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Monday, 20 November


Whats Inside DCs New $800 Million, Theme-Park-Influenced Museum Of The Bible "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The professor of Jewish studies passes under an ornate archway, leading to another part of the sprawling History of the Bible floor. Keeping up with him isnt easy, as we dodge workers who continue to install museum panels before opening day.

Theres nothing false anywhere, Professor Lawrence Schiffman says over his shoulder, gesturing towards dozens of Torah scrolls carefully lit for preservation. Ive been walking around even today, reading more labels. We keep criticizing little picky things; thats our job as scholars.

Led by Schiffman, who sports a Brooklyn accent and traditional kippah head covering, the scene would fit more at a New York synagogue than a Bible museum founded by evangelical Christians. Director of Hebraic and Judaic studies at New York University, he has served as a Hebrew manuscripts consultant since early 2016 for Museum of the Bible, which opened last weekend in Washington DC.

This museum is not a hijacking of Jewish tradition to serve another religion, he says bluntly when asked about its mostly Christian funding. Its legit.

Proving legitimacy has been an uphill battle since its announcement in 2011. Brimming with technology and artifacts that illuminate the sacred text, Museum of the Bible has been hounded by various critiques. Theres either too much God or not enough Jesus, depending on the critic.

Yet even skeptics are wowed by the high-tech museum once they see it. Pulitzer Prize winner Philip Kennicott called Museum of the Bible rich in content [and] stocked with historic treasures. His front-page Washington Post story was effusive: It sets a new standard for how this countrys museums fuse entertainment and education.

Envisioned by Hobby Lobby craft chain owners Steve and Jackie Green, the Museum of the Bible reflects a kaleidoscope of faith traditions, story formats, and artistic approaches. A closer look at the multi-faceted museum offeringswith commentary from the Jewish, Catholic, and Protestant scholars at the heart of itilluminates the 430,000-square-foot experience.

A New Tour Through Ancient Stories

I grew up in Oklahoma, the Bible belt of the country, in a very small community, says Jackie Green. Everybody knew everybody. Its been such a delight for me to be able to rub shoulders, so to speak, with people who arent just like mebut they still have a great love for the Bible.

From the first floor, the variety at Museum of the Bible can be jarring. Ornate....


Australia, New Zealand officials discuss screening for Manus refugees "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

By Charlotte Greenfield


Direct Investment by China Railway Group to boost PNG Economy "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Government of Papua New Guinea has signed a series of Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with the Government of China and the China Railway company that will deliver a number of new infrastructure projects in the Papua New Guinea's Highlands Region.

Witnessing the signing of the MOU today in Port Moresby, the Prime Minister, Hon. Peter ONeill CMG MP, said the new projects will have direct positive impacts on the lives of people in Eastern and Western Highlands provinces.
These projects will enhance agriculture, roads and water supply in parts of the Highlands will improve lives and help people to be more active in the economy.
China is one of our strongest development partners, and this direct investment is an example of the huge confidence that China and Chinese companies have in Papua New Guinea.
Despite the challenges in the global economy in recent years, the outlook for the Papua New Guinea economy is very positive and we thank our partners for their commitment to our country.
The projects that we initiated today will be delivered in some of the most remote parts of our country where there is a need to improve connectivity and services.
These projects are taking place as part of the One Belt One Road initiative that is creating more efficient trade corridors between the Asia-Pacific and Western Asia.
As this initiative grows we are seeing infrastructure improvements across many developing countries.
At the eastern end of the initiative, Papua New Guinea is deriving benefits that will strengthen capacity to trade across borders.
The Prime Minister thanked the President of the China Railway International Group, Mr. Zhang Zongyan, for visiting Papua New Guinea to see for himself where support can be allocated.
I thank the Government of China and the China Railway Company for their ongoing commitment to Papua New Guinea.


FLASHBACK: Volcanoes are erupting all over the place right now. Scientists have figured out why: A minute slowdown in the planet's rotation "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Earth seems to have been smoking a lot recently. Volcanoes are erupting in Iceland, Hawaii, Indonesia, Ecuador and Mexico right now. Others, in the Philippines and Papua New Guinea, erupted recently but seem to have calmed down. Many of these have threatened homes and forced evacuations. But among their spectators, these eruptions raise this question: Is there such a thing as a season for volcanic eruptions? While volcanoes may not have "seasons" as we know them, scientists have started to discern intriguing patterns in their activity. Eruptions caused by a shortened day The four seasons are caused by the Earth's axis of rotation tilting toward and away from the sun. But our planet undergoes another, less well-known change, which affects it in a more subtle way, perhaps even volcanically. Due to factors like the gravitational pull of the sun and moon, the speed at which the Earth rotates constantly changes. Accordingly the length of a day actually varies from year to year. The difference is only in the order of milliseconds. But new research suggests that this seemingly small perturbation could bring about significant changes on our planet - or more accurately, within it.


Malcolm Turnbull Fired for Being Unable to Name a Single AC/DC Song "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was sent to a detention centre on Manus Island overnight after he was unable to name a single song when asked to nominate a favourite track by iconic rock band AC/DC in an interview following the death of founding guitarist Malcolm Young.

Former NSW Premier Mike Baird, who cited Dirty deeds done dirt cheap as the song that inspired his career, was quick to put his hand up for the top role.

I retired from politics to help members of my family through serious illness six months ago but everyones fine now, he said. Its amazing what $887,000 can do for your health.

Baird has already launched his election campaign, promising to get the greyhound racing industry back in [the] black and everything else in the country on the highway to hell in record time.

Turnbull issued a statement saying that he could reel off the name of every piece ever written by Mozart, Beethoven and Bach like every other regular Aussie bloke and shouldnt be punished for this one small lapse in cultural knowledge.


Attack on 6-Year-Old Girl by Pathetic and Perverted Individuals Calls for Community and Church Action on False Belief Sanguma "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


The Prime Minister Hon. Peter ONeill CMG MP, has expressed outrage on behalf of the Nation after the serious abuse of a 6-year-old girl in Enga Province by adult males claiming sanguma as their excuse.


PM ONeill said police had been dispatched to investigate the abuse, and any individual who tries to impede the lawful investigation will be arrested.


The Prime Minister said the attacks cannot be tolerated and the abusers must be exposed, and this requires leadership from community elders.


Lets be clear, sanguma beliefs are absolute rubbish, the Prime Minister said.


In the modern day sanguma is not a real cultural practice, it is false belief and involves the violent abuse and torture of women and girls by pathetic and perverted individuals.


The men behind these murders are cowards who are looking for someone to blame because of their own failure in life.


These violent acts are against our values as a nation and are completely unacceptable.


The Prime Minister said local communities hold the key to ending sanguma activities, but leaders must step up and be strong.


In the case of the young girl who was recently attacked in Enga, we are grateful for the brave people who gave her first aid and took her to a safe location.


The nation needs more of these unsung heroes who do the right thing, even when it means standing up against people in their own communities.


At the same time, any community leaders who allow this abuse to continue are just as bad as the men who carry out the crimes.


As a Christian Nation these abuses are also an attack on our religion, that goes against all the teachings of the Church.


The Christian faith that we share teaches us to love one another and uphold the rights of the young and the weak.


In Churches around our country, I call on Leaders to discuss this issued and how you would deal with this violence if it was tried in your communities.


Our Government will keep working with Churches and communities, as well as the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary, to end these false beliefs and to protect the lives of all Papua New Guineans.

Filed under: Awareness, Community,...



By Aloysius Laukai

Meanwhile, The ABG President, Chief DR. JOHN MOMIS also announced that the BEC will be considering two more mineral exploration applications and four alluvial mining applications that are currently being processed by the Department of Minerals and Energy Resources.
He said that the government anticipates to grant some more licenses from these applications before the end of the year.
President MOMIS said that whilst the Government pursue these economic opportunities for Bougainville it is also building its regulatory capacity to prudently manage these resources to ensure the associated social and environmental risks are mitigated and the benefits are shared equally with all Bougainvilleans and our investors get their fair share from their investments.




By Aloysius Laukai
The Bougainville Executive Council today approved to grant mineral exploration licenses for the TORE and ISINA areas of Bougainville thus setting the stage for the Bougainville mining industry to move forward towards achieving the ABGs agenda of attaining fiscal self-reliance.
ABG President, CHIEF DR. JOHN MOMIS when making the announcement today said that the licenses were awarded to joint venture companies between landowners of these areas and foreign partners.
He said that he believed this was an unique opportunity because for the first time traditional landowners are involved in large mineral exploration activities in PNG and Bougainville.
DR MOMIS said that the Bougainville mining law recognises the Rights of traditional landowners over their minerals and it is only fair that they are involved in the exploration and development of these mineral resources from the start.
In the Isina area, CENTRAL BOUGAINVILLE, the exploration license was awarded to Isina Resources Holding Limited and the TORE area, TINPUTZ, two exploration licenses were given to joint venture companies, KALIA INVESTMENT LIMITED and TOREMANA RESOURCES LIMITED.
The President said that the government expects these companies to commence activities immediately.




By Aloysius Laukai

As the date of the Bougainville Referendum draws near many UNITED NATIONS leaders are visiting Bougainville to make sure Bougainville is on the right track.
And today the Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs, MR.MIROSLAV JENCA and delegation arrived in Buka for a two-days visit to Bougainville.
They were met at the Buka airport by UN staff and ABG Ministers including the ABG Vice President, RAYMOND MASONO.
A Nissan Cultural group performed their traditional dance for the first time to welcome the delegation which included to National members, WILLIAM NAKIN and TIMOTHY MASIU and the ABG Speaker, SIMON PENTANU.
The team then met with the ABG President Chief DR.JOHN MOMIS ,the Speaker of ABG House of Representatives, SIMON PENTANU and Ministers for Peace Agreement Implementation, ALBERT PUNGHAU and other ministers.
The delegation will meet the Bougainville women leaders tomorrow morning at the Malasang Womens resource centre and meet the Bougainville ex-combatants before returning to Port Moresby tomorrow afternoon.


PM hails Kumuls "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"



Our boys did not get a win, but they will return home with the respect of our nation and rugby league fans around the world.


It was a solid game against England, says Prime Minister Peter ONeill.


Our team played hard, and they can now learn from the experience and look towards the next World Cup.


The PM says regardless of the result in Melbourne, outstanding games have been played by the Kumuls in this World Cup tournament.


They have again united the nation as we watched the games, and we have all been impressed, continues ONeill.


Throughout the world cup home games our stadium was full, and all eyes in the country glued on the television sets with children and families cheering.


I again congratulate everyone who has been involved with the 2017 Rugby League World Cup matches in Papua New Guinea.


We look forward to welcoming our boys home to Papua New Guinea.


The PNG LNG Kumuls bowed out of the Rugby League World Cup after going down to England 36-6 in the quarter-finals Sunday afternoon (Nov 19) at the Melbourne Rectangular Stadium.

Source: L...


PNG Air increasing travelling capacity "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

PAPUA New Guinea Air is increasing its travel capacity in preparation for the festive season.
PNG Air obtained its seventh ATR 72-600 (P2-ATF) aircraft last Thursday.
Chief commercial officer Paul Abbot said the airlines latest addition to its fleet would increase capacity and the frequency of domestic flights.
As we prepare ourselves for the very busy peak period in December, the additional capacity will help ensure we are able to meet the travel needs of more people looking to go home for the holidays, he said.
The aircraft is currently undergoing the modifications required to prepare it for commercial operations.
Its services will begin on Dec 4.


New pack houses: Tonga plan to buy growers crops and export them to NZ begins "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The project for Tonga to buy crops and other products from locals and export them to New Zealand will begin in February 2018, said Labour and Commerce CEO Edgar Cocker.

The Ministry has secured about $1.5 million paanga (US$1.1 million) to start the project with, he said.

A deal in April for Tonga to send food, fish and handicrafts direct to New Zealand suppliers was struck at the time after a team of government officials from Tonga met with J & P Turner Ltd, the parent company of importer Fresh Direct Ltd and other supplier officials in Auckland.

I already have the money. But we will begin by buying and exporting yams, arum, cassava, taros and water melons, Cocker said.

The project will start in Eua because it already has a multi-purpose pack house funded by the Australian government.

Cocker gave Kaniva News copy of a conceptual design of a new pack house the Ministry planned to build in Vavau, Lapaha and Vain.

It will follow with two more new pack houses planned to be built in Houma and Hihifo in Tongatapu.

Cocker thanked the Ministrys former CEO Kulufeinga Anisi Bloomfield as he was the one who initiated the project.

I am happy to do this as I did it before with FIMCO the exporting of Tongan food and products overseas before I left the company, Cocker said.

Jeff Turner from J & P Turner Ltd told Kaniva News the company has had discussions regarding the receiving and distribution of Tongan produce.

We have a long and deep connection with Tonga and are certainly keen to be doing all we can to help with Tonga economy which in turn helps the individual growers and farmers in Tonga, Jeff Turner said.

It is understood the company was waiting for further developments in Tonga.

Turners, New Zealands biggest food and nutritional supplier, will sell Tongan produce and products to their New Zealand markets.

Other New Zealand suppliers also agreed to receive and sell Tongan body tuitui oil and handicrafts.

Cocker said the Ministry was looking for more New Zealand suppliers.



Fiji send New Zealand Kiwis tumbling out of Rugby League World Cup "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

New Zealand suffered an upset at the hands of Pacific island rivals for the second week in a row to bow out of the Rugby League World Cup at the quarter-final stage with a 4-2 loss to Fiji on Saturday.

Apisai Koroisau kicked penalties either side of half time at Wellington Regional Stadium to give Fiji victory in a dogfight of a test match and a ticket to a semi-final against reigning champions Australia in Brisbane next week.

Tonga, who beat Lebanon in Saturdays other quarter-final, will take on England or Papua New Guinea, in the other semi in Auckland.

New Zealand had been looking to get back on track after a stunning upset at the hands of the Tongans last week, the first by a tier two nation against tier one opposition at a World Cup.

One of only three countries to have won the World Cup, the 2008 champions instead found themselves under huge pressure from the off and but for Fijis decision to tap penalties rather than take the points, could have faced a heavy deficit at the break.

As it was, the two points from hooker Koroisaus successful 15th minute effort were all that divided the teams.

New Zealand halfback Shaun Johnson levelled up the scores from the kicking tee five minutes after the break but the hosts were unable to build on that as winger Jordan Rapana was sent to the sin-bin for a professional foul two minutes later.

Koroisau restored Fijis lead with his second penalty just after the hour mark and the islanders held out for the remaining 19 minutes to reach the last four of the World Cup for the third straight tournament.

Captain Kevin Naiqama was reduced to tears after Fiji stunned New Zealand to set up a World Cup semi-final against Australia.

The Kiwis were highly fancied to progress despite last week's shock defeat by Tonga but they produced a flat performance and Fiji took advantage to claim a 4-2 win in a tryless game.

Full-back Naiqama was named man of the match and he gave an emotional post-match interview.

He said: "It's indescribable. I'm so proud of these boys.

"I had the utmost belief from the moment we went into camp. I never stopped believing. I always said we could win this game. It's a dream come true to get it done."

Star half-back Jarryd Hayne said: "We slayed a giant tonight.

"We prepared for it all week, we prepared for it all tourna...

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Sunday, 19 November



by: PROFESSOR Kristian Lasslett  
In 2016 eyes turned to Singapore. Close personal friends of Sir Michael Somare were imprisoned, for among other things, defrauding the PNG public.

It was claimed American national, Philip Doehrman, and his Singaporean wife, Lim Ai Wah, defrauded the country in order to bribe Sir Michael, his son, Michael Somare Jnr, and a number of Chinese business people.

Understandably, at the time, coverage focused on the scandalous nature of the case, given that it implicated the countrys greatest political grandee in a bribery scandal. But the devil is in the detail.

Image: Sir Michael Somare, one of the nations founding figures.

For the first time, full access to the court decision is now provided. Delivered by Judge Hong, the decision features evidence which appears to show how elites amass fortunes, through practices that significantly increase the cost of living for the PNG public, and distort how national resources are applied.

The case of Wah and Doehrman centres on a simple and seemingly noble exercise, building colleges catering to marginalised learners. Judge Hong claims this scheme was exploited by its authors, so that a range of actors could take improper cuts from the PNG public. This had the effect of diluting t...


Population explosion makes protection of customary land vital "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

By Eddie Tanago

Papua New Guineas population is growing at an explosive rate, which makes retaining control of customary land vitally important. Customary land is very valuable. It sustains a huge economy and provides employment for 3 million local farmers. Customary land is also vital for food security and it makes people strong and self-reliant. 

The 2011 National Census reported PNGs population to be 7.2 million but at a growth rate of over 2% each year, it has already grown to an estimated 8.3 million.[1] That is a 1.1 million or 15% increase in just 6 years.

By 2030, it is estimated our population will be 10.5 million. That is another increase of 2.2 million or 26% on todays figure.

By 2050, the population will be 13 million. That is a staggering 4.7 million increase from 2017.

This increase in population cannot go unnoticed by the government.

The government must stop its efforts to register customary land as that opens the door to illegal land deals and land alienation. The government must also stop encouraging and allowing foreign owned industries to take control over customary land. 

Our customary land is already very valuable and when we allow outsiders onto our land, whether under the guise of logging, mining, oil palm or other activities, we lose a vital asset; one that is only going to be even more crucial for our children and their children's children.

Retaining control of customary land will help reduce the impacts of PNGs population explosion by providing a home, food security and employment for our children.

Footnote: [1]



Construction to begin on Fiji gold mine "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Acting Prime Minister and Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism Faiyaz Koya breaks ground marking the beginning of the civil works on November 17, 2017. Photo: DEPTFO

Talebula Kate | The Fiji Times | November 18, 2017

TUVATU Gold Mines which was given mining license for 21 years beginning in 2014 had its ground breaking ceremony of its Mines processing plant civil works yesterday.

The beginning of the construction of the mill and processing plant is a positive sign, as it portrays the commitment of Tuvatu Gold Mine to produce to its full capacity by the second quarter of 2019.

This expansion work will contribute to the economy directly and indirectly in many forms such as the employment of the local community.

Acting Prime Minister and Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism Faiyaz Siddiq Koya officiated at the event.

$100 Million Invested Into New Tuvatu Gold Mine: Lion One

Lusiana Banuve | Fiji Sun | 19 Nove...


Sanguma: A real evil that destroys peace & communities "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


MADANG - Some people in Papua New Guinea are questioning whether sanguma is real. I would argue that the sanguma creature in itself may be as real as Santa Klaus or Harry Potter, but that the evil of sanguma is as real as torture and death are real.

I have witnessed or been closely associated with many cases of accusations of sanguma in the PNG Highlands.  Let me give examples of just three of the many and the reader can decide whether they are studies of good or evil and how real they are.

Mendaiwan was accused along with another woman when after a feast a man got ill and died. Men accused and tortured them with heated bush knives and steel rods, demanding to know where the women had put the dead mans heart.

One woman died from the assault, but Mendaiwan managed to escape during the night.

The next morning, she was able to alert a relative who took her to a mission hospital in another province. She was eight months pregnant and the baby was born dead the next day having died from burns suffered while in the mothers uterus.

Mendaiwan was discharged from hospital several months afterwards, still professing her innocence.

ArmLapowan was accused of sanguma after a young man fell unconscious.  She was stripped naked and tied to a piece of machinery and tortured with hot irons to every part of her body. 

Despite the torture and demands that she confess that she is a sanguma, she maintained her innocence.  She managed to escape and to get to a mission hospital where the sisters treated her for over a month.

The young man, whose heart she was supposed to have taken and eaten, recovered, and her assailants claim that the tort...


1) Papua Police Urges Members of Armed Group to Turn in Themselves "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

2) house appreciates military, police cooperation to free hostages
3) LP3BH calls on President Jokowi to immediately deal with conflict in West Papua
4) Indonesian reggae ambassador performs in Skouw, Papua
5) West Papua to host Senja Kaimana Festival 2017

SUNDAY, 19 NOVEMBER, 2017 | 11:40 WIB
1) Papua Police Urges Members of Armed Group to Turn in Themselves
TEMPO.COJakarta - Papua Police urged 21 members of an armed group in Mimika, Papua to turn themselves in...


Essenes may have authored Dead Sea Scrolls - Israeli anthropologist "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Since the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls over 70 years ago, numerous theories have abounded about who wrote the ancient manuscripts. Now over 30 newly-excavated skeletons may finally provide an answer. The first of the scrolls were found by Bedouin goat herders in the Qumran area of the West Bank in 1946 and, over the course of the following decade, scrolls were found in 11 different caves in the area. A 12th cave yielded another find as recently as February this year. Throughout this time, archaeologists have struggled to find conclusive proof to determine who wrote or protected the scrolls. This failure has paved the way for seemingly endless theories about the inhabitants of Qumran including that they were craftsmen, Iron Age people, Bedouins and Roman soldiers. However the excavation of the skeletons has added great weight to the view that the manuscripts were watched over by a Jewish sect of celibate men called the Essenes.


LP3BH calls on President Jokowi to immediately deal with conflict in West Papua "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Executive-Director of the LP3BH, Yan Christian Warinussy,
has called on President Jokowi to immediately take action with regard
to the conflict now underway in the region of Tembagapura, West Papua.
As yet, there has been no response from the President to reports about
an armed conflict that is currently underway between the Indonesian
security forces (Army and Police) and the TPNP (Papuan National
Liberation) Armed Forces in the vicinity of the massive mining
company, P.T Freeport Company.

However, there have been a few statements from the TPNP which
is thought to be involved in the armed struggle would suggest that
they regard these actions as part of the movement by the people of
West Papua for the struggle for self-determination of the OAP
(Traditional Papuan People).

We should at the same time not forget that in the last two years,
at the United Nations, there have been statements by the leaders of
countries in the Pacific and Caribbean countries have made strong
statements condemning the serious human rights abuses that have
occurred in West Papua.

At the UN General Assembly in September this year, four countries
called on the United Nations to discuss the right of the people of
West Papua to
self-determination and the grave human rights violations that have
occurred in West Papua for the past fifty years which threaten to
result in the genocide of the Papuan people.

In the opinion of the LP3PN, the armed struggle that is underway
cannot solve the Papuan peoples struggle for self-determination.

The LP3BH calls on President Jokowi not to continue increasing
the security forces in West Papua and instead to focus on dialogue as
the way to resolve the crisis in West Papua.

Three people, Pastor DR Neles Tebey, Wiranto and Teten Masduki,
have already been named on 15 August this year to participate in
preparing for dialogue between Papua and Jakarta. which in the first
place should deal with the current conflict underway in Tembagapura.

The efforts to resolve the problem in Tembagapura should
involve not only representatives of the stakeholders in Tembagapura
but also representatives in the diaspora.

A number of investigations have been carried out such as the
one by Professor Drooglever was entitled The Act of Free Choice.

Dr. Greg Poulgrain also undertook an investigation which was
entitled The In...


Migrant worker exploitation: insights from New Zealand "IndyWatch Feed"

Migrant worker exploitation in New Zealand is a pressing issue. Media headlines over recent months highlighting the issue include: He treated us like dogs: people trafficker jailed; Filipino dairy farm workers abused, exploited; and Exploited Indian students turning to suicide, support group warns. These are not isolated cases of exploitation and some cases are illustrative of modern day slavery.

In December 2016, I released the findings from a two-year research project Worker exploitation in New Zealand: a troubling landscape in which the exploitation of migrant workers featured heavily. The research was undertaken on behalf of the Human Trafficking Research Coalition, comprising four non-governmental organisations: The prscha initiative, Stand against slavery, Hagar and ECPAT.

A number of New Zealands industries rely on temporary migrant employees to fill labour shortages. In the 2015/2016 year, 192,688 workers were granted temporary work visas. I found exploitation was occurring in several key industry sectors, predominately labour-intensive industries, including farming, fishing, horticulture, hospitality, and international education, among other sectors.

A number of those I interviewed were victims of wage theft they were underpaid their legal entitlement or for some, not paid at all. Some were paid as little as $5 an hour. As a point of comparison, the New Zealand minimum wage is currently $15.75 per hour. Workers were required to work shifts of 12 to 18 hours for a very low wage and under exploitative conditions. Many employees did not have an employment contract, with many not aware that an employment contract is a legal requirement. One migrant routinely worked 90 hours a week but was only paid for 45 hours. For many migrants, their legal entitlements to holiday pay was denied. Some were threatened if they persisted in asking for holiday pay, you will lose your job.

Many endured degrading treatment, including being denied bathroom breaks and being verbally abused. One migrant was taken into an orchard and beate...


Sorcery, science, modernity & decent human behaviour "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


ADELAIDE - Our very earliest ancestors were a very nervous lot indeed and had good cause to be.

They were small, slow, not very strong and had virtually no inbuilt weapons like large teeth and claws. They were easy prey for a host of predators.

They understood very little about the world in which they lived. The causes of natural phenomena were impenetrable mysteries to them. Events like earthquakes, eclipses, storms, disease and death were even more terrifying for being inexplicable.

To make sense of the natural world, our ancestors used their large brains, imaginations and mastery of language to create and describe vivid supernatural worlds, populated by gods of various kinds, their ancestors ghosts and any number of evil beings upon who could be cast blame for the horrible things that happened from time to time.

This supernatural world was a scary place, populated by beings both malevolent and benign. Humans could only exert influence over what happened there by observing certain rituals which ranged from prayer to human sacrifice.

Over time these simple belief systems changed into more and more complex religious systems through which a priestly cast could exert social, political and even economic control over their societies.

In this way, the ignorance and superstitious fear which afflicted most people in pre-modern societies could be usefully harnessed to direct how a society operated, almost invariably in ways that favoured the rich and powerful.

The European world was essentially governed and controlled in this way until about 1500, when the Renaissance triggered a scientific revolution that began to offer demonstrably true explanations for many previously inexplicable natural phenomena.

The rise of science threatened the primacy of the ubiquitous Roman Catholic Church and thus was not uncontested.

For example, Galileo Galilei (1564-1642), an accomplished astronomer and scientist, was found guilty of heresy because he proclaimed that the heliocentric model for the solar system first proposed by Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543) was in fact correct.

The Catholic Church of that period held that the Sun and Stars all revolved around the Earth, which thus was the centre of God's universe. It insisted that this was the truth, despite all evidence to the cont...


Sorcery cannot be solved using Western instruments "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


RABAUL - Sorcery has been part of our culture for a very long time. It is as real as anything. The thing is it cannot be solved using Western instruments.

The West with its rationalism and empiricism will continue to wave it off as an illusion of the ignorant. But unless they experience what we experience, they will never know how to relate to sorcery.

Sorcery related cases will always be deemed "accusation based" as long as we use Western instruments to address them.

I spent a full year in a sanguma zone (a village in Lufa, Eastern Highlands) and I tell you none of the training I received at university prepared me for the horrors of sorcery.

The stories told, the confessions made by the sanguma women, the exorcisms... when you've seen it all, you realise that spiritualism is true and you cannot use logic or science to bring about justice. It's like there's a parallel universe to ours and through sorcery these women source its powers for ill gain.

From the confessions, a dark power drives them to attack other people. It's like an addiction that must be surfeited every now and then.

I am convinced that most of the headlines which read falsely accused are misguided. The accused are in fact guilty but our courts lack the traditional and spiritual tools to administer justice.

There is a need to bridge the chasm between the courts and culture spiritualism is part of our culture and it is not ignorant. Only then can justice be truly served.

I had to abandon research on sorcery because it got scary. The strange things that happened, it wasn't my mind playing tricks on me.

Brushing aside sorcery will not solve the issue. It's way too complicated.


Face of the Day "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

When it came to New Zealands position over the Manus Island refugees, Ardern said it was as simple as just doing the right thing. Jacinda Ardern says shell use her voice to speak up for whats right, and represent New Zealand on the international stage. Sometimes when we take a view, it might not be []

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The Veiled Threat: Australias Campaign Against New Zealand Refugee Policy "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Another twist in the farce over the stained treatment of refugees on Papua New Guineas Manus Island has surfaced.  New Zealand has been insisting for some time that it is more than willing to welcome some 150 to its shores. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, much to the irritation of Australias Turnbull government, has been particularly enthusiastic.

Australia has remained resolutely cold to the offer, insisting that such an arrangement would undermine its own blunt approach of discouraging boat arrivals and the industry behind it. For the perplexed on this issue, Australia keeps funding alternative camps on Manus, hoping for the remaining refugees to shut up and slide quietly to other destinations.  A number are being encouraged to go to the United States in a deal US President Donald Trump deems dumb.

Now, New Zealands angle has shifted, largely prompted by the crisis following the closure of the Manus Island facility at the Lombrom Naval Base.  The PNG government is being asked directly as to whether some arrangement might be reached, thereby avoiding Australian intransigence.

The response from the Australian Immigration Minister was characteristically sinister and appropriate for a former police officer.  With barely veiled menace, Peter Dutton suggested that New Zealand would have to think about their relationship with Australia and what impact it would have.  Theyd have to think that through, and wed have to think that through.

Duttons playground remarks did not stop there. He also rebuked New Zealands announcement that aid money would be offered to those on Manus Island and Nauru: Well, its a waste of money in my judgment, I mean, give that money to another environment somewhere, to Indonesia, for example.  Found wanting, Dutton has taken to lecturing a sovereign state.

Dutton then did what every Australian politician glancing across the Tasman does: suggest that New Zealand was somehow benefiting from Canberras punitive approach to boat arrivals.  Not that New Zealand has been ever openly asked about this take of the unwanted sacrifice.

We have stopped vessels on their way across the Torres Strait planning to track their way down the east coast of Australia to New Zealand We have put many hundreds of millions of dollars into a defence effort to stop those vessels We do that frankly without any financial assistance from New Zealand If new boats arrive tomorrow these people arent going to Auckland, theyre going to Nauru.

This is a repeated Australian gripe: its small neighbour benefits from having a natural shield to the north; it can afford to be more moral on issues and idealist in its aspirations.  Hard, realistic Australian pol...


The depths to which xenophobia and bigotry has reduced Australia "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Australia began to ignore its obligations under international law in 1992 and its determination to turn back asylum seeker boats and reduce the number of refugees accepted into this country grew apace until this is the situation in November 2017.

The New York Times, 18 November 2017:

Veteran United Nations officials said this month they had never seen a wealthy democracy go to such extremes to punish asylum seekers and push them away.

Papua New Guinea officials and local leaders, enraged at how the camps closure was handled, have demanded to know why Australia is not doing more to help the men.

HuffPost, 18 November 2017:

MELBOURNE (Reuters) - Australia's main medical association called on Saturday for the government to allow independent doctors and other health experts to help more than 400 asylum seekers languishing inside a recently closed detention center in Papua New Guinea.

The asylum seekers have shut themselves inside the Australian-run Manus Island Centre for the past 18 days, defying attempts by Australia and Papua New Guinea (PNG) to close it in a standoff the United Nations describes as a "looming humanitarian crisis".

Australia has shut access to the cente...


Half of PNG Workers Tested Have Undiagnosed Vision Condition "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Almost half of PNG workers tested under a new charitable initiative had a previously undiagnosed vision condition - according to new figures.

The free healthcare programme funded by Star Mountain Plaza Limited in Port Moresby found that 46 percent of employees had substandard vision.

The vision tests, run by optometrists at the Pacific International hospital as part of an onsite screening programme examined 136 workers.

Almost half of those screened presented with eye conditions, with 46% of employees needing glasses, and a smaller number were referred to an opthamologist for more specialised treatment.

Augustine Mano from Star Mountain Plaza said the feedback from workers who had been part of the screening was encouraging.

We developed this preventative healthcare programme to ensure that our employees had access to the best screening and treatment available.

Many of our colleagues had a condition they were completely unaware of and the diagnosis has giving us the opportunity to restore their full vision.

Each worker identified with poor eyesight has now been provided with free prescription lenses and safety glasses to enhance both their vision and quality of life, he says.

A second stage of the programme will see nominated family members of the employees screened by optometrists.

We have also made the free screening available to the families of our employees as we know the chance to receive free treatment for a vision condition will make a real difference in their lives, says Mr Mano.


Affordable Quality Homes Now A Reality in PNG "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Quality, modern homes at affordable prices have at long last become a reality in PNG claimed Andrew Avenell, Co-founder and Director of Rhodes, when he spoke at the recent PNG Real Estate Show.  But Avenell urges families to be cautious and do their homework before they make what is likely to be the biggest investment of their life.  Low quality houses, which wont last the lifespan of a bank loan, are coming on to the market in increasing numbers.  Families who purchase these homes will have the financial burden of not just their mortgage repayments but huge maintenance costs after about 15 years when their houses literally start to fall apart claimed Avenell.

The upside though, is that quality doesnt have to be compromised by affordability and this is the case with Rhodes range of family homes.  The quality of Rhodes homes is achieved through the use of top-grade galvanised steel frames, superior building products, composite materials and technology.  Their affordability is achieved by Rhodes vertical integration and technological advances resulting in a smarter, faster and better way to build. 
Rhodes are prefabrication and modular building specialists, manufacturing their frames, roof trusses and other components on the factory floor and then assembling them on site.  Companies that specialise in prefabricated steel-framed buildings save their customers money because much less time is spent on the actual building site. Building in PNG is expensive due to weather extremes which drag out the building process and the lack of qualified trades people especially in remote locations which means you end up paying top dollar for labour.  The beauty of a pre-fabricated building says Avenell is that it can be assembled quickly by even unskilled workers which means less labour costs and therefore a lower price for home buyers.

Another way families save money by buying a prefabricated steel framed house is through lower ongoing maintenance requirements.  Steel is tough and long-lasting.  Galvanised steel wont rust, and unlike wood, it wont rot, burn or be eaten by termites.  Even the best quality wood that has been chemically treated for termites wont last as long as galvanised steel.  People shouldnt just take my word for it though says Avenell everyone looking to buy a new house should do their own independent r...


Smallholder farmers to drive rice industry in PNG "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Trukai Industries Rice Development Manager Humphrey Saese believes our smallholder farmers can drive the local rice industry to attain a status alongside PNGs most renowned farming crops.

PNG is the world's leading producer of sustainable palm oil and our coffee is highly popular in the US and other markets worldwide, while cacao from Morobe Province has been sought from overseas to produce premium specialty chocolate.

Mr Saese believes home-grown rice can over time evolve its own reputation and contribution to wide-reaching employment and the economy.

PNG has achieved so much despite barely scratching the surface of our potential as an agricultural nation. From sector to sector, it is impossible not to be inspired to raise the bar on the way you do things and what quality of crop you produce. Our rice industry is no different, Mr Saese explained.

But the backbone of our success in all agriculture sectors depends on the progress of our smallholder farmers in PNG. Our smallholder growers are by far the largest group of agriculture producers in the country.  Through a nucleus out-grower system, farmers grow a significant volume of crops for the current established agri-based industries such as oil palm, coffee, cocoa and others.

Ideally this where the bright future of commercial rice farming in PNG resides, he added.

With the right training and infrastructural support to surround them, more of our farmers will be empowered with the necessary skills in farming and management to grow rice on their own. But by working alongside established commercial partners they have a guaranteed access to markets.

Our company is currently undertaking significant upfront investment setting up the framework for our smallholder farmers to succeed, but in future our focus is likely to centre more on processing and the infrastructures required to cater for increased volumes produced by growers.

Trukai Industries has engaged with number of growers and cooperatives across PNG to pilot test concepts under their Rice Development Pilot Concept. They have successfully advanced farmers in the Markham from a pilot stage now to a commercial stage.

Apart from the current proposal of securing 500-plus smallholder rice farmers to work with around the UMI area, we are working with farmers in lower Markham valley in the Huon and Nawaeb distric...


Young Crystal gives our future its voice at APEC forum "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Young Crystal gives our future its voice at APEC forum

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

So said Margaret Mead, the noted American author and speaker of the 1960s and 1970s. The comment still rings true today, which is what made the presence of a small group of thoughtful, committed young Papua New Guineans so integral to the APEC Voices of the Future 2017 forum, held in Da Nang, Vietnam last week.

APEC Voices of the Future is the key youth dialog platform that is held in conjunction with the APEC CEO Summit and APEC Economic Leaders Week.

Trukai Industries Agronomist Crystal Artango was selected to a 6-strong PNG Delegation to speak at the forum along with five other young Papua New Guineans Wilfred Atzier from Newcrest Mining, Charles Wama from Kina Securities, Engineering and Technical professionals Kenny Hampalekie and Noah Pingin and Roberta Morlin, founder and co-owner of KLM Consulting.

The theme to address in their speeches was How to create new dynamism and foster a shared future amongst youth in the Asia Pacific Region.

Basically, we spoke about our economies and economic status. There were 4 sub-themes we had to prepare our speech upon, related to what our country delegations position was, Ms. Artango explained.

The 27-year old Erap resident, originally from Lae, was nominated by Trukai Industries for the life-changing trip.

Crystal said I was nominated by our CEO Mr. Greg Worthington-Eyre and my Agriculture Manager, Mr. Jarrod Pirie, and made it through that phase. I then had to do a write-up and illustrate what I hoped to achieve from the trip and my understanding of the theme. I was lost for words when I was selected by the ABAC (APEC Business Advisory Council) team in Singapore.

I would really like to give a big word of thank you to Trukai Industries for this great opportunity granted.

For her part, Ms. Artango spoke with Roberta Morlin about Creating New Dynamism and Fostering a Shared Future for Youth in PNG and the Asia-Pacific Region.

Our start-up and innovation ecosystem is still in its infancy stage in PNG, and this is a key topic we addressed, said Ms. Artango.

The ability of our youth to learn and later lead in the technology space is essential. We need to e...


PNG Kumuls go down fighting "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Kumuls winger Garry Lo had a strong
tournament in the 2017 World Cup.
Credit: Jeff Crow. Copyright: NRL Photos.
Papua New Guinea lamented their first half performance in a 36-6 quarter-final loss to England but depart the World Cup with their pride intact.

Kumuls coach Michael Marum said they were in trouble after missing so many tackles early, allowing England to power home. Losing their skipper in the second minute also didn't help.

"It started off when we lost our captain David Mead through that first set," Marum said.

"He was our leader on field so we sort of missed him there.

"The past three games we worked hard on our defence and improved back at home but playing here [in Melbourne, against a] stronger side against England, we kept missing tackles and I think in that first half, our contact wasn't good enough. We didn't turn up to play at all."

Marum was proud of how his team kept coming at the more experienced England side throughout the whole match.

"We didn't give up we played right through to the end," he said.

"To get this far is a big achievement for the side. With the players we've got with the NRL experience we've got, I thought we did well. We didn't give up. There were some errors in our game that we could have improved, but is something to work on for future games.

"I think everyone will be disappointed today with the result. Back home for the past three weeks, we've been around in the city. I think there was a lot of talk those kids getting out to one day being a national player and a Kumul. They look up to players like David Mead, James Segeyaro and all those guys."

Segeyaro was confident the Kumuls could continue to improve but called for more Tests.

"A couple of players have only been playing for three or four years and they've picked it up pretty well," Segeyaro said.

"There's so much natural talent there. I think for rugby league and the nation going forward, [we need to] keep having Tests at the end of the year. I'd like to push for that...


The Veiled Threat: Australias Campaign Against New Zealand Refugee Policy "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Another twist in the farce over the stained treatment of refugees on Papua New Guineas Manus Island has surfaced. New Zealand has been insisting for some time that it is more than willing to welcome some 150 to its shores. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, much to the irritation of Australias Turnbull government, has been particularly

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Bring Them Here "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

In the West there was panic when the migrants multiplied on the highways. Men of property were terrified for their property. Men who had never been hungry saw the eyes of the hungry. Men who had never wanted anything very much saw the flare of want in the eyes of the migrants. And the mean of the towns and of the soft suburban country gathered to defend themselves; and they reassured themselves that they were good and the invaders bad, as a man must do before he fights. They said, Those goddamned Okies are dirty and ignorant. Theyre degenerate, sexual maniacs. Those goddamned Okies are thieves. Theyll steal anything. Theyve got no sense of property rights.
John Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath

Sex with underage girls. Rampant violence. Tables awash with gambling money. No, its not the latest Netflix blockbuster, but allegations against the 370 men detained on Manus Island. the claims.... some of them by Australian intelligence - are yet to be proven, or disproven, but it smacks of yet another outrage against vulnerable, desperate people whose only crime is to have sought asylum and a safe haven. You cant help but be sceptical of the claims. Smear campaigns against refugees is nothing new but more of that in a moment. And the timing of the leak is suspect. If this behaviour was rife, how come its only just been revealed hot on the heels of PM Jacinda Ardern offering - to Australias immense displeasure - to resettle 150 of the men in New Zealand?

First up, who are these men? They are asylum seekers who arrived in Australia by boat from various strife-torn countries throughout the Middle East and Asia. In 2012, Australia began offshore processing of those seeking refuge on its shores under the rather chillingly named Pacific Solution. A washing-of-hands, more like, and certainly not a solution for the refugees themselves. The policy was condemned from the start for its ad hoc nature, and for the removal of desperate people to facilities that were barely inhabitable, with unreliable water and power supplies, poor medical facilities, as well as the mental impact that remaining in limbo would have on a population already fleeing dire situations in their home countries.

Since July 2013, about 1500 people have been transferred to Manus, in Papua New Guinea, from Australia. As The Conversation reports, The number of asylum seekers on...


Has Jacinda thought through all the consequences of aggravating Australia? "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Just to re-iterate what kind of people Jacinda is paying $3m towards. [Jacindas favourite 150 people]  detained on Manus Island regularly travelled into town to allegedly have sex with underage girls and buy and sell drugs, the Australian government was told last month. Some 161 offences, including sexual assault, assault and aggressive behaviour, allegedly committed by []

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PNG Kumuls v England Rugby League World Cup live updates, live streaming "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

We will bring the live updates of the Papua New Guinea Kumuls versus England, Rugby League World Cup match here. The match will be played at the Melbourne Rectangular Stadium in Australia.  The game begins at 3:00 pm (PNG time) this afternoon. We will use twitter feeds to update the match. We will also post live videos. Refresh the page every time to see the updates.


A petition to demand that the PNG Gov addresses violence against women "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Sign the petition:  Enough was enough long ago: when the violence is extended to include little girls of six-years-old being tortured by groups of men, we cannot let this continue and call ourselves human.   We the Papua New Guinea Community and the International Community are united in this call to action. We demand the PNG Government takes immediate and sustained action to prevent and protect women and children from torture, murder and all acts of violence and human rights abuses. The latest victim is just six (6) years old. Last week in PNG, in an act of extreme depravity, a group of men burned her with hot metal to persuade her to confess to practising witchcraft she was lucky, she was rescued before she was murdered. Not so lucky was her mother Kepari Leniata, a name you may remember. Five years ago, a group of vengeful men tortured Continue reading A petition to demand that the PNG Gov addresses violence against women


Fran OSullivan on Jacindas continued insults against Australia "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Fran OSullivan writes about Jacinda Arderns continued insults against Australia: Jacinda Arderns decision to pick a fight with our nearest neighbour over the Manus Island imbroglio risks inserting a thorn right back in the Aussies paw. Its no secret that successive Australian governments have tended to view New Zealand as freeloaders freeloading when it []

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Lunch & Learn: Women Miners as Change Makers in Papua New Guinea "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


Join Earthworks and Community Solutions Program International Fellow, Immaculate Javia, for a Lunch and Learn talk on Wednesday, November 29th from 12 1pm.

Immaculate has more than 7 years of experience, training and working with women in the small-scale mining sector in Papa New Guinea.

She will talk about how empowering women through a policy framework can give a voice to women to advocate for change in the ASM industry in Papua New Guinea.

Lunch will be provided, from Taylor Gourmet

LOCATION: Earthworks, 1612 K St. NW, Suite 904, Washington, DC 20006, United States


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Saturday, 18 November


Sorcery and sanguma are real Ive got some case studies "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Men from Goroka
Men from Goroka


PORT MORESBY Gender-based violence has reared its ugly head again. This time, its sorcery-related. The media was quick to label it as fake and called on everyone not to believe in sanguma.

Good and evil are subjective thoughts within our own interpretations. It is entirely up to you whether you believe evil spirits exist or not.

I maintain that good and evil forces co-exist because Ive seen the manifestation.

If you dont believe me, come to my village on Fergusson Island in Milne Bay. Ill get a witch doctor to demonstrate supernatural powers for you to see with your own eyes.

My mum was sick for two years. An envious aunt had taken some of her hair and placed it over a fireplace. So for two years, mum kept feeling dizzy and she had frequents fits.

We happened to live at the Alotau Provincial Hospital and were able to consult specialist doctors but they never found the cause.

Eventually, we decided to engage a witch doctor at the recommendation of an uncle. I was home from school that afternoon and witnessed the witch doctor at work.

He said some words and pointed to my mums tummy. A strand of hair jumped out, hopping like a frog and attempted to escape.

The witch doctor grabbed it and placed it in a coconut shell. He then poured hot water on the hair to kill it. After that, mum felt better and is still in good health today.

A few years back, after my younger sister sold biscuits and candies to raise money for her dinghy fare, she couldnt walk for a month. Her right knee was swollen.

A witch doctor came and removed 10 and 20 toea coins from her swollen knee. She was on her feet a day later.

Ive also seen my grandfather call a reef to surface out of the ocean. I didnt need a telescope to see it.

I could continue with more examples Ive seen firsthand.

Evil spirits exist. We cant see them, but they are there.

I dont believe we should label sanguma...

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Monday, 05 June



Former Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta said today he was shocked to read in The National of 2 June that Mr Martin Poh of Borneo Pacific Pharmaceuticals had publicly celebrated an apparent knighthood before the award had been announced by Buckingham Palace or the Office of the Papua New Guinea Governor-General. The article was headlined: Kidney Foundation Star to be Knighted.
Sir Mekere said: Every rule of Palace and Government protocol has been broken here. It just goes to show that knighthoods in Papua New Guinea have become very cheap commodities.

Sir Mekere said that although he welcomed the report and the work of the Kidney Foundation, and recognised the urgent need for affordable dialysis treatment, people should not forget the history of the contract for the supply of drugs that was awarded to Borneo Pacific in 2013.
Borneo Pacific did not meet the requirements set for the tender, so their political friends in power instructed that the terms of the tender be changed mid-stream, he said. Borneo Pacific was awarded the tender, although it was far more expensive than other tenderers, including another major local pharmaceutical supplier and retailer.

As a result of the specially concocted tender, and of evidence showing that in the past Borneo Pacific had supplied sub-standard drugs, Australia cancelled its grant for the national distribution of drugs.
The Government had to pay for the distribution and, from all reports, there are huge problems, delays and costs associated with the contractor which now distributes drugs and medical supplies.
Another suspect contract, and certainly a badly performing one, Sir Mekere said.
The cost of drugs being bought by the Government and the costly and inefficient distribution of drugs and medical supplies are causing the current crisis in drug supply.
No wonder Health Department has no money and Treasury is scratching for money every fortnight, Sir Mekere said.

I have been told by honest and concerned public servants that the prices of drugs being bought by the ONeill Government are far higher than international prices, after allowing for freight. The Government is choosing to be ripped off.

Nearly all drugs being supplied by the contractor are at least double what the Government would pay if the contract had been awarded properly, and some even far more. Morphine, for example, regula...

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Sunday, 04 June


PACER Plus is not much to celebrate "IndyWatch Feed"

In April this year, trade ministers from Australia, New Zealand and 12 independent Pacific island states agreed to a regional trade agreement, the Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relations (PACER) Plus, to be signed in Junethereby bringing to an end almost a decade of sometimes acrimonious negotiations.

Dampening the celebrations somewhat was the fact that Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Fijithe two largest Pacific island countriesdid not attend. PNG had already signalled it would not sign the agreement, preferring to pursue bilateral deals with Australia and New Zealand, as well as a multilateral trade deal already negotiated with other Melanesian states (Fiji, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu). Fijis inclusion remains uncertain. After some initial confusion, Fijis Trade Minister clarified that Fiji has not withdrawn from the agreement, but neither has it agreed to sign it in its present form, with ongoing concerns regarding infant industry protection and most favoured nation measures.

Since the outset of negotiations, commentary in relation to PACER Plus has been polarised. The Pacific Network on Globalisation (PANG), which has featured prominently in the regional press, describes the agreement as unbalanced in favour of Australia and New Zealand. The Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry has said that the agreement will result in loss of government revenue, loss of policy space to support ni-Vanuatu industries, and the loss of the right to protect its people and natural resources.

Listen to the governments of signatory countries and the narrative is very different. The Chief Trade Adviser for the Pacific islands, Edwini Kessie, said in a recent interview that PACER Plus offers a unique opportunity for the Pacific island countries to deepen their trade and economic links with Australia and New Zealand and enhance their participation in international trade to achieve robust economic growth and sustainable development.

Such polarisation is not uncommon when trade agreements are negotiated. In the case of PACER Plus, there are a number of reasons to think that claims by both advocates and critics are overstated.

PACER Plus is an agreement between two (relatively) large developed economiesAustralia and New Zealandand a collection of small...



[Important note: This article (series of articles) was originally written last year. Since then, the Prime Minister Hon. Peter ONeill has made a historic announcement in Parliament about Ok Tedi. On Wednesday 17 August 2016, the Prime Minister informed Parliament: The National Executive Council has endorsed the decision of our Government to transfer 33 per cent, one third of Ok Tedi Mine Limiteds equities to the people of Western Province including landowners, mining affected villages and the provincial government.]

Prior to the enactment of the Mining (Ok Tedi Tenth Supplemental Agreement) Act 2013, PNG Sustainable Development Program (PNGSDP) owned 52% of Ok Tedi Mining Limited, the State owned 30% and Inmet Mining Corporation owned 18%.

The State now owns 87.8 % of Ok Tedi Mining Limited which became a State Owned Enterprise (SOE) in 2013 following the enactment of the Mining (Ok Tedi Tenth Supplemental Agreement) Act 2013.

Inmet Mining Corporation shares were bought off by OTML according to OTML.

Does PNG Sustainable Development Programs (PNGSDPs) Articles of Association carry more weight, importance and legal effect than the laws of the National Parliament of Papua New Guinea? Of course not.

Can PNGSDP be wound up and in the event that it is wound up, can its supposed USD1.46 Billion assets [2012 Audited figure] be transferred to some other institution or company? Under PNGSDPs Articles of Association the liability of the members of PNGSDP is limited to only ten Singapore dollars.

Clause 11 and Clause 12 of PNGSDPs Articles of Association allows for the winding up of PNGSDP.

11. Every member of the Company undertakes to contribute to the assets of the Company in the event of the same being wound up while he is a member, or within one year after he ceases to be a member, for payment of the debts and liabilities of the Company contracted before he ceases to be a member, and of the costs, charges and expenses of winding up, and for the adjustment of the rights of the contributories among themselves, such amount as may be required not exceeding the sum of ten Singapore Dollars ($10.00).

12. If upon the winding up or dissolution of the Company there remains after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities any property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the Company but shall be given or transferred to some other institution or company of a charitable or public character having purposes similar to the objects set out in clause 3 of this Memorandum.

If you read all the in-depth information provided on PNGSDP, then why do you think PNGSDP under the current Chairmanship of Sir Mekere Morauta commenced legal proceedings against the Independent State of PNG?


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Wednesday, 31 May


Leo Dions lawyer tries to gag PNGLoop over incest case "IndyWatch Feed"


Lawyers claiming to represent Deputy Prime Minister,  Leo Dion, have threatened to sue PNG Loop saying the incest claims the media company was following were false.

But this is not the first time the bold Knight of the British Empire has tried to silence people who tried to sniff out the truth.  We do know he used his power and influence to stop police investigations.

Police are cowards. They cant arrest people like Sir Incest because em bikman tumas.

Now they are making up excuses like a vetting committe needs to decide if they can investigate the incestuous beast.

He took advantage of his two orphaned two nieces who were in his care. The community knows and police know.

Why cant he be arrested? Yupla poret?





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Monday, 29 May


Corporate philanthropy in Papua New Guinea in conversation with the Digicel Foundation "IndyWatch Feed"

Ms Beatrice Mahuru is head of the Digicel Foundation in Papua New Guinea (PNG). As part of the Pacific Conversations series, she spoke to Dr Amanda Watson about the organisations areas of focus, its relationship to the Digicel business and her heart-warming experiences in the role.

Amanda: You were previously in corporate roles. Was it an adjustment to join the Digicel Foundation?

Beatrice: Moving into the development space was very new, but one of the things I brought was a corporate approach, so a no-nonsense, get your business done, report on the outcome approach.

What do you do on a day-to-day basis in your role?

We have 34 projects at present, plus eight in collaboration with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). My role is to watch over the foundations operations to ensure that our finances are managed well against our targets. Im very hands-on, making sure program impacts are documented and that projects are progressing to the agreed timelines, because we have PNG Board and Global Board meetings every month and they are kept across our investments. I have a small team and sometimes development work can be overwhelming so I want to be there for them, to motivate them and keep them committed to the cause. I continue to build and foster relations with Digicel every day and grow goodwill with our marginalised communities. And every other day, Im connecting with members of parliament or corporate organisations to seek possibilities for public-private partnerships.

You mentioned building goodwill is that the main aim of the Digicel Foundation?

Prior to last year (FY14/15), we responded to community applications and we operated very separately to the business. Were still a separate entity but our strategy is to work more collaboratively with Digicel. Although Digicel has invested in many towers across PNG, the business still receives negative feedback, especially through social media, on the cost of service. We grow goodwill through our development impact projects and lay the foundation on which business can follow. Last year, we probably put 40% of our investment into promoting goodwill and the rest was responding to applications received.

Some may be unclear as to the relationship between the Digicel Foundation and the Digicel company. Could you please explain the governance arrangements and the relationship between the two entities?

Although were funded by Digicel, were a separate entity because...

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Thursday, 25 May


Prioritising periods and preventing unwanted pregnancy: addressing menstrual and reproductive health in Timor-Leste and Papua New Guinea "IndyWatch Feed"

The largest ever generation of girls are entering a critical time in their education as they move into adolescence. Challenges in managing their reproductive health, however, can pose significant barriers to educational attainment. This limits girls social and economic prospects and perpetuates gender inequality.

Adolescent pregnancy is a major factor in poor school attendance, as last years Guttmacher Institute report highlights. More alarmingly, it is a leading cause of death and disability for girls aged 15-19. In Timor-Leste, less than 1% of girls aged 15-19 have used contraception, and 20% of 19-year-olds have begun childbearing, according to their 2010 DHS report. In Papua New Guinea (PNG), 22% of girls have had at least one child, contributing to the countrys high maternal mortality.

Poor menstrual health (MH) poses similar challenges to girls health and education. Menstruation is often shrouded in stigma and taboo, which are perpetuated by poor knowledge. This limits girls ability to manage menstruation in hygienic and dignified ways, resulting in poor health and school absenteeism. A recent Ugandan study found girls missed up to 24 school days per year (11%) due to menstruation.

While evidence on MH and school attendance in the Asia-Pacific is poor, exploratory research in Timor-Leste highlights that understanding of menstruation is limited, with girls unaware of menstruation prior to menarche. Research also shows menstruation can be a deterrent from attending school, but access to appropriate facilities and products can help overcome this. New research is currently being undertaken on these issues in Solomon Islands, Fiji, and PNG with funding from the Australian Government, which will provide further evidence on MH in the Pacific.


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Tuesday, 23 May


Value of customary land highlighted "IndyWatch Feed"

The value of customary land when left in local hands and the issue of compensation for the SABL land grab have both been highlighted in a seminar organised by ACT NOW!

The seminar featured Sydney University academic Dr Tim Anderson. Dr Anderson presented his report on assessing compensation for the wrongful loss of customary land.

The event was featured by all the TV networks in their evening news programs - their coverage can be viewed below.

EMTV: Economic Assessment - Customary Landowners Unfairly Compensated 

An economic assessment of Customary Land Value, has revealed that customary land owners in PNG are not being properly compensated for the use of their land. 

Researcher Dr. Tim Anderson, from the University of Sydney, said the research is an economic assessment of the compensation of customary land use under the Special Agriculture Business Lease or SABL. 

Dr Anderson said the research is more of a framework which identifies the importance of land.

TVWAN: Customary Land Compensation 

Community advocacy group ACT NOW PNG have invited an economic specialist from Australia to evaluate compensation entitlements for customary landowners affected the Special Agricultural Business Leases.

If the landowners have a case they can successfully sue the government and be compensated accordingly.

A report was presented by Dr Anderson of the University of Sydney, in Port Moresby today.

Dr Anderson stressed that the framework for assessing compensation is not a pricing formula, but to assist landholders look at the variation in damages and lost production values that SABLs have caused.

NBC: SABL Concern

An academic from the University of Sydney has again raised concern the special agriculture business leases or SABL.

Dr. Tim Anderson says, there has to be a proactive approach taken by the government to cancel the SABL's

The SABL's were deemed unlawful by a commission of inquiry in 2013, however no action has been taken by the government to cancel the land details


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Thursday, 18 May


The future starts today "IndyWatch Feed"

Rosie Batty (2015 Australian of the Year and anti-violence campaigner) visited Papua New Guinea last month and spoke at public events at the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) in Port Moresby and the PNG University of Technology (UNITECH) in Lae. In sharing her story she moved people but also brought to light the challenge of violence, not just being a challenge Papua New Guineans faced, but one the world faces right now. The events were sponsored by Steamships and were jointly organised by Femili PNG, UNITECH, UPNG and The Voice Inc.

Here Lucas Kiak, a Level 3 Nation Builder in The Voice Inc.s Leadership Development Program at UNITECH, gave his thoughts on the challenge, and his pledge to move forward, in his closing speech to Rosie Batty.

On behalf of the audience and sponsors, I would like to take this time to thank Rosie Batty for the wonderful inspirational presentation this afternoon.

You know, coming from a Melanesian culture with the patrimonial practices, family and sexual violence is taken to be a cultural norm. We dont always talk about it, you dont always know about it, but just like you, we are all victims of violence one way or another.

Many times our own advocacy of the matter has been suppressed by the cultural limitations of the norm and despite our passion and energy for change, as young energetic people we find it easier to be like everyone else and blend in than to speak out for what we believe is right. But I take this time to salute you and other survivors for letting your own light to shine. I believe deep down inside that as you let your own light shine you are unconsciously giving us permission to do the same and as you are liberated from your own fears your presence in the frontier of this battle liberates us all.

As a young man I believe that there is a PNG free from family violence and sexual harassment. A PNG where my sons and daughters carry themselves and walk with dignity and respect for each other. I am convinced and I say this with the utmost conviction that my vision for a violence-free PNG is not in the future, not in ten years time, not in 2050, not tomorrow but today. I believe that we can create this violence-free PNG in the everyday things that w...


Harsh treatment "IndyWatch Feed"

Australia's entire refugee policy is predicated on harsh treatment. By imprisoning refugees indefinitely and torturing them in island camps, they hope to deter others from seeking refuge in Australia. But the same mindset applies within the camps as well, with the Australian government deliberately imposing harsh living conditions in its Manus Island gulag in an attempt to force refugees to leave:

For more than a year, camp managers and security staff have waged a campaign to make Australias detention centre for refugees and asylum seekers on Manus Island as inhospitable as possible, leaked documents reveal.

A plan drafted in early 2016 outlines moves to coerce those recognised as refugees into leaving the detention centre and accepting resettlement in Papua New Guinea, while pushing asylum seekers to abandon their protection claims and return home.


One plan mooted was to forcibly remove refugees and asylum seekers from the detention centre into the transit centre in a single day.

Planning documents that proposed moving residents into accommodation with less amenity than they currently have forecast the forced removal raised an extreme risk of violence and protests, and warned of the potentially catastrophic consequences of using the PNG police, whom Australian authorities describe as not trained for the relevant tasks.

The Australian government seems to be on the verge on implementing those plans. And the result will likely be a riot. The core problem is that the refugees do not feel safe in Papua New Guinea. Those who have left the camp have been beaten and assaulted by locals. The camp has been stormed and shot at. Refugees have been murdered. Against that background, Australia's plan to just throw people out by force looks like a deliberate policy to expose people in its care to ongoing persecution and endanger their lives. And that is simply immoral.

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Tuesday, 16 May



  • PROPERTY VALUED AT  $1.1 MILLION(AUD) - 10 Cubberla St
  • PROPERTY VALUE AT   $1.7 MILLION(AUD) - 15 Upper Brookfield Rd
  • PROPERTY VALUE AT $555,000(AUD)  66 Gem Road, Kenmore

JUSTIN TKATCHENKO Moresby South MP and a senior Minister in Peter O'Neill government has an Australian property portfolio well over K8 Million in value. Previously we have looked at two properties which are on record after submissions were made to the Brisbane City Council for redevelopment to a property in Brookfield area of Brisbane. The Brookfield property is valued at $AUD 1.7MILLION and was bought by CATHERINE JANE TKATCHENKO, Justin's "wife". The property was purchased in NOVEMBER 2015.  The address used to purchase this property is 10 Cubberla Street Fig Tree Pocket QLD 4069.

According to Queensland property records, Justin and Catherine purchased two houses on Cubberla Street, number 10 and 12. Information shown here on records made available to us show that the property on 12 Cubberla Street Fig Tree Pocket QLD 4069 lists JUSTIN WAYNE TKATCHENKO as the owner while looking up the property at BROOKFIELD you find the owner as CATHERINE JANE TKATCHENKO of 10 Cubberla Street Fig Tree Pocket QLD 4069.So they own both properties, we could not get the value of 10  Cubberla Street but if the value on number 12 is in the vicinity of 1.1 Million dollars you are looking at another property in a prime Brisbane suburb and it could well be in over 1.1-2 Million in value for number 12.

The TKACHENKO Family made another purchase in November last year. they spent well over K1.3 Million Kina or AUD$550,000.00 for the property listed on 66 Gem Road in the Brisbane suburb of Kenmore.   The settlement date for this property was on the 13th of January this year. The property is again listed under CATHERINE JANE TKATCHENKO of 10 Cubberla Street Fig Tree Pocket QLD 4069. Looking again at all the properties owned by the TKACHENKO family and putting a Kina figure to it you come at K8.1 Million (excludes property at 12 Cubberla Street Fig Tree Pocket QLD 4069). A total value to all the properties will be close to K10 MILLION.

The question voters in Moresby South and Papua New Guinea ask would be who is JUSTIN TKATCHENKO? Whose interest is he serving, yes he contributes peanuts to your social games,....

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Monday, 15 May


Sir Mekere asks PM to explain foreign security personnel "IndyWatch Feed"

Former Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta expressed his concern today at social media pictures of heavily armed foreign mercenaries patrolling the streets of Port Moresby.

He said it was clear that the public was very concerned about these men. No-one knows who they are and what they are doing here, he said.

The absence of any explanation from the Government is only serving to heighten concerns about these foreigners and why they are openly carrying high-powered weapons in public.

There are suggestions that these men are US Armed Forces personnel, and that they are here on APEC security business.

Sir Mekere said he been advised that these men are not US SEALs there are two SEALs on official business in Port Moresby, and they are certainly not driving around town in police vehicles. Nor are they taking part in road blocks and questioning people, he said.

Nor are they in the country on APEC security business - the head of the APEC Secretariat, Mr Chris Hawkins, has told the media that this is not the case.

The Prime Minister, the Police Minister and the Police Commissioner have a lot of questions to answer, Sir Mekere said.

What are they doing in Papua New Guinea, Sir Mekere asked. Who brought them here, where do they come from, and who is paying for them? Which company are they employed by, and who is employing them in Papua New Guinea?

On whose authority and on what legal basis are they carrying high-powered guns in public and why have they been permitted to do so when Australian Federal Police officers sworn in as policemen were not?

I am told that the Police Commissioner has knowledge of the hiring of five mercenaries as consultants, Sir Mekere said.

The public has a right to know what their mission is, how long it will last and where the men will be deployed. Are there more of these foreigners coming to Papua New Guinea, and why are they coming at this point in time?

APEC is not until November next year 18 months away. Why are they suddenly on our streets when the election is only a matter of weeks away? Are they here to help manipulate the election outcome?...

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Sunday, 14 May


What we know so far about these guys "IndyWatch Feed"



  • They are NOT part of a  government agency.
  • They are Private Military Contractors.
  • They are ex-military
  • The official explanation from top cops is that they are part of a US Navy Seal Team here to train our cops in anti-terrorism methods. That story is believed by the rank and file.
  • Real story is that some people high up authorized their entry.  Their presence is political in nature according to sources.  They are also providing security for certain people in the high echelons of government.
  • They have, effectively, infiltrated command and control systems within the RPNGC.
  • They are/maybe  in breach of the constitution
  • They are using the general fascination of guns by Papua New Guinean  as part of their subtle PR drive to condition people including children to accept them.
  • They are taking advantage of the images we see in movies and playing on that stereotypical view of them as heroes.
  • Apart from a few, the cops are too stupid to question their presence.



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Saturday, 13 May


Brian says he wont be avoiding arrest. So yeah, go arrest him in Madang "IndyWatch Feed"


Around midday yesterday (12/05/17) I started to receive messages from sources to warn me that there were plans to have me arrested at Jacksons Domestic Airport.

Normally I ignore such rumors but it was under the same circumstances I was arrested back in November 2014 by 14 members of Police Force following my article about the Ombudsman Commissions decision to refer Peter ONeill to Leadership Tribunal over K3 Billion UBS loan.

The charges against me were conspiracy to commit murder, of course they were falsified and ultimately failed.

Now I understand following my recent articles involving the Prime Minister including exposing high-level corruption there are some people in high places who are feeling extremely uneasy.

I responded to the messages it would be unlikely I would be arrested today on account I was in Madang attending International Nurses Day at Modilon General Hospital.

I received an invite to speak at the event in recognition of my work in the community including transporting sick women and children to hospital from remote parts of the province.

On the assumption the rumors are true I would like to advise those behind it that please feel free to travel to Madang to effect my arrest.

You will find me driving on my own without an armed police or security escort. I spend most of time in rural villages among real people struggling to get by on account our Prime Minister Peter ONeill has stolen or mismanaged funds that were suppose to pro...

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Friday, 12 May


Have Pangu Pati executives been paid off to break Pangu? "IndyWatch Feed"

Dear Mr.  Tovebae [General Secretary of Pangu] 
and Mr. Pundao, [President of Pangu]

We want to know why you are pushing for  disunity and fragmentation of a party resurrected by Sam Basil and the people of Papua New Guinea through their own contributions?

 Have you been paid off to create chaos and disunity? 

You both as General Secretary and President should be the first ones to 
support the leadership  and act as a bulwark against outside forces. Instead you are allowing 
political rivals to influence and exploit your differences. You dont represent 

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Thursday, 11 May


Breaking: #PNG PM sacks Pruaitch as Treasury Minister "IndyWatch Feed"

Minister Pruaitch Relieved of Treasury Portfolio

Approved for Release: 11 May 2017

Office of the Prime Minister

Papua New Guinea

The Prime Minister, Hon. Peter ONeill CMG MP, has announced that the Member for Aitape-Lumi Open, will now serve as Minister without portfolio.

Prime Minister ONeill said the decision to relieve the former Treasurer of his portfolio was made in order to maintain confidence in the economy and ensure responsible administration of the Treasury portfolio.

The Honourble Patrick Pruatich has been relieved of Treasury responsibilities and will remain as minister without portfolio until after the elections, the Prime Minister said.

Following recent comments, that have only served to undermine the work and function of the Treasury, his position has become untenable.

These recent claims on the economy, for which he has had sole responsibility as Treasurer for the past five years of this Government, have undermined his role and credibility.


Friday, 28 April


Shootout at Manus "IndyWatch Feed"

About once a month in her column at The Conversation, Michelle Grattan comes to the conclusion that Peter Dutton is not a team player and not fully honest when it comes to the complicated facts and issues of asylum-seekers. This doesn't deter her from quoting his (what by now must surely be) worthless assertions: thanks to the wonders of goldfish journalism, every Dutton stuff-up is a fresh surprise to someone who sets the standard for the press gallery.

When it came to ministerial responsibility, public accountability, and other key principles underpinning democracy, Peter Dutton never had a chance. He entered parliament in 2001, at the election following hysteria about September 11 and the refugees aboard the MV Tampa. He defeated Labor's Cheryl Kernot, learning the lesson that even high-profile opponents can be brought down with enough dirt. Being a politician in a marginal seat requires a warm personality and a genuine concern for the local community; Dutton learned that fundraising can get around such shortcomings, particularly where Labor largely seemed to direct its energies elsewhere.

By the time Dutton became Assistant Treasurer under Peter Costello, the Howard government had lost its policy reform momentum; Costello had become bitter and twisted at not becoming Prime Minister. Soon afterward the Howard government lost office: any opportunity to teach young Dutton the finer points of vision, negotiation, or any other aspect of policy development and implementation simply went by the board.

He could have learned these lessons from the two Health Ministers he shadowed, Nicola Roxon and Tanya Plibersek. Both ran rings around him, policy-wise and in terms of having things to announce, but Dutton just sat quietly for six years; eventually their job simply fell into his lap. Healthcare professionals rated Dutton the worst Health Minister in a generation, but onward he went.

Like a child raised in poverty and dysfunction who ends up addicted and/or imprisoned, there was never any possibility Peter Dutton would or could have become an effective minister. Grattan and others in the gallery who chide him for falling short of standards impossible for him look like they don't understand the people and environment they've been covering for years.

From Trump and Abbott, Dutton learned that doubling down when wrong appeals to those who confuse obstinacy with fixity of purpose. The events of this week, where Dutton implied that asylum-seekers were pedophiles and shirked responsibility for yet another riot on Manus Island, should not have been as shocking as they apparently were.

Four things arising from this were surprising, however, and none received much coverage from the supposedly alert and diverse press gallery.


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