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Sunday, 11 November


Seymour Line Notification: Delay "seymour IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

07:05 Southern Cross - Albury is delayed by approximately 40 minutes due to vandalism affecting signalling on the ARTC network. 

[08:09 12/11]


Victorian Labor's "relentless efforts to cooperate with China" "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Andrews agreed on Shi's opinions about developing China-Victoria relations, expressed that Labor Party of Victoria attaches great significance to cooperating and communicating with China and is willing to make relentless efforts to this end. On 27 March 2012 the Chinese Consulate-General in Melbourne posted this report. Shi made positive remarks...


(Video) UFO Sighting Over South Melbourne, Australia 11/8/18 "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Published on Nov 8, 2018

Date: 8/11/18. TIME OF SIGHTING: 7:29pm Taken next to Kings way, south melbourne


Australia: Jihad murderers family is well known and respected within the Somali community in Melbourne "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Police say his family is well known and respected within the Somali community in Melbourne. They attended the Virgin Mary Mosque in Hoppers Crossing, west of Melbourne. Shire Ali most commonly attended prayer in Melbournes northern suburbs. Are these mosques being investigated? If not, they should be. The tendency among law enforcement officials in the []


Australia: Muslims outraged, demand apology over PMs calling out radical, violent Islam after jihad attack "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

The Muslim community will not be scapegoated and we will endeavour to keep Australia safe where we can, but the actions of a mentally ill person suffering from a psychotic episode, is not the fault of a whole religious community. Now wait a minute. He was screaming Allahu akbar during his attack, and not only []


Seymour Line Notification: Service update - Seymour line "seymour IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

17:20 Albury - Southern Cross is expected to be delayed by approximately 60 minutes due to vandalism affecting signals on the ARTC network. [20:54 11/11]


Seymour Line Notification: Service change "seymour IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

20:25 Seymour - Southern Cross will not run and has been replaced by road coaches.

[16:53 11/11]

Seymour Line Notification: Service change "seymour IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

17:32 Southern Cross - Seymour will not run and has been replaced by road coaches. 

[16:53 11/11]


Seymour Line Notification: Delay "seymour IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

16:04 Shepparton - Southern Cross is delayed by approximately 22 minutes due to an earlier train fault. 

[16:33 11/11]

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Saturday, 10 November


Seymour Line Notification: Service update - Seymour line "seymour IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

07:05 Southern Cross - Albury is delayed approximately 31 minutes due to vandalism affecting signalling on the ARTC network. [08:46 11/11]


The lies and failure of government in the Bourke St knifeman attack "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

One of the primary objectives of (Victoria) Police as stated in the Victoria Police Manual - Policy Rules is to "preserve the peace, protect life and property, prevent offences", as seen below in an excerpt from the manual.

The 31 year old Somali-born man who knifed the co-owner Sisto Malaspina of Melbourne's iconic Pellegrini's cafe was known to both federal and state police.

According to what was presented in the mainstream media, the 31 year old attacker was not a threat "to the national security environment", which is totally different from being a threat to the general population, which he was.

Victorian Premier Mr. Daniel Andrews states:

"We condemn it. We also take this opportunity to thank those very brave and dedicated members of Victoria Police who did all of us proud in their very quick response in very dangerous circumstances. Theyve done each and every one of us proud."

The real action was taken by a homeless man by the name of Mr. Michael Rogers dubbed "trolley man" who subdued the attacker before police took any action.

Victoria Police have not done "each and every one of us proud" as claimed by Mr. Andrews, but rather failed in their duty to prevent "offences...


Beautiful video of the late Sisto Malaspina, "I feel young, I feel happy". Rest in Peace you great man. "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

This beautiful man, gone. Unspeakable. Thank you so much for sharing this Ms Fonseca. I feel young, I feel happy, I feel loved. These words shared last month by Sisto Malaspina, owner of Pellegrini's Espresso Bar in Melbourne. Killed in yesterday's Bourke Street attack. He loved helping others. Full of...


2018 Victorian state election : far right (and left) candidates "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Below : Serial pest Neil Erikson interrupts a Channel 7 broadcast from Bourke Street yesterday. ALA candidate Avi Yemini also sought to capitalise upon the tragedy, today holding a smol rally at the site. This political opportunism is explored by Continue reading


Seymour Line Notification: Service change "seymour IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

20:25 Seymour - Southern Cross train has been replaced by road coaches.   

[18:46 10/11]


#Narrm / #Melbourne: Graffiti mural for Mikhail Zhlobitsky "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Graffiti mural in Narrm / Melbourne to commemorate Mikhail Zhlobitsky.

Submitted to Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Narrm / Melbourne so-called Australia: Graffiti mural in memory of 17 year old Russian Anarchist-Communist Mikhail Zhlobitsky who died while carrying out an explosive attack against the FSB (Federal Security Service) Regional Headquarters in Arkhangelsk, Russia on October 31st.

Never Forget Our Fallen Comrades! 

We (Enough is Enough) need your support: You can support our work by ordering a hoodie or t-shirt in our shop:hereordonate.



ADVISORY-Court order on media coverage of Melbourne knife attacker story - Thomson Reuters Foundation "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

ADVISORY-Court order on media coverage of Melbourne knife attacker storyThomson Reuters FoundationNov 10 (Reuters) - The following stories are now subject to a media suppression and take down order by an Australian court. The stories will be reissued with the statements subject to the order removed. An alert and urgent timed at 05:06:41. USN ...and more 


Language of Fear: Attack in Melbourne "IndyWatch Feed Vic"



The mainstream media are the true peddlers of fear.

By General Maddox.

In a climate of constant media propaganda and spin designed to keep us in a perpetual state of fear, we again see an incident on Australian soil quickly described as a Terror Attack by the mainstream media. Read More


Man shot dead after fire and fatal stabbing "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Melbourne stabbings: Somali-born Australian inspired by Isil, say police, as group claims attackA man who set a car on fire and stabbed three people one fatally in the Australian city of Melbourne has died in hospital after being shot by police.

Authorities now say they are treating the attack as a terror-related.

The attacker, 31, was shot after confronting officers on a busy city street, authorities said. He was taken into custody in a critical condition.

The two survivors are in hospital, neither are in a serious condition. The suspect has not been named.

Police said they were not looking for anyone further at this early stage.

We dont believe there is an ongoing threat at this stage, but certainly we are treating it as a terrorism incident, said Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton.

He said the suspect, who is of Somali origin, was someone that is known to both local police and federal intelligence, adding it was mainly in respect to relatives who are certainly persons of interest to us.

Somali-born Australian who set fire to a gas-laden truck in the centre of Melbourne and fatally stabbed one person before he was shot by police was inspired by Islamic State but did not have direct links with the group, Australian police said on Saturday.

In an attack described by the state premier as an act of evil, the man sped a utility vehicle down Bourke Street, one of the citys busiest thoroughfares, and then stopped and apparently set it alight before randomly stabbing pedestrians.

A man aged 74, who had been stabbed in the face, died at the scene.

Two other men, aged 26 and 58, are in a hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) claimed responsibility for the attack.

Police identified the man responsible for Fridays attack as 30-year-old Hassan Khalif Shire Ali, 31,  whose 21-year-old brother was accused of plotting a mass murder on New Years Eve at Federation Square last year, a city centre hub and popular tourist spot.  He is in jail awaiting trial.

Footage taken by witnesses showed the man lunging with a large knife at police, who shot him in the chest and killed him. Bystanders were yelling at police: Just shoot him, just shoot him.

Police said Shire Alis Australian passport was cancelled in 2015 after an intelligence report he planned to travel to Syria, but an assessment was made that whilst he had radical views, he posed no threat to national security.

I think it is fair to say he (Shire Ali) was inspired. He was radicalised, Au...


Melbourne knife attacker inspired by Islamic State, police say - Thomson Reuters Foundation "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Melbourne knife attacker inspired by Islamic State, police sayThomson Reuters FoundationMELBOURNE, Nov 10 (Reuters) - A Somali-born man who set fire to a truck laden with gas cylinders in the centre of Melbourne and fatally stabbed one person was inspired by Islamic State but did not have direct links with the group, Australian police ...November 9, 2018 - TwitterTwitterall 2,756 news articles 


Seymour Line Notification: Delay "seymour IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

12:05 Southern Cross - Albury is delayed by approximately 15 minutes due to speed restrictions on the ARTC network.

[13:22 10/11]


Melbourne attacker inspired by Islamic State - Australian police - Thomson Reuters Foundation "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Melbourne attacker inspired by Islamic State - Australian policeThomson Reuters FoundationMELBOURNE, Nov 10 (Reuters) - A man who set fire to a gas-laden truck in the centre of Melbourne and fatally stabbed one person before he was shot by police was inspired by Islamic State but did not have direct links with the group, Australian police ...and more 


MACKAY How Eurydices killer stalked her through the city "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

MACKAY November 08, 2018 at 08:05PM ,

How Eurydices killer stalked her through the city

November 08, 2018 at 08:05PM ,

EURYDICE Dixons killer downed a bottle of vodka with a mate before stalking her for more than an hour through Melbournes CBD, court documents

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Much loved Melbourne restaurant icon killed by Muslim terrorist "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Rot in hell you Islamist piece of shit. You havent really experienced Melbourne until youve had pasta at Pellegrinis Pellegrinis sign is heritage-listed. (Audrey Bourget) It's one of the citys oldest cafes, and the plate of pasta will take you back to the 1950s. By Audrey Bourget 12 OCT 2018...


Australian police search Melbourne properties in terror investigation - Thomson Reuters Foundation "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Australian police search Melbourne properties in terror investigationThomson Reuters FoundationMELBOURNE, Nov 10 (Reuters) - Australian counter-terrorism investigators were searching two properties in suburban Melbourne on Saturday morning, the day after a man killed one person in what authorities said was a terrorist attack in the city. Police ...and more 


Islam visits Bourke Street Mall again "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Viewer discretion advised. As we mourn the tragic innocent victim of this mindless attack, we should hail the heroic actions of Victoria police on the frontline. Incredible courage. Those denying the constant threat of terror are endangering our community. Peter Blunden (@PeterBlunden_) November 9, 2018 Our own Bill...


Language of Fear: Attack in Melbourne "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

The mainstream media are the true peddlers of fear. By General Maddox. In a climate of constant media propaganda and spin designed to keep us in a perpetual state of fear, we again see an incident on Australian soil quickly described as a Terror Attack by the mainstream media. There are a few things that []

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Friday, 09 November


How sweet it is "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

Spring is here and with it comes the growth of new sap-rich leaves, particularly on eucalypt trees. This means that it is time for the sap-sucking insects to put in an appearance. Insects of the order Hemiptera make up a diverse range of creatures all distinguished by having sucking mouth-parts. The adult and young insects []


Melbourne attacker's brother arrested last year - police - Thomson Reuters Foundation "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Melbourne attacker's brother arrested last year - policeThomson Reuters FoundationSYDNEY, Nov 10 (Reuters) - A man who killed one person in a terrorist attack in the Australian city of Melbourne was known to police and was the brother of a man arrested on terror charges last year, Australian police said on Saturday. The Somali-born ...and more 


Victorian candidates final update "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

Nominations closed today for the Victorian state election. In this post Ill run through the numbers on how many people are running, and from what parties, and where.

Check out this Google spreadsheet with a list of all 507 lower house candidates.

Thanks to Nick Casmirri for doing a lot of research in pulling together information about these candidates.

507 candidates are running for the Legislative Assembly, and 380 candidates are running for the Legislative Council. This is a slight decline in lower house numbers (from 545 in 2014) and a record number of candidates for the Legislative Council. There was a 68% increase in upper house candidates to 351 in 2014, and weve broken that record by 29 this time. Antony Green has posted some more historical information on candidate numbers.

Labor and the Greens are each running a full ticket of 88 candidates in the lower house. The Liberal Party is running eighty candidates, alongside ten Nationals. The Liberals and Nationals are running against each other in three seats: Bendigo East, Morwell and Shepparton. These three seats are respectively held by Labor, an ex-Nationals independent, and another independent. After the Liberal Party originally threatened to sit out the contest in four inner-city seats, they ended up only sitting out the race in Richmond, apparently in protest at the local Labor MP and minister Richard Wynne.

The Animal Justice Party, who ran nine candidates in the lower house in 2014, is running 43 candidates this time. Other notable parties are the Democratic Labour Party (23), the Victorian Socialists (18), Sustainable Australia (11), Reason (10) and Transport Matters (10). There are also 102 independents. There are sixteen parties running lower house candidates, which is the same number as in 2014.

There are an average of 5.76 candidates per seat. There are nine seats with only three candidates (Labor, Coalition and Greens), while there are twelve candidates in Melton.

Before we move on to the upper house, Ive also analysed the gender of candidates (weve identified all but six) to produce the following graph:



GV Pride Christmas BBQ all welcome! Sun 9 Dec Shepparton "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"


GV Pride members and friends alike are invited to share in the joy and happiness of the holiday season @ Victoria Park Lake this Christmas ALL WELCOME! Meet us at the new BBQ pavilion on Wyndham Street (near the servo) BYO steak or anything fancy, but in the spirit of giving well provide FREE sausages, onions, bread, sauce, soft-drinks and salads! We may just have some bon bons and Christmas confectionary to share with you all too depending on whether youve been naughty or nice See you there! Ho, ho, ho! Please arrive by 12.00pm otherwise the BBQs might get hijacked by Christmas elves (i.e. random strangers!)

GV Pride Christmas BBQ all welcome! Sun 9 Dec Shepparton (11.30am 2.30pm)

Facebook event here.

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Sunday, 14 October


Grampians Peaks Trail (and always remember to pack your food away!) "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

A rule to remember whenever youre camping in the Australian bush (or anywhere really) is to pack away and secure your food at night so that it doesnt attract animals.

Its a rule I was acutely reminded of during a recent trip hiking the Grampians Peaks Trail, leaving me with a large, chewed tear in the floor of my much loved Macpac Minaret tent.

Ive always thought packing my food away into plastic bags and keeping them in my tent was enough to deter animals. In my many years of camping around Australia Ive never had a problem.

But this trip, it was a problem.

At some stage during the first night at the Bugiga hikers camp, something chewed its way into my tent and got into my dinner bag, getting at one of my dried meals and a block of fancy Koko Black chocolate given to me for Fathers Day.

I must have been tired because I slept through it and didnt realise what had happened until I was packing up in the morning after breakfast and discovered the hole in my tent.

I was devastated. Ive written before how much I love my tent and how its served me well on many trips in fair weather and foul.

It felt like Id let a good friend down.

I patched up the hole on both sides with first aid strapping tape and thankfully the weather was good so I didnt need to worry about rain.

Once back in Melbourne I got the hole patched and, hopefully, its good to go for my next trip.

And for that next trip Ill be investing in some decent bags to stash my food in and putting those into my backpack which Ill also line with a big plastic bag.

Lesson learned.

Click to view slideshow.

Anyway, the Grampians Peaks Trail was okay. Nice scenery, interesting rock formations, easy to follow track. But it never felt particularly remote as the views included roads and the town of Halls Gap. There were also plenty of tourists and school groups doing day walks on the trails so it never felt like wilderness.

I started at Halls Gap, following the Grampians Peaks Trail signs up Stony Creek past Venus Baths and Splitters Falls into Wonderland. It was steady, but not challenging, climbing to get up onto the mountain range. Walking through the Grand...

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Friday, 12 October


We Need an Ecological Civilization Before Its Too Late "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Jeremy LentJeremy Lent is author of The Patterning Instinct: A Cultural History of Humanitys Search for Meaning, which investigates how different cultures have made sense of the universe and how their underlying values have changed the course of history. He is founder of the nonprofit Liology Institute, dedicated to fostering a sustainable worldview. For more information visit


In the face of climate breakdown and ecological overshoot, alluring promises of green growth are no more than magical thinking. We need to restructure the fundamentals of our global cultural/economic system to cultivate an ecological civilization: one that prioritizes the health of living systems over short-term wealth production. 

Weve now been warned by the worlds leading climate scientists that we have just twelve years to limit climate catastrophe. The UNs International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has put the world on notice that going from a 1.5 to 2.0 C rise in temperature above preindustrial levels would have disastrous consequences across the board, with unprecedented flooding, drought, ocean devastation, a...


We are doomed. "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

You might have noticed the level of bad language rising in this blog.  sorry if youre offended, I put it down to rising levels of frustration and utter stupidity. But if we ever needed a laugh, even if its inspired by four letter words, then it must surely be now.. This post was stolen from FB, hat tip to my mate Trev.. I categorised this post as Philosophy, I hope you agree..

John Birmingham reckons were doomed too, and his reasons are more amusing than mine; remember, JB, not me.

The passcode of our doom is 00000

Because I am writing this column, we are fucked. And I am writing this column because we are are fucked.

As I write, Kanye West is trending on Twitter.

Hes also trending across the old media, surfing the front pages of The Sydney Morning Herald (Kanye West Drops F-Bomb with President Trump), Fox News (Candace Owens on the Smearing of Kanye), and the tech media.

Kanye Wests iPhone passcode is 00000 The Verge.

The artist formerly known as Taylor Swifts arch-nemesis isnt trending everywhere because he dropped an F-Bomb with President Trump. Hes trending because we of the media, and you, our enabling audience, have been so intellectually handicapped by the endumbening of politics and discourse into a Skinner Box feedback loop of dopamine addiction and lab rat lever-pushing that were too fucking stupid to live.

Like, literally.

The International Panel on Climate Change this week released a funeral plan for the human race, detailing the minimum necessary precautions needed to avoid almost inevitable catastrophealmost none of which we will take because were all too busy riffing on Kanye Wests bizarre visit to the White House.

Its not actual news.

It was a curiosity, a freak show, or at the very least a surfing dog story, the sort of weird, WTF item that once-upon-a-time would have run in the thirty second slot at the end of the six oclock bulletin.

In actual news this week, the Saudi regime despatched to Turkey a 15 man wetwork team, including the head of the forensic medicine department of the Kingdoms interior ministry. Why? Because somebody had to use the bone saw they brought with them to dismember the body of Washington Post contributor Jamal Kashoggi, whom they had just murdered in the Saudi consulate at Istanbul, for the high crime of irritating a crown prince.

Why did these medieval beard strokers think they could get away with such brazen fuckery?

Because brazen fuckery has been standard procedure for Riyadh since they let the cheeto-dusted chimpenfuhrer play with their magic orb and he let them go to war in Yemen.

Once upon a time a ster...


Its even worse than we are officially told. "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

This is a guest post from my Scottish friend Jacqueline Fletcher who has taught in universities all over Europe, and even sent me a wwoofer from Finland some years ago.. shes a permie and environmental activist beyond the call of duty. 

jacquelineYesterday evening I attended a meeting with a couple of researchers involved with IPCC reports. Dr Katarzyna Tokarska from the GeoSciences Institute at Edinburgh University and psychologist (and Scottish government advisor on mental health) Dr Nadine Andrews from Lancaster University. Tokarska explained the science, how much CO2 the atmosphere can take if we are to stay within the 1.5 degrees warming (X), how much is already in the atmosphere Y, and therefore X minus Y will tell us how much we can still emit before we lock ourselves ino the 1.5 degrees warming point (Z) and upwards towards 2 degrees.

The bad news is that in a BAU scenario, given the amount of CO2 emitted annually, globally, we will emit that amount (Z) in just three years.

We have to do something NOW. So what is on offer by way of suggestions about what to do?

A digression: In 2015 I was living in Paris and a member of the social movement and degrowth group ATTAC. Because ATTAC was also one of the 130 or so groups that constituted CoalitionClimate21, I joined up with that too, to organise protests around the COP21 but also to c...


Thuyn nhn Vit Nam xin t nn ang b e do trc xut v nc, cng ng ngi Vit phi lm sao? (Vietnamese asylum seekers arrived by boat is being threatened of deportation, what can the Vietnamese community do?) 12/10/2018 "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

By RISE Vietnamese Member who seeks asylum in Australia. (Scroll down for English version)

Thuyn nhn Vit Nam xin t nn ang b e do trc xut v nc, cng ng ngi Vit phi lm sao?

Cc thuyn nhn Vit Nam va n c hm 27/08/2018 b cc ngi dn a phng giao cho cnh st v b giam trong Trung Tm Giam Gi Di Tru ao Chrismas Island. B Trng B Ni V Peter Dutton ln ting e do trc xut tt c cc thuyn nhn va n v nc, ni m h s b Chnh Ph Vit Nam tra tn, b t v hm hi, thm ch l b git cht.

y khng phai la ln u tin Chinh phu Uc co hanh ng tan nhn vi cac thuyn nhn xin ti nan noi chung va cac thuyn nhn ti nan Vit Nam noi ring. Nm 1992, Chinh Phu ang Lao ng cua Thu Tng Paul Keating a quyt inh m ra trung tm giam gi di tru u tin trn th gii va sau nay c nhiu quc gia trn th gii lam theo. Luc by gi, muc ich cua cac trung tm giam gi di tru nay la nhm vao cac thuyn nhn xin ti nan Vit Nam va ti pham hoa vic xin ti nan xin c bao v khoi vic bi an ap, bc hai, thin tai, nan oi va nan dit chung. Cac nan nhn sng sot cua nhng trung tm giam gi khc nghit, tan bao, v nhn tinh va m mau nay a va ang ln ting v nhng anh hng tiu cc cua vic giam cm v thi han n tinh thn, sc khoe va cuc sng cua ho.

a co it nht 50 ngi a mt mang trong cac trung tm giam gi di tru cua Uc trong t lin va ngoai khi t khi trung tm giam gi u tin c m ca, trong o co it nht 3 ngi Vit Nam.Hu ht nhng ngi nay la nhng ngi xin ti nan va tt ca u la ngi da mau. Nhng ngi nay a bi mt mang vi nhng ly do co th c ngn chn kip thi nu chinh phu Uc ra tay can thip nh nh t t, s s sut y t va bi am sat. Ngoai nhng cai cht oan ung ra con co v s trng hp a va ang xay ra hng ngay trong cac trung tm giam gi i vi cac giam nhn (bt k gii tinh va la tui) nh ham hip, quy ri tinh duc, bao hanh, tra tn, e doa v.v. Hn na, hu ht tt ca cac cu giam nhn cho du a hn nhiu nm sau khi c tha ra, vn bi tan tt va mang trong ngi nhng cn bnh hu t nhng ln bi ngc ai, tra tn, hm doa, ham hip, quy ri tinh duc, va khi cuc sng cua ho bi Chinh phu Uc lam cho hn loan khng co li thoat trong nhiu nm. Ngoai ra con co hang ngan ngi ti nan bi B Di tru truc xut hay an ap ho cho n khi ho t truc xut ban...

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Thursday, 11 October


Sunday trains packed #MoreServicesPlease "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Melbournes trains: you might not expect a seat in peak hour, but on Sunday mornings? Most lines are very infrequent and theyre packed.

Services on the Werribee, Williamstown, Sunbury, Craigieburn, Upfield, Mernda, Hurstbridge and Sandringham lines on Sundays run only every 40 minutes until about 10am, resulting in crowding, while spare trains sit idle in stabling yards.

It hasnt changed in decades. Sunday 10am to 7pm frequencies were increased in 1999 to 20 minutes, but the morning 40 minute gaps have existed since the 1970s.

This is not good enough for a growing city of 5 million people. To get Melbourne moving, its time for frequent train services every 10 minutes on all Metro lines, every day of the week.

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Wednesday, 10 October


The Monthly Discussion in November Victoria votes! "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

The Monthly Discussion in November Victoria votes! What: Discuss + Debate + Drinks + Pizza When: Wednesday, November 7 Time: 6pm Cost: Free Come along to the Monthly Discussion in November for the Great Victorian Election Debate! We analyse the policies and the promises, the past record and the rhetoric, through the lens of []


Placebo, Nocebo and Belief "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Having been fascinated most of my life with things 'of mind', I find it intriguing that we are influenced by the placebo effect....

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Tuesday, 09 October


PTUA launches Connecting Ballarat proposal "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

The Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) has launched an ambitious policy document, Connecting Ballarat, which calls for dramatic improvements to Ballarats bus network.

Ballarats bus network currently has a lot of problems with indirect, inefficient routes through the CBD, which turn back on themselves in order to call at key destinations in a specific order, and terminate at Ballarat station. These paths waste valuable driver time, which is an inefficient use of taxpayer resources compared to more efficient paths. Theyre also slow and hard for casual users to understand, which makes them unattractive to potential passengers.

The central idea of the Connecting Ballarat proposal is to link routes on opposite sides of Ballarat together into longer cross-town routes, so that buses can flow smoothly in one side of the CBD and out the other, in a path that is faster, more efficient and more sensible than the current paths. This would mean faster trips for passengers, a more understandable network for first-time users, and more efficient use of resources resources that can be reinvested into other service improvements.

Three of these routes would become high-frequency SmartBus routes fast, direct routes that run every ten minutes, designed to act as the spine of a true turn-up-and-go network for Ballarat. The other routes would increase to run every 20 or 40 minutes, to match the increased V/Line train frequencies expected from late 2019.

Buses would also run to a longer span of hours, connecting with commuter trains in the early mornings and late evenings, and allowing people travelling within Ballarat to take the bus home after dinner at a restaurant or a night at the movies.

PTUA Ballarat Branch Convener, Ben Lever, said this was in many ways an ambitious proposal, but that it also picked a lot of low-hanging fruit.

We know the existing network has a lot of inefficiencies, both in the twisty paths it takes and the excessively-padded timetables. Not only are these inefficiencies frustrating for users, they take up a lot of resources that would be better spent on improving the service thats what were proposing here.

Beyond those efficiency gains, were calling on all political parties to invest some serious money into our bus network. Low-density outer suburbs of Melbourne have high-frequency SmartBuses running through them, connecting key destinations like shopping centres and universities with railway stations Ballarat deserves the same. Even the standard non-SmartBus routes run till at least 9pm in most suburbs of Melbourne, while Ballarats buses currently shut down around 7pm its just not good enough.

Weve seen time and time again that when governments invest in good public transport, people use it. Whether its trains, tr......


On future proof building "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Im quite a fan of the English TV show Grand Designs, and Kevin McCloud in kevin.jpg particular. The key word in the shows title is of course grand, and many if not most of the projects irritate me no end, but as an owner builder from way back, not only do I relate to these people, the show has taught me a trick or two my gripe remains, why oh why do they all feel the need to build such ginormous houses, often for just two people to rattle around in?

The Australian version, now showing on ABC TV some 8 or 9 years after screening on pay TV which I refuse to pay for, is not as good as the pommy version, the presenter I find lacking in Kevins unique personality.. but I digress.

My reason for this introduction is that the last episode was about an earth covered house in Victoria built by a couple whose home was destroyed in the 2010 bushfires. Never wanting to go through that again surprise surprise they decided to move to the only place that didnt burn to the ground and where the few livestock that survived had escaped to. right next to their big dam!



NOT ALL DISABILITIES ARE VISIBLE 09/10/2018 "IndyWatch Feed Vic"


When I started out as RISEs Ability Rights worker two years ago, my role is to find supports for refugees and asylum seekers with disabilities. What I found was a distinctive lack of services across the migration sector, only three out of 16 Migrant Resource Centres have programs for people with disabilities, of those three only one supports asylum seekers or newly arrived. The other two did Home And Community Care (HACC) for those of migrant backgrounds over 55-65 years of age; HACC is home care and support (not personal/medical care). 

Launch of RISEs advocacy booklet; refugees and asylum seekers with disabilities. A document that brings together the voices of RISE members and an analysis non-intersectionality of the literature in the refugee and disability sectors. Link here

As for the disability sector, where is scarcity of knowledge on refugees where I am yet to find a mainstream disability service provider that has a refugee intake program. Publically there is no clear indication be it either on their website or when I call them if refugees or asylum seekers on various visas can access the disability service. Most if the information is in English and little if any information on accessibility. This is a one-size fit all approach to informing the public of services available.  I need to make it clear I am referring to disability services not mental health services.

The mental health sector is hard for refugees to access, that is psychologists and therapists, refugees are more often referred to the specific torture and trauma clinics. How they differentiate between invisible mental health disabilities and PTSD related mental I cannot say. What I can say is that more needs to be done to support invisible disabilities like depression and anxiety, eating disorders and emotional behaviours that are often not treated go undiagnosed, and seen as just adjusting to a new life.

I myself is a former child refugee from Vietnam, I have two disabilities, a hearing impairment and cerebral palsy. Here I am going to advocate that for too long refugee settlement has been separate to disabilities and mental health needs. This erroneous and amounts to structural neglect from the medical profession and the migration settlement services sector. This is why the silo approach to refugees and asylum seekers is detrimental to their health and wellbeing and the community. This is a critique of the standard operating philosophy of using Maslows hierarchy of needs. This drives settlement support. It dictates the literature on refugees. It defines government policy....

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Monday, 08 October


5:30pm Oct 12 | Paint the Town Refugee "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

When: 5:30pm, Friday 12th October 2018 Where: State Library of Victoria, 328 Swanston St, Melbourne Facebook event here Join RAC in covering Melbourne this Friday evening with posters, leaflets and chalk to advertise the rally on October 27th other RAC initiatives. No experience needed! Meet other activists or come with friends. Plaster the CBD, or(...)



Nauruan police have arrested a 36 year-old Iranian refugees after he attempted suicide on Nauru today, Monday 9 October. The refugee swallowed washing powder at the Anibare camp, around 4.30pm (Nauru time).  Although the man was in obvious distress, and struggled to strand, instead of an ambulance being called, police arrived and placed him under(...)



The Nauru government has ended the role of  Mdecins Sans Frontires /Doctors Without Borders on the island.   MSF emailed various clients today Saturday, 6 October informing them that all MSF services fininsh today email pasted below.   According to the MSF web site, the humanitarian association has only operated on the island since late(...)

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Thursday, 04 October


Religious freedom a legal minefield for Coalition "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

IT SEEMS that the Government is going to hang on to Philip Ruddocks report on religious freedom until after this months by-election and then, according to Prime Minister Scott Morrison, take some legislative action on it.
First we have the obvious question about open and accountable government. Who paid for this report? Why do freedom-of-information laws give such broad exemptions to Cabinet documents on topics which have absolutely no national-security or national-finance questions?

That aside, this is a minefield.

Any legislation or constitutional provision on religious freedom gives rise to two fundamental legal questions: what is religion and what is freedom?

The leading case in Australia is the 1983 High Court case of Church of the New Faith v Commissioner of Payroll Tax.

Scientologists claimed that as the Church of the New Faith they were a religion and should not have to pay Victorian payroll tax.

All five High Court judges held that Scientology was a religion.

Justices Mason and Brennan responded to claims that Scientologys founder L Ron Hubbard was in it for the money by saying: Charlatanism is a necessary price of religious freedom, and if a self-proclaimed teacher persuades others to believe in a religion which he propounds, lack of sincerity or integrity on his part is not incompatible with the religious character of the beliefs, practices and observances accepted by his followers.

Justice Murphy said: Most organised religions have been riddled with commercialism, this being an integral part of the drive by their leaders for social authority and power . . . . The amassing of wealth by organised religions often means that the leaders live richly (sometimes in palaces) even though many of the believers live in poverty. Many religions have been notorious for corrupt trafficking in relics, other sacred objects, and religious offices, as well as for condoning sin even in advance, for money. The great organised religions are big business.

So the legal test in Australia for religion is not the motives of the founders and leaders of it, but the gullibility or faith of the followers.

This case was about tax exemption. Morrisons new law, in the name of religious freedom, presumably is to give religions exemptions not only from tax, but also from other laws such as discrimination in employment on grounds of sexuality because homosexuality offends their religion.

This presents the legislature with a problem. The legislation could be cast widely to...


On living in la la land "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

I follow Charles Hugh Smith who regularly comments on the state of the US economy. As a pensioner myself now, Im particularly interested in the unsustainability of retirement funds, and I frankly admit Id be surprised if I still receive a pension before I kick the bucket in the next twenty years (if Im lucky!)

Welcome to bubble land..

Pensions Now Depend on Bubbles Never Popping (But All Bubbles Pop)

October 3, 2018

Were living in a fantasy, folks. Bubbles pop, period.

The nice thing about the wealth generated by bubbles is its so easy: no need to earn wealth the hard way, by scrimping and saving capital and investing it wisely. Just sit back and let central bank stimulus push assets higher.

The problem with bubble wealth is its like an addictive narcotic: now our entire pension system, public and private, is dependent on the current bubbles in stocks, real estate, junk bonds and other risk assets never popping.

But a funny thing eventually happens to financial bubbles: they all pop. And when the current bubbles pop, they will gut pension reserves, projections and promises.

Take a look at the chart below of taxpayer contributions to Calpers, the California public pension fund. Note that in the heady days of Bubble #1, the dot-com era, enormous gains in Calpers stock holdings meant taxpayers contributions were a modest $159 million annually.

Based on bubbles never popping and monumental annual gains continuing forever, Calpers projected taxpayer contributions in 2010 of $6.6 billion. But since Bubble #2 had popped in 2008-09, stock market gains had cratered and as a consequence taxpayers had to pay almost four times the Calpers projection: $24.6 billion.

In a few short years, taxpayer contributions have nearly doubled, despite the outsized returns generated by Bubble #3, the largest of them all. By 2015, taxpayer contributions to Calpers totaled $45 billion, even as Calpers reaped huge gains in its stock portfolio.

So what happens to taxpayer contributions when all the asset bubbles pop? They go through the roof right when taxpayers are themselves facing staggering declines in their own personal wealth and the inevitable declines in income that accompany recessions. (Whats a recession? I thought the Fed banned those.)

Heres a chart of the three stock market bubbles. Note the current bubble is the most extreme...

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Wednesday, 03 October



A petition signed by 368 Manus asylum seekers and refugees has been handed to the office of the Chief Justice of the PNG Supreme Court, and to Justice Alan David, who was one of the presiding judges of the Manus Island case. The case was heard in April, this year, but six months later, the(...)


Faeries and Going Down the Rabbit Hole "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

We were camped in a mysterious, very old sessile oak forest on the shores of Loch Dan in the stunning Wicklow mountains....

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Tuesday, 02 October



A notice abruptly posted that the back gate of West Haus detention compound (photo attached) will be closed from 5.00pm to 6.00am Manus Island, has further restricted refugees movement on the island. A 6.00pm 6.000am curfew already applies to all three refugee compounds on the island prison East Lorengau Transit Accommodation, West Haus(...)


Whats happened to Peak Oil since Peak Oil. "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

The latest news that Mexico has this month switched from being a net oil exporter to a net oil importer prompted me to do some more research on what stage we all are with Peak Oil.  and as expected, the news are not good. Since the peak of conventional oil in 2005, ALL the major producing nations except for Iraq and the US have been producing less and less in real terms, and lets face it, half the US production is unviable shale oil which since the GFC has lost the oil industry $280 billion and counting..

Meanwhile, pundits on TV are expressing disbelief at how the price of fuel is skyrocketing in Australia (with our dollar struggling to remain above $US0.70) while oil is simultaneously surging under all sorts of pressures.

Crude_prod_changes_2005-May_2018Fig 2: Crude production changes between 2005 and 2018 by country

Group A
Countries where average oil production Jan-May 2018 was lower than the average in 2005. At the bottom is Mexico with the highest rate of decline. This group started to peak in 1997, entering a long bumpy production plateau at around 25 mb/d, ending you guessed it in 2005. This is down now to 16 mb/d, a decline of 700 kb/d pa (-2.8% pa).

Decline-group_1994-May2018Fig 3: Group A countries

Group B

Countries where average oil production Jan-May 2018 was higher than the average in 2005. At the top of the stack are Iraq and the US, where growth was highest. Group B compensated for the decline in group A and provided for growth above the red dashed line in Fig 1.
The 2018 data have not been seasonally adjusted.
In group B we have a subgroup of countries which peaked after 2005

Crude_post-2005-peaking_1994-May2018Fig 4: Countries peaking after 2005

A production plateau above 7 mb/d lasted for 6 years between 2010 and 2016. The average was 7.1 mb/d, around +1.8 mb/d higher than in 2005. Another country in this subgroup is China, here shown separately because of its importance and consequences.


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Monday, 01 October



Labor Senator Gavin Marshall will speak at an urgent solidarity protest at the Federal Circuit Court (305 William st, Melbourne) tomorrow, Monday 1st of October at 8:30 am to oppose the impending deportation Vietnamese Catholic asylum seeker, Huyen Tran. If Huyen is deported she faces indefinite separation from her baby Isabella and husband Paul. Bishop Vincent Long, a(...)

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Friday, 28 September




Ian Lowe

Professor Ian Lowe

August 9, 2018

If we go on increasing the population at the current rate, well go on damaging our environment at an ever increasing rate

Back in March, Dr Jonathan Sobels a senior research fellow at the University of South Australia and the author of a key 2010 report prepared for the Department of Immigration entitled Long-term physical implications of net overseas migration: Australia in 2050 (356 pages) gave a brilliant incisive interview on ABCs Radio National warning of a huge reduction in Australian living standards if the federal government continues with its mass immigration Big Australia policy:

You end up with, in absolute terms, more pollution. You end up with more impacts on peoples personal time spent commuting, for example. You end up with less choice in even simple things

And we are coming up towards physical limitations within our physical, built and natural environments that will lead to compromises in the quality of our life
Not only are the dams not filling, but the ground water supplies are not filling. The only option you have open to you is water efficiency use and whacking up desal plants. But if your population keeps increasing at the rates we have seen in recent times, you wont be able to afford putting up billion dollar desal plants, which also have their environmental impacts...


Take karaoke to Noongar country and you get Noongaroke "IndyWatch Feed Vic"


Rjpvgttg 1400559806.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1Noongaroke was far more than a good night out; it was an inspired intervention to support grieving Noongar families.
Mika Hiltunen

Anna Haebich, Curtin University

The following article was co-authored by Jim Morrison, who is a senior Noongar man, a traditional custodian of Western Australias pristine southern coast. He has been operating in a range of pivotal roles dealing with Aboriginal advancement for more than three decades.

Noongar people engaging with karaoke created a contemporary process for cultural healing and wellbeing that dealt at a profound level with the anguished politics of death in their community. Leading the charge was the deadly Noongaroke singing DJ Jim Morrison.

Jims parents, both from the stolen generations, survived to raise their large family whose members are now prominent in Noongar service organisations, politics and the arts in Perth. Jim generously shared his journey in an interview with my partner Darryl Kickett and myself that is quoted extensively here.

Noongar people are the traditional custodians of the south-west region of Western Australia. They bore the full force of settler invasion and colonisation: the deaths, dispossession, loss of land and culture, racism, segregation, removed children, forced assimilation and dire poverty within a rich country.

What survived of their way of life was invisible to most outsiders: the ancient family lineages, connection to country, kinship values and obligations, hidden knowledge and rituals and elements of language.

Today most Noongar people live in city suburbs and country towns. Numbering more than 40,000, they constitute the largest Aboriginal language group in Australia. Many identify as members of a distinct Noongar nation within the Australian settler state. In 2006, Noongar claimants won Australias first and...

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Tuesday, 25 September


8:30am Mon Oct 1 | Let Huyen Stay- solidarity protest at court hearing "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

When: 8:30-10am Monday 1st October Where: 305 William St, Melbourne (next to Flagstaff Gardens/Flagstaff Station) Facebook event here Join RAC outside the Federal Circuit Court hearing to demand that Huyen is allowed to stay in the community. Huyen is facing the Federal Circuit Court to argue that she should be allowed to make a statutory(...)


6:30pm, Mon Oct 15 | Forum: Naurus Medical Emergency Kids Off, All Off "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

When: 6:30-8:30pm, Monday 15th October Where: ANMF Vic Branch, 535 Elizabeth St, Melbourne       Facebook event here Leaflet for distribution here Nauru is in meltdown with an escalating medical and mental health crisis as a result of the damage done by offshore detention. Despite Border Force trying to fight doctors recommendations in court,(...)

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Monday, 24 September


RISE eX-detainees request supporters to raise awareness on AFL Grand Final day (Saturday 29th Sept), to bring to the Worlds attention the escalating crisis faced by Refugees held hostage by Australia in detention centres. "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

RISE ex-detainees request supporters to raise awareness during the AFL Grand Final Day, Saturday 29th September 2018, to bring to the worlds attention the escalating crisis faced by detainees held hostage by the Australian government in offshore and onshore detention centres. We also ask our supporters to raise awareness internationally on the day at Australian embassies across the world, to show your solidarity with our community and #SanctionAustralia for their crimes against humanity.

There have been many inquiries and many reports of rape, sexual abuse and torture in Australias refugee detention camps since they were opened more than 26 years ago, yet these abuses continue because not a single Immigration Minister or administrator in the Australian government have been held accountable. Depression, suicide, and other mental illnesses are pervasive within Australian detention centres, and are often a direct result of the experience of detention itself. No refugee wants to be left in limbo, but the Australian government has consistently shown a lack of transparency and accountability, breaking faith with Refugees.

Australia has one of the highest concentration of media ownership in the world and therefore less likely to expose the torture, abuse and murder of our community who are fleeing wars and conflicts that mainly serve capitalist interests. We should not stay silent when there are lives at stake. If we do not act, refugees in Australian-run detention centres will continue to be tortured and abused by the Australian government, and be forced to deport or self-deport.

Please take action and #SanctionAustralia to send a strong message to the Australian government and show the world that you stand against Australias criminal administrative detention regime implemented more than 26 years ago against us refugees. The international community should also condemn Australia, a member of the UN Human rights council, for exploiting less affluent countries such as Papua New Guinea and Nauru and using them as proxies to carry out human rights abuses against refugees.

Who are we?
RISE: Refugee Survivors and Ex-detainees is the first entirely self-determined refugee advocacy and welfare organisation in Australia. We seek direction from the RISE ex-detainee group in carrying out this action.

Read more about eX-detainees led and managed #sanctionAustralia campaign here:

RISE Ex-detainee Team
RISE : Refugee Survivors and Ex-detainees

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Sunday, 23 September


Why everything will collapse.. "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Very good video, although he displays his ignorance of meat farming and its ability to combat climate change when done properly. Largely immaterial I know, industrial agriculture will collapse as soon as the energy cliff arrives.

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Friday, 21 September


IA assessments questionable "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

The Geelong Branch of the Public Transport Users Association has queried the logic of Infrastructure Australias negative response to the business case for the duplication of the South Geelong-Waurn Ponds rail line.

Branch convener Paul Westcott noted that Infrastructure Australia seems to be saying that the project would stack up if some changes were made.

If they are saying that certain modifications to the business case would lead to them supporting the project, why couldnt they assess the project with the changes they themselves suggest? Mr Westcott said.

Mr Westcott also criticised the State government for not having quantified some obvious benefits of the project in the business case, which has led Infrastructure Australia to require more work to be done on it.

The State government must urgently revise the business case, taking Infrastructure Australias comments into account, ensuring the project can be assessed on its true merits, Mr Westcott said.

However, its good that both sides of politics continue to back the project that will see more trains running to stations South of Geelong, including to Colac and Warrnambool, and help them run more reliably.

Mr Westcott also pointed to apparent inconsistencies in Infrastructure Australias assessment of projects.

They are happy to keep the East-West Link toll road in Melbourne on their priority list, despite the fact that is has a cost-benefit ratio of only 50 cents in the dollar.

Even worse, the duplication of the highway to Colac, also funded by federal money, will only return about eight cents in the dollar.

Mr Westcott said the way Infrastructure Australia assesses projects seems questionable. While economically doubtful road schemes are given the green light, sustainable transport projects seem to be viewed with less sympathy.



Eight refugees, single men previously held on Manus Island, flew from Port Moresby today, Tuesday, 18 September, to be resettled in the US. The eight are single men, one Iranian, two Tamils, two Pakistanis, two Rohingyan and one Afghan. The total number of refugees from Manus accepted by the US so far, is just 130.(...)

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Tuesday, 18 September


The Importance of Now "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

A Stuart Wilde article - Some years ago I wrote out a process I called "minimal movement". It is a time management discipline where you brutally eliminate all actions that serve no purpose, and you allocate the least possible energy and effort to the tick-tock things you have to do.

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Saturday, 15 September


Methane and climate: 10 things you should know "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

The graph above shows methane concentrations in Earths atmosphere over the past 10,000+ years: 8000 BCE to 2018 CE.  The units are parts per billion (ppb).  The year 1800 is marked with a circle.

Note the ominous spike.  As a result of increasing human-caused emissions, atmospheric methane levels today are two-and-a-half times higher than in 1800.  After thousands of years of relatively stable concentrations, we have driven the trendline to near-vertical.

Here are 10 things you should know about methane and the climate:

1. Methane (CH4) is one of the three main greenhouse gases, along with carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrous oxide (N2O).

2. Methane is responsible for roughly 20% of warming, while carbon dioxide is responsible for roughly 70%, and nitrous oxide the remaining 10%.

3. Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas (GHG).  Pound for pound, it is 28 times more effective at trapping heat than is carbon dioxide (when compared over a 100-year time horizon, and 84 times as effective at trapping heat when compared over 20 years).  Though humans emit more carbon dioxide than methane, each tonne of the latter traps more heat.

4. Fossil-fuel production is the largest single source.  Natural gas is largely made up of methane (about 90%).  When energy companies drill wells, frac wells, and pump natural gas through vast distribution networks some of that methane escapes.  (In the US alone, there are...

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Friday, 14 September


Efficiency, the Jevons Paradox, and the limits to economic growth "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Ive discovered a new blog which very much aligns with this one. In his own about section, Darrin Qualman describes himself as a long-term thinker, a civilizational critic, a researcher and data analyst, and an avid observer of the big picture.

I recommend anyone following this blog to check him out, his blog is full of interesting graphs

Ive been thinking about efficiency.  Efficiency talk is everywhere.  Car buyers can purchase ever more fuel-efficient cars.  LED lightbulbs achieve unprecedented efficiencies in turning electricity into visible light.  Solar panels are more efficient each year.  Farmers are urged toward fertilizer-use efficiency.  And our Energy Star appliances are the most efficient ever, as are the furnaces and air conditioners in many homes.

The implication of all this talk and technology is that efficiency can play a large role in solving our environmental problems.  Citizens are encouraged to adopt a positive, uncritical, and unsophisticated view of efficiency: well just make things more efficient and that will enable us to reduce resource use, waste, and emissions, to solve our problems, and to pave the way for green growth and sustainable development.

But theres something wrong with this efficiency solution: its not working.  The current environmental multi-crisis (depletion, extinction, climate destabilization, ocean acidification, plastics pollution, etc.) is not occurring as a result of some failure to achieve large efficiency gains.  The opposite.  It is occurring after a century of stupendou...


eX-detainees day statement : Do not bury eX-detainee voices or undermine over 2 decades of our labour towards dismantling immigration detention centres "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

We, eX-detainees at RISE in Australia, mark the 17th of September 2018 as eX-Detainees Day, for all asylum seekers and refugees who have been forcibly detained whilst seeking protection. This is our 3rd annual eX-detainees day. Crucially, this initiative is entirely managed and controlled by eX-detainees who are asylum seekers and refugees in Australia, as an assertion of our self-determination.

Asylum seeker and refugee detainees who have been detained or are currently detained in detention centres are among the most persecuted and oppressed people in the world. We have endured abuse in our own countries, and upon seeking protection, are disenfranchised and suffer institutional abuse within detention systems. eX-detainees

In this 3rd year of commemorating eX-detainees day we raise the collective voices of asylum seekers and refugees around the world, who are facing discrimination and criminalisation due to detention.  eX-Detainees Day will highlight and oppose all forms of refugee and asylum seeker detention that we are subjected to globally: whether the detention lasts 1 day, 30 days, 1 year, or longer periods of time.

We eX-detainees are thankful for those who have shown meaningful solidarity and allyship. We also like to see more eX-detainee voices put at the forefront in the refugee debate in Australia and across the world. In Australia, eX-detainees have been working towards dismantling immigration detention centres over two decades now. Do not bury eX-detainee voices as has been done continuously by successive Australian governments. Recognition, respect and autonomy should be given to many eX-detainees and detainees who have never compromised on the goal of abolishing detention centres and spoken out against detention centres, risking our freedom and families. Respect our voices and our well being. Here is the link to our demands

Last year we eX-detainees at RISE  established the #SanctionAustalia Campaign and we have received overwhelming support for the campaign in Australia and as well as across the world. Further, in the process of developing our Sanction Australia campaign, eX-detainees have been consulting with national and international wide activists, rights groups and civil society groups to endorse our Sanction Australia campaign.

We offshore and onshore eX-detainees from Australia strongly condemn successive Australian governments and other governments around the world for holding hostage our community members in detention torture camps across the world. We eX-detainees demand that all refugee survivors who are forcibly held in detention centres immediately release and provide them with permanent protection and proper support servic...


Why Growth Cant Be Green "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

jason hickelBy Dr Jason Hickel, an anthropologist, author, and a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Warnings about ecological breakdown have become ubiquitous. Over the past few years, major newspapers, including the Guardian and the New York Times, have carried alarming stories on soil depletion, deforestation, and the collapse of fish stocks and insect populations. These crises are being driven by global economic growth, and its accompanying consumption, which is destroying the Earths biosphere and blowing past key planetary boundaries that scientists say must be respected to avoid triggering collapse.

Many policymakers have responded by pushing for what has come to be called green growth. All we need to do, they argue, is invest in more efficient technology and introduce the right incentives, and well be able to keep growing while simultaneously reducing our impact on the natural world, which is already at an unsustainable level. In technical terms, the goal is to achieve absolute decoupling of GDP from the total use of natural resources, according to the U.N. definition.

It sounds like an elegant solution to an otherwise catastrophic problem. Theres just one hitch: New evidence suggests that green growth isnt the panacea everyone has been hoping for. In fact, it isnt even possible.

Green growth first became a buzz phrase in 2012 at the United Nations Conf...

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Wednesday, 12 September


What Would Jesus Say? OMG! "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

I gave it some thought and could only come to the same conclusion Mr Fry came to: the radical, revolutionary Jesus would be appalled and he would fight to have the church disbanded...

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Tuesday, 11 September


Beam me up. "IndyWatch Feed Vic"


After staring at my large 200200 mm beams drying in the shed for over two years, they were finally raised into position yesterday. It might only be three pieces of timber, but they are critical to the rest of the construction.

It took me well over a week to establish exactly how I would join the mammoth lumps of wood, even, as you might remember, going to the trouble of going to a workshop on how to make framing joins. The advice I received there was worth its weight in gold, and in truth, it wasnt that much more effort to make a tapered tenon rather than just a straight one. And Im stoked with the quality of the join, the gaps being no more than about 3mm I even oiled the internal join surfaces with linseed oil to protect the wood from the inevitable water ingress from the next rain event.


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Wednesday, 05 September


The 2018 EJ Craigie Award winner "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Last night Warwick Smith, Senior economist at Per Capita was awarded the EJ Craigie Writing Award for his piece The big spending Victorian state budget is built on Australias worst tax. Warwick quickly laid out the damaging effects of stamp duties and then moved on to show another innovative ACT policy move, with the transition []


Change Your Destiny "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

A Stuart Wilde article. When you see ugliness become every more pretty. When you see racism, love and accept everyone. When people are agitated and violent, be calm and peaceful.

Sunday, 02 September


What the newspapers said about inequality. It's wrong "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

If you were going to reduce a 150-page Productivity Commission examination of trends in Australian inequality to a few words, it would be nice if they werent ALP inequality claims sunk, or Progressive article of faith blown up or Labor inequality myths busted by commission.

The editorial in the Australian Financial Review of August 30 says questions about whether inequality is increasing are abstract, taught in universities as an article of faith, and a political truncheon.

Here I should disclose that I teach courses covering inequality as well as undertaking research on the topic. Also, I was one of the external referees for this weeks Productivity Commission report.

It adds to a growing pile of high quality research on trends in income distribution in Australia, including a recent Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) and University of New South Wales study using data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) that provides an in-depth analysis of income and wealth inequality in 2015-16 and an analysis of trends since 2000.

Also released at the end of July was the latest HILDA Statistical Report that analyses how things have changed over time for individuals between 2001 and 2016.

The Productivity Commission survey takes the deliberately ambitious approach of assessin...

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