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Wednesday, 10 January


Muriel Matters: Australian-British women's rights heroine "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

The womens suffrage movement in Britain had been fractured in 1903. This was when Emmeline Pankhurst led a breakaway group from the National Union of Womens Suffrage Societies, arguing that it had become too content waiting for male approval, rather than actively demanding womens rights. The militant Womens Social and Political Union, run by the Pankhursts, had begun disrupting political meetings attended by prominent MPs. The suffragettes tactics reawakened public interest in the issue, but the Pankhursts were often seen as overly autocratic.

Robert Wainwright* wrote of a young actress named Muriel Matters (1877-1969) who grew up in South Australia. The art of elocution back then required its exponents to weave a tale onstage, often set to music or poetry. Muriel trained with Lionel Logue, a family friend who later helped the stuttering King George VI.

From an Australian state where women got the vote in 1894, Muriel arrived in London with little money, some letters of introduction and dreams to become a West End star. At 28 Muriel was an intellectual, reinforced by other intellectuals who imbued her with socialist ideals. Two people were important in encouraging Muriels radical thinking a] British journalist WT Stead and b] Peter Prince Kropotkin, exiled Russian revolutionary, who persuaded her to use her oratory skills for the greater good.

Muriels new direction emerged when she joined the Women's Freedom League/WFL. She led a campaign to protect young female actresses and stagehands from exploitation at the hands of low-paying, predatory agents and production companies. Her enthusiasm, eloquence and magical voice had to be used for the cause. Muriels magnetism, the WFL committee agreed, would be wasted if she was just speaking in town halls to the converted.

Robert Wainwright's 2017 book
Miss Muriel Matters: .... One of Londons Most Famous Suffragists 
Note the "Votes for Women" airship in the background

Instead she needed to do mobile recruitment, talking in regional areas. In 1908, Muriel travelled on a horse-drawn caravan from town to town, speaking in halls and fields, standing on town me...

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Tuesday, 09 January


OBEX : TARAB + AMT : CRONICA : available now "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

OBEX : TARAB + AMT : Crnica

"...sometimes it builds, but as easily seems to be falling apart
making this quite odd but thoroughly captivating stuff."

physical copies available locally directly from : tarab AT tarab3058 DOT com .... or available soon from Shame Files

 TARAB's previous release on Crnica also available for free download


Tex-Mex sanctuary "IndyWatch Feed"

    Muyrico, Sanctuary Lakes Shopping Centre, Point Cook. Phone: 0424 101 020 Were in Point Cook for some Mexican food or, more accurately some Tex-Mex tucker. Our most recent adventure along those lines on the other side of the freeway, at another shopping centre had hardly thrilled us, so why []


Stand-in triumphs as Rocky Horror goes on "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

Rising star Adam Rennie is earning critical acclaim after taking on the lead role in the Rocky Horror Show, vacated by Craig McLachlan amid allegations of sexually inappropriate behaviour.
Rennie took to the Adelaide Festival Centre stage on Tuesday night for the first performance since McLachlan agreed to leave the show.
Three cast members from the 2014 production of the popular musical have told a Fairfax Media/ABC investigation that the 52-year-old inappropriately touched them or exposed himself.
A woman and a man who worked as part of the crew have also gone to Victorian police who are investigating the allegations.
McLachlan has denied any wrongdoing and the shows producers say they first learned the details of the allegations in media reports this week.
But they have promised to cooperate fully with authorities and conduct an internal investigation.
Heading into Tuesdays nights show, fans had mixed views on whether or not he should have withdrawn.
But critics praised Rennies work, the Adelaide Advertiser describing it as a triumph.
Audience members also took to Twitter describing him as incredible and genuine and hilarious.
The allegations against McLachlan come from actresses Erika Heynatz, Christie Whelan Browne and Angela Scundi.
Whelan Browne said McLachlan, who played transvestite Frank N Furter to her character Janet, indecently assaulted her on stage during a sex scene.
Scundi alleged McLachlan kissed her passionately onstage even after she had asked that it not be done.
The two women have also rejected suggestions the producers werent told of McLachlans behaviour.
There were two people in management that I spoke to directly and I cant imagine that they could look me in the face and say that those conversations never happened, Scundi told the 7.30 Report.
Whelan Browne said she spoke to the managing director of the production company, John Frost.
I went to John, which he says he doesnt recall, another cast member also spoke to him that day. So, thats two people who spoke to him and if he doesnt recall it, we do, she said.
McLachlan has described all the allegations as baseless.
They seem to be simple inventions, perhaps made for financial reasons, perhaps to gain notoriety, he was quoted as writing.

The post Stand-in triumphs as Rocky Horror goes on appeared first on...


Melbourne goes apartment ballistic "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

Economy picking up

When you anticipate something incorrectly it's best to admit it quickly and move on instead of trying to find evidence to support your bad call.

In 2017 I wrote on this blog that the economy seemed sluggish and interest rates might fall in 2018, but it seems we can forget that now.

2018 is barely a week old and after booming employment growth in 2017 this year we've already seen commodity prices such as iron ore surging, Pilbara's monthly iron ore exports hitting a record high, and consumer confidence surging to the highest level since 2013. 

The tourism and education sectors are firing, infrastructure projects have seen construction work expanding significantly, and services investment is looking up (while mining investment has actually been rising again after five years of declines).

And now, in case all that wasn't enough, residential construction is defying gloomy predictions too. 

Melbourne units surge

Building approvals trounced market expectations of a decline in rising by +11.7 per cent to 21,055 in November, the third highest monthly result ever, and with commercial approvals also rising the total value of approvals jumped +14.7 per cent to a record high of $7.7 billion. 

Kaboom indeed.

The monthly increase in residential approvals was almost entirely due to a thumping 6,287 attached dwellings approved in Melbourne, the biggest monthly result ever recorded for any capital city. 

Melbourne has seen 14,858 dwellings approved in the space of just two months, including a massive 9,754 units and townhouses (whether they actually get built is another matter entirely, with APRA apparently doing its level best to strangle access to housing credit). 



Join the queue "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Recent comments by Peter Dutton on Sudanese crime in Melbourne, in support of the Victorian Liberals' attempts to court that old political tart Laura Norder, underline two failures of strategy: in his portfolio, and within the Victoria Liberals in their quest for state government this November.

The end of the line

Immigration policy in Australia was set at the turn of the century by then-Immigration Minister Phillip Ruddock, backed by John Howard and his government and only ever tweaked by successive governments since then.

The first thing to say about immigration to Australia overall is that it has increased significantly this century. Where the crackdown has come, and the headlines, is in the refugee and asylum-seeker intakes.

Ruddock developed the idea of a 'queue' for refugees - yes, the world was full of desperate people fleeing war and persecution, but all that was required for such people to enter Australia was to "join the queue", fill out some forms and applications would be processed in due course. People who paid people-smugglers and arrived in Australia by boat without visas were "queue jumpers", denying places on the small (and successively reduced) quota for refugee intake to those who did all the right things and waited patiently.

Here's where Dutton has torpedoed that policy, and made himself look silly: successive Immigration ministers from Ruddock to Morrison told us there were people waiting patiently in refugee camps in Africa unable to enter Australia because bad people from the Middle East tried to jump the queue by coming here on boats. None of the people on Nauru or Manus are from South Sudan. They are people who have come here through the very vetting systems that Dutton now oversees.

If you agree with Dutton that Sudanese gangs are terrifying Melbourne, then it follows that he has failed to vet these people properly. You can't believe that Dutton, with his inflated powers as Home Affairs Minister, is keeping Australia safe if you also accept that he has waved through the very people apparently causing this mayhem. Say what you will about Daniel Andrews, his government simply has no role in immigration vetting. Why detain people at Nauru, Manus, Woodville or anywhere else when you are clearly so careless? Dutton is undermining his own narrative:
"But the short answer is that, if people haven't integrated, if they are not abiding by our laws, if they don't adhere to our culture, then they are not welcome here."
Bit late for that champ.

No journalist has called him on it. Credulous dickheads like...


photosworthseeing: matthewschiavello: Negative space... "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"



Negative space #26


35 mm scanned film negative.

This image is from a series of experimentations with failed film negatives, acetone and watercolour.

Blog recommendation of the week

PWS - Stephi


OnlyMelbourne Newsletter #576 "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

Read Online Newsletter | #576 | What's On this WeekWelcome to Newsletter | #576 What's On this Week in marvellous Melbourne Tuesday 9th January 2018 to Monday 15th January 2018 Eat, Drink, WaterTaxi to the Tennis Enjoy a meal at BearBrass and then enjoy a return trip with Melbourne Water Taxis along the Yarra to Melbourne Park. Tennis WaterTaxi | Book Online Free Things To Do in January .nobrtable br { display: none } 7 genuinely free and fun things to do in Melbourne. 1. Screen Worlds - ACMI will change the way you think about moving image. 2. NGV Triennial - exhibition of contemporary art. 3. Linden Postcard Show - art competition back for it's 27th year. 4. NGV Kids Summer Festival - how we can play, move and make. 5. Australian Music Vault - the story of Australian music. 6. Tai Chi & Qigong Class - Join Tai Chi Australia for a free class at Fed Square. 7. CERES | Environmental Park - thriving, vibrant free community. Portarlington Mussel Festival .nobrtable br { display: none } Saturday January 13th 2018 - 100 stalls, music, roving entertainers, art shows, cooking demonstrations, tastings + 10 ton of mussels> Portarlington Mussel Festival 2018 French Festival @ Werribee Park .nobrtable br { display: none } Wine. Dine. Dance in the summer festival of pleasures. Its a party, a picnic, a celebration of life and culture, the Frenchy way. So Frenchy So Chic | Buy Tickets The Unbelievables are Unbelievable! .nobrtable br { display: none } Featuring the greatest acts from around the globe The Unbelievables has it all jaw-dropping magic breathtaking circus and the world's most spectacular dancers. 3 - 13 January 2018 | The Unbelievables | Hamer Hall Midsumma Carnival .nobrtable br { display: none } The most fabulous queer-day-out at Alexandra Gardens on Sunday 14th January 2018 and it's free. Midsumma Carnival 2018 Dream Lover - The Bobby Darin Musical .nobrtable br { display: none } Starring David Campbell and a sensational cast including an 18-piece big band Dream Lover is a big show with a big score and a big heart.. Until 21 January: Dream Lover - The Bobby Darin Musical | State Theatre Frankston Waterfront Festival .nobrtable br { display: none } 2 spectacular days of live music, beach and water sports, market stalls, delicious food, wine, cider and craft beer. Frankston Waterfront Festival 2018 Frankston Sand Sculpting Exhibition .nobrtable br { display: none } Do not miss your chance to see 3500 tonnes of sand transformed intricately into life sized sand sculptures by the worlds best artists. 26 DEC 2017 25 APRIL 2018 - Aladdin & The Arabian Tales NGV Triennial Exhibition .nobrtable br { display: none } Featuring the work of 60 artists and designers from 30 countries the NGV Triennial surveys the worlds best art and design across cultures scales geo...


Australians Welcome Same-Sex Marriage Laws with Midnight Weddings "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Felicity Evers and Jenny Thompson are married in a ceremony in Newcastle, Australia, January 9, 2018. Credit: AAP/Dan Himbrechts/via Reuters

Sydney: At the stroke of midnight and in the early hours of Tuesday morning dozens of same-sex couples exchanged wedding vows across Australia as laws making the nation the 26th in the world to legalise gay marriage took effect.

It was just magical, Diana Ribeiro told Special Broadcasting Service television, after her minute-past-midnight marriage in Melbourne to her wife Deanne Ribeiro was solemnised before about 60 cheering guests.

For me Deannes always been my wife...


Vegetarian Cobb Salad with smoked nuts and blue cheese dressing "IndyWatch Feed"

So many times I browse a magazine, love a recipe and pass it by.  I was all prepared to do so with this Cobb Salad.  Then the carrot salad I was going to make was not needed as my brother in law has a famous carrot salad.  So I turned to this Cobb Salad for my parents' wedding anniversary lunch down at the beach this week.

Lately I have fallen in love with arranging vegies and fruit on a platter.  So I don't know why I don't make lots of cobb salads.  Perhaps this will now change.  This one was wonderful.  In fact any selection of vegies would work with chopped nuts and this rich creamy dressing.  I substitute chickpeas for the boiled eggs but loved the summeriness of the vegies.

Thanks to my sister who selected a ripe avocado for me.  It is not my forte.  And blue cheese is also usually out of my comfort zone.  But I was encouraged by so many blue cheese lovers among my nieces and nephews.  If blue cheese is not your thing, another creamy (and/or vegan) dressing would work too (I would suggest something mustardy)

Here is my plate of salads from the buffet.  I am making the most of the rare moment of wifi while we are at the beach to share this salad.  I will be back after my trip to share more of the beach holiday and more of what we ate including some of these salads.  Suffice to say...


Footbridge of Masks "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

In Brunswick there is a pedestrian footbridge that crosses over CityLink Tullamarine Freeway between Peacock Street and McColl Court. The bridge is adorned with 24 cast concrete faces. In 2017 a couple of newspapers reported on it under the headlines: Brunswicks creepy bridge 25 concrete faces, not one nose and no one knows why and Creepy concrete faces appear on Brunswick bridge.


When I saw it on the news the artist who made the masks was a mystery to me (and I am trying to be an expert in the limited field of Melbournes street art sculpture) but one that I didnt have time until now to investigate. Now that I have it is the paranoid reaction and the lack of any memory in suburbia that are the most disturbing elements.

What caused this paranoid reaction? Was this reaction just because a local graff writer, the prolific tagger Felon had decorated one of the faces, death metal style or was it because of the absence of a plaque to identify the art? Im not surprised that the noses are all gone, it is the f...


Top Cop Graham Ashton head of organisation committing criminal offences? "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

So it seems that the CEO of an organisation committing criminal offences is back in 'business'.

Can you make your allegations of criminal activities stick???

Just a reminder that the police hand out fines 'unlawfully';

See document;

Ex Victorian police officer comments on fines at:

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Monday, 08 January


North Coast gay couple wed on first legal day "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Craig Burns and Luke Sullivan were among the first Australian gay couples to tie the knot as the new legislation came into effect overnight. Photo ABC

A North Coast gay couple are among the first in Australia to tie the knot on the first official day of marriage equality in Australia, celebrating the result of a hard-fought campaign.

Athletes Craig Burns and Luke Sullivan got married at Tweed Heads overnight, timing their proceedings so the marriage would become official minutes after midnight.

The pair first met three years ago and said they fell in love straight away before Craig popped the question at Byron Bay in March.

Its a very surreal feeling, Craig told AAP in the lead-up to the event.

Same-sex marriage legislation cleared parliament on December 7, nearly a month after it was revealed 61.6 per cent of participants in a voluntary postal survey backed the change.

Amid scenes of jubilation same-sex couples across Australia were quick to lodge formal intentions to wed and while some were granted exemptions to the four-week waiting period, today is the first official day ceremonies can take place.

In Newcastle, 32-year-old Rebecca Hickson will marry her partner of nine years Sarah Turnbull, 34.

The pair said they wanted to be part of history and planned to also be one of the first couples to tie the knot in a ceremony from 8am.

Weve already had our big hoo-ha ceremony three years ago but now we get to declare our love for each other again and have it recognised as a real union, Rebecca told AAP.

She described the build-up to the postal vote deadline as a horrible time but said the two are now excited to move beyond it.

Melbourne couple Ron Van Houwelingen, 50, and Antony McManus, 53, echoed Ms Hicksons feelings about the postal vote and said no country should have to endure the same horrendous process to legalise gay marriage.

On Tuesday, the long-time activists will also look forward and tie the knot where they first met as performing arts students three decades ago at the former Prahran College of TAFEs David Williamson Theatre.

Im looking really forward to celebrating the victory, Ro...


photosworthseeing: matthewschiavello:   The agony of... "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"



  The agony of non-acceptance (iv-v)

Blog recommendation of the week

PWS - Nikos


photosworthseeing: matthewschiavello: Bug in... "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"



Bug in Brugge.


This is for Fran. From myspace to facebook and beyond

Blog recommendation of the week

PWS - Stephi


January 9 On This Day in Australian History "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

1815 - First fleeter Augustus Alt, who was responsible for laying out the first streets of the towns of Sydney and Parramatta, turned up his toes at age 83.

1816 - Whaling captain and explorer James Kelly popped into Port Dalrymple whilst puttering around the coastline of Tassie...and was promptly arrested under suspicion of being a bushranger.
Yep, that's how we do things in Oz...see a bloke and reckon he'd like to be flogged while in chains.

1821 - Governor Macquarie issued further grants at Illawarra: Samuel Terry 2000 acres, Andrew Allan 700 acres, Thomas Davey 2000 acres, D'Arcy Wentworth 3150 acres, James Mitcham 700 acres, John Horsley 1200 acres, William Wentworth 1000 acres.

1826 - The ayes have it...The first Executive Council for Van Diemen's Land aka Tasmania was appointed.

1830 - The Sydney Gazette announced....
'The female prisoners by the Lucy Davidson' have turned out but a profitless shipment. Most of the Magdalens, were assigned to service in Sydney and by far the greater portion of those, we are told, have been returned by their masters to government as incorrigibly bad characters'

1854 - It's your money Ralph....The first branch of the English, Scottish and Australian Chartered Bank was opened in Melbourne by F.A.Walsh....and keep those pennies in the tea tin for now.

1862 - William Voss was hanged at Perth Gaol for the murder of his wife Mary Moir at York.

1863 - First Post Office opened in Mackay.

1867 - The Clarke Gang of bushrangers constantly raided crops and livestock. Their gang, the Jerrabat Gully Rakers, were regarded as scientists in the art of cattle duffing and horse stealing. The Clarke gang of relatives and friends was well trained in bushcraft and were heavily armed.
They plundered publicans, storekeepers, farmers and travelers. They ambushed gold shipments from Nerrigundah and Araluen and the coaches that traveled from Sydney and the Illawarra. Till November 1866 they marauded virtually unchecked in a triangle through the Jingeras from Braidwood to Bega, and up the coast to Moruya and Nelligen. A party of special constables assigned to capture the Clarke GangJohn Carroll, Patrick Kennagh, Eneas McDonnell and John Pheganwere ambushed and killed near Jinden Station. They had been tied to a tree and then shot.

1868 - The last convict ship, the Hougoumont, arrived at Fremantle with 279 convicts. Their arrival brought an end to the transportation of prisoners from the UK.Somehow I don't think they got mints on their pillows during their voyage...

1869 - The fast clipper ship, 'Thermopylae', reached Melbourne after a record 60 days sailing from London.
Show off !

1870 - First issue of Australian Town & Country Journal.



This Swallowable Gas Sensor Could Improve Your Diet "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

A new ingestable capsule may also make it easier for doctors to diagnose gut disorders Photo: RMIT University

Is your diet working? A new ingestible gas sensor may be able to tell.

An Australian team has developed the first gas-diagnosing intestinal pill ever to be tested in people. As the researchers report today in the journal Nature Electronics, this smart capsule reliably measured levels of oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide as it journeyed through the innards of six healthy volunteers, revealing the impact of dietary fiber intake on microbial activity in the small intestines and colon.

Not only might this electronic pill one day shape custom diets for optimal gut health; it could also help doctors distinguish between the early signs of different GI disorders, such as malabsorption syndrome, Crohns disease, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and even colon cancer.

At the moment, we have no tool to differentiate between these different things, says Kourosh Kalantar-zadeh, an electronic engineer at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, who led the research. A colonoscopy can only reveal inflammatory lesions or cancerous polyps that are visible with a cameraand by that point, people have often suffered with gut discomfort and without a diagnosis for years.

Thats too late, says Kalantar-zadeh, who envisions people popping a swallowable sensor once or twice a year to detect disease early on. If gas profiles around the norm change, he explains, then wed know we have a problem with the gut.

On its surface, the gas capsule looks like an over-the-counter supplement youd buy at any GNC or Vitamin Shoppe. But within its inch-long polyethylene shell are two gas sensors, a temperature sensor, a microcontroller, a radio-frequency transmitter, and button-sized silver-oxide batteries. The gas sensors are sealed within a special membrane that allows gas in but keeps out stomach acid and digestive juices.

Kalantar-zadehs ingestible capsule would be the first to provide information about the chemical composition of the gut.


pwsfineartnudes: braveorbeautiful: 733 121014 I have a new... "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"



733 121014

I have a new project. It is on body prejudice.

It is called Brave or Beautiful. 

It aims to create an opportunity for the viewer to explore their own prejudices about body shape and to reflect upon the impact of these prejudices.

The project website has more information and you can also read and download the free e-book there!


Addition to the blog recommendation on @photosworthseeing

an interesting project



photosworthseeing: matthewschiavello: Hometown Untitled ... "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"



Hometown Untitled  #10


Blog recommendation of the week

Matthews work is a beautiful study of forms, textures and colors (both in urban and rural environments) that strongly resemble the art of painting. Its not just an attempt to create art out of the mundane but a way to express feelings, mood and abstract thoughts. And he does that so good! Additionally by creating portraits (self or otherwise) he infuses a directness that balances nicely with the rest of his photos and shows the depth of his work. This is a blog really worth seeing.

PWS - Nikos

Thank you Nikos and PWS! very kind of you.

keep up the sterling work.



Over-qualification: hard to measure, harder to avoid "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

This morning The Australian very much delivered in the governments attempts to use annual data releases to support its case for not paying universities the full funding rate unless they meet various performance indicators. More than a quarter of the nations graduates say their degrees are close to useless for their jobs read the opening line of its page one lead story.

Concern about graduates taking jobs that dont require degrees is very long-standing. The other day I was reading a report from 1972 when hardly anybody had a degree compared to now that mentioned the issue. In the past, using the approximate method of looking at what jobs graduates are doing, I estimated that in 1979 about 20 per cent of graduates were in jobs unlikely to require degrees. The equivalent figure now is about 30 per cent.

But the survey that triggered todays story shows how complex these judgments can be. As the chart below shows, the supervisors of graduates are more likely than the graduates themselves to think that the graduates qualification is important.

The other interesting aspect of the chart is the very imperfect match between ABS classifications of occupational skill levels and the views of graduates and their supervisors.

The ABS classifies professional occupations as typically requiring a bachelor degree or above or at least five years relevant experience. Yet one-third of gradu...


The Porch Sessions on Tour for 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Image Courtesy of The Porch Sessions Once again Adelaides favourite indie-folk night The Porch Sessions is hitting the road this summer with a bunch of house concert dates through Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. This years tour will feature some amazing music from Stu Larsen (QLD) & Natsuki Kurai (Japan), Tim Hart []






Monday 8th January, 2018

The Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria (ECCV) acknowledges that the vast majority of Australians from African heritage are everyday mums and dads who contribute to our society including our workforce. ECCV Chairperson Cr Kris Pavlidis explains Many African Australians have established and continue to nurture supportive families and community organisations where intergenerational groups celebrate their heritage culture and enjoy living a decent Australian way of life.

ECCV condemns unlawful behaviour and recognises that the issue of our states crime will be dealt with by the appropriate authorities. In light of recent incidents involving individual offenders, ECCV finds it unfair that the actions of a few are used to smear the reputation of particular multicultural communities.

ECCV is particularly concerned about the discrimination of young members of our community in the media with unnecessary emphasis on personal characteristics such as race and nationality.

Young Australians from diverse African communities have expressed concerns about the harassment and stigma they experience on a daily basis including when harmlessly going about their daily lives.

In an ECCV Submission on the Draft Victorian African Communities Action Plan (December 2017), the ECCV made key recommendations supporting diverse African communities which included intergenerational relationships, parenting and pathways training to support employment and career opportunities.

Kris Pavlidis says that the ECCV will continue the work with community and relevant authorities towards intercultural and intergenerational solutions to youth justice issues among Australian youth from African heritage. 

The ECCV Chairperson Kris Pavlidis encourages media outlets and journalists to focus on its ethical responsibility to impartiality and reporting on the core issues affecting society rather than singling out ethnic groups.


For more information and/or media comment, please contact Leenie Fabri, Communications & Media Officer, / 0422 480 319

Download Media Release


January Goals "IndyWatch Feed"

Here are our goals for January considering last month didnt go so well. Its also the time where many people embark on their health goals.


Goals for January are:

  • Run 100 km
  • Be a vegetarian for most of that month
  • No PMS
  • Better sleep every night- I did not sleep so well in December.
  • Start doing 1000 mile challenge- this one is a hard one and its going to take all year to do so.
  • Wade at the beach
  • Drink more water. I have started doing that in December but would like keep going since it will be quite hot.



Police investigate McLachlan allegations "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Gold Logie winner Craig McLaughlan has been accused of sexual misconduct by former colleagues. (youtube)

Victoria Police have confirmed theyre investigating allegations of sexually inappropriate behaviour by Gold Logie-winning actor Craig McLachlan.

Three cast members of the 2014 run of The Rocky Horror Picture Show have told a Fairfax Media/ABC investigation that McLachlan, 52, inappropriately touched them or exposed himself to them.

McLachlan has described the allegations by Erika Heynatz, Christie Whelan Browne and Angela Scundi as baseless.

They seem to be simple inventions, perhaps made for financial reasons, perhaps to gain notoriety, he was quoted as writing.

These allegations are ALL made up.

But Victoria Police has confirmed its investigating.Detectives from Melbourne SOCIT (Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Investigation Team) are investigating allegations of sexual offences dating back to 2014, it said in a statement on Monday.

As the investigation is ongoing, it would be inappropriate to make any further comment.

The actor is currently starring in another production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show in Adelaide.

He is also set to star in the return of the popular Doctor Blake Mysteries on Channel Seven later this year, and the network has been contacted for comment.

McLachlan is the latest high-profile man in the entertainment and media industry to be accused following the Harvey Weinstein scandal in the US.

Whelan Browne also appeared in the Channel Ten program The Wrong Girl alongside McLachlan in 2016 and 2017.

She told the ABC she was dismayed when she learned he had been cast but felt she had to continue to have a civil relationship with him for the sake of her career.

She said his behaviour towards her on that program was appropriate.

But she said during Rocky Horror that McLachlan, who played the transvestite Frank N Furter to her Janet, said he indecently assaulted her on stage during a sex scene.

Scundi said McLachlan kissed her passionately onstage even after she had asked that it not be done.

She said when she confronted him about the unwanted kiss, he abused and threatened her.

I said, Dont you kiss me. Dont you do that ever again and he turned. I havent fe...

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Sunday, 07 January


Government gives mental health $110m boost "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

The Turnbull government is set to announce a $110 million package to fight anxiety and depression among young people.

News Corp Australia publications report that the package, to be announced on Monday, will include a $46 million boost for beyondblues education drive.

Teachers will be given advice to identify mental health issues in the classroom.

Health Minister Greg Hunt said mental health was an important issue which touched Australians of all ages.

Keeping children and young people healthy and happy is good for them, their families and for the broader community, he told Melbournes Herald Sun.

These positive initiatives will help schools and communities to support the wellbeing and mental health of our kids and respond rapidly to personal and community challenges.

Other organisations to benefit from funding increases include Emerging Minds, headspace, ReachOut, Kids Helpline and Orygen.

Australian readers seeking support and information about depression can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800 (for young people aged 5 to 25).

The post Government gives mental health $110m boost appeared first on Echonetdaily.


January 8 On This Day in Australian History "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

Today is the Lesser Festival of the Ancient Greek God Dionysus, God of revelry and wine.
Guess what some of you will get up to today!

1789 - The first European baby pupped on Norfolk Island, son of Superintendent Philip Gidley King and convict woman Ann Inett, was named (drumroll for those unimaginative parents) Norfolk.
You think that's bad, she had another son to King, back in Sydney that was named....Sydney.

1799 - Saw Bass and Flinders bobbing about in the Tom Thumb in and around Tassie and assorted islands, proving that the umbilical cord that once connected Tassie to the mainland was long gone; today they made a return visit to the Furneaux Islands for a cuppa tea on their journey back to Port Jackson.

1803 - Capt. Anthony Fenn Kemp and Lieuts Thomas Hobby and Nicholas Bayly arrested for being involved in "scurrilous attacks" on Gov King.

1804 - The first recorded cricket match took place in the New South Wales colony.

1810 The Derwent Star and Van Diemen's Land Intelligencer, Australia's second newspaper and the first in Van Diemens Land, began publication.

1814 - George Evans advocated building a road over the Blue Mountains, to follow in the tracks of Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth.

1818 - Gov Macquarie was a tad miffed at the Flogging Parson Samuel Marsden, accusing him of conspiracy (!!!) so he told him not to darken the doorstep of Govt House again!
So there!

1846 - Ursula Frayne, the leader of the first group of The Sisters Of Mercy, landed at Fremantle WA on this day.

1847 - George Barney and party leave Sydney in the barque Lord Auckland to found the Gladstonecolony in northern Australia centred on Port Curtis.

1849 - The Plymouth, the first of a number of ships carrying people to the California goldfields, left Port Jackson for San Francisco.

1867 - The Mining Corner buildings were removed in Ballarat.

1868 - The Earl of Belmore became the Governor of NSW. Of course he was second choice after Pearl the Pole Dancer of Digger's Ditch...

1872 - The Lydiard St, Ballarat, Wesleyan Sunday School opened.

1878 - Today was known as "Black Wednesday", when Victorian Premier Graham Berry wouldn't just take his bat and ball and go home but instead dismissed more than 200 public servants, starting with police and judges, in response to the upper house blocking his Appropriations Bill. Berry argued that without an Appropriations Bill they could not be paid. A fine time was had by all who weren't observing any laws...

1878 - The Melbourne to Portland railway line opened.

1881 - A cyclone, which killed 16 people, decimated the pearling fleet on the Ashburton River, WA.

Monday, 01 January


The Great Local Lunch "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

WIN tickets to The Great Local Lunch on Sunday 11 February!

Hosted by Costa Georgiadis, over 200 growers and gleaners will serve it up to revolutionise our food system.

The Great Local Lunch connects farmers and local producers to food lovers, urban growers and the sustainable food industry.

The Lunch begins with urban growers and gleaners being encouraged to register their harvest. Using a crowd farming model, produce is grown or gleaned from gardens and local farms across Melbourne.

The harvest occurs during the month of February in the lead up to the event. Growers are encouraged to harvest their produce and deliver to assigned drop off points.

The produce is transported to the GLL chefs who do not know the type and quantities of produce they will receive. After receiving the produce, our GLL chefs design a four-course menu and set about cooking up for over 200 guests.

This year guests can also win tickets to The Great Local Lunch through sharing an inspiring story about how you are redefining local food and waste.

Enter to be a part of this unique crowd farmed lunch on the banks of the Yarra River.
11 Feb 12.30pm-2.30pm Birrarung Marr Melbourne

Theres two great ways to win 2 tickets to The Great Local Lunch 2018.

Grown or gleaned fresh edible produce from your backyard, farm or local neighborhood.

Submit an inspiring story about how you are redefining local food and waste.



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