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Monday, 05 November


Halloween lunch and spider cheese ball "IndyWatch Feed"

Today we held our annual birthday lunch to remember our sons Alex and Ian.  Sylvia thinks it is all about her celebrating Halloween (well, she says she knows what her brothers would like).  We had lots of fun making spooky food to share with a small group of family and friends.  Perhaps the most impressive looking savoury food was a spider cheese ball. 

We spent yesterday tidying the house and making food and some craft candles.  I think I put off making the cheese ball til late because I didn't really know what I was doing.

Once I had blitzed it in the food processor and wrapped it in a ball it seemed soft and not anything like a ball.  I was not confident.


tweets about farkern straya "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Calling it serving our country and calling them vets are both very American but not as American as only ever fighting for America.

The upgraded war memorial should have a stars and stripes the size of the sun flapping overhead in the climate change nightmare hell wind.

When I think of the countries Australia has helped destroy my penis gets very big and hard.

What an incredible and ongoing series of experiments in a Nazi laboratory we are.


The Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance is proud to announce its 2018 2019 National Committee Members! "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

The National Committee is elected each year during the annual Food Sovereignty Convergence. The folks on the Committee help to guide the work of AFSA, offering their talents and expertise in everything from ethical farming techniques to international food policy advocacy. AFSA is lucky to have a team of dedicated and passionate people working to create equitable, sustainable and resilient food systems for all Australians. Join us in welcoming this year's Committee members:

  • President- Tammi Jonas
  • Vice President- Katie Johnston
  • Treasurer - Anna Treasure
  • Secretary - Ruth Morris
  • International Liaison - Anisah Madden

General Members

  • Ant Wilson
  • Fraser Bailey
  • Jess Brugmans
  • Dan Cordner
  • Katrina Munksgaard
  • Ray Palmer


  • Sarah de Wit - Paralegal
  • Aly Brody - Policy, Research, and Administrative Officer

Committee Member Profiles

Tammi Jonas, President

Tammi considers herself an ethicurean farmer, mindful meatsmith, and agrarian intellectual. She has been the AFSA President since 2014, and will continue to fulfill this role for the 2018 - 2019 committee year. Tammi is a known leader, lending her strong female farmer's voice to the fight for food sovereignty in Australia.

Tammi is the Chief Butcher at Jonai Farms located in Central Highlands Victoria. She and her husband Stuart, Chief Farmer of Jonai, raise heritage breed Large Black pigs and a small herd of mixed cattle, as well as a small annual cr...


Highpoints new food champ "IndyWatch Feed"

  Farang Thai BBQ, Highpoint, Maribyrnong. Phone: 0478 959 182 Heading to Highpoint, we have no previous experience with the food truck iteration of Farang. I warn Bennie and in the process, myself to keep expectations in check. A food truck setting up a pop-up operation at a shopping centre? My scepticism is []


STFU "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Hey, wow, remember the punch nazis debates, where people who believe nazis can be debated with tried to debate people who don't?

They went on to prove you can win a debate with a nazi by not even slightly trying to actually fucking do so even fucking once.

These amazingly gifted idea havers are among our finest skeptics on the subject of leftism and will happily shit on lefties until their arseholes drop out.

Now obviously I don't know how you punch nazis in Melbourne, because they have an incredible armed guard called the Victoria Police.

Victoria Police are a right wing organisation run like a cult. If any of it's members begin to grasp this they are bullied into a state of ruinous bad mental health.


Featured Drink: Prince Public Bar "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Featured Drink:  Street Spritz Located on the Fitzroy Street frontage of Melbournes iconic The Prince Hotel, Prince Public Bar is the local watering hole for many a St Kilda native and one of Melbournes oldest gay-friendly venues. A place to let go of the daily grind and catch up in good company, it is one of []

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Watching the red tsunami in good company "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

I received a note a week or so back which had as its core message:

Im hoping you can recommend an event in Sydney where I can share the enjoyment of watching the red tsunami on November 7 with others who get it.

I have tried to think about where one might go and have no idea. I know where I am going in Melbourne, but thats just me and that is here. So I thought I would put the query up online in case there are election parties being arranged that are open to others of a like mind.

It will all begin happening starting in the morning of Wednesday 7 November, since the election takes place on the sixth in the US and the results start coming in around 10:00 am our time on the seventh.

And no more than in 2016 can I be sure of who will win. The Senate is likely to shift towards the Republicans but the House is the issue. You do want to be with others of a like mind to watch if you can. How anyone can vote Democrat is beyond me, but seems to be the case, and they may even be half the votes (which is not necessarily the same as half the country).


America should be a warning to other countries according to Joseph Stiglitz "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz, who will be in Australia next week to receive the Sydney peace prize on 15 November and talk about the lessons the rest of the world can learn from Americas mistakes,  was interviewed by Gareth Hutchens. This was published in the Guardian 5 November 2018.  Stiglitz will also be speaking at the Athenaeum Theatre in Melbourne on 19 November

We were a very different country 40 years ago, he said. The downhill slide has been pretty fast. America, I think, should be an important warning to other countries not to take for granted their institutions. I worry that things in the United States could get much worse.

The renowned economist and Columbia University professor has been awarded the 2018 Sydney peace prize for leading one of the defining public policy discussions of our age the crisis caused by economic inequality.

Stiglitz is credited with pioneering the concept of the 1 per cent, the idea that the upper 1% of Americans have accumulated so much political power and wealth in recent decades through voter suppression, gerrymandering, and the corrupting influence of money that the countrys economy has suffered, and its democracy has been undermined.

In 2011, barely two years into Barack Obamas first presidential term, he warned the political upheavals then roiling countries like Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, and Bahrain could one day be visited upon the US, but in an American way. Later that year, the Occupy Wall Street protest emerged in Manhattans financial district.

His bestselling book The Price of Inequality (2012) explained in detail how America had been growing apart, at an increasingly rapid rate. He argued forcefully that the severe inequality in the U.S. was a choice of the countrys leaders: a consequence of their policies, laws and regulations.

Most Americans want a higher minimum wage, they want gun control, they want access to healthcare yet our democracy cant deliver it

This month, he plotted in Scientific American how inequality had worsened so much over the last 40 years that US democracy was imperilled.

Whereas the income share of the top 0.1% has more than quadrupled and that of the top 1% has almost doubled, that of the bottom 90% has declined,...

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Sunday, 04 November


MIUC 061118: WPH; Perfume; Spit Shine "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

WPH - NATHAN PILCH (Baritone Guitar)
PERFUME - LISA LERKENFELDT (Synthesiser/Field Recordings)/GRACE ANDERSON (Voice/Pedals)

13/11: Alice Bennett/Timothy Franklin/Matt O'Brien/Zac O'Connell/Sophie Weston/Morgan Heenan; Ciarn Geoghegan/Jannah Quill; Ryan Ross Smith
20/11: Francis Plagne; Biddy Connor; Justin Fuller; Floris Vanhoof(BE)

The Make It Up Club


Law Firms Wont Improve Patent Quality Because Quality in Patenting Limits Their Ability to Sue (Profit Irrespective of the Outcome) "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Michael Risch

Summary: A new paper (cited by Michael Risch above) asserts that choice of attorney matters to quality, but what the authors mean by high-quality attorney is one who knows how to secure low-quality patents, such as software patents

THE U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has returned to a leadership of patent maximalists (people who predate Michelle Lee) much like the European Patent Office (EPO) under Battistelli and Antnio Campinos an issue well have a lot more to say about tomorrow. A patent office which disregards patent quality does not promote or protect innovation; instead it protects litigation. Theres a tradeoff between defense and offense and some patents, due to their nature and their so-called owner, will never yield anything except lawsuits. Theres some new coverage by Crains Chicago Business regarding Motorola under the headline patents provide the sword and the shield. It is possible to have a lot of patents and still not sue anybody.

Theres also this new paper [PDF] from Alfons Palangkaraya (Swinburne University of Technology) and Elizabeth Webster (Swinburne University of Technology; The University of Melbourne Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research). The abstract says that they found the ability to obtain patent protection depends not only on the quality of the invention but also on the quality of the patent attorney. To quote:

Failure to obtain a patent weakens the market position and production chain of enterprises in patent-intensive technology domains. For such enterprises, finding ways to maximise the chance to obtain patent protection is a business imperative. Using information from patent applications filed in at least two of the five largest patent offices in the world between 2000 and 2006, we fi...


HONEY ON THE COMB "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

A friend of ours has a couple of beehives in his back garden and he produces a great deal of honey every year. We are the very happy recipients of a jar of this pure, organic, home-made honey, which is harvested regularly. I am fascinated by his hives, especially when they are being harvested. Chewing on little bit of honeycomb is a good reward for helping out with the harvest.

The very green Melbourne suburbs with their large garden allotments all full of every kind of seasonal flowers has been the norm in our city making urban apiaries a rewarding pursuit. With increasing development and the wholesale reduction of gardens and flowers, I think we can expect less honey due to disappearing backyards...

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Victorian Labor government environmental policy nobbled? (National Dingo Preservation and Recovery Program) "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

The National Dingo Preservation and Recovery Program (NDPRP) today expressed dismay at the failure of the Victorian Labor government to put its own apex predator conservation policy into practice.

The Victorian Labor government recently committed to:
recognise and protect the ecological function of existing dingo populations within Victorian ecosystems as part of biodiversity programs and management initiatives
and to maintain:
, existing native apex predators in natural ecosystems and, investigate the potential functional role of reintroduced native apex predators in north-west Victoria.

Although the Victorian Labor government has recently refined and extended its policy commitment to protect dingo populations and their crucial ecological role, the government has failed at the very first significant test of that commitment, NDPRP spokesperson Arthur Gorrie said.
In September 2018, the Victorian government had the opportunity to correct the serious deficiencies of earlier dingo protection measures put in place after the listing of the dingo as a threatened species in 2010. The expiry of these measures provided the Minister for the Environment, the Hon Lily DAmbrosio, with an opportunity to rectify these deficiencies.
Many areas of Victoria where the dingo was unprotected at the time of the dingo threatened species listing, under the pretext of protecting farm stock from dingo predation, have in practice proven unnecessary, as in north western Victoria where there is very little sheep farming, with negligible stock losses. Yet, lethal dingo control in this part of the state was sanctioned with significant numbers of dingoes killed annually. Also, the very narrow genetic definition of the dingo used by the Victorian government means that many high conservation value dingo hybrids continued to be governed as vermin in Victoria by Agriculture authorities rather than as wildlife by biodiversity authorities.
In July 2018, an extensive list of pre-eminent Australian environmental scientists jointly wrote to the Victorian government, urging it not to renew the dingo un-protection arrangements, along with the Humane Society International and other conservation organisations. The current arrangements were deemed to be unnecessary, ultimately i...


Featured Dish: Galah "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Featured Dish: Steak Tartar Galah is conspicuously tucked away inside a bottle shop on High St (Winsdor). Perhaps not as secretive as Jungle Boys entrance via the cool room doorway, its intriguing nonetheless, with a stairwell in the corner that leads up to a spacious, high-ceilinged bar/club. Currently, its quite a hit with the locals eager to slip []

The post Featured Dish: Galah appeared first on St Kilda News.


mdibble:Solo painting exhibition_opening January 3rd... "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"


Solo painting exhibition_opening January 3rd @first_street_gallery #chelseaart
@westchelseabldg #contemporarygallery #abexpainting #legendarybog #modernart #modernkunst #livewithart #curatedspace
#kunstart #highlinenyc (at West Chelsea Building, LLC)

If you will be in NYC IN January, please consider putting this in your calendar! Shame I wont be there!


Latest News - Victoria Police News: High range drink driver in Frankston "melbourne IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

Carrum Downs Police observed a vehicle on Karingal Drive in Frankston about 6pm, the driver was not wearing a seatbelt.


Mental Health and why we participated in Mental health month "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

Mental Health month was in October and there were a few celebrations going on. Mental health is such a huge problem these daysimg_20181017_163101

Mental Health has everything to do with your wellbeing. If you are always depressed then you might be isolated, lonely, fat etc. Each year many International students have mental health problems due to loniliness and homesickness.

Hence this is why we are participating in this month. Mental health affects us all in many ways. And in some ways International students are homeless due to rent increases and living costs. Many International students have a part time job but some dont pay the correct wages.

Some of them could not sleep at night.

Hence this why they are unhappy. And it leads to bad academic performance. Each semester the Student Union sees many students who have failed their courses and didnt seek help early.

Mental health is important to us as witho...


Fitness first in Church st Richmond "IndyWatch Feed"

Its really busy on Saturday and we wanted to see why! So as part of our platinum membership (it allows us to visit any club we want within that network) we went there a few times!


First of all that club is on Church st where the furniture shops are. At first it was really hard for me to find but eventually I found it. You have to go through the car park or the furniture shop to get there.


Its 24/7 which is great for some, but not necessary for others.

The staff is friendly, like most Fitness first gyms.

I do enjoy the cafe and many members find it beneficial. I love that it has healthy food in there for members to purchase and when they close for the week whatever not sold is given out or given at a 50% discount. I did enjoy the eggs, museli and the many smoothies on offer.



Acting on impulse "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Impulse improves

The latest Financial Aggregates figures from the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) showed that housing credit growth slowed to 5.2 per cent in September, down from 6.6 per cent a year earlier, though if you look closely the pace of decline has now been easing for several months. 

Indeed, ANZ's research team underscored this very point, noting that the housing credit impulse (essentially the rate of change in housing credit growth) troughed out in June 2018, and has now been improving for 3 months.

On this basis they've argued that peak to trough dwelling prices for Sydney and Melbourne will go no further than 10 per cent, with most of those declines having already happened. 

I was interested in those thoughts and recreated a housing credit impulse reading below (advanced 3 months) which yielded the same results - if the indicator works as it has in the past then capital city housing markets should be back on an even keen in 2019.

Since most housing finance is written in the two most populous states, this clearly isn't going to tell you anything useful about housing markets in Launceston or Longreach, but it's an indicator rooted in logic.

If the credit impulse picks up then this has tended to be reflected in a similar change in capital city housing market sentiment, with the price indices also being heavily weighted towards Sydney and Melbourne.......


PERTH Magistrates court listings "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

snip .

Magistrates court listings .

November 03, 2018 at 04:20PM .

Perth Magistrates Court, Perth, Western Australia. Newcastle Magistrates Court listings are published daily. The Magistrates Court of Victoria Current .




Melbourne University's Ormond College takes initiative on rape culture "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Melbourne University's Ormond College takes initiative on rape cultureFemale leaders make a big difference in stamping out sexual assault at university campuses. read now...


Windsor Place Studio "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

The sculptor William Eicholtz and mixed media minimalist artist Louise Rippert have been working in the same studio in Windsor for twenty-five years. They currently shares the studio with ceramic artist Janet Beckhouse, fine artist and jewellery Rose Agnew, painter Karen Salter, and ceramics artist Caroline Gibbes. They have the lease for another four years but the construction is closing in around them as inner city Melbourne grows in height.

Looking at William Eicholtz's studio

More than their art artists love their studios. Their art will hopefully be sold and go but the studio remains a constant muse. Most artist studios that I visit are in former factories or shops, partitioned into smaller individual studios. Aside from home studios I have rarely seen an artist studio who wasnt sharing with other artists.

Alex Taylor Perils of the Studio (Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2007) is history of Melbourne art told from the perspective of the artist studio,Taylor shows that artists studios at the turn of the 20th Century demonstrated a range of ideas about what it is to be an artist: as an aesthete, as feminine, as a collector, as a scholar and as a bohemian.

Artists studios are considerably smaller and messier than a century ago, as described by Taylor. They are more workshops than lounge rooms. One reason for this is because artists are no longer working from models and are no longer selling art out of their studios.

There are less partitions than usual at the Windsor Place studio. Most of the artists can look up and see each other at work from across the studio. There is some cross pollination of ideas between the artists. Beckhouse has had a subtle influence on William Eicholtz and Caroline Gibbes who are both working in ceramics. They are unusually convivial studio in other ways; they go out together to exhibitions and events. The last time I ran into them at Spring 1883 when they invited me to visit the studio. On the day I visited both Janet and Louise were wearing jewellery by Rose Agnew.

The day prior to my visit about thirty members of the NGV Womens Association had visited the Windsor Place studio. This meant that the studio was unusually tidy and there was still left-over, but still delicious, cakes made by Rose. I know my place in the pecking order of the art world is somewhere below that of the ladies who lunch (I find it odd to imagine that such an organisation, as the NGV Womens Association, still exists).

After morning tea the artist get back to work and I went around the studio seeing their space. I hadnt met Karen Salter and Caroline Gibbes...

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Saturday, 03 November


Recommendation Sought "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Hi all,

We are seeking any recommendations for local driving schools or instructors for our nearly 16 year old (once hes got the Learners ;-).

It would be great to hear of other peoples experiences so if you could either post on the news or email to ...


Prom Coast Food Collective "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


NEW PRODUCER ALERT: Coltish Pies and Duck Eggs

Click on this link to visit our online shop -



THE SHEEP'S BACK "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

A rather amusing addition to a suburban balcony in Melbourne. This artificial sheep looks like it's ready to jump ship, so to speak. As "Australia was built on the sheep's back", it is a cute tribute to one of our staples of economic success.

For a century, the wool industry gave Australia one of the highest living standards in the world. The economy rode high on wealth from primary exports. By the 1950s, wool was synonymous with the Australian way of life.

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Deporting or imprisoning desperate refugees is a shame on all Australia "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

Over the years in this blog, I have tried to show how Australias most creative and productive citizens were once terrified refugees and migrants, forced out of their own countries and waiting to be accepted by Australian society eg Judy Cassab: from HungaryScottish migrants,  the Evian Conference of 1938,  Holocaust survivors from Poland,  child deportees from Britain,  recent boat people, the Dunera BoysNicholas Wintons train loads of children and Viennese refugee Richard Goldner. Australia would have been a very bland, conservative country, if it was not for the large minority of Australian citizens in every generation who were not born here (26%). My year at school would have had five children in it, rather than the 120 I met in 1953.

Jane McAdam is law professor and director of the Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law at NSW University. McAdam and Fiona Chongs new book Refugees: Why Seeking Asylum Is Legal and Australias Policies Are Not (UNSW Press, 2014) was published just a few years ago.  This book should be read by all Australians concerned about the inhumanity demonstrated by successive federal governments when dealing with refugees seeking our protection. I hope schools will introduce young Australians to such issues. The book reveals not merely the abandonment of Australia's cherished "fair-go", but shows how we have breached international law.

small boat filled with asylum seekers, Christmas Island


New releases from Frustration Jazz label! "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

Sage Pbbbt & Erin K Taylor MPavilion

A beautiful, atmospheric live recording of an improvised set performed at Melbournes outdoor MPavilion venue in February 2018. Sage Pbbbt, extra-normal vocalist extraordinaire, had only just moved over from Perth and this collaboration with ridiculously talented Victorian percussionist, electro-acoustic musician and sound artist Erin K Taylor was the first time the two had met. The pair allow for plenty of space as they interact with each other and the environmental sounds (birdsong in particular) that weave a consistent thread through the recording. Transformative and transportive are the operative words here, alon...


Freshwater Listening "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

Freshwater Listening is a national two day (free) event on November 17-18 in regional Victoria celebrating freshwater care and 20 years of acoustic ecology in Australia. The event is hosted by AFAE founding member Dr Ros Bandt and the Australian Forum for Acoustic Ecology. The program includes sound walks, hydrophone workshops, freshwater listening expeditions, presentations, performances and the Freshwater Listening exhibition featuring some of Australia's leading artists.

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Friday, 02 November


Civil @ Tinning Street "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

In Tangled Love Civils stick figure folk, a mix between Keith Haring and Matisse, form a gentle community as they sit, walk, dance and ride bicycles. They occupy a large wall in the laneway outside the gallery, Tinning Street presents but sit comfortably on the smaller supports within.

Tom Civil, Wavering Spirit (Tinning Street)

A decade ago I was interested in how street art and graffiti would be exhibited in art galleries. Moving from the street into the gallery is a matter of economics, conservation and, given the structure of the art world, inevitability. At the time stencil art dominated Melbournes street art scene so that meant that, aside from the gallery location, the other difference was support, outside walls or other materials.

However, sometimes that location on the street was very important to the art. I have seen many artists work fail to work in the gallery. The worst that I can remember was Urban Cake Ladys exhibition at Rist; her art which looked enchanting on the street lost its magic inside the gallery.

Often this was because isolated in the gallery is different from being collaged onto the actual streetscape. Maybe they are missing the unexpected moment of discovery on the street, that Prof. Alison Young argues is the core of the street art experience, replaced with the totally expected experience of the exhibition. Sometimes the repetition of the artists single iconic image looks repetitious and boring in a gallery. Sometimes it is simply due to issues of scale. Certainly the white, anaesthetic room rarely helps the art look its best.

None of these appeared to be a problem in Tom Civils exhibition at Tinning Street presents. Dried botanical arrangements in old milk vats engraved by Civil decorate the gallery. His stick figures appear on a variety of supports: timbre lattice, ply, green corflute (corrugated plastic), doormats, wood and clear corrugated plastic which reminds the viewer of the variety of surfaces in the city. Aside from Civils familiar stick figures there are images created specifically for gallery exhibitions of animals from centipedes to chooks. Print making techniques extending from his early stencils on the street to linocut, drypoint etching, screen-prints and woodcuts. These printing techniques offer new material for the exhibition. Inside or outside of the gallery Civils images work.



SERENE SUNSET "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

At the Darebin Parklands.

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Thursday, 01 November


Courg Cemetery Tour "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"


The ANZACs - 100 Years Later - a Coburg Cemetery Tour

Sunday 11 November 2018,  2pm 4pm


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