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Thursday, 12 July


Making the SWP more employer friendly: a work in progress "IndyWatch Feed"

Last September the Australian government announced nine measures to improve participation in the Seasonal Worker Programme (SWP). As some of them took effect on 1 July 2018, it is timely to report on progress in their implementation.

The nine measures are: introducing a multi-year visa; streamlining the application process; moving to online lodgement of information; removing the obligation of employers to train workers; increasing promotion to the horticultural sector; increasing engagement with other groups that could use the SWP but dont; and three pilots a 24/7 seasonal worker hotline, helping seasonal workers access their superannuation, and lowering upfront costs for employers.

Three government agencies are involved in delivering the measures: the Department of Home Affairs; Department of Jobs and Small Business (DJSB); and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The Department of Home Affairs introduced a multi-year, multiple-entry visa for returning seasonal workers through the International Relations (Subclass 403) visa (Seasonal Worker Programme stream) on July 1. Seasonal workers will be granted a visa for a period based on the number of seasons they are required for employment, as specified in their employment contract and with approval from DJSB, up to a maximum of three years. Employers will have greater certainty about the dates that return workers can start work, and less paperwork. One visa covering many trips will also represent a significant saving for seasonal workers (the multi-year visa is no more expensive than the single-year one). Rural return workers will need to spend less time and money on accommodation in the capital waiting for their visa approval to come through.

It remains to be seen whether employers will be interested in entering into multi-year contracts. Their preference for returning workers will push them in this direction, at least after a successful first season, but the ongoing requirement of labour-market testing may be a barrier. This reform will, if successful, increase the ratio of return to new workers, which will please employers but may worry sending countries.

Another visa reform is that the period of stay in Australia will now commence upon entry rather than on the date of the visa grant, giving employers and workers more flexibility, and more scope for advance planning. Flights will be able to be booked further ahead, reducing ticket prices.

The new visa for the SWP...


I am a PNG Man "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Couple and childrenWARDLEY D I BARRY

This is not a response to the truthful observations of Michael Dom's We are Dying One by One. What I'm offering here is another perspective left out of his candid representation of women in Papua New Guinea. I hope this perspective is appreciated by readers of PNG Attitude - WDIB

I am a PNG man, and I love my women
Here is my sister, there is my aunt, she is my niece
I call her mama or mum, and that one is my friend

I am a PNG man, and I love my women
I say theyre all wonderful, I say theyre all worthy
And I love it when were together in the kitchen

I am a PNG man, and I love my women
Some are good nurses, and some are inspirational
Instructors, most of them are miles ahead of the men

I am a PNG man, and I love my women
Some go to church, some go to clubs, some weave their bilums
Whatever it is, brown, black or bronze, she is my queen

I am a PNG man, and I love my women
I see them in offices, at home, or marketplace
Theyre my purpur, their beautys everyplace, not hidden

I am a PNG man, and I love my women
When she falls I raise her with my hands, I use my tools
To fix her broken things, I let her know I am the man

I am a PNG man, and I love my women
They are respected, theyre valued, they are encouraged
Most dont see that until men are gone and all is done

I am a PNG man, and I love my women
Shes my daughter, shes my girlfriend and when she marries
A son of PNG, she marries a gentleman

I am a PNG man, and I love my women
When theyre born the hauslain rejoices, husbands are blessed
Most are better off because of good PNG men

I am a PNG man, and I love my women
In PNG, it is special to be a woman.


Crime fighters trained in latest fraud and corruption investigation techniques "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Australian High Commission

The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary is boosting its efforts to crack down on financial crimes in Papua New Guinea. 

By the end of the year, almost 80 police officers will have received specialist training in investigation and prosecution of fraud and corruption.
East New Britain Deputy Governor  Cosmas Bauk (centre, front row) and RPNGC Assistant Commissioner, Island Region, Anton Billie (fourth from left) join instructors and participants at the commencement of the Fraud and Corruption Investigation training, in Kokopo, East New Britain.



New Dawn FM News
The National Research Institute today launched the research report on the National Referendum Conference held in Port Mort Moresby recently.
Project team leader, DR. THOMAS WEBSTER made the presentation at the ABG House of Representatives ground in Kubu.
DR. Webster said that the Research report was launched in Port Moresby on May 30th and had to launch it again in Buka today.
The report are contained in two separate books that looked at the administration of referendums all over the world and the second Book is on Independence Referendums and how Bougainville is going towards Papua New Guineas first Referendum in 2019.
DR. Webster said that the PNG National Research Institute was established by an act of Parliament soon after independence in 1976.
Its an independent institution that carries out research and analyses of strategic issues affecting national development.
Its mandate is for improving the welfare of the people of Papua New Guinea.
In helping to understand the problem and issues and contribute to better policy development.
It reports to Parliament via the Minister for Higher Education.
DR. WEBSTER said that the NRI council in early 2017 agreed to conduct the Bougainville Referendum Research Project because of the importance of the Bougainville referendum scheduled for next years when the people of Bougainville will decide their political status.
He said this is an important turning point in the history of Papua New Guinea.


120718 NRI Launch 110



New Dawn FM News

The Deputy Speaker of the Bougainville House of Representatives, FRANCESCA SEMOSO has welcomed the research report presented by DR. THOMAS WEBSTER on behalf of the National Research Institute on the Bougainville Referendum.
Deputy Speaker, SEMOSO said that the independent report is welcomed by the people of Bougainville and because of the Books people will read and know how far we have gone in preparing for the Bougainville referendum scheduled for June next year.
She said that report actually helps Bougainville to know where we can concentrate more as we prepare our people for the referendum.
She thanked the National Research Institute for the report and said that she was looking forward to another conference on the Bougainville referendum this time in Bougainville before next year.


120718 NRI Launch 097



New Dawn FM News
The ABG President Chief DR. JOHN MOMIS says that the Bougainville Peace Agreement is a good agreement that binds the two governments to collaborate jointly and implement the Agreement.
He says the Agreement was the result of efforts of the two governments to find a way of solving the Bougainville Crisis.
President MOMIS made these remarks at the launch of the National Research Institutes Referendum Conference Report in Buka this morning.
President MOMIS said that he is worried that the agreement does not seem to have provisions to enforce the implementation of the agreement by both or either of the two governments.
He said that both governments must pick up their end of the stick and this is not happening as only the ABG is picking its end whilst the National Governments side is always on the ground.
The ABG President said that he wants to express his very serious concern that we dont seem to have a higher authority to enforce the full implementation of the Bougainville Peace Agreement purely and simply.
He said if that does not happen the people will use all kinds of excuses to procrastinate on this very important timely agenda that must be met and we just cannot postpone it.
President MOMIS said that things are getting very late and our window of opportunity is closing on us.
He was also concerned that any shortcut that we could take, we would be sacrificing the quality of the end result.
President Momis said that we do not want the people to question the end result of the Referendum.
He was also concerned that after several JSB meetings and including other meetings with the Prime Minister nothing seems to be moving.

120718 NRI Launch 094



New Dawn FM News
The ABG President Chief DR.JOHN MOMIS said that creating a conducive atmosphere for the conduct of the Bougainville Referendum is very important.
He was speaking at the launch of the Bougainville Referendum Research by the National Research Institute in Buka today.
He said that there are lot of dangerous undercurrents now in Bougainville which are now backfiring on the government itself.
President MOMIS said currently the ABG is being blamed for not delivering services to the people of Bougainville because the National Government is not making payments guaranteed under the Peace Agreement.
He said if we create a conducive environment the people will understand and accept a negotiated outcome.

120718 NRI Launch 105


ExxonMobil PNG assists with restoration of food gardens in Hela Province "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Exxon Mobil

ExxonMobil PNG continues with its long-term recovery support for earthquake affected communities
Over 58,000 vegetative cuttings, 200 kgs seeds and 900 garden tools distributed 

ExxonMobil PNG Limited, operator of PNG LNG project is continuing to distribute planting materials and gardening tools to communities in its project areas as part of its long-term recovery plan to assist earthquake affected communities re-establish their food gardens.
Delivering planting materials in very bad weather

The distribution is being coordinated by ExxonMobil PNGs Community Livelihood Improvement Program (CLIP) partner ANU Enterprise. 

ExxonMobil PNG is here to stay and as a good neighbour we are committed to lend a helping a hand to the communities who are in need of assistance to recover from the impacts of the earthquake, said Andrew Barry, ExxonMobil PNG managing director.

The distribution has reached more than 900 household of communities living along the Pipeline Right of Way (ROW) at Benaria areas including Yarale, Timu, Lau, Benaria, Mulako Tangi, Tamita and Pakale.

Other distribution sites around Hides include the well pads, 3 Ways, Nigiria, Perapu and Kulu communities.

Since the distribution started, CLIP has delivered more than 39,000 sweet potato vines, 19,400 cassava cuttings, over 20 kilograms of seeds and more than 900 spades.


Banking Giant Standard Chartered Takes Stand Against Mine Waste Dumping "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Ditch Ocean Dumping Campaign applauds broad prohibition to protect oceans, rivers and other water bodies

Earthworks | 10 July 2018

Standard Chartered has  announced a full prohibition of financial services for clients practicing marine and riverine mine waste dumping. Standard Chartered adopted their policy shortly after the launch of the Ditch Ocean Dumping campaign, joining Citigroup, which has also confirmed that it will no longer finance submarine mine waste disposal.

We have long held the view that marine or riverine tailings disposal is not good industry practice, and we are proud to add it to our prohibited activities list, said Amit Puri, Managing Director and Global Head of Environmental and Social Risk Management at Standard Chartered.

We applaud Standard Chartered for takin...


Australia, Solomon Islands, PNG sign undersea cable deal amid criticism from China "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The leaders of Australia, the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea have marked the start of a project to lay an undersea internet cable between the three countries amid criticism from China that Australia is trying to contain its influence in the region.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was joined by his PNG counterpart Peter O'Neill and Rick Houenipwela from the Solomon Islands in Brisbane Wednesday to witness the signing of a memorandum of understanding that paves the way for the project to proceed.

Australia is spending nearly $137million (US$100.9million) to lay the cable and Turnbull described it as a very practical way of providing foreign aid.

Back in 2016 the Solomon Islands government signed a deal with Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei to lay a cable to Australia.

But the Australian government was concerned Huawei would be permitted to plug into Australia's telecommunications infrastructure.

It believes that while Huawei is an independent company, it retains links to the Chinese Government and could pose a threat to Australian infrastructure in the future.

Last year senior government officials told the Solomon Islands Government that Canberra was unlikely to grant the company a so-called landing point for the cable on the Australian mainland.

The Australian Government then announced its support for the PNG cable and a few months later said it would foot most of the bill to lay the cable to the Solomon Islands as well.

In June, Australian company Vocus was awarded the $136.6 million (US$100.6 million) contract to manage the construction of the 4,000-kilometre cable.

Some observers believe the decision was not only due to security concerns but also to counter China's growing influence in the region, particularly its use of loans and grants to build infrastructure projects.

The formal start of the cable project comes amid criticism from within China that Australia is trying to contain Beijing's influence in the Pacific.

In an editorial on Monday the state-owned newspaper Global Times said China's emergence is an irreversible trend and any attempt to contain the country's growth runs contrary to the trend of the times.

The newspaper was responding to Australian media reports that Australia and New Zealand would sign a new security pact with Pacific Island nations later in the year to counter the...


PNG Hunters team unchanged for Round 18 match against Northern Pride "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The SP Hunters starting line-up for this weekends Intrust Super Cup Round 18 clash against Northern Pride remains unchanged despite their eight points loss to Redcliffe Dolphins on Sunday. Sailas Gahuna is the only addition to the extended bench in place of William Mone.

The 20 man squad is:

1. Edene GABBIE

2. Junior RAU

3. Thompson TETEH

4. Willie MINOGA

5. Brendon GOTUNO

6. Ase BOAS - Captain

7. Watson BOAS

8. Enock MAKI

9. Wartovo PUARA Jnr

10. Stanton ALBERT

11. Nixon PUT

12. Rhadley BRAWA

13. Moses MENINGA


14. Charlie SIMON

15. Paul WAWA

16. Adex WERA

17. Dilbert ISAAC

18. Baundo ABA

19. Sailas GAHUNA

20. Butler MORRIS

Coach Michael Marum will finalise the 18 man team at the Captains Run on Saturday and the final 17 man run on side will be named an hour before kick off on Sunday.
The game against Northern Pride kicks off at 3.00pm this Sunday July 15, 2018 at the Oil Search National Football Stadium in Port Moresby.

The earlier game will see the Digicel Cup Round 15 clash between NCDC Port Moresby Vipers and PRK Gulf Isou which kicks off at 12.15pm.


Former Tambul-Nebilyer MP Benjamin Poponawa passes on "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Former Member for Tambul Nebilyer Benjamin Poponawa passed on early this morning in his home in Port Moresby at age 59.

Tambul Nebilyer Chief Executive Officer Philip Telpa said the district received the news this morning and will advise in due time details of his passing and funeral arrangements after consultation with his family.

Late Poponawa was also the former Minister for Labour and Industrial Relations and served as an MP for two consecutive terms from 2007 2012 and 2012- 2017 and has done a lot for the district during his term.

CEO Telpa said some of the projects during his term as an MP was the establishment of the new Tambul High School, rural electricity programs and Tambul-Mendi roads.

Mr. Telpa on behalf of the district relayed heartfelt condolences to the family of the late MP and said the district stands united in this time of grief. PNGFM/PNGTOday


Thrill-a-minute as Slater bows out with a 18 - 12 win over NSW "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Billy Slater enjoyed an eventful end to an eventful career in Maroon, as Queensland dug deep for an 18-12 win to honour the outgoing great.

Retiring from the representative arena after 31 games representing his state and departing as Queensland's 14th Origin captain - Slater was a split hair away from being the first try-scorer before a buoyant Suncorp Stadium.

Cheered each time he touched the ball, the Innisfail Brothers junior leapt high in the 4th minute above Nathan Cleary to collect a cross-field stab kick from Daly Cherry-Evans.

The on-field referee ruled a try and the video official initially indicated he would do likewise until changing his mind after detecting a minute knock-on in Slater's catch.

This all happened one minute after Slater earnt a penalty when he was welcomed into the match with a shoulder charge from Latrell Mitchell.

Queensland dominated possession for the first half-hour, completing at above 90 per cent and having more than 70 per cent of the ball at one stage.

Reinstated half Daly Cherry-Evans was a key factor in those statistics, with a short kicking game and sustained exertion of pressure which placed the Blues under the pump.

To round out Slater's thrill-a-minute first half, he earnt another penalty when he grubbered and found Boyd Cordner in an offside position from a ricochet.

Then he was involved in an obstruction incident that led to James Maloney being sin-binned in the 30th minute, but which didn't bring a penalty try, much to the displeasure of the 51,214 crowd.

In amongst this all, two intercepts helped shape the game.

Valentine Holmes took a 95m intercept try that put Queensland up 6-0 after his subsequent conversion.

Tom Trbojevic almost replicated the feat when he plucked a Cameron Munster pass to run 90m in the opposite direction.

Queensland sustained a lead of 8-6 until the final minute of the opening stanza, until a miscommunication in defence let James Tedesco score a simple try one off the ruck.

That left the home side in arrears 12-8 at the break, with a notable stat being the 13 hit-ups taken by Gavin Cooper in a non-stop effort.

Valentine Holmes brought things back level on the scoreboard in the 50th minute, finishing a backline movement that featured, you guessed it, Slater and Cherry-Evans in the lead-up.

The try was Holmes' fifth in two Origin...



breaches of the MOA, has caused negative impacts on the social, environmental and economic lives of the Porgera landowners

Resource Owners Federation of Papua New Guinea Inc | 9 JULY 2018

Although the Porgera Joint Venture has recently applied for the renewal of their Special Mining Lease, a majority of the landowners whose lands are the subject of the mining lease, are maintaining a dispute for breaches of various agreements, laws and the constitution of PNG under the previous lease.

On 13th December 2013, the Porgera Special Mining Lease area landowners presented a position statement to the former Minister for Mining, Hon. Byron Chan, after Australian lawyers conducted a review in relation to the compliance of their Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) dated 12th May 1989, with the Independent State of Papua New Guinea. The statement claimed that the landowners were owed more than four billion United States dollars (US$4billion) worth of unfulfilled contractual undertakings by the State.

The posit...


Fly in, fly out practice supported "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The National aka The Loggers Times | July 11, 2018

THE fly-in-fly-out (Fifo) arrangement for mining and petroleum projects allows economic benefits to be spread across the country, according to the PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum.

This was one of several reasons given in a statement to The National from the chamber in response to concerns raised by the PNG Resource Owners Federation last week.

The federations concerns were based on how project areas were losing out on economic benefits due to this and called on the government to put a stop to it.

Papua New Guineans make up around 95 per cent of the workforce in mature mining and petroleum operations in PNG, the chamber said.

They are employed from the preferred area local communities and the host province, as well as from other parts of PNG.

This Fifo employment model for the resource industry provides the best balance of shared benefits to communities right across PNG.

Many of the employees from other parts of the country prefer...

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Wednesday, 11 July


Controversial Chinese ship arrives in PNG on harmony mission "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Daishan Dao
Daishan Dao (aka Peace Ark), now in PNG for eight days, is said by some analysts to be a stalking horse for the Chinese navy's 'blue water' ambitions in the south-west Pacific and beyond


PORT MORESBY Earlier this week China stepped up its soft power incursion into Papua New Guinea and the Pacific with an announcement that it will pre-empt Novembers APEC forum in Port Moresby with a Pacific conference of its own also in the national capital.

And yesterday, as if to reinforce the deal, the Chinese naval hospital ship, Peace Ark, slipped into Fairfax Harbour to begin an eight-day humanitarian mission in PNG.

Peace Ark (as it known when on humanitarian service) is better known in China as Daishan Dao, a Type 920 hospital ship of the People's Liberation Army Navy.

In accordance with the Geneva Conventions, Daishan Dao, with her crew of 430 with about 100 medical staff, does not carry offensive weapons.

When the vessel was launched in 2007 the Chinese rationale was to give China a platform to provide quicker humanitarian response to disasters, but some strategic analysts contend that it also allows China to extend its navy's expansionist 'blue water' capabilities.

The Chinese Xinhua news agency reported PNG Defence Force chief of staff, Captain Philip Polewara, extending a warm welcome to the ship and thanking China and the Chinese people for the aid.

Peace Ark will conduct medical diagnosis, treatment and academic exchanges with local hospital staff.

It will also be open to the public during its stopover to further promote cultural understanding and friendship between the two countries.

Xinhua reported Chinese Ambassador to PNG Xue Bing as saying the mission marked the latest step in the relationship and that it built on prime minister Peter O'Neills visit to China last month.

PNG is the first stop on Peace Arks current mission which also includes Vanuatu and Fiji.

Since 2008, the ship has visited 37 countries and provided free medical services...


Blacklisting seasonal workers "IndyWatch Feed"

This post examines the practice of blacklisting in seasonal worker programs such as Australias Seasonal Worker Program (SWP) and New Zealands Recognised Seasonal Employer scheme (RSE). Blacklisting occurs when workers are permanently or temporarily excluded from programs. It can vary from two to five years, or be indefinite, depending on the offence. The practice of blacklisting is rarely highlighted, and should be discussed as there are implications for all stakeholders. This blog raises these issues in the context of ni-Vanuatu in the RSE scheme.

The main impetus for this post is to highlight what happens when workers are blacklisted, some of the reasons behind this, and how growers are affected when perceived problematic workers are not reported to government labour sending units in future seasons.

Deported seasonal workers are well-documented within labour sending units. Currently in Vanuatu there are 106 workers on the Employment Services Unit (ESU) ban list and a further 1300 on the stand-down list [1]. Although this number may seem alarming, it covers both the RSE scheme and the SWP since 2007. By contrast, inappropriate behaviour by workers is not always documented, and workers are often not penalised.

Impacts on workers

Blacklisting is a grey area. Although workers have been blacklisted for justifiable reasons, I have also documented cases of when they have not. Tanya Basok wrote extensively on how blacklisting was used as a threat to maintain compliant workers in the Canadian Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program (SAWP). Many of these types of cases have been witnessed within the RSE scheme and SWP, especially the threat of being blacklisted, which is used to ensure workers are compliant while participating in the programs. If workers do not follow the rules of the program, or individual employers, then they are penalised through blacklisting: The controlled nature of their recruitment, their fear of losing an opportunity to participate in the employment program, makes workers acquiescent.

I have noted examples of these threats throughout my research conducted with workers in Australia and New Zealand. Examples include comments such as, If they dont like it, there are plenty more in the Pacific lined up to take their place (anon.); we just sent these guys to [another] farm because they were working too slowly, so keep the pace or you can be replaced too; and if you complain you can go home. Tipples and Rawlinson highlighted an RSE mediation case where the mediator stated, i...


Now whats the best puripuri stuff from Rabaul or from the Gulf? "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Sean Dorney
Sean Dorney was an ABC journalist in PNG around the time he captained the national rugby league team


SYDNEY As you, my more faithful readers, will already know from my previous scribblings, during my time in Papua New Guinea I had the pleasure and privilege of playing rugby league with some highly talented players, both Papua New Guinean and expatriate.

Of the latter group Sean Dorney and Bill Phillips were standouts. In the 1975 season the three of us were the only expats playing for the Port Moresby Club, Paga. The rest of the team was mainly drawn from the New Guinea Islands.

Towards the end of the season we had to play Gulf, a team of big tough players drawn mainly from Gulf Province. A win for us was essential if we were to qualify for the finals.

So to ensure this was the case, one of Pagas committee was dispatched to Rabaul to obtain a magic potion, or puripuri, which, we were told, if applied to the body would result in certain victory.

Prior to the game we all smeared it on. All over ourselves. Good Rabaul puripuri.

But something went amiss. The game was an absolute disaster for us. Everything that could go wrong did so. We were well and truly thrashed.

I made my own contribution to the debacle by sending a hospital pass to Sean Dorney. The ball arrived at the same time as a big Gulf forward who flattened Sean, slightly rearranging his facial features. Sean, ever the gentleman, refused to apportion any blame on me.

(It didn't seem to do too much damage, the following year Sean went on to captain the Kumuls in the PNG team's first international match - in fact, he's Kumul number 13.)

As we trooped dejectedly of the field, our season over, naturally the question arose as to why the puripuri hadnt worked. The answer from Paga officials was simply that Gulfs magic was stronger than ours.

This seemed to disregard the fact that we missed vital tackles, dropped the ball, gave away needless penalties, and failed to capitalise on try scoring opportunities.

It was all the fault...


Five Observations on a PMV from Gelegele to Kokopo "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"



an old woman hops on a PMV
clenching a K2 note
shes going to Kokopo

shes getting some money
shes giving some money not
the K2


an old man chews buai
and spits on the kolta
pikinini, em ol ston blo ples ya

they speak English
every one of them


a young girl stares at her phone
the truck hits a pothole
sending her into the air

she lands softly on her bum
and giggles remembering
old woman frowns

this is taboo
such things you dont share
even on FB


a boy sits on the side of the truck
clutching the iron bars
as cocoa trees speed by

a moment of ecstasy then
grief settles


while all this is happening
I am making notes
not one notices

a poet doesnt exist
he just happens

5 July 2018:


They Went To Jail For Justice "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The book is a bit of a time capsule, somewhat along the lines of Daniel Ellsbergs recent book revealing the substance of the other half of the Pentagon Papers decades later. In fact, Hinke actually found this manuscript, which he had begun in 1966 and lost a couple of years later in the process of moving to Canada. So its a shame that the book proceeds chronologically through the 20th century and then breaks off, more or less, in the 1970s. But what has come since may be more familiar, and what is found here is of tremendous value. Part of what the book illuminates is the role Canada has played for many decades as a haven for those fleeing all kinds of injustice, including military conscription, in the United States, but also in other countries, such as Russia.


Saving Lives, spreading smiles 33,000 babies to benefit from improved newborn care "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

PORT MORESBY, 11 July, 2018 More than 33,000 babies born over the next three years (July 2018 June 2021) in Western Highlands Province will receive an improved comprehensive package
of new born care to ensure they survive and thrive.
Tony Stuart, Chief Executive Officer UNICEF Australia and David Mcloughlin, Country Representative UNICEF PNG during the signing of the LOE in Sydney Australia, yesterday. 

This follows the approval of a generous funding support of over K2 million (USD 642,600) by UNICEF Australia to support the roll out of an Early Essential Newborn Care (EENC) programme with a focus on preventing and managing neonatal hypothermia (low body temperature) through the use of an innovative hypothermia alert device known locally as the Bebi Kol Kilok.
In Papua New Guinea, up to6,000.newborns or six out of every 10 infants die every year from preventable causes, a rate that has not improved in the last 20 years and is also the highest in the region.
 Correct hypothermia management can save almost half of these deaths.
UNICEF PNG is very grateful for this donation that will support the Government of PNG to reduce neonatal deaths by promoting simple cost effective and life-saving practices that are crucial for newborns to survive during the first month of life, said UNICEF Representative, David Mcloughlin, at the signing of the programme in Sydney, Australia yesterday.
These include addressing critical child survival issues such as warmth or thermal protection for newborns, proper breastfeeding support, basic care for infections and breathing difficulties during
the babys most vulnerable period in the first month of life.
The funding support will enable UNICEF PNG to work with the Government to strengthen local capacity in hospitals and health facilities deliver the package of newborn care, assess and remove bottlenecks in the delivery of newborn care services and empower communities with the necessary skills and knowledge to continue newborn care at home.
This progra...



New Dawn FM News

The Bougainville Chief Secretary, JOSEPH NOBETAU has also announced temporary Acting Appointments for the Secretary for the Department of Treasury and Finance and the Secretary for Personal Management and Administrative Services.
The memo from MR. NOBETAU says that effective immediately, MR. MATHEW MONEI is appointed as Acting Secretary for Treasury and Finance and that the appointment will remain in place subject to monthly approval, until such time as the Board of Inquiry in relation to matters of misconduct against the substantive Secretary is finalized.
MR. NOBETAU also announced the appointment of WESLEY WANINARA as acting Secretary for Personal Management and Administrative Services on a short term basis whilst the Acting Secretary, PETER NOMOREKE is on sick leave.
Relevant instruments of appointment will be finalized and gazetted shortly.




New Dawn FM News
The Catholic youth movement throughout Bougainville are gearing up to meet with the NUNCIO who is visiting Bougainville this weekend.
NUNCIO His Excellency Most Reverand KURIAN M.VAYALUNKAL will arrive in the region this Friday.
He will travel to Arawa on the same day and have mass with the Youths from Central and South Bougainville at the former Cathedral in TUBIANA on Saturday morning.
He will travel back to BUKA on Sunday morning and have mass again with the youths of West Coat, Atolls and North Bougainville at the HAHELA Pro Cathedral on Buka island.
The Nuncio and his delegation will return to Port Moresby on Monday.




New Dawn FM News
The Secretary of the Department of Treasury and Finance, BRENDA TOHIANA has been suspended by the Bougainville Senior Appointments Committee amidst allegations for misconduct in Office.
Earlier only the Secretary for Community Government, WESLY KENNETH was suspended awaiting investigations for misconduct in office but did not suspend MS TOHIANA who was also implicated.
In a media statement from the Chief Secretary, JOSEPH NOBETAU, the Senior Appointments Committee made a decision yesterday to suspend MS TOHIANA and the suspension will remain in force until such time as the Board of Inquiry, established by the Senior Appointments Committee, reports its findings.
MR. NOBETAU said that under the Bougainville constitution and the Bougainville Senior Appointments Committee act 2014, responsibility dealing with disciplinary matters involving constitutional office holders and senior officers rests with the Bougainville Senior Appointments Committee.
This is to make sure the process is fair and impartial and free from political interference.
Where allegations of misconduct are raised against a senior officer, the committee is required to follow strict procedures.
If the committee considers that the allegations should be investigated, it must appoint a board of inquiry to conduct the investigation and report back.
If the board of inquiry is satisfied that misconduct has occurred there are a range of punishment options available to the committee, including removal from office.
The Chief Secretary said that MS TOHIANA has been provided with details of the allegations and has been afforded an opportunity to respond.
He said these matters will now be fully investigated and MS TOHIANA will be provided with full natural justice.
MR. NOBETAU said that he understands people will be curious to know the details of the allegations set out in the petition, but it would not be fair to MS TOHIANA for those details to be made public at this stage.
He said that the formal procedures should be allowed to take their course.
It should be sufficient for the CHIEF to say that he found those allegations very concerning requiring him to take this action.
He concluded by saying that as the Chief Secretary, he will not tolerate Corruption and misconduct within the Bougainville Public Service.
MR.NOBETAU said that Bougainvilleans are entitled to expect the highest standards of integrity from their public servants.
He also called on any person with evidence of misconduct on the part of any public servant to come forward so that appropriate action can be taken.




New Dawn FM News

The Secretary for the ABG Economic Services, STEVEN TSIVELE says the both the Private Sector and the Government Departments must work together to achieve results.
He made these remarks at the closing of the Contractors workshop in Buka last Friday afternoon.
MR. TSIVELE said that partnership and team work are the ingredients of a balanced development in any society.
MR. TSIVELE said Businesses with problems with their businesses should seek assistance from his office in Buka.
He said that services done by his officers are free as they are paid by the Autonomous Bougainville Government to assist citizens of Bougainville.


TE VISIT110718 010



New Dawn FM News

Contractors who have attended the one-week Contractors workshop in Buka said that they will register their Contractors Association to help fight for their rights as Contractors.
Contractors representative and course participant, FRANCIS HENESI in his speech said that the participants should start implementing what they have learnt in this one-week.
He said only practice can make you master whatever dream you have in life.
MR. HENESI said that the participants have agreed to register the Contractors Association and would welcome people of Bougainville.
He thanked the ABG Department of Economic Services and the PNG Department of Trade and Industry for making it possible for the workshop to be held in Buka.
MR. HENESI said that they will request the course coordinator to return to Buka to run similar courses in the future.


TE VISIT110718 024


PNG Prime Minister Peter O'Neill ends visit to Fiji "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Prime Minister Peter ONeill met with the Fiji-PNG Business Council on Monday to talk about opportunities in investments, building business and creating jobs.

We are deepening investment between our countries, and this is building businesses and creating jobs, Mr ONeill said this as he ended his official visit to Fiji.

He was also invited to speak at the University of the South Pacific on Monday where he encouraged continuing exchanges between the two countries of PNG and Fiji.

Education is key to both of our futures and we must continue to exchange students.

Mr ONeill also had bilateral discussions earlier with Fiji PM Bainimarama where both leaders covered a number of areas of mutual interest.

When my delegation returns to Port Moresby they will follow-up on the issues we discussed. We will communicate and finalise arrangements for chanceries in both countries.

We will continue to work together on emerging security threats in our region.

I have already instructed our officials to take a deeper look at establishing a free trade agreement between our countries.

As you prepare for upcoming elections, PNG stands ready to offer our support to this process.

On global issues Mr ONeill said on many occasions he had stated that climate change is a very serious threat to people.

Natural disasters always impact the hardest on people in developing countries.

Fiji has experienced terrible cyclones, PNG has experienced devastating drought, and our coastal communities are falling victim to rising sea levels.

We will continue to work together in global forums to help our people and people around the Pacific.

( Picture; Fiji welcome PM O'Neill )


Mioks to host Agiru Memorial Cup for Round 15 match in Wabag "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The KROTON Hela Wigmen rugby league franchise would like to thank Governor Sir Peter Ipatas and the people of Enga and the EPG Enga Mioks for naming the round 15 match this Sunday at Aipus Oval in Wabag as Agiru Memorial Cup.

Wigmen Chairman Andy Hetra said The historical connection between the Hela Opena and Hela Huli brothers is still strong to this day where both are considered to be brothers. Folklore has told us that our Opena brothers live beyond the mountains of Mt Kare and Mt Tundaka. This Sunday we will be visiting our brothers in Wabag and we are looking forward for a good turnout for the game.

The Chairman said, It is such a wonderful experience when we play our brother team and also to commemorate this game in memory of the founding Patron of Hela Wigmen Rugby League Franchise, Late Governor Anderson Agiru. It is only fitting for his brother Governor Sir Peter Ipatas to host this Cup in recognition of the cultural bond and brotherhood these two provinces share and also to honor a great leader who has lived a legacy in many facets, especially in politics, business and sports.

Mr Hetra said, while we understand that Mioks will want to fight for the minor premiership in their remaining 4 rounds, we are also fighting to keep our finals hope alive to make the top 5. We know that it wont be an easy game for us. More pressure will be on Mioks after recording their first loss of the season in Mendi last weekend. Mioks wouldnt want to do a second consecutive loss. Every remaining games for us is like finals footy for us. The boys are well aware of this and we will be hungrier to win. At the end of the day it will come down to the team that commits less mistakes. This is an area we need to work hard on, especially to cut down on silly mistakes and cheap penalties going against an inform Mioks outfit.

We wish the two brother teams the best of luck and we encourage all to come and celebrate the occasion in the true spirit of sportsmanship and comradeship. Press Release


No one left behind, No one left idle as far as Education is concerned : Parkop "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Thirty-two tertiary schools in the National Capital District and other centres around the country received K5 million in school fee subsidies from the NCD Commission.

Speaking at the cheque presentation in Caritas Girls Secondary School in Port Moresby, NCD Governor Powes Parkop said since its inception in 2008, NCD TVET and school-fee assistance program has relieved many disadvantaged guardians, parents and their children in tertiary institutions.

Mr Parkop said more than K40 million has been invested in the program, benefitting over 35,000 students since.
He added that today some 1001 students were the proud recipient of subsidy.

The program only complemented with the National Governments Tuition Fee Free policy, he said.

Those schools include the University of Papua New Guineas open college, main and Taurama campuses, Divine Word University, Pacific Adventist University, the University of Goroka, the University of Natural Science and Environment, University of Technology and others.

Governor Parkop used the occasion to flag his major policy platform in his third term in office, citing upgrading of settlement to suburb, modernisation of Motu-Koitabuan villages, improvement of suburbs, eradication of violence and improvement of health and education.

According to him, the scheme is part of his holistic strategy in making the city clean, safe, peaceful, active and liveable.

He emphasised that the city will not be transformed into the best in the Pacific and the region as envisaged unless the outcomes of the policys aspirations are not materialised in partnership.

Governor Parkop also emphasised that no one should be left behind or idle as far as education is concerned, echoing the United Nations Sustainable Development goals.

Governor Parkop urged the students to partner with him and the City Hall to make this dream into reality.

He further said the commission entered into a partnership with the World Bank to fund the Urban Youth Employment program at the tune of K30 million in the last three years.

This program is also tailored towards achieving the same outcome, he said.

He announced that the program, which has been hailed as a success in addressing many cross-cutting issues in the city, will be replicated in other main centres with funds sourced from the Australian government.



The Neanderthals and Denisovan hybrids who kept extinct humans' DNA alive "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Neanderthals, Denisovans and other extinct humans live on inside our cells - but what was life like for the hybrid humans who carried their genes? Until about five years ago, one feature united the ancient human species that once walked the Earth: all were well and truly extinct. The Denisovans vanished from Eurasia around 50,000 years ago and the Neanderthals some 10,000 years later, leaving only Homo sapiens. Others went the same way much earlier, leaving just a few fossils - if that - to tell their story. But we now know these species are not entirely gone. Traces of them are buried within my cells and yours. By having sex with our direct ancestors, ancient human species made sure they left a genetic legacy that survives to this day, one with a greater significance than previously suspected. People of non-African descent inherit between 2 and 4 per cent of their DNA from Neanderthals; indigenous Melanesians get 3 to 4 per cent of theirs from Denisovans; and some hunter-gatherer groups in central Africa get a small proportion from species we haven't even identified yet - we just know they existed. Crucially, recent studies have revealed that if you combine all the ancient DNA in living humans, you could recover a sizeable chunk of the original genomes. A study published this year suggests about 10 per cent of the Denisovan genome is still "alive", mainly in people from Papua New Guinea. It also suggests that about 40 per cent of the Neanderthal genome can be put together from the bits living people carry. Joshua Akey of the University of Washington in Seattle thinks that figure may creep up with more research.


Owners Of Extractive Companies To Be Identified "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Post courier | 10 July 2018

Work is underway to identify beneficial owners of extractive companies operating in Papua New Guinea, says the PNGEITI multi stakeholder group (MSG).

The PNGEITI is cooperating with an international auditing firm KPMG as the implementation manager to execute a beneficial owners (BO) roadmap.

The roadmap is aimed at establishing a reporting matrix to feature beneficial owners in PNGEITI reports starting 2020- as required by the EITI International.

A beneficial owner in respect of a company means the natural person or persons who directly or indirectly owns or controls a corporate entity. A beneficial owner ultimately profits from the companys activities, or controls the companys activities. It is never a company, other legal entity, or a nominee or proxy, says PNGEITI.

By 2020 companies applying for or holding a participatory interest in an exploration or production of an oil, gas or mining licence or contract in an EITI country must report the details of the beneficial owner (persons who own, control or substantially benefit from these...


Minister has his mind on forum to discuss Wafi-Golpu "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The National aka The Loggers Times | 10 July 2018

Mining Minister Johnson Tuke will open a forum in Morobe tomorrow to discuss the Wafi-Golpu Project.
Concerned parties were expected to share views and ideas to push the project forward since the formal application by Wafi-Golpu Joint Venture Partners was initiated last year.

I am prepared to recommend to the Head of State (Governor-General) to grant the development licence once the State is satisfied with all relevant and necessary steps taken to comfortably and confidently convince the national Government, Tuke said.

I am informed the State is currently putting together a set of conditions for the development licence.

He said that from the Governments standpoint, the benefits streams it normally offered to the province, including project area landowners and local level governments, were governed by laws, policies and practices.

Tuke said some benefit streams like equity participation, for instance,...


Alluvial gold exports expect K410 million for country "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The National aka The Loggers Times | July 11, 2018

Alluvial gold exports are expected to generate K410 million for the country this year, Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) predicts.

The forecast for this year, subject to steady production and commodity prices, is 97,000 ounces compared to 93,080oz in 2017.

Alluvial gold exports through licensed gold exporters, regulated by the Bank of PNG, totaled K365 million last year.

Top three licensed gold export companies were Italpreziosi SPL, Golden Valley Enterprises and Gold Exports Ltd.

Small-scale mining branch of MRA has now certied 4583 alluvial miners through its training programmes since 2009. Last year, 420 were certied, with 337 certicates issued for level 1 training.

With the exception of tenement information, MRA holds no reliable data on the number of people participating in the alluvial sector in PNG.

This is especially given the rural and remote locations of many of these community-based, n...


Pacific experts press for sustainable deep-sea mining "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

SPC has yet to explain how these giant machines be used sustainably

SPC | Scoop NZ | 9 July 2018

Pacific Island Countries and Territories have committed to long-term sustainable management of Deep-Sea Minerals (DSM) and ocean governance through the refinement of a draft regional agreement in Fiji.

The Agreement establishes cooperation among Pacific Island countries and territories to support responsible deep-sea mineral management across the region. This is work led by the Pacific Community (SPC) through the development of critical legislative frameworks and support to countries to ensure effective & sustainable evidence based approaches to the use of these resources.

Dr Andrew Jones, Director of SPCs Geoscience, Energy and Maritime Division (GEM) said many PICTs have great potential to access deep-sea minerals but he highlighted the need to ensure this is done sustainably

DSM exploration is already happening in the region and this agreement will ensure countries are effectively legislated and protected whilst ensuring sustai...

Tuesday, 10 July


Young female architect building a career in construction "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Australian High Commission

Stephanie Korokoro is building her career as a young architect by working on major construction projects supported by the Australian Government in Papua New Guinea.

Stephanie Korokoro on the National Museum and Art Gallery refurbishment construction site in Port Moresby.

A recent architecture graduate, Stephanie is a key member of the Planpac construction management team engaged to undertake refurbishment of the National Museum and Art Gallery (NMAG) in Port Moresby...


Declassified CIA Documents Suggest The Nazis Successfully Built UFOs "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

By Ivan Petricevic

What exactly are UFOs?

We understand the definition as unidentified flying objects.

That definition does not mean that UFOs are vehicles from otherworldly civilizations.

They are, as their definition describes not identified and could, therefore, be the result of manmade technology.

Bear with me for a second and think about Nazi Germany and their extensive search for technology that would give them the upper hand in the war.

The technological capacity of Nazi Germany is something that has never been questioned.

However, not only did they have state-of-the-art battle tanksrockets, and other sorts of weapons. According to a series of war documents, Hitlers engineers even built flying saucers and strange aerial vehicles described aslight balls that had the capacity to fly and follow allied fighters to deconcentrate them during the flight.

Its not a mystery that the Nazis searched even the most remote places on Earth for devices, ancient manuscripts describing paranormal energies, and places that would help them in their ultimate goal: World domination.

Some declassified documents exist claiming that the Germans created airplanes shaped like a flying saucer and even incandescent flying spheres to disconcert allied pilots during the war.

Their ultimate goal was to create flying saucers. UFOs.

When speaking about the Nazis, their quest for paranormal technologies and Nazi UFOs we encounter a lot of skepticism, so I want to be as though as possible when describing these mysterious crafts.

The Nazi UFO, fact or fiction?

[Italian researcher] Renato Vesco argued that Germans had developed antigravity. The disc-shaped and tubular craft were built and tested near the end of the Second World War, which, he argued, was the proper explanation of foo fighters. These concepts, he maintained, were developed by the Americans and Soviets and led directly to flying saucers. Richard Dolan.

The Nazi UFOs also referred to in German as Haunebu, Hauneburg-Gerte, or Reichsflugscheiben) are supposed advanced a...


PNG govt liabilities could be K1.5 billion higher than admitted "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Paul Flanagan
Paul Flanagan - scrutiny of accounts finds PNG's budget position significantly worse than reported

PAUL FLANAGAN | PNG Economics | Edited extracts

CANBERRA When treasurer Charles Abel recently announced how his 2017 budget had worked out (known as the final budget outcome or FBO) it showed the Papua New Guinea government had spent K700 million more than it had estimated.

The two largest areas of expenditure increase were in highly undesirable areas an increase in debt service costs of K251 million and administrative expenses of K316 million.

But there were also areas in which spending was committed to and not made.

Let me take a closer look at some of the main areas where the government got its budget very wrong.

Superannuation payments for public servants

The budget stated that superannuation payments for public servants were expected to be K404 million but the FBO indicated they amounted to only K175 million, representing one of the major areas of expenditure saving.

But in my view, this was really a cash deferral of a legal obligation to make superannuation payments, and at some time in the future the government will have to fund these. Working my way through all the numbers, my conservative estimate is that there has been a deferral of superannuation payments of K150 million.

GST payments to the provinces

This one took some detective work as there was a lack of clarity in the expenditure figures but it does look as if the provinces have been underfunded by K200-K270 million.

My calculations showed that K450 million should have been transferred to the provinces but the actual transfer was K180 million an underpayment of some K270 million which was possibly left in a trust account.

Education unlikely claimed cut of over half a billion

The sectoral expenditure figures show a K710 million cut in provincial funding. This largely reflects the decision to only distribute around 20% of various service improvement programs - a major sa...


Open Hardware Takes Charge in Papua New Guinea "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

You probably dont think much about charging your phone. Just find an outlet, plug it in, and wait a while. Cant find a cable or wall wart? A rainbow of cheap, candy-colored options awaits you down at the brightly-lit corner drugstore.

This scenario couldnt be further from reality in third world countries like Papua New Guinea, where people living in remote jungles have cell phone coverage, but have to charge their phones by hooking them up directly to cheap solar panels and old car batteries.

[Marius Taciuc] wants to change all of that. At the suggestion of his friend [Brian], he designed an intermediary device that takes any input and converts it to clean 5 volts with a low-cost, reliable buck converter. The inputs are a pair of alligator clips, so they can be connected to car battery terminals, bare-wire solar panel leads, or 9V connectors.

Mobile phones mean so much to the people of Papua New Guinea. Theyre like a first-world care package of news, medical advice, and education. At night, they become simple, valuable lanterns. But these dirty charging hacks often lead to house fires. Someone will leave their phone to charge in the morning when they go off to hunt, and come home to a pile of ashes.

This is an open, simple device that could ultimately save someones life, and its exactly the type of project were looking for. [Marius] hopes to see these all over eBay someday, and so do we. Charge past the break to see [Marius] discuss the Brian Box and the people hes trying to help.

The HackadayPrize2018 is Sponsored by:


Open yer meat pies, sink the slipper & go the biff! Get me? "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

1974 team
The 1974 New Guinea team that beat Papua in Port Moresby. The game ended in a riot


SYDNEY - Nicknames are common in sport; particularly so in adult male teams. Many rugby league players who graced the playing fields of Port Moresby in the 1960s and 1970s boasted a wide variety of monikers.

Some came to Moresby from down south with them already attached by some other body who hadnt bother to explain them to us.

So we didnt know why DCAs James Annand was always referred to as Digger or Barry van Heekeren was Mocha.

But many others were christened after they arrived and, in our usual lazy way, we simply linked. nicknames to surnames.

One more colourful handle I remember was that of Magani lower grade coach Jim Taylor who was called Squizzy after the notorious Melbourne criminal.

Jim, or rather Squizzy, was a good coach but his halftime pep talks could be very confusing. This was because, when excited, he would lapse into Australian vernacular, peppering his speech with jargon like meat pies, Nazi spies, Julius Marlowes, sink the slipper, all over the shop, come the biff and a host of other expressions that left most of the players sucking on their oranges and wondering how he wanted the game played in the second half.

Even the Australian players were confused by this outpouring on the Australian idiom while our Papua New Guinean team mates were completely bewildered. Still we won a few games so Squizzys messages must have got through occasionally.

Other players earned their nicknames through the way they played. It was easy to see why Knuckles Yates of Paga achieved his moniker and it wasnt because he had cute fingers.

And there was a tough Papua New Guinean player from Magani who was adept at flattening opponents behind play and otherwise out of the referees line of vision without getting penalised. He was accorded the nickname Sniper. It was well-earned.

Some of our home-grown names were based on the way a person looked. A large overweight player, with very fair skin......


Advocates work to revitalise Australias voice in the Pacific "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

A Pacific broadcaster interviews boys in Bougainville (Sue Ahearn, 2012)

NEWSDESK | Pacific Media Watch

AUCKLAND - A group of Australia-based supporters is trying to revitalise Australian broadcasting in the Pacific and Asia region.

For more than 50 years, ABC-Radio Australia was a trusted and respected friend in the region broadcasting independent news and information, says the group in a media release.

But five years ago, the service was almost silenced by budget cuts.

It has recently been revealed that Radio Australias shortwave frequencies into the Pacific and Asia have been taken over by China Radio International.

The supporters group says that now, because of a new political environment in Canberra and across the region, the time is right to propose a major upgrade of ABC radio, television and digital services to the Asia Pacific.

The group wants people to have their say at a review of Australias broadcasting in the region being held by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Communication and the Arts.

It would like to see the review recommend the reinstatement of full ABC Asia-Pacific broadcasting with a new model of stronger partnerships between Australia and the region.

The supporters group includes household names in the Pacific like former ABC-Radio Australia correspondents Sean Dorney and Jemima Garrett along with former Radio Australia Network manager Sue Ahearn.

Garrett said the Australian media, in the form of the ABCs international services [Radio Australia, Australia Plus TV, and digital and online services) had played a crucial role in promoting debate, transparency and good governance in the Pacific and Asia.

She said the ABC had provided a powerful role-model and, through its presence and reporting empowered journalists in the region, to tackle stories that are difficult but of important public interest.

Ahearn said this was a chance for those who cared about independent journalism and democracy to be heard.

Your submis...

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