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Monday, 19 March


Wafi-Golpu to cost $US2.8b and will dump toxic tailings in the ocean "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Newcrest managing director Sandeep Biswas believes Wafi-Golpu is the companys best growth asset. Philip Gostelow

See also: New Campaign Seeks End to Ocean Mine Waste Dumping

Newcrest to spend more on $US2.8b Wafi-Golpu mine, chooses ocean tailings

Peter Ker | Australian Financial Review | 19 March 2018

Newcrest Minings top growth project Wafi-Golpu will cost $US200 million ($259 million) more to build under updated plans that envisage a larger mine being built and mine wastes being piped into the ocean.

Last estimated to cost $US2.6 billion, Newcrest said on Monday it would now cost $US2.8 billion to build a mine at the Wafi-Golpu site in Papua New Guinea, with the mine expected to last 28 years and offer an 18.2 per cent rate of return.

Capital spending over the life of the mine would rise to $US5.4 billion.

Wafi-Golpu will produce copper and gold,...

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Sunday, 18 March


EITI Report Launched "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Mathew Vari | Post Courier | March 19, 2018

The PNG Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) national secretariat launched its 2016 and 2015 reports last Friday.
Treasury Minister Charles Abel was on hand to launch both reports as the head of the secretariat Lucas Alkan delivered the progress of the country to the global initiative.
In launching its fourth report, Alkan said the Multi Stakeholder Group (MSG) agreed to publish the reports together as both reports will be used by the EITI International Secretariat to assess PNGs progress in implementation the initiative in the country.
EITI International started taking this thing up to make sure that companies that are operating in the countries we should know who is the owner, the shareholders, these are the things that EITI international has made a requirement for us to take on board as an implementing country, Mr Alkan said.
We are also conducting sub national payments. We have been concentrating at a national level of payments and transfers taking place.
But we are all aware that a lot of the transactions happen down the line past the national level to provincial local and district resource revenues...


ARM may join Harmony in funding Wafi-Golpu gold project "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Patrice Motsepe, executive chairman, ARM

Brendan Ryan | Mining Mx | March 16, 2018

AFRICAN Rainbow Minerals (ARM) may be considering getting involved with associate Harmony Gold over the development of the Wafi-Golpu copper/gold project in Papua New Guinea (PNG) which is a joint venture between Harmony and Newcrest Mining.

That possibility was raised thanks to ARM chairman Patrice Motsepes rambling reply to an analysts pointed question at todays presentation held in Johannesburg of ARMs interim results for the six months to end-December.

Motsepe tap danced around the issue in his lengthy answer during which he effectively neither confirmed nor denied the suggestion of a joint venture over Wafi-Golpu.

A very good question, Motsepe commented when the question was put to him. He then went into the history of ARMs relationship with Harmony going back to when ARMGold was merged with Harmony so giving ARM its current 14.3% stake.



The trials and tribulations of becoming an Australian citizen "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Rose Kranz (2018)
Rose Kranz


MORISSET - Well it took a long time, and with changing and ever-stricter requirements it was something of a tribulation, but Rose has had her Australian citizenship application approved. Thank you, Minister Dutton.

It started when we were married in the Port Moresby Botanical Gardens. I wanted to take Rose to visit Australia, and the tourist visas were then processed at the Australian High Commission in Waigani. That was the easiest step - getting her a tourist visa.

Then things got more complicated when we moved to Australia. The three-month tourist visas had to be renewed but you had to leave the country. So she enjoyed trips to Bali, Singapore, Vanuatu and back to PNG. It almost bankrupted us. But then someone helpfully said you can apply when in Australia!

Then came the spouse visa.  More checks and reports, but it was granted. Then came permanent residency. This involved an AIDS test, chest x-rays for TB and more police clearances. Someone then said, why dont you apply for citizenship?

Rose KranzSo we did. That was a rigmarole involving more police checks, medical reports and dozens of forms to be filled including one which asked if you had ever been a terrorist or involved in the production of weapons of mass destruction.  We were tempted to answer, Yes buai, but decided against.

Permanent residency was eventually granted and then we waited to hear about the citizenship application. And waited. And waited some more.



West Papuas enduring struggle for independence "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

8341481016_bd1d90e649_z-1600x960.jpg West Papuas enduring struggle for independence
Asian news hub covering geo-political news and current affairs across Asia

West Papuas enduring struggle for independence


The next two years could prove to be transformative for Melanesia, a region of Pacific islands spanning from Papua in the west to Fiji in the east. Two votes on independence, scheduled in 2018 and 2019, could bring two new nations into the fold and shake up the politics of a region where decolonization is still a pressing matter.

One more long-running movement hopes to join their ranks: the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP), which seeks independence for the Indonesian-controlled western half of the island. Unlike their neighbors in French New Caledonia and the Papuan island of Bougainville, there is little prospect of a free vote for West Papuans.

In an unprecedented effort organized by ULMWP leader Benny Wenda, activists in West Papua and among the diaspora worked to collect 1.8 million signatures throughout West Papuas two provinces for an independence petition to be presented to the United Nations last September. Despite receiving the backing of over 70% of West Papuas population, the effort to gain a seat at the UN Decolonization Committee failed it won the support of only eight countries, all of them small Caribbean and Pacific island states.

I think the Indonesian government will increase its efforts to block the ULMWP, says Jakarta-based Human Rights Watch researcher Andreas Harsono. This could range from increasing bilateral cooperation with Melanesian states to threatening to boycott some businesses over their support for West Papua.

Indonesias Papuan provinces were incorporated into the...


PNG Attitude "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Wardley Barry 2WARDLEY BARRY

Dedicated to Dr Unia Kaise Api BA MA, Lecturer, School of Theology, Pacific Adventist University

You can find a glossary of Tok Pisin words and phrases at the end of the poem

Im from Papua Niugini.

If you cut me open, and shake out my insides
no Weet-Bix, Bubble Gum or Shakespeare
will tumble out.
Dissect and break down my cells
into tiny microscopic bits
and you will find totongor, buai and tumbuna singsing
dangling on the strings of my DNA.

I care no more about time
than my bubu did the theory of relativity.
I clock in at 9:30
and sign out for a two-hour lunch at 11:30.
Then I complained to the masta
for not giving me enough time
and cutting my pay.

I sneak out at 2:30
for a session of buai and brus
and small talk with my kandere.
When Im done
I unload a mouthful of red spittle
onto the newly-built sidewalk
and blame Mr Parkop for not doing enough
to keep our big village clean.

I think we should rausim da memba.
Hes stealin a lot of da pipols moni, I said.
All my wantoks agreed.
But when election time came,
the memba gave us some of the money
he stole from the us
and we sent him back to the Big Haus.

The other day the masta called me into his office
and scolded me for turning up late again
and spelling the word seperate wrong.
You stupid black beast! He said angrily.
After he was done with me,
I walked out, head bowed and deep in thought.
Hes wrong. Im not black. Im Tolai and Im brown.
Just then I heard my friend from Buin calling.

Hey, poro, I got you one big Buka buai.
Longlong bilak bokis! I sneered.
At last Ive found my place in the world.
If white equals smart, then black equals stupid.
Im brown so Im just here to dish out to the black
what the white freely gives to me.

Im a Papu...


Oil Search earthquake relief aid reaches more than 70,000 people in PNG "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

More than 70,000 people in earthquake affected areas in Hela, Southern Highlands, parts of Gulf and Western provinces in Papua New Guinea  have to date received earthquake relief supplies from Oil Search Limited.

Oil Search emergency response teams have been visiting different villages, providing relief assistance, on the ground medical treatment, conducting village assessments and medevacking critically ill patients.

Our rapid assessments of damages and needs have shown that a significant number of villages experienced food insecurity with gardens destroyed, water supplies contaminated by sedimentation and debris from the quake, homes and infrastructure, including roads, and health facilities have been damaged or destroyed, Managing Director Peter Botten said.

Mr Botten said he company then mobilised aid efforts out of its Moro Camp and established an emergency relief coordination centre.

Within this centre, we have a team of people who receive supplies of food, water, shelter, and medicine received from a range of donors and ensure these are properly packed according to the international emergency guidelines, ready for distribution, Mr Botten said.

He said that as of March 13, Oil Search helicopters have made over 86 village drop offs, moving over 70 tonnes of material to Moro and delivered almost all of that already to our communities. Over 10 tonnes of medical supplies have been delivered to health facilities across Hela, Southern Highlands and parts of Western and Gulf Provinces.

The company has treated more than 80 people and medevacked seven patients to Port Moresby, five to Mendi and Tari hospital each.


Catholic Church future in Tonga depends on faith "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The future of the Catholic church in Tonga depends on faith shining through simplicity, according to Cardinal Sane Patita Mafi.

For me, ours is a journey along the path to growth in finding real joy in being who we are, and even in the beauty of just being alive, Cardinal Mafi told Catholic Outlook in New south Wales.

In other words, we shine out in being simple.

Richness in faith, love and joy gave beauty to many of the poorer Tongan families.

These people still show joy in their ordinary way of living even when they still give to others out of their own poverty. There is also a glow of certain grace in people in homes who on a daily basis take good care of their sick and elderly members, he said.

Cardinal Mafi, who is also Bishop of Tonga and Niue, was appointed to the cardinalate by Pope Francis in 2015.

He sees the spread of Mormonism in Tonga as a challenge to the Catholic church.

The Latter Day Saints have claimed that 60% of Tongans are Mormon, although this figure is disputed.

Cardinal Mafi sees this growth Whatever the real story behind the counting process normally used by the Mormon Church, what is perhaps more important here is something for all other churches including the Catholics to learn from, the Cardinal said.

He described the growth of the LDS, whose members include Prince Ata as  a wake-up call for all churches and especially for our local Catholic churches.

He said the Mormons untiring door-to-door home visitations and their charitable offerings to struggling families and individuals, was an inspiring example for Catholic pastoral work.

Understandably there are many of our people who do struggle with financial needs to their families, he said.

He said Caritas and the Society of St Vincent de Paul helped the marginalised with necessities and environmental initiatives.

Caritas had been involved with community projects in villages and parishes to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Projects included planting trees along shorelines as soil protection and to screen buildings from the wind.

Long before Caritas was established in Tonga, the St Vincent de Paul Society was already functioning on the parish level in helping out those poorer families and those who were la...


BSP Lights up Pilakambi Secondary School in Enga "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Pilakambi Secondary School in Wabag, Laiagam District has become one of the first remote schools in Enga province to have solar lights in classrooms and dormitories, thanks to Banks South Pacific (BSP). The delivery of the lights was part of  the BSP  Wabag branch 2018 community project initiative, subsequent to the theme for  this year's Community Projects "Solar lights in High Schools" near each BSP branch,  especially for boarding schools.

Branch staffs with the help of a local contractor installed solar panels and connected led lights to a total of 10 classrooms and 2 dormitories for Pilakambi Secondary.

BSP Branch Manager for Wabag Thomas Tembil said, "BSP believes that providing Solar lights to schools will help improve literacy rates as well as an increase number of student intake into Tertiary Education."

"With these lights now installed for the school, it may now enhance student's night studies and also provide a safe and secure environment in the campus for all," Mr Tembil added.

Pilakambi Secondary School Principal Ms Kangun, expressed her gratitude to BSP for recognising a remote schools very need and attending to it.

"The initiative is an eye opener for the community and we urged the community to take ownership of this asset and look after it, as it will benefit us all local villagers around here," She said.

BSP Wabag branch is the first out 46 community projects rolled out for this year based on the theme "Solar lights in High Schools" to officially hand over its project.

Press Release


How we can stop criminal cartels stealing our forests "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Police action squad dealing to illegal loggers in Oro Province. Image: Gary Juffa/FB

OPINION: By Gary Juffa

In the ongoing saga of stopping illegal logging in Papua New Guineas Oro province, our facts reveal that the PNG Forest Authority is failing our people.

A network exists whereby a few corrupt public servants in both Oro and the PNG Forest Authority have helped facilitate fraud and theft of resources worth millions. This network exists in every province where there is illegal logging occurring.

In Oro we have identified those involved and they shall be dealt with.

Meanwhile, our investigations reveal that PNGFA is negligent in its efforts and has been facilitating the theft of our forest resources for decades, it is complicit in the transnational crimes being committed and those who process the paperwork are in fact accomplices.

Despite all the government rhetoric about stopping illegal logging such as the SABLs and being concerned about the environment, the truth is, that this government entity, designed and created for the purpose of protecting PNG interests PNG resources   is in fact failing miserably in its mandate and is assisting transnational criminal cartels steal our forest reources.

What is the point of an organisation we pay for with our taxes to serve transnational criminal cartels and sell us out?

Pretext and fraud
Every month, shipments worth millions leave our shores forest resources obtained under pretext and fraud, leaving behind destroyed landscapes, polluted waterways, and miserable landowners who have either been fooled or contemptuously mistreated and intimidated by corrupt elements of the public service and police.

But we can stop it.

Yes, you and I.

If we know about it and do nothing, we too are complicit.

I am doing something about it. I need you to stand with me and demand that the PNGFA and its Chairman, David Dotaona and its minister, Douglas Tomuriesa, and its entire department act to stop these crimes against Papua New Guinea and our people and protect our forest resources....

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Saturday, 17 March


Northern Pride beat PNG Hunters 26-14 in Intrust Super Cup round 2 match "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

THE Northern Pride have defied the punters to open their 2018 account with a 26-14 win over PNG Hunters at Barlow Park.

Despite missing four of their best including Todd Carney in the Round 2 Intrust Super Cup match on Saturday night, the home side raced to an 18-0 lead shortly after halftime before surviving an attempted comeback from the visitors.

Both sides made multiple errors in a sloppy opening 20 minutes, but the Pride spent much of it camped on the attack after Hunters fullback Adex Wera twice fumbled cleaning up grubber kicks.

Shawn Bowen and Murray Taulagi both missed chances to get the home side on the board, bundled into touch in either corner before they finally capitalised.

Enari Tuala made a 50m break down the right side before the ball went coast-to-coast on the next play for left winger Bowen to score in the 18th minute.

The following set the Hunters tried to keep a 40/20 attempt in play, putting makeshift fullback Willie Minoga under huge pressure from Pride centre Brett Anderson.

It forced another error and the Bowen dived on the crumbs for his second try.

Clifford made no mistake from out wide once again and remarkably the Pride took a 14-0 lead into halftime.

They invited the visitors back in it on the first tackle with a penalty for an incorrect play the ball and the Hunters looked to have scored from a kick but were called back for off-side.

On the back of that set, the Pride increased their lead when Murray Taulagi crashed over in the 45th minute.

It became a little less steeper eight minutes later when Boas took advantage of three consecutive sets in attack to dance through and score under the posts.

The Pride halted the momentum despite kicking out on the full from the corresponding restart, launching two attacking raids and it was Nathan Wales who sealed the game with a 68th minute try.

Butler Morris scored a consolation try for the Hunters in the 75th minute before Clifford...


ExxonMobil PNG Ltd continue providing Equake relief assistance "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Supporting the restoration of health facilities in the Highlands for the recovery of the communities is one of the ways that ExxonMobil PNG is supporting the nations relief efforts following the devastation of the earthquake on Feb 26.

ExxonMobil PNG managing director Andrew Barry said, Several of the health centers in the communities near our Hides Gas Conditioning Plant have been damaged or have been displaced following the earthquake. In addition to assisting with delivering critical medical kits, we are helping with assessments and providing logistics support to the health workers, as relief agencies work to re-establish health services in affected communities.
Meanwhile, deliveries of food, water supplies, tarpaulins for shelter as well as medical and hygiene kits continue for communities across the Highlands including Kutubu in the Southern Highlands, Hulia, Tari, Hayapuga and Komo in the Hela Province and Huiya in Western Province. ExxonMobil PNG has so far delivered over 20 tons of food and water, over 200 tarpaulins and 35 hygiene kits in addition to support for relief agencies that require transport for their workers to affected areas.
For the longer term, ExxonMobil PNG is planning to support the re-establishment of food gardens in a number of its project area communities, with its partners from the ANU Enterprise (ANUE), through its existing community livelihoods improvement program.
Similar to healthcare, the re-establishment of food supplies for the community here is going to be important in the following weeks and months. Our ANUE partners have indicated they will be looking to get back into the field shortly to help address the critical need to re-establish food gardens in communities near our facilities, said Barry.
We have been working with ExxonMobil PNG and target communities in the Hides area since operations began in 2014 to address food security, vulnerabilities and income generation. To support the restoration of communities recovering from the earthquake, our teams are currently preparing to get into the field to assist them with initial planting materials so that they will be able to grow their own food again, ANUE Project Manager Owen Hughes said.
Plans by ANUE include issuing to some 2,500 families quick-growing corn seed that can be harvested within 100 days of planting, and the purchase and distribution of vegetative cuttings for longer-term staples like sweet potato and cassava. ANUE will also be providing garden tools for people to cultivate...


True leadership needed to stop the trashing of PNG "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The despoilation of Collingwood BayLINDSAY BOND

BRISBANE Just a few days ago, an important tweet appeared in my Twitter timeline from Governor Gary Juffa of Oro Province in Papua New Guinea.

"Today completed inspection of ongoing operations at Collingwood, Oro Province, the tweet read. All equipment and logs impounded. Illegal logging operations stopped. Addressed community to inform them of actions taken on their behalf including engagement of lawyer to commence civil proceedings."

These were Governor Juffas words and they were said after his decisive actions. A leader by tradition is one who goes ahead into the fray, giving full measure to being the first and being seen to do that by his followers.

Governor Juffa also tweeted: "It is very worrying that PNG Forest Authority are now so silent and not acting against illegal loggers in Oro. This is totally hypocritical of the govts claim that it is taking stringent steps against illegal logging."

The leadership that he exemplifies is precisely the lead that ought to have come from PNG Forest Authority. And he rightfully decries the silence from PNGFA.

Gary Juffa
Governor Gary Juffa

Public servants in provinces corroborate with PNGFA officials and dubious landowners to award permits via the PNGFA Board to log chunks of land of 500 hectares to logging pirates on the pretext of tree growing and agricultural projects, Governor Juffa wrote on Facebook.

These are the same plunderers who pay no taxes and have planted n...


Dear Ms Ardern: Raise W Papua human rights crimes with Jokowi "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Yanto Awerkion
Yanto Awerkion, a young Papuan activist who was jailed for 'treason' for promoting a petition

STAFF REPORTER | Asia Pacific Report/Pacific Media Watch

AUCKLAND - Advocacy group West Papua Action Auckland has urged New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern to raise human rights and the suffering of the people of Indonesian-ruled West Papua when she meets with President Widodo tomorrow.

President Joko Jokowi Widodo, the leader of the largest economy in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is in New Zealand for a two-day visit.

The West Papua action group released a statement by spokeswoman Maire Leadbeater.


OUR Melanesian neighbours in West Papua are suffering grievously and must not be overlooked for the sake of good relations or markets for our goods.

For 55 years West Papuan people have been seeking freedom from repressive military rule, imposed on them in a scandalously unfair process. The loss of life is estimated to be at least 100,000.

Even though the struggle is now mainly about peaceful protest, petitions and diplomacy there is no let up in security force crack-downs.

In the last three years the police have adopted a strategy of arresting demonstrators en masse, and thanks to a police chief edict, organisations deemed separatist are denied the opportunity to hold any kind of gathering.

This is a blatant breach of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights to which Indonesia is a signatory.

Yanto Awerkion, a young activist who was promoting an petition calling for the UN decolonisation committee to become involved, has now spent over 9 months in jail on a treason charge. He will be released shortly thanks to international pressure.

Last year the International Coalition for Papua documented 10 cases of extrajudicial killings, when the victims were either shot dead during security force operations or tortured to death in custody.

West Papuans say that they are experiencing slow genocide and this...


Australian Rotary Club Papua New Guinea Earthquake Appeal "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Rotary Club of Caloundra

To aid the recovery efforts in Papua New Guinea following the loss of life and property due to the Earthquake on 26 February 2018 in the Southern Highlands, our Rotary District 9600 has established an Earthquake Recovery Fund which will accept tax deductible donations.
The Government declared a state of emergency on 2 March for Hela, Southern Highlands, Western and Enga provinces.
According to initial estimates, over 544,000 people are affected across the five most affected provinces.
Over 270,000 people require immediate humanitarian assistance.
PNG is an important part of our Rotary District and needs our support following this disastrous event.
The appeal is open to the public, as well as to clubs and members, to make contributions.
Rotarians will know that on 26 February 2018 an earthquake of 7.5 magnitude occurred about 3am in an area of the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea.
Due to the isolated location access has been very difficult.
The PNG Army has been working with assistance from RAAF Chinook helicopters and C130 Hercules aircraft.
However due to landslides and damage to roads and bridges very little other support is getting through.
The area is still suffering aftershocks, with villagers not prepared to go back to their homes.
The current death toll has risen to 125 with over 35,000 displaced.
District has established a fund through Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) to aid the recovery.
Past District Governor Charles Guesdon is the Project Manager ably assisted by Assistant Governor and PNG Liaison Mary Grant.
Donations to this fund are tax deductable through RAWCS.
District will make available $10,000 from the District Disaster Fund and clubs and members may make contributions through this link.
The Project name is:
Papua New Guinea Southern Highlands Earthquake recovery
The RAWCS reference is 75-2017-18
Further details will be circulated as they come to hand.
PNG is an important part of our District and need our support following this disastrous event.
Please consider and give generously.

Together in Rotary Service,
John Lane
Governor 2017-18

More information:
Papua New Guinea: Highlands Earthquake Situation Report No. 1 (as of 10 March 2018)


Near Neighbours PNG: New Fault-lines in the Tropics "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

By Denis Bright With its surging population growth, economic volatility and internal income divide, many of our neighbours in Papua-New Guinea (PNG) are having difficulty coping with the everyday challenges of globalization. Official economic growth rates are artificially elevated by the commercial export sectors in oil, natural gas, minerals, timber products as well as traditional

The post Near Neighbours PNG: New Fault-lines in the Tropics appeared first on The AIM Network.


Tensions in Temotu as expiry of Aus miners licenses loom "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

NASA picture of Nende, known also as Santa Cruz, in Solomon Islands Temotu province. Photo: NASA

Radio New Zealand | 15 March 2018 

Tensions are rising in Temotu as an Australian miners licences to prospect and operate in the Solomon Islands province approach their expiry date.

Pacific Bauxite secured a prospecting license in 2016 with the support of some local landowners and obtained a provincial business license, after a change in the local government, to begin working on Nende Island.

But it has met with stiff opposition from other landowning groups who accuse the company of operating illegally and are trying to take it to court.

Koroi Hawkins has more audio link 

Friday, 16 March


St Barbara resolves Simberi dispute "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Simberi Gold Mine

Australian Mining | March 15, 2018

St Barbara has resumed full operations at the Simberi gold mine in Papua New Guinea following illegal industrial action at the site.

The Australian gold miner halted production at the site last week for safety reasons as management attempted to resolve the dispute.

In an ASX announcement, St Barbara reported that a contingent of the mines workforce initiated the industrial action. Around 40 per cent of the mines workforce remained at work during the stoppage, it added.

Mediation, led by representatives from the PNG Department of Labour and Industrial Relations, has since resolved the stoppage, with full operations resuming late yesterday.

The stoppage was primarily due to misunderstandings regarding leave provisions and other employment conditions, which have now been clarified, according to St Bar...


$1.61M paid to 4 landowning units in Nawailevu village in premium and rental returns Koya "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Minister for Land and Mineral Resources Faiyaz Koya

Iva Danford | Fiji Village | 16 March 2018

A total of $1.61 million has been paid out to the four landowning units in Nawailevu village in Vanua Levu in premium and rental returns.

This was highlighted by the Minister for Land and Mineral Resources Faiyaz Koya who says that the Mataqali, Nalutu received $85,893.45 in rock royalty payments.

Koya says that 11 Yavusas in the Districts of Lekutu and Navakasiga in Bua have received fishing rights compensation amounting to $275,000.

He says the other benefits enjoyed by the landowners are the trucks purchased from the lease money that have been used for business purposes like transportation of staff, school children and other mataqali needs.

Koya says that the Mataqali Naicobo purchased a 3-tonne carrier to transport workers, school children and attended to other mataqali commitments.

He says that the Mataqali Nalutu has utilized their lease monies for hous...


US, UN back efforts to assess impact of Papua New Guinea earthquake, deliver aid to survivors "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"
March 16, 2018

Port Moresby Almost three weeks after the 7.5 magnitude earthquake that struck Papua New Guineas remote provinces of Hela and Southern Highlands, International Organsation for Migration (IOM) teams are working with the government and partners to assess the full impact of the disaster and deliver essential lifesaving aid to survivors, even as landslides and aftershocks continue to affect the region.
The government estimates that over 544,000 people across five provinces were affected by the quake, which left at least 145 people dead.
Families in Hulia-Beleria displaced by the February 26, 2018, earthquake which struck Hela province, Papua New Guinea. Photo: David Helo / United Church in Hela

Over 270,000 are in need of immediate aid, including food, water, medicines, tarpaulins, tents and blankets.
The government and its aid agency and private sector partners have targeted seven of the worst-hit Local Level Governments (LLGs) in Hela and Southern Highlands provinces.
 It has also set up two forward operating bases and two emergency operations centres close to the quakes epicentre.
But while main roads have largely been cleared, aid workers warn that damage estimates may continue to rise as many affected communities remain cut off by landslides and are only accessible by air.
Many among the affected populations live in remote communities that are a challenge to access at the best of times.
"In the face of a natural disaster of this magnitude, they have become even more isolated.
"Air support to reach these people is critical, said IOM PNG Chief of Mission Lance Bonneau.
IOM, which is leading the Shelter, Non-Food Item (NFI), and Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) clusters in the emergency response, has deployed displacement tracking teams, assisted by oil and gas company Exxon...


Australias numb amorality is allowing Papua New Guinea to fail "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Turnbull & O'Neill
Malcolm Turnbull & Peter O'Neill - a handshake & two smirks not enough to prevent a mean & self-interested foreign policy sell-out

EDITORIAL | The Saturday Paper | Extract

MELBOURNE - Here is a headline from November 2015: Australian tax dollars funding PNG corruption, AFP whistleblower says.

And from the same month: Turnbull government accused of ignoring PNG human rights abuses to preserve Manus Island detention centre deal.

Here is a headline from June 2015: Bishop calls for calm after PNG deaths.

And again: Australia offers PNG government help to prevent unrest after police shooting of student protesters.

Here is Australias crude foreign policy, by turns cheap and buccaneering.

Julie Bishops response to police violence in Port Moresby ignored the systemic corruption in Papua New Guinea. It continued a blindness that stumbles, grasping and inept, back to the detention centre on Manus Island. It is the perfect expression of Australias stunted place in the region.

The selling of arms to a government accused of war crimes is one thing. So is the bugging of a developing nation to exploit their natural resources. So is the training of a military force engaged in a suspected genocide. So, too, the arbitrary cutting of aid at a time of unprecedented humanitarian need.

Australias relationship with the world is increasingly mean and self-interested. In Papua New Guinea there exists its coarsest manifestation: Australia would let an entire country fail for its own brief advantage.

Australias foreign policy amounts to pushing a government to act against its own constitution and, on our behalf, imprison hundreds of refugees in an island camp. While this happens, we ignore corruption and economic collapse. Basic institutions fail. The trade-off is that a small and struggling country looks after our human rights abuses for us.

To see Australia in the world is to see a kind of numb amorality. All this happens, and no one seems to care.


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