis Lookout site by Byron Shire Council. Photo supplied

According to the council, the rocks had been placed there to control ongoing illegal camping at the site.

A spokesperson for the group, Chris Turnbull, contacted Echonetdaily with a statement and photos of new signage and rehomed rocks at the site, following a community action there last week.

We have reclaimed Scarrabelottis Lookout. Any attempt from the council to intervene will be met with prosecution of the ranger and the general manager, the statement said.

The rocks that were placed have been moved, for many reasons, safety being the paramount reason, illegal behavior by the ranger and the general manager also a paramount reason, it continued.


A renewable energy jobs boom is sweeping across regional Australia "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Renewable energy: powering Australia in more ways than one James Wright  18 Feb 18  A jobs boom is sweeping across regional Australia and theres one industry to thank the renewable energy sector. From places like Gordon in southern Tasmania to Pindari in north-east NSW, new solar installations, windfarms, battery arrays, solar towers and pumped hydro facilities are springing life into regional towns. How are they doing this? By injecting desperately needed investment and job opportunities into remote locations.

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Sunday, 18 February


Adani protest film to be shown in Nimbin "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A documentary highlighting the power and passion of those taking action agains the proposed Adani coal mine in Queensland will be shown in Nimbin on Thursday.

The film, #StopAdani: A Mighty Force, will be shown at the Birth & Beyond building at 54 Cullen Street at 6.30pm, and will be followed by pictures and stories from members of the Front Line Action Against Coal group.

The free event will be one of dozens simultaneous screenings in communities around Australia.

Organisers said the film shows a young Aboriginal woman standing up for her country; A Melbourne Rabbi putting pressure on his MP; Sydney volunteers calling voters during an election, and a Queensland farmer leading a massive protest.

The #StopAdani campaigns first documentary, Guarding the Galilee, screened over 400 times to around 10,000 people across Australia, bringing communities together to build a movement that now has well over one hundred active groups across the country.

Organisers said the combined membership of these groups and the organisations of the Stop Adani Alliance well and truly tops two million Australians.

In 2017, the movement pushed Australian and Chinese banks to say no to funding the mine, pressured the Queensland government to veto the $1 billion loan, and saw engineering firm Downer break $2 billion in ties with Adani, they said.

So far in 2018, rail operator Aurizon have withdrawn their application for taxpayer funds to build Adanis railway.

Yet with Adani having sunk billions into their QLD mine, and ongoing political support for the project, Adani arent just going to walk away. The fight to stop Adani is not over, but as Juru Traditional elder Carol Prior says in the film, Adani are dealing with a mighty force, and the more it grows, the harder well be to beat.

Alan Roberts whos back from two trips up north and will be showing pictures of the proposed Adani mine site, said the documentary  was inspirational.

This Mighty Force is encapsulated by the character, humanity, determination and selflessness of the people turning up on the front line and implementing the direct actions against Adanis operations. They come from all around Australia. Youll see just a few of them in my pictures,&#821...


Lets put an end to the battery cage "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

With the release of the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Poultry draft, we're encouraging all members to speak up and have their say on Australias continued use of battery cages. The opportunity to ban or phase out battery cages is now, and may not return for another decade.

These draft Standards will have a lasting impact on the future of the poultry industry. We believe all poultry producers voices should be heard in the debate on battery cages, just as many would remember from the free-range labelling debate in 2015 to 2016.

Put the pressure on Agriculture ministers and your local members, especially in states where the proposal has yet not seen governmental opposition such as Queensland and NSW. Victoria and WA are already on board with the development of better welfare standards than those proposed.

Write to your local member of parliament and tell them what you think about the draft Standards. Some key points to include are:

  1. The Proposed Australian Animal Welfare Draft Standards and Guidelines for Poultry should include a 3-year phase out of battery cages to be considered as providing a responsible solution to consumer and animal welfare demands.
  2. The current proposal provides Options that are inadequate in terms of improving animal welfare because the soonest Australia could see a phase out of battery cages is in 10 years. The entire European Union announced it would phase out cages in 1999 and did so by 2012. If an entire political continent can shift its production methods in less than 13 years, then it should be feasible for Australia to attempt a shorter phase out period of much less than 10 years. Countries in the EU such as Sweden responded immediately by banning the use of cages in laying production from 1999.
  3. More research should be done by the Government on alternative production systems such as pasture-based poultry management systems and regenerative agriculture systems including poultry.

Include further reasons

in your submission as summarised by RSPCA at...


Police discover cannabis plantation at Wadeville "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

One of the cannabis plants police allegedly seized from a Jiggi property on Friday, February 16. Photo NSW Police

Two 24-year-olds have been charged with cultivating cannabis after almost running into a police vehicle on an isolated track at Wadeville on Sunday.

Nimbin police allege they were driving along the track when a 4WD drove straight at them, forcing the police to reverse to avoid a collision.

The police then blocked the vehicle and apprehended the two occupants a 24-year-old Queensland man and a 24-year-old Wadeville man.

Police searched the 4WD and located freshly cut cannabis.

The 4WD tracks were followed for a short distance and police located 50 mature cannabis plants, some over three metres tall.

Police also located a well established watering system with weed sprayers, a petrol water pump and irrigation piping throughout the site together with fertilizer, water containers and buckets.

The Wadeville man was charged with Use Offensive Weapon to Prevent Lawful Detention, Cultivate Cannabis Greater than Indictable Quantity and Possess Prohibited Drug.

The Queensland man was charged with Cultivate Cannabis Greater than Indictable Quantity. Both were released on conditional bail and will appear in Lismore Local Court in March.

14 plants discovered

Meanwhile, in Casino on Sunday, police made an easy arrest after being called to a a minor domestic incident at a Casino address between a man and a woman.

While speaking to the couple the man casually mentioned there were 14 cannabis plants growing in the back yard.

Permission was given to enter the back yard where police saw 14 cannabis plants growing. The woman then handed police a bag of cannabis and a bong.

The man and woman were both issued Future Court Attendance Notices for Cultivate Prohibited Drug and Possess Prohibited Drug. They will appear in Casino Local Court in April.


Man hospitalised after ute and B-double crash at Brunswick Heads "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter landing at Gold Coast University Hospital. Photo WRHS

The driver of a utility was trapped for 30 minutes following a crash on the Pacific Motorway near Brunswick Heads on Sunday morning (February 18) before being airlifted to hospital.

The crash occurred about 2am, when a northbound B-double and a southbound Mitsubishi utility collided in the northbound lanes near the Gulgan Road interchange.

The B-double then continued onto to wrong side of the road and rolled. The driver escaped injury.

The driver of the utility, a 38-year-old from Possum Creek, was trapped in the vehicle for about 30 minutes before being released.

The Westpac Rescue Helicopter was called to the scene and landed on the motorway with the crew treating the man for head, arm and chest injuries.

He was flown to Gold Coast University Hospital in a critical condition..

The southbound lanes remained closed for some hours while the salvage operation was underway.

Police inquiries into the incident continue.

Police are urging anyone with information in relation to this incident to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page:


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Plea to help find missing North Coast teenagers "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Missing North Coast teenagers Georgina Hills, Tyson Giles and Alex Cupitt.

Police are appealing for public assistance to help locate three teenagers who may possibly be in the Byron Bay or Lismore areas.

The two boys and a girl, Tyson Giles (13), Alex Cupitt (13) and Georgina Hills (14), are from Alstonville, Lismore and Kyogle respectively.

Georgina was last seen attending school in Lismore on Monday, February 5, and was reported missing to police the following day.

Tyson and Alex were last seen attending school in Lismore on Friday, February 2.

They were reported missing to police last Friday, February 16.

It is now believed the three are travelling together in the Byron Bay or Lismore areas and are refusing to contact family or carers.

Police have concerns for their welfare and would like to speak with the three children to ensure their wellbeing.

Anyone with information about their whereabouts is urged to contact Lismore police or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Information can be given in confidence.



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February 19 On This Day in Australian History "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

1804 - David Collins decided to up sticks and shift his non-Corey Worthington organised party to Sullivan Cove in Tassie.

1810 - Edward Luttrell Jnr, a ships officer and son of Surgeon Edward Luttrell, shot Pemulwuys son Tidbury (Tedbury or Tjedboro) in the face during an argument at Parramatta.

1836 - British Parliament officially proclaimed the colony of South Australia and formally defined its boundaries.
King William IV recognised the continued rights to land for Aboriginal people in South Australia's founding document, the Letters Patent. It was the first ever recognition of Aboriginal rights granted in Australia's colonial history. But the promise of legal entitlement to the land was never kept.

1852 - That glittery gold stuff that gets the population so excited was tripped over in Beechworth.

1856 - Exotic dancer (that's exotic NOT erotic you smutty minded people) Lola Montez - who was neither Spanish nor a trained dancer -was greatly displeased with a bad review written by the editor of the Ballarat Times, Henry Seekamp, about her.
So she took to him with a horse whip.
Totally justified, Your Honour...!

1863 - Thomas McGee was Hanged at Melbourne Gaol for the murder of Alexander Brown at Maiden Gully.

1865 - The tender was issued for work on Parliament House for the construction of the Legislative Council foundations.

1877 - A few glasses and stumps were raised when the patent for the stump-jump plough was registered in South Oz.

1879 - The foundation stone for Melbourne's Royal Exhibition Building was laid.

1883 - Sir William Robinson was having a bad hair day so he decided to cover it up by popping on the South Oz Governor's hat.

1892 - Eileen O'Connor, the next possible Aussie saint, was delivered by the stork in Richmond (Struggletown), Melbourne.
She was yet another ballsy gal who took on Rome to establish Our Lady's Nurses For The Poor.

1894 - Steam trams began chugging their way to Bondi; getting a full head of steam up they could gallop along at 65km/ph, birthing the saying "to shoot through like a Bondi tram".

1894 - The Sydney Anarchy Trial found several well-known chappies were a bit naughty for flogging editions of the anarchist newspaper Hard Cash that cast aspersions upon trustees of the Savings Bank of NSW. Tsk tsk tsk. Because banks are always so trust-worthy during a depression... aren't they?
Of course 2 chappies in particular were let off the hook...future NSW Premier Jack Lang and future Prime Minister Billy Hughes.

1912 - Royal Commission into the claims arising out of the contract entered into between Peter Rodger and the Victorian Railways Commissioners for the erection of Flinders Str...


Man charged over Mullumbimby home invasion "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Police have charged a Mullumbimby man in relation to an alleged home invasion last week. But two others have so far evaded them.

At 8.40pm on Sunday, February 11, three men allegedly armed with handguns, a rifle and a sword entered a house on Poplar Street, Mullumbimby, and threatened the occupants a 60-year-old man, his two sons aged 22 and 13 and two friends.

The incident was reported to police on Wednesday, February 14.

The following day, a home on Azalea Street, Mullumbimby was searched, and a number of items, including a replica pistol, were seized.

A 23-year-old man was charged with aggravated entry of a dwelling with intent, affray, breach of bail, and breaking and entering with intent.

He was refused bail to appear at Byron Bay Local Court last Friday (February 16).

Investigations are continuing the identity of the two other unknown men.


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Independent Artist of the Week: Milan Ring "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Producing, engineering, singing, writing and heading up her own label: Milan Ring does it all. Now, the eclectic R&B fruits of her labour are coming into their own.

As a multi-instrumentalist obsessed with constructing idiosyncratic sounds, Milan Ring has really found her groove first with 2017s largely instrumental beat tape Venus Fly Trap and now, with Unbounded, the Sydneysiders first single of 2018.

Playing by her own rules, Milan heads up new collective MXMAY a newly formed creative house producing music, fashion, art, poetry, design and film. Having independently released her own music through the label, shes had a stellar start to the year. From an appearance at Melbournes Sugar Mountain festival, through to supporting Kardajala Kirridarra and Tokimonsta, Milan Ring is making serious moves for 2018.



Tune into Up For It every Monday morning to meet your new independent artist of the week!

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Surprise, Surprise. Nationals appear to be telling pork pies to voters on the NSW North Coast yet again "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Echo NetDaily, 15 Februaty 2018:

An animal activist has accused two National Party MPs of 'misleading the public' over claims the RMS has revegetated more than a hundred hectares of land along the Pacific Highway Ballina upgrade route with tens of thousands of koala feed trees.
In recent weeks both roads minister Melinda Pavey and north coast MLC Ben Franklin have made public statements regarding the re-vegetation of koala habitat at Meerschaum Vale to compensate for the damage caused by the highway upgrade construction.
On February 3, Minister Pavey said in a press release that 'the government had re-vegetated 130 hectares of land with 95,000 koala feed trees.'


Global fires affect Earth's methane emission levels "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

National Aeronautics and Space Administration(NASA), 4 January 2018:

A reduction in global burned area in the 2000s had an unexpectedly large impact on methane emissions.

A new NASA-led study has solved a puzzle involving the recent rise in atmospheric methane, a potent greenhouse gas, with a new calculation of emissions from global fires. The new study resolves what looked like irreconcilable differences in explanations for the increase.

Methane emissions have been rising sharply since 2006. Different research teams have produced viable estimates for two known sources of the increase: emissions from the oil and gas industry, and microbial production in wet tropical environments like marshes and rice paddies. But when these estimates were added to estimates of other sources, the sum was considerably more than the observed increase. In fact, each new estimate was large enough to explain the whole increase by itself.

Scientist John Worden of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, and colleagues focused on fires because they're also changing globally. The area burned each year decreased about 12 percent between the early 2000s and the more recent period of 2007 to 2014, according to a new study using observations by NASA's Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrometer satellite instrument....


Polygamous pizza "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Tonight I married two of my loves 

Kimchi and purslane on pizza


The website of Victorian UFO Action "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Dear readers,

The family is out for the day, so it's now my time to indulge in my hobby - UFOlogy. 

Today's post is continuing my look at websites of Australian UFO groups. After several years away from the topic of UFOs, this is one way to re-acquaint myself with today's UFOlogy. So after looking at New South Wales and Queensland it is time for my home state of Victoria, and the sole UFO group website I could find, that of Victorian UFO Action.

A few general observations

Interestingly unlike UFO Research (NSW) Inc. and UFO Research (Qld) Inc. VUFOA does not have the word 'research' in their name. I was therefore interested to see just what it is that the group does?

I mentioned in previous posts that I don't usually bother about the appearance of a site, being more interested in the content. However I am going to make an exception for the VUFOA website. It is cluttered; and visually overwhelming to my eyes. It scrolls down and down and down, unlike most website home pages which are short and to the point. Coloured letters and lots of icons don't make for a good first impression with me.


There are nine tabs along the top of the home page,  'Home;' 'About us;' 'donations;' 'members pages;' 'search VUFOA;' 'guestbook;' 'report a sighting;'seek support' and 'more.'

'Home' of course is the home page.

'About us' opens up into 'contact us;' 'team members' and 'media releases.' 

'Contact us' brings up a preformatted form which asks for your name, and email address and allows you to send an inquiry to VUFOA.

'Team members' fi...

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Tuesday, 06 February


Gonorrhoea a threat, warns WHO doctor "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

WHO antibiotic research specialist, Dr Manica Balasegaram. Photo Flickr

SYDNEY, AAP Drug resistant gonorrhoea has become a serious public health and biosecurity threat in Australia that requires urgent action, warns a world leading expert on antibiotic resistance.

Doctor Manica Balasegaram, director of Global Antibiotic Research & Development Partnership (GARDP) which was set up by the World Health Organisation says Australia is among dozens of countries to report an increasing number of cases of drug resistant gonorrhoea.

In fact, the WHO recently published a report showing over 50 countries were now reporting cases of gonorrhoea resistant to the last line of antibiotics.

I can not emphasise enough; drug resistant gonorrhoea is an issue for Australia, it is an issue for the region, Dr Manica told AAP.

Gonorrhoea is a sexually transmitted infection and if left untreated can cause chronic problems, including infertility.

This is a sexually transmitted infection, an infection that can be spread relatively quickly within a population and now we have reached an era where we have seen resistance to the last line of recommended treatment, explained Dr Manica.

The latest surveillance report on Australias sexual health, released by the Kirby Institute at UNSW Sydney in 2017, showed diagnoses of gonorrhoea had increased by 63 per over the past five years, particularly among young city-dwelling heterosexual young men and women.

It is urgent that we first of all understand that we need to reinforce prevention and health promotion but its absolutely urgent that we now accelerate the development of new tools such as drugs and diagnostics to really change the paradigm on managing this, said Dr Manica.

He is currently in Australia to discuss antimicrobial resistance with leading academics, politicians, DFAT and pharmaceutical companies and says so far Australia has done a good job on keeping a close eye on the gonorrhoea situation.

The doctor, who started his career in emergency medicine and worked as a field doctor in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Asia for Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders, hopes Australia will step up and play...


Two of Groovin The Moos international acts have announced sideshows "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Last week, Groovin The Moo unleashed the lineup for their 2018 round of festivals, and as expected, its an absolute corker. But now, just in case you arent able to make your way to some of the dates on this regional tour, two of the fests international acts have just done us a solid and announced some sideshows for their upcoming Aussie visit.

Back for its 14th year, Groovin The Moo is undoubtedly set to prove itself as one of Australias favourite touring festivals once again.

With huge local names on the bill including Paul Kelly, Alex Lahey, Grinspoon, Baker Boy, Ball Park Music, Tkay Maidza, and Vera Blue, music fans are set to party with some of the finest Aussie musos around. Of course, plenty of international acts join the fest as well, including Claptone, Royal Blood, Duke Dumont, and Portugal. The Man.

Now, two of Groovin The Moos most exciting international visitors are set to perform a a series of sideshows while in the country.

First cab off the rank is Portlands Amin, who has been turning heads in the world of alternative hip-hop for a few years now. With one EP, two mixtapes, and a debut album, Good For You, to his name, Amin is set to absolutely crush his debut Aussie shows, so be sure to check out this invigorating artist when he hits up Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth this May.

But the good news doesnt stop there, because Englands dynamic Lady Leshurr has announced shes showing off her hard-hitting, prolific grime sound to audiences in Brisbane, Sydney, and Perth.

Having released nine mixtapes in as many years, and with countless singles and feature appearances, Lady Leshurr has become one of the most well-known names in the world of UK grime, all without releasing a studio album. Needless to say, Lady Leshurrs upcoming shows are set to be some of the most talked-about this year.

Amins Tour For You 2018

Thursday, May 3rd
Metro Theatre, Sydney, NSW

Friday, May 4th
Max Watts, Melbourne, VIC

Thursday, May 10th
256 Wickham, Brisbane, QLD

Friday, May 11th
Amplifier, Perth, WA



Imogen Clark Releases New Single Your Anything At All, Announces New Album and Tour Dates "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Image Courtesy of Imogen Clark Sydney based alt-country singer-songwriter Imogen Clark has had a huge week of announcements, revealing plans to release her new album Collide on the 27th April, dropping her catchy new single and video Your Anything At All and listing so many tour dates its impossible not to get out and see []


Cycling Courses in Sydney "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

A Wide Range of Cycling Courses in Sydney!

Whether you ride regularly or just staring out, the City of Sydney provides a range of cycling courses. Discover valuable insights and skills you need to travel city streets at the Cycling in the City course.

You can choose the Rusty Riders course which will be perfect for those with lower confidence and fitness levels. The course runs at a slower pace and develops the skills and confidence required to be an effective bike rider.

Bring the kids along the Balance Bike Clinics to ditch the training wheels and boost their confidence on two wheels!

Interested in learning how to change a flat and keep your bike running reliably ? Bike Care and Maintenance Course is a great starting point for anyone interested in bike repairs and maintenance.


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Monday, 05 February


AWPC - Melbourne Water correspondence on tree removal wildlife impact Lee St Retardant Basin "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

AWPC writes that only two of its questions were answered satisfactorily. It asks Melbourne Water what happens to the wildlife after the clearing? The AWPC, wildlife rescuers and shelters regularly experience the fallout of such projects. Consultants and wildlife handlers are contracted at a premium price, only to hand over displaced, orphaned and injured wildlife to either vets or local wildlife shelters who are then expected to deal with these sentinel beings at their own cost. Quite frankly this is unacceptable and needs to stop, which is why the AWPC ask you the following questions once again. Inside, full correspondence to date.


Craig Thomson

President, Australian Wildlife Protection Council

502 Waterfall Gully Road, Rosebud 3939

0474 651 292

Mark Lawrence

Melbourne Water Project Manager

990 La Trobe Street Docklands VIC 3008

PO Box 4342 Melbourne VIC 3001

Dear Mr. Lawrence,

Re: your response to my email sent 23/1/2018 about the Lee St Retarding Basin Upgrades

Overall, it was a very disappointing response, especially as most of your answers are already available on your community information sheet. Only two questions were answered satisfactorily; were you confirmed that you have forwarded my query about the sale of Melbourne Water land to the relevant department and the dates of the pre-fauna survey. We have spent a great deal of time putting these questions to you because of the lack of information provided by Melbourne Water to concerned members of the community.

Is Melbourne Water concerned about genuine community consultation and being transparent to the community to whom they provide an essential service? The Australian Wildlife Protection Council (AWPC) will be putting in a Freedom of Information request for the documents you have not supplied, including the ec...


Culture Guide February 5 11: Jack Data, Metamorphoses, Cultural Landscapes & more "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Tune in to Arvos at 4:30pm every weekday for more Culture Guide.
Brought to you by the City Of Sydney


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From the Windy City to Sunny Sydney "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Hello friends of Eastside FM! 

Im excited to introduce myself as one of the newest interns here at Eastside FM. My name is Lauren OMachel and I am from the famous Windy City (aka Chicago). For those who may not know, Chicago is located in the state of Illinois which is located in the mid-west. The mid-west is a great place to live in the United States because you get all the seasons (yes including a bitter cold winter) and living in Chicago is especially great because you have your very own melting pot of various restaurants, shops, culture and life.

Chicago skyline taken in December of 2017 with snow on the ground and the Chicago River running underneath a bridge and buildings.

Even in the winter time, the Chicago skyline is still beautiful.

Me and Katherine standing next to each other in front of a baseball field in Chicago.

Chicago has several sports teams, two of them being the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox. Im a White Sox fan through and through! This is one of my very good friends Katherine

Ive grown up near the city my entire life. I have a mother, father and an older sister. When it was time for me to go off to college, I decided to join a school th...


Love live music and think radio is the career for you? Take One is HIRING! "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Assistant Producer Social Media / Segment Host Take One Gig Guide Community Radio Show



If you love live music and think radio is the career for you, this is the perfect stepping stone! Get hands on helping produce a three-year-old, weekly, volunteer driven, community radio program dedicated to supporting Sydneys live music scene. Take on an internship thats going to give you experience and work for your portfolio rather than pushing papers and getting coffees for every manager in the building.    


Purpose of the role:

Assist in the production of a weekly radio show promoting live music in Sydney. The show celebrates the best in jazz, blues, funk, soul, world, hip-hop, folk, and americana music.


Whats in it for you:

  • Radio hosting and producing experience
  • Publishing credits
  • Potential for free gig tickets and interviews with local and international artists
  • Joining over 100 volunteers working for a 35-year-old broadcaster who prides itself on giving a voice to its community


Whats expected:

  • Produce one, three to five minute segment every fortnight reviewing a gig
  • Produce one, 100 word article every fortnight reviewing a gig, to publish on a radio website and to be promoted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Develop three social media posts per week for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These should be engaging and content specific. Outside of this Im looking for ideas.
  • A passion for the Sydney live music scene jazz, blues, funk, soul, world, hip-hop, folk, and americana music
  • Show professionalism through working to deadlines, maintaining a high quality of work, and pride in fostering good working relationships
  • ............


Want to contribute to keeping Sydneys live music scene alive? Take One is HIRING! "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Assistant Producer Audio / Segment Host Take One Gig Guide Community Radio Show



If you love live music and think radio is the career for you, this is the perfect stepping stone! Get hands on helping produce a three-year-old, weekly, volunteer driven, community radio program dedicated to supporting Sydneys live music scene. Take on an internship thats going to give you experience and portfolio content rather than pushing papers and getting coffees for every manager in the building.    


Purpose of the role:

Assist in the production of a weekly radio show promoting live music in Sydney. The show celebrates the best in jazz, blues, funk, soul, world, hip-hop, folk, and americana music.


Whats in it for you:

  • Radio hosting and producing experience
  • Publishing credits
  • Potential for free gig tickets and interviews with local and international artists
  • Joining over 100 volunteers working for a 35-year-old broadcaster who prides itself on giving a voice to its community


Whats expected:

  • Produce one, three to five minute segment every fortnight reviewing a gig
  • Produce one, 100 word article every fortnight reviewing a gig, to publish on a radio website and to be promoted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Edit one interview a week to a podcast quality (long form), and upload to Soundcloud and iTunes
  • A love for radio with a plan to make it a career
  • Show professionalism through working to deadlines, maintaining a high quality of work, and pride in fostering good working relationships
  • A passion for the Sydney live music scene jazz, blues, funk, soul, world, hip-hop, folk, and americana music...


Kirin J Callinan charged over alleged ARIAs flashing incident "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Kirin J Callinan has reportedly been charged over his alleged flashing incident that occurred on the red carpet of the ARIAs in November of 2017.

As The Guardian reports, Callinan was charged by police today with wilful and obscene exposure in a public place. Callinan is set to appear before a Sydney court later this month, but if convicted, the charge can carry with it a fine of $1,100, or a six-month prison sentence.

The charges have since been filed following the release of footage of the incident over the weekend by singer Neil Finn, who shared the footage while defending Callinans actions, stating Laneway Festival pulled Kirin J Callinan from the lineup for this??? Ridiculous.

In January, organisers of Laneway Festival removed Callinan from this years lineup, with the musician having been added to the bill one day before the alleged incident. Neither the festival or Callinan addressed his silent removal, which reportedly came about after Brisbane rapper Miss Blanks raised concerns about his inclusion on the festival lineup.

This kind of behaviour isnt okay, it shouldnt be tolerated, and you shouldnt be rewarded with a festival if youre going to act like this, Miss Blanks told triple js Hack about Callinans removal.

For me to be the first trans woman of colour in a festival thats been running for ten years, to be touring it nationally in all cities, its important to me that theres safety, its important to my community that its safe.

Just last week, Kirin J Callinan broke his silence in regards to the removal, asking punters to be respectful towards Miss Blanks and her appeal to have him removed from the lineup.

It does not sit well with me one puny pit...


Cold Chisel to perform as The Barking Spiders for one-off Sydney gig "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Aussie music fans may have noticed that one name has been sadly absent from the live music scene for well over three decades now The Barking Spiders. Thankfully, were gearing up to see a return from this famously mysterious band thanks to Aussie music legends Cold Chisel.

Back in the 70s and 80s, if you ever came across a concert poster advertising a gig by a band by the name of The Barking Spiders, you were in for a treat, namely due to the fact that this was actually just Cold Chisel in disguise. In fact, the group used to use this name as a pseudonym for their warm-up shows so often that in 1984, as they were breaking up, they released an album full of songs recorded under this name one year earlier.

However, since 1983, The Barking Spiders have been rather absent from the live stages. In fact, with Cold Chisel only returning back in 2009, its somewhat understandable, but now the band have announced the reemergence of their old band, with a lone show scheduled for Sydney later this month.

Announced today, Cold Chisel are set to dust off their old moniker for a one-off show at Sydneys Enmore Theatre on Wednesday, February 28th.

Supported by The Dead Love, the gig is set to be a classic warm-up show for the band, ahead of their hometown appearance at the Clipsal 500 Adelaide after-race concert on March 2nd, which also features other huge South Aussie names including Kasey Chambers and the inimitable Bad//Dreems.

If youre keen to catch a bit of old-school Cold Chisel concert vibes, then be sure to snag your ticket when they go on sale this Thursday. While we cant promise that theyll play all your requests, were sure its going to be one of the sweatiest rock shows you...


Peace Boat with nuclear bomb survivors arrives in Sydney "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Nuclear bomb survivors glide into Sydney on Japans Peace Boat  Japans 11-storey Peace Boat, that advocates for nuclear disarmament, has entered Sydney Harbour. 5 Feb 18, 

The 11-storey vessel is visiting Sydney as part of its Making Waves tour, which is exploring the devastating humanitarian consequences of the use and testing of nuclear weapons.

Survivors from the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster were also onboard.

The world is closer to nuclear war today than it has been in decades, Greenpeace Australia Pacific Campaigner Alix Foster Vander Elst said in a statement .

The Peace Boat, welcomed by the Maritime Union of Australia and Uranium Free NSW, entered the harbour at 7am on Monday.

Later in the day, a rally will be held outside official government o...


Too much cyber, not enough privacy 101 "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Just as we are preparing for mandatory data breach notification to commence here in Australia, some interesting pieces of news have revealed that perhaps both corporations and government agencies have taken their eye off the ball when it comes to protecting personal information.  A lot of energy and budget is spent on cyber-strategy this and digital-first that and open-data whatever, when perhaps governments and businesses need to get the basics right first.

A NSW auditor-generals report found that two-thirds of NSW government agencies are failing to properly safeguard their data, by not monitoring the activities or accounts of those with privileged access to data, and one-third are not even limiting access to personal information to only staff with a need to know.

Leaving aside the question of why the NSW Privacy Commissioner is not resourced adequately to undertake these audits instead of needing the auditor-general to look into data protection, this report highlights a disturbing lack of compliance with the Data Security principle, which is neither new (NSW privacy legislation turns 20 this year) nor rocket science.

Ignoring the privacy risks posed by staff misusing data is nave; when I think of the more than 300 privacy cases against NSW public sector agencies over the past two decades, I cannot think of one that has involved a complaint arising from a disclosure to hackers, but countless have involved staff misusing the personal information to which they were given access.

But this systemic failure pales into comparison with the more recent revelation that the Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet managed to lose classified Cabinet documents by selling a filing cabinet full of them.  Seriously?  SERIOUSLY??

This is the government which later this year will create a national shared electronic health record for all Australians unless we opt out, and introduce an opt-in national digital ID, and a national face-recognition system but they cant manage to secure paper records?

Of course privacy risks dont only come from rogue employees who misuse data, or from misplaced documents.  Privacy risks can also come from data that has been deliberately released to....

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Sunday, 04 February


Live Jazz Events in Sydney "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Also check  www.facebook/livejazzinsydney

Monday, 5 February 2018

Jazz & Latin Open Mic Jam: The World Bar, 24 Bayswater Rd, POTTS POINT (7pm, contact Host)

Jazz Jam & Games Night: Venue 505, 280 Cleveland St, SURRY HILLS (8.30pm, 0419-294755)

Jazz Singers Workshop: Otto Noorba Restaurant, 79 Glebe Point Rd, GLEBE (7pm, 02-96920888)

Michael Griffin Quintet: LazyBones Lounge, Level 2, 294 Marrickville Rd, MARRICKVILLE (8.30pm, $15, 0450-0...


February 5 On This Day in Australian History "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

1803 - Poor old George Bass, Explorer Extraordinaire.
He sailed off into the sunset from Port Jackson on board the ship Venus never to rejoin his knitting club down the local pub ever again.

1827 - George Worrall (Fisher's Ghost Murder) was Hanged at Sydney for the murder of Frederick Fisher at Campbelltown.

1836 - Charlie Darwin steered his manfully powered vehicle, the triple masted HMS Beagle, up the Derwent River to Hobart Town for a good old stickybeak.

1851 - Edward Hargraves left his missus minding the store when he went on a walk, met some chaps who'd discovered gold and he promptly took credit for it when he announced the find, starting the first Aussie gold rush. Isn't that your missus calling,Ed ?

1863 - Mackay was proudly declared a "port of entry and clearance".

1868 - The topsail schooner, Terrara sprang a leak and sank quickly about 20 kilometres north off Port Stephens, NSW.

1869 - Richard Oates and John Deason were about to give up that prospecting malarky and bake a cake for afternoon tea when 69.92kgs of pure gold aka the Welcome Stranger nugget stubbed itself on their boots at Moliagul.

1869 - Having trouble catching any fish with the bait he'd dug up in Sydney, G.W.Goyder popped into Port Darwin to survey the area for the town Palmerston, now known as Darwin.

1877 - The Sydney Morning Herald was having a slow news day so it filled a page with Australia's first weather chart. Probably as accurate as todays...darts thrown at a board blindfolded!

1879 - Something foreign and completely unknown to the Victorian Govt of recent years is the opening of a railway line; the Murtoa to Horsham line, a whole smidgeon under 30 kms, became an operational part of the rail network.

1882 - New rooms at the Sunday School at 87-89 Halifax Street , Adelaide, were opened. The rooms were added on to the three year old building owned by Stow Church to cope with the increased attendance. By 1890 477 children were taught religious instruction by 23 teachers.

1893 - Melbournians rejoice! Today the town was connected to a sewerage system! Which still doesn't explain those floaties in Spring St...

1893 - The schooner, Foam, was wrecked on Myrmidon Reef as she was returning Kanakas to the Solomon Islands. The ninety-eight persons on board just had time to make a raft by lowering the top-masts and spars over the side and cutting away all the bulwarks and deckhouses.

1896 - The Jumbunna to Outtrim rail line opened, 4 kms of slick passenger and mixed goods service.

1896 - Henry Lawson's mother-dearest, Louisa, received...


Noose tightens on apartment construction "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Noose tightens

A range of factors have come together to kill the apartment construction boom in its tracks.

These have included:

-tighter capital controls in China
-a stamp duty surcharge for non-resident buyers
-a 'vacancy tax' for unoccupied dwellings not made available for rent
-changes to the foreign resident capital gains tax regime
-significant limits to depreciation deductions
-travel costs for landlords being disallowed as a deduction
-changes to the CGT main residence exemption for foreign buyers & temporary residents
-considerably tighter lending criteria Down Under

And some other stuff.

The truth is Australian residents finance the purchase of relatively few new apartments in the larger developments, so if investors aren't buying then it's difficult for developers to secure enough pre-sales to get projects off the ground.

At the last official count we saw that there were still around 152,000 attached dwellings under construction for the July to September 2017 period.

But that was months ago, and this is now.

By today in February 2018 the number of apartments under construction might already have nosedived by about 20 per cent, as a swathe of Sydney completions has hit the market. 

And the latest building approvals figures suggest the downtrend is now locked in.

This may prove to be a plus for landlords as rental markets tighten, while Alex Joiner of IFM Investors notes an eyebrow-raising ~45,000 Airbnb listings in Melbourne and its surrounds, representing huge growth, which may in turn help to explain vacancy rates in the Victorian capital having nudged multi-year lows in 2017. 

Meanwhile macropruden...


Independent Artist Of The Week: Slim Set "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Photo by Jonno Revanche

Mutant grime, club culture and hyper-aware millennial references Western Sydney duo Slim Set make rap music thats certified hectic.

MC Dev and DJ Atro are known 2 hype up and to them, its the West versus the rest on new EP, Feed. Its a turbo charged listen as Dev spars against a 140bpm dojo of 808s, sirens and brooding synths. Lyrics are as self-deprecating as they are rowdy, with disses fast and subtle enough that they almost go over your head including a swift jab at Flume on their second single Cooked.

But Slim Set prove to be more self aware than their stoner dribble. They drop Easter egg references to Yu-Gi-Oh and Sunkist as often as they shout out Parramattas Church Street, dismantling the nanny state and mates on sad pills. Having crafted themselves into an anomaly in the Australian hip hop scene, Slim Set promise even more to say in 2018.

Get cooked, below.


WHO: Slim Set with Rainbow Chan, Amrita Hepi, DEADKEBAB and more
WHERE: Club 4A at Dynasty Karaoke, Sydney
WHEN: Friday 23 February
HOW MUCH: $23.20 Tickets here.
Tune into Up For It every Monday morning to meet your new independent artist of the week!


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35 YEARS IN ONE DAY "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Scott Tinkler

Scott Tinkler


Melbourne Jazz Co-operatives 35th Anniversary celebration, Sunday 28 January from 12.30pm to 8.30pm, Moreland City Band Hall, 16-22 Cross Street, Brunswick East

To celebrate its 35th Anniversary, the MJC held an eight-hour music feast featuring eight outstanding groups. This line-up for this big-arse Sunday equivalent (remember those?) was, I believe, put together by Eugene Ball. Lets hear it for EB, because it was fantastically diverse music, not without its challenges for the listener which is as it should be.

With excellent food available, a great community vibe, some penetrating (and often unanswered) questions for Martin Jackson from MC Ronny Ferella, and hours of music in a cool venue on a hot day, this celebration was a huge success. Kellie Jayne Chambers wasnt there on the day, but also deserves plaudits for her work beforehand setting up the venue.

Here are some image galleries from the days performances.

12.30pm Andrea Kellers Masters & Apprentices

I arrived late and caught only the last of this set. The mixing of experienced musicians with talented young players is great as a concept and in practice. As with all of Kellers projects, this worked well and delivered quality mus...

Saturday, 03 February


February 4 On This Day in Australian History "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

1796 - Getting a tad big for their boots soldiers from the NSW Corps gate crashed and trashed John Baughan's 'umble 'ome, with the infamous Macarthur in the lead.
A carpenter, John Baugham, who slapped together mills for the great unwashed masses to use, kept a house of ill repute with his missus and got what for when the NSW Corps put his carpentry skills to the test and pulled it down.

1801 - The whaling ship Speedy left Sydney for whaling off the south coast.

1824 - Cornelius O'Brien was a lucky fellow when ,on this day, he was given an elephant stamp AND  permission to occupy 300 acres at Bulli.

1833 - James Lockhard was Hanged at Sydney for the murder of Murdoch Campbell in the Narellan area.

1846 - John Phillips was Hanged at Oatlands for setting fire to the magistrate's oatstacks following a conviction for sly grog selling.

1856 - The Brigantine Occator was blown ashore near North West Cape, WA. The one passenger and eight crew landed on Morions Island about 56 nautical miles from the wreck. Finding it deserted they decided to return to the ship to recover more water; about forty Aborigines menaced them with spears and stones, but a shot fired from the passengers gun scared them away. Four days later they reached Shark Bay and landed on Dirk Hartog Island. They were rescued by the schooner Favourite.

1859 - The schooner, Iris, was wrecked in rising winds when she drifted stern first onto the rocks at Bicheno, Tasmania.

1862 - Murder at Government House!
No, not an Agatha Christie novel but actually true!
 An auction was held in the ballroom of Government House, (Adelaide) . The Governor, Sir Richard MacDonnell, was returning to England and the sale was of some of the household's effects. Late in the afternoon a man entered the house, approached Inspector Richard Pettinger, who was in the lobby, and shot him in the head from short range with a pistol he had concealed under a black cloth. The Inspector, aged 32, died within a few minutes. The man was arrested outside the house shortly after; his wife was also charged with being an accessory before the fact.At the trial, the following week, it was revealed that the accused had been in the police force for a period but had left and, at the time of the murder, both he and his wife were employed at Government House. The man obviously held a grudge against the Inspector and had visited his home, behind the Police Barracks on North Terrace, earlier on the day of the murder, but finding he was not there had gone to Government House.
The jury found the wife not guilty of any offence and she was acquitted. The man was found guilty and sentenced to death. He was hanged at Adelaide Gaol on 11 March 1862. Inspector Pettinger was buried at St Matthew's at Kensington.

1874 - Mark Bell beca...


Hey, Did You Ever Get the Source Code to that Thing Attached to Your Heart? "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Karen Sandler of the Software Freedom Conservancy delivered a keynote presentation last week at 2018 (LCA) in Sydney, Australia. Specifically she spoke about her multi-year odyssey to try to gain access to the source code for the pacemaker attached to her heart and upon which her life currently depends. Non-free software is having an increasingly (negative) impact on society as people entrust more of their lives to it. That software is found in an increasing number of places, both high and low, as all kinds of devices start to run fully networked microcomputers.

In her first LCA keynote 6 years ago, Karen first told the people of LCA about her heart condition and the defibrillator that she needed to have implanted. This year she described her continued quest to receive the source code for the software running in her defibrillator, and how far she has been able to get in obtaining the source code that she's been requesting for over a decade now.

Source : Karen Sandler Delivered Keynote at

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