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Thursday, 12 July



Refugee advocates are calling for a full inquiry into an incident recorded on mobile phone footage inside Villawood detention centre revealing nine male guards, using unnecessary force arresting a single female detainee. (Link to cideo clip attached.)   Towards the end of the footage, the guards can be seen holding her on the ground, and(...)


New Zealand outlet positively reviews Disaster Capitalism film "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

My film Disaster Capitalism with director Thor Neureiter continues to spread around the world. Thor was recently in Melbourne for the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival and the film is screening soon in Australia, the UK and elsewhere.

New Zealand outlet Foreign Control Watchdog has published a review of the film written by Jeremy Agar:


The years roll by but the news from Afghanistan scarcely changes. From the dry hills in landlocked Asia we glimpse mad mullahs shooting their rifles into the air. We see Humvees straining up a mountain pass and wait for the ambush. Underneath the banner news rolls through: a suicide truck has blown up a dozen pedestrians in Kabul.  

Few of the many disasters that our information screens send our way are as wearying as the scenes from this war, the one that 30 years ago was dubbed the forgotten war because sometimes, back then, it wasnt getting much air time. These days were all too likely to hear the inevitable soothing words that follow from the President, but whoever he is this time, no-one is listening.

On comes an American general. Just a few more troops, he assures us, and all will be well. Just a few more years and well deliver you a shiny new democracy. Be patient. Rome wasnt built in a day.But despite the assurances of the nation builders, peace in Afghanistan hasnt been built in centuries. The waste, the futility of it all has a cartoonish quality: the US Army as Homer Simpson; the jihadi as Jihadi. Boring. We flick the channel to the newest cooking show.

Its the lack of any of this tedium that makes Antony Loewensteins analysis so welcome. By steering clear from clich were allowed to see Afghanistan as the sort of place an open plain, not some dizzying crag that is not all that different from some parts of Loewensteins native Australia, perhaps, or America. He gets driven just an hour from the capital and talks to some quite normal locals. They were promised decent jobs and social development from a mine. It becomes clear that the foreign corporation never intended to make good on the deal, and that the Governments undertaking to hold the company to account was similarly fraudulent.

Back in Kabul Loewenstein seeks answers from the bureaucrats who oversee the mining industry, No, Mr X is unavailable; Mr Y is busy. Mr Z? No, it is not possible. Leave the building. In other words, standard obstruction, standard corruption.....


Bendigo Line Notification: Reduced Capacity "castlemaine IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

16:57 SCS to Eaglehawk train will operate with reduced capacity this afternoon [16:38 12/07]


The four signs that Australias property market may be on its knees "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

A year ago, I wouldve said house prices were too high. And Id lament that I couldnt find an affordable place to buy.

But my outlook has changed.

Lately, property prices have fallen just enough to make a modest unit affordable.

I check out new properties frequently.

But I rarely get past the garage.

Before I even set foot inside a property, I measure the height of the car parking space. Unless it cracks that 2.4-metre mark, I turn and walk away.

Ive left dozens of puzzled real estate agents in my wake.

Look, my giant 4WD probably doesnt need its own house at night. But street parking for big cars is hard to come by. If I buy a unit with a shared driveway, its going to create problems for me and the neighbours.

Finding a new place has been a 12-month mission of mine.

The good news is that things are different a year on.

Around this time last year, one or two properties a month fell into my price range.

Nowadays, I can go to one inspection a week.

Its not because there are more properties on the market. In fact, the number of new homes for sale in Australia is down 28% in the past year.

But the properties I inspected last year that were out of my price range are now well within it.

While that may be good news for me, its a rather ominous confirmation that cracks are beginning to show in the Aussie housing market.

Four signs of a rickety housing sector

In Tuesday Daily Reckoning Australia, I reasoned that theres a mortgage debt reset coming our way as $400 billion worth of home loans move from interest-only to principal-and-interest repayments.

Turns out, thats just the start of the debt reset story.

Real estate website Domain claims that one-third of the 1834-year-olds cant refinance their homes due to falling property valuations.

Domain puts the blame for this squarely at the feet of property valuers, suggesting that they dont know how to how value properties during a market downturn.

Domain calls it the experience gap a younger generation of valuers being too conservative because property prices have dropped a few percentage points.

I disagree. In my view, assessments lowering the value of properties remove the hype that was partly responsible for driving up prices in the first place.

But there are other reasons to explain why Australias property market is rickety.....

Wednesday, 11 July


Melbourne construction boom scales new heights "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Melbourne construction boom

An intriguing set of building activity figures as ever for the March 2018 quarter. 

The most interesting point of note was how thousands of building approvals in the Victorian pipeline were kicked off as dwelling starts in the first three months of the calendar year (recall how Melbourne saw nearly 10,000 townhouses and apartments approved in only  two month period in October and November last year).

In New South Wales, on the other hand, there are more houses and apartments approved but not yet commenced than ever before, as developers grapple with tighter financing and languishing apartment pre-sales. 

Following on from the above, there was a near-explosion in the number of quarterly dwelling commencements in Victoria, to a seasonally adjusted 22,150, well over double the equivalent figure from a decade earlier.

Melbourne's population growth has been tracking at record highs, and demand for housing is high.

This alone was significant enough to send the national trend for dwelling commencements northwards. 

In Queensland more houses are being commenced in response to strong demand from interstate migrants, but the number of attached dwelling starts continues to moderate as the Brisbane apartment market rebalances. 



Free supermarket opens its doors in Melbourne "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Contributed from Victoria

Melbournes popular not for profit restaurant Lentil As Anything has operated for years, based on using excess food that would otherwise be wasted, and charging customers only a voluntary donation, based on what they think the meal they have eaten is worth.

Lentil As Anything has now come up with another initiative, and that is, the opening last Sunday of a not for profit supermarket in Thornbury, an inner Melbourne suburb. It goes by the name of the Inconvenience Store.

Like the restaurant, it bases itself on the recycling of excess produce that would otherwise have gone to the tip as landfill. The stock is donated. Here too, customers only pay a donation, based on what they think the produce is worth.

This might be a small initiative, in the face of the 20 billion dollar problem in Australia, according to waste expert Karli Verghese, from RMIT University.

Its importance lies in that it is setting an example, to show that by people getting together and taking action, they can contribute to solving the problem. If they can do it, so can others.

This is especially important at a time when food security is a growing problem for many Australians. Food insecurity is when one is in a position where three meals a day can no longer be guaranteed.

More customers at the Inconvenience Store

The idea was to make a difference in the food waste crisis, project coordinator Astrid Ryan said.

We wanted to provide people access to nutritious fruit and vegetables.

When people are in financial crisis or difficult situations, its probably the thing they have least access to.

The food is free, at the Inconvenience Store.

Customers can stock their bags with food, ranging from fruit and vegetables to bread and some packaged items. People are just asked to make a donation to keep the store going and to consider volunteering some of their time to help.


Earthworker Co-ops "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Earthworker is establishing a network of worker-owned cooperatives committed to sustainable enterprise throughout Australia. They believe social and environmental exploitation are intertwined, and that the problems of climate change, job insecurity and growing inequality must be tackled simultaneously, through greater grassroots economic ownership.

They have already established Redgum, a worker owned cleaners co-operative in Melbourne, and are in the final stages of establishing the Earthworker Energy Manufacturing Cooperative (formerly Eurekas Future).

We had a yarn with Katherine Cunningham from Earthworker. Find out more about Earthworker at

Listen to more from Behind the Lines on Soundcloud


Go to the GEO front page


Bendigo Line Notification: Delay "castlemaine IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

19:42 Southern Cross - Bendigo  train is delayed by approximately 16 minutes due to the late-running of a previous service 

[20:38 11/07]


Bendigo Line Notification: Service change "castlemaine IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

19:02 Southern Cross - Bendigo service will not run. Customers are asked to travel via the 19:42 SCS to Bendigo train. 

[17:52 11/07]


SALON July 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

COVER JULY 2018: Penny BYRNE, I Heart Nauru 2017, repurposed porcelain figurine, enamel paints. H x 140mm W x 90mm D x 90mm. Image credit: Matthew Stanton. All We Cant See: Illustrating the Nauru Files, part of Melbourne Art Week, Fortyfivedownstairs, 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne (VIC), 31July 11 August 2018 |

1. Myuran SUKUMARAN, Self-Portrait, Time is Ticking, 25 April 2015. Oil on canvas. 100 x 80 cm. Myuran Sukumaran: Another Day in Paradise, Bendigo Art Gallery, 42 View Street Bendigo (VIC), 7 July 16 September 2018

2. Diane ARBUS, United States of America, 1923 1971, Lady bartender at home with a souvenir dog, 1964, New Orleans, United States (printed after 1971 by Neil Selkirk, New York), gelatinsilver photograph, 35.7 x 36.0 cm (image); Roy and Marjory Edwards Bequest Fund 2005, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide. Diane Arbus: American Portraits, Art Gallery of South Australia, North Terrace, Adelaide (SA), 14 July 30 September 2018

3. Goggomobil Objet Dart, Goggomobil Dart 1960s classic Australian sports car with drawing and paintings by Robert Clinch, in a collaboration with car...


Gin & Sonic "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"


Were throwing a Gin & Sonic Party and youre all invited!

Join us for this one-off event at the old Margots Wine Bar!

Your chance to try out the three signature small-batch, hand-crafted gins concocted by Kynetons very own Animus Distillery!

-PLUS DJs spinning tunessss!!!
-Local beers and wines also available.
-Fine foods available for purchase

DJ sets:

5:30-7:30 Luke Jacques (from Luke Warm Cocktail Hour, Fridays 3-4pm on 94.9MAINfm)

7:30-9:30 DJ Chou-Fleur (from Dont Feed After Midnight, Thursdays 10pm-midnight on MAINfm.)

9:30-onwards Mystery DJ from outer space.

All proceeds raised go to the best little station in the nation: MAINfm!


All That Glitters "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Carats from Cartier

by Inga Walton

Cartier: The Exhibition has been dazzling patrons at the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra (until 22 July, 2018). It is by far the most impressive display of the jewellers art to be exhibited in Australia, eclipsing even Italian Jewels: Bvlgari Style at the National Gallery of Victoria (2016-17). Based on the earlier exhibition Brilliant: Cartier in the 20th Century (2014-15) at the Denver Art Museum, the new iteration features over 280 pieces produced between 1900 and 1976. Curated by Margaret Young-Snchez, and Simeran Maxwell (NGA Curator of International Art), the exhibition has also secured significant loans from private lenders, and includes new content tailored to the national audience.

Louis-Franois Cartier (1819-1904) was employed in the Paris workshop of jeweller Adolph Picard when, in 1847, Picard moved premises and left the capable Cartier to run the business. By 1853, Cartier had set himself up in a new store as a jeweller and gem-setter, but also selling direct to the public. It was an exciting time in the trade, Emperor Napoleon III (1808-73) had just married the Spanish aristocrat Doa Eugnie de Montijo (1826-1920), and several firms were engaged to rework jewellery for the new Empress. Cartiers first important female client was Comtesse Thcla (1810-84), wife of Alfred milien, Comte de Nieuwerkerke (1811-92), a sculptor and Surintendant des Beaux-Arts. The Comte was intimate with Princess Mathilde Bonaparte (1820-1904), the Emperors cousin, who was estranged from her Russian husband Prince Anatoly Demidov (1813-70). Through the Nieuwerkerke connection, Cartier started to receive commissions from Princess Mathilde, his entr into Court circles. In 1859, possibly at the Princess instigation, the Empress Eugnie ordered a silver tea-service from Cartier.

Flushed with his social success, Cartier moved his business to the more fashionable Boulevard des Italiens, and brought his son (Louis-Franois) Alfred Cartier (1841-1925) into the firm. In 1870 France was defeated by Prussian forces, and the subsequent fall of Napoleon III led Alfred to seek refuge in England (1871-73), where he established a temporary boutique and began to supply jewels to the Court of St. James. Alfred returned to Paris and took over the business in 1874, but the connections he established during his period of exile would prove beneficial in future decades. During the economic upheaval of the 1870s, characterised by power struggles between royalists and republicans, Cartier continued to supply wares to both royalty, the nobility and the wealthy bourgeoisie. Alfreds sons all joined Cartier: Louis-Joseph (1875-1942), an innovator whose vision was to play a crucial role in shaping the firms design philosophy and public image; Pierre-Camille (1878-1965), a connois...


Bendigo Line Notification: Delay "castlemaine IndyWatch Emergency Feed"

13:20 Southern Cross - Eaglehawk is delayed by approximately 18 minutes due to a train fault.

[15:04 11/07]


Victorian CDC bus drivers strike for better wages "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Contributed by Ugly

Yesterday, About 600 bus drivers have walked off the job for 24 hours in Melbourne, Ballarat and Geelong, disrupting regular services on more than 70 routes.

CDC Victoria workers and members of the Transport Workers Union, walked off the job at midnight.  Pickett lines were set up at depots in Wyndham, Oakleigh, Geelong and Ballarat, where the drivers were joined by their families, members of other unions and other supporters.

They are after a 4 percent Wage rise and management is offering only 2.5 percent. According to the union, this stoppage is part of an ongoing campaign, which if need be will involve further stoppages this Friday and \at the beginning of next week.

TWU national vice president John Berger said 95 per cent of members had voted in favour of the strike action, which was the first such action by bus drivers for 20 years.

The reason behind the campaign for a wage increase is that these drivers are the lowest paid in the industry, getting just $26 to $28 an hour. The claim is a benchmark that will be taken over to other companies.

The union has publicly apologised to commuters for the disruption that the industrial action has caused and may cause in the days ahead. Inconvenience has not stopped public sympathy from coming in.

A message from the union stated:

The buses stopped today because CDC TWU members decided to fight for a fair and reasonable wage rise a fair share of the fare.

While the rest of Victoria was sleeping, these staunch members gathered in the freezing cold on picket lines from 4:40am at CDC depots in Wyndham, Oakleigh, Geelong and Ballarat. Many are still out there right now.

They would rather be working in the comfort of a heated bus or home with their family than out in the elements and inconveniencing some commuters.

But there comes a time when you have to look after yourself and these TWU members have drawn a line in the sand.

The fact they have gathered in great numbers to picket today tells you how serious this issue is, how insulted they were by the companys latest sub-standard wage offer and how determined they are to dig in. So get behind their fight for the Victorian Bus Industry Agreement, and We must stand together and will show CDC and the rest of the Victorian Bus Industry that you are worth more than the current sub-standard CDC offer.

And never forget that this is not just a fight between CDC members and the rich multinational, but a fight for the 2018 Bus Industry Agreement.

Many ordinary people are unhappy about the condition of wages in Australia and dont think it is fair that the worker is receiving a shrinking share of the income,...


Happier pets, happier people! "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Edgars Mission - dog, Hip Hop Bob, Pam, pig, red barron, rooster, Ruby

Huge shout out of thanks to our good friends at Happier Pets for their generous donation of treats for our animal friends. Red Baron, Hip Hop Bob and Ruby particularly enjoyed the spoils of this kindness. If you would like to help us ensure our animal friends are well stocked with happy treats, you couldnt make us happier than by heading over to Happier Pets page, you can find it here.

Next, select the treat from those listed at the bottom of the page, then select Edgars Mission as the recipient. Happier Pets will ensure the treats make their way here and do keep an eye on our Facebook page as we show you just out happy you made the gang!


Chelsea Haywood sees nuclear waste dump as saving Hawker from a slow death "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Chelsea Haywood. Submission to Senate Inquiry on Selection process for a national radioactive waste management facility in South Australia

My name is Chelsea Haywood and I purchased my house in Hawker 13 years ago. I lived in Waubra Victoria when the windfarm was in its proposal stage and was actively involved in the process of community education. I have 2 young children t1 that attends the school here, and the other just started pre entry at Kindy. Both my husband and myself work and devote a lot of our time to the community.

I am secretary of the Hawker Community Development Board, Chair of the Flindersfest Committee, Active on the Swimming Pool Committee while supporting my husband who is a volunteer ambo, on the EWG and BCC (both consulting committees for the project) how the need for broad community support has played and will continue to play a part in the process, including:

the definition of broad community support [she puts this in red]

broad community support should be kept to those that will be affected should this proposal move forward. By this I mean that there is no need to involve the entire state as it will not impact on them either way should the project go ahead or not. Those in the local area Hawker can already see the benefits such a facility can ha...


Look again its Smokin and Jo "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Edgars Mission - Kid, Smokin _ Joe

Causing us to do a double take recently was the arrival of two orphan kid goats. Whilst their circumstance of rescue (found poorly directing traffic on a busy country freeway) caused our hearts to skip a beat, it was their similarity to our funky little kid goat duo, Cheech and Chong, that caused us to believe that everyone really does have a real-life double.

Cheech and Chong

Cheech and Chong

Edgars Mission - Kid, Smokin _ Joe-2 Edgars Mission - Kid, Smokin _ Joe-3...


And then there was Ray Ray. "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Edgars Mission -_-43

This photo means so much to me for so many reasons.  Let me explain. It was a day I had planned to be a quiet day (that in itself a rare thing indeed), spent inside catching up on tasks, reading a bit and maybe, just maybe, watching a movie.  Alas, I hadnt read the tea leaves very well for it was anything but.  Due to some unexpected circumstances, the warmth of my bed and Jessica Kitten cuddles were replaced by the chills, biting wind and rain that are typical to a midwinters day here in Lancefield. Wrapped up in my woes, my day just kept heading south. Along with the temperature, I must add.  None of this was helped when I misjudged the protection my gumboot could offer versus the depth of a puddle by a millimetre as cold, muddy water soon enveloped my sock and inched its murky way between my frozen toes.  Adding yet another degree of delight to my day was my runny nose that saw me devoid of a tissue, although it probably would not have mattered that much as my tingling hands were frozen into the most useless of positions.  Chocolate, I need chocolate, my soul cried, as I limped my way back to the house to oblige, granting myself the smallest of mercies.  And then there was Ray Ray. And it all just melted away.

Edgars Mission -_-44

Ray Ray, with her head pushed through the bars of the hay feeder, holding her ground against the other lambs and two cheeky little kid goats suddenly reminded me of all that was good in this world.  Ray Ray, a blind lamb who a kind soul, putting her own comfort aside, drove halfway across the country to save, was eating sweet hay from a hay feeder, both made possible by the selfless donations of people who so wholeheartedly believe in our work. Ray Ray and her buddies, warmly clad in bright and cozy jackets, kindly sent to us with loving messages that often relayed the quirky nature of the previous wearer who was sadly no longer with...

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