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Saturday, 17 March


Terrorists Digital Messages Target of ASEAN, Australia, pact "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

(Bloomberg) Terrorists operating in Southeast Asia will be targeted in a pan-regional pact designed to enhance intelligence sharing and disrupt potential attackers ability to communicate through digital messaging.

Terrorism is a truly global threat, as digital as it is dangerous, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said on Saturday at the signing of a counter-terrorism memorandum of understanding at his countrys special summit with Association of Southeast Asian Nations leaders in Sydney. The use of social media and encrypted messaging applications is a challenge for us all, and one we must tackle together.

Image result for digital, messaging, photos

The nations committed to improve legislative and enforcement tools to combat the cross-border movement of extremists, including obtaining and using electronic communications evidence for prosecutions. They also pledged to increase legislative efforts to boost counter-terrorism financing and information-sharing between members.

Read more on whats next for ISIS

The move comes as concern in Southeast Asia grows about the influence of ISIS-inspired terrorists returning from the Middle East, with Indonesia and Philippines seen by some experts as vulnerable to further attacks. Australia,....


Human Rights Protests Surround ASEAN Summit in Sydney, Australia "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Demonstrators have rallied against Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi and Cambodias Hun Sen. The protests have overshadowed a regional agreement targeting terror groups use of encrypted platforms.

Members of the Rohingya community gather in Hyde park to protest against Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who is attending the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, ASEAN, special summit, in Sydney

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Sydney on Saturday to protest Southeast Asian leaders gathering in the Australian city for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit.

We are here today in solidarity among the communities from Southeast Asia who are facing dictatorship and genocide, of course particularly in the Rohingya community, said Shawfikul Islam from the Australian Burmese Rohingya Organization.

Read more: Myanmars Rohingya: A history of forced exoduses

Banners carried by protesters showed images of Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi with a stylized moustache reminiscent of Nazi Germany dictator Adolf Hitler, calling for her to return the esteemed prize. She has had several awards revoked over the military campaign.

Suu Kyi has been accused by Western governments and human rights groups of doing nothing to stop the Burmese military from implementing a brutal crackdown against the Muslim-minority Rohingya in western Myanmar. Many have called it a campaign of ethnic cleansing.

Protesters rallying against Cambodia's Hun SenProtesters have.....


Australian personal investment portfolio profiles reveal a sjgnificant lack of diversification and a fondness for shares "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

This is indeed the wealthiest retired generation ever in Australian history. Self-funded or partly self-funded retirees appear to enjoy a significantly higher standard of living than those who rely on the Aged Pension  [Australian Centre for Australian Studies, August 2016]

According to the Australian Stock Exchange in 2017 there were over 11 million investors across the country.

Given the many words being written on the subject of share dividend imputation and franking credits here is a broad breakdown of the investment types these people hold.

Sources of income during retirement

In 201617, there were 3.6 million persons, aged 45 years and over, who reported that they were retired from the labour force. This group comprised 1.7 million men and 1.9 million women. Just over half of all retired persons were aged 70 years and over (56% of retired men and 52% of retired women).



Batman By-election (VIC) and South Australian General Election, Saturday 17 March 2018 - tally room links "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

SA Electoral Commission - South Australian General Election

Virtual Tally Room here - after 6.30pm Sydney time.

ABC Election Coverage 2018 #SAvotes - ABC Radio ADELAIDE ...

Australian Electoral Commission - Batman By-election Victoria

Virtual Tally Room here - counting begins after 6pm.

ABC News 24


The Weekend Quiz March 17-18, 2018 answers and discussion "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Here are the answers with discussion for this Weekends Quiz. The information provided should help you work out why you missed a question or three! If you havent already done the Quiz from yesterday then have a go at it before you read the answers. I hope this helps you develop an understanding of modern monetary theory (MMT) and its application to macroeconomic thinking. Comments as usual welcome, especially if I have made an error.

Question 1:

Start from a situation where both the external surplus and the fiscal surplus are equal to 2 per cent of GDP. If the fiscal balance stays constant and the external surplus rises to be 4 per cent of GDP then national income has to rise and the private domestic balance moves from 0 to 2 per cent of GDP.

The answer is True.

This question applies the sectoral balances approach.

To refresh your memory the balances are derived as follows. The basic income-expenditure model in macroeconomics can be viewed in (at least) two ways: (a) from the perspective of the sources of spending; and (b) from the perspective of the uses of the income produced. Bringing these two perspectives (of the same thing) together generates the sectoral balances.

From the sources perspective we write:

(1) GDP = C + I + G + (X M)

which says that total national income (GDP) is the sum of total final consumption spending (C), total private investment (I), total government spending (G) and net exports (X M).

Expression (1) tells us that total income in the economy per period will be exactly equal to total spending from all sources of expenditure.

We also have to acknowledge that financial balances of the sectors are impacted by net government taxes (T) which includes all tax revenue minus total transfer and interest payments (the latter are not counted independently in the expenditure Expression (1)).

Further, as noted above the trade account is only one aspect of the financial flows between the domestic economy and the external sector. we have to include net external income flows (FNI).

Adding in the net external income flows (FNI) to Expression (2) for GDP we get the familiar gross national product or gross national income measure (GNP):

(2) GNP = C + I + G + (X M) + FNI

To render this approach into the sectoral balances form, we subtract total net taxes (T) from both sides of Expression (3) to get:

(3) GNP T = C + I + G + (X M) + FNI T

Now we can collect the terms by arranging...


Q&A Critique & transcript for "A Big Australia" Monday 12 March, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Growth lobbyists outnumbered environment and democracy proponents three to two on Last Monday's Q and A on ABC 1, with Jane Fitzgerald (Property Council of Australia), Jonathan Daley (Grattan Institute) and Dr Jay Song (Immigration professional who arrived here two years ago) and Tony Jones (Compere) vs Tim Flannery (Population scientist and author of the famous Future Eaters) and Bob Carr, (journalist, environmentalist, and former Premier of New South Wales). The show started with a brilliant question from audience member, Matthew Bryan. He read it off his mobile phone, with a steely emotional intensity that only someone blinded by dollar values could have ignored, and all the growthists did, of course. Nonetheless since the ABC almost never invites representatives of the non-growth side, we could call this an improvement. Read on for a commentary on some of the highlights and lowlights of this historic confrontation between truth and lies and ignorance.

Most egregious in argument technique and substance was Dr Jay Song, described as an 'Immigration Expert'. Property Council of Australia's Jane Fitzgerald seemed to know enough to underplay the almost absolute power of the Property Council of Australia, which is on the way to running and ruining this country. Grattan Institute representative Jonathan Daley urbanely projected a dispassionate acceptance of growth as a given, and significant expertise in growth cliches.

Tim Flannery waved his hand like a man drowning at sea, yet often failed to get the attention of the moderator who seemed unaccountably fascinated by Dr Jay Song.

Water and the NBN

Flannery's suggestions for democratic decisions and common sense about Australia's vital resource poverty may have been overly sophisticated for the growthists and the commentator, who seemed unaware of the fact that we are 30% desert, 30% rangeland and only 4% truly fertile land. On the other hand, maybe they understand, but just didn't want to discuss anything real. Tony Jones actually implied that lack of water could be overcome by the rolling out of the NBN. Will we ever know if he was joking or serious?




Normal 0 false false false EN-AU X-NONE X-NONE ...


New England Stories - Camp Victory and the Casino Boys "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Netherlands East Indies troops march Melbourne 1943

Over the first part of 2017 I wrote a series of posts on my history blog telling a little of the story of Camp Victory and the Casino Boys.

The story begins with the fall of the Netherlands to the Germans and then switches to the Netherlands East Indies where the Dutch Government in exile and the Netherlands East Indies are trying to strengthen local defences in the face of a looming Japanese threat. With the fall of the Netherlands, elements of the Netherlands East Indies (NEI) government and forces escape to Australia.

.In Australia a government in exile is created, the only official one ever created on Australian soil, and bases established. One, Camp Victory, was located outside Casino.

Among those who came to Camp Victory in 1945 were a group of young Dutchmen brought to Australia for pilot training. With the war winding down their training was constantly delayed.

As news of the Indonesian declaration of independence reached Australia , Indonesian soldiers serving as part of the NEI forces refused to continue service.

Now fighting to re-establish its control of the East Indies, the NIE gov...


APVMA announces site for its New Armidale national headquarters "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

On 12 March the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA)  named 102 Taylor Street and 91 Beardy Street as the site for the authoritys permanent office in Armidale. The site includes the former Armidale Club building and then extends at the back to Taylor Street.

The announcement was made on site by the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, the Hon. David Littleproud MP, the Member for New England, the Hon. Barnaby Joyce MP, and APVMA Chief Executive Officer, Dr Chris Parker.

A purpose-built, two-storey office will be constructed by the Stirloch Group (Stirloch), a developer based in Queensland and Victoria that has considerable experience with large government developments.

This is a significant milestone in the APVMAs relocation from Canberra to Armidale, Dr Parker said.

The APVMA has made a long-term commitment to deliver agvet chemical regulation from regional Australia for the benefit of our clients and stakeholders. We have signed a 15-year lease with Stirloch, with possible extensions.

Our move to Armidale now has real momentum. We have 15 staff at the interim office at 246 Beardy Street, and that number will double by the end of March.

More staff will relocate from Canberra and more jobs will be advertised that I hope will attract local talent from Armidale and the surrounds to help us deliver robust regulation and top rate services to Australias agvet chemical industry.

The APVMA will have around 150 staff based at the permanent Armidale office once construction and fit-out is complete in mid-2019.

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Friday, 16 March


March 17 On This Day in Australian History "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

1808 Bishop Barker - the bloke not the beer glass - was pupped today. Fred Barker became the Anglican Bishop of Sydney and, in typical Aussie fashion, his tea-totalling ways were completely respected in the naming of the biggest glass of beer in the late 1800's.

1809 Bligh picked up his bat and ball and sailed, not for England as he'd promised those wiley NSW Corps, but for Hobart.

1826 Bushranger Matthew Brady, another naughty lad, was captured by John Batman near crystal ball tells me it'll all end in tears.

1843 Partying in style in Sydney during St Paddy's Day celebrations 2 Montgolfier balloons showed off gave an exhibition to wow the crowds.

1853 St Kilda road, Melbourne was the setting for many an armed hold up during the Victorian gold rush and today saw the last major robbery attempt...apart from the robbery real estate agents have been getting away with ever since.

1856 - The foundation stone of St Francis Xavier's Cathedral, Adelaide, was laid on this day.

1870 John Ross discovered and named the Alice Springs while exploring the route for the Australian Overland Telegraph Line.

1908 A.W. Canning, a forward thinking type of bloke, set out to equip a stock route between Halls Creek and Wiluna in Westralia. It is now known as The Canning Stock Route, perhaps named after the chap who sunk 52 wells by the time he finished in December 1909.

1910 Beating Harry Houdini by 1 day but being over-looked in the magician's smoke and mirrors, Fred Custance flew the first powered flight in a Bleriot monoplane in South Oz.

1942 Gen Douglas MacArthur rocked up to Oz and set up shop in Melbourne.
Ahh, the hardships people must endure in war time...

1943 General Douglas MacArthur more than slightly miffed the Aussies when he claimed that before he graced Aussie soil with his presence the govt was ready to hand the northern part of Australia to the Japanese.

1943 The Brisbane Courier Mail newspaper ran the article in which the Trade and Customs Minister announced in the Senate that unless more barley was grown the Aussie beer output of 7,200,000 gallons per month would have to be cut.
What, no green ale?!

1962 Today saw the grand opening/airing of CBN 8 Orange (CBN = Country Broadcasting New South Wales) a TV station that is now affiliated with Prime7.
Where they, no doubt, had a few sherberts in the green hue.

1967 And they most probably raised a glass or 3 at the official opening of the Honeysuckle Creek Space Tracking Station in Canberra on this day; this was the famous antenna that received, then relayed to the whole world, the TV images of Neil Armstrong taking a Sunday stroll on the Moon.



Quote of the Week "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

With no clear international achievement to his name, his major accomplishment in foreign policy has been provoking significant global backlash almost across the board. [Journalist Andrew Hammond writing about US President Donald J. Trump in The Sydney Morning Herald, 14 March2018]


Tweet of the Week "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"


PERTH Perth court news "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

snip .

Perth court news .

March 16, 2018 at 10:40AM .

who then took him to the Perth Magistrates Court to answer an accusation that he had Magna Structural Systems Inc. Perth & Kinross Court hears allegations of bizarre classroom jotter struggle at primary school More news for Perth Court This website uses cookies. Men arrested over Joondalup .



Indonesia pushes for Southeast Asian patrols of disputed waters "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

REUTERS | Published  Friday 16 March 2018

Image result for Indonesian President Joko Widodo, on navy ship, photos

Indonesias president Joko Widodo holds a cabinet meeting on a warship off the Natuna Islands, in what has been called Indonesias strongest message to China over assertion of the South China Sea.

SYDNEY: Indonesia has lobbied Southeast Asian countries to carry out maritime patrols in the disputed South China Sea, claimed in most part by China, to improve security, Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu said on Friday.

Indonesia says its a non-claimant state in the South China Sea dispute but has clashed with China over fishing rights around the Natuna Islands and expanded its military presence there, and also renamed the northern reaches of its exclusive economic zone, asserting its own maritime claim.

Austalian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and Defense Minister Marise Payne held talks with their Indonesian counterparts Retno Marsudi and Ryacudu in Sydney, ahead of an Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit.

Australia is hosting the meeting, despite not being a member of the 10-nation bloc, as it seeks to tighten political and trade ties in the region amid Chinas rising influence.

For the South China Sea, I went around to friends ASEAN defense ministers so that each country that faces the South China Sea patrols up to 200 nautical miles, around 230 kilometers, Ryacudu told reporters at a joint press conference.

Image may contain: ocean, sky, outdoor and water

HMAS Ballarat (center) conducts a passage exercise in the South China Sea with Japanese maritime self defense force ships,  June 2017

Indonesia is focusing on three areas, notably the Sulu Sea, the Malacca Strait and the seas around the coast of Thailand, Ryacudu said, referring to existing cooperation with Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines.

If we look at the (borders) from Vietnam down to Indonesia and to the Philippines, we can see we have secured almost half of the South China Sea (in areas) we are already patrolling.

China claims most of the South China Sea, an important trade route and which is believed to contain large quantities of oil and natural gas, and has been building artifici...


Protectionism is a dead-end, embrace free trade: Malcolm Turnbull "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

SYDNEY: Countries must embrace free trade and not retreat from it, and they must do so on the basis of strong and transparent rules, fair and open competition, and non-discriminatory legislation, said Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Friday (Mar 16).

He was speaking at a conference for small and medium-sized businesses held on the sidelines of the first ASEAN-Australia Special Summit.

Open markets, together with democracy, have been two of the most powerful forces in human history, and they have led to worldwide growth and prosperity, said Mr Turnbull, giving the assurance that Australia will continue to work with its closest neighbours in the region.

You dont grow stronger by closing the door to other markets. Protectionism is a dead-end. It is not a ladder to get you out of the low-growth trap its a shovel to dig it much deeper, added Mr Turnbull.

Mr Turnbull could be alluding to US President Donald Trumps controversial move to impose a 25 per cent tariff on steel imports and a 10 per cent tariff on aluminium, which could potentially affect Australia.

He described the free trade agreement inked with ASEAN, Australia and New Zealand (AANZFTA) as a demonstration to the world of what can be done by sharing ideas, expertise and new technologies for mutual benefit.

On the note of forging closer ties with ASEAN, Mr Turnbull announced that Australia will be working with the regional grouping to develop digital-trade standards, particularly for SMEs, in this age of technological advancements.

Nowhere is the potential for digital trade greater than in our region, said Mr Turnbull, who cited Google estimates of almost 4 million new users from Southeast Asia coming online every month, making it the fastest-growing Internet market in the world.

But he noted that the scale and pace in which things are changing is putting enormous pressure on existing regulations.

The ASEAN-Australia Digital Trade Standards joint initiative provides both sides with a consistent framework to deve...


The Whitlams "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The Whitlams


The Whitlams will tour nationally in May and June 2018 in their classic four-piece configuration to
bring their 25th year to a rowdy finale.
Starting the anniversary year in May 2017 selling out concert halls in each state capital with 60
piece orchestras, they end it with a jaunt through their favourite pub gigs around the country. They
are ditching the conductor and the charts, and are back to the common muscle-memory of 1000
shows and six albums.
The Whitlams' line up of Tim Freedman on piano and vocals, Jak Housden on guitar, Warwick
Hornby on bass and Terepai Richmond on drums will be delivering the sort of sprawling,
rambunctious set they have become famous for.
We are looking forward to eight weeks straight and delving deep into the catalogue, said Tim
Freedman. We are going to prepare some rarely played album cuts from the first two albums
Introducing' and Undeniably' and Im sure theyll suit the pubs as well as they did 25 years ago.
The Whitlams are proud to announce that they are picking up a few other stars of the 90s to make
these nights especially memorable Alex Lloyd and Deborah Conway will join the bill in Sydney,
Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Adelaide.
The band's career achievements include seven albums, three multi-Platinum and three Gold, and
three ARIA Awards including the Best Group presented by Gough Whitlam in 1998. In 2011
Eternal Nightcap was voted 27th on the ABC's My Favourite Album poll, and more recently
earned the 17th spot in Triple Js Hottest Australian Albums of All Time.

The post The Whitlams appeared first on The Zoo.


Blues Uke Night "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

This months UKE NIGHT at Club Mullum from 6:30pm on Thursday 22 March (a week earlier that usual), Miss Amber and Stukulele are presenting a tasty selection of Ol Time BLUES tunes with all its forms and sub genres for you to strum and or sing along with.

Special guest vocalist Shelly Brown is back as is hubby Dan Brown on keys and Kate Gittens is back on the wind type instruments.

Always a great night out! Join the mailing list for the monthly songbooks @

Entry Adults $12.50 kids under 16 $2.50

The post Blues Uke Night appeared first on Byron Bay Blog.


The Weekend Quiz March 17-18, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Welcome to The Weekend Quiz. The quiz tests whether you have been paying attention or not to the blogs I post. See how you go with the following questions. Your results are only known to you and no records are retained.

1. Start from a situation where both the external surplus and the fiscal surplus are equal to 2 per cent of GDP. If the fiscal balance stays constant and the external surplus rises to be 4 per cent of GDP then national income has to rise and the private domestic balance moves from 0 to 2 per cent of GDP.

2. If all bank loans had to be backed by reserves held at the bank then this would act as a brake on the capacity of the banks to lend.

3. Assume a nation's central bank successfully maintains a zero interest rate policy and recession keeps the inflation rate at zero. Under these circumstances a program of fiscal austerity can reduce the public debt ratio even if the movements in the automatic stabilisers reduce the growth of tax revenue.



The current state of Australian UFOlogy "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Dear readers,

Today's post is being typed as I lounge by the backyard family swimming pool with a glass of Victorian Chardonnay at hand. It is a personal reflection of my recent review of several Australian UFO websites; over 60 Australian UFO Facebook pages; several Australian blogs belonging to individuals, and private email discussions with a number of selected high profile Australian 'researchers.'


No, not the android character from the Star Trek franchise, but pieces of information. Sightings of things in the Australian sky are reported to a large number of Internet sites. These range from overseas based organisations such as MUFON, to Peter Devonport's NUFORC, to local sites such as UFOR (NSW) Incorporated, and UFOR (Qld) Incorporated. Both Sydney and Perth observatories receive sightings, as do dozens of Facebook pages.

I can't find anyone who regularly monitors this vast area of data; collects it in one place and attempts to analyse it. The one exception to this statement is that for a period of 12 months, Melbourne based researcher Paul Dean and my co-blogger Keith Basterfield (on a long term break from UFO research at the moment) did just that. However, it is interesting to note that almost no Australian UFOlogists commented that they found it of any value to them!


Readers of my last few columns will be aware by now that the question of lack of interest in analysis of sightings by Australian UFO 'researchers' is a pet peeve of mine. Raw sightings contain valuable information about the UFO phenomenon. When was the last time you saw a table of numbers of reports versus time of day for Australian sightings? Or a breakdown of types of Australian sightings under the J Allen Hynek classification system, ie nocturnal lights, CE 1, CE2 etc? Or the number of witnesses per type of sighting? On the la...


Causes of death patterns and people's use of aged care "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Nearly 245,000 older people (Indigenous Australians aged 50 and over, and non-Indigenous Australians aged 65 and over) died between July 2012 and June 2014. This report presents information on the cause of death patterns, and any aged care services they used before their death. This is the first time this analysis has been done in Australia.

The leading causes of death for these older Australians were Coronary heart disease (14% of deaths), Dementia (9%), Cerebrovascular disease (stroke) (8%), Lung cancer (5%), Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (5%) and Diabetes (3%).

These 6 conditions also account for more than 40% of the total burden of disease for older Australians.

4 in 5 (80%) of people in the study cohort had used an aged care program sometime before their death. Cause of death patterns differed somewhat between this group and people who had not used any aged care.

Coronary heart disease (14%) was the leading underlying cause of death for people who had used aged care, followed by Dementia (11%). For people who had not used aged care, Coronary heart disease was also the leading underlying cause of death (16%), but this was followed by Lung cancer (9%). Cancer-related causes were more common among those who had not used any aged care.

Causes of death patterns and people's use of aged care.


NSW Cannabis Medicines Advisory Service "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The NSW Cannabis Medicines Advisory Service provides expert clinical guidance and support to NSW doctors considering prescribing a cannabis medicine for their patient.Based at John Hunter Hospital at Hunter New England Local Health District, the Service offers expert clinical advice to NSW doctors on whether cannabinoids may be an appropriate treatment option for their patient, available clinical evidence, known contraindications and risks, available products, and monitoring requirements.

The Service is part of the NSW Government $21 million commitment to advance our understanding for the safe and appropriate use of cannabis medicines to treat serious and debilitating symptoms. It is available to NSW doctors and health care professionals. It is operational Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm snd can be contacted by email> or by telephone (02) 4923 6200.

The Service can assist with:

* understanding the latest evidence around cannabis medicines
* understanding the regulatory requirements for cannabis prescription
* considering tools to monitor a patient's progress whilst using cannabis medicines
* provision of protocols to facilitate cannabis medicine prescribing
* information about dosing and titration in individual patients


Saffin to run as Labor head office intervenes in Lismore, Ballina pre-selections "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Janelle Saffin is hoping to be the next state representative for Lismore. Tree Faerie


Labors head office in Sydney has intervened in local branch pre-selections for the state seats of Lismore and Ballina to ensure it has a greater chance of winning the Federal seat of Page from Kevin Hogan.

Ballinas Deputy Mayor is now hoping to be the next Labor candidate for Page. Photo supplied

In Ballina, deputy mayor Keith Williams has chosen not to nominate for the state election despite announcing his intention to do so last month.

And in Lismore former Federal MP Janelle Saffin has put herself forward, and will fight it out against local Lismore woman Jasmine Knight-Smith.

Lismores mayor Isaac Smith withdrew from the race after pressure from Labors head office in Sydney which wanted a female candidate.

Ballinas Cr Williams decision not to run also followed an approach from  Labors assistant general secretary George Simon who told him that Labor had bigger plans for him as the potential candidate for the Federal...


Preparing for disruption by driverless and electric cars "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

MOST governments and regulators will admit they were taken by surprise by Uber, yet with many car companies expecting to have driverless cars in the early 2020s (two years away), a lot of questions remain unanswered. The chief executive and commissioner of the National Transport Commission, Paul Retter, acknowledged as much at the Australian Logistics Council Forum in Sydney last week. Equally, electric cars (driverless or not) present a major tax question. Smart governments would be preparing for the disruption.

Australias position is made worse because it is a federation. The states jealously guard several key things: revenue from car registration; power over traffic enforcement; power to set the traffic rules; and power over compensation for personal injury on the road.

The last one is particularly contentious as the present ACT jury studying the system attests. Governments are sensitive to high premiums (which many motorists confuse with government-imposed registration fees). And they are concerned by the powerful insurance lobby which in the early years of this century successfully browbeat state governments to cut victims compensation rights.

Now emerging technology presents an opportunity to sweep away this mish-mash of eight sets of driver licensing, vehicle registration and injury compensation schemes overlaid by a national fuel tax and national vehicle importation rules.

Now there is no domestic car industry and all vehicles are imported, it would be sensible to have federal vehicle registration based on the federally mandated standards for imported vehicles.

There is so much integration now with the state demerit-points systems and the road laws, we may as well have one Australian driver licensing and road-law scheme which the states can continue to administer.

The Feds might be able to use its international trade power to do this, but it would be better if the states co-operated.

How do we get the states to agree? By the usual two methods the Feds get the states to agree on any uniform action: bribery and blackmail. Join the scheme or your funding dries up.

Enter the technology. Telematics are so sophisticated now...


Arts Thursday 15 March Introducing Cement Fondu "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Arts Thursday 15 March 2018, presented by Bronwyn Rennex


Megan Monte (left) and Josephine Skinner (right) Directors of Cement Fondu in the project space that was a collaboration between Studio A artist Emily Crockford and artist Rosie Deacon.



I speak to Josephine Skinner and Megan Monte, Co-Directors of a new contemporary art space in Paddington called Cement Fondu.

Cement Fondu will present a multi art form program of curated exhibitions, featuring visual arts, performance, dance and music by Australian and International artists.

The inaugural exhibition takes a fresh look at SUBURBIA through the eyes of a culturally and geographically diverse selection of artists. It will include collaborations with other organisations including Studio A  who tackle the barriers that artists living with intellectual disability face in accessing conventional education, professional development pathways and opportunities needed to be successful and renowned visual artists and Sweatshop Western Sydney Literacy Movement who are devoted to empowering groups and individuals from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds through training and employment in creative and critical writing initiatives.

My music selection for the show has a suburban feel.



The whole program can be heard through the Arts Thursday page by clicking on the date 15 March 2018.And watch out for individual podcasts at a later date.

Join Bronwyn Rennex fortnightly from 10:30 to noon on Arts Thursday.

The post Arts Thursday 15 March Introducing Cement Fondu appeared first on 89.7 Eastside FM....


The strange case of alleged sexual predator Malka Leifer in Israel "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

My investigation in the Sydney Morning Herald/Melbourne Age:

The legal pursuit in Israel of alleged sexual predator Malka Leifer took a strange turn this week.

As she fought extradition attempts by Victoria Police over 74 charges of child sexual abuse, the 54-year-old first gained, then lost the support of influential Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman.

Grossman is a highly respected rabbi in Israel. He was awarded the Israel Prize for lifetime achievement in 2004  Israels highest cultural honour  and hes the founder and head of Migdal Ohr, a major NGO that helps children and underprivileged teens across Israel.

But last week, in a surprise appearance before the Jerusalem district court, he pledged to monitor Leifer under house arrest if the judge agreed to her release from police custody.

It was humiliating, he claimed, for Leifer to remain incarcerated, and bad for her mental health.

The court apparently agreed and authorised her release.

Leifer is a former teacher and principal at Melbournes ultra-orthodox Adass Israel girls school, who fled Australia with the aid of the Adass community after her alleged offending was revealed.

One of Leifers alleged victims, Melbourne-based Dassi Erlich, was gutted at the courts decision.

We are trying so desperately to hold onto hope and trying to desperately see justice. We want to hold onto the fact that we will see her back in Australia one day, she said.

However, early this week, Grossman reversed his position and withdrew support for Leifer, citing the perception that his backing had been interpreted as supporting an attempt to avoid trial.

There are many confounding aspects of this case including the role of Rabbi Grossman.

Grossman has assisted accused sexual predators before, including Breslov Rabbi Eliezer Berland who fought extradition to Israel from South Africa.  Grossman went to South Africa twice and...


Saving the world one development at a time "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Chair of Rainforest Rescue Madeleine Faught with reseach assistant Melissa Bautista celebrating their cassowary award. Photo Aslan Shand.

Rainforest Rescue may be based in Mullumbimby but their work of protecting rainforests stretches around the world with a significant amount of their work focussing on the Daintree low land rainforest. The primary aim for the organisation is purchasing and protecting high conservation value rainforest and preserving its biodiversity.

In recognition of this valuable work they recently received the prestigious Thorsborne Award at the 2018 Wet Tropics Management Authoritys Cassowary Awards night in Cairns.

Named in honour of Margaret Thorsborne a renowned environmental activist, now in her 90s, known for throwing herself in front of bulldozers the award is in its 30th year.

Margaret was a forerunner in dedicating her life to saving the wet tropics, said Madeleine Faught who is chair of the board of Rainforest Rescue.

Madeleine attended the ceremony with her partner Dr Robert Kooyman and was honoured to share the award with Dr Karen Coombes an internationally recognised scientist who works with tree kangaroos.

We were the only out off state organisation nominated for an award, continued Margaret.

Were are so hands on and there is so much passion behind what we do. I felt gratified and so excited that our long years of dedicated work were recognised by such a prestigious award. I was felt honoured to have the stage with so many other passionate people focussed on conserving and preserving the world heritage values of the area.

Since their beginning in 2004 Rainforest Rescue have purchased 30 properties. The primary criteria for property purchases are around the significance of the remnant rainforest on the property as well as connectivity corridors for animals like the endangered cassowary.

Many of the properties they buy are on the market to be developed an...


Asbestos test kits on offer for Tweed householders "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Tweed householders will soon be able to use asbestos test kits at $45 per kit to allow them to sample material for identification.

Tweed Shire Council is set to place on public exhibition its plan for the testing kits in a scheme which other northern rivers councils are participating in.

If the test does identify asbestos containing material (ACM), council says residents may then make an informed decision when undertaking any renovation or repairs at their home.

As part of updating its waste policy, council is also proposing to introduce smaller (140-litre) mobile bins for organics collection with a $75 so residents have a choice with the larger 240-litre green-lid bins available since July last year at an annual fee of $80 for 52 collections.

Council staff say that since introducing the service, it had received a number of requests for a smaller 140-litre organics bin from people generating small quantities of organic waste or who had difficulty handling the larger 240-litre bin.

They say the contract rate for collection of the 240-litre organics bin is 74 cents per collection, while the 140-litre organics bin will be 73 cents per collection and processing costs at the Stotts Creek Resource Resource Centre.

The proposed bin costs-recovery charge was placed on public exhibition and received one submission in relation to the 140-litre green bin.

In their report, staff said this submission was from councils supervisor of customer service who recommended some additional bin size options and improved operational efficiencies.

They said councils waste management unit will negotiate those recommendations with its waste collections contractor who will be supplying the 140-litre organics bin and coordinating any uptake of the service.

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Tweed set to manage its flying-fox camps "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

By Luis Feliu

Tweed Shire Council is set to adopt a plan which aims to protect flying foxes while addressing community concerns over the 16 known active flying-fox camps in the shire.

In the past, flying fox camps near residential areas have caused some angst with residents, with some considering them a nuisance and taking their own action to get rid of them or stop them from settling there.

But others including conservationists say the two species of flying fox (Black and Grey-headed) are listed as vulnerable or protected under state and federal law and should be looked after.

The state government in 2015, through the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH), released its flying-fox camp management policy to provide councils and land managers guidance to work with their local communities in managing the impacts of the camps on surrounding communities.

The council plan is in accordance to that policy in recommending shire-wide or regional camp management
approaches to address the movement of flying-foxes, seasonal relocation of camps and implications of management actions for humans and flying-foxes.

At its meeting next Thursday, Tweed councillors will consider adopting its own camp management plan.

Its stated aims are: to support councils ability to respond to community concerns regarding flying foxes; ensure positive conservation outcomes for flying foxes in the shire; enhance community awareness and understanding of flying-fox ecology and behaviour; and facilitate streamlined camp management approvals and actions where appropriate.

The plan, endorsed by council in late 2016, was put on public exhibition late last year and received seven submissions from organisations and individuals.

Council staff says some of the key issues raised by the submissions included:

* Support for the objectives, comprehensive camp information and conservation strategy of the plan.

* Recognition of the importance of education and support for the education strategy within the plan.

* Recognition of the critical and unique opportunity presented through strategic land use planning to avoid creating situations of conflict by not locating residential development near existing flying-fox camps.

* Concern that the plan does not adequately prioritise people affected by flying-fox camps and that the plan states a preference for the management of flying-fox camps in situ.

* Recommendations for increased buffer distances and increased use of buffer zones to reduce conflict between people and flying-fox camps.

In their report, staff say all the Tweed camps are seasonally variable in relation to the...

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Thursday, 15 March


Shark nets continue to kill harmless marine life "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

One of two rays found caught in shark nets off Ballina beaches. Photo Sea Shepherd

Only one of 56 animals caught in shark nets along the north coast was a target shark species, according to new data.

Humane Society International marine scientist Jessica Morris said the data proved the nets do not work and continue to kill harmless and threatened marine life.

Figures from January and February show out of 56 caught animals 15 were killed, including dolphins, rays, and hammerhead sharks which are harmless to humans. Only one of the animals captured was a target shark species, Ms Morris said.

Last seasons shark net trial on the North Coast caught 9 target sharks making up only 3 per cent of the total catch, with the remaining 97 per cent comprising harmless marine animals, including a critically endangered grey nurse shark, four dolphins and 11 threatened marine turtles.

The NSW North Coast net exemption allows shark net trials to continue until 31 October 2019, despite the shocking marine animal death statistics and negative community feedback after the first trial concluded last year.

How many more months of damning data will it take for government to finally realise this experiment is an utter failure, and shut it down?

Non-lethal alternatives to nets are available and we cannot afford to keep killing harmless and protected species for the next 18 months or more..

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Hundreds still displaced from homes after floods "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A flooded Lismore received a drenching from the tail end of Tropical Cyclone Debbie. AAP Image/Dave Hunt

A survey of of more than 2,500 Northern Rivers people affected by the 2017 floods shows that four per cent of residents are still displaced and a fifth of residents were still distressed.

As the anniversary of the floods approach, a study has found that the flood had a significant impact on mental health and wellbeing.

The University Centre for Rural Health will release the initial findings of the After the Flood survey at a seminar on Thursday March 22.

Across the Northern Rivers region more than 2,500 people responded to the survey, providing valuable insights into the extent of flood damage and how it affected them.

Project Co-ordinator Dr Veronica Matthews said almost everyone who did the survey reported being affected by flood damage.

Our findings show that the mental health risk was higher for people who had a number of places flooded, and the risk increased the longer someone was displaced from their home.

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to respond to the survey, and we know it was challenging for some people to think back on their flood experience.

We will have more survey findings in the future on aspects such as the impact on specific groups, and factors that may build resilience.

UCRH Director Ross Bailie said it was important that the information from the survey was used to help prepare for and respond to natural disasters.

We promised to report the survey results back to the community, and the research seminar at UCRH on 22 March is part of this process.

We have briefed our State MPs and other community leaders about the initial survey findings, and highlighted the importance of mental health impacts of natural disasters to planning and policy making.

Our community advisory groups, made up of representatives of business, residents groups, volunteers, government and non-government agencies have begun working on responses to this research, Mr Bailie said.

The initial findings will be presented at a health research seminar at the University Centre for Rural Health on Thursday 22 March 2018 at 5pm.

The post...


Indonesia supports Aust inclusion in ASEAN "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Indonesias President Joko Widodo has indicated his support for Australia to join the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, ahead of a special summit in Sydney.
I think its a good idea, he told Fairfax Media in an interview published on Friday.
The president said it would be better for stability, economic stability, and also political stability. Sure, it will be better for the region.
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull responded to the interview by saying he looked forward to discussing that with President Jokowi if he raises it with me.
Mr Turnbull will on Friday open a special leaders summit in Sydney at a business forum attended by the 10 ASEAN member country leaders.
The summit marks a coming of age of Australias relationship with Southeast Asia, he said on Thursday.As a bloc the 10 ASEAN member countries make up Australias third-largest trading partner, worth almost $100 billion in 2016/17.
Australia is not a formal member of ASEAN but maintains a role as a strategic partner and takes part in the biennial leaders summit first instituted in 2016.
Mr Turnbull hopes this years meeting will help to unlock new opportunities for trade and investment that will support jobs in Australia and across the region.
Mr Turnbull is particularly keen to see Australian small businesses get a piece of the action amid a rapidly expanding middle class in the region.
By 2030, there will be an estimated 161 million middle-class households. The region is expected to grow by at least 5.4 per cent for the next decade, significantly higher than the global average.
Mr Turnbull will on Friday hold bilateral talks with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong after the pair dined together on Thursday night.
Mr Widodo arrives in Sydney on Friday and is expected to have dinner with Mr Turnbull at his Sydney harbourside home in the evening.
The two countries hope to sign a free trade deal on the sidelines of the summit after failing to meet a deadline late last year, although negotiations are ongoing.
AAP understands 95 per cent of the deal has been finalised.

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Staus of Bellingen Road as at March 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

from " The MyRoadInfo website"

Bellingen Road [Closed]
Road remains closed to the public from Byrnes Bridge. Designated as a Fire Trail Access only for emergency services vehicles and not maintained by Council. Vehicles travelling on this road do so at their own risk.


March 16 On This Day in Australian History "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

National Close the Gap Day
An annual event to raise awareness of the health experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Evidence indicates that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have a life expectancy approximately 10 years less than other Australians. The day aims to promote health equality within a generation.

1774 - Cat lovers, unite and celebrate with some fermented catnip!
Or purchase a Catshead apple tree from Rippon Lea to mark the occasion!
Matthew Flinders, explorer, navigator, author and faithful servant to his cat Trim, was pupped on this day in Lincolnshire.

1787 - The (rabble was rousing) First Fleet was gathering at Mother Bank off the Isle of Wight.

1791 - The first bush blocks land grants were made to free men ie those without either type of ball and chain.

1826 - saw the establishment of the Australian Subscription Library, which morphed into  the Sydney Free Public Library which in turn became the State Library of NSW.
Go and celebrate at a library today!
Or at least return those overdue books.

1836 - Down in Tassie a wooden tramway was completed where convicts hauled the trucks between Port Arthur and Norfolk Bay.
Lucky buggers, think of the stunning views they could have enjoyed!

1839 - William Hamilton a Presbyterian Minister appointed by the Presbytery of NSW wrote,
" The Aboriginal natives are not very numerous yet a few are found everywhere. I believe they have very much decreased since the settlers with their convict servants came among them and they are likely to decrease, not that they are now frequently killed by the whites in these parts which have been for some years settled but because they have few children or at least few that are seen growing up."

1841 - Edward Davis, who was not the Messiah but just another naughty bushranger handing out his booty to the poor, was "hanged by the neck until he was dead". Yep, that'll do it!

1914 Fourteen people died in a train accident at Exeter, New South Wales.

1928 - The Stony Crossing Railway Line was opened for its whole 63 kms from Murrabit (Vic) to Stony Crossing (NSW).

1932 - The first flashing light signal for road traffic crossing railway tracks was installed at Mentone in Moorabin Road.

1940 - Girls, steady yourselves!
Jockey Y fronts went on sale in NZ stores.

1949 -  A patronising paternalistic pat on the head to Aboriginals who'd served in the armed forces and allow them to FINALLY have the right to vote in their own country.

1949 - The 'esteemed' ASIO was established.
Ho, hum.

1961 - Monash University went into business of knocking knowledge into craniums....


Rapper Lil Wayne threatens concertgoers with guns after fan throws water bottle on stage "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Hey fool, put down the Purple Drank From NY Daily News: Lil Wayne changed his tune on stage after a fan threw a water bottle in his direction. The rapper was performing at the Jumanji Festival in Sydney, Australia, over Continue reading

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Wednesday, 31 January


Bellingen Shire Accommodation, Businesses, Events and News "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Your one-stop information hub for Bellingen, Dorrigo and Urunga news and events, accommodation and business listings. For locals and visitors.

Source: Bellingen Shire Accommodation, Businesses, Events and News

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Tuesday, 30 January


Fiona Boyes "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Equally at home on acoustic or electric guitars, Fionas repertoire is like a blues travelogue. Listen to her play and youll hear pre-war Delta slide, wailing laments, single chord Mississippi Hills grooves, intricate and beautiful finger-picking, rollicking New Orleans barrelhouse, greasy Memphis soul, driving classic Chicago sounds, the country stylings of Texas Swing, and the uptown sounds []


The Smileys "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Popular kids entertainers the Smileys are heading to the festival! They will perform on stage and will be wandering the festival saying hello to all the children.      

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Monday, 29 January


New twilight markets for Mullum "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Kat Creasey and Matt Whalley started the Design Collective together three years ago. Photo supplied.

The Mullumbimby Street Festival is a whole new experience for the Mullumbimby landscape and the twilight market is kicking off this Saturday from 3pm at the Mullum Leagues Club.

Taking you on an adventure of gourmet food, beer gardens and live music events the family-friendly market is a place where you can stop, relax, enjoy and feast on delicious food while listening to amazing local bands, said organiser Kat Creasey.

We are all about vibrant colour, diversity and celebrating creative talent. We have a mini festival feel and we are very family friendly! Its a picnic blanket environment where you can sit under the stars, fairy lights and bunting and enjoy a cold drink or two.

Moving home

Kat grew up in Mullumbimby as part of a very artsy creative family and her Dad did most of the murals in local schools.

Leaving high school behind her Kat studied marketing, graphic design, music, fashion design and e-commerce sales at the at the Byron Youth Activity Centre where she started a successful after school rock n roll and singing programme to help kids with confidence building. Now, with a good ten years of hosting vintage markets under her belt and is looking forward to moving back to the area.

I think the Byron region has needed a night food market for a long time and that shows with the thousands of people that support each event we host in the area. But also it is a really great opportunity for the leagues club to be put on the map, its such a beautiful location with the view of Mt Chincogan and lush green grass and visitors can camp on the grounds. Ryan, the manager of the leagues club, has been amazing in the organisation and he really thinks about what fun events he can organise. 



Fat Picnic "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Scotts Head Festival is super EXCITED to add these guys to our music lineup for 2018. YEEEEWWWW  Check out the clip below & head over to YouTube for more Fat Picnic Brisbanes own Roots & Funk outfit, Fat Picnic have built a reputation for creating music that is fun, high energy and keeps you dancing from start []


BULLHORN "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The Secret is OUT!!!!!!!!!! New wave brass band, BULLHORN, are an acoustic force of nature with a line up including 7 horn players, 1 drummer and 1 monster MC. With their high octane, combination of hard hitting hip hop, funk, soul, jazz, reggae their presence is formidable. 9 people in all, armed with trumpets, trombones, saxophones, []


Colin Lillie "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Colin Lillie Music is one not to be missed at this years Scotts Head Festival. Please click the link below to find out more about this Gypsy Scotsman with the most amazing voice. Keep scrolling to hear his sound & learn about his journey.

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Sunday, 28 January


The Monarch of the Sea "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

I am the monarch of the sea,
The ruler of the Queens Navee,
Whose praise Great Britain loudly chants.
And we are his sisters, and his cousins, and his aunts!
When at anchor here I ride,
My bosom swells with pride,
And I snap my fingers at a foemans taunts;
And so do his sisters, and his cousins, and his aunts!
Sir Joseph Porter, HMS Pinafore, Gilbert & Sullivan

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there dwelt a prince and his beautiful princess

It may be hard for post-baby boomer generations with their iPods and iPads, smartphones, Spotify and You Tube to imagine the halcyon days of pop-music when radio, vinyl, and badly miced, ramshackle live performances were the only pop music media available to the fans, when the venerably square BBC ruled the airwaves, when teenagers broke the musical shackles of the predictable and unthreatening forties and fifties with its big bands, comic songs and crooners by tuning-in, often under their bed-covers,  to the new sounds broadcast by Radio Luxembourg, and when enterprising and adventurous rebels endeavoured to throw off the cultural chains of the monochrome Aunty by setting up shop for themselves.

Fifty years ago last September, a new state was born in the North Sea just off the English coast. Its genesis lay in the herculean struggle of the English pirate radio stations to establish free and independent airwaves events so memorably portrayed in the rock n rolling, all singing and toking The Boat that Rocked.  Check the soundtrack its fab!


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Saturday, 27 January



Normal 0 false false false EN-AU X-NONE X-NONE ...

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Friday, 26 January


Weve got them Australia Day blues "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Today is our national day. We celebrate the first settlement of white settlers on Australian shores. Captain Cook had been here a decade before, and Dutch, Portuguese and English mariners had touched land at various point earlier in the century, but didnt find the amenities attractive enough to stick around.

Many people, particularly rightwing politicians and opinionistas, and white Anglo-Celtic nationalists regards this seminal moment as a good thing to borrow a phrase from 1066 and All That. After all, it brought the benefits of European civilization to those whom Rudyard Kipling might later have referred to as fluttered folk and wild, half demon and half child. After two centuries of dispossession, enslavement, massacre, and, in recent times, gradual steps towards recognition and restitution, many descendants of the first peoples think otherwise and regard 28th January as Invasion Day, a time of mourning.

Around this time every year, people argue about moving the date to one that is less divisive, and indeed, to one that more realistically commemorates the founding of the Commonwealth of Australia. January 1st for example. is put forward as the day six states came together as one Commonwealth under a federal government. The problem with January 1st is of course that being News Day, and already a fireworks and hoopla greeted day off, no one would notice.

As if responding to Pavlovs bell, folk of a conservative persuasion evoke the irrevocable sanctity of January 28th as a commemoration of how we became who we are that is, a mainly white and Christian but increasingly multihued and multifaith democracy at the fagend of the earth. The conservative media seize upon it as an opportunity to serve up overblown, meretricious flimflam not withstanding the fact that the story of the First Fleet is thrilling enough without over-leavening it with patriotic flagwaving, triumphalism, and a big serve of manifest destiny.

The idea celebrating the acknowledged virtues of our country its tolerance and openness, its acceptance of immigrants of all colours, cultures, and religious beliefs, its mythical values of mateship and a fair go are sound. In citizenship ceremonies across our island continent, migrants from all over swear allegiance to our nation and its English queen (but we wont go there). And yet, the day itself has evolved into a shibboleth, a caricature, a bombastic, jingoistic carnival of flags and fireworks, partying and posturing. Its as if we forget that on January 26 1788, Captain Arthur Phillip established a penal colony not a nation. Of the 1336 souls who landed, over half of them were in chains.


Thursday, 25 January


Using the rail corridor wisely "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Brunswick Community Care (BCCC) raised the idea of establishing community housing mobile home parks on railway land over 10 years ago.

The rail corridor between Casino and Murwillumbah includes a minimum 20m buffer zone either side of the tracks and additional lands were used for sidings, storage, workshops and station buildings.

Weve attended many Affordable Housing forums over the years to spruik the idea and spoke with councillors, community housing, welfare organisations and local builders featuring their small homes at these forums.

Our goal is to establish small low impact clustered housing sites along the rail corridor particularly around the disused stations in smaller communities with easy access to water/sewer/power connections.

With the potential to develop local housing initiatives and assist low income residents and local communities.

Community Care spoke to rail lands manager about leasing the Station Street land (which has had horses agisted for years) as we wanted a trial site close to town and services for over 55s who are facing serious housing stress.

Unfortunately, rail managers were only interested in commercial development and outright refused to consider any type of housing/residential use, claiming the soil is toxic.

Erecting Woolies food store and council chambers is not a health risk to staff or clients as theyre protected by a concrete slab and tarmac carparks!

Just last year council established a truck car park (after closing Byron Depot) next to Mullum station. Yet kids play and are exposed to these toxins at Railway Park, the pre-school and at the nearby community gardens, which is surrounded by railway lands.

No soil testing has been done on these sites but BCCc funds are available.

Its almost two decades since the passenger train was derailed and even longer since toxic substances were stored or used in these areas.

There may be noise issues if the trains/trail walk were (re)-established, as has happened in Byron.

Which is why our preference is for above ground relocatable houses to avoid flooding and toxins and any change of use.

Its a great idea and this push to sell off our public land may just be the impetus needed to get this project moving along.

Michele Grant, president, Bruns Community Care Council

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NEFA to boycott sham 20 year RFA consultation "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The North East Forest Alliance will be boycotting the DPI's sham consultation process on the Government's intent to extend Regional Forest Agreements (RFAs) for another 20 years.

"The government claim that they "are working closely with all parties" but their media release was the first we were told of their intent to "evergreen" NSW's RFAs, which means they will be automatically rolled over every five years with no more that a token desktop review", said NEFA spokesperson Dailan Pugh.

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