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Saturday, 20 October

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Thursday, 18 October


Free "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"



It's in Albanvale postcode 3021 and is very heavy, will need 3 people to move it.

Must be taken within a week.

0432 191 330 Andrea.


Victoria's worst child sex offender, Robert Gommeson is a copper "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Victoria Police, keeping up with their "Code of Ethics"

From the article on 17 Oct 2018 by

Sex predator cop who raped children is finally unmasked after brave victim he impregnated at age eleven wins fight to lift gag order

  • One of Victoria's worst child sex offenders can now be named as order was lifted
  • Robert Gommeson, a former police officer, is serving minimum of 15 years in jail
  • Tracey May who was eleven when abused has been fighting to reveal his identity
A sex predator police officer who raped children has been unmasked after victims fought a court order that protected his identity.

Robert Gommeson, one of Victoria's worst child sex offenders, was convicted and sentenced for the abuse of nine children in 2016 but his identity has been protected by a suppression order.

Magistrate Charlie Rozencwajg decided to revoke the order on Wednesday following mounting pressure from Tracey May, one of Gommeson's victims who has been fighting to reveal his identity since his conviction, the Herald Sun reported.  

Ms May had a miscarried Gommeson's child after she fell pregnant when he raped her when she was just eleven.



City of Melbourne supports Australia joining UN Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

The City  of Melbourne, birthplace of ICAN, just voted unanimously in support of a motion calling on the Australian government to join the UN treaty!  


The Future of Australian Employment "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Aussies arent afraid of some hard yakka.

After all, thats what our economy is built on, right?

Most of us connect the phrase with the stockman and the sheep shearers labouring away under the hot Australian sun.

The phrase hard yakka was first recorded in 1847, however its roots come from the aboriginal word yaga, meaning hard work.

The saying has evolved from the outback to being used most amongst our tradies.

Theyre the very backbone of the modern Aussie economy. The workers doing the hard yards, putting together the buildings we live in and the roads we drive on.

Theirs are the sort of jobs that make up more than 10% of our total employment.

A place to call your own

I often write about how Australia is a consumerist society.

We are a nation that buys things. More than 55% of our gross domestic product comes from the sales of goods and services.

Thats a fair chunk of income from one sector.

But construction in Australia contributes to almost 10% of GDP. Well above the 8% that mining does.

So, not only are we nation that buys things, but we are also a nation that builds things.

The problem is, we dont build things to export. We arent a manufacturing country. We sent that job offshore to the lowest bidder a couple of decades ago.

No. What we build is just for us. And most importantly, its funded by ever-growing lines of credit.

As the demand for housing, apartments and commercial buildings grew over the past 15 years, so did the workforce.

In fact, the construction workforce has nearly doubled in size in that time.

Demand for work was one reason but the higher than average pay was another.

The average pole turner I think traffic controller is the official job title has a starting salary of $30 per hour. Add in hazard pay, site allowance and some overtime, and an unskilled position can earn someone $80,000 a year.

I have personally watched young women give up their low paid, $20 an hour child care role. They willingly walk onto a construction site, don the pink, steel-capped boots and a hi-vis vest. By flipping a pole around in the rain and wind, these young women have doubled their take-home pay.

Skilled labour rates are also high.

For example, a fully licensed electrician in Victoria has an hourly rate of $53. Again, throw in the union-deal sweeteners and the average sparky can bring more than one hundred grand a year.

The rates are pretty similar for fully qual...



A marvellous, mixed-up Footscray feed "IndyWatch Feed"

Time To Eat, 123 Nicholson Street, Footscray. Phone: 0405 526 729 For as long as I can remember, 123 Nicholson Street has been occupied by a chicken shop. Has it ever been anything else? In any case, these days it is something to behold. Time To eat is run by husband-and-wife team Harera and Lageal []

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Wednesday, 17 October


Public transport: frequency must improve across the network #MoreServicesPlease "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

If you look at a map of Melbournes public transport network, youd be right in thinking its a substantial service covering most of the city.

But it will only attract people out of their cars if service quality is better.

Frequency has to improve. With most suburban buses running only every 30-60 minutes, and even waits for trains and trams being as much as 20 to 40 minutes outside peak times, people can spend more time waiting for a service than travelling on it.

Running all trains, trams and main road buses at least every ten minutes to everywhere all day, every day, would ensure that all of Melbourne has a turn up and go network that people can use without having to check a timetable first, and that connections are easy.


Wanted "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Hello all owners of a Melon Baller!

Could we please borrow your gadget for the weekend? 

I am the proud owner of one. I have a tribe of kids coming over who have a vision of making a mountain of melon balls. 

Happy to pick up and return to your letterbox.


Recommendation "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


I came across these really beautiful skincare products through a friend and they tick all the boxes!! They are made close by (in Somers), they avoid plastic (I'm really impressed with the moisturising stick made from cardboard), they are made from beautiful ingredients and they smell and feel amazing.


Lost Hat "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Hi everyone, just wondering if someone found the hat on the photo. My son lost it last Monday (15/10/18) around Urquhart Street and Pentridge Blvd, Coburg.

If someone has it please give me a call, 0409 164 626.

Cheers and thanks, 


Creamy spring risotto soup (vegan) "IndyWatch Feed"

Just as I delight in discovering asparagus all over again each year, so I delight in rediscovering a favourite recipe for spring risotto soup.  I found it many years ago when I first started blogging and had a tough time.  This recipe was easy enough for me to make when I had no energy for cooking.  This year I have made it a few times with glorious farmers market asparagus when I have had little time after work.

When I first decided to make this risotto a few weeks back after asparagus appeared at the farmers market, I was surprised to find there was no Arborio rice in the pantry.  It seems I have not been making risotto that much lately.  I actually planned to try a new risotto recipe and then found this one was close enough and I knew it was easy and full of greens.  I tried it with couscous and it was not the same.  This is easier than regular risotto because you all all the water at once and don't have to constantly stir it.

So I bought some Arborio rice.  However my recipe I usually use is served with parmesan and pinenuts, neither of which I had.  And regular readers will notice I am quite in love with a cashew cream recipe lately.  It added the flavour and protei...


The third curve. concept vs reality "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Money vs Oil Real Combined - SmallerThanks to good old facebook, I have discovered another webside I want to share with my now nearly 800 followers. Mansoor Khan is writing a book called The Third Curve, and is publishing it chapter by chapter on his website. I am currently distracted by a wedding and a funeral in Queensland, and havent yet delved too far into this book, but I was originally attracted to it by that telling graph at left, because it clearly describes the disconnect between concept and reality.

Khan studied engineering at IIT, Cornell University and...


Beyond the Bars CD Launch 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Beyond the Bars 2018 CD launch

Join us for the Beyond the Bars 2018 CD launch, Thursday 1 November 6.30-8.30pm at Maysar, Fitzroy Stars Gym (upstairs - accessible) on Gertrude Street. Guests, music and discussion on justice, incarceration and prison radio. All welcome. Light refreshments, beverages and free CDs. See you there!


LGBTI groups, leaders and allies call on Government to protect trans and gender diverse students and teachers "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Today 50 organisations called on the Morrison Government to amend outdated anti-discrimination laws to ensure all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people are treated with fairness and equality.

Read the joint LGBTI community statement with the full 50 signatories here.

Last week, following leaks of the 20 recommendations from the Religious Freedom Review, many Australians were outraged to learn that under current anti-discrimination laws, schools and other services run by religious bodies are legally able to discriminate against LGBTI children, clients and workers. 

The Government has committed to repealing discrimination law exemptions that allow religious schools to turn away and expel gay students, however there has been no commitment to protect trans and gender diverse children, or workers in schools. 

Jo Hirst, author, advocate and mother of a trans child, said:

We know that trans and gender diverse students achieve their best academic and mental health outcomes when they are supported by both their families and their school environment. Every student should have the right to be safe and accepted in their school community.

Our trans and gender diverse students just want to be able to attend school with their friends like every other student without fear and discrimination.

Anna Brown, director of legal advocacy with the Human Rights Law Centre and co-chair of the Equality Campaign, said:

Australians voted for fairness and equality this time last year, not discrimination against LGBT people. Kids in schools should be worrying about classes and their homework, not living in fear of mistreatment because of who they are.

All children should be accepted for who they are at school. Every person should be able to do their job without having to hide who they are. Every school should be inclusive of all types of families. We should all be able to access publicly available services free from discrimination.

The very genesis of this inquiry was the deeply flawed idea that equality for LGBTIQ people somehow poses a threat to religious freedom. We reject this utterly, and remain concerned that conservative religious forces within the Coalition will be extracting their price for marriage equality. There should be no price paid for equ...


Uyghur cuisine is grand "IndyWatch Feed"

Karlaylisi Restaurant, 4/203 Ballarat Road, Footscray. Phone: 0413 955 515 Dont let the Ballarat Road address mislead Karlaylisi is situated on Gordon Street. In fact, it occupies the exact same premises as the sadly short-lived Spice Klub and its Indonesian offerings. Karlaylisi delivers Uyghur cuisine the food of the Uughurs, who live mostly []

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Tuesday, 16 October


Newlands Fringe and Trivia! "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Everyone in the Newlands community (and beyond) is invited to a night of entertainment and laughs at our very first Newlands Fringe and Trivia night.

Held in the beautiful hall at The Cretan Brothers (near CERES) on Friday October 26 you will be treated to a night of performances, dancing, games and trivia. Hosted by DJ Eddy and Nancy Bangles!

There will be a silent auction, two bars (no BYO), food platters that can be pre purchased and a table of decorations. 

Dust off your dancing shoes and dress up as a musical subculture and decorate your table to match.


The Trans-Pacific Partnership is just plain no good "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Contributed by Joe Montero

Among those who know something about it, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is very unpopular. The suggestion that it is about corporate greed trying to impose a multinational agenda that is not in the interests of the countries concerned is often made.

This is not exactly right. There is more to it than this. Over emphasis on greed diverts form the deeper reason why it has come about.

The TPP is an agreement that has nothing to do with the promotion of real free trade. It is a scheme to impose a tougher regional control of the dominant economy in the Pacific region. This is the United States. Never mind that it is now out of the TPP mark 2. It can be changed down the track, just by stroke of the pen.

Underlying everything, is that the dominant corporations are American based. This is an economy moving to consolidate its hold on global resources and markets. Donald Trump doesnt have to sign up for this to proceed, or for the TPP to facilitate it.  This is taken care of by already existing arrangements and the dominance of these corporations in many of the countries concerned.

What is different about the TPP, is that the purpose is to increase the mobility of labour and capital to a new level.

Arrangements being signed to will in the long-run lead to the circulation of more cheap labour. Some workers in the lowest wage countries might get some benefit. But this will have a detrimental effect in the higher wage countries, and ultimately, drive a race to the bottom for all.

Even more important, is the movement towards the complete freeing of investment flows and leaving no place untouched. This will encourage the further growth of the speculative economy, while at the same time, outlaw governments from taking measures that restrict it.

The move towards consensus politics over this in Australia is wrong, no matter which way you cut it. Talk about changing it afterwards is nonsense. The agreement cedes this. It is the reason why there is now a new groundswell of opposition. The campaign to change Labors most recent position is being led by the unions. The executive of the Victorian Trades  Hall Council, which represents the unions in the state,  unanimously voted last week to oppose and campaign against the TPP. A groundswell of opposition is also growing within the Labor Party.

The TPP will not lead to jobs and economic prosperity for most people. What it will do, is lead to a transfer regional income to the richest and most powerful, and it will tighten the grip of the dominant corporations over the political process. This is a recipe for the escalation of corruption. We already have far too much of it and dont need any more.

This last effect, by courtesy of the hemming in of gover...


Australia needs political courage, will and leadership to realise the SDGs "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

The theme of this years International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (on 17 October) is Coming together with those furthest behind to build an inclusive world of universal respect for human rights and dignity. This mirrors the language and ambition of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 17 October also coincides with the first day of a two-day Melbourne symposium co-hosted by Future Earth Australia and the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) Australia/NZ/Pacific on research for SDG achievement.

Since Australia and 192 other countries committed to the SDGs in September 2015, countless Australians still dont understand what needs to be done, have not heard of the SDGs, or question why they even matter. This applies to many colleagues in Australian research, teaching and learning environments. For those colleagues, a good place to start is the guide on how local universities, higher education institutions and the academic sector can get started with the SDGs. Its crucial that Australias educators and the institutes they work for are SDG-cogent, as realisation of the SDG promise will require the harnessing of interdisciplinary critical thinking and research, as well as cross-sectoral and multi-stakeholder planning for inclusive development change-innovation (to support intergenerational equity and prosperity within and beyond Australias borders).

In my view a key reason for any misconception, inertia, or complete lack of researcher or institutional awareness around the SDGs three years on is the absence of a national action plan. Submissions to the DFAT-led Parliamentary Inquiry into the UN SDGs of 2018 show that actors are crying out for the Australian Government to develop an overarching governance, policy and planning framework for SDG roll-out at home and as part of the nations international development and humanitarian assistance efforts from now until 2030. Australias first Voluntary National Review (VNR) on the implementation of the SDGs, lodged by the Government at the UN High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development in New York in July, is a good start. But a national action plan it is not: the S.M.A.R.T goal logic that many government age...

Sunday, 14 October


ST PAUL'S "IndyWatch Feed"

St Paul's Cathedral in Melbourne is the metropolitical and cathedral church of the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne, Victoria in Australia. It is the seat of the Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne and Metropolitan of the Province of Victoria. The cathedral, which was built in stages, is a major Melbourne landmark.

A distinguished English architect, William Butterfield, designed the cathedral, in the architectural style of Gothic transitional. The foundation stone was laid in 1880 and, on 22 January 1891, the cathedral was consecrated. St Paul's replaced St James Old Cathedral which then stood on the corner of William Street and Collins Street - later moved to a site near the Flagstaff Gardens. To fit the block, the cathedral building is orientated NNW.

The erection of the spires began in 1926, to the design of John Barr of Sydney instead of Butterfield's original design. The 1960s saw extensive work completed to the exterior of the cathedral and the T.C. Lewis organ was restored in 1989 by a major National Trust appeal. Major restoration works were completed in 2009 with significant repairs to the spires, the building of the Moorhouse Tower Lantern and the new processional doors.

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