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Monday, 19 February


HE SAID BOOO-RETURNS! Gay man arrested at gay festival for booing right-wing gays to boo with others next year "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

EXCLUSIVE: A gay man recently arrested at a gay festival in Melbourne for "booing" right-wing gays says he is planning to do it all again next year and is now inviting others to join him in his peaceful protest. [READ MORE]


Gippsland Line Notification: Train Delay - Gippsland line "bairnsdale IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

19:38 SCS to Traralgon is delayed by approximately 17 minutes [21:02 19/02]


How to get to Sintra from Lisbon "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

A trip to Sintra is often a highlight of any trip to Lisbon Portugal. Sintra lies just outside of the urban area of the Portuguese capital. Sintra is in the centre of the Sintra Mountains with the Sintra mountains running for 16km from the town of Sintra to Cabo da Roca on the Atlantic Ocean. Sintra today is known for its Castles, Palaces and gardens.

A site as amazing as Sintra is a major tourist centre. Tourist, travellers and day-trippers come in droves each day from the capital Lisbon. Sintra was popular with the Royals and rich families over the years.  This left the landscape with many Royal retreats, estates, castles and other buildings. These include the medieval Castelo dos Mouros, the Pena National Palace and the Sintra National Palace.

Sintra is today protected by UNESCO as a cultural landscape. Sintra is described by UNESCO as such:

In the 19th century Sintra Portugal became the first centre of European Romantic architecture. Ferdinand II turned a ruined monastery into a castle where this new sensitivity was displayed in the use of Gothic, Egyptian, Moorish and Renaissance elements and in the creation of a park blending local and exotic species of trees. Other fine dwellings, built along the same lines in the surrounding serra , created a unique combination of parks and gardens which influenced the development of landscape architecture throughout Europe.

Description is available under license CC-BY-SA IGO 3.0


So lets find out the options on how to get to Sintra from Lisbon.

Lisbon to Sintra Train:

The Lisbon Sintra train runs hourly from Rossio station in downtown Lisbon. The Rossio Lisbon station is a sight in itself. An amazing looking station opened in the 18th century and located just off Rossio square. Tickets can be purchased from the ticket booths or the automatic machines.

  • The Lisbon to Sintra train runs from 6 am till 1 am 19 hours of every day
  • During peak times the Lisbon to Sintra train runs every 10 minutes
  • Departure times vary from every 10 minutes, every 20 minutes and eve...


COVER UP! The dark past of disgraced Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle in The Valley of the Dolls "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

EXCLUSIVE: Having recently resigned as lord mayor of Melbourne following a number of sexual harassment claims, it can now be revealed that Liberal Party heavyweight Robert Doyle once got a teenage girl to sign a confidentiality agreement after she was sexually harassed by another sleazy politician who made crude remarks to her in person and over the phone. [READ MORE]


Gippsland Line Notification: Train Delay - Gippsland line "bairnsdale IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

13:20 SCS to Bairnsdale train is delayed by approximately 23 minutes due to a train fault. [14:58 19/02]


Gippsland Line Notification: Delay update - Gippsland line "bairnsdale IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

10:20 Traralgon to SCS is delayed 22 minutes due to a defective Metro Trains service at Dandenong. [12:32 19/02]


The Mt Wellington/ kunanyi cable car and the Tasmanian election "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

With a state election happening in Tasmania on March 3, the Liberal government quietly gave the Mount Wellington Cable Car Company permission to start drilling and surveying on the mountain just days before the state election was called. Plans to build a cable car up Mt Wellington/ kunanyi are being resisted by many in the Tasmania community.

Residents group opposed to the cable car (Respect the Mountain. No Cablecar) have put out a call for people to contact the ALP, to encourage the party to clarify their position on the cable car. They are also calling on people to lobby the brewery CUB, which has land at the base of the mountain, and who has been approached by the developer to be involved in the project.

Respect the Mountain says:

Right now we need you to join with more than 2000 others and sign the petition to the owners of Cascade Brewery urging them to not support the desecration of the organ pipes.

We also ask that you contact the Tasmanian Labor Party leader Rebecca White on (03) 6212 2225 and ask her to clarify if Labor support the desecration of the organ pipes.


A renewable energy jobs boom is sweeping across regional Australia "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Renewable energy: powering Australia in more ways than one James Wright  18 Feb 18  A jobs boom is sweeping across regional Australia and theres one industry to thank the renewable energy sector. From places like Gordon in southern Tasmania to Pindari in north-east NSW, new solar installations, windfarms, battery arrays, solar towers and pumped hydro facilities are springing life into regional towns. How are they doing this? By injecting desperately needed investment and job opportunities into remote locations.


Gippsland Line Notification: Service update - Gippsland line "bairnsdale IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

07:46 Flinders Street to Traralgon is delayed by approximately 30 minutes due to earlier power fault in the metropolitan network. [10:01 19/02]

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Sunday, 18 February


Lets put an end to the battery cage "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

With the release of the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Poultry draft, we're encouraging all members to speak up and have their say on Australias continued use of battery cages. The opportunity to ban or phase out battery cages is now, and may not return for another decade.

These draft Standards will have a lasting impact on the future of the poultry industry. We believe all poultry producers voices should be heard in the debate on battery cages, just as many would remember from the free-range labelling debate in 2015 to 2016.

Put the pressure on Agriculture ministers and your local members, especially in states where the proposal has yet not seen governmental opposition such as Queensland and NSW. Victoria and WA are already on board with the development of better welfare standards than those proposed.

Write to your local member of parliament and tell them what you think about the draft Standards. Some key points to include are:

  1. The Proposed Australian Animal Welfare Draft Standards and Guidelines for Poultry should include a 3-year phase out of battery cages to be considered as providing a responsible solution to consumer and animal welfare demands.
  2. The current proposal provides Options that are inadequate in terms of improving animal welfare because the soonest Australia could see a phase out of battery cages is in 10 years. The entire European Union announced it would phase out cages in 1999 and did so by 2012. If an entire political continent can shift its production methods in less than 13 years, then it should be feasible for Australia to attempt a shorter phase out period of much less than 10 years. Countries in the EU such as Sweden responded immediately by banning the use of cages in laying production from 1999.
  3. More research should be done by the Government on alternative production systems such as pasture-based poultry management systems and regenerative agriculture systems including poultry.

Include further reasons

in your submission as summarised by RSPCA at...


Gippsland Line Notification: Delay "bairnsdale IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

07:46 Flinders St - Traralgon is delayed by approximately 25 minutes due to a power issue in the Metropolitan network.

[08:43 19/02]


Gippsland Line Notification: Service update - Gippsland line "bairnsdale IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

Delays of up to 30 minutes anticipated on the Gippsland due to power issues in the Metropolitan network. [08:41 19/02]


Gippsland Line Notification: Delay "bairnsdale IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

07:20 Southern Cross - Bairnsdale is delayed by approximately 30 minutes due to a defective suburban train at Dandenong.

[08:35 19/02]


Gippsland Line Notification: Delay "bairnsdale IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

06:37 Traralgon - Southern Cross is delayed by approximately 20 minutes due to a defective Metro train at Dandenong.

[08:23 19/02]


February 19 On This Day in Australian History "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

1804 - David Collins decided to up sticks and shift his non-Corey Worthington organised party to Sullivan Cove in Tassie.

1810 - Edward Luttrell Jnr, a ships officer and son of Surgeon Edward Luttrell, shot Pemulwuys son Tidbury (Tedbury or Tjedboro) in the face during an argument at Parramatta.

1836 - British Parliament officially proclaimed the colony of South Australia and formally defined its boundaries.
King William IV recognised the continued rights to land for Aboriginal people in South Australia's founding document, the Letters Patent. It was the first ever recognition of Aboriginal rights granted in Australia's colonial history. But the promise of legal entitlement to the land was never kept.

1852 - That glittery gold stuff that gets the population so excited was tripped over in Beechworth.

1856 - Exotic dancer (that's exotic NOT erotic you smutty minded people) Lola Montez - who was neither Spanish nor a trained dancer -was greatly displeased with a bad review written by the editor of the Ballarat Times, Henry Seekamp, about her.
So she took to him with a horse whip.
Totally justified, Your Honour...!

1863 - Thomas McGee was Hanged at Melbourne Gaol for the murder of Alexander Brown at Maiden Gully.

1865 - The tender was issued for work on Parliament House for the construction of the Legislative Council foundations.

1877 - A few glasses and stumps were raised when the patent for the stump-jump plough was registered in South Oz.

1879 - The foundation stone for Melbourne's Royal Exhibition Building was laid.

1883 - Sir William Robinson was having a bad hair day so he decided to cover it up by popping on the South Oz Governor's hat.

1892 - Eileen O'Connor, the next possible Aussie saint, was delivered by the stork in Richmond (Struggletown), Melbourne.
She was yet another ballsy gal who took on Rome to establish Our Lady's Nurses For The Poor.

1894 - Steam trams began chugging their way to Bondi; getting a full head of steam up they could gallop along at 65km/ph, birthing the saying "to shoot through like a Bondi tram".

1894 - The Sydney Anarchy Trial found several well-known chappies were a bit naughty for flogging editions of the anarchist newspaper Hard Cash that cast aspersions upon trustees of the Savings Bank of NSW. Tsk tsk tsk. Because banks are always so trust-worthy during a depression... aren't they?
Of course 2 chappies in particular were let off the hook...future NSW Premier Jack Lang and future Prime Minister Billy Hughes.

1912 - Royal Commission into the claims arising out of the contract entered into between Peter Rodger and the Victorian Railways Commissioners for the erection of Flinders Str...


Independent Artist of the Week: Milan Ring "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Producing, engineering, singing, writing and heading up her own label: Milan Ring does it all. Now, the eclectic R&B fruits of her labour are coming into their own.

As a multi-instrumentalist obsessed with constructing idiosyncratic sounds, Milan Ring has really found her groove first with 2017s largely instrumental beat tape Venus Fly Trap and now, with Unbounded, the Sydneysiders first single of 2018.

Playing by her own rules, Milan heads up new collective MXMAY a newly formed creative house producing music, fashion, art, poetry, design and film. Having independently released her own music through the label, shes had a stellar start to the year. From an appearance at Melbournes Sugar Mountain festival, through to supporting Kardajala Kirridarra and Tokimonsta, Milan Ring is making serious moves for 2018.



Tune into Up For It every Monday morning to meet your new independent artist of the week!

The post Independent Artist of the Week: Milan Ring appeared first on FBi Radio.


Death after Princes Highway crash near Gumbuya World "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

One person has been killed and another airlifted after a crash near Tynong North's Gumbuya World today.


Tourists on Scooters: Why So Many Dickheads? "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Terima kasih. Terima kasih, I repeat over and over, till my throat goes dry and the Indonesian words of gratitude become a meaningless, Australian-flavoured gibberish.

I wince. And fiddle with the label of the plastic water bottle that Ketut pressed gently into my hands. Made chucks me a toothy grin and tells me to breathe as he treats my left leg with Betadine. His hands, baked golden by years of sun with deep ridges of age, dance softly along my calf, imploring my body to express where it hurts. Through salty, wobbly vision, the faces of concerned onlookers swim in and out of focus.

A cat smelling of something rotten, with sticky, sweat-saturated fur, stares at me through a nearby bush. He cocks his head and twitches his nose as I squeeze my eyes shut. Taking off my grit-stained glasses, I rest my head in my hands.

This scene is the result of 19 years of unawareness, and borderline carelessness, of my own mortality. Well, thats not entirely true. In fact, as a rule, I refuse to eat anything past its use-by-date and never leave home without a thick sheen of SPF50+. Yet, somehow, last month I found myself crumpled on the edge of a T-junction with my ankle wedged tightly beneath a freshly-rented scooter.

Its a common enough story for young travellers.

Let go of your inhibitions! they say. Be free, wild and adventurous!

Sure. Fuck yeah! I can do that.

It seems that most Westerners become well acquainted with the hot sting of gravel-grated flesh when scooter-venturing through Southeast Asia. Particularly in Bali, where a culture of helmetless, Aussie Bintang fiends thrives despite the barrage of figures released by the Department of Foreign Affairs each year.

An Australian dies in Bali every nine days.

For me, upon arrival on this beautifully balmy island, and with my parents more concerned about angry Mount Agung, the volcano, than the mortality rate of scooter-loving tourists, the statistics faded into white noise and felt about as sobering as Melbournes Dumb Ways to Die campaign. Like thousands of other Western travellers, I felt as if death from misadventure just wasnt me.

As night falls, illuminated by the ever-faithful florescent glow of 24/7 convenience stores, the main streets of Kuta come alive with the shouts of young travellers. Men and women with fre...


The website of Victorian UFO Action "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Dear readers,

The family is out for the day, so it's now my time to indulge in my hobby - UFOlogy. 

Today's post is continuing my look at websites of Australian UFO groups. After several years away from the topic of UFOs, this is one way to re-acquaint myself with today's UFOlogy. So after looking at New South Wales and Queensland it is time for my home state of Victoria, and the sole UFO group website I could find, that of Victorian UFO Action.

A few general observations

Interestingly unlike UFO Research (NSW) Inc. and UFO Research (Qld) Inc. VUFOA does not have the word 'research' in their name. I was therefore interested to see just what it is that the group does?

I mentioned in previous posts that I don't usually bother about the appearance of a site, being more interested in the content. However I am going to make an exception for the VUFOA website. It is cluttered; and visually overwhelming to my eyes. It scrolls down and down and down, unlike most website home pages which are short and to the point. Coloured letters and lots of icons don't make for a good first impression with me.


There are nine tabs along the top of the home page,  'Home;' 'About us;' 'donations;' 'members pages;' 'search VUFOA;' 'guestbook;' 'report a sighting;'seek support' and 'more.'

'Home' of course is the home page.

'About us' opens up into 'contact us;' 'team members' and 'media releases.' 

'Contact us' brings up a preformatted form which asks for your name, and email address and allows you to send an inquiry to VUFOA.

'Team members' fi...


Madge Digest #149 February 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Many thanks for your submissions on WAs Farmer Protection Legislation and for signing Stop GM Golden Rice letter asked for in the previous digest. They make a huge difference!

  1. Your help is needed again to get new GMOs regulated by this Wednesday 21st Feb. 

  2. GMO food labelling a possibility in South Australia!

  3. Keep yourself grounded and happy with others who care.

1)Your help needed again to get new GMOs regulated by this Wednesday 21st Feb

Put in a brief submission by Wednesday 21st February (suggested content below). Some scientists and industries see New GM as a bonanza for their careers and profits although it is only five years old and has no history of safe use. We suggest mentioning:

  1. The techniques (CRISPR, RNAi, gene drives and all other new techniques mentioned in this Friends of the Earth GM 2.0 Australian Regulators Engineering the Truth report) are GM.
  2. The new  GM techniques need safety assessments, regulation, labelling and monitoring. The developers of these techniques must be fully liable, including financially, for their products and actions.
  3. The Australian Department of Health has advised the World Trade Organisation* of its proposal to change the Gene Technology Act. I am concerned this may remove the opportunity to acknowlege these new technologies are GM and will close down public discussion of precaution and alternatives. 

If you add a sentence or two of your own it gives your submission much more power.

GM, old and new, thrives on secrecy, manipulation of science, exclusi...

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Saturday, 17 February


A Smash-ing new product "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

We love a good road trip, and living in country Victoria to go to the city or sometimes in places right near us we need to do just that. Other times it is just great to pack up the car and see where the open road will take you. Having the girls makes things a little more complicatedthere is extra to think about before we jump in the car and take off.

One of those things is making sure that we have snacks and drinks for them to make the day run much smoother. Luckily we have the amazing Smash Lunch Box range to test drive for our summer road trips before they are really put to the test at school.

When I am looking for a school lunch box, school drink bottle, cooling pack and the all-important travel mug I look for leak resistant, products that will help the food stay cooler for longer and they are BPA free. Smash Lunch Box products tick all the boxes for us and one morethey look good!

The Bento Switch Up Lunch Box

Marley is very into reducing waste at the moment due to learning about the number of products that take a long time to degrade in class at school. She loves the Bento Switch Up lunch box as she can have her lunch in it and I dont have to use cling wrap on all the items in there. It also has a removable tab within the school lunch box for the days she has a long bread roll in it. The sections are great to fit all of her essentials in it.

The Important Technical Info:

  • Features a detachable insulated cool skin to keep your lunch cooler for longer
  • The removable cool skin makes for easier cleaning
  • You can switch it up with movable dividers
  • The Bento Switch Up lunch box is leak resistant
  • The dividers are also leak resistant to prevent cross-contamination within the compartments
Marley's lunchbox ready to got o schoolWhat Marley said:

I love my new school lunch box. When we took it on road trips it was just in the car in the esky or a cooler bag but now I can take it to school. It keeps my lunch cold and all my friends think it is a great lunch box because...

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Thursday, 08 February


E-Petition in response to new restricting onshore detention visiting conditions "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Please sign the petition here to say no to new and restricting visiting conditions in Australias onshore detention centres. Copied from the petition: Petition Details Petition Number EN0480 Petition Address To the Hon. Speaker of the House of Representatives and Members of the House of Representatives Petition Of Certain citizens of Australia Petition Reason Onshore immigration(...)

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IndyWatch Gippsland News Feed Today.

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Wednesday, 07 February


Climate change threatens natural wonders "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Popular natural tourist attractions including the Great Barrier Reef and Australias famous beaches are at risk because of the damaging effects of climate change, according to a Climate Council report.

The not-for-profit group says Australias tourism is in the firing line as rising sea levels threaten more than half of Australias coastline, heatwaves keep people out of our cities and coral bleaching kills the Great Barrier Reef.

Tourists travel across the globe to see Australias remarkable natural wonders. But these icons are in the climate firing line as extreme weather events worsen and sea levels continue to rise, ecologist Professor Lesley Hughes said in a statement on Thursday.

Some of our countrys most popular natural destinations, including our beaches could become no-go zones during peak holiday periods and seasons, with the potential for extreme temperatures to reach up to 50 degrees in Sydney and Melbourne.

The report, released on Thursday, said Melbourne and Sydney could reach those extreme temperatures even if the government meets its global target set by the Paris Climate Agreement.

If more coral bleaching events occur on the Great Barrier Reef, the tourism areas nearby could see the number of visitors reduced from 2.8 million in 2015 to about 1.7 million per year, the report said.

The council warned climate change may be expanding the distribution of the deadly irukandji jellyfish along Queenslands coast.

As ocean waters warm, many tropical marine species have been observed moving into sub-tropical waters, with irukandji being observed as far south as Hervey Bay and Fraser Island as recently as January 2018, the report said.

The group warns that without effective action by the government to address climate change, the entire northern half of Australia could be deemed unfavourable for tourists within the next 20 years.

The council criticised the governments national tourism plan saying it made no mention of the need to reduce emissions or increase tourism sustainability.

Without credible climate policy that cuts Australias rising carbon pollution levels, the impacts of climate change will only intensify and accelerate across the country over the coming decades, Climate Council acting chief executive officer Dr Martin Rice said in a statement.

While Australia has never been famous for its ski resorts, the industry has already experienced a decline in domestic tourism, the report said.

Further declines in snowfall are projected for all resorts over the rest of this century meaning only the highest peaks such at Mount Perisher and Falls Creek would experience any snow, the council said.

Despite the clear risks tha...


Bitcoin Mania and the Taxi Driver Moment "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Joseph Kennedy, a famous investor in his day, exited the stock market in a timely fashion after a shoe-shine boy gave him stock tips. Many people have used a taxi []

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Tuesday, 06 February


Ballarat commuters shortchanged by piecemeal track duplication "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Ballarat single track

The Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) has today criticised the state governments piecemeal approach to track duplication works near Bacchus Marsh.

The Melbourne Metro Authority, which is delivering the Ballarat Line Upgrade (BLU) project, announced changes to the project in December 2017, including changing the location of one of the crossing loops. The project originally included 3km of duplication works at Warrenheip, but this was changed to 3km of duplication west of Bacchus Marsh.

The rationale given for this change was that it meant less tree removal and excavation, and that it allowed trains to more quickly move in and out of the stabling facilities that are also planned as part of the BLU project.

However, indicative maps released as part of public consultation show that this duplication will end approximately 1km short of the Rowsley Loop, which was constructed in 2016 meaning the line will go from double-track to single-track and back again in a very short distance.

Shifting the duplication from Warrenheip to Bacchus Marsh, to allow trains to move to and from stabling without causing disruption to revenue services, was a sensible move. But it would be much more sensible if they would just extend the track a little bit further to join up these loops PTUA Ballarat Branch Convener Ben Lever said.

It seems ridiculous that these duplication works will get within sight of the existing Rowsley Loop, but wont actually join up with it.

This introduces a new bottleneck to the rail network, which will make V/Lines operations much more complicated than if they just connected the two up. Having these little low-quality bottlenecks limits the usefulness of the high-quality infrastructure being built further up the line.

Mr Lever also raised concerns that having two separate loops so close together would be an inefficient use of taxpayer funds.

With these track duplication projects, among the most expensive parts are the points and the signals at either end of the loop the flat, normal track in between is comparatively much cheaper. Because there are such big fixed costs, no matter how long the loop is, a 2km loop isnt twice as expensive as a 1km loop and in the case of this project, a 4km loop would not be 33% more expensive than a 3km loop. Once youve committed to paying the fixed costs, its mu...


Australia: Solidarity with Imprisoned Comrades from the Hambach Forest Occupation "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

from Contra Info

Received on 05.02.18

Solidarity from so-called Victoria, Australia, with imprisoned comrades from the Hambach forest occupation in Germany. On January 22nd, cops raided tree houses and barricade structures in the forest, and took 9 people into custody. We took this photo as a small part of the international day of solidarity with the Hambi 9 on February 3rd.

The occupation has for years now been an amazing and inspiring site of resistance against the continued expansion of Europes largest coal mine. It is part of a global struggle against ecological destruction brought on by capitalism.

Freedom for eco-defenders everywhere!


February 7 On This Day in Australian History "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

1788  - *sticks plum in cheek*
The Col-o-knee orv NSW warz form-o-lee pro-clay-med.
(The joint wot ran on rum was official, like).
David Collins climbed up on his soap box and formally proclaimed the Colony of NSW with Captain Whatshisname Arthur Phillip as Governor and chief cook and bottle washer.

1793 - The good lil free settlers had most pleased the ruler of the Kingdom of Oz and thus he rewarded them with the first land grants at Liberty Plains (now known as Strathfield - Homebush).

1814 - The Hawkesbury Packet sailed from Shoalhaven; Geordy also sailed from Shoalhaven with 1000 ft of cedar as cargo.

1845 - John Vidall was Hanged at Darlinghurst for the murder of Thomas Warne in George St.

1868 - Constable William Griffis (WA) was speared at Nickol Bay Roebourne.

1879 - Kerangie, a steamer ship was wrecked in dense fog off Point Hicks, in eastern Victoria. Crew saved with the assistance of the Government steamer Victoria.

1881 - A pearling cutter named Adela was wrecked ashore in a cyclone, at Mangrove Islands near the Fortescue River, WA.

1881 - Alpha was another pearling schooner that was wrecked ashore in the same cyclone, Mangrove Islands near the Fortescue River, WA.

1881 - Banangara was a third pearling schooner wrecked ashore in cyclone, Mangrove Islands near the Fortescue River, WA.

1881 - Fortescue, the fourth pearling schooner to be wrecked ashore in a cyclone, Mangrove Islands near the Fortescue River, WA.

1881 - Morning Star was a pearling cutter that foundered in the same cyclone, Mangrove Islands near the Fortescue River, WA,where her master drowned.

1890 - Those dratted women were getting in everywhere, even in the doctorin' game when Dr Emma Constance Stone became the first registered female doctor in Oz.

1895 - Alfred Grenon was Hanged at Darlinghurst for the attempted murder of Thomas Heavey at Elizabeth Bay.

1901 - G.S.S. Pearling lugger. Lost near Point Cloates, WA,

1904 - A little something different for rail enthusiasts -
The Spring Vale to Spring Vale Cemetery train line opened for business of transporting the dearly departed to the last choo-choo step in life.

1908 - North Sydney Rugby League Footy club was hatched, winning their first Premiership in 1921 and again in 1922 but have had a rather dry spell ever since.

1911 - Lapwing was a schooner that was lost in a hurricane near Onslow, WA.

1928 - Aussie aviator Bert Hinkler took to the air from England in his record busting 15 day solo flight to Darwin and for his hard work amidst the clouds Bert won 10,000.

1933 - Australian territory in Antarct...


Ban of Eureka flag is against the real Australian identity "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Contributed by Jim Hayes

The ban imposed by the Australian Building and Construction Commission on building sites and the promised punishing employers who do not police it, with the loss of government contracts, is causing an outrage. And so it should.

It goes to show the Commission is a political tool in the hands of a government that is hell bent on waging an ideological and physical war against the existence of unionism in the construction industry and Australia in general.

This is not new. The commissions former chief Nigel Hadgkiss was forced to make an inglorious and hasty departure last September, after being found that in his one sided zealousness, he had  breached the Fair Work Act. The new government appointed leadership is the same.

Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) national construction secretary, Dave Noonan, said this about the new directive.

Nigel Hadgkiss acted like a partisan attack dog for the Turnbull Government. We can now see that the new leadership of the ABCC is no different. It is very clear that the Turnbull Governments ABCC is not about productivity or industry reform.

The ABCC is merely a taxpayer-funded vehicle for the Liberal Partys culture war against unions.

There are real problems that require the PMs attention, like stagnating wage growth and casualisation of the workforce.

Yet they have gone out of their way to make a specific set of rules a flag that represents a struggle for democracy and fairness.

One doesnt have to be a fan of unions to realise that banning the Eureka flag has implications that go much further than building sites and a government war against unions, acting as a wedge  that drives full steam, towards outlawing the most iconic symbol of that Australia has.

The eureka flag was raised 163 years ago at Ballarats Sovereign Hill, by diggers standing up against tyranny, and it came to represent a nation fighting for represent justice, multiculturalism, mateship, egalitarianism and democracy.

Today we have a government that is increasingly feeling threatened by these very things, and ever more fearful of criticism, moving in the direction of tyranny.

But Eureka has resonated so much over the years that the Southern Cross is even included in the official flag, just under and to the right of the British symbol. This is the enduring power of the rebellion on the goldfields and why the government is so uneasy about the Eureka flag.

To many, it is the real flag of Australia, truly representing the people and not clinging onto the colonial heritage that accompanied white settlement. It is about a people standing on their own feet, making their own decisions and carving....

Tuesday, 30 January


Gippsland Business installs largest solar system on school in Australia by Andrew McCarthy* "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"


(Gippsland Solar)

The uptake of renewable energy shows no signs of slowing down, with system sizes getting larger every month. Gippsland Solar have just announced they are completing the largest installation on a school in Australia, a whopping 862kW (2,650 panel) system across the Camberwell Grammar School precinct in Canterbury.

The first 550kW of panels have been installed, with the remaining 312kW to be completed in the April school holidays. The impact of this system will be significant. It will generate around 1GWh (1,000,000 kWhs) of renewable energy per year, reducing Camberwells environmental footprint by 1,200 Tonnes per year. And when the school is closed (particularly in summer), this system will export many hundreds of kW of solar electricity into the nearby grid, providing a critical service to reduce demand from traditional energy sources.

The project was driven entirely by the school student council, who presented the idea to the board at Camberwell, demonstrating great student leadership from within. While this investment will pay for itself well within its lifespan, it is also a statement that students want to see their schools becoming more environmentally conscious.

As part of this project, Gippsland Solar are also installing two off grid classrooms. Two of the science classrooms will be powered entirely by solar and a Tesla Powerwall, with a TV screen showing their usage in the classroom. The two classrooms will compete on energy efficiency for 6 months, creating an extra level of educational value to the project.

We are eagerly awaiting some new announcements regarding solar on public schools as well, with a positive announcement expected in the lead up to this years Victorian state election.

*Andy is a principal of Gippsland Solar


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