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Sunday, 24 June


Hobby & Collectables Fair "IndyWatch Feed"

Sunday 24th Jun, 9.00am 2.30pm, Springvale Town Hall

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Saturday, 12 May


May 13 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

1756 - The Dutch were having a bit of a Captain Cook around the place, with one ship, the Rijder , having hung about Wednesday Island for a bit waiting to catch up with the ship, Buijs, but which then put out to sea on this day.

1787 The First Fleet choofed off from Portsmouth, England, for New South Wales, with the intention of establishing the first European settlement in Australia.

1789 - John Caesar aka Black Caesar, a convict who obviously didn't like the table service, did a runner into the bush with arms and ammunition.

1811 - Thomas Clough was hanged at Sydney for the murder of Thomas Cooney. After being executed his body was handed over to surgeons for dissection and anatomisation.

1819 - Margaret Catchpole, the infamous female convict who had a few well chronicled adventures, passed into the great beyond.

1837 -   Joseph Bradbury, John Newman, Soloman Wakefield, John Hewitt and David Williams admitted to Newcastle gaol from Merton. To be sent for trial before the Supreme court for robbery.

1837 - Judge Sir John William Jeffcot held the first criminal sessions in the province of South Oz.

1839 - In letters to General Secretaries of the Wesleyan Methodist Mission Society Joseph Orton stressed that Aborigines around Geelong had been reduced to pilfering starving obtrusive mendicants, a tax upon the [European] inhabitants.

1845 - The Portland Bay Examiner fishwrapper ceased to exist after a whopping 4 months.

1855 - The immigrant ship Nashwauk, only 18 months old, and carrying some 300 Irish girls, crashed ashore south of the mouth of the Onkaparinga at about 3 a.m. The passengers were able to be taken off the stricken ship and were cared for by local people. The following morning the steamer Melbourne and Government schooner Yatala were sent from Port Adelaide to pick up the stranded passengers. However, some of the immigrants were reluctant to board ship again and were taken to Adelaide in bullock wagons.

1857 - St Kilda Junction to St. Kilda Railway Line (Vic) opened.

1861 John Tebbutt, of Windsor, New South Wales, tripped over what would become known as the "Great Comet of 1861".

1867 - The first South Sea Islanders arrived aboard the ship "Prima Donna". 70 arrived to start work as indentured labourers on plantations around Mackay.

1870 - Ohhhh the humanity....the Port Adelaide Footy Club was founded in South Oz.

1872 - Alberto Zelman first conducted opera in Melbourne at the Princess Theatre for the performance of Lucia di Lammermoor in the Cagli-Lyster Italian opera season.

1873 -  Customs Officers fired upon Kaiadilt people fishing at Sweers Island.The officers kidnapped a young Aboriginal boy during th...


Crooked Hillary: Clinton attends another event with massive scarf to cover up what seems to be a back brace "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Hillary Clinton has donned yet another massive scarf during an appearance in Australia after earlier photos indicated she might be trying to hide a back brace. The 70-year-old draped the $1,100 patterned Hermes cashmere blend shawl around her shoulders when she met with Australian former Prime Minister Julia Gillard in Melbourne on Thursday. Her scarf was tied high around her neck and covered the top of her navy blue jacket. It comes after social media users pointed out earlier in the week that Clinton was mostly likely opting for the style choice to hide a possible back brace. She was photographed coming out of her daughter Chelsea's apartment in New York last week with a strange protrusion coming from underneath her jacket.


Australian government's deliberate education fail "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

In this day and age education is a privilege and not a right.

Government's are not in the business to provide top quality education for the children of the herd population, and least of all for the residents of a (penal) colony called Australia.

Why would the people in the Australian government want to teach the children of the cannon fodder for example;

- the 'Constitution' (Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK),
- Australia was taken from a people already 'occupying' the land, suggesting that the 'crown' is not as honourable as written,
- The Sheriff of Victoria cannot produce warrants, emanating from fines, as required by law,
- many Acts are in circulation unlawfully,
-  Today's 'city councils' across Australia are not the lawful department of the state as they are supposed to be, as defined within the 'Constitution',

just to name a few.

It's easier to teach the children of the cannon fodder to;

- focus on social media to get as many followers as possible,
- 'consume' Apple or Samsung products,
- become data providers for Au Gov Co, Google, Facebook, Amazon et al,
- be subservient to authorities without asking questions,
- live by the 'nothing to hide, nothing to fear' government propaganda,

and so many more examples that may create a blog that mere mortal man may not be able to finish reading within his lifetime.

See how the Australian government has deliberately failed the general population.


Isfahan & the Silk Route - architecture, trade and the Europe-China link "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

Chinas old cities were thriving commercial centres, especially in silk production. In the later C13th, during the rule of Kublai Khan, Chinas silk industry reached a great level of sophistication. The guilds had established meticulous pay scales, working hours and a pricing system for silk.

Silk reached the markets, in Persia and further west, via the long Silk Road. The road stretched from the western gates of Hsian in China's Chanxi Province, and passed via the southern Gobi Desert until western Turkistan. It then passed via Kashghar to the major trading cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Merv. Once the Silk Road crossed the length of Persia/Iran, it divided into two branches; one went toward Azarbaijan, and the other ran through Hamadan, Baghdad or Mosul, Antioch or Capadoccia, Izmir and Istanbul.

Caravanserai of Shah Abbas, Isfahan
now the Abbasi Hotel 

East-West economic exchanges required big warehouses in the trading cities, linked by camel caravans. Businessmen travelling along the road usually spoke Chinese, Persian, Turkish or Arabic, depending on which city they conducted their business. Realising the economic significance of the Silk Road, most countries that were NOT on this road coveted the prosperity that the route could bring. Trade usually became specialised e.g for the route that started in Babylon and passed through Baghdad and Hamadn, the main products were lapis lazuli, horses and camels.

Iran Chamber Society showed how the Silk Road was of special importance. The road connected old centres of Persian civilisation, from Bam in the SE corner via Ishfahan and Teheran, to Tabriz in the NW corner. There were customs offices along Persia's border with other countries, registering all goods imported into, or exported from the country. Thus this nation, located between China and Europe, played a key role in connecting cultures i.e in the movement of religions, architecture and economies.

After crossing the Pakistani border into southern Persia, the first city was Bam (pop 90,000). Bam occupied a very important commercial place in the region, famed for its textiles and c...


Weight Watchers meeting week 4 "IndyWatch Feed"

This week it was about snacking. People snack for many different reasons including emotional eating which can lead to weight gain.


Some of the snacks mentioned were yogurt. A huge favorite of mine is Greek no fat yogurt from Jalna. I also love fruits and these are all zero points. I dont like yogurt which has too much sugar.

I love eating vegetables and this theme ties in with the No meat may which encourages people to eat more vegetables. Not many people eat a lot of vegetables and I would love to try and encourage people to eat more.

Also, another snack that I like are almonds which are 2 sp.  I love the Weight watchers snacks which means that I can eat treats guilt free. And they are low in points.

Try and avoid snacks which have a lot of sugar in them. Chocolate and chips are just treat foods to only have sometimes.


Wild winds, record rainfall and cold temperatures hit Australia "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Extreme weather events have broken historic rainfall records, caused wild winds and prompted unusually cold conditions across most of Australia on Friday, with more yet to come. Parts of Gippsland in eastern Victoria are bracing for a month's rain - as much as 100mm - on Saturday as the low pressure system that made Friday a sodden, wind-lashed taste of winter does its worst. New South Wales and the ACT are also beginning to feel the effects of the complex system, as it brings damaging westerly winds to the NSW ranges and the Illawarra. Tasmania The island state's capital was brought to a standstill on Friday as record-breaking rainfall caused schools to shut down, legal proceedings to halt and businesses to be evacuated. In the 24 hours leading up to 9am on Friday, Hobart experienced its wettest day since 1960 with the CBD and surrounding suburbs receiving more than 120 millimetres of rain. Sarah Sitton, extreme weather meteorologist from the Bureau of Meteorology, told The New Daily that by Friday morning, Mount Wellington had recorded 236 millimetres. "That was the second-highest-ever May rainfall in a single day for Tasmania. It was the highest rainfall that's ever been recorded at Mount Wellington," Ms Sitton said.


#MCAKIDS DO @biennalesydney 1. Luke 2. @gerglei_1.0 and... "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

#MCAKIDS DO @biennalesydney
1. Luke 2. @gerglei_1.0 and @ezzmonem Vs @marmadukelee & Luke. I forgot who one this one. 3. The artist to watch (even if only leaning on something) @raviavasti 4. @gerglei_1.0 doing Sydney right with French Pastries on arrival 5. Team MCA @mca_australia pre the arrival of some stragglers. 6. The last work I saw and most affecting of the whole trip Tall Man 2010 by @waanjiman (as part of a seperate exhibition).


Latest News - Victoria Police News: Man charged following Melbourne sexual assault "melbourne IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

Melbourne Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Investigation Team detectives have charged a man following the alleged sexual assault of a woman in Melbourne earlier this month.


Week 29 of the triathlon challenge "IndyWatch Feed"

This week felt a little bit weak and tired from all the training last week and having my period. It was also the start of Meat free May.



Your health on a student budget "IndyWatch Feed"

Students do you want to be healthy without the need for money? If so here are some tips!



Orientation is the time that you get to know your uni and its services. They are often at the start of the uni year. There are heaps of free activities for students. Some of them are sports like. Students can join the many sports clubs on offer



Buy your gym passes online and save heaps of money. You can even buy them from Scoopon and Groupon for a fraction of the cost.

Free food days

Who says that you have to spend all your money on food? There is such a thing known as free food days. Most student unions have free breakfasts for all students, but you just have to ask the Student Union.

And most Student Unions have a cupboard where you can access free food if you need it


These are your friend and you should make use of them when you can. Th...


No One Knows These Adorable 'Flying Teddy Bears' Even Exist "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

They might look like fluffy teddy bears, but these little guys can soar an impressive 300 feet in the air from tree to tree in their forest homes.

Meet the greater glider, an undoubtedly adorable marsupial who lives in the eucalyptus forests of eastern Australia. These nocturnal creatures are the largest flying possum out there but most people dont even know they exist.

Which is turning out to be bad news.

Credit: Queensland Glider Network

The gliders commonly live in old, hollowed-out trees, which have recently been getting cut down to make room for development projects or logging operations. The vegetation they rely on for food is also wiped out during development.

Greater gliders are dependent on tree hollows, which only exist in eucalypts of 100 years or older, Matt Cecil, projects manager for Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland, told The Dodo. Where bushland has been cleared for agriculture, timber production, urban sprawl or linear infrastructure, the availability of tree hollows is much reduced.

Credit: Queensland Glider Network

Fewer trees means more trouble for the species, which has already seen an 80-percent population drop in recent years. For Cecil, who is part of a coalition called the Queensland Glider Network, which specifically works to help glider species, the largest struggle has been simply getting people to recognize that these animals exist and need help.

This is such a magnificent animal that most of the Australian public wouldnt even know existed, and wouldnt know what it was if it glided into their face, Cecil said. That is the sad part. Its hard to fight to protect animals that the greater population doesnt even know about.


Not so renewables "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Lifted from the excellent consciousness of sheep blog..

For all practical purposes, solar energy (along with the wind, waves and tides that it drives) is unending.  Or, to put it more starkly, the odds of human beings being around to witness the day when solar energy no longer exists are staggeringly low.  The same, of course, cannot be said for the technologies that humans have developed to harvest this energy.  Indeed, the term renewable is among the greatest PR confidence tricks ever to be played upon an unsuspecting public, since solar panels and wind (and tidal and wave) turbines are very much a product of and dependent upon the fossil carbon economy.

Until now, this inconvenient truth has not been seen as a problem because our attention has been focussed upon the need to lower our dependency on fossil carbon fuels (coal, gas and oil).  In developed states like Germany, the UK and some of the states within the USA, wind and solar power have reduced the consumption of coal-generated electricity.  However, the impact of so-called renewables on global energy consumption remains negligible; accounting for less than three percent of total energy consumption worldwide.

A bigger problem may, however, be looming as a result of the lack of renewability of the renewable energy technologies themselves.  This is because solar panels and wind turbines do not follow the principles of the emerging circular economy model in which products are meant to be largely reusable, if not entirely renewable.



Innocents Colony "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

The virtual world of digital art and the physical world of public art seem very far apart. So Troy Innocent was one of the last artists that I expected to have done public art. Public art in the sense that it is in a public space belonging to a privately owned building in Melbournes Docklands.


I remember in 1996 Innocent produced Psy-Harmonics a 50 minute video combining synaesthesia and electronic music. It achieved the pop height of being played on MTV in Europe and Australia. He is now a Senior Lecturer in Games and Interactivity at Swinburne University of Technology. For more on Innocent read my review of a group exhibition, Melbourne Future in 2014.

Innocent uses codes and icons to give unknown meaning to the entrance way of another anodyne office block. In Colony 2008 unknown symbols appear on lights, etched into the concrete walls and as coloured forms on the wall. The symbols even appear on the name plate for the art. How to interpret the symbols in the code is the key to how interpret Innocents art. It is all about semantics and the relationship between symbols and meaning.



Greens Lawyer Weighs In On New Matilda reporting On Cate Faehrmann "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

A fortnight ago, New Matilda published a three-part series by Michael Brull on a pre-selection battle within the Greens NSW. One of the lawyers who advised on that battle, Brian Walters, responds.

In the middle of an internal Greens pre-selection, Michael Brull, a Greens member, has written for New Matilda a series of articles attacking a candidate Cate Faehrmann.

As he must know, candidates for pre-selection are not permitted to speak to journalists, and therefore have no right of reply. It is an archetypal act of cowardice to attack a person who is unable to defend herself. Brull bases his farrago on a bizarre series of falsehoods.

The articles arise from proceedings in the Supreme Court of New South Wales seeking an urgent interpretation of the NSW Greens constitution. The case is reported here.

On 5 February 2018, Cate Faehrmann transferred her Victorian Greens membership to New South Wales. She wanted to stand for pre-selection for the Legislative Council.

She was a paid up member of the Greens in Victoria. She had previously been a member of the Greens in NSW and served there as a Greens Legislative Councillor from 2010 to 2013.

Astonishingly, Alex van Vucht, the membership officer of the Greens in NSW, treated Cate Faehrmanns transferred membership as merely provisional for three months, thus denying her the right to nominate for pre-selection before the close of nominations on 9 April 2018. This was contrary to the constitution of the NSW Greens and the constitution of the Australian Greens.

To break the impasse, Cate Faehrmann sought legal advice.

I was one of those who advised, in a written advice provided to the Greens NSW, that there was no basis for treating her membership as provisional. Similar advice was rendered by a senior solicitor in New South Wales.

Neither the membership officer nor the Greens NSW obtained any contrary advice.

Ultimately, Cate Faehrmann sought a ruling on the correct interpretation of the constitution from the NSW Supreme Court (I was not involved in that proceeding). The court ruled comprehensively in her favour.

Mr Brull repeatedly asserts that Cate Faehrmann was attempting to change the constitution. That is patently false. Cate Faehrmann was seeking to have the terms of the constitution obeyed. That was the whole point of the advice and of the subsequent legal proceeding.

The matter was taken to the Greens NSW State Delegates Council (SDC). Mr Brull writes that the SDC was was able to have a say about whether the rules sh...


Newlands Parents for Climate Action Meeting "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Newlands Parents for Climate Action Meeting: 4pm Saturday 19th May Newlands Community House.

Are you worried about Climate Change but feeling its beyond you to do anything about it? Here is an opportunity to connect with other locals and help shift the politics.

We are a group of local parents who have resolved that we need to do more than reduce our own carbon footprints if we want our kids to have the chance of a safe climate future. We are an independent local action group, sometimes taking part in actions and campaigns run by larger NGO organisations (e.g. Environment Victoria, Australian Conservation Foundation).

We hope to contribute to a shift in the social and political climate by stepping up and being part of the people-powered movement thats growing all over Australia, demanding a just transition to a zero-emissions future. 


The Point Nepean Quarantine Station "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

At the tip of Point Nepean, south of Melbourne, is a sprawling reminder of a less advanced era; the citys former Quarantine Station, where many thousands of sick people were interred on arrival.

Read about it on my new website, The Museum of Lost Things, by clicking here...


Alert "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Alert: Stranger danger on Spectrum Way Coburg North
Following an incident involving a Coburg High School student and an unknown man at approximately 3.30pm this afternoon (Tuesday 8 May) on Spectrum Way in Coburg North, all students and fami...


The St Kilda Sola System "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

Stretched along the St Kilda foreshore, south west of the city, is something unlikely; a to-scale model of our entire Solar System. St Kilda is one of the few places you will find that actually has its own sun.

Read about it on my new website, The Museum of Lost Things, by clicking here...


Liardet's Beach "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"

Sailor, artist, businessman and iconoclast, Wilbraham Liardet was one of early Melbournes most unique inhabitants.

Read about him on my new site, The Museum of Lost Things, by clicking here...


Wanting to Rent "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"



I am currently looking for a 3 bedroom light and spacious house to rent in Coburg/Preston area.
I am looking on the internet, if anyone knows of any good houses to call home available would appreciate hearing from you.

My contact details are:
Laura  0403674445

Friday, 11 May


In which the pond returns, and what better way to celebrate than by downing a stiff Polonial prattle or two ... "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Jawohl, mein Fhrer, the pond can walk again, and returns to follow your orders through thick and thin

What's that, the reptiles and the ABC is the first order of the day, and the finest way to start a meditative weekend, and our man Polonius is at it again?

Why certainly, and while the pond's away, oh how the reptiles in the social media did play

Soft, on yonder hill, is that prattling Polonius at it again? Will his aberrant, bizarre disorder, known only to specialists as abcurstitis, be on view again?

What indeed is the point of anything? What is the point of prattling Polonius and his eternal compulsive fascination and revulsion with the ABC, a form of morbid fixation which must surely be considered a clinical condition by now?

Please allow the pond to suggest a warm-up by jumping in the pond time machine and heading back to The Age, 27th September 1994. 

Yes children, there was a time when Melbourne was blessed by the infinite wisdom of a special Sydney visitor, though now the pagans live in a condition of savage barbarity and philistinism which earns them the eternal wrath of a Melbourne winter! (Click on is advised for anyone wanting to waste their time).



Hillary Clinton Tells Australian Crowd: In My Country There Is Fear and Rage When Women Seek Power "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Still attacking Americans overseas. Yup, thatll convince people! Via Townhall: Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke in Melbourne Thursday with Australias first female prime minister Julia Gillard. The two discussed misogyny in politics and Clinton yet again blamed sexism for her 2016 loss, implying that the U.S. just couldnt handle a leader who is a []


Radiatore pasta with tomato and chickpeas "IndyWatch Feed"

I love the idea of one pot pasta.  That means you cook the pasta in the sauce.  Bung it all in and wait for it to be ready.  So when I saw Michael post about trying Ottolenghi's Oriecchiette cooked in chickpea and tomato sauce, it seemed a great idea.  I really loved the pasta with unusual flavours but it did prove that Ottolenghi, for all his talents in the kitchen, is not an expert at simplicity.

It's ok.  I understand.  I am not great at simplicity either.  But I am telling you just so that you know this is not a one pot pasta that you bung in the pot and leave until dinner is ready.  This is a one pot pasta that you cook in steps and make another mixture in a bowl on the side and then set aside parts of the dish for later.  But that is Ottolenghi's style, just as I will always prefer sweet smoked paprika over hot smoked paprika and the olives in my fridge will not be of the quality that the recipe called for.  We all have our signature moves!

But honestly I did not mean to deviate as much from the recipe as I did.  I went to buy the really cute curly orecchiette I had bought recently only to find it was not there.  And I had some pretty interesting radiatrore pasta at home so I used that.  My dish was not as saucy as Ottolenghi's.  Possibly due to the radiatore needing more sauce or perhaps because I skimped on the olive oil.  And I only noticed the salt when I wrote up the recipe.  So it was no doubt under seasoned.


matthewschiavello: Jody:  Cycles of life ... "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"


Jody:  Cycles of life  #14


Shambelles vocalist (as well as solo artist) and good mate Jody Galvin came by to help me try out some ideas in my studio. Head piece made from things in my garden, except for the daisies, which were nicked from my neighbours front yard ;-)

something older


Abstract Paradigms Podcast - Edition 30 - 11/05/2018 - Plus Gig Guide! "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne.arts"


Get it on your podcast app of choice, or at and as always feel free to contact me at for gig and music suggestions.

This week's tracklist:
Premium Fantasy - Night Detective [Self-released, 2018]
Nightclub - Club Night Zero [Weirdo Mazic, 2018]
James Worse - Glundertone [Self-released, 2018]
Miranda Lie...


They are claiming that I am the fraud. "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Debt amount: 
Date debt issued: 
Saturday, 7 April 2018
Has your case been referred to a collection agency?: 
Payment Type: 
Youth Allowance
Appealing Debt?: 
Yes in process
Tell us about your debt and how has this affected you? e.g. anxiety levels, financial and accommodation stress: 

This is my 4th year on Youth Allowance as I am studying in Melbourne and moved 2 hours to be closer to uni.

Two months ago I was asked to provide an audit, which I did straight away dating back to the 2015-2016 financial year.
The system glitched and deleted my audit, which leads me to sit on the phone trying to call the hotline which fails to have an answering system in place, so I was faced with having to redial and look at the 'user busy' screen for the entire morning, only to call over 100 times to be left on hold for hours.

Finally, once I was re-directed to different people because I had dialled the wrong number (the number they provided on the request for the audit) I had to do the audit over the phone.
Throughout this, the man was able to tell me that my audit aligned with the ATO.

Thinking all was well, I was faced with a $4090 debt!
This is when I became incredibly u...


Pork For Sale "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Good news pork lovers, for sale from Thursday we have everyone's favourite pork and fennel sausages and HAMS!!!
We also have a freezer full of rolled shoulder roasts that were butchered at the weekend along with pork chops and a small amount of mince.
Fresh meat is $26kg
Hams $29kg


Taggart's Paddock Pork
Angelo Greco - 0437 274 333
Danny Dalton - 0402 394 311


Who are the wealthy retirees targeted in Labors plans? "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Who are the wealthy retirees targeted in
Labor's plans?

Roger Wilkins, University of Melbourne

In Labors budget reply speech, Bill Shorten reaffirmed the plan to remove refundability of dividend imputation credits. His pitch was to Australian voters on lower and middle incomes, in which he pledged to look after the countrys ageing population:

We know that giving older Australians the security and dignity they deserve matters more than an $80 billion corporate tax cut.

The issue of whether or not retirees should be able to get a refund in dividend imputation has sparked considerable discussion of retirees income and wealth.

The Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey shows that, overall, retired people tend to have lower incomes than the population as a whole, but higher wealth. This is because retirement typically involves ceasing employment and reducing income, while wealth tends to accumulate with age, at least up to the point of retirement, mainly due to paying off the mortgage and accumulating superannuation.

The different mix of income and wealth for retired and non-retired households means its not straightforward to compare their economic well-being. For example, the HILDA Survey data show that only 23% of retirees aged 60 and over have above-median incomes (compared with 50% of the population as a whole); but 62% have above-median household wealth.

That said, retirees are generally wealthy if they have both above-median household income and above-median household wealth. With th...


It stinks, but not of Melbourne "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Urban studies researchers working with residents of Polish cities have found that common perceptions of smells in daily life reveal much about how people feel about change and place. The smells people notice are often linked to broader social, political and economic conditions. In Poland, for example, life smells less like the vegetables in grocery stores and the natural environment of the past under socialism, and more like the petrol stations and supermarket air conditioning of capitalism in the present.


Vegan Calamari Fitzroys latest invention "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

The world is awash with vegan replacements. Meat mimicry comes in various forms, but rarely does this industry attempt the seafood switch. The vegan prawn, the vegetarian crab, the orchard-reared fruit fish all conspicuously absent from menus. But what about Cauliflower Calamari? Brunswick Street Indian Restaurant Mukka has stumbled upon a credible claim of creating a []

The post Vegan Calamari Fitzroys latest invention appeared first on The NORTHSIDER.


Hillary CLINTON in Melbourne with GILLARD "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Hillary Clinton talks 2016 election as she, Julia Gillard take to the stage Former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton speaks with former Australian prime minister Julia Gillard in Melbourne. Picture: AAP The Australian 10:28PM May 10, 2018 They welcomed the US president we thought wed have with a rapturous...


Blog will be down for a transition "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

For many years Jacques Chester has been generously providing technical support for this blog and several others. With a busy job in New York he is now transitioning us to a commercial host. This blog will be down for a while so that can occur.

Thanks Jacques!



May 11 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

1806 - The Sydney Gazette reported ;
"...accounts were received from Hunters River, stating the total loss of the fine colonial schooner Governor King, of which we last week made mention. The person who brought in the first accounts of her loss came away very shortly after she struck, in order to obtain timely assistance from the owners, if any service could be rendered; but in the course of a few hours from the time he left her she went to pieces, and by the next morning fragments of the wreck were scattered along the shore for several miles. Great part of her freight of pork has been saved, but little else, except about two ton out of 12 ton of iron taken in at Dusky Bay in lieu of ballast picked up from the wreck of the Endeavour."

1813 - Gregory Blaxland set out with William Lawson and William Charles Wentworth on an exploring expedition across the Blue Mountains.

1815 - William Henry Moore was admitted to the courts as the first free solicitor in the colony.

1816 - The very first issue of the Hobart Town Gazette and Southern Reporter was published. Though 1 June is usually recognized as the date of its first issue, a rare earlier number dated Saturday, 11 May 1816, is described as 'volume the third number 158' and bore the normal heading 'Published by Authority'.

1821 - The Father of the Australian press, George Howe, printer, editor, publisher and poet, died aged just 51.

1825 - George Spencer, Lewis Collins and other convicts played pirate and escaped from Newcastle in the cutter Eclipse.

1827 - Private examination took place at the Police Office at Sydney in the case of Lieutenant Lowe who was accused of originating the death of a black native 'at Newcastle.. Lieut. Lowe is a gentleman universally esteemed for his mildness and humanity and he had great difficulty to encounter from the hostile and ferocious conduct of the blacks at the time the transaction is said to have taken place'

1835 - Patrick Kilmartin was hanged at Sydney for the murder of James Hamilton.

1836 - Joseph Free was hanged at Sydney for the murder of Edward Brown at Invermein.

1859 - John Arrow was hanged at Bathurst for the murder of Catherine Leary at Summer Hill Creek, Orange.

1859 - Thomas Ryan (alias William Martin) was hanged at Bathurst for the rape of Leah England in the Wellington Valley.

1861 - William Dymock, he what founded Dymock's Book Stores, was hatched.

1861 - Walter George Arthur, Aboriginal leader,  the son of Rolepa, known to Europeans as 'King George', a senior man of the Ben Lomond tribe in north-eastern Tasmania, was returning by row boat to Oyster Cove from Hobart when he fell overboard; his body was not recovered.

1880 - The Opening of the 10th Victorian Pa...

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