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Sunday, 14 January


Australia-China relations: Ongoing barbs put Oz reputation at risk "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Michael Smith (AFR woodcut)
Michael Smith

MICHAEL SMITH | Australian Financial Review | Extracts

SYDNEY - On a Qantas flight from Sydney to Shanghai last week the Chinese passengers returning home from a sun-drenched break watching Sydney's New Year's Eve fireworks or eating oysters in Tasmania only had praise for their time in Australia.

But the perception of Australia in China's state-sanctioned media this week was a far cry from that of a friendly trading partner.

A Turnbull government minister's public criticism of China's aid funding in the South Pacific escalated on Friday when China's People's Daily ran a prominent editorial accusing Australia of adopting a "sour grapes psychology" because it had competition in a region where it has long been top dog.

"This kind of arrogance shows Australia has not tolerated other countries having normal cooperation with the Pacific Islands for a long time," the newspaper said in the editorial on page three.

It is not unusual for an increasingly assertive China to take Australia to task, but the series of barbs between the two countries over the past week dashed hopes that the relationship could start the new year with a clean slate.

Tension between the two countries peaked in the in the final months of last year after the introduction of Australia's new political interference laws and a political storm over Labor Senator Sam Daystari's China connections.

International Development Minister Concetta Fierravanti-Wells kicked things off on Wednesday when what appeared to be off-the-cuff remarks to the media escalated into a full-blown diplomatic row with Australia's biggest trading partner.

The junior minister told The Australian and the ABC that China's Pacific aid program was a "white elephant" that had saddled small island nations with huge amounts of debt.

The publicity around an issue that usually attracts little attention prompted a rebuke from China's Foreign Ministry, which called the co...


PNG healths dark economy: The mosquito net scandal "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Dr Nicholas Mann

Extract from a recent research into the dark economy of public health in Papua New Guinea by STAFF REPORTERS of the investigative website PNGi, which has been examining the network of business affiliates of Sir Sang Chung Poh, owner of pharmaceutical provider, Borneo Pacific

You can read the complete article here

PORT MORESBY - In December 2012, the National Court ordered Dr Nicholas Mann [one of PNGs most senior medical officers] and the State of PNG to each pay K15 million in damages to a company, Alpar Trading Limited, for the unlawful cancellation of a mosquito net supply contract.

The original court case appears to have gone unrecorded in the law reports. However, the facts and findings were later fully laid out in a Supreme Court decision that arose after Dr Manns attempted to overturn the original decision.

According to this decision, the National Court found that in 2004 the Department of Health, under Dr Manns direction, developed a project with Ron Seddon and Rotarians Against Malaria (RAM)to distribute treated mosquito nets.

The project was financed by The Global Fund and monitored by a Central Monitoring Committee chaired by Dr Mann and Mr Seddon.

After two years the Central Supply and Tender Board (CSTB) put the project out to public tender and awarded a K9 million contract to Alpar Trading Limited to supply PermaNet mosquito nets.

Dr Mann and RAM protested the decision but an Ombudsman Commission investigation identified no evidence of irregular conduct.

The Vietnamese supplier of PermaNet mosquito nets then informed Alpar Trading it had an exclusive supply agreement with RAM and would not deal with any other supplier in PNG. Alpar subsequently found an alternative supplier, nevertheless Global Fund withdrew its funding and the Alpar contract collapsed.

Alpar sued Dr Mann and the State for breach of contract, a claim the National Court u...


Biem Island Volcano becomes active - Second volcano eruption in East Sepik "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

There is a second volcano in East Sepik. East Sepik Governor, Allan Bird released a statement confirming that  volcanoe on Biem exploded at 3am this morning. "Last night I dispatched the PNG Defence Force landing craft to evacuate 1,700 evacuees at Ruprup island. At 1 am, I was informed that Biem island volcano, as we feared, is now also becoming active. I have changed our engagement in the disaster. Biem is now our priority because there are more than 3,000 people on that island. I have directed all efforts to Biem island as our top priority.  I have also requested the use of the South Sea Tuna vessel to immediately steam to Ruprup island and begin evacuating our people there. We now have two volcanoes in the process of erupting concurrently. We are doing our best and deploying all our assets to this effort. I ask the entire nation to pray for mercy so that no life can be lost in this impending disaster and I thank everyone for their prayers. We are running out of fuel and we don't have enough boats. East Sepik Province needs your prayers", the governor said in a statement,

Meanwhile, the governor will be talking to Prime minister Peter ONeill to increase resources to evacuate the three island communities to the mainland. Preparations are underway at Dandan for the resettlement of the affected islanders.


APEC Haus updates by PNG APEC Minister Tkatchenko "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

APEC Haus will house high standard conference facilities, as well as office and special purpose rooms.

This will be tailor-made to enable us to host visiting World Leaders to the APEC CEO's Summit, to world standards.

While the Leaders Summit will be the main event in November 2018, visiting Executives from leading Corporate Entities around the world, support staff from both Government and Corporate entourages, and World Media will also utilise this facility.

APEC Haus is built with specific features that encompass the heritage of coastal Motu and Hiri traders, and the magnitude of this world event will ensure very great exposure for our country and culture.

National Government partnership with Oil Search Limited has ensured that this project is on target for opening prior to Novembers Leaders Summit.

The Legacy of APEC Haus beyond APEC 2018 will be huge for standards, against some of the best facilities around the Pacific.


New catamaran to serve Tongas outer islands "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

A new high-speed catamaran will ease travel for passengers in the outer islands of Tonga.

The vessel which cost the government $8.3 million paanga was launched by King Tupou VI in Nukualofa.

Kaniva News reports the MV Tongiaki can travel from Nukualofa to Nomuka, an island 108 kilometres away from the capital in about two hours.

It can do a return trip from Nukualofa to Vavau in less than 12 hours.

The vessel can carry 200 passengers.

Minister of Public Enterprises Hon. Saia Piukala said the MV Tongiaki is the most and latest advanced to join the Friendly Islands Shipping Agencys fleet.

He said FISAs MV Otu Angaofa used to travel at 12 knots while the MV Tongiaki traveled at 20 22 knots.

He said the shipping company has planned to extend its services to Fiji and Samoa in the near future.

FISA is a wholly owned Public Enterprise of the Government of Tonga


Source: Kaniva News


State resources to support evacuation: PM "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


Prime Minister Peter ONeill has directed all relevant State resources be made available to support the evacuation of people at risk due to volcanic eruptions on Kadovar Island in the East Sepik region.



The Prime Minister also again issued a warning for all coastal communities in the north of the country to be on alert for the risk of tsunami resulting from volcanic activity.



National Government agencies, led by our disciplined services, have been stood-up to respond to volcanic activity on Kadavor Island, the Prime Minister said.



Volcanoes are very unpredictable, we are hearing various reports that activity has been building up and we need to take all precautions to keep our people safe.



We will not take risks with human lives, lets get people out of harms way now, and constantly monitor the activity of the volcano, he said.



I have authorised the additional deployment of personnel and assets to assist in the transfer of any people who are in the broader vicinity of the volcano.





Cost of rice will not increase: Trukai "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Source: Loop PNG


PNGs leading rice supplier, Trukai Industries, says it will not increase the cost of rice in the country.


Trukai Industries CEO, Greg Worthington-Eyre, said while Trukai understands and is deeply concerned over the current economic conditions in PNG, and the pending inflationary impact of fuel price increases, currency devaluation and reduced consumer spending power, it has no plans at this point of passing on the impact of these issues to PNG consumers.


Worthington-Eyre says Trukais focus on food security, which includes affordability and quality, is at the forefront and they will be making every effort to support the people of PNG.


Trukai is the oldest and largest rice distribution and manufacturer in PNG, having been established in February 17th, 1970.


Apart from rice, they also supply stockfeed.

Author: Charmaine Poriambep


On schedule "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Source: The National
January 12, 2018  


Oil Search Ltd is confident the APEC Haus taking shape in Port Moresby will be completed well before the contracted deadline July 31.
Its construction at Ela Beach is paid for through Oil Searchs tax credit scheme for K120 million and Construction Project Build (CPB) Company is leading the work.
APEC Haus project manager Peter Kearsley said 65 per cent of the building was completed.
Yes, the project is on budget, he said. The next thing you will see is glass go up at the start of February.
Now having had the roof on, we are able to work on the ground floor.
Contracted deadline is July 31, the guys will definitely beat that. It will be finished before the end of July.
Prime Minister Peter ONeill yesterday said APEC Haus would be converted into a world-class museum after the leaders meeting in November.
He also highlighted that more than 80 per cent of the project workers were locals. Many of our artefact, thousands of years old and held in museums (elsewhere), we want to bring back here, ONeill said.


Go catch a fish to win cash at the Adventure Park, Port Moresby "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Take an adventure to the Adventure Park. Another 200 more fish have been tagged and released into the Lake at Adventure Park at 14 mile , says Member for  Moresby South Justin Tkatchenko.

This will allow for more chances for the public to win great cash prizes.

The fishing comp has gained popularity and has seen visitors and residents of the city try their hand at catching a fish with a colored tag.

To be a part of the competition you can bring your own fishing lines or bait or purchase them on the day at the Park.

There is a K10 admission fee, so head on down and try your luck at the Adventure Park. The competition starts this weekend and anyone can participate.

Photo: Lake at 14 Mile adventure Park /Justin Tkatchenko

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Saturday, 13 January


Senator, Australias aid projects can be less than resplendent "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Long & winding roadAustralian senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells caused a stir last week when she disparagingly referred to Chinese aid delivery in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific as useless infrastructure. But how does Australian aid delivery rate? In March last year DAN McGARRY of the Vanuatu Daily Post wrote of an Australian-funded road project that still has Port Vila residents irate. Here are some extracts.

You can read the complete and more detailed article here

PORT VILA - The Port Vila Urban Development Projector the most publicly visible parts of it, at leasthave been subjected to withering criticism of late.

Recently, the [Vanuatu] government has taken steps to bring the projects many stakeholders into line, and to avoid letting the situation deteriorate any further.

Numerous sources with a clear insight into the project have expressed reservations concerning the contractors staffing, its technical skill and capacity, and the planning and coordination of the project.

More recently, drivers and property owners have raised a number of concerns about road safety, closures, new traffic flow requirements and repeated disruptions caused by ongoing work.

We sat with the members of the Design, Supervision and Capacity Development Team, who role is to bridge the gap between RMS and the Vanuatu Project Management Unit, who have overall administrative oversight of the project.

DSCD, as theyre known, have a fairly broad mandate to wrangle day to day issues, to coordinate efforts between the contractor and other stakeholders, including property owners and local power, water and communications utilities.

According to the materials provided to the Daily Post at the briefing, Overall project budget is US$35.5 million, with $20.59 million budgeted for improvements to road networks and drainage systems.

In a subsequent written follow-up they added, The project cost when the project was negotiated in November 2011 was US $39.1 million, including taxes and duties. The current cost estimate, with a reduced project scope, is $35.5 million. The decline of the Australian dollar and currency exchange were th...


When PNG led the world in the delivery of air freight "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


Junkers aircraft serviced the Lae- Bulolo route
A photo of a German Junkers aircraft that serviced the Lae-Bulolo route in the 1930s

BRISBANE Way back in 1931, Papua New Guinea set a world record in the amount of air cargo carried 2,607 passengers and 3,947 tonnes of freight.

The discovery of gold in the Bulolo Valley of New Guinea saw a rush of aircraft and pilots to Lae to service the goldfields equipment and supplies in, gold out and passengers both ways.

Supplies, which had previously been carried in by carriers at prohibitive cost, were now transported by aircraft.

In the first 12 months of operations they carried 250,000kg of cargo and hundreds of passengers, but this paled into insignificance when German Junkers transports were purchased by mining companies to transport dredges.

As the Australian Postal History website says, the all-metal Junkers with their corrugated fuselages were unlike anything previously seen in Australia, but they were superb aircraft - tough and powerful with lower maintenance requirements.

The Junkers pointed the way to the future in aircraft design, 60 flights a day landed at Wau airport, such were the number of airline companies and aircraft operating at this time, each Junkers made as many as five flights a day

In 1932, the Junkers transported a 1,100 tonne gold dredge to Bulolo, broken down into its component parts.

By 1933 Guinea Airways had carried some 7,000 tonnes of cargo, including drilling machinery, hydroelectric plant and additional dredges.

This airline was carrying quantities of freight far in excess of anything that would be seen until the major airlifts of World War II.

In the 12 months from February 1931, Guinea Airways carried 3,947 tonnes of freight and 2,607 passengers. This is an astonishing figure when put in perspective of comparison that the combined airline services of the UK, France and the USA were recorded as only carrying 2,670 tons of freight in the same period.

Seven more dredges were flown in up...


Weekend reads: A manuscript marriage proposal; a biotech company screw-up; systematic failure in run-up to vaccine trial "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The week at Retraction Watch featured a concerning largely unrecognised threat to patient safety, the loss of a grant following findings of misconduct in a controversial study, and a request that authors remove a reference for libel concerns. Heres what was happening elsewhere: A researcher has hidden a marriage proposal in a paper. []

The post Weekend reads: A manuscript marriage proposal; a biotech company screw-up; systematic failure in run-up to vaccine trial appeared first on Retraction Watch.


Tenny Kwalik Panglima KODAP III Meninggal Dunia "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Pada hari ini, Kamis 11 Januari 2018, Panglima Kodap III, Tenny Kwalik telah meninggal di Markas Komando Pertahanan Kalikopi, Timika, West Papua. Tenny meninggal pada pagi hari, setelah menderita sakit paru-paru basah selama seminggu. Terima kasih atas cinta dan dedikasi tiada undur bagi tanah dan negeri West Papua, wahai pemilik Nemangkawi. Semoga spirit perlawanan melawan

Tenny Kwalik Panglima KODAP III Meninggal Dunia was originally published on

Continue reading


NZ boosts PNGs APEC Prep with K35m "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Picture: New Zealand High Commissioner Sue Mackwell officially signed the documents with APEC Minister Justin Tkatchenko in Port Moresby.

Source: Loop PNG.

The New Zealand Government yesterday signed several official documents with the Government of Papua New Guinea in Port Moresby. The documents signed were related to a total of NZ$ 15 million (K35 million) NZs support towards PNG as the hosts for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in November of this year (2018).


The document was signed by the NZ High Commissioner Sue Mackwell and with Papua New Guineas APEC Minister Justine Tkachenko.


New Zealand was one of the first economies to support PNGs bid for APEC 2018.


In 2017, the New Zealand government established a NZ$ 8 million APECs Fund to support PNG.


We are pleased to be able to support eight proposals which will see funding directed to water policing, cyber security, activities to support the PNGDF which includes support for incident response group preparations, defence intelligence training and the contribution of New Zealand Defence assets and staff for Leaders week.


The Fund is available to PNG, New Zealand and international partner agencies to submit proposals for funding towards initiatives to support the planning and delivery of APEC 2018 across security, logistics and policy areas.


Meantime, APEC Minister Tkatchenko thanks New Zealand for their continuous support and friendship with PNG.


The funding includes support to PNGs APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC), protocol and liaison training, the contribution of a senior New Zealand Police contingent of 11 officers working under PNG-Australia Policing Partnership in support of the Royal PNG Constabularys training and preparations.



Amnesty International urges Tonga to sign CEDAW ahead of UN human rights review "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Amnesty International has urged Tonga to sign the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) ahead of next weeks review of the kingdoms human rights.

Tongas human rights record will be examined by a United Nations panel in Geneva on Monday, January 15.

This will be third time the kingdoms human rights record has been studied since 2008.

Tonga will be represented at the review by the Solicitor General, Sione Sisifa.

It is likely that Tongas continued failure to sign the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) will be a focus of attention.

Several delegations attending Tongas last review in 2013 urged Tonga to sign the convention and Amnesty International has also urged the kingdom to sign CEDAW.

Amnesty International  has made a series of recommendations to all 13  nations taking part in the current round of United Nations human rights reviews.

In his presentation to the UN panel during the 2013 review, Lord Vaea, the then Minister of Internal Affairs,  argued that the introduction of new human rights would involve a delicate balancing exercise of important factors, including limited resources, core Tongan cultural values, fundamental Christian beliefs and liberal ideologies.

These circumstances should be recognized as the reason why Tonga has been slow to ratify the core human rights conventions, he said.

Next weeks examination will be carried out by a panel of three countries, including Angola, Slovakia and the United Arab Emirates.

The UAE has become a major investor in the Pacific in recent years, especially in the field of renewable energy.

Since 2008, all 193 UN member States have been reviewed twice.

State Department

In its 2016 assessment of human rights in Tonga, the US State Department said the most persistent problems were domestic violence, discrimination against women and government corruption.

Other concerns included the lack of public defenders for the poor, womens lack of rights to land, and the lack of comprehensive labour legislation.

Amnesty International

Amnestys recommendations to the government of Tonga include:

Ratifying the Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Economic, Soci...


Chile churches attacked before Pope Francis visit "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Several churches in Chile have been attacked or vandalised ahead of a visit by Pope Francis next week.

Three churches in the capital Santiago were damaged by firebombs. Some flyers left behind warned that the next one was for the Pope.

But at another church south of the capital, a pamphlet used a phrase that refers to activism in the indigenous Mapuche territory.

President Michelle Bachelet described the incidents as "very strange".

"In a democracy, people can express themselves as long as they do it in a peaceful way," she told a radio station on Friday, adding that the attacks could not yet be tied to a particular group.

No one has been arrested for the attacks, which caused no injuries. The Vatican is yet to comment.

Pope Francis has made compassion and support for migrants and the needy a major theme of his papacy. But notes left at one of the attacked churches reportedly complained that money spent on his visit could be better used on the poor.

The Pope will hold mass on Tuesday in a Santiago park and hundreds of thousands of people are expected to turn out.

The pontiff will also meet Mapuche leaders on his visit to Chile.

They say vast privately owned estates and huge timber plantations have left their lands in the extreme south of Chile environmentally depleted and their people mired in poverty, says BBC World Service Americas Editor Candace Piette.

The pontiff, the first Latin American Pope, will travel to Peru after Chile.

Source: BBC


Vikings pay tribute to late Kato Ottio "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Super League Rugby League Club , Vidnes Vikings have paid tribute to late Kato Ottio with a minute silence at the Haltom Stadium in UK.

The players wore jersey   number 18  during the minute of silence.

Viking players remember late Kato Ottio with a minute of Silence before their game against Whitehavens.

The club also announced that they have raised up to 4296.71 during the games days and thanked their fans  for their donations towards Katos loved ones in and around the ground. "As we have raised 4296.71 today, this takes us past the 14,000 mark overall", the club posted via their Facebook page.

Kato Ottio  died at the age of 23 after suffering "a sudden health issue" in training. Ottio spent two seasons in the Canberra Raiders system but after failing to crack the NRL squad, signed with Widnes in December.

He was expected to travel to England this week to get ready for the start of the new Super League season in February.


Tuition Reviewed "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"



Prime Minister Peter ONeill said a review will be carried out at major state owned Universities regarding the increases in tuition fees that are reportedly imposed by the respective institutions.

The assurance from the PM comes amidst concerns raised by many parents and students.

Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology Pila Niningi said as minister responsible he will facilitate the process to ensure that the 2018 academic year resumes uninterrupted.

Source: Post-Courier


APEC Meet To Boost Local Businesses "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Source: Post-Courier



The APEC summit this year is expected to boost the countrys economy through direct spending anticipated at K200 million by more than 15,000 international delegates.

This is according to APEC PNG 2018 Co-ordination Authority CEO, Christopher Hawkins on the gain for local businesses during the summit this year.

There is a few different areas for business, one is throughout the year with more than fifteen to eighteen thousand delegates coming, and that is not just the people attending the meetings, but those who arrange for their delegations and ministers and leaders, we estimate there will be a cash injection of around K200 million straight through that, Mr Hawkins said.

He said the estimate covers airfares, accommodation, setting-up temporary offices for delegates to support their ministers, presidents and prime ministers.

Mr Hawkins said the spending indicated in the 2018 Budget appropriation of K300 million will also be spent in the local economy, with a major portion also focused on security preparations for that budget.

Then there is the direct spending. We break that into consumables for the meetings that includes booking venues for meetings, the papers used to the signage to bottle of water to the transportation around the city.

That comes out of the APEC budget this year, but dont forget the big part of the APEC budget is security. That is investing in capacity we should have been advancing many years ago and now our government is in preparation for APEC investing in that capacity.

Mr Hawkins said progress into the year will see more and more tender opportunities posted on the APEC tenders website.

Areas like production of shirts hospitality and catering. We engaged a lot last year that went up on the APEC tenders website.


Bitcoin Enthusiast Finds Undiscovered Cave and Names It Satoshi "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Italian Explorer Finds Undiscovered Cave and Names It Satoshi

Few people will ever encounter an undiscovered natural wonder, and then have the pleasure of naming it. Thats what happened to Guido Turricchia and his intrepid band of explorers deep within the Papua New Guinean jungle and deep beneath the earth. The speleologist found a new cave and had the honor of christening it. The epithet the environmental engineer and bitcoin enthusiast chose? Why, Satoshi.

Also read: Chinese Bitcoin Mining Giant Bitmain Establishes Branch in Zug, Switzerland

Blockchain meets Rockchain

For the past month, Guido Turricchia, Andrea Felici, and Maurizio Buttinelli have been AFK and thus divorced from bitcoin price moves and cryptocurrency drama. On December 10, the trio of experienced explorers left Italy to embark on their most ambitious trip yet through the dense rainforest of Papua New Guinea. The southwest Pacific nation, which lies north of Australia and to the east of Indonesia, is famed for its biological diversity.

Italian Explorer Finds Undiscovered Cave and Names It Satoshi

Guido and his group witnessed many enchanting sights as they trekked through the jungle, but they were saving themselves for the beauty that lay within the earth. From Guatemala to Costa Rica, the speleologists have...

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Friday, 12 January


Bougainville clans regain power over mining rights "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Bougainville Finance Minister Robin Wilson

The National aka The Loggers Times | January 12, 2018

Bougainville landowners own all the resources on their land and the Bougainville government only facilitates resource development, says Bougainville Finance Minister Robin Wilson, pictured.

Unlike the rest of Papua New Guinea, landowners in Bougainville have the power to allow or disallow exploration and extraction of minerals on their land, he said.

Wilson was speaking when handing the provinces 2018 Budget of K254 million to national Treasurer Charles Able in Port Moresby yesterday.

Wilson said Bougainville has lifted the ban on mining in Panguna, Mt Tore and Isinai and mining activities in those areas are now being driven by the landowners.

We introduced a law that is unique to the rest of the country where in terms of mining we have made the landowners the owners of resources, he said.

If there are resources in an area the landowner will give consent on, whether or not exploration w...

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Monday, 10 July


PNGi Portal a groundbreaking new resource for lawyers, journalists and academics "IndyWatch Feed"

In a country plagued by corruption, where politicians are seemingly more concerned with making personal profits that serving the nation, and where the law enforcement agencies are brutally under resourced, a new online database is poised to shake up the status quo and offer some hope to a beleaguered population.

Corruption thrives in Papua New Guinea because there is so little public access to information but now that is changing.

PNGi Portal is a groundbreaking online resource that provides access to both the details of company ownership and more than 20 years of anti-corruption investigations by government agencies.

Lawyers, journalists, academics and the public can now see who owns the companies that are being awarded dubious government contracts , they can track where politicians and public servants have been citied in official inquiries and they can link and cross reference the two sets of data.

Interested in a Paul Paraka? Just type the name and, with one click of a mouse, you can see that it appears in the company records of a long list of companies, including Klinki Rain For...

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Tuesday, 04 July


Why these PNG elections are taking us towards dictatorship "IndyWatch Feed"

Oro Governor Gary Juffa speaking at a campaign gathering explaining the qualities to look for in national leadership.

Source: Gary Juffa | Pacific Media Centre

I suspect that these Papua New Guinea elections have been so deliberately set to fail, leaving much room for fraud and confusion, that we will be distracted from what is really going on the establishment of a dictatorship.

Already Prime Minister Peter ONeill has his own special police unit that flies around Papua New Guinea escorting him in his private airlines, he has a special army unit of 40 exclusively for his callout, he controls the media and Public Service.

And, it seems, the Police and Defence commands and perhaps the judiciary the signs and...

Thursday, 29 June


Renzie Duncan and Philip Miriori team up in another illegal Bougainville venture "IndyWatch Feed"

Sydney lawyer and mining venture capitalist, Renzie Duncan, is on the prowl again for Bougainvilles mineral wealth, with his old friend Philip Miriori,  the scandal-plagued, self-appointed head of the Meekamui Tribal Government.

This time its through Central Meekamui Exploration Limited, which is in partnership with Australian mining firm RTG Mining.

Company extracts indicate that Central Meekamui Exploration Limited, despite its very local name, is in fact a foreign enterprise.

This assertion is based on the fact it is 50% owned by Australian company, Central Exploration Pty Ltd.

Central Exploration Pty Ltd...

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