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Friday, 24 August


Scott Morrison is new Australian Prime Minister "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Scott Morrison has won the Liberal leadership spill, paving the way to become Australias new prime minister.

The Treasurer edged out Peter Dutton, 45 to 40 in a partyroom meeting in Canberra on Friday afternoon.

There were three contenders with Julie Bishop the first to be eliminated.

Josh Frydenberg has been appointed as deputy leader, beating Steve Ciobo and Greg Hunt. Party whip, Nola Marino confirmed Frydenberg won in in an overwhelming sense.

The spill motion was carried 45 votes to 40, meaning almost half the partyroom wanted Turnbull to stay in power.

The meeting had been expected to start at midday but was delayed while the 43 signatures on a petition calling for the meeting were verified.

Turnbull is now the fourth prime minister to be dumped by his own party before serving a full three-year term since the revolving door to the prime ministers office started in 2010.

Turnbull narrowly defeated a leadership challenge from Peter Dutton on Tuesday, but his leadership has since unravelled, with Mathias Cormann heading a string of prominent cabinet figures to resign.

Turnbulls planned resignation will now force a by-election in his Sydney seat of Wentworth that could threaten the coalitions one-seat majority in the lower house.



In Oz we can afford hypochondria; in PNG there are no bandages "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Phil (crop)
Phil Fitzpatrick


TUMBY BAY - One of the dangers of reaching my seventies in relatively good health is falling into the hypochondria trap that seems to enliven the existence of many of my age-mates.

Apart from annoying but manageable chronic diabetes courtesy of some faulty genes, Ive happily survived without the need to frequently consult members of the medical profession.

When I see another death notice on the ex-kiap website or read about people like Sean Dorney struck down with motor neurone disease, I count myself very lucky.

I feel sad to hear such news but the idea that I might be carrying around some devastating medical time bomb in my own body doesnt often figure in my thoughts.

I dont want to detract from anyone struggling with a serious medical condition but it does seem to me that we spend an enormous amount of taxpayers money in Australia servicing what is essentially a plague of hypochondriacs.

Weve got enormous hospitals that cost billions of dollars to build and billions of dollars to run.

These places are full of very expensive and sophisticated medical apparatus that can test for almost every known medical condition and we seem to use them with gay abandon.

As Australians we have an expectation that if we need these services theyll be there waiting.

We are massively over-serviced by the medical industry and still we cry out for more. We can get a test for the slightest ache and as many drugs as we like for our often fictitious maladies.

This is especially so if we are getting on in years. Anyone over 60 is fair game for acculturation into the hypochondria trap.

And then we have Papua New Guinea, where the largest hospital in the nation runs out of bandages and sutures on a regular basis.

The Port Moresby General Hospital theoretically services a population close to a million people.

The major hospital in my nearest town, Port Lincoln, is bigger than the Port Moresby General Hospital, has all the equipment and drugs...



John Duni Representing Panguna Mekaamui

HANTOA RECON240818 123



Some Pictures from the Hantoa Reconciliation. Chiefs ready for the betelnut chewing.

HANTOA RECON240818 098



New Dawn FM News

Former BRA and Resistance Forces members reconciled and gave the power back to their chiefs in a moving ceremony that was witnessed by UN, DFAT, ABG government Officials and the people of Selau/Suir at the HANTOA Primary School oval today.
The ceremony started with a flag raising ceremony led by Schools in Selau that included, SOROM, TILOWA HANTOA Primary schools and their elementary Schools and also students from the nearby Bishop Wade Secondary School.
This followed by a number of speeches and after speeches the actual ceremony of reconciliation began with the former BRA and Resistance Commanders publicly saying sorry to the chiefs and the people of Selau for their wrong doings during the conflict.
They then asked for forgiveness from the people who were represented by four clan chiefs who were seated in the front of the reconciliation flat-form that was built for todays reconciliation.
Then it was time for dancing and activities to spice up the day.
The ABG Member for Selau, JOSEPH WATAWI also unveiled the Peace Monument outside the HANTOA Parish church this afternoon.
The monument had names of the people who died at the hands of combatants during the crisis.
He said by November they will have a final reconciliation in which the remaining weapons floating around the Selau area will be destroyed for good.
They will now declare Selau as Weapons free and Referendum ready.


HANTOA RECON240818 137



New Dawn FM News

Bougainville will observe AUGUST 30th as PEACE AGREEMENT day will work as normal on Monday 27th August.
This was the message relayed to New Dawn FM today from the Office of the Chief Secretary by the Acting Chief Secretary, THOMAS RAIVET.
MR. RAIVET said that Monday is a national repentance day in Papua New Guinea and is a public holiday in PNG.
He said in Bougainville, we will observe the day with normal working hours.
The Acting Chief Secretary said Bougainville will be having the public holiday on Thursday August 30th, 2018 which marks the Peace Agreement Day in line with ABG Gazette for Public Holidays.
All Government Departments, Statutory Bodies and Business Houses are expected to resume normal duties on Friday 31st August, 2018.




New Dawn FM News

A delegation of development partners to the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund, will visit Papua New Guinea and the Autonomous Region of Bougainville from 26 to 31 August.

The visit is part of the Funds continued efforts to highlight results from its cooperation with the Government of Papua New Guinea and the Autonomous Bougainville Government in preparation for a free, fair and violence-free referendum for the political status of Bougainville.

Delegates from Australia, Belgium, Germany, Japan, New Zealand and Norway will meet with representatives from the two Governments over their five days in the country.

The mission will provide an opportunity for the participating donors to better understand the peacebuilding issues that the Fund is attempting to tackle, as well as discuss results and challenges faced in working throughout Papua New Guinea and Bougainville.

Since mid-2015, the Peacebuilding Fund has been supporting: political dialogue between the two Governments and Parliaments, various initiatives to improve and further awareness of the referendum and the Bougainville Peace Agreement; improved access to trauma healing services and efforts to reduce community violence; Bougainville factional unification; and increased role for women and youth in peacebuilding.

A new phase of support in Bougainville was approved by the Fund in May of this year. This new phase will reinforce the previous initiatives of the Fund whilst also supporting a joint and community focused process for weapons disposal.

Noting that the visit will provide a great opportunity to highlight the work being done to sustain peace across Bougainville and throughout the country, the UN Resident Coordinator for Papua New Guinea, Mr. Gianluca Rampolla said The world is watching our work here and we hope that this mission can serve to further raise the understanding of and international support for peace building in Bougainville.

The UN Secretary-Generals Peacebuilding Fund is the UNs financial instrument of first resort to sustain peace in countries or situations at risk or affected by violent conflict. The PBF has allocated US$772 million from 2006-2017 to 41 recipient countries, with US$15 million approved for Papua New Guinea with a focus on Bougainville.




New Dawn FM News

The ABG President, Chief DR.JOHN MOMIS says that the ABG has excellent working relationships with all the development partners engaged from a standpoint of mutual respect and partnership.
He said it was not true to say that Australia or any other partner pushes their own interests or that the current development support is motivated only by what is best for Australia.
President Momis said that Australian aid was making a big difference to the lives of ordinary Bougainvilleans and that it was not true that the aid only funds the work of technical experts.
The ABG President made these comments in response to earlier comments by the ABG Member for Selau, JOSEPH WATAWI last week.
He said that through our development partnership Australia was contributing to building infrastructure, enhancing our economic development corridors and bringing real benefits at a grassroots level.
President Momis says that Australia provides support in areas of health, education, law and justice, economic development, peace building and governance.
They provide grants to our community groups and actively support our farmers and primary producers.
President Momis said that Australia has invested considerably on Bougainville and are active partners in the peace process together with the United Nations and other development partners.
He welcomed Australias continued assistance and he stood firm in his belief that with continued development partner support Bougainville can achieve its ultimate goal of peace by peaceful means.


All DDA meetings must be held in the Districts, says PM O'Neill "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill,  says it is by law that all District Development Authority meetings be held in the districts, for service delivery to reach our districts and people.

He made these remarks while in his Ialibu to attend the DDA meeting, today.

"There are some projects that have been started and are yet to be completed," PM O'Neill said.

He said the funding we receive from the Government must be distributed in order for us to deliver services to you - our people.

"I am certain that Ialibu-Pangia is changing with the new university being constructed, as all funding allocated has been released by the government to speed up the construction.

"Our country is diversified thus there are many challenges everywhere. But i am confident we can tackle these issues if we continue the delivery of services to our districts.

"I will return in the coming weeks to open the PNG Power office along with the Ialibu-Kagua road, which i just inspected and am pleased with the progress," PM O'Neill said.

He said our DDA members are also focussing on our feeder roads that lead to the main road.

"All these roads must be sealed to ensure our people have easy access to basic services.

"We also plan to upgrade our hospital in line with the standard of the new university and train more doctors to service our people in the rural areas," PM O'Neill said.

He also said community and school issues were also discussed in the meeting and measures are in place to address them.

"With the new Ialibu-Kagua/Erave-Kikori Highway almost completed, you will be able to drive down to Kikori where you can get services from there as well," PM O'Neill said.


Indonesia to deploy 450 Army personnel to safeguard Indonesia-PNG border "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

A total of 450 personnel of the Lampung-based Tri Wira Eka Jaya`s Infantry Battalion would be deployed to Papua Province on August 26 to safeguard the Indonesia-Papua New Guinea (PNG) border, a military officer said.

The entire personnel are ready for the deployment, Deputy Assistant for Operations at the Indonesian Military Headquarters First Marshal M. Khairul Lubis stated when observing the troops` readiness at the infantry battalion compound in South Lampung on Tuesday.

They would be transported by a military ship to Merauke naval ship in the eastern Indonesian province. Then, they would continue their journey to reach their respective border posts by land, he noted.

They will be deployed in groups to 16 border posts. Each group would have 32 personnel, he added.

The Indonesian military personnel in Papua Province remain challenged by serious transborder crimes, including drug smugglers.

Early this week, the border security task force of the Army Strategic Command (Kostrad), for instance, successfully foiled an attempt to smuggle two kilograms of marijuana via a border post at Skamto, Papua.

Two suspects from Papua New Guinea (PNG), identified as TK (18) and PV (30), were arrested on Monday when they tried to cross the border into the Indonesian territory of the Papua island, commander of the task force Lt. Col. Eko Anthoni Chandra noted.

The two suspects were caught while driving their vehicle right in front of the Skamto post when the task force was launching a raid on the street.

PV told his investigator that the drug was to be sold in Jayapura, Anthoni remarked, adding that the two suspects lived in different villages in Papua New Guinea not far from the border.

Now, the two suspects and the drug have been handed over to police for legal investigation, he revealed.

He stated that the border area is rampant with smuggling of illegal goods, which included not only drugs but also sharp fin, vanilla, and areca nuts. Therefore, the task force has to launch patrol and raids more frequently....



Tuke Calls For Transparency On K92 Deal "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Mining Minister Johnson Tuke

Post Courier | August 22, 2018

Mining Minister Johnson Tuke has appealed to parties to the K92 mining project memorandum of agreement to be transparent when negotiating benefits of the project.

The Minister was speaking to parties on Tuesday during the review of the MOA which is taking place in Lae this week.

Mi laikim state imas tok tru, mi laikim line agencies blo gavman mas tok tru, kampani mas tok tru na ol landowners tu mas tok tru (I want the State to tell the truth, government line agencies to tell the truth, the developer company must tell the truth, and the landowners must tell the truth).

Tuke said it was important to be upfront on issues and in that way, all stakeholders could achieve their objectives in a timely manner.

He urged all parties to have understanding and respect for each other during the negotiations.

The Mi...


Geopacific now holding 93% of PNG goldfield "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Matt Birney | The West Australian | 23 August 2018

ASX listed gold developer Geopacific Resources now holds a 51% direct interest in its flagship Woodlark gold project in PNG, after achieving the second tranche incentive milestone with its project JV partner Kula Gold Limited.

The company now holds a 93% economic interest in the project, courtesy of its 85% controlling interest in Kula Gold in addition to its direct interest in the project.

The project level earn-in agreement with Kula dates back to July 2016 and required the company to spend up to A$8m over a 2-year period and complete an estimation of an initial ore reserve exceeding 1.2 million gold ounces to achieve this second tranche.

With both of these hurdles now overcome, Geopacific will concentrate on meeting the requirements of the third and final tranche of the JV agreement with Kula, where it can earn a 95% economic interest in the project, effectively winding up the JV.

The remaining 5% interest will be taken up by the PNG Government, who has agreed to take this stake when the project is rea...


MP upset at Australian advisors in Bougainville "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

A lake in the pit of the long defunct Panguna mine in Bougainville. Photo:

Radio New Zealand | 23 August 2018

An MP in the autonomous Bougainville parliament says Australian aid to the region is being used to jockey for position ahead of the vote on possible independence.

Bougainville is due to vote next year on whether to remain part of Papua New Guinea or choose independence.

Donor nations have started increasing their support but MP Joseph Watawi is taking issue with Australia sending in teams of advisers, without consultation.

He says the advisers are there to gain political power and influence for Australia when what Bougainville needs are nurses, doctors and engineers.

Mr Watawi told Don Wiseman he thinks the Australian assistance is focused on the possible re-emergence of the former Australian owned mining company, Bougainville Copper Ltd the company which sparked the Bougainville crisis.



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Thursday, 23 August


NEWCREST helps showcase PNG Mining to the world "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

As a proud Platinum Sponsor of APEC, Newcrest is pleased to be participating in Mining Week, which brings APEC mining ministers and senior officials to Port Moresby to discuss how to maximise the social and economic benefits flowing from mining operations around the world.

At the APEC Mining Policy Private-Public Dialogue today, Newcrest Executive General Manager, Public Affairs and Social Performance Ian Kemish joined a panel on cultivating inclusive growth in the mining industry.  His presentation outlined how Newcrests operations deliver real social and economic benefits for local communities and host governments, drawing on a wide range of examples from Newcrests programs in Australia, Indonesia, PNG, Fiji, Cote dIvoire and Ecuador.

PNG is a great example of how Newcrests operations deliver social and economic benefits to our host communities said Kemish.  Our mine at Lihir employs and trains around 5,000 Papua New Guinean employees and contractors, plus we help local businesses and suppliers to grow and thrive.  Across our communities, we invest in road, education and health infrastructure; scholarships and training; womens empowerment programs; and community livelihoods.
Several of the speakers at the Dialogue noted that maximising social and economic growth from mining projects relies on having the right fiscal, regulatory and legislative settings to attract global investors.  This includes legislation which provides a fair distribution of benefits between the developer, the state and communities; security of tenure to its investors and stability of investment terms; and necessary protections for the environment, employees and communities throughout the project life cycle.

On Thursday, Newcrest will participate in an industry dialogue with APEC Ministers on the themes of attracting investment in mining, and innovation-driven growth.

APEC Mining Week traditionally includes a visit to an operating site in the host country, and on Friday the APEC delegates will travel to Newcrests Lihir mine in New Ireland.

Newcrest is honoured that Lihir was selected to showcase mining in PNG.  The APEC delegates will witness the world-class operations PNG can produce, and also the real community benefits which have flowed from the mining industry said Kemish

Earlier this year, Newcrest became the first company to sign up as a Platinum Sponsor for the APEC CEO Summit, signaling its commitment to supporting PNGs miles...


Health experts excited by the potential of "Transformational Technology" "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Technology has potential to transform primary health care in Papua New Guinea according to local and international experts at a public discussion held during APEC Health Security Week.

The fourth event in the APEC Discussion Series at the Precinct included a keynote speech by Dr Shin Young-soo, World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Director, and a panel discussion that featured Hon. Sir Puka Temu CMG KBE MP, Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS, and Dr Vivian Lin, former World Health Organization (WHO) Director for Health Sector Development.

The event coincided with APEC Health Security Week and was the fourth iteration in the series, which has offered unprecedented public access to local and visiting experts on APEC topics including economic integration agriculture and health. The conversation was centred on primary health care and the panellists were quick to highlight the relevance of the 2018 APEC theme Harnessing Inclusive Opportunities, Embracing the Digital Future to health in Papua New Guinea.

Sir Puka said Papua New Guinea has the potential to make a technological leapfrog and cover the country with health care services.

Harnessing technology is so critical for us, he said, in Rwanda they use drones to deliver vaccines at a 300 mile radius thats transformational, as long as on-site theres a health worker that can disperse the vaccine. Tele-health or tele-medicine can be used when an obstetric nurse is having a difficult delivery. The obstetrician is ready in a regional hospital to guide that nurse on how to deliver safely.

Sir Puka Temu also said the health of people across the country depends on both investment in health services and supporting infrastructure.

Heath is not an expenditure item it is an investment item. We invest in the health of the nation, he said.

The bulk of positive health outcomes dont come from direct health interventions they come from non-health interventions, he continued.

In his keynote address, Dr Shin said primary health care is crucially important for health security for all people, but that building these health services is neither easy nor quick.

It takes time to build and maintain the right physical infrastructure, to train the workforces, and ensure good planning and links to other parts of the health system, he said.



Australia PM unlikely to contest another leadership vote, told to resign "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

 Embattled Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is unlikely to contest a second leadership ballot, making way for Treasurer Scott Morrison as a surprise challenger for the top job, Sky News reported on Thursday.

Turnbull narrowly won a party-room vote on Tuesday by 48 to 35 against former home affairs minister Peter Dutton. But the unconvincing victory left him vulnerable to another challenge.

Dutton called for a second ballot on Thursday, while three senior ministers backed the call, saying Turnbull had lost the majority support of the ruling Liberal party.

Turnbull has been told he has lost the support of the Liberal party room and should step down as Prime Minister.

The crisis has deepened ever further with the Government trying to adjourn Parliament.

Labor leader Bill Shorten said Australia no longer has a functioning Government.

It is not the Parliament that has failed, it is the Turnbull Liberal Government that has failed, Shorten told the chamber.

This is the ultimate admission of surrender.

The shock move came after senior Liberals said they believed Peter Dutton had enough support to become leader with Victorian Greg Hunt as his deputy.

But Treasurer Scott Morrison is also planning to stand for the Liberal leadership now that it is clear Turnbull no longer has enough support to remain PM.

Senate leader Mathias Cormann and fellow Cabinet ministers Mitch Fifield and Michaelia Cash have told  Turnbull he should go, and all have resigned.

Turnbull's Ministry dissolved this morning, with frontbenchers including  Hunt, Trade Minister Steve Ciobo, Human Services Minister Michael Keenan, Cyber Security Minister Angus Taylor and Alan Tudge all insisting their resignations be accepted.

Turnbull's strongest backers, including Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, Education Minister Simon Birmingham, Defence Minister Marise Payne and Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne are staying firmly with him.

They are expected to throw their support behind Morrison in a challenge.

Senator Cormann, a key Liberal powerbroker, said he believed  Dutton was the best person to lead the country to the next election.

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we went to see the PM yesterday afternoon to advise him that in our judg...


Fired Freeport workers seek Papuan legislators help "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Fired Freeport workers seek Papuan legislators help

Protesters at Indonesian rallies demand severance pay for their lay-offs 14 months ago

Fired Freeport workers, accompanied by university students, seek legislators intervention over their fate at a rally in front of the legislative building in Jayapura on Aug. 21. (Photo by Benny Mawel)

Benny Mawel,
Jayapura Indonesia August 22, 2018

Dozens of Indonesian former workers of U.S.-based PT Freeport-McMoRan, parent company of PT Freeport Indonesia, staged a rally on Aug. 21 to seek legislators intervention in their case.

They represented more than 8,000 contractors and workers who were laid off by the giant gold and copper company more than 14 months ago following a strike.
"The company fired us unilaterally. We only received the news by text messages. Until now we dont know the reason why we were fired," Yosepus Talakua, who coordinated the protest, told on the sidelines of the rally in front of the legislative building in Jayapura, capital of Papua province.
He claimed the company only paid workers last salaries and did not provide severance pay.



New Dawn FM News
Bougainvilles Makis Constituency one of the area that lost more people in the Bougainville Conflict of 1990s has started conducting weapons disposal exercise to get rid of its last remaining weapons by December this year.
We have lost a total of 163 lives during the conflict from 1989 1996. This figure includes members of the Bougainville Revolutionary Army (BRA), Resistance Forces and civilians. Said their local ABG member John Vianney Kepas.
The member also mentioned a number of people from his constituency who died in Honiara seeking medical assistance and need to be brought home.
He said that the Weapon Disposal Exercise was in line with his constituency plans to enable his people to be referendum ready to partake in the 2019 referendum.
We have a number of weapons being carried around by people in the constituency. We are currently working alongside with our ex-combatants on how to deal with these weapons.
Makis Constituency over the past years had conducted effective programs in retrieval of victims bones for proper re-burial, compensation for the aggrieved families and factional reconciliation.
He said he was committed to implementing the Bougainville Peace Agreement (BPA).
Mr Kepas urged his people to be committed to the current peace efforts to avoid further bloodshed in the future.
New Dawn FM covered one high level reconciliation between former BRA and Resistance fighters from the AKU and KOKOPO and surrounding villages last year.
This big event was done in church and involved no funds.



New Dawn FM News
The people of Haku Constituency on Buka Island have planned a major reconciliation next Thursday - an event that would unite the different factions in the area.
It will be held at Eltupan Village where fierce fighting took place during the Bougainville conflict.
The constituency lost about fifty (50) former combatants during Bougainville Uprising in 1989.
North Bougainville Member for ex combatants, Hon Ben Malatan Korus said the reconciliation would involve various faction and was vital to pave the way for peace and normalcy to prevail.
We thank the Member for Haku Honourable, Hon Robert Tsika for supporting us with K15, 000. I have also given K1250 to each of the 12 Wards to do reconciliation before the major one later this month.
Mr Malatan also said they have started with the retrieval of death remains for proper reburial.
The Constituency lost a total of 149 former BRAs and about 56 resistance force members in 1990.
We did two (2) bone retrievals already - 1 in Tohatsi Village and the other one at Koheno Village. He said.
The official figures of former war veterans who died in each area during the conflict given by the ex-combatants MP for North Bougainville show the following break-up.
Haku 50 deaths, Halia 23, Hagogohe 5, Tsitalato 7, Peit 20, Tonsu 33, Selau 9, Kunua 47 and Tinputz 41.



New Dawn FM News
The Korikunu Area of the Siwai District is free of any illegal firearms following the disposal of ten high power rifles and 2 sets of land mines by ex-combatant recently.
The move is seen as a significant move towards a conduct of a free and fair election in the next years 2019 Bougainville Referendum.
The crucial peace ceremony took place last week at the Emeu District Office in Siwai District of South Bougainville.
During the event, former combatants reconciled with the other factions for their part in inflicting human rights violations and other atrocities in the communities during the 15 years of Bougainville Conflict.
It was a stage (five) 5 of weapon disposal and reconciliation a final stage 6 will be held later in the year said Peter Tengka, Chairman of the Siwai District Peace Committee.
He said the people of Siwai were committed to the Bougainville Peace Agreement (BPA) to dispose - off any firearms still in the communities to participate in a peaceful Referendum.
He has thanked the South Bougainville National Parliamentary MP Timothy Masiu for contributing K20, 000 towards the event.



New Dawn FM News

The BECH DE MER rush in Bougainville has completely wiped out all available Gasoline from all service stations and outlets in and around Buka town.
Because fishermen all over Bougainville are going out in the outboard motors since the harvesting of Marine products, BECH DE MER was approved by the National Fisheries Authority from August first this year fishermen have been busy diving.
In Bougainville we are also getting stories of tough competitions between buyers and in Buka we have seen more roofing iron fences being built by buyers and exporters trying to secure their storage yards.
It is not known when the next shipment of petrol will reach Buka.




New Dawn FM News

The ABG Vice President and member for Atolls, RAYMOND MASONO said that the people of Bougainville know nothing about Autonomy because they havent tasted the full taste of Autonomy.
This is because the National Government has failed to honour the Bougainville Peace Agreement by not funding the agreed funds to make the Autonomy work.
MR.MASONO said instead the people know more and are prepared for the Bougainville Referendum.
The Vice President made these comments at the launch of the Autonomy research project presented by DR THOMAS WEBSTER and officers from the National Research Institute this week.
He said that now it was getting late for the people of Bougainville to ever taste the sweetness of remaining Autonomous within Papua New Guinea because in the last 13 years the people have tasted Autonomy and know that even the Provincial Government system was better.
New dawn FM last year ran a String Band competition in Buin town in which twenty Bands from all over the Buin district composed and sang about the Referendum and how they were preparing for it.


The ugly anatomy of PNGs university system, from one who knows "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Albert Schram
Dr Albert Schram - 'PNG has good people to run its universities, but they are kept out by a political system which is corrupt and perceives them as threats'


VERONA - The latest episode in Papua New Guineas university crisis, where chancellors and council members colluded with lawyers and police to chase out two foreign vice-chancellors, is seen as bizarre from the outside but makes perfect sense from the inside.

For in PNG it is chancellors ceremonial heads - who think they run the university and have no qualms in de-authorising and overruling vice chancellors, who are the actual appointed leaders.

Another characteristic in PNG universities is that conflict, strife, threat and violence are seen as a normal state of affairs. Dialogue and negotiation to durably solve problems is diligently avoided.

In 2012, for example, in my conflict with the then chancellor and his pro chancellor, the latter, Ralph Saulep, filed a criminal complaint to try to get me arrested. The police came to my hotel in Port Moresby but I was able to escape. (This same complaint was used again in 2018 to arrest me.) Much to his chagrin, I had successfully eliminated his creative use of university funds.

Dissatisfied with my chutzpah, in 2012 Saulep sent his private bodyguard to threaten me, which he did by waving a gun outside his car window. After a short car chase through the streets of Port Moresby, I was able to escape.

In 2018, again, I was threatened with arrest and deportation by lawyer Sam Koim, a respected member of the university council, for no valid reason. Then in May, I was arrested on a trumped up charge of "false pretence", my passport unlawfully impounded and I was held hostage in PNG for over a month under great stress and, I might add, at great expense.

Officially, this case is not finished and I am living in my home place of Italy still on bail. We expect the case to be heard next month and duly dismissed for lack of any evidence that I have falsified anything, especially my PhD.

This story should now go back to 2009 when the PNG...


Task force to fight police corruption in PNG says Commissioner Baki "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

POLICE Commissioner Gari Baki says a special investigation team will be formed in NCD soon with the primary objective of detecting and prosecuting members of the Constabulary who are involved in corrupt practices.
This is part of the Constabularys bid to clean-up the city in preparations for the 2018 APEC Leaders Summit in November.
Selected members of the Constabulary with good standing and character would be randomly selected from the Internal Affairs Directorate, Mobile Squads and Criminal Investigation Division to form this special Investigation team.
He said this after detectives investigating a passport and visa scam arrested a policeman yesterday for allegedly receiving K50,000 from an Asian suspect.
Members of Gordon Minor Crimes and some Mobile Squad personnel went to Boera village on the outskirts of Port Moresby and arrested a policeman identified as Detective Sergeant Stanley Japele after he absconded from his workplace at Police Headquarters.
Japele and another policeman identified as Paul Bari were alleged to have received K50,000 from Aaron Cui, the Chinese national implicated in this scandal.
Japele and Bari were named when the OIC of Gordon Minor Crimes Senior Sergeant Apollos Terry arrested a Central man named as Onne Bani who allegedly gave him K100,000 in cash and requested for him to drop charges against the Chinese national.
According to police records, Cui initially allegedly bribed Senior Sergeant Terry with K10,000 in cash after police raided a property at Kennedy estate and recovered computers, stamps, foreign passports and visas and K149,000 in cash.
Cui and a reserve policeman were arrested for their part in the K10,000 bribery case but several days later, Bani allegedly went to Sergeant Terrys residence and delivered K100,000 in cash and requested for him to drop the charges against Cui.
Commissioner Baki was immediately notified when this transaction occurred on a Saturday but due to the magnitude and sensitivity of this case Mr Baki specifically instructed the Detectives to collate more evidence and effect arrest on the following Monday.
During the police investigations Bani told police that K50,000 in cash allegedly to free Aaron Cui. Bari was arrested and K6,650 in cash was recovered from him, while Japele absconded from duties for over six weeks until he was arrested yesterday at Roku village.
Commissioner Baki said the Gordon Minor Crimes Unit under the Command of Senior Sergeant Apollos Terry were now acti...


Police close file on PM O'Neill's case in Paul Paraka saga "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

DIRECTOR of the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate Chief Superintendent Mathew Damaru has advised the Police Commissioner that the case against Prime Minister Peter ONeill is closed and no further action is intended to be taken against him in relation to his alleged role in the allegations of fraudulent payments made to Paul Paraka Lawyers.
Police Commissioner Baki said today that Chief Superintendent Damaru made this known in a comprehensive brief to the Office of the Commissioner on the status of the ongoing investigations into the allegations of fraudulent payments being made to the law firm which implicated the Prime Minister and resulted in the warrant of arrest obtained against him on 12 June 2014.
Commissioner Baki said, On 25th February 2018, immediately after the courts handing down of its decision on the Prime Ministers case, I wrote to the Prime Minister and invited him to furnish for record purposes a statement providing his side of events leading to the allegations levelled against him.
On 10th April 2018, the Prime Minister agreed and responded in writing and provided a detailed rebuttal to the allegations leveled against him.
The Prime Ministers response was examined by the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate under Chief Superintendent Damaru and a reassessment of the evidence resulted in that the allegations against the Prime Minister lacked the required elements to prove the case beyond reasonable doubt.
The case against the Prime Minister was therefore closed and no further action is intended to be taken against him. The allegations of fraudulent payments made to Paul Paraka Lawyers will continue with the fresh evidence supplied by the Prime Minister.


Worthy Alone "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Wardley Barry at work
Wardley Barry


he's sweet and charming
his eyes left her powerless
among shoes and strings

he gives her new dreams
and furbishes her wishes
with baskets and rings

he takes her to his
house, his lip tastes like roses
and honey blended

he brings heaven to
her heart, hell to her head as
she lies on the bed

but the flame dies and
the music becomes madness
she packs up her clothes

in a little bag
and curses her promises
his words and their oaths

she goes to the bar
for a couple of glasses
of brandy and coke

and ends up quaffing
nine jugs when the bar closes
choking in the smoke

she passes out, wakes
up among honking buses
and screams for mama

there she gives birth to
a melanesian princess
without a papa

she's thirty-two now
her daughter's sixteen and has
a dozen boyfriends

she quickly learns she's
worthy alone and worthless
with child in her hands



Michael Poposan Signs after he makes his oath in front of the Magistrate Joyce Miringka

220828building board launched 008



New Dawn FM News

A ten-men Bougainville Building Board members were officially sworn into office by Magistrate, JOYCE MIRINGKA from the Buka District Court house this morning.
According to the list of names provided, there is no female member of this board.
The members are Chairman, Michael Matsi from the Works Department,
Deputy Chairman, Michael Poposan representing the Business community in Buka town, AUTHER JIMMY Airport fire inspector, Edward Kenai representing the Buka Urban Council, MOTORU MEMEHO representing the Health Department, RAPHAEL NAGUAL representing Department of Lands and Physical Planning, BENJAMIN BEN representing PNG Power, Aloysius Sohaga town mayor and JOHN SISIASI DM for Selau/Suir District.
EDWARD KENAI and MEMEHO MOTORU did not attend todays swearing in ceremony.
Representative from the National Works, MR. VAGI GAIROWAGA said those who missed the swearing in ceremony cannot perform duties until they are sworn in.
Alternate members were also sworn-in to attend committee meetings in the absence of Committee members.
There are two females in the alternate committee members.

220828building board launched 026



New Dawn FM News

The ABG Minister for Primary Industry and Marine Resources, NICHOLAS DARKU says that Bougainville has made many mistakes in developing the economic sector that can help achieve its aim for fiscal self-reliance.
Speaking at the official launching of the Chocolate Processing Laboratory in Buka today, MR DARKU said when he first became the Minister he wanted TWENTY MILLION KINA to be invested on the Agriculture sector to help boost the economy of Bougainville.
He said because no one was interested in his story no funds were allocated on these renewable resources.
Instead the Government has wasted time and monies on the non-renewable resources and in the end has received nothing from these investments.
The Minister said he strongly believes that Cocoa and Copra remain the biggest money making commodities for most Bougainville families and also the ABG Government.




What can we expect from a Dutton government "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

What can we expect from a Dutton government? More deaths on Manus and Nauru. The death of the ABC and SBS Draconian surveillance laws Vilification of Muslims and African Australians The end of Aboriginal recognition The expansion of the cashless welfare card Longer waiting times and tougher rules for Newstart Cuts to health and education

The post What can we expect from a Dutton government appeared first on The AIM Network.


Beaked whales may frequent a seabed spot marked for mining "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

DEEP DIVER  Beaked whales, such as this Cuviers beaked whale (Ziphius cavirostris), may have made the shallow seafloor depressions seen near a region designated for seabed mining.  ANDREA IZZOTTI/SHUTTERSTOCK

A series of seafloor grooves look a lot like those made by the deep-diving marine mammals

Carolyn Gramling | Science News | August 21, 2018

Whales may have made their mark on the seafloor in a part of the Pacific Ocean designated for future deep-sea mining.

Thousands of grooves found carved into the seabed could be the first evidence that large marine mammals visit this little-explored region, researchers report August 22 in Royal Society Open Science. If deep-diving whales are indeed using the region for foraging or other activities, scientists say, authorities must take that into account when planning how to manage future mining activities.

The Clarion-Clipperton Fracture Zone, or CCZ,...

Wednesday, 22 August


Information laundering in the Pacific "IndyWatch Feed"

Youve heard of money laundering, right? Where criminals take dirty money and conceal its origins by funnelling it through legitimate businesses or foreign banks?

Well for a long time now, something similar has been happening in the Pacific, but involving news rather than money.

Vanuatu Daily Post Media Director Dan McGarry alluded to this in his recent item Australia is not part of the Pacific conversation, which looked at Australias engagement with the Pacific (or rather in his opinion, the lack of it). He writes: Often in the past, Australian media services agreed to take the brunt of a governments opprobrium by front-running a story provided to them by a Pacific source. This allows the domestic service the cover of simply reporting what everyone else is talking about. During the now-infamous Presidential pardons debacle, Vanuatu media ensured the ABCs presence in a key press conference so that the reporter could ask the awkward questions that might have gotten a local journalist beaten up, or worse.

For those of you who dont live in Vanuatu and suspect Mr McGarry may have been exaggerating the potential danger of asking an awkward question, allow me to inform you that he is in no way making that up. Physical assaults of journalists, while not exactly routine in Pacific nations, are by no means unknown. Political leaders have little compunction in remonstrating with reporters and editors if they dont like the coverage theyre getting, and this has occasionally led to blows being struck. One former Prime Minister of Vanuatu once told me in an interview that he was perfectly entitled to take action against reporters at the government run radio station because they are my workers, they work for me, I pay their wages, Im their boss.

Things have obviously improved a good deal since then, but the mindset still remains among many leaders.

Let me give you an example of how news and information from a Pacific island country is laundered, for want of a better word, although I need to be slightly vague about some of the details of this, to protect my sources who might still be nervous about their roles in this being revealed.

In this particular Pacific nation, a man had just been appointed Police Commissioner, apparently based on little more than his loyalty to the then-Prime Minister. His main qualification for the post of leading the police appeared to be that he had been something of a criminal in the recent past. Which I suppose gives one a certain perspective on police work, but its not usually regarded as a positive thing for someone expected to provide leadership to a critical law enforcement service.



I dont go to church on Sundays - I go to media "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Phil Fitzpatrick at mic
Phil Fitzpatrick - "many politicians who proclaim their faith are actually liars and hypocrites"


TUMBY BAY I dont go to church on Sundays. Instead, I religiously watch Insiders on ABC television.

The ABC tries very hard to give a sensible and balanced view on the subjects it presents. Insiders is a weekly summary of mainly political events affecting Australia.

Its long-time convenor and host, Barrie Cassidy, is one of the straightest and most sensible journalists in the ABC stable.

If you want to cut through the spin and rhetoric surrounding Australian politics I recommend you watch Insiders. You wont hear words like amazing and absolutely or phrases like Oh, My God! on Insiders.

Barries guest commentators are drawn from both the left and right and are the cream of the crop. They are experienced journalists at the top of their game.

On Sunday morning one of Barries guests, Fairfax journalist Mark Kenny, observed that politicians in Australia, no matter their party allegiances, tend to be naturally conservative and churchy types.

Mark said this while trying to explain why our politicians always seem to trail way behind public sentiment on issues.

He pointed out that while over 80% of Australians favoured same-sex marriage the politicians had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the light to vote for it. He also said their tardiness is why euthanasia is not yet legal Australia wide, despite it having majority public support.

The churchy aspect of his comment got me thinking.

Im not religious but Im perfectly happy to let those who are religious live their lives as they wish.

The only aspects of religion I deplore are the political and organised arms that use power, money and sex to their advantage.

However, it does occur to me that if you go beyond the simple concepts of goodness and buy the products that most religions peddle - predestination and everlasting life - you risk placing yourself in a kind...


PNG politicians have differing views on benefits of APEC "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Bryan Krame MP (Koroi Hawkins)
Bryan Kramer MP - after APEC life in PNG is not going to be any easier. Billions spent for what?

JOHNNY BLADES | Radio New Zealand

PORT MORESBY - Social breakdown could come to a head in Papua New Guinea after it hosts APEC, opposition MP Bryan Kramer has said.

PNG is preparing to host the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation leaders summit in November.

The government said the summit would present a remarkable marketing opportunity for PNG as an investment destination and a trade partner.

But Madang Open MP Bryan Kramer accused the government of borrowing beyond its means to spend on infrastructure projects in Port Moresby while neglecting basic services around the country.

"The reality is hospitals are running out of medicines. We've now got a polio outbreak. So it seems we're not focussing on our priorities and that is the welfare of the people," Mr Kramer said.

"If we continue to focus on infrastructure at the expense of people's welfare, then society as we know it will start to collapse and break down."

However, Powes Parkop, the governor of PNG's National Capital District, said hosting APEC was a positive move for the country.

Through economic opportunities, which the government claims APEC will open up for PNG, Mr Parkop believed Papua New Guineans could have more self-respect and belief in themselves.

"I think it's absolutely good for Port Moresby but also for Papua New Guinea. It gives us hope for the future because I think for a long time in PNG we came to a dead end, that people thought that this was the end of it. Nothing was going right," Mr Parkop said.

Creating more economic opportunity was a way to grow PNG's middle class, he said.

But Mr Kramer said that spending beyond its means to host a big event had not helped PNG in the recent past and with something as huge as APEC he doubted it could be different.

"The PNG (hosting of the Pacific) Games never delivered much. We spent a billion kina on that.

There were other......



New Dawn FM News

The Bougainville Electoral Commissioner, GEORGE MANU has appointed the Returning officer and three Assistant Returning Officers for the ABG by-elections for the three vacant seats of HALIA, KONGARA and TAONITA TEOP.
IAN JOB will be the Returning Officer whilst the Assistant Returning Officers are LAWRENCE SABIN for the HALIA seat, RODNEY RASIN for the TAONITA TEOP and DENISE PALIPAL for the KONGARA seat.
The date of the By-election is yet to be announced once everything has been confirmed including funding.
The seats were left vacant following the death of the former member for Taonita Teop whilst the other two seats became available when the former members resigned to contest in the 2017 National elections.
The former member for Kongara also resigned in 2012 to contest the 2012 National elections but won back the seat through a by-election.



New Dawn FM News
Bougainville House of Representatives Deputy Speaker and Member representing the women of North Bougainville, FRANCESCA SEMOSO wants researchers to also look at the Autonomy for Bougainville from the context of Politics and human rights.
Speaking at the launching of the two reports from the National Research Institutes research team, Member SEMOSO said that Bougainvilles Autonomy was negotiated as a Peace Package to end a serious war and cannot be compared or watered down with other Autonomies in the world.
She said that the research presented will definitely help the people of Bougainville to understand more on the issues on hand in regards to Autonomy, Governance issues and the referendum.
She said Bougainvilles struggle for self-determination must be allowed to come to a conclusion with the referendum which the people of Bougainville must decide themselves on the political status of Bougainville.




New Dawn FM News

The Bougainville Electoral Commissioner, GEORGE MANU has appointed the Returning officer and three Assistant Returning Officers for the ABG by-elections for the three vacant seats of HALIA, KONGARA and TAONITA TEOP.
IAN JOB will be the Returning Officer whilst the Assistant Returning Officers are LAWRENCE SABIN for the HALIA seat, RODNEY RASIN for the TAONITA TEOP and DENISE PALIPAL for the KONGARA seat.
The date of the By-election is yet to be announced once everything has been confirmed including funding.
The seats were left vacant following the death of the former member for Taonita Teop whilst the other two seats became available when the former members resigned to contest in the 2017 National elections.
The former member for Kongara also resigned in 2012 to contest the 2012 National elections but won back the seat through a by-election.


US Admiral Davidson makes inaugural visit to Port Moresby, PNG "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Admiral Philip S. Davidson, the Commander of United States Indo-Pacific Command (INDOPACOM), will arrive in Port Moresby on Wednesday August 22nd, 2018.

During his visit, Davidson will meet with high-level Papua New Guinea government officials and military personnel from the Papua New Guinea Defense Force.

He will also announce an APEC-related security agreement reflecting the U.S. governments commitment not only to a successful APEC but also to the overall safety and security of PNG and the Indo Pacific region.
Admiral Davidson is the 25th Commander of United States Indo-Pacific Command (USINDOPACOM), Americas oldest and largest military combatant command, based in Hawaii.
US INDOPACOMs area of responsibility encompasses about half the earth's surface, stretching from the waters off the west coast of the U.S. to the western border of India, and from Antarctica to the North Pole. USPACOM is one of six geographic Unified Combatant Commands of the U.S. Armed Forces.

USINDOPACOM includes 380,000 Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, Coast Guardsmen and Department of Defense civilians and is responsible for all U.S. military activities in the Indo-Pacific, covering 36 nations, 14 time zones, and more than 50 percent of the worlds population.

Prior to becoming CDRUSINDOPACOM on May 30, 2018, Admiral Davidson served as the commander of U.S. Fleet Forces Command/Naval Forces U.S. Northern Command. He previously served as the commander, U.S. 6th Fleet, and the commander, Naval Striking and Support Forces NATO, while simultaneously serving as the deputy commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe and U.S. Naval Forces Africa.


A faith healing and a farewell: a final return to PNG? "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Sean Dorney (Craig Berkman)
Sean Dorney back in Manus - "I have motor neurone disease and may have only two years left to live"

SEAN DORNEY | Australian Broadcasting Corporation

MANUS - These committed Catholics in my wife's village are praying for me to be healed. But, my God, it is quite intimidating.

I witnessed a lot during my years as the ABC's foreign correspondent in Papua New Guinea, but this level of fervour still comes as quite a shock.

The chanting, the clenched rosary beads, the tears make a powerful impression.

Pauline sits beside me in front of a crucifix which they have carried through the village.

They are convinced there is a spiritual solution to this rotten condition that now ails me despite intensive and costly research, it has so far defied a medical one.

I have motor neurone disease and may have only two years left to live.

We have come back to Tulu, Pauline's village on Manus Island, in what could be my final visit. This is a place I have come to love, where people live in harmony with nature.

To most Australians, Manus is almost a dirty word because of its hosting of Australia's asylum seeker processing centre.

But Tulu, a traditional Melanesian coastal village where many houses are still constructed out of bush materials, defies the stereotype.

It's impeccably clean. This is not the hell-hole some asylum-seeker advocates wish to portray Manus as.

The first time I went to Tulu with Pauline was in 1976.

Back then, I leapt ashore and joined in vigorous activities as people hunted for food and prepared a feast to celebrate the end of the school year for the village primary school.

This time, I had to be picked up out of the boat and carried onto the beach by a nephew.

Pauline's brother, Bernard, is the Paramount Chief on Tulu. He has decreed that on this visit I be initiated as a chief of his and Pauline's clan, the Petepwak.

This could be my last opportunity to be with Pauline's family and the people wh...


PNG Hunters team for round 24 match against CQ Capras "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

PNG Hunters coach Michael Marum has rested Willie Minoga for this weekends must win final Round 24 Intrust Super Cup clash against Central Queensland Capras after sustaining a groin injury during last Sundays win over the Wynnum Manly Seagulls.
Thompson Teteh returns and will take his spot in the centres. The rest of the starting line- up remains unchanged.

Willie Minoga. Photo by: The National
Utility back Adex Wera becomes the 2nd player after Wartovo Puara Jr to reach the 100 games milestone for the SP Hunters in the Intrust Super Cup when he runs out in the No.4 jersey.
Wera is Hunter # 6 and was a member of the 1st SP Hunters team that played Redcliffe Dolphins in the Intrust Super Cup competition in March, 2014
The 20-man squad: Edene Gabbie, Junior Rau, Thompson Teteh, Adex Wera, Brendon Gotuno, Ase Boas (Captain), Charlie Simon, Enock Maki, Wartovo Puara Jr, Moses Meninga, Nixon Put, Rhadley Brawa, Stanton Albert, Interchange Watson Boas, Ila Alu, McKenzie Yei, Dilbert Isaac, Butler Morris, Sailas Gahuna and Patrick Morea
Coach Michael Marum will finalise the travelling 18-man team this evening before the team leaves for Brisbane tomorrow.
The ISC Round 24 game against CQ Capras kicks off at 6pm on Saturday August 25, 2018 at Browne Park in Rockhampton. The SP Hunters return to Port Moresby on Sunday


Breaking the odds - Christina Kaia "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Christina Kaia is an Oil Search electrical apprentice based at the Companys Kutubu operations in the Southern Highlands.

Recently, Christina became the first apprentice to receive a completion certificate for the module of Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits which is a computer-based training package that teaches real world skills at fault finding electrical circuits.

The programme is called Simutech Electrical Troubleshooting Training and has been rolled out to all Oil Search electrical and instrumentation trades. The training consists of six modules that increase in difficulty from basic electrical circuits to basic fault finding on Programmable Logic Controllers or PLCs.

Each person works alone on a computer at their own pace and performs fault finding exercises on a series of simulated electrical faults that mimic actual faults. Successful completion of each module requires demonstrating the safe resolution of the faults with no functional components replaced.

Performing troubleshooting and fault-finding tasks are often required of electrical technicians on the job. A multi-meter and other diagnostic methodologies are used to safely and efficiently determine faults in electrical circuits to locate and replace defective parts.

Christina said she has found the programme both interesting and challenging and now understands the process of fault finding and can apply these skills to her job.

Other apprentices whose accomplishments in the training program have been notable are John Abage and David Warima. All apprentices showed great dedication and determination to complete the module with no errors. This has improved their electrical fault-finding skills and encouraged a safe approach to fault finding on electrical circuits.

Organisational or staff development, particularly of its citizen workforce, is one tangible way in which Oil Search continually demonstrates its commitment to PNG. Having highly capable employees contributes to the overall success and effectiveness of the Company and its intention to unlock the countrys full oil and gas potential, ensures continued delivery of long-term value to all stakeholders.

Oil Search has two Training streams for up and coming Tradespeople, a four-year Apprenticeship programme for the Electrical and Mechanical Trades and a Traineeship Programme for Process Technology (3 4 years). Participants receive a combination of on-the-job, in-house and external training from the Company. Apprentices are assig...


Nauru, Manus Australian crimes, death notices "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Future generations will damn the present for its atrocities as we damn and indict the past for theirs. The offshore custodial predicaments that have degenerated to indefinite immigration detention will cast a dark pall of grimness and aspersions into the generations of our grandchildren. As a trauma recovery and suicide prevention researcher, and as someone []


Mining Industry Wants Us All To Worship Its False Gods "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Mining Industry loves to tell us how much it contributes to Gross Domestic Product and Export Earnings and falsely links these two metrics to our development goals (see a typical story below).

GDP and Export Earnings are two false gods that absolutely do not reflect the quality of life or standards of living for ordinary people. GDP and Export Earnings can be soaring while ordinary citizens are plunging deeper and deeper into poverty.

GDP and Export Earnings simply tell us how much money the mining industry is stealing every year.

GDP is the monetary value of all the goods and services produced in the country:

  • GDP is NOT a measure of the standard of living or quality of life.
  • GDP ignores externalities like pollution, environmental damage, social costs etc
  • GDP ignores where the wealth ends up and how it is distributed
  • GDP ignores access to basic services like health and education
  • GDP ignores where the value comes from a country selling off all its assets will have a high GDP until all its assets are sold, it will then be bankrupt!
  • GDP ignores the costs of government debt a country borrowing lots of money to fund its spending may have a high GDP until it goes bankrupt.

What the mining industry never talks about is how much tax it pays to the government, maybe because...


Small-scale mining training a need "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

A family panning gold in the polluted Jaba river flowing from Panguna copper mine. Photo: Friedrich Stark

Erebiri Zurenuoc | The National aka The Loggers Times | August 20, 2018

THE need for more small-scale mining training centres has been highlighted during the recent alluvial mining convention and tradeshow held in Lae.

Alluvial mining schools established in all four regions of PNG will cater for small-scale miners and developers in the industry who are not aware of the requirements.

There is currently only one training centre established by Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) and that one is in Wau, Morobe.

Minister for Mining Johnson Tuke highlighted the need for more training centres but also said there were many challenges to that.

The budget has already closed but we still need to make sure this happens through a submission, he said.

This will happen only if there is support of politicians and governments of alluvial mining...


The new battle for Bougainvilles Panguna mine "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Rusting trucks at Panguna mine, Bougainville

Speculation about the future of the Panguna copper mine in Papua New Guineas autonomous region of Bougainville, which ignited a decade long civil war in the 1990s, peaked late last year when an application for exploration by former Rio Tinto subsidiary, Bougainville Copper Ltd (BCL), was put to a local vote.

Catherine Wilson | The Interpreter | 21 August 2018

The outcome revealed that the mine remains a contested site and that a new battle for its riches is deepening divisions among traditional landowning groups. Chris Baria, a Bougainville writer and commentator, who lived through what is known as the Crisis, explained the sentiment in a recent interview:

When those with mining interests meddle with Panguna, it makes people revisit the pain and suffering, and the horrors of war that the government wrought on its citizens for closing down a mine, which they felt had not compensated them enough for their loss....


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