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Monday, 19 March


Tasmanian State election: The Pearlfish factor ... "IndyWatch Feed Tas"

In the tropical sandy ocean floor there are not many private places but the pearlfish has a unique solution: it hides up the anus of the trepang or sea cucumber. Interestingly the trusty trepang, when attacked, will defend itself by chucking up its guts much like those on the outside pavement who Love Your Local This should be seen for what it is: the THA being reimbursed for its political spending on behalf of the Liberal government. This is breathtaking corruption by any definition, yet many, even in Labor, see it as political business as usual. And that complacency is disturbing. The level of corruption can only be appreciated when contrasted with the Federal Liberal Governments obsessive campaign to shut down the political activity of charities and non-profit advocacy groups like Get Up. Freedom of Speech, it would seem, principally applies to pro-government advocacy organisations like the THA


Is This The Clarence River Estuary Future If Berejiklian Government Has Its Way? "As the cruise season continues, smoke particles emitted from cruise ship funnels have left people living and working near the port increasingly alarmed" "IndyWatch Feed Tas"

Well the NSW Minister for Roads Maritime and Freight & Nationals MP for Oxley Melinda Pavey ended the fourth quarter of 2017 in much the same manner as she progressed through the three preceding quarters - she meet with a representative/s of international cruise lines.

I still didn't see any listed meeting with Yaegl native title representatives or with Clarence Valley Council.

I know she hasn't met with the communities of Yamba and Iluka which will be most affected by the 24/7 noise and fumes emanating from those cruise ships she is so eager to see make Port of Yamba-Clarence River a regular destination.

This is what happened in Hobart when it opened its doors to such cruise ships........ 

The Mercury, 15 March 2018:

HOBART residents are continuing to suffer the effects of air pollution from visiting cruise ships, says Acting Lord Mayor Ron Christie.

As the cruise season continues, smoke particles emitted from cruise ship funnels have left people living and working near the port increasingly alarmed, Ald Christie said.

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Sunday, 18 March


Current Alerts List Southern Region: Freeman Street, KINGSTON "hobart IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

ALERT LEVEL: No Alert Level
Region: S
SIZE: Not Available
Number of Vehicles: 2
More Info:
RESPONSIBLE AGENCY: Tasmania Fire Service
UPDATED: Mon, 19 Mar 2018 08:09:12 +1100


Tarkine ... fuel reduction burning marginalises endangered species "IndyWatch Feed Tas"

It is well known that the endangered Swift Parrot is under constant threat due to habitat destruction from irresponsible logging across Tasmania. Now it appears that the poorly planned hectare-based fuel reduction program is also a threat to its survival. Both of these unacceptable practices need to cease to prevent another species heading towards extinction The planned burn program for 2018 ...  HERE and HERE


NATION: From the conundrum of the SA election to the riddle of the ASEAN Way "IndyWatch Feed Tas"

Context matters. As do key actors. The SA Electoral Districts Boundaries Commission was chaired by Supreme Court Judge Ann Vanstone, sister-in-law of former federal Liberal minister Amanda Vanstone, appointed in October 2015 under state laws requiring the chair to be the courts most senior judge. Labor appealed against the redistribution and lost. A unique, electoral fairness, clause in SAs constitution requires the commission to attempt to set new boundaries so that a group of candidates which receives more than 50 per cent of the popular vote will be elected in sufficient numbers to enable a government to be formed. On ABC Insiders, Sunday, a guest recalls an ABC 2016 report that The Liberal Partys chances of winning the 2018 South Australian election were greatly improved by a boundary redistribution which notionally handed the party up to four additional seats  The post-Vandemonian pandemonium over Big Gamblings buying of last weeks Tasmanias election is quickly drowned out as souped-up chainsaws rev up to tear into Tarkine timber whilst the staccato rattle of automated fire destroys the natural tranquility as cockies, graziers and sporting shooters get bigger, quicker guns in their war on nature Inside Story: Saturdays two big contests ... the morning after Voters swung to Labor in Batman and South Australia, but with very different results New Matilda: Major Change To South Australian Electoral System Hidden From Voters Many South Australians will be profoundly mislead (sic) about how the vote they make on March 17 will work to select the next Parliament Mark Butler, The Age: This is how Labor wins elections Crikey: If the US data gathering stories worried you, we have some bad news News of Cambridge Analytica, the data collection tool that influenced Brexit and the US election, is incredibly alarming, but is it all that different from what Australian political parties have been doing for years? Crikey: Poll Bludger: two-party system alive and well in Batman and SA With whiplash-inducing speed, media takes about the frailty of the two-party system have made way for prognostications on the failure of its challengers to match expectations Dr Kevin Bonham: 2018 South Australia Election Wrapup And Postcount


We need changes to the political system ... "IndyWatch Feed Tas"

So ... the elections ... what happened? Despite the high level of disenchantment with major parties, Labor and the Libs both did very well, but Xenophons SA Best and the Greens got stomped. I was right out in Batperson and so were all the other observers and commentators. But unusually, I was more wrong than most


Current Alerts List Southern Region: Tongatabu Road, DROMEDARY "hobart IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

ALERT LEVEL: No Alert Level
Region: S
SIZE: Not Available
Number of Vehicles:
More Info:
RESPONSIBLE AGENCY: Tasmania Fire Service
UPDATED: Sun, 18 Mar 2018 20:50:33 +1100


Current Alerts List Southern Region: Flagstaff Gully Link, WARRANE "hobart IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

ALERT LEVEL: No Alert Level
Region: S
LOCATION: Flagstaff Gully Link, WARRANE
STATUS: Contained
SIZE: Not Available
Number of Vehicles: 1
More Info:
RESPONSIBLE AGENCY: Tasmania Fire Service
UPDATED: Sun, 18 Mar 2018 18:24:46 +1100


Residents' Traffic Committee - next mtg Tuesday 20 March "IndyWatch Feed Tas"

If you are interested in what is happening with transport and traffic in our community, you might like to pop along to a meeting of the local Residents' Traffic Committee.  These are convened every few months by the City Council.  A couple of staff come along to provide info on what is happening on the roads, and a couple of Aldermen usually attend as well.  There is always room for more residents!

Here are the minutes of the last meeting.

Here is the agenda for the next meeting:



Tuesday 20 March 2018
5.30pm at the Library, Lansdowne Primary School, Gourlay Street, West Hobart

Aldermanic Representatives:
Alderman Thomas
Alderman Briscoe
Alderman Reynolds

Agenda Items:

1. Welcome
2. Apologies
3. Confirmation of Previous Meeting Notes
4. Business Arising
    4.1 West Hobart Local Area Traffic Plan
    4.2 Hill Street and Arthur Street Intersection
    4.3 Transport Strategy
    4.4 Local Retail Precinct Plan
    4.5 Parking at Lawrenny Court
5. Permanent Items
    5.1 Illumination of footpaths
    5.2 Potholes please report any potholes to 6238 2836
6. New Business
7. Date of Next Meeting: TBA


2018 South Australia Election Wrapup And Postcount "IndyWatch Feed Tas"

In doubt Adelaide (Lib leading and likely to win)
In very minor doubt Newland (Lib leading and very likely to win)
In doubt Mawson (ALP leading but outcome difficult to predict)

Expected result 25-19-3 or 26-18-3
Expected Legislative Council result 4 Liberal, 4 Labor, 2 SA-BEST, 1 Green

This thread will provide some general comments on the South Australian election and will also follow the post-counting in the few seats in doubt.  The post-counting comments will not be updated all that regularly as I took three days off work to follow the Tasmanian post-count and should probably get back to earning some money.  I'll try to check every day or so to see if there's anything worth noting.

The Liberal Opposition led by Steven Marshall has won the election, in all likelihood with an outright majority.  The worst remotely realistic case would seem to be 23 seats, at which point Troy Bell could be counted on for support. 

This is only the seventh case since 1969 of an Opposition winning an election while the same party is in power federally; for the previous six see here.  On the other hand, it confirms two other historic patterns: that governments no longer seem to go on forever (it is now 32 years since any state or federal government older than 16 years was returned) and that unpopular state premiers don't get re-elected. 

At least on the figures for the classic (Labor vs Liberal) seats, the Weatherill government appears to have received a small swing back to it from its somehow winning 2014 2PP of 47%.  On raw figures the swing back is 1.7% but after declaration votes I expect it to drop back to around 1.2% (I may attempt a 2PP estimate at that time). However, much of the swing to the government was wasted in safe seats such as Croydon, Elizabeth, Kaurna, Playford and Reynell.  As a result the swing back does not seem to have delivered any net seat gain at all.

Much will be said about the failure of the SA-BEST party, which started off polling incredibly well but continued to tank through the campaign.  Following a similar failure by One Nation in Queensland the issue will be whether minor party uprisings are failing because of mistakes by the parties in campaigning, or whether the two-party system is so stacked against them when it comes to single-seat contests that they have no chance.

Poll Accuracy

This was a rather bad election for opinion polling.  The final Newspoll had the Liberals on 34% but the Liberals are cu...


The UFO has landed. "IndyWatch Feed Tas"

Mon Abri Mk II has often been described as, due to its unusual footprint, something that could fly, and then on the slab day my mate Phil called it a UFO, so I think that will sort of stick now

Pouring the slab has been twelve months in the making, with humungous earthworks and footings that ensure this house will never move even in an earthquake, its been a real labour of love. Well, lots of labour anyway. I never thought it would take this long, but here Im at the mercy of the weather and Tasmanian laid back attitudes.  I now go with the flow, Im too old to start fights!


My daughter Claires been here for well over a week, and we prepared for the epic pour by first cleaning off all the mud and organic matter and other crap that since the footings were done was blown into the area by the frequent windy weather. Lots of pressure cleaning, and then wet vacuuming all the mud out, in some attempt at ensuring the new concrete would stick to the old. Two days work there, and I dont even know if it was actually necessary, but it made me feel better, and I needed that to destress. that little job took 1200 litres of water (from the dam) and was entirely powered from the power station that worked like a charm..  I could not be more pleased with...

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Saturday, 17 March


Fishn chips ... "IndyWatch Feed Tas"

Click through to the site to view the cartoon.


A Christmas Carol ... "IndyWatch Feed Tas"

Charles Dickens once wrote a story about a mean old man, and how he had a wake-up call from a couple of ghosts on Christmas Eve. Ebenezer Scrooge knew the value of money and time, and was very mean, but he found his heart. Are we any better than old miser Scrooge, when we allow fellow citizens to go homeless? We are forcing good people into homelessness, and wrecking their lives. Why? I am at a loss.  How has lack of housing been swept under the carpet?


Personal statement by Tim Costello about Nick Xenophon "IndyWatch Feed Tas"

Nick Xenophon has been one of Australias finest politicians of his generation and it is a tragedy that a combination of powerful interests both political and driven by self-interested commercial interests have come together to end his 20 year political career

Friday, 16 March


For the love of cement ... "IndyWatch Feed Tas"

Last December the City Council celebrated the completion of the Sandy Bay upgrade, carried out, ostensibly, in collaboration with local stakeholders. It took over a year, tied up traffic, cost shop owners dearly and inconvenienced shoppers. Worse, there seemed to be no sense of urgency in the execution of the Plan. Many, many people, standing around doing nothing and getting paid for it

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