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Thursday, 27 September

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Monday, 17 September


Vegan fudge cupcakes or what to do with failed fudge - Vegan MoFo "IndyWatch Feed"

Today I bring you tales of searching supermarket aisles for vegan ingredients, of failed fudge experiments, of meddling with favourite recipes and of finding that cupcakes are an excellent place to hide failed fudge.

It started on Friday.  I was home a bit later than intended.  So I rang and asked Sylvia to make pizza dough to get dinner started.  It was lovely when I got home and she was in the kitchen with her friend and ordering me to sit and not worry about the dough.  I was never so independent in the kitchen at 9 years old!  Then she told me they were making grubs for the cake stall the next day.  I had plans for fudge that did not turn out as I had hoped so I was quite happy she had made sure we had a contribution.

I headed to the supermarket on Friday night for my fudge ingredients.  I did not think a tin of condensed coconut milk and a block of Whittakers dark ghana choolate was a big ask.  But seems it was the impossible task.  At home I found myself gently simmering home made coconut milk for over an hour.  When I got impatient and turned up the heat it split.  I tipped off the oil and salvaged it for my fudge recipe with dark chocolate with almonds in it.  The next morning the fudge was so soft...


Room Available "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Short term sublet in central Preston $150 p/w.

Hey, so we have a spare room ready for someone in need of short term or temp in our lovely relaxed and welcoming home..

If you're in between or in need, hit us up.

So, the room is medium sized and empty but for a double futon bed looking out on our big backyard; if you're quiet, you'll hear the faint bok bok of our chooks out there..

Our home is pretty cosy and we're currently 2 people...


For Greg "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Hi there, does Greg still need junk? I can drop some old electronic things and toys somewhere. Just not sure where....



Of Love and Avocado Flowers: The mysterious sex life of avocado trees "IndyWatch Feed"

Lets be frank: the confusion about avocado flowers and their pollination is well justified. Their reproductive habits are as mysterious and romantic as a magical realism novel, fascinating but sometimes hard to follow. Its fitting because these trees originated in the warm, humid climes of Central and South America. As far as floral gender goes avocado flowers are classed as botanically perfect, that is, they have male and female parts in the one flower. The mysterious thing is that in its natural climate (South Central Mexico and the like) these parts are usually active at different times of the day, so the whole plant has a female phase and a male phase. This reduces the likelihood that one tree will pollinate itself, thus ensuring greater genetic seed diversity.

Avocado trees are usually classed as either A or B varieties. A varieties will open as female in the morning of the first day, and male in the afternoon of the second day. B varieties will open as female on the afternoon of the first day and male in the morning of the second day....


A small structured object follows a car - Dargo, Victoria, 1976 "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Reading pleasure

I have recently had the pleasure of reading a great number of editions of the 'Australian UFO Bulletin' published by the Victorian UFO Research Society.

I picked up a few new pieces of information about the 1972 Frankston, Victoria,  Maurren Puddy case of which I had previously not been aware; some sightings I hadn't heard of before, and various other bits and pieces.

Car pace with small structured object

One of the sightings which intrigued me, was an example of a car pacing; but in this case, instead of a nocturnal light, the small object involved had some structure.  In the May 1976 edition of the 'Bulletin' there was detail about the sighting, investigated by Dan Haylock. The sighting took place at Dargo in Victoria. Dargo is a small Victorian town located 348 kilometers east of Melbourne, and is in the foothills of the Dargo Plains. Latitude 37deg 28mins south; longitude 147deg 13mins east.

Note the location of Melbourne and Bright

Note location of Bright and Dargo

The following is the text of the article fr...


Featured Dish: Dear Liza "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Featured Dish: Shroom Season Waffle Dear Liza, a caf and bar in the heart of St Kilda, is offering a simple yet mouth-watering solution by transforming one humble spud at a time. Crispy on the outside and light and fluffy inside, Dear Lizas potato waffles are gluten free and vegan, and satisfy the taste buds in the same way as a hash brown or []

The post Featured Dish: Dear Liza appeared first on St Kilda News.


NSW Premier Ends Music Festival Overdose Tragedies With Stern Drugs Are Bad Mmmkay Speech "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Drug overdoses will no longer be a problem at youth music festivals in NSW after a dramatic intervention by Premier Gladys Berejiklian overnight, following the deaths of two people at a Sydney music festival, and the hospitalisation of at least three more.

NSW police report that during the Defqon.1 music festival in western Sydney over the weekend attended by around 30,000 people as many as 700 festival goers also sought medical assistance.

A 21-year-old Victorian woman and a 23-year-old man from Edensor Park collapsed during the evening. They were airlifted to nearby Nepean Hospital, but died soon after.

Im absolutely aghast at whats occurred, I dont want any family to go through the tragedy that some families are waking up to this morning, its just horrible to think about, Ms Berejiklian told media on Sunday.

The Premier also said she would shut the festival down, thereby further eliminating the potential for drug overdoses amoung youth.

Ms Berejiklian said her government would not bow to pressure to introduce pill testing where festival goers can test party drugs without fear of police sanction after a landmark trial in Canberra earlier this yearat the Groovin The Moo festival saw zero deaths.

That trial saw 128 participants. A total of Eighty-five samples were tested by the STA-Safe Consortium, two of which were found to be deadly.

Ms Berejiklian said the government will not consider introducing pill testing, as it has a zero tolerance to drugs.

Anyone who advocates pill testing is giving the green light to drugs, that is absolutely unacceptable, there is no such thing as a safe drug, she said.

I want to send a strong message to every young person. You should not take drugs at these events or anywhere else, and last nights tragic consequences demonstrated this.

Ms Berejiklians zero tolerance stance is based on the tried and tested reality that if she tells young people not to do something, they will listen to her.

In other news scientists have confirmed that the Liberal Party of Australia is now so out of touch with community sentiment that it has actually travelled full circle, and is back in touch and just waiting for the rest of us to catch up.

Conversely, scientists have also confirmed that millennials are now actively waiting for enough old politicians to die off so that the community is dominated by people who actually care about their welfare, before seizing power and changing drug laws to reduce future deaths.

The post...

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Sunday, 16 September


ATLAS "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

Atlas once perched proudly on top of the original Atlas Assurance Company building that was constructed in the late 1800s, on the same site where he now resides, on Collins St, just up from Queen St. During the 1950s a new Altas Building was constructed and the statue was moved the front of the new building at ground level to be admired by all who passed. During the 1970s the building was again demolished to make way for the latest structure that occupies 406 Collins Street. This once proud statue now sits high up in a corner, where he is ignored by most rushing past below him...

This post is part of the My Sunday Best meme,
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and also part of the Photo Sunday meme.


Dog Found "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"



Has anyone lost or know someone who has lost a large dog? We found him wandering around the Coburg basketball court. 

He has no collar. If you recognize him or have any info please call me on 0451 865 236. 




One For The Ladies: UNSWs Helpful Guide On How Not To Get Raped "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Heres some tips on how to stay safe, along with other stupid things men say to women after someone is sexually assaulted. Note to readers: this story contains a confession by writer Chris Graham, and another epiphany.

Remember Eurydice Dixon. How could anyone forget, right? And remember the backlash when, following Eurydices brutal rape and murder, Victorian Police issued a timely reminder to women in Melbourne to take greater care with their personal security? How could anyone forget that either, right?

Well, it seems the folks over at the University of NSW did, because on Friday afternoon, following reports of a sexual assault near the campus, an executive from UNSW sent all staff and students an email headed Safety and vigilance on campus. The message sought to provide women, well over to UNSW

Safety and Vigilance on Campus-1

Lets see if we can break down what UNSW is really communicating here.

Someone got raped last night, but it wasnt on our campus. That said, it was near our campus, and we really should say something, because if we dont and the next rape actually occurs on our campus, we can point to the email we sent to all our staff and students and say Its very sad but we did kinda warn you. That lessens our moral culpability, but most importantly it will also help us seriously mitigate any reputational damage the rapist and his victim might cause us. Thus, what were going to say is this: While we do what we can to make you safe, your personal safety is still your personal responsibility. Follow these helpful tips so you dont go and get yourself raped.

Or words to that affect. Because while that might not be how the email is intended to be read, its certainly open to interpretation to be read that way. And at this juncture, I should offer a confession. My spin on the UNSW email is obviously quite provocative, but its not what I thought yesterday.

On Friday afternoon, I was sitting in a caf with two female colleagues (plotting the downfall of a government), when one of them received the email, from a distressed UNSW staff member.

A discussion of mutual exasperation ensued, whereupon I entered it by saying words to the effect of, OK, I understand the frustration and anger of women at this, and Im not suggesting UNSW cant do more to make women feel safe, but is it really that unreasonable for UNSW to remind people about their safety? Where is the actual harm in the email?

Well heres the harm (and thanks to my colleagues for gently explaining it to me).

The problem with telling grown w...


Further notes on an offensive cartoon "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Further notes on an offensive cartoonThere is something stupefying, depressing and yet familiar about Mark Knights Serena Williams cartoon in the Melbourne edition of the Murdoch gutter press a few days ago. read now...

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Saturday, 15 September


CORELLA "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

The long-billed corella (Cacatua tenuirostris), or slender-billed corella is a cockatoo native to Australia, which is similar in appearance to the little corella and sulphur-crested cockatoo. This species is mostly white, with a reddish-pink face and forehead, and has a long pale beak, which is used to dig for roots and seeds. It has reddish-pink feathers on the breast and belly.

The adult long-billed corella measures from 38 to 41 cm in length, has a wingspan of about 8090 cm and averages 567 g in weigh] It has a long bone-coloured beak, and a rim of featherless bluish skin around the eyes. The plumage is predominantly white with reddish feathers around the eyes and lores. The underside of the wings and tail feathers are tinged with yellow.

The long-billed corella can be found in the wild around western Victoria and southern New South Wales. Feral populations have sprung up in Sydney, Perth, Hobart and southeast Queensland from the release of captive birds. This has implications in Western Australia where this species may hybridise with the endangered southern race of the western corella. It has extended its range in the past 15 years or so and can now be found (and is common) right through central Victoria including areas around Melbourne. Here they are foraging in the Darebin Parklands in suburban Melbourne.

Breeding generally takes place from July to November. Long-billed corellas form monogamous pairs and both sexes share the task of building the nest, incubating the eggs and caring for the young. Nests are made in decayed debris, the hollows of large old  [3] are laid on a lining of decayed wood. The incubation period is around 24 days and chicks spend about 56 days in the nest.

This post is part of the ...


Vermeer, Delft and the new globalisation of the 17th century "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

No nation was as interested in domestic genre scenes as the post-Reformation Dutch. The Dutch middle class wanted small, realistic images of their own life, images where education, exploration, science, business and Protestant virtues were honoured.

In the book Vermeers Hat (2009), Timothy Brook focused on these small, domestic interiors of Delft as shown in eight paintings by Dutch master Johannes Vermeer (163275). His work suggested that a study of globalisation should start in the C17th; this would improve our understanding of the complex exchanges that brought the world together in a more integrated economic unit back then.

Vermeer, Officer and Laughing Girl, 165560 
50 cm x 46 cm, The Frick Collection

Starting with the household objects and activities found in Vermeers paintings, Brook was interested in viewing trade markets across the world, perhaps parts of the world that C17th Europeans didnt know much about. He thus uncovered something of the economic and social context in Vermeers time, the impact it had on how people viewed their world and the unfamiliar objects from abroad that became familiar consumption goods in the Netherlands.

The author did acknowledge that earlier contacts had forged among different civilisations, as I would have done regarding the Silk Road etc. But Brook underestimated the importance of the earlier contacts. And he overestimated how important European-directed interconnectedness was.

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Friday, 14 September


LATE AFTERNOON "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

Spring sunshine, warmer temperatures, and fluffy clouds as the afternoon wears on in Werribee.

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A preposition deposition "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

Well wouldn't you know, I was absolutely beside myself. Which was awkward, because it was a rather cliched position to put myself in. So I decided to be inside myself instead. After being inside myself for a while it was getting rather tight and I needed fresh air, so I decided to be before myself instead. It was great! Because that meant I was getting ahead of myself, though I also had to run to keep up with myself, which put me between myself and myself and it was getting rather like I was being inside myself again. So I put myself down, which meant I sat upon myself. Just as I felt like I was getting on top of myself, who should I walk into but myself? Just standing around on a street corner, being with himself (who was me). And because I ran into myself I was all of a sudden inside myself again, and it seemed like I was back to square one! Fortunately, I caught myself in time, which experience took me right out of myself, and I was overjoyed, I was excited, let me tell you, I was absolutely beside myself!


John Butler Trio & Missy Higgins announce massive nationwide tour "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

Two of Australias music tour de forces John Butler Trio and Missy Higgins have just announced a massive nationwide tour, the Coming Home tour.

The tour kicks off in January and will see these legendary acts tackle huge venues, including the Sydney Opera House forecourt, and Melbournes Myer Music Bowl. They will be supported by a bunch of celebrated Aussie artists like Stella Donnelly, Baker Boy, Dan Sultan, The Waifs and The Teskey Brothers. Check out full tour dates and ticket information below:

Watch: Missy Higgins Futon Couch

John Butler Trio & Missy Higgins 2019 Coming Home Tour

* Dates Missy Higgins will not appear.

Tickets on sale 12pm local time Friday, 21st September

Friday, 25th January
Wignalls Winery, Albany (With Carla Geneve)
Tickets: John Butler Website

Sunday, 27th January
Leeuwin Estate Winery, Margaret River (With Carla Geneve)
Tickets: John Butler Website

Friday, 1st February
Kings Park, Perth (With Stella Donnelly)
Tickets: John Butler Website

Thursday, 7th February
Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne (All Ages) (With Stella Donnelly and Dan Sultan)
Tickets: Ticketmaster

Saturday, 9th February
All Saints Estate, Rutherglen (A Day On The Green) (With Stella Donnelly and Dan Sultan)
Tickets: John Butler Website

Sunday, 10th February
Stage 88, Canberra (With Stella Donnelly and The Waifs)
Tickets: John Butler Website

Thursday, 14th February
Sydney Opera House Forecourt, Sydney (All Ages) (With Stella Donnelly)
Tickets: Sydney Opera House


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Thursday, 13 September


RHODODENDRON "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

Rhododendron 'Mrs. Murple's Purple', has large, 5 lobed, ruffled, star-shaped flowers that form a large ball truss that complements the attractive foliage and good growth habit. Each flower is a medium purple with a hint of red and fades to a white centre with a gold blotch on the upper lobe. The reverse of each flower has more of a reddish tint which helps to create a lovely contrast with the white anthers. (produced by crossing 'Purple Splendour' x 'Whitney's Purple').

The National Rhododendron Gardens (The Georgian Rd, Olinda, Victoria 3788, Australia), are host to brilliantly coloured blooms of rhododendrons, azaleas, camellias, cherries and daffodils. Seasonal changes ensure the gardens are a delight all year around. When not in bloom, you can still soak in the beauty of rich bark textures, seed capsules, foliage shapes and beautiful fragrance as you stroll through the grounds.

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matthewschiavello: matthewschiavello: Amsterdam green... "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"



Amsterdam green #73


Many thanks to Jules at Fragments of broken dreams, for the recent reblogs!


something older


Thornbury Theatre "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"



On Thursday 13th September the Thornbury Theatre is chuffed to be hosting Northcote High Comedy. Comedy is fast becoming a tradition for Northcote High School parents and friends. A fantastic line-up has been released for the 2019 Comedy Night fundraiser, brought to you by the Events and Fundraising sub-committee of School Council. Last year the night raised over $20,000 to support school projects. Fundraising such as this is central to Northcote High School's ability to continue to develop contemporary learning spaces in addition to projects funded by DET.  The night will feature well known comics Geraldine Hickey, David Quirk, Monica Dullard, Nath Valvo, Lauren Bok and MC Jodie J Hill. This year, funds raised will target the redevelopment of the Library to create improved study, meeting and social spaces for students. 

Melbourne based singer, songwriter and story teller Michael Waugh is touring nationally to launch his fourth album 'The Asphalt &...


Re-Submissions. "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"



Wed just like to mention that recently weve been getting a few people tagging us into posts or mentioning us in hashtags. Its worth pointing out that we dont always see tags as this blog isnt the primary blog of either of us and these posts are generally brought to our attention thanks to somebody else (most notably @naturelvr69). Its easy enough to submit to us by clicking here and we cant always guarantee posting your photographs if you tag us into a post. 

Mojo & RK 

Submissions are the best way to submit to the @photochallenge2018 blog.

Thank you Mojo & RK!


Dirty Quickies is seeking participants from NIAs across Toronto "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"


Hello! Do you live, work, study, or are otherwise part of a community
located in one of Torontos 31 Neighbourhood Improvement Areas (NIAs)? 

Dirty Quickies is starting a side project with the goal to increase visibility and representation across all of Torontos communities while showcasing the beauty of our diverse neighbourhoods and their inhabitants. To this end, we are participating in the Toronto Strong Neighbourhoods Strategy 2020 initiative to promote the communities within 31 specific areas in the city of Toronto. 

You can find an enlarged map of all 31 of these neighbourhoods here or click on their individual profile pages below to see a snapshot of the respective areas, including their demographics data:

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Wednesday, 22 August


Singing the Camino: A tale of two trailblazers, walking and songs "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

You never know where life as a Singing Leader will take you next. Several years ago now, The Lucky Wonders, an indie folk pop band from Byron Bay, toured Germany. In need of a break after a few gruelling years in the music industry, Jessie Vintila and her partner Emma Royle took off for a drive through Spain and France, and found themselves in St Jean Pied de Port, a small French town at the foot of the Pyrenees.

Turns out, St Jean Pied de Port is a common starting place for people walking a spectacular stretch of the Camino Francs, the most famous of all the Pilgrimage routes across the mountains, and on this particular day the atmosphere of the town captivated them both in a powerful and life changing way.

We saw all these people in hiking gear with walking poles and there was a kind of magical hush over the town. There and then we got the bug for the Camino. Emma has been a keen hiker all her life and she was determined we would walk this track as soon as possible.

But with return flights booked and paid for it was time to head home to Australia leaving the two women unclear about how they could justify an imminent trip back to Europe. Being musicians its not that easy to travel across the world, Jessie laughs. Their quest was something to ponder, something requiring time and creative thinking but the vision and the place persisted to play in their thoughts.

On a walk out one evening, an idea and a solution to the situation popped clearly into Jessies headand after all that thinking it turned out, rather ironically, to be a bit of a no-brainer.

Jessie was fortunate to be born into a singing family. As a multi-instrumentalist for most of her life she has also been a passionate choir leader since she was 18: I cant get enough of it, Im an absolute harmony addict, I love having people all around me singing harmonies all the time. Emma, who is also a musician, is an ardent fan of walking.

The freshly hatched plan combined all these skills and, most importantly at that point in time, gave Jessie and Emma a legitimate reason to head back to the Camino together to explore the idea of setting up their potential new venture: A Singing tour of the Camino for other people to do.

If we could go over there and set up this project, we could do it!

Within a few months of their original visit, Jessie and Emma went back to Spain and walked all 800 blister-busting kilometres of the Camino. They decided to focus on the final 200km stretch which they decided would be the ideal distance for singing walkers to cover on a twelve day tour. A significant amo...


Trevor Ravenscroft and the Spirit World "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

This will allow us to begin to see a whole spiritual depth and significance behind every single manifestation of the physical world...

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Tuesday, 21 August


The Third Industrial Revolution "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

I belong to a degrowth group on facebook. The owner of this group posted a link to a youtube video titled The Third Industrial Revolution: A Radical New Sharing Economy. I downloaded it sight unseen so that I could watch it on my TV while its Jeremy_Rifkinpissing down with rain outside and I frankly have nothing else better to do. luckily for those up North in terrible drought, well be sending some your way next weekend. Ive never liked Jeremy Rifkins crazy ideas, and had I realised he was the star attraction of this film, I probably would not have downloaded it in the first place, but having done so, and under the abovemnetioned weather conditions, I went ahead anyway

The first half hour was for me the best part, because he clearly explains with some crucial left out items why were in deep shit. What really leaves me flumoxed is how someone who clearly understands thermodynamics and entropy cannot come to grips with their repercussions.

A Third Industrial Revolution Would Seal Our FateWhy Jeremy Rifkin is Dead Wrong

For me, it was extraordinarily hard to find where to start my criticismnot because of the lack of strength of his arguments, but simply because it is just plain hard to even know where to start! E...

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Monday, 20 August


Peak Infrastructure "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

For years now, I have been saying that the 20th Century was built one brick at a time, as and when it was needed, using ever growing amounts of surplus energy that were both very cheap and easily accessible.. and as Limits to Growth rears its ugly head more and more often, all the signs that we are no longer able to do this is becoming obvious; because we have now reached the stage when all those old bricks (and steel and concrete and.) start needing to be replaced while at the same time the new infrastructure required by the growth monster has to also be built.Genoa-Bridge-Collapse

Enter the Genoa bridge that collapsed last week.. photos of it crumbling weeks before the tragic event that seems to have killed 43 people were posted on social media. Im no structural engineer, but it looks pretty bad to me. Dangling cables and the middle buckling under its own weight are not good signs Falling apart comes to mind. Anyone in their right mind would have closed it down and more than likely condemned it, but no, lets not get a few lives get in the way of profits. At fifty years old, it wasnt particularly ancient, but shoddy workmanship and even mafia involvement in supplying dodgy concrete are issues making their way to the Italian media.

With Italy on the cusp of bankruptcy, h...

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Sunday, 19 August


Madge Digest #152 August 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Vic"


Wednesday, 15 August


The Doorway To Resilience "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Ditch striving for positivity and happiness. The positive thinking/happiness craze of more recent decades has morphed into something much better...

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