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Sunday, 12 November


Gippsland Line Notification: Service change "bairnsdale IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

10:20 Traralgon - Southern Cross will not run and has been replaced by coaches due to a train fault. 

[08:13 13/11]


Gippsland Line Notification: Service change "bairnsdale IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

07:46 Flinders St - Traralgon will not run today due to a train fault.  Customers are asked to board the next available service 08:13 SCS to Traralgon. 

[08:11 13/11]


Sing Nowell Concert in Foster 17 November "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Fr. Aju Varghese, the Parish Council and parishioners of St Josephs Catholic Parish, Foster, cordially invite local residents and visitors to attend the inaugural concert of Music for Advent & Christmas, []

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War Commemoration Porn: Remembrance Day Celebrations "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

The officials are called one by one to lay wreathes, a ceremony of mechanical efficiency.  With each laying comes the sense of wonder at how this could happen.  Political figures are the first to vote in parliaments and side with the executive when it comes to wars.  The temptations of human drives to tempt, and then succumb to death, were there long before Sigmund Freud identified them.

In the Australian capital, there were many wreaths, so many uniformed, deodorised dignitaries distant from the cries of battle and the horror of engineered slaughter.  There were the expected, the usual, the normal: the most medalled of them all, the Governor General, the various Chiefs of Army, Navy and Air Force.

There was the Chief Justice of the Australian High Court making her appearance.  There was even the ceremonial didgeridoo player.  Various associations also featured: those dealing with the incapacitated; the matter of war widows, the issue of legacies.  It seemed like a vast whos who of the military complex, which is exactly what it was.

The Australian response here is, in some ways, more tragic than most.  Retained, generally white Ghurkhas for imperial causes (there were those of other races in the Australian armed forces at points), they flitted between theatres to be slaughtered at the behest of not-so-grand strategies that mangled the word freedom and confused it for politics. In battle, such a word has little meaning, about as significant, in fact, as a wreath.  What matters is survival.

Across media networks, the word freedom was uttered as an automatic response, a genetically programmed insistence that the deaths of the Great War had been somehow necessary and, importantly, productive.

That disposition was sown by such figures as King George V, who had issued a request to the people of the British Empire to suspend ordinary activities for two minutes on the hour of the armistice which stayed the worldwide carnage of the four preceding years and marked the victory of Right and Freedom.

In 1997, the Australian Governor-General, Sir William Deane, proclaimed that November 11 be deemed Remembrance Day, insisting that a minutes silence be observed at 11 am on November 11 each year, a pause to reflect, more broadly, sacrifices made by the Australian armed forces.

Modern representatives of this view abound, and they are, unsurprisingly, effusive in the veterans organisations.  There were the remarks, for instance, of Richard Embleton from the Geelong Returned and Services League, who reflected on the tens of thousands of wool poppies laid out before Melbournes Shrine of Remembrance.  You only have to look around Australia [to see] how free we are and how important it is.



Berwick 18-year-old charged following fatal hit-run, aggravated burglary "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

An 18-year-old Berwick man has been charged following an aggravated burglary and fatal hit-run collision on Wednesday.

Saturday, 11 November


Terrorism and Climate Change in Perspective "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Temperature Anomalies Australia first week October 2015

The crimes and threats of terrorism often dominate the mainstream media in Australia. From the horrific beheadings by ISIS to the murder of journalists in Paris the publicity of these events engenders a certain amount of fear across the country. This fear is easily exploited by cynical politicians who use scare campaigns to maintain their hold on government. But these threats are illusory and the real threat the various disastrous ramifications of climate change is hidden on page 12 of the news or not even mentioned at all.

To put the issues in perspective the total fatalities from terrorist crimes in Australia over the last 100 years, depending on how you define terrorism and excluding actions of the criminally insane, is a handful. This hardly compares with the fact that between 2000 and 2016 there were 35 fatalities in Australia from snakebite. In 2015 alone there were 3000 suicides, 1209 road fatalities, 4 deaths from lightning strikes and 2 from german measles. Thus the chances of you being a victim of a terrorist attack in Australia are exceedingly small. You are far more likely to be struck by lightning or bitten by a snake.

On the other hand some of the effects of climate change, including floods, drought and heatwaves, are already causing substantial fatalities around the globe. The civil war in Syria, for instance, grew out of the worst drought in its history. This extreme weather event was almost certainly exacerbated by climate change. But in Australia it is almost certainly heatwaves (and their more visible and often associated bushfires) that are currently causing the most damage to life and property.

In his Atmosphere of Hope (Text, 2015) Tim Flannery wrote: it was only with the arrival of the twenty-first century that our shifting climate began to influence heatwaves strongly. Humanitys first intimation of just how great a threat to health heatwaves could become arrived in the summer of 2003. Europes summer in that year was the hottest since records began in 1540. In France he noted there were 15,000 heat-related deaths and that these heatwaves could become the norm by mid-century.

A Doctors for the Environment pam...


Melbourne, Austrlia: Relatos sobre o Dia de Ao para xs Refugiadxs na Ilha de Manus "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

08.11.17: RISE: Refugee Survivors and ex-Detainees pediram um Dia de Ao, em 07 de novembro, em solidariedade com xs mais de 600 refugiadxs que atualmente so presxs dentro do antigo centro de deteno do governo australiano na Ilha Manus, em Papu Nova Guin. O governo australiano prendeu xs homens em Manus como parte de sua desprezvel poltica de deteno obrigatria para todos xs refugiadxs que tentaram entrar nos territrios australianos por barco.

O centro de deteno foi oficialmente fechado pelo governo australiano e todos os servios essenciais foram cortados, incluindo gua e eletricidade. A polcia e os militares de Papu Nova Guin tm impedido que alimentos e outros itens essenciais entrem no centro de deteno. O governo australiano est se recusando a assumir qualquer
responsabilidade ou obrigao de cuidar dxs refugiadxs e bloqueou ativamente outros pases de aceit-lxs, insistindo que xs homens devem se deslocar para um novo centro que foi construdo em Manus. Este centro no seguro nem est equipado para atender s necessidades dxs refugiadxs que tm medo de serem atacadxs por pessoas que no querem xs refugiadxs em suas comunidades. Como resultado desta situao, xs 600 homens se recusam a deixar o centro de deteno australiano e pediram comunidade internacional para intervir e ajud-los. As condies dentro do centro de deteno so sombrias sem comida, sem gua, sem esgoto, sem eletricidade e sem instalaes mdicas.

O Dia de Ao foi convocado para 07 de novembro para coincidir com a anual Melbourne Cup, um evento de corrida de cavalos internacional de alto padro, para gerar a mxima publicidade. Em Narrm/Melbourne, xs ativistas responderam ao chamado com uma srie diversificada de aes



Gippsland Line Notification: Delay "bairnsdale IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

16:37 Bairnsdale - Southern Cross is delayed by approximately 15 minutes due to speed restrictions.

[19:53 11/11]


Westall, the Department of Supply and Mr 'X' "IndyWatch Feed Vic"


In a Facebook post dated 10 November 2017, and titled 'The troubled Public Servant,' Westall researcher Shane Ryan, reported that in 2010 he was contacted by a woman with some inside knowledge about the 1966 Westall, Melbourne incident, gained from her father.

In the post, Shane gave details of the contents of a number of emails from the woman (one from 2010, one from 2012) and her brother (one from 2012). The 2012 emails concerned the HIBAL hypothesis, but the important email is the 2010 one from the daughter, of the person I am choosing to refer to as Mr 'X.'

I have decided to annotate her words, rather than addressing points raised at the end of her text.

The email

'I am writing to you because I hadn't realised there were so many other witnesses to an event that my father was involved with in 1966. My father was the Assistant Controller of Aircraft, Weapons and Guided Missiles with the Department of Supply in Melbourne.

1. Shane found a Department of Supply Bulletin, in the National Library of Australia which confirmed that Mr X was indeed the Assistant Controller of the Aircraft, Guided Weapons and Electronics Supply Division of the Department of Supply in August 1967. We have not been able to confirm his position on 6 April 1966, the date of the Westall incident.

' He was a brilliant intellectual, Dux of High School, First class honours in Engineering and a science degree in Electronics all in 3 years. I mention this because he was not a fool, or someone who would dream up what he saw.

2. A check of the National Archives of Australia revealed Mr X's war records, which indicate he was an Engineer.

'I do not know how he was involved in the sighting of the object. He was, however told (by someone senior to him) that if he were to speak of this incident to anyone, he would lose his job.

3. A search of the Internet reveals that the immediate senior of the Assistant Controller of the Aircraft, Guided Weapons and Electronics Supply Division of the Department of Supply was in fact the Controller, of the Aircraft, Guided Weapons and Electronics Supply Division of the Department of Supply. On 6 April 1966, this was one Ian Bowman Fleming. He held the position between 1958-1967. Fleming was the director of the project which produced Australia's first unmanned target aircraft, Jindivik. Unfortunately, we are unable to seek any knowledge about Westall from Fleming as he passed away in 1993.

'He used to say that knew what he saw, he was very angry that this event was not seen as an opportunity. He was intimidated on a regular b...


Interested in rejuvenating Stockyard Creek? "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

A walk around of interested people will start from the meeting room at the rear of the Uniting Church, 14 Station Road, Foster at 5.30pm Wednesday, November 15th. The group []

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FCA 24 Oct 2017 Minutes "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"


The post FCA 24 Oct 2017 Minutes appeared first on Foster Community Online.


FCA 20 June 2017 Minutes "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"


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2017 AGM Minutes "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"


The post 2017 AGM Minutes appeared first on Foster Community Online.


Ned Kelly: The Rebel and Nolans Muse "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Ned Kelly one day before the execution. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

On the 11th of November 1880, Ned Kelly, an Australian bushranger, was hanged in Melbourne. At the time of his death he was only 25 and already a legend. By some perceived as a criminal and villain, by others as a rebel or even an Australian equivalent of Robin Hood, Kelly was anstill is one of the most controversial figures in the history of Australia.

He was sentenced to death for the murder of three policemen, numerous bank robberies and the murder of his estranged gang member, Aaron Sherritt. The list of his crimes was much longer, but he denied some of them and claimed to be the victim of false accusations. Always on a run with his fellow gang members, Kelly was  captured eventually after the Glenrowan shootout on the 27th of June 1880. Prior to this event, the Kelly gang had equipped themselves in characteristic iron armour that repelled bullets; yet, it did not protect their legs. This turned out to be fatal in consequences, as Kelly was shot in the left foot, left leg, right hand, left arm and twice in the region of the groin (The Argus, 29 June 1880). His fellow gang members did not survive the shootout.

Ah, well, I suppose it has come to this (The Argus, 12 November 1880), were Kellys last words, with the rope already around his neck. But the words Kelly is best remembered for are included in his famous Jerilderie Letter, written to the police to clarify and justify various incidents leading him to becoming an outlaw. The letter made of him an illiterate (he dictated the letter to his friend) literary phenomenon. The language in the letter has got an unavoidable roughness to it, yet it is colourful and full of metaphors, testifying Kellys eloquence and intelligence.


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