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Saturday, 25 August


Gippsland Line Notification: Delay "bairnsdale IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

07:25 Southern Cross - Bairnsdale is delayed by approximately 16 minutes. 

[08:01 25/08]

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Friday, 24 August


Indias first bio-fuel flight could fly "IndyWatch Feed Vic"


Indias First Biofuel Flight Could Fly on Monday from Dehradun to Delhi

By Saurabh Sinha | TNN

4 hours ago

TWC India


India could see its first ever biofuel flight on Monday with SpiceJet planning to operate a turboprop, Q-400, from Dehradun to Delhi using this sustainable alternative.

While some advanced countries like US and Australia have tested commercial flights on biofuel, India is among the first developing nations to make such an attempt. Sources say the plan is that the biofuel-powered Bombardier Q-400 will take off from Dehradun, fly over the city for 10 minutes and then return there. If the test goes well, then the plane will take off again and this time head to Delhi.

Officials from several regulatory agencies, including the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), will be on board to see the result of this flight.

This January, Australian carrier Qantas flew a Dreamliner Boeing 787-9 between Los Angeles and Melbourne. The fuel for this 15-hour flight was a blended one that was 10 per cent derived from an industrial type of mustard seed. In 2011, Alaska Airlines operated some flights using biofuel made of 50 per cent used cooking oil. And KLM had operated a few biofuel flights between New York and Amsterdam in 2013. The blending is capped for aviation biofuel.

India is also trying to promote biofuels to reduce dependence on fossil fuel. On August 10, World Biofuel Day 2018 was organised in Delhi where Prime Minister Modi released the National Policy on Biofuels 2018. This policy describes biofuel as being produced from renewable resources and used in place of or in blend with, diesel, petrol or other fossil fuels for transport, stationary, portable and other applications.

Renewable resources are the biodegradable fraction of products, wastes and residues from agriculture, forestry, tree based oil....


Gippsland Line Notification: Delay update - Gippsland line "bairnsdale IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

18:34 Southern Cross - Bairnsdale is delayed by approximately 17 minutes due to congestion on tracks shared with Metro Trains at Pakenham. [20:00 24/08]


Facebook tags Australian media as fake news for exposing corrupt cops? "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Let's just put aside the technicalities that the news article in this post is owned by an organisation called the Nine Entertainment Co Holdings Limited, where the focus is on the word entertainment.

What would be of significance is that the article is from an apparently trusted and verified source.

What would also be of significance is that the article is about police corruption where in this case Victoria Police committed the crime of assault and tampered with evidence.

See post from social media:

The person who brought attention to this action by Facebook also writes:

"So . . . Facebook flagged this post as "spam". Could it be that the "police officers" who monitor my facebook posts and who track my mobile phone as well as stalk and harrass me, have nominated this as spam because they don't like truth and NEWS stories which were published on and in the Herald Sun about a "thug police" [direct quote from the Herald Sun] officer who assaulted a teenager, deleted evidence and laid false charges against the teen, being spoken about online.

THE INDISPUTABLE FACTS: When I was detained while not under arrest in 2012 by a Mill Park Constable I was charged with assault despite not assaulting anyone. My video recording was deleted by police however my audio recording caused the magistrate to dismiss the assault charges. I beat hinder and language charges in the county court. Since then I have been kidnapped by police on at least four occasions, assaulted, falsely imprisoned and falsely charged several times. I wish that none of this were true however all of it is 100% factual.

The article which facebook removed while saying it appears to be spam is attached, below. George Koromilas, it appears that this police officer got off very lightly for the crime of attempting to pervert the course of justice a crime that carries a maximum 25 year term."

It seems that there are many more issues within Victoria Police that the mainstream media and therefore the 'public' are not aware of.

Are the actions of Victoria Police within the Code of Conduct?



Gippsland Line Notification: Delay update - Gippsland line "bairnsdale IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

13:20 Southern Cross - Bairnsdale is delayed 25 minutes due to a signal fault between Dandenong - Pakenham and track congestion in the Morwell area. [15:50 24/08]


Indigenous Literacy Day 5 Sept "IndyWatch Feed Vic"
We can hardly wait to celebrate Indigenous Literacy Day for the 12th year running!

This year, our national celebration will be held on Wednesday 5 September, with events across the entire country. And were hoping to raise more than $300,000 to provide over 30,000 books to remote Indigenous communities nation-wide.

Two of our biggest events will be at Federation Square in the heart of Melbourne and at the Sydney Opera House.

In Melbourne, students from Victorian schools will be joined by our Lifetime Ambassadors and ever-popular authors Andy Griffiths and Anita Heiss, ILF Ambassador Shelley Ware (from the Marngrook Footy Show on NITV), artist/storyteller Gregg Dreise and Aunty Joy Murphy.

The celebrations will feature performances by a group of students from Worawa College, who have just published a new book, Deadly Sisters of Worowa. Anita and Shelley worked with these talented young women to develop their pieces of fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

Meanwhile, at Sydney Opera House, two more Lifetime Ambassadors, the renowned childrens author Alison Lester and musician Josh Pyke, along with Justine Clarke (of Playschool fame) and Natalie Ahmat (from NITV) will be performing alongside a group of remarkable women from the Binjari community near Katherine in the NT to celebrate their new books.

At the end of each of these celebrations, therell be a GREAT BOOK SWAP, where the students attending, swap a favourite book and make a gold coin donation to help boost the funds that support our literacy programs.

You can help close the literacy gap too! Find out how you can partcipate on Indigenous Literacy Day.


2pm 26 Aug | Rally: Racists Out! Refugees In! "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

When: 2-5pm, Sunday 26th August Where: State Library of Victoria, 328 Swanston St, Melbourne Facebook event here Whoever becomes the new Prime Minister RAC will call a protest on the first Sunday after that at 2pm State Library calling for Racists Out! and Refugees In! Turnbull, Dutton,Morrison and Bishop are all forever stained by the(...)


The Irrelevance of the Prime Minister to Australias Property Market "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Earlier this month, an Aussie family sold their former apple orchard in Wantirna South, a suburb in Melbourne. Its been with the same owners since 1922.

The selling price? Reportedly close to $100 million.

The buyer is a Chinese property developer.

This is a perfect example of the stupidity of the Australian tax system and why Australias latest bout of political instability is mostly irrelevant in the long term.

It also has important investment implications.

Where the boom-bust nature of the economy comes from

The reason that this land is receiving such an enormous asking price is because of its desirable location on the city fringe and the fact it has Commercial 1 zoning approval, which removes permit requirements among other things. That means housing lots are sure to follow soon.

Germany has a far superior system. It freezes the value of land at the agricultural price when land is zoned for residential development.

The subsequent uplift in value of the land can then be used to fund local infrastructure and spending. Inferred from this is that taxes can be reduced and not even required.

Here in Australia we hand the windfall to whoever owns the land. Unproductive taxes make up for the forgone revenue.

A myriad of consequences spring from this.

One is the Australian preoccupation with speculating on property and using unproductive credit creation from the banks to do so.

This is where the instability, fragility and boom-bust nature of the economy and its sensitivity to higher interest rates springs from.

For a superb overview of this, the central role land plays in the economy and the myriad consequences that spring from this, I urge you to read a called Rethinking the Economics of Land and Housing by Josh Ryan-Collins, Toby Lloyd and Laurie Macfarlane.

Its not a snappy title, but the book is an excellent introduction to this vital issue, making reference to the UK primarily.

If you were blindsided by 2008, youll know why after reading it. Youll also be armed for the next housing collapse, which could be due sometime next decade if current trends persist.

The trends that drive the economy mostly land rent and bank credit are not new. In fact, theyve been running riot since the end of the Second World War. The book shows this quite clearly.

Whether Malcolm Turnbull or Peter Dutton is in office will change nothing about this unless genuine tax reform is enacted. Yet its reasonable to assume this wont happen.

The Henry Tax Review, commissioned last decade, arg...


New film from Teton Gravity: Ode To Muir "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Respect the exposure suggests Jeremy Jones as he and his buddies climb some seriously steep terrain in the Sierra Nevada.

Teton Gravitys newest film Ode To Muir pairs professional snowboarder, adventurer and founder of Protect Our Winters Jeremy Jones with two-time Olympian Elena Hight as they embark on a 40-mile foot-powered expedition deep into Californias John Muir Wilderness. Their journey balances the challenges of winter camping, grueling climbs up the Sierras biggest mountains, and aesthetic first descents with personal reflections on the importance of the natural world and those who first traveled it generations ago, and sharing perspectives gleaned from what it truly means to explore a great American Wilderness.

First we had ski films. Think Warren Miller, big lines, downhill skis. Then, we had films that were human powered in the backcountry (there is a bit of a summary of this transition available here). Heavier telemark gear, splitboarding and alpine touring gear changed what was possible outside the resorts and the film makers followed that journey.

And then slowly, an environmental ethos crept into the films. From the beautiful All.I.Can (which I think ultimately badly missed its mark on environmental messaging) to more humble, lower impact offerings like The Backyard Project (about skiing close to home rather than flying) and Steps a journey to the edge of climate change (details here), there is a whole new genre of ski and boarding films.

Legendary snow boarder Jeremy Jones always brings an interesting sensibility to his films, with a strong personal connection to the changing mountain environments that he loves leading to a gentle message about the need to act to reduce greenhouse emissions.

This shines through in Ode. But also goes in another direction. While Jeremy refers to the prospect of us getting last descent as climate change warms up our planet, he also reflects on the words of John Muir, the famous naturalist and campaigner who is often described as the Father of the National Parks in the USA, and Johns belief that wild nature is essential for humanity.

Going into the mountains is going home.

Wilderness is a necessity.


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Thursday, 23 August


Fishy into grand final after epic "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Fish Creeks Justin Smith tackles Stony Creeks Darcy Atkins during the amazing second semi.

FISH Creek have hopped into the grand final with a dramatic two-point win in extra time against Stony Creek on Saturday at Meeniyan.
The predicted weather held off and big game was underway under bright sunshine; Fish Creek took the early ascendancy kicking the first two through Hunt and Shaw.
Hargraves for Fishy was repelling Stony Creeks attacks, his ball use dynamite.
Hutchinson for the Maroons was composed cutting off the poor entries from the Roos as they cut a path through the middle kicking their first and only goal for the stanza.
Fish Creek had plenty of inside 50s but could not convert. Stony Creeks defenders in Sigeti and Logan stood tall marking the long bombs in from the Roos.
Fish Creek by 14 points at quarter time.
Zuidema v Manne in the ruck was proving pivotal. Fishy onballers through Harfield-Park and Ethan Park did the grunt work and seemed to be getting on top willing the ball forward and the Roos kicked goals from Cooper, Wilson and Hunt.
The other big match was Bergles v Hayes.
Bergles, the five time leading goal kicker had his ears pricked slamming on two for the quarter. Fish Creeks inaccuracy at goal was preventing them from kicking away. A strong Stony Creek defence only allowed the Kangas long shots at goal.
The Roos had Stony where they wanted them going into the second half, 18 points in front.
Its a big ground at Meeniyan however and Stony Creek were using it very well, stretching the Fishy boys from side to side.
The Lions came out with a take the game on mantra and it worked with goals through Bergles and Byrnes that saw the margin reduced.
Hargraves into the middle for Fish Creek gave the Roos a bit more run. Hutchinson with his pin point ball use was setting up the Maroons at will.
The dreadlocked Atkins was becoming busy around the stoppages along with Marriott and Newton receiving a lot of outside ball. A late goal to Bergles gave Stony a sniff and it was game on at the last change with the Roos up by nine points.
Fish Creek attacked time and time again, but Logan for Stony stood tall taking towering marks and with his long kicking set up goals for Bergles and Nolan.
Manne was intercepting everything across half back, but Stony Creeks ability to turn the footy enabled them...


Gippsland Line Notification: Delay update - Gippsland line "bairnsdale IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

20:21 Traralgon - Southern Cross is delayed approximately 17 minutes due to a a trespasser in the Morwell area. [20:57 23/08]


Gippsland Line Notification: Delay update - Gippsland line "bairnsdale IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

15:16 Traralgon - Southern Cross is delayed by approximately 15 minutes due to congestion on tracks shared with Metro Trains at Berwick. [17:03 23/08]


Prime Ministerial Chaos: Turnbulls Last Days "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

No one is in charge in Australia.  Mondays leadership challenge by Home Affairs minister, the potato-headed former police officer Peter Dutton, was cutting enough to leave Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull a wounded animal.  The 48 to 35 margin of victory demonstrated the sheer degree of disaffection for the leadership within party ranks, and risks keeping that unenviable record of no Australian prime minister lasting out a full term of office since John Howards 2004 election victory.

Resignations have duly followed (some ten frontbenches outed themselves as Dutton supporters in offering their notices, though many have not been accepted by Turnbull).  Dutton has become a chief plotter on the backbench, from where another challenge is brewing.  The government is imploding and New Zealands foreign minister Winston Peters, visiting Canberra, offered a bit of advice: When you go into a spill, you have to take your abacus.

In the aftermath of the challenge, Dutton continues to fuel the fire, giving radio station 3AW a generous smattering to threaten Turnbull.  You dont go into a ballot believing youre going to lose and if I believe that a majority of colleagues support me, then I would reconsider my position. He had been chasing up colleagues, testing the waters, working the phones. Im not going to beat around the bush with that.

Ever blinkered and reactionary, his policy offerings continue to be unimaginative, the stuff of cold porridge.  To cope with housing affordability, immigration needs to looked at.  To deal with infrastructure problems, immigration needs to be looked at.  I think you need to cut the numbers back.  This is less the remit of a potential prime minister as a demagogue who remains trapped in the portfolio of home affairs.

In a bid to make a populist steal, Dutton is offering a temporary sweetener to the public.  To Triple M Melbourne, he outlined a proposal that will tickle a few: I think one of the things that we could do straight away, in this next billing cycle, is take the GST off electricity bills for families. It would be an automatic reduction of 10 percent for electricity bills and people would feel that impact straight away.

Another peg on offer is one distinctly against the free market ideology of the party.  Its the season for royal commissions, and Dutton is willing to capitalise.  A royal commission into the electricity and fuel companies, arg...


Labour market is tightening, gradually "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Gradual tightening

The labour market is tightening, gradually.

Something I've been prattling on about for a while is the prospect of full employment for Melbourne, forged on the back of a mammoth construction boom.

And the Victorian capital took another huge leap closer to that dynamic in July as its unemployment rate fell to just 4.9 per cent in the month. 

A year earlier the unemployment rate across Greater Melbourne was above 6 per cent as the rate of population growth surged to the highest level since the gold rush.

This takes the annual average unemployment rate for Melbourne down to 5.6 per cent, from 6.1 per cent a year earlier. 

If it feels as though the recovery has been slower than those we've experienced in the past, then there would be an element of truth in that.

That said, the population is growth at a quicker pace these days, so the decline in the total number of unemployed persons may be expected to be more gradual.

Whatever, it's happening. 

Sydney's annual average unemployment rate continues to decline to fresh multi-year lows, now at well under 4 per cent, while Adelaide has really turned a corner since 2016 (in a good way). 

Perth is still drifting. 



Marmite to the Rescue for Stress and Anxiety "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

By Dr. Mercola

Marmite, the savory British staple for spreading on toast, has a decidedly peculiar taste to some who try it the first time, but to (arguably) the majority of the U.K. and plenty of others besides, its a prerequisite for a proper tea.

Described as a sticky, salty, mahogany-colored food paste with a uniquely potent flavor, the concentrated yeast-based spread (YBS) may be an acquired taste, but new research published in the Journal of Functional Foods1 reveals that Marmite contains compounds that help relieve stress, anxiety and possibly depression.

The study authors say their research offers the first scientific proof that Marmite and other YBSs can improve anxiety and stress, due mostly to the condiments combination of B vitamins, also found in the Australian versions, Vegemite, Aussiemite and Promite, the latter of which is sweeter, darker and has a softer, more spreadable texture.

The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Victoria in Australia and involved 520 participants who were surveyed regarding their consumption of yeast-based products, then assessed to find out how it affected their stress, anxiety and depression levels. U.K.-based Mens Health2 reported that while there didnt seem to be much difference in peoples depression, there was a significant improvement in the participants levels of anxiety and stress.

The study also noted that while supplementing with B vitamins appears to be a good way to improve those problems, a deficiency is associated with poor mental health that surfaces in various ways. According to lead study author Vasso Apostolopoulos, yeast-based spreads like Marmite are some of the richest sources of B vitamins, which are vital for regulating your nervous system and providing necessary energy, and called Marmite a cheap and efficient way to increase your intake.

What Yeast-Based Spreads Provide in Nutrients

According to Nutrition Data,3 Marmite and other YBSs provide good amounts of protein, iron and selenium, as well as the minerals magnesium and potassium, along with vitamin B. Vitamin B is more than just one vitamin, which is why its often referred to as B vitamins, denoting more than one, w...


5 Ways My Low Waste Life Is Low Tox "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

There's no doubt that transitioning to a low waste lifestyle has lowered mine and my family's exposure to potentially toxic chemicals. But I'm not surprised that planet friendly behaviours and products are also people friendly. We're all part of an ecosystem that is naturally restorative and regenerative; if we look after the environment it will look after us. Here are five areas where my low waste choices have reduced my exposure to potentially toxic chemicals, and in the process, simplified my life.


Politicians ignorance over energy provides them licence to conjure up madcap policies! "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Energy remains the cutting edge of the political miasma we are living through but few of the players have an understanding of the market or government limitations on how to make it work better.  Some think the markets travails are not caused by government and new regulations will fix it all.  Madcap ideas like price fixing and (heaven forbid!) a Royal Commission are mooted.

So what measures are needed?  At the Commonwealth level, aside from exiting the Paris Agreement (or just staying in and doing nothing), two sets of policy changes are necessary.

1. Abolish all subsidies including:

  • government direct disbursements through the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and the Green Bank (the Clean Energy Finance Corporation)
  • cease cross subsidies through the renewables: immediately discontinue the SRES, (roof top solar panel subsidies); cease new subsidies to wind and large scale solar under the LRET, including putting the default cost of failure to meet the obligations at zero, without which the windfarms will continue leeching subsidies from the electricity consumer for the next dozen years
  •  drastically prune the bureaucracy, including abolition of the Energy Security Board, pare the proven inefficient Canberra bureaucracy, abolish energy economic forecasting bodies in the CSIRO, defund the CO2 CRC (helping industry to reduce greenhouse gas emissions), and various other agencies involved in carbon capture and storage (funding of at least $200 million in the pipeline); all of these, like the renewable subsidies have amounted to negative value-adding expenditures.

2. Adopt measures to rectify the destruction of incentives to invest in energy induced by government interventions:

  •  require AGL to divest Liddell, selling it to the highest bidder
  •  set up an auction for long term government contracts for dispatchable electricity, a replacement on or near the site of Hazelwood being one with another in Queensland or NSW
  • remove any legal impediments to nuclear power, which might be a better option than coal in South Australia.

See the full piece at Quadrant.

PS RobK makes the interesting point that no forced divestiture would be necessary if the subsidies are gone since it would be in AGLs interests to keep Liddell on or simply sell it. Depending on how the subsidies are removed this may be correct.

A further issue is how to deal with the existing wind which even if subsidies are re...



By Alice Friedemann, originally published by Energy Skeptic

Since theres nothing that can be done about climate change, because theres no scalable alternative to fossil fuels, Ive always wondered why politicians and other leaders, who clearly know better, feel compelled to deny it. I think its for exactly the same reasons you dont hear them talking about preparing for Peak Oil.

1) Our leaders have known since the 1970s energy crises that theres no comparable alternative energy ready to replace fossil fuels. To extend the oil age as long as possible, the USA went the military path rather than a Manhattan Project of research and building up grid infrastructure, railroads, sustainable agriculture, increasing home and car fuel efficiency, and other obvious actions.

Instead, weve spent trillions of dollars on defense and the military to keep the oil flowing, the Straits of Hormuz open, and invade oil-producing countries. Being so much further than Europe, China, and Russia from the Middle East, where theres not only the most remaining oil, but the easiest oil to get out at the lowest cost ($20-22 OPEC vs $60-80 rest-of-world per barrel), is a huge disadvantage. I think the military route was chosen in the 70s to maintain our access to Middle East oil and prevent challenges from other nations. Plus everyone benefits by our policing the world and keeping the lid on a world war over energy resources, perhaps thats why central banks keep lending us money.

2) If the public were convinced climate change were real and demanded alternative energy, it would become clear pretty quickly that we didnt have any alternatives. Already Californians are seeing public television shows and newspaper articles about why its so difficult to build enough wind, solar, and so on to meet the mandated 33% renewable energy sources by 2020.

For example, last night I saw a PBS program on the obstacles to wind power in Marin county, on the other side of the Golden Gate bridge. Difficulties cited were lack of storage for electricity, NIMBYism, opposition from the Audubon society over bird kills, wind blows at night when least needed, the grid needs expansion, and most wind is not near enough to the grid to be connected to it. But there was no mention of Energy Returned on Energy Invested (EROEI) or the scale of how many windmills youd need to have. So you could be left with the impression that these problems with wind could be overcome.


Wednesday, 22 August


Appeal for the children in detention on Nauru "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

From Gabby Sutherland Former Save the Children teacher on Nauru

The only life hes known is guards shouting, steel fences, and unending detention on a tiny island the size of Melbournes airport. Where hes called by a number, not even his name.

But today, I get to share his photo with you, and across the front pages of newspapers to ask for your help uncovering a lie.

This appeal comes from a former teacher at Nauru, who personally witnessed the cruel treatment of children and now asks all who are concerned to help do something about it.

Former Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said he had every child out of detention

  1. but after 5 long years, there are still 119 children detained offshore on Nauru.

Journalists cant reach them, and staff on Nauru sign agreements not to talk but I taught these children, and I have watched the life slowly drain from their eyes. In 2014, Australian paediatricians said this detention constituted child abuse.

  1. The conditions have only worsened since.

Two year old Rose was also born in detention

We know that with enough pressure, things can change. This year, Australian judges defied the Federal Government 14 times and evacuated children urgently from Nauru to Australia.3

So while our Government is trying to hide the 119 children remaining on Nauru these photos are our chance to show the Australian public the truth. If enough of us speak out now, we can confront politicians with the faces and the stories of the children imprisoned on Nauru, and force them to act.

Will you join me and call on Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten to evacuate these children and their families to Australia before Universal Childrens Day on November 20?

No matter what your political view the indefinite detention of children is astoundingly cruel.

As a teacher on Nauru, I saw the impacts of this policy. I watched a young girl, initiall...


Massive new Victorian government solar policy "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

The Victorian government has announced it will provide 50% of funding for solar PV systems up to 4kW, for 650,000 Victorian homes over the next 10 years. This is a $1.24 billion program. The program will save the typical Victorian household $2,225 for an average 4kW solar system. If re-elected, the current Victorian Government will also provide a four-year [...] full article 


Victoria's everything boom "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Victoria construction surges

Brisbane's once-rampant apartment construction has now righted itself, and indeed median unit prices were up a fraction over the past year in the Queensland capital. 

Victoria's apartment construction on the other hand has exploded to a record high (as expected from leading indicators), with the value of work done an astronomical 416 per cent higher than a decade earlier in chain volume measures terms. 

Sydney doesn't build so many houses, so a lot of activity is expected, but for Melbourne this is a boom-and-a-half!

Or in a picture...AWOOGA!

It's an everything boom for Victorian construction, as flagged here previously, with public and engineering works also going on a tear. 

Queensland engineering construction is also finally on the rise again after the state's multi-year downturn. 

Adding in detached housing...


Singing the Camino: A tale of two trailblazers, walking and songs "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

You never know where life as a Singing Leader will take you next. Several years ago now, The Lucky Wonders, an indie folk pop band from Byron Bay, toured Germany. In need of a break after a few gruelling years in the music industry, Jessie Vintila and her partner Emma Royle took off for a drive through Spain and France, and found themselves in St Jean Pied de Port, a small French town at the foot of the Pyrenees.

Turns out, St Jean Pied de Port is a common starting place for people walking a spectacular stretch of the Camino Francs, the most famous of all the Pilgrimage routes across the mountains, and on this particular day the atmosphere of the town captivated them both in a powerful and life changing way.

We saw all these people in hiking gear with walking poles and there was a kind of magical hush over the town. There and then we got the bug for the Camino. Emma has been a keen hiker all her life and she was determined we would walk this track as soon as possible.

But with return flights booked and paid for it was time to head home to Australia leaving the two women unclear about how they could justify an imminent trip back to Europe. Being musicians its not that easy to travel across the world, Jessie laughs. Their quest was something to ponder, something requiring time and creative thinking but the vision and the place persisted to play in their thoughts.

On a walk out one evening, an idea and a solution to the situation popped clearly into Jessies headand after all that thinking it turned out, rather ironically, to be a bit of a no-brainer.

Jessie was fortunate to be born into a singing family. As a multi-instrumentalist for most of her life she has also been a passionate choir leader since she was 18: I cant get enough of it, Im an absolute harmony addict, I love having people all around me singing harmonies all the time. Emma, who is also a musician, is an ardent fan of walking.

The freshly hatched plan combined all these skills and, most importantly at that point in time, gave Jessie and Emma a legitimate reason to head back to the Camino together to explore the idea of setting up their potential new venture: A Singing tour of the Camino for other people to do.

If we could go over there and set up this project, we could do it!

Within a few months of their original visit, Jessie and Emma went back to Spain and walked all 800 blister-busting kilometres of the Camino. They decided to focus on the final 200km stretch which they decided would be the ideal distance for singing walkers to cover on a twelve day tour. A significant amo...


WA poised to right the wrongs from unjust homosexual laws "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

CORRECTION: This is embarrassing but we jumped the gun and the WA expungement bill has, in fact, progressed through the WA parliament but not passed the final stage. We expect the bill to pass today and will keep supporters updated on social media. We look forward to celebrating this historic moment soon!

RELEASE: A dark chapter in Australias history may soon close for gay, lesbian and bisexual Australians, their friends and families. The Western Australian Parliament is currently considering whether to join all other states and territories to allow people charged under unjust homosexual laws to have their convictions removed from their criminal records. 

Jamie Gardiner, a long-time gay rights advocate who has been campaigning for equality for more than 40 years, welcomes the reforms.

I am delighted that the WA Government is considering this long overdue reform. Convictions of gay men or boys under bad laws that should never have existed should be expunged. This reform was first proposed to a Victorian government in 1976, and finally achieved there in 2014.

Even though bad, homophobic laws were progressively repealed around Australia from the 1970s the damage they did to those who were caught up in them has lived on, poisoning the lives of many and causing great loss to both the victims and to society. 

These unjust laws had a profound impact on the everyday lives of gay men, lesbians and bisexual people. In many cases the convictions have restricted employment, volunteering and travel overseas. More fundamentally, the convictions were a source of ongoing grief and deep personal shame for the individuals affected.

Anna Brown, Director of Legal Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre, urged the Western Australian Parliament to pass the laws as quickly as possible.

Sex between consenting adults should never have been criminalised. By acknowledging the impact of these homophobic laws, our members of parliament can pay respect to the victims of these laws and also to our LGBTIQ community.

Every state and territory should recognise that punishing people for who they love was the real crime, said Ms Brown.

For interviews:

Michelle Bennett, Director of Communications, Human Rights Law Centre, 0419 100 519


Trevor Ravenscroft and the Spirit World "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

This will allow us to begin to see a whole spiritual depth and significance behind every single manifestation of the physical world...


Isn't the weather independent of technology? "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Chemtrails is a 'conspiracy theory', right?

After all, only 'activists' (you know those pesky people) produce films based on conspiracy theory, right?

(illustration source:

An article from 2012 on the website states:

"Cloud engineering research is underway at the University of Washington as a potential tool to ease climate change, but at this point is only at the initial stages."

See article at:

So, apparently in the United States of America, 'chemtrails' is only at the "initial stages".

The US government had satellites in orbit for 10 years before they debated to tell the general population.

Chemtrails cloud engineering was used by the U.S. in Vietnam.

In Australia or rather to be more specific, in Victoria, cloud engineering was enshrined in a law called Rain-making Control Act 1967, or commonly known by its longer name of:
"An Act to regulate certain Rain-making and other Cloud-modification Processes, to make Provision with respect to Claims for Damages against Persons lawfully engaged therein and for other purposes"

as seen in document below:

See current Austlii reference at:


Dutton admits working on another challenge to PM "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Liberal leadership contender Peter Dutton. Photo Lukas Coch/AAP

CANBERRA, AAP Peter Dutton openly admits hes calling colleagues to get the numbers for another challenge to take Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbulls job.

He resigned his position as home affairs minister after narrowly losing a leadership challenge to Mr Turnbull on Tuesday.

But Mr Dutton says he is preparing for another challenge.

You dont go into a ballot believing that you can lose, and if I believe that a majority of colleagues support me then I would consider my position, Mr Dutton told 3AW radio in Melbourne on Wednesday.

Im speaking to colleagues. Im not going to beat around the bush.

Mr Dutton also wants a royal commission into energy and fuel prices if he becomes leader.

Theres something thats not right, theres something that stinks about some of these electricity companies and fuel companies, he said.

Mr Dutton said immigration needs to be pushed towards Western Australia, South Australia and regional areas to reduce congestion in major cities.

He also said the governments company tax cuts were not going to get through the Senate, so the money should be spent on education and health.

The 47-year-old said on Tuesday he was going to the backbench to give him a chance to smile a bit more.

When youre stuck in front of a camera talking about the serious issues of national security and border protection, its pretty hard to crack a smile, he said.

However, Mr Dutton failed the AC/DC test on Triple M radio by not being able to name his favourite of the great Australian bands songs.

Ah, Ive had about an hour-and-a-half sleep last night. I havent sorry. Thatll be the gotcha of the day, he conceded.

Triple M played Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap for him later.

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