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Saturday, 16 December


The impact of western religion - has it made PNG a better place? "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Rose Kranz
People can be beautiful but does religion really make us better?


NEWCASTLE - The Catholics were the first missionaries in the upper Simbu in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, and some got killed for their trouble.

Then the Lutherans came to Kundiawa in central Simbu and built a church mission station that remain there to this day.

The missionaries were infused with a desire to bring the message of God to the 'heathens', a zealousness which is still seen today with evangelical Protestants spreading the word using pop music and, in their fund-raising back home, with fake news about Christianising the savages.

In PNG overall, these 150 years of Christian contact have had a profound impact on traditional culture - in big ways and bizarre ways. Missionaries offended by bare breasts and instituted the Mother Hubbard, or meri blouse, introducing skin complaints along with prudery.

And of course polygamy was beyond the pale. Full membership of the church was refused to a man who had more than one wife. So a means of organising a coherent social order in which every person would be looked after was (in most cases but not all) summarily despatched.

And sanguma (sorcery) was ostensibly replaced by a belief in Satan and his evil spirits, which for many people represented nothing more than a change of names.

Women are still tortured and burned in the name of Christ.

So what has Papua New Guinean society gained?

We replace one belief system with another, and behaviours are still largely unchanged.

I don't think we have moved forward much when men can still torture and burn a suspected witch.

More than 90% of Papua New Guineans claim to be Christian, but abuse of women and children and the most vulnerable continues and PNG is ranked amongst the worst in the world for this type of violence.

We know what the churches brought in material terms, but what did Christianity bring in moral terms?

Nice paintings, fake Christmas celebrations and the...


Australias racist media: much reporting breaches codes "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Number of stories by ethnic group & type of reporting
Number of stories by ethnic group & type of reporting

CHRISTINA HO | The Conversation | Pacific Media Watch

Read the complete article here

SYDNEY- Half of all race-related opinion pieces in the Australian mainstream media are likely to contravene industry codes of conduct on racism.

In research released this week, the Who Watches the Media report found that of 124 race-related opinion pieces published between January and July this year, 62 were potentially in breach of one or more industry codes of conduct, because of racist content.

Despite multiple industry codes of conduct stipulating fair race-related reporting, racist reporting is a weekly phenomenon in Australias mainstream media.

We define racism as unjust covert or overt behaviour towards a person or a group on the basis of their racial background. This might be perpetrated by a person, a group, an organisation, or a system.

The research, conducted by not-for-profit group All Together Now and the University of Technology Sydney, focused on opinion-based pieces in the eight Australian newspapers and current affairs programmes with the largest audiences, as determined by ratings agencies.

We found that negative race-related reports were most commonly published in News Corp publications. The Daily Telegraph, The Australian and Herald Sun were responsible for the most negative pieces in the press. A Current Affair was the most negative among the broadcast media.

Muslims were mentioned in more than half of the opinion pieces, and more than twice as many times as any other single group mentioned.

Muslims were portrayed more negatively than the other minority groups, with 63% of reports about Muslims framed negatively.

These pieces often conflated Muslims with terrorism. For example, reports used terrorist attacks in the UK to question accepting Muslim refugees and immi......


PNG High Court strikes out arrest Warrant, O'Neill welcomes decision "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Prime Minister,. Peter ONeill , has welcomed the decision by the Supreme Court of Papua New Guinea to dismiss an attempt by political opponents in 2014 to manipulate Government agencies and issue a warrant of arrest.

This has been a long saga, and the decision of the Supreme Court is again a very clear demonstration of the independence of our judiciary in our country," the Prime Minister said.

This is a decision for common sense, and it is a decision against people maliciously using our Government agencies and the Courts for malicious politics.

From the start, this was a political witch-hunt based on a complaint by the then leader of the opposition, who could not change Government on the floor of parliament, so he engaged in other means.

He could not muster the numbers so he tried to use agencies of the Government and the legal system to try and destabilize a legitimate Government.

If he and his cohorts had been successful, it would have set a precedent that would have terrible consequences for the country.

This would have opened the way for every future elected Prime Minister of the country to be falsely accused, charged and forced to resign all based on false allegations.

Todays Supreme Court decision clearly demonstrates that the legal interventions I sought, to have this matter tested in the courts, was the right approach as now justice has prevailed and precedent has been set.

PM ONeill said now that the matter has been laid to rest, the cost of the attempted misuse of Government agencies and the courts could start...


NCD police set out to regain public trust "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


A number of changes have been made so far since the new National Capital District metropolitan superintendent had taken office.

The NCD police are looking and working to regain public confidence in policing services in Port Moresby.


Recent meets with the NCD senior police officers saw the NCD Police Boss, Perou NDranou, stress on the implementing strategies to win back the trust and confidence of the general public.


This includes activities that will help improve the work of police and involve local communities to help police fight and reduce the crime rate in the city.


Some of those changes include the disbanding of the NCD Beat and support units, the banning of field uniforms and the establishment of a taskforce unit as per the NCD structure.


Currently, the candidates are undergoing a selection process, says NDranou.


Other changes include the implementation of drunk patrol operations during the weekends, the deployment of units for foot patrols at high risk areas, weekly parades at police stations as well as unannounced police station inspections at irregular hours.


NDranou said this is just the start of what is to come for better policing services for the people of NCD.



ONeill assures ABG on referendum "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


Prime Minister Peter ONeill has given his word to the Autonomous Bougainville Government and the Nation that the vote for Bougainvilles referendum will go ahead as scheduled on June 15, 2019.


He made the commitment during the closing of the Joint Supervisory Body meeting in Port Moresby on Friday (Dec 15).


The conclusion of the JSB meeting began with ironing of technical agreements, which then led to a negotiation scenario.


After two hours and with both sides satisfied, binding documents were signed.


Later in a joint media conference, PM ONeill announced that at the heart of the meeting was the referendum agenda, particularly the setting up of the referendum transitional committee.


Im pleased to announce that we have agreed to establish a referendum transitional committee that will manage the process and which questions that will be asked at the referendum for our people of Bougainville to answer, said ONeill.




PM Responds To Police Budget Cuts "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


Budget cuts to priority sectors should not be taken literal as perceived by the numbers presented in the National Budget.


Prime Minister Peter ONeill was responding to questions raised on the cut of the budget for police in particular with law and order issues pressing for the country.


Police budget in some areas were cut, but you know that both district and provinces Services Improvement Programs, law and order has got 20% of the Budget he said.


The funding is still there but it has been prioritized to the other areas of the law and order sectors, said ONeill.

Source: Post-Courier


Boroko Market Safer Than Gordon "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Central Vendors At The New Boroko Market Only Have Words Of Praise For The Security Personnel Who Have Been Doing A Tremendous Job Keeping The Vendors Safe Inside And Outside The Vicinity Of The Market.





Central vendors at the new Boroko market only have words of praise for the security personnel who have been doing a tremendous job keeping the vendors safe inside and outside the vicinity of the market.


Boroko Market is the best, security wise, said a spokesperson of the Central Market Vendors during a Wholesale Vendors in NCD and Central Province consultative meeting with NCDC to discuss relevant issues.


We were victims at Gordon market, our female folks were the  main victims but here they can trade without fear.


The infamous Gordon market which is known for the notorious activities from bag snatching to hold ups was closed for renovation forcing vendors, including the Central Vendors who bring bags of fresh food to sell to the retailers to be relocated with other vendors to the Boroko market.


Meanwhile, Fletcher Morobe has been engaged as the design and build contractor of the project which will see the construction of a two-storey structure to cater for more than 1500 registered vendors. The K30 million redevelopment will also include cafes and kiosks, spacious parking area, food court, play ground, a space for informal vendors, landscaping of and a one-way traffic system.

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PM welcomes Supreme Court ruling "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


Prime Minister Peter ONeill has welcomed todays Supreme Court ruling on the controversial arrest warrant against him.



He told media this afternoon that the ruling by the three-man bench is a clear demonstration of the independence of the judiciary system of the country.


He said it was clearly a politically motivated case by people with vested interest out to tarnish his name, and he hopes the real culprits can be caught.



This is a decision that has a lot of common sense and it is a decision against people who are maliciously using both government agencies and the courts to get political merit out of, said ONeill.


From the start this was a political witch-hunt.


ONeill said todays decision clearly shows the interventions he took were the right decisions he took.


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Friday, 15 December


Bougainville and Brazil linked by the disastrous consequences of mining: UN "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The polluted Jaba river on Bougainville

UN Environment Assembly moves to curb pollution from extractive industries

UN Environment | 14 December 2017

The city of Mariana, Brazil, and the town of Panguna in the autonomous province of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea, occupy two diametrically opposed parts of the world, separated by more than 10,000 miles.  

They have distinct historical differences, dating several centuries ago, but in a very unique way they share a common story and destiny: that of the adverse effects of a well-intentioned exploitation of natural resources gone awry.

While few inhabitants of both urban centres may have interacted with each other, they have a common story to tell about the disastrous, and often unintended, consequences of natural resource extraction. 

Both settlements experienced the worst mining disasters in their respective countries and highlighted the need for integration of local communities in the planning and execution of extraction of natural resources.

In Panguna, the...


3 ships will accommodate 10,000 at Moresbys APEC summit "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Pacific Explorer

STAFF REPORTER | Cruise Industry News

SYDNEY - Carnival Australia has announced the charter of three of the cruise companys ships to support Papua New Guineas hosting of the 2018 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in Port Moresby in November next year.

P&O Cruises Pacific Explorer and Pacific Jewel as well as Princess Cruises Sea Princess will be supporting the accommodation of up to 10,000 delegates and officials, the company said.

The three ships will be moored alongside within the APEC security zones to provide hotel accommodation for those attending the summit.

Carnival Australia Executive Chairman Ann Sherry said the company was pleased to be playing a part in the successful delivery of Papua New Guineas first hosting of an APEC Summit, which will attract member nations Presidents and Prime Ministers along with thousands of delegates and observers.

Carnival Australia has established a strong relationship with the government of PNG and is proud to have included nine destinations in PNG on its itineraries from Australian-based ships since 2013, Ms Sherry said.

Supporting PNG in hosting the APEC Summit is an extension of our relationship. We look forward to continuing to work the PNG government and the APEC organising committee over the next 12 months to play our role in making the 2018 APEC a success.

This is the second occasion on which a Carnival Australia vessel has been chartered to support hosting arrangements for a major international conference. P&O Cruises Pacific Jewel was chartered for the Small Island Developing States Summit held in Apia Samoa in 2014.



KTF teaches for tomorrow as 660 more teachers graduate "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

TESS GIZORIA | Kokoda Track Foundation

Happy graduates show their certificates
Huge crowd of graduating teachers celebrate in Simbu Province

PORT MORESBY The Kokoda Track Foundation (KTF), the Papua New Guinea Education Institute and the National Department of Education have collaborated graduated another 660 teachers under two programs sponsored by ExxonMobil PNG, Steamships and Australian aid.

Some 556 teachers from Simbu Province and a further 111 from Central Province and the National Capital District participated in KTF's Teach for Tomorrow program which enables partially-trained teachers to complete their Certificates of Elementary Teaching and become fully-fledged teachers

Once certified, the graduate teachers will have the opportunity to access government payroll positions for the first time after volunteering in schools for many years.

The trainee teachers worked tirelessly as volunteers in village schools while waiting for this training, said KTF CEO, Dr Genevieve Nelson, of the teachers who attended a six-week program at Kupiano in Central Province

Gen Nelson awards certificate
Dr Genevieve Nelson awards a completion certificate in Kupiano

It was also a huge privilege to witness hun...


Artists Protest Australian Museums Deal with Security Firm that Allegedly Abused Asylum-Seekers "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

<i>Love Story</i>, installation view (courtesy of Candice Breitz and KOW, Berlin)Love Story, installation view (courtesy of Candice Breitz and KOW, Berlin)

Earlier this week, the South African artist Candice Breitz changed the title of one of her works to protest that the Australian museum hosting it hired a security firm that allegedly abused refugees at detention centers. Her action and accompanying statement have moved other artists to join in the protest.

The work in question, a video in which actors including Alec Baldwin and Julianne Moore recite the stories of refugees, is featured in the inaugural NGV Triennial, which opened today at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) in Melbourne. The works original title was Love Story; due to the NGVs contract with Wilson Security a company whose human rights abuses at Australias offshore detention centers on Manus Island and Nauru came to light in August 2016 Breitz has retitled it Wilson Must Go. In a statement posted on Facebook (and included in...


Teaching Positions Advertised "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

 The 2017 Education Vacancy Gazette Was Ready For Distribution To The Provinces For Teachers To Start Applying For Tenure Or To Confirm Their Eligibility By July.



Exactly 42,517 teaching positions from community & primary schools, high schools and secondary schools, national high Schools, flexible, open and distance education (FODE), vocational centres, teachers colleges, inclusive education institutions and TVET institutions were advertised mid this year.


The 2017 Education Vacancy Gazette was ready for distribution to the provinces for teachers to start applying for tenure or to confirm their eligibility by July.

Source: Post-Courier


Australia ratifies torture prevention treaty, but must accept scrutiny of offshore facilities on Manus and Nauru "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Australian Government has ratified an important UN torture prevention treaty. The Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture (OPCAT) is a mechanism established to prevent cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment in places of detention.

Ratification of the OPCAT will enable the Commonwealth Ombudsman to establish a network of independent inspectors who will have unprecedented access to prisons and some other places of detention. But the impact will be limited by the Australian Governments denial of these obligations to Australias offshore facilities on Manus Island and Nauru. 

"The announcement is an important step in the right direction because governments have maintained an out of sight, out of mind approach to prisons for too long," said Ruth Barson, HRLC Director of Legal Advocacy.

"Abuse thrives behind closed doors. While independent scrutiny of prisons is essential to expose current abuses, such as prolonged solitary confinement and degrading strip searches, the onus will be on governments to implement the inspectors' recommendations and put an end to mistreatment."

As part of ratification, the UN Subcommittee on the Prevention of Torture will undertake periodic visits of Australian detention facilities. Ms Barson said international scrutiny is important to ensure Australian governments commit to stopping cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment both in word and deed. 

"Exposing mistreatment is one thing, but stopping it is another. Deaths in custody and Don Dale type abuse are what happen when governments fail to heed the advice of experts and instead turn a blind eye to mistreatment," said Ms Barson. 

When announcing its intention to ratify OPCAT in February the Australian Government made clear that it will not accept any obligations for transparency, oversight or monitoring to extend to its offshore facilities on Manus and Nauru, where 2000 refugees have been held for the last four and a half years. 

Daniel Webb, HRLC Director of Legal Advocacy, said the Australian Government cant just pick and choose which facilities its happy to have scrutinised.

"The whole purpose of this treaty is to prevent abuse through transparency. It defeats that purpose if our Government can just decide to keep its deepest darkest sites of misery and suffering deliberately shielded from scrutiny," said Mr Webb.

Mr Webb said the timing of the ratification  coming just ahead of Australia formally commencing its term on the Human Rights Council  showed that the Australian Government recognised the need to improve its own human rights performance prior to taking up a seat on the worlds highest human rights authority. 

"Our Government knows it needs to get its house in order if it wants to command respect and cred...


Students ticketing process to be improved "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


The Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology plans to hand over all airline ticketing responsibilities to colleges and universities to manage independently.



Secretary of the Department of Higher Education, Fr Jan Czuba, says currently the Department purchases tickets for all TESAS students however, this process causes delays in students travels, further holding up the enrolment process for the students and institutions.


The tertiary institutions will receive money from the Higher Education Department to purchase their students tickets once they confirm their lists by early January, Fr Jan explained.


This is so the students can travel to school on time for registration and enrolment.


The current process where the department purchases the tickets sometimes results in students being sent to the institutions too early or too late, said Fr Jan.


This incurs extra costs to schools, the department and at times, on the students and their parents.


Fr Jan said changing the whole process will address some of these ongoing issues and importantly, make the enrolment system efficient.




PMs arrest warrant quashed "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


 The Supreme Court has quashed the controversial arrest warrant that was taken out for the arrest of Prime Minister Peter ONeill three years ago.

A three-man Supreme Court bench today unanimously found the warrant defective and the District Courts decision to issue it as well.



The court found that lack of care was applied by the District Court in issuing the warrant.


There was no information put on the form to get a warrant. The date on which the information was laid was blank. Even the word Independent was spelt wrong on the form.


The court further found that the wrong form was used in applying for the warrant.


To apply for the arrest warrant, form 1 had to be used, as per section 8 of the Arrest Act of 1977.


The court upheld the appeals filed by PM ONeill and Police Commissioner Gari Baki, and set aside the warrant as void and of no legal effect.


This appeal arose from the decision of August 8, where the National Court ruled it cannot judicially review the manner in which the warrant was issued from the District Court on 12 June 2014.


The Supreme Court ruled that the decision by the District Court to issue the warrant was an administrative decision that was capable of being judicially reviewed.



New TB facility to offer same day treatment "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"



Port Moresby General Hospital has opened new standalone tuberculosis (TB) clinic and pathology laboratory.

TB patients could now get treatment after laboratory test and X-ray results are done on the same day at the new facilities at Port Moresby General Hospital.

Hospital chief executive officer Dr Umesh Gupta officially named the clinic after Dr Joseph Bana-Koiri yesterday, saying the new TB clinic would be able to conduct X-rays and sputum examinations of adult and child TB patients daily.

Our aim is to be able to start treatment of TB patients within four hours of presentation to the TB clinic, certainly before he or she leaves the premises, Dr Gupta said.

He said the relocation of the facility was urgently required because the present clinic posed risk of spreading TB to other patients and staff in the present clinic, X-rays were done twice a week and that again posed risks to staff and other patients, he added.

The new facility would encourage more adult and children if they have experience common symptoms like coughing for two weeks, fever, night sweats, loss of appetite and weight loss can visit the clinic and be treated on the spot, Dr Gupta said.

He said the new facility will support programs such as the introduction of the new child-friendly TB medication and will also support the concept of screening and treating of the family as a whole on the country.

Source: Post-Courier


Doctors call offstrike "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

December 15, 2017 


A PLANNED strike by doctors has been called off after the Government yesterday met four of their seven demands including the payment of K1.3 million to cover their insurance premiums.
National Doctors Association secretary Dr Sam Yockopua told The National last night the three remaining demands are in process.
We are satisfied so we will continue work, he said.
The strike by association members, which Health and HIV/AIDS Minister Sir Puka Temu and Personnel Department Secretary John Kali said would have been illegal, was to have started yesterday.
Sir Puka confirmed that K1.3mil had been paid and all the other demands were administrative matters which would be addressed.
We have paid the premium insurance and we will address the other administrative issues as soon as possible, he said.
Doctors this week threatened to withdraw their services in a nationwide strike if their sevens demands were not addressed immediately. They had submitted the same seven demands to the government earlier this year but received no response.
The demands are that:

  • An outstanding insurance premium of K1.13 million to be paid before close of business on Dec 14 (yesterday);
  • the outstanding NDA awards for national medical academics, the money managed by the University of PNG, to be paid by close of business on Pay 26 of 2017;
  • the State to show commitment to honour the award and facilitate the NDA HOS which includes financial contributions;
  • all doctors must have their contracts signed, gratuity calculations and payments done in compliance to the existing agreement by Pay 26 of 2017;
  • all doctors who have been employed must have their appointments confirmed, salaries and remuneration packages sorted out, and those seeking employment in the public sector must be promoted;
  • all outstanding rentals to be paid before close of business yesterday (Dec 14); and,
  • All outstanding claims by service providers must be paid by the end of the year.


Kali told The National that the strike threat strike contravened the Public Services Act and the General Orders. He said it would have breached an agreement signed between the doctors and the government which stipulated that doctors were engaged in an essentia...


Webb Dock battle is a front line in a bigger war to reshape Australian workplaces "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Contributed by Joe Montero

As the battle on Melbournes Webb dock over rights at work continues, the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) has released a report, which shows that the company calling the shots, has a record of using methods that have embroiled it in industrial disputes around the world.

International Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICTSI) is operating at Webb Dock, through its subsidiary, Victoria International Container Terminal (VICT).

Paddy Crumlin, the President of the ITF said, ICTSI has imported its anti-worker business model, which has led to protracted disputes and protests around the world, to the Victoria International Container Terminal (VICT) terminal at Webb Dock.

ICTSIs insistence on bringing its anti-worker business model to Australia is being met with the resistance you would expect from workers unions, politicians and the local community with an industrial dispute on the cusp of entering its third week with no end in sight.

No matter where you look across ICTSIs global network, there is industrial trouble because the company insists on running an anti-worker, union busting agenda, and no-one wants that at the expense of decent pay, conditions and job security.

Weve seen ongoing dramas in Madagascar, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea and the cancer has now spread to Australia. Everyone is awake to ICTSIs destructive ways and wont cop it anymore.

Paddy Crumlin added that VICT publicly alleged that it was illegal for them to employ this worker and that his application for a MSIC card was rejected twice. VICTs claims are categorically false and this worker was granted a MSIC card on the 8th of December.

ICTSI is deliberately running smokescreens and we need to focus on the facts. Management deceptively created the cause of this dispute. This dockworker was targeted for being a union delegate, and sacked after trying to raise legitimate concerns with management regarding the bullying and intimidation of workers.

It is the broken promises related to permanency and rates of pay, managements disregard for worker safety by attempting to override safety officers and experienced dockworkers, and the targeting of MUA members that led to this dispute.

Despite a great deal of disinformation being put through the media, the reality of this dispute is starting to get though. Proof of this is the growing community support for th...


Call to Improve Dialogue Between Resource Owners and Stakeholders "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Government urged not to renew the Porgera Special Mining Lease Agreement

Jack Lapauve Jnr. | EMTV | 14 December 2017 

President of Resource Owners Federation PNG is calling for an equal playing field between mining operators and resource owners.

President Jonathan Paraia told EMTV News, too many agreements or understandings are signed but 90 percent of that is not achieved.

Mr Paraia said the government and mining operators must consider the issues presented by resource owners. He says Resource Owners Federation of PNG has kept a tight lip over the years.

With more complaints raised by resource owners around the country, he says, the government and mining giants must pay equal consideration.

In the past 10 years, Papua New Guinea has seen a rise in explorations in the Oil, Gas and Mining sector. More explorations are ongoing with new mines and project sites identified.

Mr Paraia says if all stakeholders are given the attention needed, the standard of living including goods and services will improve very much in many communities where mining or oil and gas projects are in operation.

Meanwhile, he has urged the National Government not to renew the Porgera Special Mining Lease Agreement.

Mr Paraia says landowners demand an investigation into the issuing of water permits by the mining operator. Landowners say severe damages were done but remain unreported.


Pom Gen to receive K100 million "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

December 15, 2017

THE Port Moresby General Hospital will receive K100 million of the K1.5 billion health sector allocation in the 2018 national budget, Health and HIV/AIDS Minister Sir Puka Temu says.
Sir Puka said they had been allocated 100 per cent funding but the challenge was how to implement the budget.
Ive been in this hospital most of my life and Ive seen transformation under the new board. The highest institution in healthcare is the hospital, he said.
This is to bring the private sector skill, experience and acumen into the public sector. The things they lack are because of the Budget issues.
I was health secretary before and I would beg the government to fund our health plan below 60 per cent. Its now 100 per cent funding.
Sir Puka said the key word was partnership and he urged the communities to help the management of the hospitals by doing their part.
Dont throw rubbish everywhere. Listen to security guards, he said.
Visit patients on time with one guardian. Doctor-patient relationship must be improved. Prescription practices must be good and patients must complete their doses to avoid drug resistance.

Source: The National


Gabrielle Persley: bridging bioscience and development "IndyWatch Feed"

Queenslander Gabrielle Persleys career has seen her work with the worlds leading agricultural research and development agencies, and help set up the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research. She was one of the key players in the establishment of the BecA Hub in Kenya to support biosciences across Africa. On top of this, she runs the Doyle Foundation (named in honour of her late husband and research collaborator Jack).

Read about her amazing contributions in our latest Aid Profile. You can also catch up on the other Aid Profiles in the series here.

The post Gabrielle Persley: bridging bioscience and development appeared first on Devpolicy Blog from the Development Policy Centre.


BCL slaps down claims as RTG tries to edge its way into Panguna "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Panguna copper & gold mine

Keith Jackson | PNG Attitude | 14 December 2017

Bougainville Copper Ltd has lashed out at what it calls an unscrupulous campaign by rival RTG Mining which it says undermines its position as the Bougainville governments preferred company to re-open the Panguna copper and gold resource.

In a statement, BCL said RTG, which it characterised as a junior speculative company, had sought to create the false impression that BCL had no support among key landowners and that it had claimed a dispute between two leading landowners had been resolved in a way that would undermine BCL interests.

In fact, the National Court under Justice Kandakaski has endorsed a continuing mediation process and ordered that the matter return to the court on 6 February to determine whether reconciliation has resolved the dispute to the satisfaction of the broader group of Panguna landowners.

These developments are not only deeply embarrassing for RTG but expose the highly misleading nature of its ongoing campaign of destabilis...


Mining Minister peddling ignorant misinformation about biodiversity and experimental seabed mining "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Underwater life in the McMurdo Sound

Papua New Guineas Minister for Mining, Johnson Tuke, has been peddling some ignorant misinformation in his attempts to defend experimental seabed mining.

The Minister has claimed no life exists at 1600m under the ocean where Nautilus Minerals hopes to strip mine the seabed. That is completely untrue and irresponsible according to scientists like Cindy Dover, a professor of biological oceanography at Duke University:

We have learned that...

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Thursday, 14 December


World-first mining case launched in PNG "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Tom Lodewyke | Lawyers Weekly | 14 December 2017

Citizens of Papua New Guinea have launched landmark legal proceedings against the countrys government over a deep seabed mining project.

Coastal communities in Papua New Guinea (PNG) recently commenced proceedings against the PNG government over the Solwara 1 project, the worlds first deep seabed mine.

The Centre for Environmental Law and Community Rights (CELCOR) in Port Moresby is representing four community plaintiffs. They are seeking information on the legality of the mines approval, as well as the likely environmental, social, cultural and economic impacts.

The Environmental Defenders Office (EDO) NSW, a partner of CELCOR, said in a statement that these are landmark proceedings. It is the first case relating to the worlds first commercial deep seabed mine, and one of the first public interest access to information cases brought under the PNG constitution, as PNG does not have freedom of information laws.

The EDO said community representatives in PNG have been requesting information on the mine, including the en...


Vale Ken Inglis (1929-2017): former UPNG Vice Chancellor and ANU Professor "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Development Policy Centre staff offer our condolences to the family and friends of the late Kenneth Stanley Inglis, Emeritus Professor of History at the Australian National University, who passed away peacefully, and in the presence of family, in early December 2017.

An eminent historian of Australia, Inglis was also an inspiration to many young Papua New Guineans.

He moved to PNG with his wife Amirah and their six children in 1967 to take up the Foundation Chair in History at the fledgling University of Papua New Guinea. There he and other colleagues, including the late Hank Nelson, Bill Gammage, and Jack Golson (in prehistory), worked to dismantle the myth, fostered by Europeans, that nothing happened in their societies before the white man came. The list of his early students reads like an honour role of PNGs political and intellectual elite Sir Rabbie Namaliu, Sir Mekere Morauta, Sir Vincent Eri, John Kasaipwalova, and others.

Inglis served as the second Vice Chancellor of the University of Papua New Guinea from 1972-1975, guiding the university through the many challenges of the late colonial era. He left PNG in 1975 to take up an appointment in history at the ANU, where he remained as a staff member and later as an Emeritus Professor, until he passed away earlier this month.

Papua New Guineans who knew him well, like Sir Rabbie, remember Inglis as a brilliant teacher of history who left students yearning to learn and know more. Sir Mekere recently stated that Kens ability to teach history by telling stories was extraordinary and had all of us enthralled. He was such a good storyteller. We all wanted to listen to him, whatever the topic. In a country where oral traditions are strong and oratory skills are decisive, that is high praise indeed.

Postscript: Many ANU academics have ongoing associations with UPNG. The Development Policy Centre has five seconded staff members teaching economics and public policy at the university under our ANU-UPNG partnership.

Unattributed quotes in this post are from Taim Bilong Uni: Ken Inglis at the University of Papua New Guinea (Maddocks and Sparks). It is suggested readers interested in the early history of UPNG refer to...


BCL confident of backing from Panguna landowners "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Panguna mine site

Radio New Zealand | 14 December 2017

Two companies vying for control of the Panguna mine site in Papua New Guineas Bougainville remain at loggerheads.

Earlier this week RTG claimed the resolution of a dispute over the leadership of the key landowning group at the mine site cleared the way for it to proceed.

But Bougainville Copper Limited, which used to mine Panguna and wants to return, says there is more court ordered mediation to come.

BCL company secretary, Mark Hitchcock, said a judge has ordered that the views of the membership of the Special Mining Lease Osikiang Landowners Association be sought.

And he says BCL was confident that it would win their backing.

We know for a fact that the majority of those landowners are pro-mining, to start with, and they are also supportive of BCL. We have seen that evidence. At the recent wardens hearing, we have seen the turnout at that hearing and we are confident of the support.



Big and small in PNG "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Papua New Guinea has undergone a resurgence in popularity as a cruise destination thanks to its astounding marine life and fascinating cultural experiences.

And while its possible to visit many PNG destinations on a large mainstream cruise line, some travellers prefer the more intimate atmosphere of smaller vessels.

Large Australian family-owned company APT is catering to that niche with a one-off cruise to PNG next year in partnership with small-ship operator Noble Caledonia.

The adventure starts on October 2 in Cairns, where you board a charter flight to Port Moresby and transfer to the 110-passenger, 75-crew Caledonian Sky.

Highlights of the 11-day trip include cultural experiences in local villages, immersion in World War II history at Milne Bay, snorkelling in PNGs pristine waters, and visits to the Kamiali Wildlife Management Area and Madang, regarded as one of the prettiest towns in the South Pacific.

MS Caledonian Sky was recently awarded a Star Performer Top Ten rating in the 2018 Berlitz Cruise Guide, boutique ship category.

From AUD$8995 (US$6,904) a person twin-share, including an early bird AUD$1000 (US$767) saving.

Still in PNG, delegates and officials attending next years Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Port Moresby will be bedding down on three cruise ships moored at the capital.

Carnival Australia has announced three ships P&Os Pacific Explorer and Pacific Jewel plus Princess Cruises Sea Princess will offer supporting accommodation to the 10,000 people at the event.

The ships will be moored within the APEC security zones to provide accommodation for those attending the summit, which runs from November 12 to 18.

Carnival Australia has established a strong relationship with the government of Papua New Guinea and is proud to have included nine destinations in Papua New Guinea on its

itineraries from Australian-based ships since 2013, said Carnival Australias executive chairman Ann Sherry.

Its the second time Carnival has been involved in offering accommodation for an international conference. In 2014 P&Os Pacific Jewel provided support in Samoas hosting of the Small Island Developing States Summit.

Carnival Australia incorporates several cruise brands in the Australian and New Zealand market, including Carnival, Cunard, Holland America, P&O, Prince...

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Monday, 10 July


PNGi Portal a groundbreaking new resource for lawyers, journalists and academics "IndyWatch Feed"

In a country plagued by corruption, where politicians are seemingly more concerned with making personal profits that serving the nation, and where the law enforcement agencies are brutally under resourced, a new online database is poised to shake up the status quo and offer some hope to a beleaguered population.

Corruption thrives in Papua New Guinea because there is so little public access to information but now that is changing.

PNGi Portal is a groundbreaking online resource that provides access to both the details of company ownership and more than 20 years of anti-corruption investigations by government agencies.

Lawyers, journalists, academics and the public can now see who owns the companies that are being awarded dubious government contracts , they can track where politicians and public servants have been citied in official inquiries and they can link and cross reference the two sets of data.

Interested in a Paul Paraka? Just type the name and, with one click of a mouse, you can see that it appears in the company records of a long list of companies, including Klinki Rain For...

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Thursday, 29 June


Renzie Duncan and Philip Miriori team up in another illegal Bougainville venture "IndyWatch Feed"

Sydney lawyer and mining venture capitalist, Renzie Duncan, is on the prowl again for Bougainvilles mineral wealth, with his old friend Philip Miriori,  the scandal-plagued, self-appointed head of the Meekamui Tribal Government.

This time its through Central Meekamui Exploration Limited, which is in partnership with Australian mining firm RTG Mining.

Company extracts indicate that Central Meekamui Exploration Limited, despite its very local name, is in fact a foreign enterprise.

This assertion is based on the fact it is 50% owned by Australian company, Central Exploration Pty Ltd.

Central Exploration Pty Ltd...

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Friday, 28 April


Shootout at Manus "IndyWatch Feed"

About once a month in her column at The Conversation, Michelle Grattan comes to the conclusion that Peter Dutton is not a team player and not fully honest when it comes to the complicated facts and issues of asylum-seekers. This doesn't deter her from quoting his (what by now must surely be) worthless assertions: thanks to the wonders of goldfish journalism, every Dutton stuff-up is a fresh surprise to someone who sets the standard for the press gallery.

When it came to ministerial responsibility, public accountability, and other key principles underpinning democracy, Peter Dutton never had a chance. He entered parliament in 2001, at the election following hysteria about September 11 and the refugees aboard the MV Tampa. He defeated Labor's Cheryl Kernot, learning the lesson that even high-profile opponents can be brought down with enough dirt. Being a politician in a marginal seat requires a warm personality and a genuine concern for the local community; Dutton learned that fundraising can get around such shortcomings, particularly where Labor largely seemed to direct its energies elsewhere.

By the time Dutton became Assistant Treasurer under Peter Costello, the Howard government had lost its policy reform momentum; Costello had become bitter and twisted at not becoming Prime Minister. Soon afterward the Howard government lost office: any opportunity to teach young Dutton the finer points of vision, negotiation, or any other aspect of policy development and implementation simply went by the board.

He could have learned these lessons from the two Health Ministers he shadowed, Nicola Roxon and Tanya Plibersek. Both ran rings around him, policy-wise and in terms of having things to announce, but Dutton just sat quietly for six years; eventually their job simply fell into his lap. Healthcare professionals rated Dutton the worst Health Minister in a generation, but onward he went.

Like a child raised in poverty and dysfunction who ends up addicted and/or imprisoned, there was never any possibility Peter Dutton would or could have become an effective minister. Grattan and others in the gallery who chide him for falling short of standards impossible for him look like they don't understand the people and environment they've been covering for years.

From Trump and Abbott, Dutton learned that doubling down when wrong appeals to those who confuse obstinacy with fixity of purpose. The events of this week, where Dutton implied that asylum-seekers were pedophiles and shirked responsibility for yet another riot on Manus Island, should not have been as shocking as they apparently were.

Four things arising from this were surprising, however, and none received much coverage from the supposedly alert and diverse press gallery.


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Tuesday, 09 August



Earlier this year in May, in the National Court of Justice in Papua New Guinea, Deputy Chief Justice Gibbs Salika handed down his decision in a case between The State and Janet Oba. Janet Oba as mentioned in Part 1 is Peter Waiengs sister. Around 11 years ago, in 2005 Janet Oba was a Police Prosecutor. She was an Inspector of Police when she ended up being prosecuted by the Public Prosecutor (Ms R Koralyo: Lawyer for the State) under the Criminal Code for the following alleged offences: Forgery, Uttering & Misappropriation of property involving more than 1.2 million Kina.

Janet Oba was represented as a Prisoner by Nidue & Associate Lawyers (Mr C Nidue: Lawyer for the Prisoner).

Deputy Chief Justice Gibbs Salika, in his decision dated 2 May 2016 against the accused Janet Oba, commenced the proceedings by saying: The accused was charged with one count of forgery, one count of uttering and one count of misappropriation. The charges were brought under S462 (1), S463 (1) and (2) and S383A (1) and (2) of the Criminal Code respectively.

Janet Oba is an inspector of police and is the quarter master of NCD based at the Gordons police Barracks. She was a sole shareholder and a sole director of a company called J & J Constructions Limited and the sole signatory of that companys account held at the Bank South Pacific Ltd Account No. 1001553407.

It was alleged that J & J Constructions Ltd was awarded a contract to construct a jetty at Wutung in West Sepik Province. The contract was for K6.5 million and the State did pay the K6.5 million to the company to construct the jetty. The jetty was never constructed.

During the course of investigation it was discovered that K1, 286,000.00 remained in J & J Construction account from the K6.5 million originally awarded. The account was frozen through an action taken by the Proceeds of Crimes Unit in the Public Prosecutors Office. The accused was restrained from accessing the account of the company and from withdrawing money from that account.

On 19 July 2010, a consent order to forfeit the K1, 286,000.00 to the State was agreed to by the parties and endorsed by the court. While the funds were forfeited to the State they still remained in the J & J Construction Account No. 1001553407 for over 2 years. The State should have taken out the consent orders to that effect and served it on the bank. The State failed its part in respect of that.

The State alleged that on or about 6 August 2012 Janet Oba and a Peter Waieng (now deceased) went to the Bank South Pacific Head Office in Port Moresby and served on the bank a forged court order dated 16 March 2012 which specifically ordered Bank South Pacific to release the money forthwith to J & J Constructions account.

Sometime later the restriction on the account was l...



Peter Waieng was elected to the Sixth Parliament in 1997 and took office on 16 July 1997 at the age of 31, and not 28 as also recently misreported by PNG Blogs. Radio Australia reported in an article which appears to have been originally published on the 10th of March 2001 [Updated 23 March 2012, 17:15 AEDT]:

Another member of the Papua New Guinea Parliament has been referred for possible prosecution for alleged breaches of the countrys Leadership Code.

The member for Kundiawa, Peter Waieng, is the latest to be referred to the Public Prosecutor, following an investigation by the Papua New Guinea Ombudsman Commission. Its alleged Mr Waieng received and used almost 100-thousand dollars of public money from the controversial National Gaming Board between 1998 and 2000. There have been persistent allegations that Gaming Board funds have been misappropriated, and several MPs have already been referred for prosecution.

Several months later, on Wednesday the 3rd of October 2001, The National newspaper reported: Waieng referred to Public Prosecutor.

Quite likely, it seemed, Peter Waieng resigned as the Kundiawa Gembolg Open Member of Parliament after the Public Prosecutor recommended to the Chief Justice that a Leadership Tribunal be convened to prosecute him under the Leadership Code. It also seemed as per the The National newspaper headline that Peter Waieng had been referred to the Public Prosecutor by the Ombudsman Commission possibly at the beginning of October 2001, after being notified by the Ombudsman Commission possibly just prior to the 10th of March 2001, and then apparently he resigned the next year from Parliament on the 10th of May 2002 (as per Speaker Hon. Theo Zurenuocs speech recorded in the Draft Hansard see Part 1).

In fact, according to information sourced from Ombudsman Commission records, following an investigation by the Ombudsman Commission acting on information initially received in January 2000, a right to be heard notice was served by the Ombudsman Commission on Peter Waieng on the 9th of March 2001. The date of request for appointment of a Leadership Tribunal was 29 January 2002. The date of appointment of the Leadership Tribunal was 19 April 2002, and the date of his referral to a Leadership Tribunal was 8 May 2002 the date when the Leadership Tribunal convened.

The date of Peter Waiengs referral to the Public Prosecutor Chronox Manek, according to a report (see page 50) by the Ombudsman Commission, was 19 April 2001. However, the same Ombudsman Commission report (see page 51) also contains a contradictory date which clashes with the date of 19 April 2001. The Ombudsman Commission report also states: On 1 October 2001 the matter was referred to the Public Prosecutor.

The dates Peter Waieng was referred can be found in publication Chapter...

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Monday, 08 August



Police & CIS carrying Peter Waieng's coffin

Continued from  Part 1 ~

In an apparently wrongly dated, and badly misspelt, article titled Peter Waiengs Murder Suspect Arrested published by EMTV Online (found here:, the then NCD police Metropolitan Superintendent Andy Bawa in a press conference possibly held on Sunday the 22nd of September 2013 reportedly announced that a 26 year old suspect from Roku village has been arrested and refused bail at the Boroko Police station in connection with the murder of late Peter Waieng outside Port Moresby.

Excerpts from EMTV: Waieng was stabbed with a knife last month (August) after an argument broke out between him and a female companion on Roku beach, just outside Port Moresby. Assistant Commissioner for Police and Commander for NCD and Central, Jim Andrews told EMTV News last month that the suspect who was with the couple, hit Waieng over the head with a stone when Waiang assaulted the female. The suspect then stabbed him in the stomach with a knife. Waieng was said to have died on the scene.

On Tuesday the 27th of Augus...

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Sunday, 07 August



Peter Waieng's 2012 Election Poster


Peter Waieng was a Leader described in 2013 by one supporter as a handsome fitman hero- whose brutal death seemingly sent shockwaves rippling and reverberating through Simbu Province in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea leading to an outpouring of grief and anger resulting in alleged mass destruction and an alleged massive riot occurring in Kundiawa town on Friday the 23rd of August 2013. Kundiawa town was under siege this morning. Highway closed from Wandi to Mingende, a commentator on social media said.

He was shot dead in Pom last nightpeople in Kundiawa are going on a riotktaun is closedand highway is also closed between Kundiawa and Mingende, someone else alleged on social media, that Friday morning, at 9.06am.

Late Peter Waiengs Narku people mad with grief and anger over the news of their Leaders murder allegedly had gone on the rampage causing bikpela destruction and chaos in Kundiawa the capital of Chimbu (Simbu) Province.

An eyewitness in Port Moresby posted on social media almost three years ago, before 4am on Fr...

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Tuesday, 26 July


Morobe Governor Hon. Kasiga Kelly Narus Excellent, Powerful & Historic Speech Delivered to Parliament on Friday the 22nd of July 2016 "IndyWatch Feed"

Kelly Naru - screenshot

Pictured: The Governor of Morobe Province, Hon. Kelly Naru delivering his excellent, powerful and historic speech to Parliament and the People of Papua New Guinea on Friday the 22nd of July 2016

22ND JULY, 2016



Thank you for giving me the opportunity to debate this motion. Before I proceed to my speech I want to quote from the Bible a statement which I believe is very instructive to all of us in the situation now we are faced with. It is from the Book of Job. Job 36: 15 In our suffering God teaches us in our distress God opens our eyes.


[This excellent, powerful and historic Parliamentary speech by Governor Kelly Naru has been reproduced (by being transcribed in part) after being cross-checked against the PNG Tonight video recording of the 22nd of July 2016 Pa...

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Thursday, 30 June


Oro Rice "IndyWatch Feed"

Oro aspires to be producing the rice on your table in the next few years..many thanks to our Oro Rice GrowersTrukai Rice and Oro son and rice growing expert Humphrey Saese.



On the 24th of October 2013 more than a month after the 122.2 million cancelled shares in Ok Tedi Mining Limited were transferred, allegedly unlawfully, on the 19th of September 2013 without the knowledge and approval of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea from Insinger Trust (Singapore) Limited to TMF Trustees Singapore Limited Papua New Guineas Prime Minister Peter ONeill wrote to PNGSDP Chairman & former Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta regarding the termination of all Board Members of PNGSDP.

Prime Minister Peter ONeill formally advised Sir Mekere Morauta that on 23 of October 2013, the National Executive Council approved the removal of all the Directors of PNGSDP and has now appointed the following Transitional team:

Chief Secretary (Sir Manasupe Zurenuoc Kt OBE);
Secretary for Treasury (Dairi Vele); and
Provincial Administrator for Western Province (Dr Modowa Gumoi).

At the time, Dr Modowa Gumoi with impressive educational credentials & past advisory experience to the National Government having obtained his Doctorate from Lincoln University in New Zealand, a Diploma from Harvard University in America, a Masters Degree from the University of New England in Australia, and an Honours Degree from UPNG in PNG was already a Director (Ex-Officio) of OTML, having been appointed to the position on the 23rd of September 2013 less than a week after the Mining (Ok Tedi Tenth Supplemental Agreement) Act 2013 was passed by parliament.

Current Treasury Secretary, Dairi Vele, who graduated from Australian National University (ANU) with a degree in Economics, was appointed a Director (Ex-Officio) of OTML the following year on the 29th of October 2014.

On the 24th of October 2013, Prime Minister Peter ONeill also wrote to the Managing Director of PNGSDP, David Sode, formally advising him that in accordance with Section 6 of the Act (of the Mining (Ok Tedi Tenth Supplemental Agreement) Act 2013) the National Executive Council, on 23 October 2013, terminated his appointment as Managing Director of the PNGSDP.


Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in any Act, the State has all necessary powers to restructure PNGSDP and its operations to ensure that PNGSDP applies its funds for the exclusive benefit of the people of Western Province.

The then Chief Secretary to Government Sir Manasupe Zurenuouc wrote two letters to David Sode also dated 24th October 2013. In the first letter Sir Manasupe advised David Sode:

It has come to the knowledge of Government that PNGSDP has given notice to and is retrenching up to 54 staff. The Government is strongly of the view that this is unnecessary. PNGSDP must...



So who are all the players or key people behind the formation and operation of PNG Sustainable Development Program (PNGSDP), and were they all made aware of what transpired in Singapore on the 19th of September 2013 when the massive share transfer of 122.2 million cancelled shares took place?? How many of them approved of the massive share transfer?

In Singapore, Stacy Choong described in PNGSDPs Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) as Advocate & Solicitor Singapore witnessed the signatures of LOO LIAN EE (Advocate & solicitor) and JOHN KARL MOLINE (Senior International Lawyer) in PNGSDPs MoA. Both Loo Lian Lee and John Karl Moline provided Singaporean addresses and signed the MoA on the 19th day of October 2001 as being desirous of being formed into a Company In pursuance of this Memorandum of Association.

In Papua New Guinea, the registration of the first PNGSDP entity PNG SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM LIMITED (3-44724) [Overseas] with the Investment Promotion Authority (IPA) on the 21st of December 2001 shows nine current Directors of PNGDSP who were Directors of PNGSDP at the time the massive share transfer of 122.2 million shares took place on the 19th of September 2013.

They are listed as follows:

Six Papua New Guineans: Modowa Trevor Gumoi, Leonad Wilson Fufus Kamit, Donald Wabirao Manoa, Mekere Morauta, Rex Lam Paki & David Sode. Two Australians: Philip James Bainbridge & Patricia Joy Caswell, and one Singaporean: Lim How Teck.

Eight Former Directors of PNGSDP are listed as follows:

Two Papua New Guineans: Lawrence Acanufa & Sir Ebia Olewale. Four Australians: James Joseph Carlton, David Crichton (alternate For William Broughton Smith) Frecker, Ross Gregory Garnaut & William Broughton Smith. One American: John Karl Moline & one Israeli: Jacob Weiss.

All eight former Directors of the PNGSDP were replaced long before the massive share transfer of 122.2 million shares took place on the 19th of September 2013.

The second entity PNG SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM LIMITED (90965), which was registered with the Investment Promotion Authority in PNG as a Foreign Enterprise on the 2nd of April 2003, was allocated the first registered entities company number (3-44724) as the company name registered with IPA, and shows shareholding comprised of two Bundles. These bundles are listed as follows:

Bundle 1 Number of shares 50 Percentage 50.00 Shareholder 1 Name Donald Wabirao (for The Indep.state Of Papua New Guinea) MANOA.

Bundle 2 Number of shares 50 Percentage 50.00 Shareholder 1 Name James Joseph (for Trust For Bhp-billiton) CARLTON.

According to Investment Promotion Authority (IPA) records:

Donald Manoa (Nationality Papua New Guinea) and James Joseph C...

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Wednesday, 29 June


Awala Primary School "IndyWatch Feed"

TodayI witnessed Awala Primary School Children dance with joy for their newly connected EQTV system courtesy of the Oro Provincial Government.

We merely went to see if the school had put their system in and were pleasantly surprised to see their cultural dancing and expressions of joy at their EQTV and TVWAN system that was funded by their PSIP.

Awala Primary have a sound hard working board and teachers and parents who care and provide a healthy learning environment.

I wish to mention here also the contribution of JICA who developed the EQTV System and roll out for PNG. Truly genuine partners JICA. They do their bit with very little fanfare.

Its moments like this that make the difficult times struggling to get things done for the province and people so worth it..thanks Awala Primary School.

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Sunday, 26 June




From the assessment of situations in these 3 institutions where Oro students are currently studying, a special PEC will be convened Tuesday 26th June 2015 in Popondetta to determine what necessary and urgent steps must be taken to secure the welfare and security of our children studying there and the options for their future education and employment.

Besides repatriation, the PEC will consider engagement of students when and where possible should the academic year be cancelled and whilst they await the situation to return to normalcy.

Meanwhile my office is in touch with UOG, UOT and UPNG and we are moving to secure their safety and welfare.

The Oro Administration has been instructed to fast-track all necessary processes and work double time to expedite however we still face some delays, these are caused by some public servants who simply do not care and are inept and ineffective. We are identifying them and will be dealing with these type of obstinate and inconsiderate public servants.

I ask for calm from all students and parents and for further information please email John Duhube on Further updates will be posted in due time.

Our hopes for the future are to develop our University the UNRE into a premium university so our students can study their courses their in safety and comfort.

Meanwhile I am calling on the Government to recall parliament. They can no longer ignore what is happening. We must debate and discuss these issues of urgency that threaten our national security. This is not politics here just common sense.

Today, we are seeing the unprecedented escalation of violence, the eruption of ethnic wars and the destruction burning and looting of public property throughout the main provinces of PNG. Something is terribly wrong. What is the solution?

Parliament MUST be recalled.

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Saturday, 25 June


League Leader and Legend "IndyWatch Feed"

I caught up briefly with Kumul legend Arnold Krewanty, a true leader. I always enjoy discussions with Arnold and hearing about how League is progressing.

He is always well spoken, always professional and always working.

A lot of great work is being done by Kumul legends like Arnold Krewanty and many others who are promoting league and opening career doors for many of our potential league players overseas and here.

Arnolds enthusiasm, hardwork ethic and dedication is truly inspiring and reflects the true spirit of selfless dedication that is the hallmark of true leadershipyou dont need to be elected to be a leaderArnold is living proof..

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Wednesday, 22 June


Email "IndyWatch Feed"

Registration forms and party constitution ready for interested Papua New Guineans.

LAND and PEOPLEour true resourcestoday, we are in grave danger of losing our landif this happens we are lost as a peopleour dreams of today will be our childrens nightmare tomorrow

Today PNG is in the grip of transnational criminals that control much of the political landscapethey have compromised our mechanisms designed to protect us and have rendered them useless to us and have converted them for their use to facilitate their plunder of our economy

Today while we struggle to save a toea and are anxious about our childrens tomorrow..they funnel their illgotten tax free proceeds of crime profit to overseas banks

These compromised Government entities no longer are capable of giving us quality servicesthey are no longer able to protect and promote our intereststhey cannot protect our jobs and business opportunities

What type of future are we leaving out children if they have no decent jobs and no opportunities?

What hope do they have of we allow that hope to be crushed by transnational criminals and their elected puppets who betray our beloved Papua New Guinea?

Yes indeed, what will be our childrens tomorrow?

Will they be in charge of their own economy and determine their own future or will they be subservient slaves struggling to generate profits for the transnational criminals that have taken over our economy with the help of those who have been elected to protect PNG but are instead selling it out?

Only you can decide that. Only you can determine their future.

Here is the opportunity to fight for our jobs..our opportunitiesour economy and our futureto fight for PNGour PNGa PNG we should leave firmly in control of the hands of our children

Join us today and help #TakeBackPNG

Brochure GJ Constitution-front



Free Trade Agreements "IndyWatch Feed"

They are called FREE TRADE AGREEMENTSbecause we give them free access to our resources and our economythis means resourcesjobsbusinesseswhat is not included in these agreements are the substantial difficulties and obstacles for reciprocationin other access to their markets and their economieswell except to pick fruit..

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Monday, 20 June


Reform is Required "IndyWatch Feed"

The changes recommended by the Special Parliamentary Committee on Public Services Reform to the Government in order to modernize the public service machinery and make it a more accountable effective system promoting good governance and transparency stagnate and collect dust in Cabinetmeanwhile..Members have two choices..try to do things the right way and be delayed at nearly every process needing public service effort or break the law and be forced to circumvent most of the procurement laws simply to get anything done and thus be often seen running around like project managers delivering projects and diverted from their true functions as legislators.

The outdated and defunct public service system simply does not function effectively. I am sure we all agree.

Even the most capable public servants are unable to get much done. They often leave frustrated for greener pastures or are cast aside by public serpents who have found loopholes in the system that allows them to crawl in and occupy key positions and work for themselves at the expense of the people. These sinister public serpents enter through nepotism or fraud and push out genuine hardworking public servants.

The system is designed it seems to fail in delivery and promote bureaucratic red tape that sees substantial public funds misapplied, misused and diverted elsewhere. Good efforts are NOT rewarded and bad officers are NOT punished.

This situation creates a chaotic environment where very little is actually achieved by elected leaders or the administration.

It is why I proposed the reforms and had the Special Committee created and nominated Bire Kimisopa to be the Chair. I am the Deputy. I could not be the Chair because the laws on parliamentary committees do not allow for a Governor to be Chair of a Committee. Regardless, under Hon. Kimisopa, the Committee consisting of Hon. JOE LELANG, HON. GOVERNOR Sasindran Muthuvel, HON. MERA KIPEFA, HON. PHILLIP UNDIYALU has done a fabulous job and produced substantial recommendations from extensive research and review of public service machineries in Australia New Zealand Samoa and Fiji.

The reforms will improve professional commitment, ensure recruitment, promotions and appointments are transparent and based on merit. It will pay wages and benefits fitting for the position and ensure that discipline and rewards can be delivered in a timely manner, in a nutshell it will corporatize the public service.

Now the PM and most of the NEC are in agreement reforms are needed. Yet there are some Government MPs in parliament who do not want these reforms.

It seems they like the inefficiency and ineffectiveness.

One wonders why.

Sadly this lack of political will, this apathy and inconsideration is a major impediment to any tru...


Djoko Tjandra "IndyWatch Feed"

To dateCriminal Fugitive Djoko Tjandras suspect citizenship remains uninvestigatedjustice in PNG is selective..there are those who have the means to deter, defer or delay its delivery.with just a little help.from their friends

Gary Juffa June 19, 2014


Can the new Attorney General Ano PALA guarantee that his association with long time friend and INDONESIAN fugitive Djoko Tjandra will NOT adversely influence his tabling of the recently completed report into the matter of Djoko Tjandra completed by former AG Kerenga Kua? According to reliable sources the report recommends that TJANDRAs PNG passport be cancelled, his citizenship be revoked and he be extradited to INDONESIA.

Will this happen now under new AG ANO PALA?

We shall see

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Saturday, 18 June


We Are Sold "IndyWatch Feed"

PNG plunges headfirst into a financial crisisits people face an uncertain and anxious futurecosts rise and basic services are threatened

Papua New Guineans blame one another and their Government who in turn blames international commodity price slumpsthe tension has resulted in bloody demonstrations and bitter and violent hostility amongst Papua New Guineans..

Meanwhile a cartel of transnational criminals are still bleeding the nation dry..operating virtually at whim and will

Unmolested and undetected, these sinister and clever entities have escaped the imagination of ordinary Papua New Guineans by manipulating a system ineffective in protecting the peoples monies evading taxesusing clever transfer pricing mechanisms and keeping proceeds of payments offshoreproceeds of inflated Government contracts cleverly secured through international loans, proceeds of timber and fish, proceeds of products highly inflated -two to even three times the actual true book value and some of these highly priced assets are even second hand discardsthe cartel is a well oiled giant money milking machine..

An Israeli firm, a Pakistani businessman, a Malaysian logging giant..a Chino Filipino fishing giantare some of the examplesand they all continue unfazed..while a nation reels and tottersits people dying in unrecorded numbers in rural PNG from lack of basic services

Why should they care..? Their families and that of their puppet facilitators are feeding well..their bank accounts are healthytheir options vast

Yes, these entities are still making money hand over fist unabated.

genuine companies who pay their taxes and follow the law hoping for a level playing field suffer and consider the prospect of scaling down costs..laying off staff..even selling off assets andshutting shop..

Many small PNG businesses have folded. Many homes have had to be sold by the banks..

But the transnational criminal cartel moves on relentless..their members employing a ruthless two pronged assaultmilking a developing nation of much needed limited funds via inflated contracts and simultaneously denying said nation its right to revenues via tax evasion and transfer pricing

And all these efforts are facilitated by members of a Government that does not seem to care for its peopleendorsement mechanisms to protect the interests of the people are neuteredthey now aid political leaders package and facilitate PNG to the cartel and its agents

Yet the blame is not primarily the cartels as much as it is that of those who are facilitatorsthe nations very own elected guardianshave abandoned their dutiesand the gatesare wide open.

The Government.. is no longer a Government of the people for the people...

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Friday, 03 June



In his affidavit, dated 27th October 2013, filed in the High Court of the Republic of Singapore, the then and current Chairman of PNG Sustainable Development Program (PNGSDP), Sir Mekere Morauta, described the Plaintiff PNGSDP as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee incorporated and domiciled in Singapore, and is registered and operating in Papua New Guinea as an overseas company.

PNG Sustainable Development Program (PNGSDP), originally incorporated in Singapore on the 20th of October 2001, was initially registered in Papua New Guinea as an overseas company on the 21st of December 2001 under the Companies Act 1997 and later registered as a Foreign Enterprise in Papua New Guinea on the 2nd of April 2003.

On the 20th of November 2001, around one month after PNGSDP was incorporated in Singapore and around two months before PNG Sustainable Development Program (PNGSDP) was registered in PNG on the 21st of December 2001 an attorney called Gary T Evans signed a Share Transfer Form in the presence of D C Frecker effectively transferring 122.2 million Ok Tedi Mining Limited (OTML) shares (which were purportedly originally bequeathed by BHP Billiton to PNGSDP) from PNGSDP to Insinger Trust (Singapore) Limited.

D C Frecker (full name: David Crichton Frecker) an Australian was appointed a Director of PNGSDP on the 7th of February 2002 and ceased being a Director of PNGSDP on the 22nd of February 2002. He was named as an alternate for another Australian, William Broughton Smith, who was appointed a Director of PNGSDP on the 21st of December 2001 but ceased being a Director of PNGSDP on the 20th of May 2002.

Basically PNGSDP was BHPs escape clause enacted when the Morauta Government passed the Ok Tedi Mine Continuation Ninth Supplemental Agreement Act 2001 (Ninth Supplemental Agreement Act) in December 2001. PNGSDP was set up specifically to enable BHP to withdraw from Ok Tedi Mining Limited (the mine) without incurring or facing any risk of liability of potentially having to pay possibly hundreds of billions in dollars in compensation to Ok Tedi landowners or to the people of pollution affected parts of Western Province in Papua New Guinea.

One estimate of the potential cost of compensation payable to Ok Tedi landowners over a 50 year period for environmental damage amounts to more than 350 Billion Dollars.

In an article published on the 9th of April 2002 by the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI), writer Will Marshall reported:

Facing the possibility of legal liabilities amounting to billions of dollars due to environmental damage, BHP-Billiton secured a deal from the PNG government that indemnifies the company against all future compensation claims.

The PNG parliament passed legislation last December to rubberstamp an agr...

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Sunday, 29 May



This is seriously the greatest injustice of the 21st century, a source claimed last year when commenting on the massive share transfer of 122.2 million Ok Tedi Mining Limited (OTML) shares which purportedly took place at 11.27am on the morning of the 19th of September 2013 in Singapore on the same date that the MINING (OK TEDI TENTH SUPPLEMENTAL AGREEMENT) ACT 2013 was certified in Port Moresby after it was passed the previous day on the 18th of September 2013 by an absolute majority in accordance with the Papua New Guinea Constitution by the National Parliament of Papua New Guinea.

The massive share transfer was effected allegedly unlawfully the day after the Independent State of Papua New Guinea had already decreed that (a) all ordinary shares held by PNGSDP in the share capital of OTML shall be cancelled and cease to exist; and (b) 122,200,000 new, fully paid ordinary shares in the share capital of OTML free of any encumbrance, charge or equitable interest shall be issued to the State.

In particular by virtue of laws contained in the Mining (Ok Tedi Tenth Supplemental Agreement) Act 2013, passed on the 18th of September 2013 by the National Parliament of Papua New Guinea in accordance with the Constitution, the Independent State of Papua New Guinea has all necessary powers to restructure PNGSDP and its operations to ensure that PNGSDP applies its funds for the exclusive benefit of the people of Western Province. BHP Billiton Ltds immunity from prosecution was also removed, and the charge (mortgage) held over the 122.2 million shares was voided.

HOWEVER, the very day after the Mining (Ok Tedi Tenth Supplemental Agreement) Act 2013 was passed and on the very day the Act was certified, an attorney by the name of Carolyn Mary Parkes at 11.27am on the morning of 19th of September 2013 purportedly effected the transfer of 122.2 million shares previously held by mining giant BHP Billiton Ltd in Ok Tedi Mining Limited by purportedly transferring 122.2 million shares from Insinger Trust (Singapore) Limited to TMF Trustees Singapore Limited in front of a witness called Lim Xue Nuo in Singapore.

[See copy of the share transfer attached]


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Wednesday, 18 May



I write to you with malice or prejudice, the member for Sumkar Open, Ken Fairweather, said in his memo (RE: AN OPEN MEMO RE: PNGSDP) addressed to Papua New Guineas Prime Minister Peter ONeill and former Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta.

Presumably the member for Sumkar Open meant without malice or prejudice.

In his memo dated 20th April 2016, published in PNGs oldest daily newspaper the Post Courier, the Sumkar Open member also said:

Gentlemen if you come together in the interest of PNG and not frozen in on [a] ego boxing match. You can help the economic [sic] and forex can be assisted by simply moving US$$1 billion (sic) to the set up for, central bank then on the (sic) lend their funds to other banks.

Surely, this is easily done by lawyers to protect all parties to protect funds, 10 minutes work. This way you will both be seen as real statesmen as you will have shown harmony in the countries time of economic need.

In response to the Sumkar Open members memo, Sir Mekere Morauta, a Director and the Chairman of PNG Sustainable Fund Limited (PNGSDP), replied through an article headlined Morauta: K2 billion PNGSDF correct published by the Post Courier on the 4th of May 2016, in which the Post Courier reported:

THE solution to the issue highlighted by Sumkar MP Ken Fairweather on the K2 billion funds parked in Singapore is straight forward, says former Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta.

Sir Mekere said in a statement yesterday that what Mr Fairweather highlighted in the newspaper advertisement about the PNG Sustainable Development Funds was straightforward.

Sir Mekere said PNG Sustainable Development Program Ltd is, as always, ready to resolve the issues between the company and the State.

The Post Courier quoted Sir Mekere Morauta in the article as saying:

PNGSDP did not start the fight. PNGSDP cannot on its own stop it. It will take a genuine effort on the part of the State.

Further on this issue, according to the Post Courier:

He said that the solution was straightforward:

The Prime Minister withdraws from the Singapore litigation;

The Prime Minister and BHP Billiton Ltd jointly agree to change
the definition of Mine Closure in PNGSDPs Program Rules to trigger the flow and expenditure of the Long Term Fund by PNGSDP; and

The Prime Minister ceases his attacks on and interference in PNGSDP, with the State signing a legal agreement to that effect.

Sir Mekere said that when these three steps are met, PNGSDP will be able to transfer some money to PNG and recommence its sustainable development program.

Whether or not...

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Friday, 06 November



HOOD Lagoon community in Rigo, Central Province, have welcomed the construction of a new K5 million jetty project. Work on the project began late last month. Hood Lagoon comprising of three villages of Keapara, Alukuni and Karawa were thankful of their local member and Minister for Justice and Attorney-General Ano Pala, for the initiative. They


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Monday, 02 November



Stability vs Justice Stability is the excuse the weak will use because they fear for themselves more then they care for others enough to demand Justice. No Ghandi didnt say that nor did Martin Luther King, I did because it is relevant here and today. You may sleep well and claim that all is fine


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Thursday, 29 October



Media Statement by Rt Hon Sir Mekere Morauta Port Moresby 29 October 2015 Papua New Guinea needs to take urgent action to save itself from a looming economic and financial storm, former Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta said today. Sir Mekere, an economist and former head of Treasury, the Bank of Papua New Guinea and


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Wednesday, 28 October



Many have succumbed their fate to a future of subservience and miserythey have accepted their future as designed by an uncaring and selfish Government hellbent on selling PNG to sinister foreign interests and their puppets.ask yourself Why has the Government failed to prepare for this El Nino a disaster that is costing lives every day?


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Thursday, 19 June


The curse of money politics in PNG "IndyWatch Feed"

The previous post generated a lot of comments at the original site at which it was posted. One of them touched on a key factor of politics in PNG. Money.

That response comment to Vergil Narokobis post has been re-posted verbatim below for the benefit of the non-FB readership.


succinctly put; although one must clearly guard against mischievous, opportunistic or politicised actions against the government of the day from within the police or any other institution, clearly the rules need to be universal, whatever ones position. So it it critical that mechanisms are not abused to circumvent due process. But this does bring one back to the question of how governments are formed in PNG and how majorities are gained and retained. Unfortunately, with little or no ideological basis for parties (as in Australia and most places) PNG has ended up with government by dint of personality, but increasingly the use of money. Would an inspiring leader like Nelson Mandela have been able to become PM in PNG if he was to remain honest and not participate in pork barrel or money politics, or would he have just been sidelined by the man with access to logging money? And lets face it this case is partly about thatthe assumption is that public funds were laundered through a law firms accounts to be able to be used by a party for gaining office for funding campaigns and winning over other parties and independentsand if that was the assumption, what were the other parties and leaders doing? similar sorts of things, using SABLs and other land allocations, logging permits, DSIP funds, RESE funds, fish or petroleum licenses, exclusive rice concessions, citizenship awards, construction or commercial contracts, trust funds etc So if this scenario has some truth, the question is, how does one halt it, and halt it across the board, so that no party or group is left with a special advantage, with exclusive access to public or other improperly-gained funds, leaving the others high and dry? how does one rid elections and post election formation of government of the current money element (from vote buy, to rigging electoral lists, to buying parties and members etc)? Many politicians would prefer that, but feel dragged into the current corrupt practices as the only way to play the gamethese are some of the challenges, and it requires active involvement by the parties themselves, think tanks etc but also the wider public to help find the solutions, as clearly the voters are widely accepting and even demanding electoral bribes (in cash or kind)

By Paul Barker

Filed under:...


Why the Prime Minister has to step down "IndyWatch Feed"

I cannot remember the last time I was here.  It was certainly a long while back as I see the shelves here have been collecting dust.  There were a few factors that led to this rather lengthy hiatus, but lets not get into that now.

I am here simply to re-post verbatim a commentary that I came across on Facebook for the benefit of the portion of readership out there who may not subscribe to this social media.

In any case, I feel that this man has pretty much summed up and articulated what most likely must be running through peoples mind as they try to make sense of the latest developments in Papua New Guineas rather vibrant national political stage.

Its time for Papua New Guineans to call an ace an ace and a spade a spade!

The call for the resignation by the Prime Minister is a political question, not so much a legal question. The Prime Minister, like any body who goes through the criminal justice system is innocent until proven guilty. Here are some matters the Prime Minister should consider when making that decision.

Kua was Somares lawyer in the misconduct allegations against Somare. They went through the judicial process to challenge the OC. They failed. But they fronted up at the Leadership Tribunal, went through the process, found guilty by the Tribunal, paid the fine and life goes on. Skate resigned as Prime Minister paving the way for Sir Mekere to come in an atmosphere of serious allegations leveled against him. Julius Chan resigned when public opinion against him was overwhelming in the Sandline Affair. We hold public office as custodians for the people. If they are wrong in their convictions, they stand to suffer. That is the nature of our democracy. We have nothing to lose. Its their office.

There are important national matters that the Prime Minister must attend to. There are roads to be built, hospitals to maintain, doctors to be trained, borders to be protected, investors to meet and the list goes on. If one is busy fighting a criminal matter, looking over ones shoulder when the next counter move will be made, attending a Commission of Inquiry, sacking disobedient ministers and servants of the state, how can one give their 100% level best to serve the interest of the country? Ones time and attention is divided. One cannot serve two masters. To be or not to be, that is the question.

Whilst one serve office, they enjoy the confidence of the people. If that confidence is no longer apparent in ones leadership, and we are a democracy, it is an irreconcilable position to be in and one must do the honourable thing and resign...

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Tuesday, 14 January



SIP materials being  presented to the staff and officials of the Office of the PNG Vision 2030

PM & NEC Security official wearing a uniform with the PNG Vision 2050 logo on

SIP Training for New Guinea Islands SIP Officials in Kavieng 2013

Senior official and staff have commenced the 2014 with a series of orientation activities which included revision of the annual work plan in anticipation of the commencement of the governments second year of implementation. At the PNG Office o...

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Saturday, 07 December



Daniel Yekari- BOG Chairman of Passam National High School

Sir, it is over one year now since we were given the K5 million however our projections were done based on K10 allocation and we have implemented part of the project with the K5 million but are unable to continue due to shortage of funds. Hon Prime Minister, the Governing Council is determined to build a new Passam National  High School, not with cheap and fire prone materials but with steel and brick Excerpts of a letter to the PM by Governing Council Chairman of Passam National High School, Daniel Yakeri, 20th November 2013.

Passam National High School in the East Sepik Province has been the grieving party to a sage that appears to have had no end. This very important national institution has been derived of a five million kina, without consent, when a decision was made in Waigani without the knowledge of the governing council of the school to pay as compensation for land which the school occupies- an amount of five million kina. That land has been a state land; and if any payment was to be made, it was valued at K31, 000.00 according to the 2010 valuation by Lands Titles Commission.
That a decision was taken by s...



Founder and CEO of Png Rc, Nicodemous Niindiikwanomb

Stand  Alone comedian- Laurence Tau

A little known group a few months ago has begun to hit the airwaves in the social media, thanks to Nicodemous Niindiikwanomb. ...

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Friday, 06 December



Professor Richard Jackson did a paper on relocation of PNGs national capital to Arona Valley in the mid-seventies. His paper was based on an earlier work he did for the then Chief Minister, Sir Michael Somare prior to independence in about 1973/4 period. The University of Papua New Guinea would be more than pleased to revisit the topic and commence a national discourse on the subject matter, according to Associate Professor, Dr Norlie Miskaram of the Department of Geography, University of Papua New Guinea.  
Yonki is part of the Arona Valley Systemn
This week, the Member for Kavieng and Minister for Public Enterprises, Ben Micah raised an important point, when he impressed upon the Members of Parliament to consider relocating the nations capital to Arona Valley in Eastern Highlands Province. The topic is important for many reasons; it is about strategic positioning of PNG in the region and the world. Port Moresby is and for a long time to come a land mark of colonial relic, and outpost made a reality by those who sought to control the world and created empires.
When Professor Richard Jackson made a submission to NEC then in the Cabinet of the Chief Minister, Michael Somare in the early seventies, the Australian advisers told the NEC,...



Towards the end of this weekend, two senior members and executive of the Papua New Guinea Judicial Womens association were in Goroka to meet and address community leaders and their young people at a neigbourhood in Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province. Magistrates of the family court, Ms Rosie Aize Johnson, and Ms Rosemary Koimo made appearances and addressed the community on a number of pressing issues and concerns regarding family and sexual violence. They met with communities and made presentations of rugby league uniforms donated by an Australian club.

The PNG Judiciary has a new organization set up by the women Judges and Magistrates in November last year. One of their aims is to be proactive in engaging with stakeholders in the community. Ms Rosie Aize Johnson the Vice President of the PNG Judicial Womens Association and the Secretary of the PNGJWA, Ms Rosemary Koimo travelled to Goroka, courtesy of the UN Women PNG to make awareness with communities, especially with the young people about their responsibilities in promoting nonviolent society, and of special importance is about protecting women and children through sports. 
Rosie Aize Johnson (L) and Rosemary Koimo

The Association is very much in its infancy, but over the last twelve months, individual and collective efforts have been put in to build its own network both within PNG and also internationally. The PNGJWA has gone into partnership with UN Women Australia and other international organisations and of course the Law and Justice Sector programme here in PNG. The Goroka assignment is the first time the association has taken the bold step...

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Friday, 15 November




Universities are internationally responsive, collaborating institutions; they are also pillars of nation building. In our troubled world, these national icons must remain the beacon of critical judge and commentator in international, national and community affairs; whilst at the same time these seemingly independent institutions are the creators, custodians and evaluators of knowledge. University based education and knowledge created by curious minds from societys elite remain the propriety of the state and its greater national interest Exchanges with a leading Papua New Guinean academic and researcher, Alotau, 9th October 2013
Any serious central government has constitutional responsibilities to building and maintaining a nation that is stable and united; it cannot bow down to short term politically motivated pet projects like that of setting up a provincial university in whatever form or shape. This message, in its strongest form must be delivered to anyone who is contemplating any such project like building or funding a provincial university.





For selective highlights Tiikiiemb Shiiemb columnist was able to obtain a brief about a number of candidates who have nominated to run for a ward as councilor, or a president of an LLG in Manus Province. To date the names that have been obtained are David Putulan, Parai Tamei, Michael Cholai and Sam Tasion for the Rapotona Local Government Council. Elsewhere on this island province there is Dr Pongi Kichewan from Timoenai Ward who has nominated to contest the post of the President for the Pobuma LLG on the West Coast of the main island of Manus. Other than David Putulan the rest of those named above have attempted the Manus Regional for the Governors seat in the 2012 national election.

This election for the third tier system of government has created such excitement and conditions, such as the allocation of five hundred thousand kina per LLG, that have presented attraction as well as the challenges to the learned and experienced men and women to return to their roots to rural communities to lead their people.

Rapotona LLG is made up of the islands of Rambutso and its fifteen islets, the other islands are Pak, Tong and Nauna. Rambutso has four Wards, while Pak has two wards, Tong and Nauna have one ward each, bringing the total wards to eight. Manus Province has 12 Local Government Councils. Located at Panusela on the island of Rambutso is the administrative headquarters of Rapotona LLG, which is the village where the favourite and more popular candidate comes from. Panusela is where the story about one villager called David Putulan begins this week. In fact last Monday he set out to go to his island roots to seek their endorsement and campaign for the presidency of the Rombutso Local Government Council in the 2013 elections.





Undoubtedly one of the earlier reform packages that Papua New Guinea Government adopted and has faithfully carried on with its reform plans and activities of the public sector is through training and workshops under auspices of the Service Improvement Programme. SIP is synonymous with the Public Sector Reform Management Unit, a reform arm of the Department of the Prime Minister and NEC. The Unit has been raised to the status of an Office of the PNG Vision 2050 by Prime Minister, Peter O Neill. Since the days of the then Prime Minister, Sir Mekere Morauta, the Prime Minister of the day has always taken on the responsibilities of reforms in the public sector.  From 2009 onwards reforms in PNG has reached its high, when the mega PNG vision 2050 was adopted.

Service Improvement Programme is organic, in that it address the changing events and mode of thinking, as well as packaging of how best, and why basic goods and services should be provide by the public sector bodies and not by others in a rapidly developing country like ours.





Going down the memory lane, history reveals that the establishment of the local government councils in PNG as we know it today may have its beginnings in Kainantu, Eastern Highlands Province. The late Sir Barry Holloway was said to have been instrumental in instigating this grassroots, community based empowerment programme. Today that legacy is being revisited by none other than Governor Julie Soso. The Soso EH Haus Man Model in planning is a practical realization of her own thinking whilst being member of Public Sector Reform Advisory Group some years back. The background to reviving local government councils in PNG was presented to Government in 2006, when Governor was a member of the PSRAG representing women in PNG.

By end of June 2013 all agencies of government including the provincial governments are expected to complete all their plans with the budget estimates for multiyear funding and have these submitted to the Minister for National Planning and Monitoring. That was an agreement that was reached at the fourth national leadership summit held in Port Moresby on the 4th of February 2013.This is the year of implementation.

The Governor for Eastern Highlands, Julie Soso Akeke was among the prominent participants at the summit and  she undertook to have her provinces integrated development plan  completed by June and will be submitted on time as expected by the Planning and Monitorin...



As the evening fog was hovering over, a short drive along the Surunki sub district road rehabilitation project came onto the full view of a visiting team of Government Officials from Waigani.  The twenty or so minutes of driving has just passed the Surukni Secondary School grounds on the way to a very fertile land capable of growing a dozen varieties of food crops and vegetables. Surunki Highlands is known for cultivating high grade potatoes.

On this Sunday evening the rains have begun, with the locals whispering about their fears that the lands below, wherein lies Lake Surinki, its shores are experiencing quick rise in water levels which might burst in time; affecting communities below on the banks of the Lai River System. The rise in water level at the lake has been caused by a land slide that has blocked the stream form the natural flow into the Lai River.

This short drive for sightseeing and mere discovery of the land off the main highway from Wabag to Porgera via Laiagam was intriguing as the local MP was investing in rehabilitating old, disused roads. Some signs of use of the DSIP funds. There were off and on conversations about economic and social development potentials of this area, like most parts of Papua New Guinea that have been left to own devices for decades.
In the course of this chilling evening tour, an interesting topical issue was brought; this was about all these monies going to the Members of Parliament, to Open Members and in 2013 the Governors now have their hands too in the till of the national government. Papua a New Guineans are again treated to the regular feed of news and views about politicians doing their rounds again pertaining to ceremonial ground breaking of projects, or reopening of half-finished classrooms and health centers of yester years. These activities of pulling crowds are fine, but there are still fundamental issues of accountability of public funds being disbursed, and of course the future sustainability of these projects.



TiikiiembShiiemb "IndyWatch Feed"

we are composed of all the teachers weve had since the day care or preschool, students spend more time at school than they do at home, every one of us here have attributes of educators in our lives, sure weve inherited genes form our parents but a lot of our characteristics and worldviews are shaped by people we interact with daily. With that being said, I believe right now , our young people really need us to be the best we can be, we need to be the disciplined and have a good work ethics  and display good leadership, we need to be the change that we want to see in our youth and the future generation of our people. Quote from Theresa Meki, Speaking at the National Education Conference, University of Goroka, July 2013.
A hugely serene scene, tone changing moment, when a young lady, a future leader of Papua New Guinea took the podium at the recently held national conference at the University of Goroka. She charged every Papua New Guinean to take heart and listen to her and millions of young people in this country. The topic of her statement was on the youths of Papua New Guinea, her experience as a peer educator in a University of Papua New Guinea run HIV/Aids Peer Education programme. According to Theresa Meki, this programme was truly remarkable and one of a life changing one too.

From a mix Gumine and Henganonfi parentage, the twenty five year old graduated with a political science degree from the University of Papua New Guinea at the end of 2010. Since her graduation, she has been employed by a project called the Pawarmeri, funded by gender division of Australian Government funded AusAid. The Pawameri is a collaborative project between the University of Goroka and Victoria University. In her portfolio Theresa underwent another life changing experience when she was one of a very few Papua New Guinean who was selected to take part in Oxfam International Youth Partnership Programme, commencing in 2010 and will end in 2013.


UKE KOMBRA....and TVET "IndyWatch Feed"

Our Government is emphasizing and actually allocating resources to
 ensuring access and quality education. Education Department cannot
 do it along in meeting demands; therefore we will have to work in
 partnership with everyone- provinces, Members of Parliament,
 community and even development partners. Minister James Marape
 is leading in making sure that there is dialogue and communication at
 all levels. Im pushing for greater recognition of TVET
Conversation with Dr. Uke Kombra, Mt. Hagen, 12th September

A prominent scholar and senior educationalist, and he is the number one promoter, Uke Kombra was at his best, when he spoke so eloquently and truthfully about his favourite subject, the Technical and Vocational Education; often referred to as TVET. Uke is now the First Assistant Secretary, the man in charge of TVET, and he who spoke at the occasion in Mt Hagen Technical College on Wednesday during the official ceremonial opening of the three projects funded by the people and Government of Australia to the tune of ten million kina. It is the beginning of the colleges modernization programme.

Hundreds of people, including children, local leaders and even singing and dancing groups from Morobe, Tari, Enga, Asaro and senor Waigani bureaucrats and development partner representatives took part in what was described as the most colourful event. It was also the time for celebration for a state institution that has suffered for years of neglect in terms of recognition and funding. The grant money from Australia, via the Incentive Funding Scheme came to the college, thanks to the sheer hard work put in by the administration and lecturers of the Mt. Hagen Technical College. That support for MH...


Temu Pkwaveto is Bulolo Lord Mayor "IndyWatch Feed"

An unassuming middle age man was leaning against a wooden pole of a housewin in the compounds of Pine Lodge in Bulolo. This is the venue of a three day workshop for Local Level Government Leaders which is being arranged by the Member for Bulolo and Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Sam Basil.

The Member for Parliament for Bulolo has decided that he would need to run a workshop for the newly elected LLG Leaders in his district; which is meant to take them through a number of important interventions; among which involve the need for leaders to be made aware about public financial regulations, not least of course is the recently approved and distributed financial instructions and the administrative directions issued by Government following the passing of the national budget that provided direct funding to Provincial Service Improvement Programme, the District Service Improvement Programme and of course the Local Level Government Service Improvement Programme. The workshop will run for three days, beginning Monday 26thand ending Thursday 29th August 2013.Other subject matter being addressed at the workshop concerned with the roles, responsibilities and mandate of the Joint District Planning and Budgets Priority Committee.

Anyway, the forty-five old man at the corner of a table, at a location arranged for the workshop is Temu Pkwaveto; the Mayor elect of the Bulolo-Wau Urban Local Level Government.Temu is from the Okanaiwa 
village in the Menyameya Sub-District of the Wau Bulolo Electorate. Many years ago, in 1981 Temu left school at grade six and went on to secure an employment as an assistant shopkeeper in at local trade store. In 1989, he decided to go on his own, so he started his own trading business in mini supermarket at Wau that has a population of about fourt...

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Monday, 29 July

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Monday, 22 July



At the age of forty three year Charles Akunai has tried many things in his life and career. He has played two times big time rugby, he has been an educator and school administrator for over twenty years, he also acknowledges as having been one of a consistent political activist in Eastern Highlands. Now he wants to be real, to contest and secure the headship of Goroka Urban Local Government Council. Charles wants to become the Lord Mayor of Goroka.

A week ago Charles resigned from his comfortable position of an executive officer for the School of Science and Technology at the University of Goroka, a job he has held for five years since 2009.In his past life Charles was a pioneer high grade player for Rabaul Guria for two years running (1988-89) when he was a student at Kokopo High School. Later he switched allegiance to play for his beloved home team, the Lahanis for three years from 1990-92. Die heart Lahani supporter of all Gorokans and Eastern Highlanders should remember their favourite son; Charles who played prop forward in the years he has played for the provinces much loved national rugby games competitor team.

Charles graduated with a Bachelor of Education degree in 1999 and went to teach in secondary and high schools in Eastern Highlands. Overall, he has accumulated a twenty five years teaching and administration of schools experience; some of the schools are located in remote parts of the province. Charles accumulated six years experience as a deputy Principal of number schools, which included Tairora High School in Obura Wanenara District, Rintebe Lutheran High School in the Unggai Bena District, and Onerunka High School in the Kainantu District. In various times in some of these schools he also served as the Principal. His last teaching post was at Goroka Secondary in 2008, before he joined the staff of the University of Goroka.

Speaking over the telephone, he gave reasons why this professional educator, cum big time rugby player decided to contest the politically glamorous seat of the Lord Mayor of Goroka. Here is the summary of the reasons that have prompted Charles to have a go at the seat of Lord Mayor. As a political activist, he has spoken out against politicians who have gotten votes from people, but have been living outside the province. These so called leaders would return to their voters after five years to beg for vote...



Prime Ministers: Peter O'Neill and Kevin Rudd
I feel insulted that my Prime Minister could easily, without ritual and pomp get on a plane, land in Australia and sign a deal that no one knew, even citizens like me woke up on a Monday morning only to read stories of what transpired between them- PNGPM Peter O' Neill and Aussie PM, Kevin Rudd. What do they think? Am I a piece of shit, that they hold me in contempt for being a citizen of an ancient sovereign nation of Papua New Guinea, not to know what the hell was going on in my front yard? I am angry. Observer at a popular night club, Port Moresby, 22 July 2013.

It is all nice and sweet talking about how important it is for Papua New Guinea to support Australia in this instant, the provision of a safe haven for those aliens seeking to enter Australia and live there as refugees. It is also amusing for those few Papua New Guineans, who feel that the country stands to benefit from the unlimited flow of cash and expertise to alleviate the majority of the poor to a level of an internationally recognized level of poverty line. Well these are all ploy and politically charged trickery. This is media hype meant for the meek and uneducated section of our national community. The truths have yet to come, if not now, certainly these will emerge in the not too distant future. Other consequences will take years...

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Wednesday, 26 June



Kombiam LLG Adviser, Tim Taesa
Not very many committed government officials would have clocked up

44 years of public service and Tim is not about giving up. He is about

Seventy years plus. He does not seem to be showing any signs of diminishing

as he is still kicking and doing his public service duties; serving the people of

Kombiam Local Government Council, which has 38 elected councilors and

two nominated members Statement by a colleague from Enga Provincial

Administration, Surunki, Enga Province 2nd June 203.




David Putulan for Rapatona LLG Presidency

For selective highlights Tiikiiemb Shiiemb columnist was able to obtain a brief about a number of candidates who have nominated to run for a ward as councilor, or a president of an LLG in Manus Province. To date the names that have been obtained are David Putulan, Parai Tamei, Michael Cholai and Sam Tasion for the Rapotona Local Government Council. Elsewhere on this island province there is Dr Pongi Kichewan from Timoenai Ward who has nominated to contest the post of the President for the Pobuma LLG on the West Coast of the main island of Manus. Other than David Putulan the rest of those named above have attempted the Manus Regional for the Governors seat in the 2012 national election.

This election for the third tier system of government has created such excitement and conditions, such as the allocation of five hundred thousand kina per LLG, that have presented attraction as well as the challenges to the learned and experienced men and women to return to their roots to rural communities to lead their people.

Rapotona LLG is made up of the islands of Rambutso and its fifteen islets, the other islands are Pak, Tong and Nauna. Rambutso has four Wards, while Pak has two wards, Tong and Nauna have one ward each, bringing the total wards to eight. Manus Province has 12 Local Government Councils. Located at Panusela on the island of Rambutso is the administrative headquarters of Rapotona LLG, which is the village where the favourite and more popular candidate comes from. Panusela is where the story about one vi...





In the 2013 LLG Elections, there are highly motivated, well-educated and knowledgeable professionals who are contesting the seats of the presidency and the ward councilors. As Papua New Guinea desperately needs to grow its quality, honest and transparent leaders, may be the LLGs can provide the environment and the home for identifying and growing such leadership


On a foggy Friday morning last week in Mt Hagen an unexpected encounter took place. Yours truly was out and about, looking for a photo scene to be placed along with a story about introducing head tax in the local government councils in Papua New Guinea for the Sunday Paper. From the blue, a presidential candidate for South Wiru Local Government Council, a 35 year old Mekop Poya from Mamuane village popped up. An impromptu conversation ensued.


The results of his grade six in 1978 has written him off, when he failed to raise high the level of his grades. Any hope of ever making anything in life for him and his immediate family was seriously impaired by one stroke of a pen that gave fail to his school marks. He was one of many that have passed through Tunda Primary School, somewhere in Pangia. And, there are still more passing out each year, and being graded as failures who join the army of push outs in this country....

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Friday, 14 June



Two types of people involvement can be beneficial for a long haul in political participation and rural development. Voting by people to elect their Ward Councilors and Presidents is a significant improvement in a democratic governance. Three is also the need to involve the same people to help generate sustainable income for the LLGs through taxation of a moderate amount Conversation with a colleague in Mt Hagen, June 2013.

Mt Hagen Urban LLG has assets and revenue base to sustain itself
Not long ago, Sir Peter Barter, then Minister proposed that a system of head tax be reintroduced in the local level government councils in Papua New Guinea. When the subject matter was introduced, there was a lukewarm reaction, and not much happened since. But in recent  times so many changes have been introduced, including a government decision to allocate, for the first time five hundred thousand kina to each and every local government council in the country. It is time that this subject is brought on for serious consideration by Government for a number of significantly beneficial reasons.

There is a talk, and may be that a definite decision would be made to introduce district authorities in PNG, possibly next year through a revised law that was introduced under the same name in 2006. Speculation is that the bill to amend the 2006 District Authorities law will be done in the coming September session of Parliament. When that happens, there will be an authority in place, with revised powers, composition, duties and responsibilities of the current Joint District Planning and Budgets Priorities Committee. One notable inclusion in the new arrangements under the District Aut...

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Tuesday, 28 May




Going down the memory lane, history reveals that the establishment of the local government councils in PNG as we know it today may have its beginnings in Kainantu, Eastern Highlands Province. The late Sir Barry Holloway was said to have been instrumental in instigating this grassroots, community based empowerment programme. Today that legacy is being revisited by none other than Governor Julie Soso. The Soso EH Haus Man Model in planning is a practical realization of her own thinking whilst being member of Public Sector Reform Advisory Group some years back. The background to reviving local government councils in PNG was presented to Government in 2006, when Governor was a member of the PSRAG representing women in PNG.

By end of June 2013 all agencies of government including the provincial governments are expected to complete all their plans with the budget estimates for multiyear funding and have these submitted to the Minister for National Planning and Monitoring. That was an agreement that was reached at the fourth national leadership summit held in Port Moresby on the 4th of February 2013.This is the year of implementation.

The Governor for Eastern Highlands, Julie Soso Akeke was among the prominent participants at the summit and  she undertook to have her provinces integrated development plan  completed by June and will be submitted on time as expected by the Planning and Monitoring Minister. Three months of serious work, the planning team from the EHP have been at work, collecting and authenticating st...

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Tuesday, 21 May



Governor Gary Juffa leading crucial intellectual discourses on underdevelopment at home and abroad

If we decide and opt not to stand up for what is right and just;
If we shy away from the challenges that confront us and
threaten our future and the home that we have been blessed with;
If we are to ignore the plight of our people who require our attention
and care; If we instead choose for the easy way, to allow ourselves
to be led by ego and self-interest, then we have fooled our people
and we have fooled act and stand up against all
that is improper and all that is evil and perverse and wrong,
to zealously shun all that seeks to destroy and to resist the lure

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Tuesday, 14 May



Ambassador Max Rai and his discourse on Papua New Guinean Leadership 
Ambassador Max Rai

For the leaders of the past who fade into our    history as memories;
          For the leaders of the future who remain our unrealized dream;
 For the leaders of the present wh...

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Tuesday, 02 October


Day 3: Bill Ningur Upholstery Maker; and a dab of Truth "IndyWatch Feed"

There does not seem to be much change in the movement of the dial on the scale. It quivers undecided between 88kg and 89kg. Perhaps it does not want to disappoint me. But who am I trying to fool here? It has only been two days. I did not say I was on some miracle fad diet.

In any case, a digital scale would have given a more definitive reading. But I realized that this yearning for an absolute figure is not just some random desire that was borne the minute I stepped onto the scale. It is something inbuilt. Whether we realise it or not, it is that longing that ignites the urge for the absolute truth to give us that peace of mind. It is that age old desire to know.

The only truth right now is that THIS very moment is the truth, as you get bored silly reading this far, and are perhaps pondering upon the possibility that the person writing this may have gone slightly cuckoos after all. (Speaking of which, I still reckon Jack Nicholson in One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest was absolutely brilliant).

The only absolute truth is in the time between what has been and what will be; it is this moment the NOW. Our memories have been either tarnished or glossed over by prejudice while our visions of grandeur play surrogate to the truth of tomorrow. Absolute truth resides in this moment. That is why the Psalmist said Today if you will hear His voice, harden not your hearts (Psalms 95:7-8).


This reaffirms THE truth behind this truth. That the only ABSOLUTE TRUTH is Jesus (John 14:6).


Lets return to the matter on hand.

So before my daily weigh in, I had to pick up a half dozen apple from the nearby supermarket during my lunch break (I feel a post coming up soon on the state of affairs of the apples from Stop N Shop). On my way back I happened to be sharing the footpath with this fellow who was peddling some burgundy and red synthetic leather bags, so naturally I fell into conversation with him. It was then that I found out more about his wares that he actually sews these bags.

They looked quite a classy lot, them bags. Of course not Louis Vuitton classy, but str...

Tuesday, 25 September


Day 2: Elijah Memedu Apprentice Electrician "IndyWatch Feed"

I am into my second day and the scale reads 88kg. I dont know if that is the truth or if it is only me with a bit of wishful thinking.

No matter, after leaving office at around 1726 hours, I happened by an old friend of mine. Hes a caricature artist by the name of Charles. (I think folks over at Sunday Chronicles hire him to do cartoons and stuff). So Charles tags along with me on this one.

Not long after I meet this sharp little kid of 4 by the name of Jaybes. He and his mom Maria were on their way into (that rather detestable) Vision City. I had a quick chat with them and took their photos but, sad to say, I forgot to get them to sign my release form so I will not be putting up their faces here.

Elijah Memedu is from Goroko and Alotau

Elijah Memedu is from Goroko and Alotau

Further down the road, just before reaching Waigani* I bump into Elijah Memedu.

Well in fact Memedu was about to overtake me when I introduced myself and told him about what I was up to and if he was interested and he seemed fairly keen. By then even Charles lit up to the game and fell into beat with some support remarks on the side.

At 16 years of age, Elijah is a trainee electrician doing his apprenticeship with...

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